What to Expect in an Akashic Record Reading with Shelly

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This article is written by Shelly Ebeling, our resident Akashic Record Reader who offers readings via this website. To find out more about Shelly’s readings, please visit this page.

Hi there, this is Shelly.

I have written this article for those who have ordered a session with me. And for those who are considering it.

Before your reading, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what the Akashic Records are, why you may want them read, and what to expect (and not expect) during a reading with me. Here is a little more information so you are fully prepared for the reading!

What are the Akashic Records?

Basically, everything and everyone who has ever existed (or will exist) has a ‘library’ of energetic records documenting every thought, emotion, action, and experience that has ever occurred.

Cool, right?

Your Akashic Records offer personal insights regarding every piece of information regarding your soul. This includes information about relationships, health, your life lessons, your soul path and more.

Why would someone want to have their Akashic Records read?

Because your Akashic Records contain all of that personal insight on a soul level, a reading for you might bring clarity on things such as:

  • Why you have repeatedly chosen or “found yourself in” particular types of relationships
  • The reasons you have experienced certain hardships in your life, and the life lessons you were meant to learn from those hardships
  • How to determine if the career path you have chosen is right for you on a soul level
  • What soul gifts you were born with and how to determine if you are living your life in alignment with them

As you can see, all sorts of useful (and sometimes fun!) information can be learned from the Akashic Records.

What does an Akashic Record Reading with Shelly Entail?

Once I receive your personal information, I am able to access your Akashic Records through meditation and by channeling information from your Akashic Record. I use a series of questions and my pendulum to receive the answers to the questions I am asking. I do all of this before our appointment, which is why I ask for your information at least 48 hours before our scheduled time.

So, what sort of questions will I be asking while in your Akashic Record?

Here is a brief summary of the questions and a little information about each one. We will go into more detail of what each question means during your reading, but this will give you a good idea of what to expect.

1. What is your Energy Center of Training?

Your Energy Center of Training (also known as your Archangelic Realm of Training) is the realm in which your soul ‘trained’ to bring certain types of energy forth when incarnating here on Earth. This would be energy and characteristics which come naturally and really shape who you are on a soul level.

For example, my soul was trained in the 6th Realm (there are 7 total), meaning I bring the energies of heightened intuition and increased clarity in life. It also means I am very protective (overprotective?) of loved ones and also may need to practice a little more tact when dealing with certain people, as I have a no nonsense way of delivering information at times. Hmm…yes, yes, and yes. Those are all me. The good, the bad, and the (ahem) ugly.

2. What is your Soul Group of Origin?

Your Soul Group of Origin explains where your soul first originated. Your home incarnation, if you will. You will be bringing certain characteristics with you in every incarnation (including this one) which help shape you as a person. There are 23 different soul groups to research and I will explain what your particular soul group of origin is.

3. What Soul Trainings have you had between incarnations?

Soul trainings happen between incarnations after you have crossed over. You may find that the soul trainings you have participated in also carry over to this lifetime. One of my trainings was as an Incubator Soul, which prepares, nurtures, and assists other souls incarnating here on Earth for the first time. That was of great interest to me as I spent my early twenties (not knowing this information) as a childbirth educator and as a labor and postpartum doula (labor assistant). An interesting parallel, I think.

4. Which previous lifetimes or eras had the greatest impact on who you are today?

Previous lifetimes and eras are always interesting to look at. Although we don’t go into previous life details during an Akashic Record Reading, it can be interesting to see if one of your past eras or places resonates with you. I have had the phrase, “No kidding? I always knew that somehow” said to me many times when a client hears this information.

5. Which spiritual traditions did you participate in that affect who you are today?

Like previous lifetimes, spiritual traditions can really resonate with a person and are interesting to know how they come forth in your current lifetime. For example, a person who had a significant experience with Taoism would have a familiarity with the belief that life should be filled with peace and joy.

6. What are your primary and secondary life lessons that you are working on for this lifetime?

Life lessons can be of particular interest as they usually bring the biggest ‘aha’ moments in a reading. They tend to really resonate with people and I often find they can bring some sort of closure, acceptance, or forgiveness towards oneself. It’s as though learning your life lessons really helps people understand who they are and what lessons they chose this lifetime for further soul growth and knowing what they are makes perfect sense with what they have experienced in their lifetime.

7. What is your strongest intuitive gift at this time?

Everyone is born with intuitive gifts on some level. Some people seem to naturally be aware of them and are able to tune into them and some people need to train and develop them. I will look into your strongest intuitive gift and explain a little more about what that gift means.

8. Are you an Empath?

There are 9 different types of Empath Abilities. Not everyone is an Empath, but many people are. Some people have multiple areas of Empathic Ability and some have only one or two. We will look and see which (if any!) you have.

9. What further soul gifts do you bring forth in this lifetime?

Soul gifts (also known as Archetypes) are additional gifts or traits you may embody and bring forth in this lifetime. They may be similar (or the same) types of gifts that are embodied in your Energy Center of Training and Soul Group of Origin, or they may be additional gifts that you have developed over many lifetimes that now come naturally in this lifetime.

If there is time at the end of your reading, we can also cover additional questions about your career, Spirit Guides, decisions or relationships (please note that you will need to book the 75-minute reading option in order to have time for additional questions!)

Please note however that I do not predict the future, practise mediumship or answer questions about health issues.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about what to expect during an Akashic Record Reading with me and I hope you have been able to gain a little more insight into what that entails. I look forward to bringing you clarity with your own Akashic Record Reading.

~ Shelly

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