My life fell apart two months ago. The Anna you knew no longer exists…

Ok, I admit this is going to be a rant. But it’s a very necessary rant.

Recently I found myself not wanting to write anymore for the first time in a long time.  Maybe you didn’t notice but I haven’t been blogging so much.

That was weird for me because writing is one of the things I love to do most.

The reason why I no longer wanted to write was because…

I’d outgrown my old website; my old archives; the way it looks; the things I write about.

The mysterious-looking/psychic-looking  (according to the various email feedback I get) – woman on the banner that you see at the top no longer looks like me and doesn’t feel like me.

The way I wrote in November is no longer my voice.

Four months ago, in November of last year, that WAS my voice.

Then I moved to Australia (in November).

Since I got here, I have had the most unbelievably bizarre and growth-inducing set of experiences.  This has without doubt been the most challenging, strange and unsettling period of my life so far.  And I say that as someone who grew up as a teenager in a household that was full of all sorts of weird (and at certain times, traumatic) things happening.

The things that have happened here in Australia have woken me up and pissed me off.

At some point I will probably write about some of the weird experiences I have had here (there are enough to fill a book and if I tell the truth about some of the weird people I have met I will probably get sued!)  But for now I’ll just say that it is a grounding, waking-up, getting-REAL process I have gone through.

That means I went from being a spiritual flake to realizing, I’m human too!

Maybe you have had something similar happen to you – especially if you’re young and a professional intuitive too.

It happens.  I mean, before I became a professional psychic, I spent my life denying the spiritual side of me so much.

Of course, when I finally ‘came out’ as a professional intuitive and started my business, I swung the other way and I was SO spiritual and ungrounded for a while.

I also LOVED everyone I came into contact with so much (and still do) that I was a total pushover, had no boundaries and got walked on left, right and centre.

BUT now that I’ve been in the psychic role for a while, I stopped people from taking advantage of me, have settled into it a bit more, and I got comfortable with it. Then I came to Australia and underwent some sort of supercharged growing up/transformation process.

So when I no longer wanted to write recently, I knew it was because I was afraid of revealing who I am to the people who read my blog.

Afraid of writing because there was a real discrepancy between who I am in my work, on my blog and who I am in real life.

I feel extremely normal.  I am really normal. It’s just that I work as a psychic.  And if I show you who I really am, I am probably not spiritual enough to be writing this blog anymore.

Why am I telling you this?  Do you even care?

You probably don’t. A bit like how gay people need to come out and tell you how gay they are, and you assure them you don’t really care whether they’re gay or straight.

Also, as long as I do good readings and write about helpful things that people can find by typing ‘what are the akashic records’ into Google, I’m OK, right? I don’t need to get this out onto my blog, do I?

Actually, I do.

It means I am going to give myself permission to go in slightly different directions. I guess I am warning you about this new direction. This website will look a whole lot different soon.

Plus, I’m taking this opportunity to whine about the role of psychic and how weird it can be sometimes.  After all…

Some People think that because you’re psychic you must be superhuman and omniscient.

No I don’t know what you had for dinner last night.  I can’t help you with the lottery numbers. Yeah, if I can’t guess your girlfriend’s name, I must be a fake psychic.

Some People think that I should be a spiritual beacon of light all the time.

I recently fell out with a friend of mine who, when I was going through this, the most challenging period I’ve experienced so far, and needed some caring support, informed me that I needed to get it together and to stop being so miserable and selfish because my role here on Earth was to be a spiritual beacon of light for people on my website, on my Facebook and on my Twitter.  Well, that’s not authentic for me, and his comments really pissed me off.

I doubt that anyone sane ever thought I am the Dalai Lama, but judging by the messages I get via my contact form, some people think being a professional psychic equates to being some superior spiritual being and they think I got all the answers.  I doubt YOU, dear reader, ever thought that, but for those people –  Newsflash! We’re all psychic and you have your own answers.  Maybe they aren’t the same as mine.

Being psychic or interested in spirituality doesn’t make you an enlightened being or a guru, does it?

Occasionally I get drunk, cry and do stupid things (especially these last few months after I spend half an hour madly chasing massive flying cockroaches around my apartment, trying to kill them, then when I finally manage to kill them, I go outside only to not believe my eyes when I find a raging river flowing down my street. After all, this is Australia!)

I don’t believe in enlightenment, I think ascension is a load of crap, nor do I believe in twin flames.

Yes, I am psychic but if I like you and you kiss me, I temporarily lose my psychic abilities and can’t tell you anything about yourself except that you’re really hot.

Actually, because of this reason, I consistently make REALLY bad decisions when it comes to men, not just once or twice, BUT most of the time.

And to top it all off, I think that the concept of old souls, young souls, and sort of evolved souls is a kind of conceit.  I have met lots of non-spiritual people who showed no conscious interest in their spiritual evolution, but they were people who seemed very evolved to me.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Lucia

    Wow, Anna, welcome to my world 🙂 We have more in common than I ever might have dreamed–especially the part about men…I’m so sorry about that, for you!

    You hit on the thing that irks me most about “New Age” and PD people and why I tend to stay away. I find their life experience to be so lacking in substance and depth, or either suffering or what you call “growth experiences,” I suppose, by comparison to my own life, that they seem to have little compassion and even less understanding for those in the world who actually suffer (have lots of intense “growth experiences”) and who most need guidance of more “growth-experienced” (REAL) people.

    Personally, I don’t consider it a loss if you stray from the popular PD crowd, because you will come closer to people who actually need your help by doing so.

    Before, I didn’t pay much attention to your FB posts, but when you began to “get real,” recently, I did, and only then did I even read anything on your blog.

    Something feels quite insincere and contrived about a lot of the PD people’s comments, I find, with unnatural positivity and other overly sweet statements that sound like something a brainwashed Christian would say when trying to boost or chime in with the blind faith of a fellow Christian.

    I can really relate to the new Anna. To me, the previous one was like a carbon copy of all other PD/spiritual/New Age followers, and, like that, she could really only help those people, who were also praising and approving of her.

    Now, though, she is going to be able to help people outside of the “New Age religion” who may not think like she does or understand what she does, but who actually do need her help, and maybe not merely in a psychic way.

  2. Gerard

    This is the person I wanted to be reading…honestly I was getting ready to unsubscribe to your blog, as it seemed flat/missing something…apparently what was missing was YOU. I love when I have moments like this, as painful as they can be. I wish you the best, and look forward to reading your next post. Keep on keepin it real!

  3. Vanessa

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve really gotten a lot out of your posts for several months. I hope you’re pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who, I hope, will let you know that they’re fine with you experiencing the full range of human emotions( :

  4. Shirley

    Won’t write a tome, but in no specific order: welcome back, I’ve missed you. I see lots of the “new you” in the “old blog,” which I suppose means that if you were making an effort to be aerie faerie it went right past me. 🙂 I don’t like the header, either, and never think of you looking like that, but think that with a new photo and a little sprucing up you will feel right at home again. There is something incredibly joyful about observing truth manifesting.

  5. Angela

    Love this post! Not throwing rocks — blowing kisses!

  6. Alex

    Yay Anna!!

  7. Marianne


    I am new to following your blog and to being honest with myself about all of this (knew my whole life but tried to hide it to fit in and be “normal”). For some reason when I started poking around the internet again I was drawn to you and kept coming back to you. This post proves why. You are honest and you are human even with psychic abilities and being spiritual. That I can relate to. We all grow and change (hopefully) and I guess now it is time for your page to grow and change with you. I will be sure to keep reading. Thank you for being you! 🙂

  8. kattzyze

    Beautiful! You’re not growing if you don’t hit an issue to work through every now and then. Everyone’s spiritual path has a few bumps, potholes, and the occasional brick wall and if you simply step over them or around them you are just lying to yourself and not facing YOUR truth! You never stop learning and growing while you’re alive; thats the reason you are here in the first place, to learn and grow. Thank you for sharing, and good luck to you. <3

  9. Jack Christopher

    @Paulymath, I don’t think it’s *just* the mark of good blogging. I think it’s the mark of good communication—real communication. Where, um, you actually show some dang vulnerability. Let yourself look like an idiot from time to time. And get off the blogging soapbox and show us the whole you. Which is who/what we really want anyway.

    Anna, would it be accurate to say, you feel disconnected from blog recently, because you’ve stopped showing vulnerability?

  10. Dusty (AKA Zora)

    Man, it feels good to see the real Anna!

    I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time, but I can’t say I’m sorry to see what you revealed here – it feels like a splash of cool water.

    I really hope things get better for you soon!

  11. susan simpson

    thank you….the others have said it for me..your support is heart felt…
    i do not feel alone anymore in my frustration. ‘self” honesty just pushes other’s buttons…if you get upset, it is just because you are struggling with the issue yourself on some level….

    yay, anna…!!

    keep your heart felt thougths coming….
    big hugs from the usa

  12. Robbi


    Lovely post, and I’m so excited for you about your future plans!

  13. Adrianne

    Hi Anna, thank you so much for sharing this. I can relate. You know we are all so multi-faceted… so containing of every possible expression from “enlightened” psychic (whatever that means!! – lol, thank you for sharing what you think about that, I feel pretty much the same) to “lazy slob” or whatever else is out there. 🙂

    You know your post has come at the perfect time for me. I do this too, I want to be accepted and loved by others and so I try to be who I think they want me to be.

    This always leads to a crisis because I can’t keep it up and there’s too many of them to try to please anyway!!

    The other night I picked up this program about self-love… make that unconditional self-love and self-acceptance. It’s an area I’ve been working on. An area that life has LED me to work on!

    What would things be like if we could all just give ourselves a break and love and accept ourselves totally unconditionally? If we could always say heck with what anyone else thinks I am going to be who I am and it’s ok whatever that looks like as long as if feels right to me?? (the answer is total bliss I’m guessing)

    So, I love that you are doing that. By expressing what you need to express you open up the door for more of us to tune in to what we really think and feel!!! Instead of what we are “supposed” to think and feel. Instead of being who we think others want us to be.

    I feel like through example you are giving your readers permission to unconditionally accept themselves… that we are still “ok” no matter what we think, feel or do – we’re still loveable and acceptable. That is such an awesome service.

    So, this is my little rant 😉 Not sure if it will all make sense to you or those who read it but in the spirit of this post you just put up… have to say that’s none of my business!!

    In conclusion, you’re awesome Anna! I still think you are a rock star psychic (lol – what a term!) and admire you and your work 🙂

    Much love,

  14. Jennifer

    See, that’s why I like reading your blog…you’re honest and very forthcoming. You’re human just like everyone else!

  15. Kate

    Anna, anytime you wanna swear you can swear with me, I have a colourful mouth as my kids would tell you!!! And Ive even been known to slip a swear word or two into my readings lol Most of the lightworkers im close to, swear like wharfies lol. Well done Anna, break out chick!!! Youll be of far more benefit to your clients now because youre down in the trenches too digging yourself out of your own sh*t. lol. I loved the old you and Im sure I’ll love the new you. I always saw a down to earthness in your old approach.
    I have the opposite issue, I went through the new agey thing in the 80s when it swept through, and so I always tried to have a down to earth approach as I didnt want to appear flakey. But now Im swinging the other way and starting to show myself as having a spiritual side, and I haven’t had to enlist on the starship voyager yet.

  16. Rosine Caplot

    You did not disappoint me one bit, Anna. On the contrary! I LOVE this blog post!!! You don’t need to be all airy-fairy to be psychic and I know you do an amazing job. And I’ve always hated the bitchy psychic looking lady in the banner, as you know. XD

    I love you so very much Anna. You are a wonderful person. Here’s a big hug for you: <<>> 🙂

  17. Michael

    LOL…Bravo! At last! You said “pissed off”, haha. The Archangel Michael has smote you with his mighty, throbbing….ummm…I mean, your alignment with Divine Truth just kicked up a notch, Anna.

    I’ll meet you here in the middle – I had to go the other way, but rapidly learned that I can’t out-faerie the faerie people…and anyhow, who the f*ck wants to be a faerie?

    (Don’t forget, you’re approaching the first Return of Saturn…there is something to that astrology stuff – half my clients are your age and a lot of the rest are my age. Check it out.)

    Now, can you tell me where my mind is? I last saw it out by the mail box – I dropped my car keys and everything went blank. Or should I book a reading? 🙂


    Awesome post!

    The kind of honesty you showed in this Blog post is what I believe to be the very foundation of successful Blogging, and in fact the cornerstone of any business in the future.

    I recently went through a kind of mini-breakdown myself when I realized that I was trying to be different people on the half dozen different Blogs I was running. On my money making Blog I tried to show the “Paul is a kick-ass money making business man” side and on my Psychic Blog I tried to show the “Paul is a young developing Psychic who meditates” side and on my fitness Blog I didn’t mention either of those and just focused on the “Paul is a guy who likes extreme exercise programs and studies advanced nutrition”.

    It’s not that I was lying or anything on any of my Blogs, but it just felt like I was “hiding” the other parts of myself on each Blog, subconsciously thinking that if some of the people on my Psychic Blog were to read my posts on my money making Blog they might unsubscribe from my list because they’d judge me as being “a selfish, money motivated guy” instead of fitting into the “he shouldn’t pursue 3rd dimensional things like money if he’s *really* a psychic” mold.

    Of course this was all happening beneath the surface, subconsciously and I didn’t even realize it until one day while coaching several of my students I saw them doing the same thing in their lives and they acted as a mirror for me exposing my own subconscious fears.

    That’s when I embraced the fact that I am ALL of these different identities and more that I haven’t even shared on any of my Blogs yet, and that’s when I decided to start where I now allow myself to talk about ANYTHING I feel like that is authentically me.

    Some of my fears have realized themselves with people unsubscribing from my lists after the fragmented identity they thought I was shattered when they learned about the real me, but with each person unsubscribing it felt like a small weight had been lifted as I no longer had to deal with people who don’t accept someone for being human, and at the same time the amount of NEW people I’ve attracted to my new Blog has exploded!

    More importantly than that, I feel so free right now being able to be more authentic… more ME on my Blog that I’m once again inspired to write new Blog posts like I once used to.

    I applaud you for your honesty and I encourage you to go even deeper and “expose” more of yourself on your Blog. Sure you’ll lose some people who get offended when they hear you’re not the fantasy person they visualized, but who gives a crap. 🙂 A boatload more will come to see the real you.

    BTW, I never thought the picture in the header of this Blog really looked like you. 🙂 I’ve never met you in person, so I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, but it just doesn’t feel to me like who you really are (energetically). I actually spoke to someone on the phone before who’s had a reading from you (like myself) and they said the same thing.

    The one you use in your Gravatar, to me feels more authentic/complete as the real you. Not sure why, but just an observation. Maybe the photographer in the picture above tried to “stage” you in a certain way that was not 100% natural to you? Too serious perhaps? I’ve had professional photos done where a photographer “staged” me in a certain pose and I hate those pictures and don’t think they look like the real me at all.

    Anyway, great post. I applaud your honesty.


  19. Nicci Redfearn


    I agree – being human has it’s good and bad parts. We have to embrace these lives in all their messy glory. I think reflecting that in your writing will be a good thing! I’m looking forward to reading it.

    I think it’s funny that you came out as a psychic and now you are coming out as a human!

    It’s going to be a glorious ride from here on in 🙂

  20. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

    Welcome to real life Anna. I recently got a comment on my blog from a young (20-something-year-old) who came to my blog expecting inspiration and New Age words of love and joy and nothing else. She didn’t find that.

    My guides or Higher Self picked the name of my blog for me. I didn’t get it on my own but I do like it so I use it because my whole life and writings are about my spiritual journey and Spirit does use me to light the way for others. The main ones that I light the way for are incest survivors.

    I am a 50-something-year-old with over 20 years of experience dealing with my incest issues. Those real life issues are what helped me on to my spiritual path. Life does that for you if you pay attention. Most of my readers are quick to tell me that my articles are inspirational. The articles aren’t light reading because my spiritual path started with me growing up with incest and alcoholism. I don’t drink but I had some of the crazy thinking of growing up in a home with an alcoholic father and grandfather.

    I appreciate authenticity in the blogs that I read. Being authentic means being as human as I am in all of its glory and dysfunction. It means sometimes hurting, sometimes being angry and sometimes being joyful and everything in between. It means being real, being who I am whatever that means from day to day and minute to minute.

  21. Andrew

    Hey Anna,

    I know how it feels to get sick of your old work because you’ve outgrown your old persona or become a bit more authentic or a bit less interested in defending an image – has happened several times with my blog. I’m going to have a holiday now where I’m giving my subconscious some space to resolve things – and I feel strongly like I’m going through another one of those letting-go times.

    Thanks for the honesty, I love it 🙂


  22. Timothy Anderson

    Wow! Great post Anna! I have to agree with those comments that noted that the more personal you have gotten, the more interesting your blog has become (though I don’t think you should be too hard on yourself – I think you have a fantastic way of distilling a lot of ‘spiritual issues’ down to their essense, which makes pretty much all of your posts great reads, and I’m sure you’ll continue to do that in the future, even blogging as the ‘new you’!). The reason I was attracted to your site in the first place was there seemed to be ‘real you’ lurking between the lines in your posts (even if it was hard to tell who it really was).

    And by the way: though I’m sure it would be plenty of fun making out with you, I’m happy that instead I could enjoy what seemed to me to be a pretty clear headed reading and later 6 weeks of fantastic spirit guide classes! 😀 I still puzzle over some of the info you passed on…

  23. Cassandra Batson


    Thank you. I resonate with your period of shift and transformation, and really admire your honesty. Somehow it feels you’re expressing a global trend. I am looking forward to hearing more of what you have to say.

    Sincerely, Cassandra Batson

  24. Anna

    It is 2.30am here in Oz so I will reply tomorrow to all these lovely comments. Thank you all for commenting x

  25. Natalie

    Hi Anna,

    That was great! Takes a load off my shoulders that there are others that are spiritual and also have a normal life. Keep up your writing. I love reading it 🙂

  26. Coach T.I.A

    Anna I love you!! Kudos for putting it out there you lovely, human girl! 🙂 Big hugs and mo beers xoxo Tia

  27. David


    welcome to life, and congratulations on accepting your humanity.

    to me, that is exactly what enlightenment is – the waking up to what actually is; not some spiritual mumbo-jumbo.

  28. Sue


    What a delightfully honest post! As a developing psychic student of life myself, I struggle with all the things I “should” know, “see” or just do. Isn’t it refreshing to drop the burden of that responsibility? You get to be human just like the rest of us – and if anyone can’t handle that – then obviously, that’s THEIR problem, and maybe they should do a reading with you to reveal their own issues.

    Life is about change… and if you’re ready to re-design your blog, then go for it. YOU do get to decide!

    Thanks for the authentic you!

  29. Elle

    Hey Anna

    great reading Anna, keep up those boundaries and your heart open

    yeah i noticed you hadn’t blogged for a while and hope you feel more grounded at home. it is really yes really cool and lovely that your psychic self has become aware of how your writing really could be, look out world 🙂

    Faith and hope

  30. Susan

    🙂 And just when I was going to stop reading you shared with us all that you cuss. Now I am a fan for life!

  31. Andrea|Soul Realignment

    LOL. If you think being psychic makes people expect you to walk on water, try being a spiritual teacher … 🙂

    Psychic and spiritual or not, we ALL go through the same crap. Because, thank God, we get to be both human AND Divine, and if we’re really, really brave we try to be both equally, all at once.


  32. Jessica Eleven -- Consciously Birthing

    Brilliant Anna!

    We ALL are going through something similar. Trust me! I too, wrote a blog post with the same intentions about a week ago because I was feeling this need to shift my focus.

    I love the candid honesty. The “I’m human too, so get over me” ‘tude I’m sensing. It really takes guts to be that honest when everyone thinks you have ALL the answers (even the silly mundane ones that are pointless) because you’re just a tad bit more intuned than they.

    No one hates your for your realness, I’m sure we’re all nodding our heads in relation and elation for your honesty. I can’t wait to see your new site and the direction you’ll take!!

    Well wishes Luv

  33. b

    Ooh, temper-temper.

    “I don’t believe in enlightenment, I think ascension is a load of crap”
    Do elaborate when you get the time. 🙂

  34. Cathrene Gehue

    Oh Anna, Been there, done that, but from the perspective of an artist. The first year I started blogging, I changed the look and title of my webiste three times. It’s still quite not there yet, but it’s getting closer. I understand the frustration your going through with wanting to be yourself and doing what you love, yet being afraid to be just yourself because others won’t see you for what you are. I remember an artist friend who dressed and acted the part (all in black, snooty, etc) commented favourably on a painting, but then said “I wouldn’t have expected something like that from you.” A lot of people create presumptions about how things look or should act. The world doesn’t need any more psychics or spiritual leaders who come across all the superior and airy fairy, just like the world doesn’t need any more artists sitting around in cafes dressed in black morosing all over the place. You know what you are, Anna, make what you love to do your own. It’ll be hard, but it’ll be honest and human. And as a parting thought, just an idea to consider, recently I swapped out the word ascension for expansion, and for me it has levelled the playing field out there in that weird lovely world. Oh and embrace the weirdness. Normal is for people who don’t know themselves. Oh, and one more thing… the beauty of falling apart, which I’ve done many times in the past 10 years, is when you come back together, they’ll be a new arrangement inside you… Growing pains, that’s all it is, growing pains!

  35. tls

    Hi Anna…I’m gay – This all makes perfect sense to me. 🙂

    In the beautiful words of Rilke:

    Let everything happen to you
    Beauty and terror
    Just keep going
    No feeling is final

  36. Kara-Leah

    Hey Anna,

    I wanna know more about all the weird experiences that have been happening to you! I’m intrigued…

    And I can’t wait to see what the new you looks like.

    Love your work.

  37. Theresa Walsh

    LOVE your latest blog… keeping it real.
    I love it that you get drunk and are oh so human. WOo HOo a human being. Some blogs I’v read I used to wonder ‘what do they do when they get angery, do they ever get drunk and do stupid things, shout at the world, curse and cry, listern to Marlyin Manson or heavy metal?

    I shall keep reading your blog because to me you are now real!

  38. Julia

    Hey Anna, I didn’t expect me leaving a comment, but here I am… 🙂

    First: You did an awesome job with this blog. You changed. And that’s good, because that’s what life is all about. Don’t abandon this blog because of it. It is not so limited as you might perceive it. Keep writing your articles – many people benefit a lot from them, but write about the topics YOU want to write about. Don’t go where you think you should go. Go where you want to go. I’m sure your readers will follow you, no matter in what direction you might turn and those who don’t will be replaced by others who will. Surprise us. Surprise youself. Afterall, it’s your blog and you are the creator of the message. What do you want us to know? What do you want to show us?

    Take care of yourself and the rest will follow 🙂

  39. Tiago

    It’s quite vexing, really, when people think that just because you can do psychic readings, energy healing, talk to spirits or whatever that you are some kind of all mighty god and will even treat you as such. You are amazing, Anna. I love this post. I love to see this human side :).

    All the best!

  40. Anna

    Hi Rose – Thanks for your lovely message, you are very sweet 🙂 I know you hate the bitchy-looking psychic lady on the banner lol.

    Hi Michael LOL is that the first time I swore on my blog? I know I am approaching the first return of Saturn in a couple of years, but I keep hearing stories of crisis and upheaval from people who go through it so I avoided looking into it so far.

    Hi Lucia Yeah. Although sucking when it comes to relationships and intuition can be a bit of a bummer, I am not too sorry because it’s given me some pretty funny stories to tell!

    In response to the other thing you said, I think there will always be a part of me that is essentially a raving alternative new-ager (I am multifaceted being like everyone I guess), but I just think that part has become more practical and grounded now.

    Hi Gerard – Thanks for your comment! Well I’m glad you didn’t unsubscribe. But you know what, I’m sure I will get lots of unsubscriptions when I go in my new direction because not everyone will be interested in what I’m writing about. But it will be freeing to not care so much about that.

  41. Anna

    Hi Vanessa, thanks for the feedback! I thought that everyone would be fine with me being human 🙂 It’s always reassuring to know that other people fall apart and f*** it up.

    Shirley – thank you for stopping by and commenting. I don’t think I made an effort to be airy fairy but it’s true everyone sees everything differently so there’s no point trying to please anyone, that’s one thing I’ve learned by reading through these comments!!

    Angela – Thank you honey!

    Nicci – Thanks for your comment, You know, while I was writing this I thought a lot about the conversation we had on Skype about the balance between spirituality and keeping it real too, it was good to hear your thoughts on that too at the time.

    Alex – Yay to you too !!!

    Hi Patricia – Thank you for commenting and sharing about your challenging experiences here. I think it takes a lot of courage to share about stuff like that but it can be cathartic too when others learn from it. Growing up I experienced a lot of things that were dysfunctional and I think I would like to write about some of it, but I am not sure how much it is appropriate to share that as I think my mum reads my blog and it would be upsetting for her. I agree with what you wrote: “Being authentic means being as human as I am in all of its glory and dysfunction. It means sometimes hurting, sometimes being angry and sometimes being joyful and everything in between.”

    Great way of putting it!

    Marianne – thanks for your feedback!

  42. Anna

    b – Actually I think ascension is a bit of a jargonistic term for progress and growth (as Cathrene mentioned). And I don’t have the kind of mind that can work with ‘this soul resonates in the fourth dimension but has ascended to the sixth dimension’. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEEEEAN? and all of the arbitrary measurements that are placed on the experience of growth that mean nothing.

    Maybe we could make it actually mean something and say well this person has had a lot of growth experiences and has grown up. That means something, doesn’t it? No light body ascending happening in that. Maybe some kind of light body ascension exists if you are open to it in your experience but I played around with the light body and escaping from the 3D when I was a teenager, it’s not part of my path right now.

    As for enlightenment, I think it means surrendering to what is when it’s wise to do so and that you can only have moment by moment. I don’t believe anyone is permanently enlightened.

  43. Anna

    Jack – Not sure.

    It’s just that at some point, someone has thought of me as some kind of spiritual being who doesn’t make mistakes, or go through normal, messy human growth experiences. Which of course is absurd. People seem to think psychic abilities help you to be superhuman.

    And it has been bugging me because people I meet in person seem to think the same thing. I have always been a very self-contained person so maybe I give off an aura of having it all under control in a spiritual way even when it’s actually a total roaring mess on the inside. I am self-contained because when I was younger I cared a lot more about what people think.

    My new experiment is not to consider what people think before I click ‘publish’ and I figure if people don’t like that, I will find a new and different audience.

  44. Ariff

    Does this mean there’ll be more swearing in your blog? Fuck yeah!

  45. sweetperceptions

    Don’t give up Anna. You don’t know me, but I know how you feel. 🙂 We’re living human beings after all. Doesn’t matter who you were in your past lives.. just live according to what you believe is right. Be happy and the whole world sings along with you.

  46. Anna

    Lol, thank you Timothy for your comment and the feedback. I have to say, writing about personal experiences is more fun too, if a little scary sometimes.

    Cassandra – thank you! 🙂

    Kattzyze – I agree. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Dusty/Zora – Good to see your comment!! Thanks for the well wishes.

    Tia – Love you too hun! 😀 Thanks for commenting.

    Hi Susan – you are right about that, there is no reason to get
    upset about other people’s negative emotions unless it mirrors something in ourselves.

    Thanks Robbi!

    Adrianne – thank you Adrianne for this lovely message. That is a great point, being multifaceted we can be contradictory and lots of qualities all at once and we don’t have to apologize for any of it (even if I did a little in my post! 😉 )

    Jennifer – thanks!

    Hi Kate – LOL a mouth like a wharfie, that is a good phrase!

  47. Anna

    Ariff – fuck yeah!

  48. Jen

    I really appreciate your honesty! I have missed you round these parts but I completely get it. One of the things I identify with is that balance of being spiritual and being ‘real’ – it sounds like you have been through it recently but that you have learnt a lot of good lessons…. sending you lots of love!

  49. Sonja

    We all grow and learn through our mistakes and the circumstances we face in our lives. You are a spirit being having a human experience and sometimes you have growing pains. Never apologize for your beliefs and your actions ( unless of course you have hurt someone) and never explain yourself to anyone, because once you start doing that, you give your power away.

    Having psychic abilities ( if you choose to accept them) is not an easy lifestyle as you see more, hear more and know more than your average joe blow and you have to be able to use discretion about whom you speak to, how you say things and how you convey the messages you get and when to deliver them.

    This isn’t the first time you have a “growth spurt” and it certainly won’t be the last, so while you are on this journey of growth, go with the flow and have fun in the process :))

  50. Julie

    Anna, what struck me was,”Oh, she’s just growing up! Hooray for her.” This is about the age for it, and it was bound to happen. I read your blog because I linked to it through someone I had worked with, and I found it to be extremely forthright, well written, clear, and fascinating. But I did not ever think it disclosed anything much about you personally except one on the topic of men and experiences you had, which left me sort of hoping you would catch up – seems you are. Painful at times, I suppose, but look back on it in 20 years and it all was just a necessary part of being human. You may even smile about it…eventually. Don’t doubt yourself or worry about losing readers…you will likely gain more than you lose, and I don’t think the readers are always the point, are they.

    After reading the comments here, you clearly have a bunch of smart people who read your writing – perhaps ask them in a blog about the men and the other stuff – costs less than going to a counselor and probably you’ll learn a lot more 🙂

  51. Kate

    love to know how you detach Anna, Im always up for detaching lol. Us over empaths who feel everything and then some lol

  52. Kate

    oh interesting, im not sure what i tune into generally, but i do tune into voices too, that adds something. Thanks for that, will check her site out. So when you say you close your heart chakra down, does that leave you feeling uncompassionate?

  53. Anna

    Hi Julie – Actually, I know what to do about the man situation. A friend of mine who is an intuitive has helped me to practice emotionally detach from situations and people close to me (while I read the situation), so it’s not as if I don’t know HOW to make mindful and good choices, right now it’s become an issue of just practicing it consciously rather than being swept away by other people and their emotions, which can easily happen when you’re too damn empathic for your own good.

    As for the growing up bit, I have been living independently since about the age of 18 and so 8 years later I consider myself somewhat grown up in most areas, in other areas I’ve taken a leap lately. But that’s a good thing, I think all of us regardless of age, we never stop growing and all at different paces. I know people who are 40 and who are less functional and mature than some people I know who are 25.

  54. Anna

    Hi Sue – thank you for your affirming words. It is SO refreshing as you say, to drop that burden of responsibility as it not ours to carry.

    Thanks Elle!

    Hi Andrea, great to see your comment. You must get put on a pedestal quite a lot!!

    THANK YOU Jessica – good to hear it isn’t just me who goes through this stuff (although somehow didn’t think it was!)

    Thanks Kara, I’m sure it’ll be in future blog posts (with names changed :D)

    Natalie – thank you.

    David – Agreed! (about the mumbo-jumbo part)

    Cathrene – thanks for your wise words! I love this: the beauty of falling apart, which I’ve done many times in the past 10 years, is when you come back together, they’ll be a new arrangement inside you…

    Tls – yes, no feeling is final! I love that.

    Theresa – hehe, I have wondered the same thing about some bloggers who come across as like demi-gods who seem to have it all together.

    Julia – thank you so much for your insightful comment, you are right about what you said in it and I read it a few times in the last few days.

    Tiago – thank you!

    Sweetperceptions – thanks for your sweet comment.

    Hi Jen, great to see your comment and thanks for the good wishes!

    Sonja – I agree!

  55. Anna

    Kate – Chris Landry ( suggested that I tune out of the heart chakra and close my own heart chakra (I always tune into heart chakras when I speak to people) and just focus on the voice and on their third eye instead to know what someone’s intentions are and what is going on in the situation. It sounds quite simplistic but has helped quite a bit actually.

  56. Mahreen

    Anna, it’s very interesting to see you going through such changes. It was coming recently all your posts have been about changes. Enjoy the ride. xxx

  57. Anna

    I don’t think it leaves me feeling uncompassionate. More like detached for a moment while I do it.

  58. Mistli

    Sorry you are having a bit of a rough time in Australia but I’m sure you are right that it is all part of your spiritual growth and you will come out so much better for it. You are right you are just human, you are not perfect just because you have a special gift, people can be really judgemental & it hurts sometimes. I have heard people make comments before that “if the psychic is really good they won’t charge you, the real psychics do it for free” I always thought that was so ridiculous, why should they work for free?? Don’t they have bills to pay like everyone else? Should a really good doctor or lawyer work for free as well?? Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I can understand where your frustration is coming from & lots of people do appreciate your gift & all that you are offering to the world. Keep it up & best of luck in Australia 🙂

  59. Micaela

    On the contrary, I am honored to be meet this new(er)/true(r) Anna Conlan! It’s practically charlatanism to keep putting on this persona, reinforce people’s ideas of Enlightened Mystic Oracle, if it’s isn’t true. Yet, “If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him.” — takes a lot of courage to do that, and even more to admit it. Warm welcome back, and looking forward to more. 🙂

  60. Jules

    All great advice posted. Sounds like you are being pushed out of your comfort zone and boundaries challenged. Our family has lived in a number of developing countries and experienced drought, riots, lack of clean water, electricity and medical facilities – you get the picture. We are therefore always thankful for what we have in Australia and when travelling, always look forward to ‘coming home’. Not throwing rocks here, just looking at the big picture……and by the way, a can of Mortein should do the trick. ps love your website and blogs.

  61. kelly

    This is awesome, Anna. Authentic and real. Congrats! Seems that you are letting go of concepts about you & all expectations on you from self and others. And letting go is always a good thing. And you’re teaching others by example — by being yourself and articulating your truth. thanks!!

  62. Anneli

    Dear Anna

    Thank you so much for being completely honest. It is so refreshing. I am happy for you and sense the release in you.
    I too have experienced how people espect me to be much more perfect, because I am psychic. To be honest I too feel wrong when I fall out by having foul language, admit to not being grounded, space out and get easily confused with times, dates and even my own rates infront of clients.
    Well I also made a decision to be who I am. It hurts my ego a little every time I allow myself to do non-psychic stuff infront of clients, but I really believe in staying true to who I am at this time.
    The basic thought I found is “I am wrong” and this is my priority to take care of, not use my energy to hide whatever I think is wrong about me.

    blessings Anneli

  63. irene | Light Beckons

    Wow, this is so refreshing that I had to dust off my keyboard to leave a comment … haven’t done that in any blog post in a looong time, but this one calls for a celebration! LOVE you Anna banana! 😀

  64. Fa

    Good for you! I’m glad you are tougher and stronger!

  65. Ajay

    I was just about to unsubscribe from your mailing list when the title of this article caught my eye

    Your honesty and openness is refreshing, it often seems that spiritual teachers and the like live in a kind of bubble separate from the rest of humanity. They project an image of perfection that cannot be real since they’re still human

    The new Anna is a lot more believable than the old Anna

  66. Michael

    Hi Anna,
    What great release, refreshing!

    “I don’t believe in enlightenment, I think ascension is a load of crap, nor do I believe in twin flames and I have no idea what indigo children are anymore because my spirit guides don’t know what I’m on about when I ask them.”

    Imo, this underscores your authenticity. These concepts are to my knowledge fabrications (or manipulated echoes from esoteric knowledge) of the ‘service to self’ realm, such ideas distributed can expose you and your customer to psycho’s and pitfalls by ignorant attraction, knowledge protects. Strategic enclosure is also not a bad idea.

    Best wishes

  67. Angela

    You cannot be psychic/lightworker/etc and not be human. The most empathic people are the people who have not had it all together and they know how it feels to be a talented smart sensible person and have it fall apart. Good on you for not skimming the surface all your life. This massive challenge moment you have had will only make you better at what you do.
    Keep going!!!!

  68. Angela

    PS I can pick a spiritual flake a mile away and you are now up the other end of the continuum.

  69. Anna

    Thanks Irene!

  70. Kate

    oh i love that Angela, I can spot a spiritual flake a mile away too and im sure they cant stand me cause my mouth is colourful lol

  71. Silent Ryan

    “I spent my life denying the spiritual side of me so much and pretending to everyone that I wasn’t psychic.” This a quote from this blog. I’ve Been hiding My “visions” for over half my life (i’m 25 now.) I see things as clear as watching a movie… After every life changing event my “visions” have happen more often and more clear (down to details of clothing) Sometimes in life we are tested and push to are wit’s end, and we have to pick are selves off the floor and start again. “self healing” so this little rant is just what you needed. I didn’t read what everyone else has write back to you. To change subject But I’m in a long family that’s had a hidden from the public, and only share with others like us, (not cults or how ever you want to take that). Any time I’ve told anybody about my “visions” they assume I’m a mind reader, “oh yeah what i’m thinking now” I hate it when people ask me that. After my wife left me, 2 months before dad passed over, and didn’t have any contact with my first born son for over 6 months. I went into a hole, when I finally got out, I starting seeing farther into the future then I ever have before. 15 days. The greatest part about it was, IT was my first ‘vision’ I saw through someone else’s eyes. Involved in the event I saw. (all of them before then were through me in a future event.) Since then I’ve been expanding on everything I can. (but I’ve blocked the deceased) except for my dad. Sorry for blogging on your blog but A few thing you wrote triggered some stuff that i wanted to share.. in hints the name I left.. I’m seeing things about people I haven’t even met yet… This was kind of funny “Yes, I am psychic but if I like you and you kiss me, I temporarily lose my psychic abilities and can’t tell you anything about yourself except that you’re really hot.” I have the same darn problem… And It Bugs, me..So my brother and Mom have to help me for when i pick my next mate..ha ha..(PS I do see my son and have a good relationship with him now) We communicate differently then most parent/child do. He can read people’s colors already!(if they’re good/bad) (he’s 2 1/2) Talking is hard because he knows words that he can’t say yet… As for the communication i’m talking about what I can only believe to be telepathy/touch. I have to explain or someone going to think I’m some sicko.. When my son get mad/upset with me when he’s trying to tell me something he’ll grab my head and put his hands on my temples and say it again slowly(at the same time he makes a funny face like he’s pooping) Then I blink I and say it back to him.. then he smiles and walks away or I answer his question….now this is the truth and haven’t said anything to anyone…but I need to because I can’t truly believe it my self… If i’m correct then he might become someone’s Science project…Which has always been my fear of me and my self, but even I can’t do that….This felt like a safe place to say something… And Thank You. I’m Jealous, I could never go “pro”..i’m glad you can, and make a living from it..take care
    Silent Ryan

  72. sophia

    dear anna,
    a friend of mine sent me your website link yesterday.
    i am an intuitive myself and i must say that i read through all of that with a smile, first because i could relate and emphasize (hm… also read the article on acne, a journey i am very familiar with), and second, because i find your writing refreshing, sincere, and with a nice sense of humor!
    i wish you all the best, thanks for sharing.
    sophia xxx

  73. Anna

    Hi Sophia, welcome! & thanks for leaving your comment…

  74. Kasia

    Hi Anna, I loved this post! Your courage and determination to be who you are totally shone through. I had a “coming out” post on my blog too and I remember being terrified to write it. It was all about being afraid of showing weakness and that I don’t have it all figured out. After all, if we’re in the business of helping people, shouldn’t we have it all figured out! Then I learned that people actually like it when we’re human and not some perfect guru.

    I also wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles and your ebook. I’ve recently been told in a meditation that I have clairvoyance – I didn’t even know what that meant! So I googled it and your site intrgued me. I’ve been doing automatic writing for a bit and still getting used to everything that comes out. I’m learning a ton from you and I’m glad you have pursued this direction in your work. I’ve been practicing all your tips and strategies and getting to know my Spirit Guides and Angels. It’s so cool!

    Ok, Anna, I’ve rambled on enough. You’re awesome! Namaste,

  75. Lindsay

    I’m way late in responding to this (just reading it now for the first time since it’s in your “Best of 2010”) but I just had to say I can relate to nearly everything you’ve said here. As a budding intuitive who is doing readings for others, I sometimes think people who read my blog and/or get readings from me think I’m an enlightened being above them somehow. I’m NOT! I’m definitely human. I make mistakes. Sometimes the same ones over and over again. I, too, lose all psychic ability the moment someone expresses romantic interest in me.

    Just had to say it was lovely reading this and feeling a camaraderie.

  76. Anna

    Lindsay – Glad you related to this! People seem to think that being psychic has something to do with being enlightened when as we know, it really doesn’t, and that can be uncomfortable. Since I wrote this article, I have had family members pull me up on not being ‘spiritual’ enough, when I’m angry or pissed off about something. It bothers me that people think that being ‘spiritual’ means you become less human and don’t feel emotions that non psychic people do. And it’s not fun being pulled up on that just because you have a website with a spiritual theme!!

  77. lori

    Nice to meet you~ love, lori

  78. Leiah

    This post is awesome and the reason I chose you to do my cord cutting work. You resonate as “the real deal.” I’m totally looking forward to my session next week.

  79. SilverAngel

    Hello Anna, you don’t know me, but my name is Kristy, and i enjoyed reading your Blog, and you opening yourself up, like that!! You seem so so like me, huh….but only at the moment, i seem 2b running scared, at times..I don’t know which direction 2take, or what my next step is, but i’m playing it by ear, which is prob’ the best thing 2do, ask questions, research and practice….But its moooore then just running scared, MUCH more. I feel like consumed, and muddled, and confused..and more. plus feeling 2oo much(I’ve recently found out that i have Empathy-Thats why i feel so so much….so yeah, Anna, i DO CARE) Anyway, i mainly just wanted 2tell you (b4 i got sidetracked lol), is to STAY STRONG!!!!..& don’t forget who YOU are-I live in Australia, Brisbane myself..I’ve lived here 4most of my life (xcept in my Travelling times), and personally, i don’t even like it here lol..I want 2b elsewhere….I have been feeling it from time to time, 4 a long time now, but just not knowing, doesn’t help. I also went through a Transformation, where i feel that i have grown up alot, 2what i used 2b (no fair lol)..I used 2b such a daydreamer, and i always seemed 2have the skill, of drifting off in2 space, in2 my own little world….I feltlike i had 2get myself out of it, because, well there seems 2b no place 4DayDreamers, in THIS world, i i wish i hadn’t tried so much, ’cause the pieces in the last year of so, sure r being put 2gether, ABOUT LOTZ OF STUFF, but amongst the stuff that i have figured out, i realized, that i am very possibly a natural at this Universal magic….and that is also probably why, it has seemed like, i’ve never been good at much, in the was because, i didn’t need anymore distractions in life 2stop me from my purpose in life….which i am still figuring out (i had the feeling of having a purpose, when i was a kid..must of been significant, as i remember it). One of the things that i have realized tho’, is that things seem 2happen 4 a reason. I believe in the Indigo children, as children seem 2b being born psychic, which is our evolution as people..”The Golden Age”, is meant 2b soon approaching..I partly think that we may b psychic because, we are Indigo Adults, that once were Indigo Children..The stupid thing is tho’..we r not taught..We r having 2figure things out 4 ourselves..which i reeaally disslike..but i think that possibly apart of Indigos purpose tho’, is 2prepare the world, so everyone is more knowledgable, because eventually (just like all the ages in the past), everyone will end up getting used 2things, and they’ll even eventually have psychic 101, in Schools, or something lol..Its where we r heading!!-We won’t even need mobiles anymore (which will make the world better, as the fear of Tumas, from mobiles), because we’ll b using Telepathy….and then eventually our 1000 years of Peace will begin..lifes going 2be great next life..i hope!! And oh yeah, Twin Flames r true, and i only know that, because i was fortunate/unfortunate 2meet mine-It was pretty much love at first sight, but the timing was wrong, and it fell apart BIG TIME..and love turned 2hate. So if you r ever fortunate 2meet him, then BE PATIENT (like a psychic told me randomly once, only a couple of weeks b4 a actually met him when i was looking through a crystal shop). I screwed it up-I hope i have another one out there, somewhere tho’.
    I hope i have been helpful in some ways
    Take Care to one and all!!

  80. ACurtis

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, Anna. You’ve moved to a very difficult country to live in right now. With the earth changes going on, three-fourths of Australia is expected to disappear in the upcoming years. There’s a lot of earth purging going on in Australia/your area of the world right now. As a very psychic person, that is bound to affect you.

    I just found your Web site, and as a new unskilled Empath (I’ve been one since my teens but didn’t know it and had no one to help guide me…I’m now 43 years old), I am finding your articles so, so helpful.

    I am an Indigo and a Lightworker–yes, we are out there. My daughter is an Indigo-Crystal child. The early Lightworkers are working to make sure the ascension we’re going through is as untraumatic as it possibly can be. I am a “late bloomer” in that I just discovered I’m a Lightworker in Nov 2010, when I was 42 years old. Couple that with discovering that I have a very strong force for healing and lots of clair– abilities, which I never knew I had, and, well, I am overwhelmed at the moment!

    Not everyone is going to believe, and that includes men more than women, I should say. But believe in yourself and the Higher good. You’re already doing wonderful work; you’ve given me so much to read and ponder and use for my own enlightenment.

    Thank you.

  81. Anna

    Hi ACurtis, thank you for your encouraging words! I actually published this blog post about 16-18 months ago (can’t remember when?)…I left Australia quite a while ago. (However, the dates of blog posts have been removed).

  82. Johnie Somilleda

    All I can say is WOW! Branding things by one name or another may be wrong… but this is too perfect not to group it into greatness. This is a big 🙂 in my books!

  83. Brett

    yes new here & reading out of order & with utmost delight….and sending all the thanks, kudos & cosmic high-fives I can fit on a droid, cross the oceans.

  84. Tanya

    Hi Anna,
    I have been reading your various posts for a long time now and they are so very unique,inspiring and incredibly insightful..I can’t beleive you are my age!I love how direct and simple you make your explanations for the benefit of us less spiritual ones. I was very interested also to find out about your spirit guide coaching..sry it’s just that I have looked and looked but can’t really find the price for the course .I also had one more question about your akashic records reading and life you ever answer any questions after you’ve done the reading incase a client has some..

    thx for your wisdom and variety
    you’re definately head and shoulders above any psychic website i’ve come across on the net..and beleive me i’ve been looking for years…
    keep up the wit and enthusiasm

  85. Kelly

    This cracked me up! I hope things have turned around for you by now, Anna! Whenever my life gets annoying and/or unpleasantly surprising I tend to look up toward the heavens, roll my eyes and say…’ that’s really funny you guys, can we get on with it now?’
    I can almost hear them giggling….

  86. Shannon

    I know that I have psychic abilities, although I’m not quite sure how to use them. I have been worried that in order to use my ability, I need to be some all-knowing, all-loving, perfect human being in order for my spirit guides to want to talk to me. It’s good to know that I can still get pissed off and make a bad decision every once in a while! Thank you for writing this post.

  87. jen

    Hi anna! This made me laugh! LOOL. So refreshing. I like your side!

  88. Desiree

    OMG (I can’t believe I just oh em gee’d here) I am so happy to have found this website. I went to a really great workshop this weekend about finding your own psychic awareness and had a well enough experience to do some more research. My interest lasted long enough to find that most psychics on the internet were so far out there I could not even fathom what they were about. Maybe it is the skeptic in me but if everyone is psychic that has to mean that there are psychic mailmen out there right? Housewives, lawyers, teachers? Maybe even s waiter or bartender or two? Why is every google link coming up with websites that have horribly cropped backgrounds of the solar system and twinkling stars, photoshopped graphics of angels that look they were originally done on velvet and promises to show me a world beyond my wildest dreams? I don’t need any of that nonsense. In fact – I want to hear from someone who can hone their talents AND maintain themselves. Pity sake I don’t want to be someone else, I want to be a better me! I want to still skate roller derby and wear tennis shoes and take my kid to day care. I don’t want to see dead people or get the winning lottery numbers. I WOULD like to know why I hear bits and pieces of conversation when I am sitting on the toilet at the office and there is no one around. I don’t want to predict the future – but I would like to know that when I hear my son talking to someone through the baby monitor in his room that it is a conversation with a passed loved one and not potentially my mind fracturing. I wear Calvin Klein Eternity not Patchouli and my favorite color is black because I LIKE it – not because it connects me spiritually to anything or anybody. Please please please continue to snark on – (don’t get weird on me). <3

  89. Mati Fuller

    I love this post, and can totally relate!!! I also swear, and have often picked relationships that don’t work (3 divorces). I moved from Europe to America and had to deal with all kinds of immigration issues, and I have two kids who don’t get along because they have different fathers and different energies. But all of these experiences is what makes up my life and gives me a richness and understanding that it would have taken others many lifetimes to get, and perhaps that is what you are in the process of doing as well. The truth is, that noting is really a mistake! How can you work with people, without a thorough understanding of human nature? How can you understand anyone, if you never make any personal mistakes? Trial and “error” is what makes us wise in the end…
    I have finally come up with a comment that completely cuts through anybody elses ideas about how I am supposed to be. I simply say “I’m just not that kind of….. psychic/mom/girlfriend, or whatever.” Just fill in the blanks. It works for me…

  90. Sandra

    Hey Anna,

    I like you more than I did before! Welcome to Australia — and may I add that when I first stumbled on your blog I’d thought you lived permanently in England and I was sorry you lived so far away, as I resonated so much with your writing. I am going to request a reading as that is what I was looking for when I first found your blog — but never had it done.
    Glad you’re here!

  91. Anna

    Hi Sandra,

    Thank you! I wrote this post 2.5 years ago and now live in NZ. It does often confuse people because we took the dates off posts and it looks current, but it’s not! I am not doing readings at the moment due to my visa status but will be doing them again some time before end of August 2012.

  92. Martha

    Hi Anna
    I get the ranting part, I get angry at times and my language can be inappropriate at the best and worst of times.
    To be authentic is quite restricting when (I) have family making judgement on me because of the swearing. I don’t do it all the time, only when I feel my words fall on deaf ear’s, or I’ve found things broken, untidy, or plan laziness show’s up in and around the house.
    Because I am a spiritually catergorised being in my family, everyone expects me to be this highly strict living saint 24/7, but when the human comes out, gosh – then they sure get a taste of the truth serime. from all angles.
    I’m glad you show the human side of you, here on your blog, I sometimes worry if it’s normal to swear from time to time, and still be a spiritual person. I know when I do swear I hurt so much in my heart then to the person I’m actually swearing too…Thanks Anna it’s a reality check for me!

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