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2.5-3 years ago, I was seriously ill — newly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and unable to work more than 30 minutes per day. I had 5 other diagnoses on top of that illness. I had had some form of depression for the last 22 years. I had lifelong PTSD from things that happened to me in childhood. I was a ‘low energy’ person for around 15 years prior to getting seriously ill. I was living in a property that I couldn’t move out of (due to illness), owned by an abusive landlady and with a next door neighbour who had been harassing me. Bad things were happening in my family that were heartbreaking. My car had been totalled twice and I’d had 3 serious car crashes in 18 months (people kept driving into me.)

You know that saying, when it rains, it pours!

That’s how it was.

Before getting to this lowest point of my life in 2021, I had come across the Law of Attraction (that was around 15 years previously). At first I was excited by it, but it made no difference to my life and so I abandoned most of the practices. The techniques felt shallow, like putting beautiful icing on a bad cake (as a friend of mine used to say).

But when I found myself at my lowest point in my life at the end of 2021, I realised I was in a “do or die” moment. Either I give up and accept my fate, or I dig myself out of the hole I was in.

I have a low physical pain threshold (and I was in pain), so I realised giving up was not an option. I needed to soldier on and dig myself out.

Over the next couple of years, I studied the following:

  • Conscious creation and the Law of Assumption (especially the work of Neville Goddard, Joe Dispenza and Vadim Zeland.)
  • Eastern spiritual teachings around karma
  • Evolutionary astrology
  • I went back to the past life regression studies I’d done years earlier
  • And I let my Spirit Guides guide me out of the hole I was in

I worked hard to apply everything I learned.

2.5-3 years later, I am free of illness (and free of all pharmaceutical drugs and have been for nearly 2 years).

I’m no longer worried about being ill or getting ill. I have energy. I shed the diagnoses I had. I am nowhere near as troubled by PTSD as I was before. I’ve been free of depression for 2 years now (after 22 years of it in some form). I’m living in a lovely home that’s right for me. I am free of abusers and harassers. I am able to work again in my business and I feel passionate about my work. I have more peace and wholeness these days, and I’m grateful for the things that happened to me, and all that I learned.

At this point, I am ready to share all that I have learned in the last few years about creating change.

I’ve noticed that some people who use the Law of Assumption or the Law of Attraction (I will abbreviate these to the LOA) don’t manifest what they want.

Some of them who do manifest what they want, don’t keep or manage to sustain what they want.

I believe I know why…

There are two modes of conscious creation, but contemporary LOA teachings often only focus on one mode.

The first mode of conscious creation is amassing good karma and sending out good energy (with the aim of getting good energy back). This is what most manifesting techniques aim to do.

The second mode of conscious creation is paying off a negative karmic debt, and doing “karmic clean up work”. This is sometimes called healing (although it doesn’t always look like healing).

Everyone comes into conscious creation from different places. Some people need the first mode of conscious creation only, and many people need both modes, but at different times.

So, our path of conscious creation is very individual. It probably isn’t going to apply to anyone else.

Some of us have karma to “delete” or neutralise before we can manifest our desires AND KEEP THEM, and others have none and just need to focus on manifesting techniques.

If we solely use manifesting techniques when we have karma to neutralise, we may effectively be putting icing on a rotten cake, and if we manifest what we desire, we will not usually be able to sustain it. We need to sort the cake out first.

I wrote about this concept in this article.

I believe my recovery was relatively rapid because I knew exactly what to focus on, and at what point. My Spirit Guides ‘coached’ me throughout.

In order to be successful at conscious creation, we need to follow our internal cues and intuition in this way. We need to know what it is we need to focus on, or address next.

For those who are unsure of whether they are on the right path or what their internal cues are telling them, I have created a new type of reading — The Holistic Manifestation Reading

This reading draws on my 17 years of work as an Akashic record reader and the last couple of years as an LOA coach.

Here is the concept this reading is based on:

We don’t manifest what we want.

We manifest what we are, and who we are being.

According to the teachings of the Law of Assumption, the contents of your subconscious mind manifest your 3D reality. This is correct, but it’s only one part of the story.

The subconscious mind is part of your auric field. The entirety of your auric field (your “being”) is what manifests your 3D reality.

You receive vital life force from the Creator, and you process this through your auric field and condition it with the contents of your auric field (your emotionalised thoughts, reactions, beliefs, assumptions and the dominant energetic “quality” of your being) and you send this energy out from the front of your energy body into the quantum field, and your 3D reality (with a time lapse) re-arranges itself to match the quality of what you are emitting.

Your 3D reality is a reflection of who you are being, in the entirety of your auric/energy field

Your auric field is composed of multiple energy bodies layered on top of one another. It’s also composed of other systems, such as your chakra system, meridian system, your subconscious mind (which is a part of your aura) and all kinds of information about your soul, including the patterns you came into this lifetime with (from past lives) – which may be wounds stored in the etheric body.

Our lives are a perfect reflection of what is in our energy field. The Law of Assumption should be called the Law of Reflection, because life is reflecting us, and our dominant frequencies.

Most of us don’t know what negative frequencies or wounds we are manifesting according to. Our subconscious mind is like a lawn. Some of us have a “lawn” that is covered in weeds (aka negative beliefs) and we ‘mow over’ those weeds with affirmations and other manifesting techniques. Our affirmations neutralise the effect of the ‘weeds’ but don’t get to the root of the problems. We may end up needing to invest a lot of time in the manifesting techniques everyday in order to keep up this neutralisation process, but ultimately it’s hard work and it may not be sustainable.

Some of us may need to pull the weeds out at the root. That is what this reading is about.

Here’s what is included in this reading:

  • I will look at where you are at in your karmic cycle. A karmic cycle usually lasts between 5 and 15 lifetimes. People sometimes need different conscious creation practices depending on where they are in that cycle
  • I will also look up your life lesson for this lifetime
  • I will find out what your soul’s primary focus is for this lifetime
  • I will find out how much negative karma you came into this life with and how much you’ve already neutralised (negative karma can manifest as past life complexes, or wounds)
  • I will ask if there is a past life complex (a manifestation of karma) that you are manifesting according to (this is usually a past life trauma sitting in your energy field, with negative feelings, thoughts attitudes and beliefs attached to it).
  • I will find out how this complex is affecting you in your life
  • If I find a past life karmic complex, I will ask if there is a healing modality that will help you (out of about 30 modalities I know of)
  • If I get info about a past life, I will pass that on
  • If you have no past life complexes affecting you, I will ask about present life complexes or attitudes, and I’ll scan your auric field for other issues that you can address at this time
  • I will also check if you have a “weakest link” when it comes to conscious manifesting — something you are neglecting or not focusing on, that you could benefit from addressing when it comes to conscious creation. I will go over each point in the manifesting process to see if there is anything (or maybe 2 things) you’re missing
  • I will also ask how much vital life force you have available to manifest your intention, and if it’s low, I will find out why and ask for insight on how you can address this

Once I’ve done the research, we will have a 60-70 minute session. I will tell you what I found in your Akashic soul record. If you have a past life complex, we will discuss and explore the relevance to this lifetime. We can also talk about revising present life events if there are things that happened in this lifetime that are reminiscent of the previous lifetime, and you’re interested in using that technique. We will find a way for you to move forwards and you will have some suggested next steps for the next 6-18 months. I will also send an email after the reading, summarising the suggested next steps.

Requirements for this reading:

  • You need to have a specific intention you want to manifest
  • You need to be already aware of the principles of conscious creation.
  • You’ve been working with manifesting techniques regularly already but you feel blocked, stuck or like you’re missing something (I don’t read for people who have no experience using LOA techniques)
  • You’re a committed conscious creator and you’re willing to do the work
  • You’re open to trying new things and to new information (we often have significant blind spots when it comes to our past life karma)
  • You believe in: past lives, the Akashic Records, prayer, karma and Spirit Guides. You know that the Law of Assumption/Attraction is one major spiritual law, but that there are other laws, too
  • You are not in crisis and you have the resources (e.g. time/energy) to do the work you may need to do
  • You are open to discussing your challenges (and potentially, your past) in the session with me. I will also ask you to take the ACEs quiz and ask you for your score at the end of the session
  • You need to send me your DOB, place of birth, name and a recent photo so I can read your Akashic soul record
  • I will also ask if you currently have any physical symptoms of illness (illness is often a reflection of karma) so you need to be open to discussing any health challenges, too
  • If you have a very traumatic past/ a high ACE score, it’s best if you come to this session having done some previous work with a therapist or a healer. People who have never discussed their negative experiences before may find they experience distress after the session, if we do delve into negative patterns or past life traumas
  • Or if you have PTSD or traumas that are currently affecting you, it’s a good idea to have support set up (in case what we discuss triggers you) since I am not a counsellor or psychotherapist and cannot offer ongoing support to people in that way

This session costs $250. This price applies to the next 6 clients who sign up.

I will close the form as soon as 6 people have applied. There is no wait list. I will notify newsletter subscribers when the session is open again.

The wait time once you have made a booking is 6-12 weeks.

Please note the following available times in various time zones:

6am, 7am or 8am Eastern

5am, 6am or 7am Central

8.45pm – 3am Pacific

4.45am – 12 noon UK time

Afternoon and evening times for Australia

Morning and afternoons for Asia

Weekend appointments are also possible.

My Experience

  • I have been online as an Akashic record reader and intuitive for the last 17 years
  • I have coached conscious creators for the last 2 years
  • Trained past life regressionist
  • Have done extensive revision work in my own life
  • Was on a healing path for years, including a few years in therapy
  • I have a deep understanding of trauma (past and present life) and how it manifests and affects us
  • I am a warm and gentle guide for your journey, and someone who loves to see people succeed


Can I have this reading if I’ve had an Akashic record reading before?

Yes, but you will need to let me know your life lessons (plus percentages of completion) along with your life focus, if you know it.

If you’ve already received that info before and I research it again, I’ll receive less relevant information this time.

Are you going to “clear” my blocks in my akashic record, in this session?

I hardly ever do that. I used to offer it many years ago but it took me a while to realise that it didn’t work well for unravelling deep past life karmic complexes. Clearing in the akashic records worked best for mild past life trauma and past life vows, so I mostly stopped doing it. I prefer past life regression for past life healing (or present life revision, if there is a situation in this life that is reminiscent of a past life).

But if I find something in your soul record that I think can be shifted by prayer, I will tell you and I will suggest something for you.

Will I have to do further healing sessions with you?

No. I don’t currently offer any kind of healing myself.

I may direct you to someone in my practitioner directory or somebody I know who offers a particular type of session if I’m told you could benefit from it, but I don’t get any commission or reward from doing so. This is all about what works for you and what will help you.

Will I need financial resources to fulfil the recommendations you will give in this reading?

Not necessarily. For example, if your guides think you need to do inner child work next, you may be able to find free inner child resources or low cost resources, like books.

Revision may be recommended for some people, and this is free.

Can I have further LOA coaching after the initial reading?

I don’t believe in the benefits of ongoing coaching, like a weekly or monthly thing and I don’t want to work in that way with people. I believe that once we’ve learned how to consciously create, and we know what we need to focus on, we need to just go away for several months and do the work.

But I am open to supporting people who are doing revision work independently.

Where does the info in this reading come from?

I will tune in to your akashic records and also get any additional info from your Spirit Guides.

Will you tell me about all of my past life complexes for this lifetime?

No, we will focus on what is most helpful for the next 6-18 months, and what is going to create a shift now.

I will cover maximum 2 past life complexes. You may have more (I did.)

Do you guarantee any kinds of results for me?


My results are not at all typical. I got extraordinary results because I was so tapped in to my intuition and I worked so hard at creating change. I also had time and some money to spend. Getting significant results often involves time and effort.

Your results depend on you, and I don’t guarantee them or take any responsibility for them. Please don’t sign up for this reading if you’re looking for a spiritual magic bullet.

I don’t have any experience using LOA techniques. Can I still apply for this session?

You must be currently working with LOA techniques.

If you want to apply for this session in the future I suggest you start by reading everything in the ‘foundational’ section of my free LOA guide and begin a daily conscious creation practice. That way, when sessions are available again you will be eligible to apply.

Apply for the session here.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Christina Watts

    I’d like this session please.

  2. Brooke Kelly

    This is amazing. I would kindly want to say this, for people in different timezones, please consider putting this out, the next time you open spots for this reading, during a time that others will see the email, and not have it come into the inbox at like 3:00am. I am not being rude and you obviously do not have to do this, but us east coast USA folks would love to get a chance at being part of that lucky 7 that got in. You have beautiful offerings. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

    • Anna Sayce

      Hi Brooke,

      Thanks for your interest in this reading and sorry you missed it.

      I will try to do the next one when North America is awake.


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