Intuitive Experiment #32 – Flex Your Intuitive Muscles!

An Intuitive Experiment?

Yes. About once every couple of months on this blog, I post a photo of someone who is – or was once – in the public eye and ask readers to have a go at reading the person, to find out what his/her personality was like, and anything else they may pick up.

I know who the person is, and in one week, I will publish another blog post to reveal all, and look at our collective results.

So, the purpose of this experiment is for beginners and experienced readers alike to have a go at flexing their intuitive muscles, and for both to get validation on their skills.

WARNING – if you are a beginner, you may suck at it at first! Getting it right and being accurate is not (entirely) the point. The point is for you to tune in, and find out more about how you receive intuitive information. A process of self-discovery, if you will….

Because, did you know that everyone receives information in different ways?

Plus it is often interesting to find out who the person is at the end of it all!

Here is the man I have selected for Experiment #32:

And if you want something more detailed by way of instructions, than “see what you can pick up”, download the worksheet below!


Find Out the Identity of the Man in the Photo:

Results of Intuitive Experiment #32

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  1. liz heath

    I’m scared of him.

  2. Kathy Ambrosat

    He was very smug, intelligent banker or dealt somewhat in finance. He has/had a big secret to hide. Quite the ladies man…

  3. Gretchen Davis

    But a wide smile/happiness lurks there too
    A man who sees the now but also more ahead of times? right eye looks/connects at/with me, left eye seems to be concentrating into the distantance?

  4. Ryan

    Could be completely wrong but 1st impression i got was a business man possibly involved with law enforcement or in a country for independence or constructed law. Photo may be late 1800’s early 1900’s involved with alcohol responsible for death but came from a legitimate family with proper etiquette values. Maybe a one dimensional person believed in only what he was taught. Christian name like John and had a way of talking to someone and having them believe what he thought. Maybe married and around two children and this person may have died around 40 from a sickness. Leader of some sort.

  5. Elissa

    I got the impression of science. Invention. He wanted to change something around possibly for the better. He was lonely spent more time on his thoughts and inventions than on socializing.

  6. Carmen

    He looks to be an intelligent man. I believe women would feel uncomfortable around him. He was in the finance industry, was very successful in his career and made a lot of money. His eyes tell me he cannot be trusted, a cold soul of a man. He was a quiet man and enjoyed his own company. Died a lonely death around in his forties,

  7. Joanne

    I immediately get that he is athletic, has dry skin, odd teeth, uncomfortable around women, very strict upbringing ,possibly a foster home. Highly intellectual. Both introvert and extrovert depending on the company.

  8. Katy

    This is probably very far-fetched. My immediate, very strong impression was that he is the serial killer who owned the hotel in Chicago. I often have strong claircognizant sensations – I just know something.

  9. Marissa

    The first thing I see is white all around him. Linens, or doctors gear or the fabrics themselves…lots of white. It’s related to his job somehow…does he sell fabrics or deliver them? I sense he’s a man confused and confuses others intentionally. I don’t trust him. His duality frightens me…why is he confusing me? What is he hiding? Also got the impression that he became very ill at some point. It was a chemical of some kind…he ingested it…but I don’t think he wanted to, if that makes sense? It was something he was around frequently and worked with often but he wound up being poisoned by it. I sense he was confused about how that could happen to him as he imagined himself indestructible. He was also betrayed by love and he became bitter.

  10. Miriam

    The first thing that popped into my mind was that he was working with trains. Maybe he was a train driver or a ticket collector, but he could have build tracks too.

  11. lily

    The person in picture looks intelligent ,has knowledge of peoples psychology and in some other fields related to science and by using that techniques tried to built vast fortune but some of his near people might have made him insane to kill him and extort his property and fortune.

  12. Toni

    My initial response to his photo was that I didn’t like it – it creeped me out – but I’m finding that first impression is ususally my own fear. Like, I get creepy feelings from old photos in general, not from him particularly.

    I didn’t get much on his personality, but I heard Christian names also, like David or Daniel. And, I see him in medicine; I saw a scalpel and thought surgeon.

  13. Tereza

    Engineer or in the science field.

    Humble man

    Modest and pragmatic in his life dealings.

    Discerning character embodies wisdom and approacable.

    Loving towards his family and wife.

  14. Johanna

    Very driven, does not always feel understood or accepted.
    Medical doctor, composer, explorer, with a strong will to create.
    Travels: Vienna, Lwow, eastern Europe, early 1900s.

  15. G

    A driven man, focused on his career. Had a family, but career was always #1, family second. Possible careers: science, invention, politics, academia, engineering. Hard worker, straight forward person.
    I am clairsentient and claircognizant.

  16. Michele Redman

    An assassin

  17. Maria Elena

    Hi Anna, thanks for your awesome work! I picked up the following regarding this man:

    – closed off
    – married, father AND ladies man
    – business man and criminal? bank robber?
    – some kind of charismatic attraction of dark sorts/ related to females/ bad boy/ domineering side
    – lived throughout the 19th century
    – connection to farms/ ranch/ wild west/ Texas and especially the US
    – multifaceted
    – death in his early sixties, related to lungs
    – the year 1788 or 1888 is significant somehow
    – sexually raw
    – usually suppresses feelings

  18. Kathy

    a haughty man with a inflated opinion of himself, thinks people are below him, likes to be in control

  19. Brad

    Military General. First impression.

  20. Nadia

    I tried using my pendulum to see how accurate my answers were but based my questions from my intuition and what I picked up initially so I could be double wrong.

    First impressions, I don’t like him. He makes me feel queasy in my stomach. Maybe a business man, American, and possibly something to do with oil or the rail road? He was either born into money or had a lot of money i.e. was well to do. Married with children possibly? Felt like he was a cruel man and possibly owned slaves. Died before age 50.

    That’s all I got

  21. Julia White

    He is a science,type a mathematical thinker.
    Academically bright and was from a wealthy and socially high up family.
    The family had lots of secrets.
    Possibly got their wealth through illegitimate means, he could have been illegitimate, either way he was a cold ,calculated man, he knew what made you tick and used that against you for his ends.
    Could have been a bank robber or a thief of gold or similar .
    Definitely in charge, the leadership position and very charismatic, married but by no means faithful.
    Had children but didn’t care much for them, too restrictive you see and demanding.

  22. Sandra Marie

    The first thing that popped into my head was “strangulation” – could not get it out of my head?

  23. Lacey

    Hello, Anna (and everyone else!)

    I always love these experiments, and look forward to them. Thanks for sharing them.

    My very first, albeit brief, impression of this man, is that he was a “well-respected businessman.” About as quickly as I had that impression, it was immediately replaced with something…dark? Bad? I hate to put a label like that on it.

    When imagining myself sitting across from him at the table, I feel extremely uneasy, like I’m dining with a killer…a serial killer, even. He is cunning and watchful beneath the surface.

    I saw someone comment before me about the Chicago murder hotel. I actually had the same thought, but I know this guy is not that man because I have researched that hotel and the crimes commited there in past year. (Don’t be alarmed. I’m an author, so I’m always looking up crazy subjects. Haha.) I think the Chicago hotel is coming up as a comparison, that perhaps this guy is also a serial killer. But he is wealthy, welcome in society, too. Something is just off inside.

    When I ask my guides why I feel this way, all I see is black…a blackness of spirit, perhaps. I wondered at one point if I was seeing black smoke, but that’s not it. I see two different black shapes. One is an undefined cloud and rhe other looks more like black smears. Bloody smears in the dark?

    Hahaha. Now I just sound ridiculous. That’s all I’m getting…respectable but dangerous, black of spirit, or smeared blood, or both…I’m not sure. I need to get better at deciphering, I guess. 😉

    Thanks again. And I love your Intuitive Awakening course!

  24. Karen MacLeod

    I feel this man was a murderer, his eyes show he was beyond remorse for his actions and he was all about having the power over others….I also feel he took other folks (family and friends) down with his actions.

    Very scary man, very deceitful personality and very good at lying.

  25. IAN C Makin

    I get intelligent, cold manipulative, schemer, not much empathy, he would trample over or harm others to attain his ends.

  26. Erin

    The first thing that came to mind was a harbour. Lots of sail and steam boats. I felt this man was involved in export / importing goods – a business man of sorts. The name Isaac came up. There is something very lonely surrounding him…a quiet solitary nature. It also feels there’s a loss of energy in his eyes – an exhaustion from keeping up appearances. I feel sad toward this man…like he stretched himself too far and didn’t really enjoy life despite his success.

  27. Pam

    I get the feeling of two sides to this man. I think he has experienced mental illness. Certainly capable of violence (either physical or emotional). The letter A comes to mind, so feel forename or surname A. Also though think he has achieved good and admirable things. Feel he is very rational minded, perhaps a scientist, mathematician, engineer. On this picture i get a feeling of unease and think he is mentally unwell.

  28. Farrah

    a Dr. or Scientist and loner although married. That’s all I picked up. This is the first time I’ve ever done this. Can’t wait to see the results. I’m a claircognizant, clairaudience, and Empath.

  29. Melissa de Jong

    This is fun! Thanks for doing this!

    So I am claircongnizant so I am going to just share first impression. Maybe for the next one i’ll do the meditation and sit with a piece of paper and all that. But this will be a good test for my first impressions 🙂
    I get that he is in politics, not nice, against woman some how. Married, but not happy. I also sense something medical or “scienecy”.

  30. Mandy

    The first thing I hear is an accent, maybe southern.

    I’m not sure if I trust him or not. He makes me feel uneasy.

    A drinker? A drink is never too far away.
    At least 1 woman tied to him. Wife? Possibly ignored unless needed.

    He’s Smart. Cunning. Quiet.

    I keep seeing a dark revolver. Not sure if he’s a law-man.

    Kids playing outside the building he’s in.

    ‘Money’ is what I hear.

    I receive pictures and what seem like memories in my minds eye. I hear as well.

    Thank you.

  31. Frankie

    I do not like him – I would not trust him with anyone I love

  32. Debara Zeller

    Without having read the other comments, I’d say I don’t trust this person. It has something to do with his eyes and the set of his mouth.

  33. David

    American, from an influential family, may have been an only child, parents uninterested in him, shuttled among extended family members, well educated, felt isolated and angry as a young person. Has a dual outlook – calculating and determined but also seeking support and affection.
    A likable, but distant, aloof orientation.

    Enjoyed success in business during the pre-civil war era. Did extremely well as arms dealer and blockade runner during the civil war for the Southern cause. Definitely, a survivor, land on one’s feet type of individual. Had wife and family, but appeared to repeat his parent’s behavior.

    Post war he was involved with education after a period of living abroad. Dabbled in finance and politics as well without significant results. His memoirs attracted some attention.

  34. Ginger Mcdevitt

    I Sensed He Was A Doctor. He Was Bullied By Men & Not Liked By Women. He Was An Introvert & Liked To Teach.

  35. Dorothy

    First thought is Einstein. Smart, crafty, inventor, science. Spy keeps coming up whether investigative or other. Other impressions. German. Sense of humor. Family. Some disconnect in relationships. Doctor. Author. I’m getting a flood of impressions. Left his country of birth. Immigrant? Probably intuitive himself although would not know that his knowing was too unique.

  36. Darlene

    Mean sometimes although he doesn’t want to be, he’s been hurt and it turned him a bit ruthless…. for now

    Takes life a bit too seriously

    Has a wife, 2 kids

    Nose to the grindstone

    Has some liver and kidney issues

    I smell sea air perhaps he lives by the sea near a big city

    Lot of industry going on

  37. Leeanna W

    Educator, active in the church. I felt inspired as if he had a mission to care for others. I don’t get a bad vibe. My daughter thought he was a doctor.

  38. Marijana

    -Originate from the Slovene group of people; Russian/ Eastern Europe;
    -participated in a gun duel for love
    -personal honor is extremely important
    -prone to depression
    -oscillation of feelings
    -involved in science field
    – He watched and taught a lot
    -Some experiments with rabbits…..
    -He dealt with writing poetry/ possible hobby
    -Romantic nature under the cold outside facade…….

  39. Anna Sayce

    Really enjoying reading these comments! Look forward to revealing who he is in a few days…!

  40. Maria

    Very bad childhood; unloved, victim of early trauma. Hated women. Murderer.

  41. Ryan

    I like who ever said a banker or the person said someone involved with trains

  42. Fritz Thommas

    John or Jacque Frene…………..1800’s………..Contributed to inhalation/breathing device or equipment. Or some type of method of helping those with breathing issues. Was a deep thinker, who contemplated/researched his next actions/plans. Maybe a metallurgist? He is saying “I didn’t mean to but through this tragic event, I made a discovery”. Invented something due to his complications/experiences with a frightening near death experience which he suffered with until his death. Disfigured him. He sought relief from the pain. Medicine………I see his hands were bloodied. He had a skin disease and his hearing was affected by the “blast”. He was innocent but had to prove it??

  43. Carol H.

    First, “poet/scientist”.
    Then, I see an old sailing ship from the deck, violent seas.
    Then nothing.

  44. Elizabeth

    When I imagined him sitting across the table from me he burst out laughing and starting cracking jokes and was very mischievous. I got Ornithologist and Psychiatrist but I really think that’s just me thinking of the types of photos 1800s scientific pioneers typically had. He looks serious in this photo but I get a very laid back feeling for some reason off of him.

  45. Chantal

    1st timer:
    He was an unloved child. He studied medicine and the mind. He was particularly interested in the dream state and accessing memories from the subconscious mind. He dedicated his life to his work and didn’t have his own family. However he wasn’t lonely.

  46. Vincent

    Ehm… American from eastern European descent (Polish)? Army general and/or engineer? Mid 1800s. Something to do with native American or Asian culture?

  47. Jane-Marie Skinner

    I dont trust him – he hides the truth.
    First thing that popped in was the word “wounded” – feel it means in an emotional sense rather than physical. I felt like it was hard to breathe, around bottom of rib cage, top of stomach. Heart races, scared, cruel, narcissist.
    J/G name
    Tries to be charming but has a dark side.
    Intentions toward others are to take advantage & get his own way.
    Archetype of Improve & Maximize systems. Analyser. Possible Management and Organisation.
    Character – Self interest, gets what wants. Sees women as 2nd class citizens.
    ? Sexist/Chauvinistic.
    A smooth talker who is always right with an analytical mind. Scientific background, possibly medical science or career and political.
    Overall this man makes me uneasy and reminds me of the narcissists I have had the misfortune of dealing with in the work place!

  48. Satvinder

    An innovator, something scientific, quietly astute and powerful.

  49. PikachuIsCute

    This is a person who is not interested in people. He has interest in finding out about the world and how it works, just not about people.

    I would say I would not trust him, but I don’t think he would have trusted me either. In fact, he doesn’t seem like a very trusting person.

    He seems like a disbeliever in psychic abilities and any other things like that.

    I’d say that he was judging me if something didn’t tell me constantly he doesn’t really care for people. And not in the whole I hate them all way, just they’re not really interesting enough way.

    I use claircognizance most

  50. PikachuIsCute

    I also don’t know whether it’s because his mouth looks a little like a kissy face, but when I look at him, I think he finds me (probably the photographer) attractive.

  51. Rebecca

    I see a man with a strong sense of humor. He seems like someone that would be funny but at the same time quiet around people he doesn’t know well. I feel like in this picture he is trying to look serious, but he was just laughing minutes before the photo was taken.

  52. Jennie

    I think he is quite happy and caring. maybe a teacher or some sort of educator, therapist type. Seems like he can relax and enjoy the moment without getting too serious or too ridiculously silly.

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