On Soul Connections and Soulmates

Feeling magnetically drawn to someone you barely know - soul mates and soul connections

Updated 18th June 2021. 

You know when you meet someone for the first time, and it feels electric and amazing? Or when you are feeling magnetically drawn to someone you barely know?

You were sure that you were fated to meet and you feel a really deep connection with this person, even though you don’t really know them.

I had an encounter like that in my second year at University. It was an evening in June, I was getting ready to meet some friends at a cafe to have dinner and it suddenly struck me that tonight was an important night. I didn’t know why I thought that. There was an ‘atmosphere’ – when events surrounding your life feel charged with a strong energy and you can feel something building or about to happen.

I was about to meet someone who would be important to me over the next couple of years. The excited energy around meeting this person was like meeting a dear old friend after a very long time apart.

As soon as we met (by chance), we had so much in common and we understood one another. We maintained contact by email for two years and then in my final year at University we had a passionate relationship.

Maybe you’ve had an experience like that before as well.

  • What are those connections?
  • Is it that you knew that person in a past life?
  • Is it your soulmate?
  • How can you know if someone is your soulmate?
  • How can you be this drawn to someone you barely know?

Lots of people ask these questions in readings.

They feel a deep and passionate connection like that to someone, they have no idea why and sometimes it can be disturbing, especially if they’re happily married or in a monogamous relationship.

I have learned from experience doing these readings that a lot of the time, that kind of encounter is not always a ‘soulmate’ – my definition of a soulmate here is someone we’re going to have a significant, usually long-term relationship with, as that’s what most of my clients are really asking when they ask those questions: ‘because I had an amazing connection with this person…does that mean we’re meant to be together?’

There are many kinds of soul connections we can have with people.

Soul-level Agreements and ‘Appointments’ (including ‘soulmates’)

Before we incarnate, we make ‘appointments’ and agreements with certain souls. Usually, we pick out the souls with whom we’ll have important relationships – both short-lived ones and long-term ones.

The reason why you make those soul-level agreements to meet up is because you want to exchange energy and teach each other a little something through your interaction, at a specific time in your life, or for a more prolonged period.

All souls exchange energy with one another. You have your special, unique energies that you’re exchanging in many areas of life – romantically, professionally and socially. Energies that clients have been dealing in that I’ve seen in the past include boldness, courage, compassion, strength, clarity, playfulness and innocence, to name a few. Most people aren’t conscious of what they’re actually bringing to others, but that doesn’t stop them dealing in the energies that they do.

So, what happens when you keep your soul-level ‘appointment’ with someone is that you two exchange energy. Maybe you teach that person something about compassion in the five minutes you spend together. It can happen so indirectly and subtly – maybe through something you say, maybe through your manner. Just by being you.

And perhaps in your encounter, they teach you something about playfulness and being carefree that takes your life or even just your mood in a different direction. You may remember the encounter for many years and it feels like a charged event because you REALLY needed and wanted that type of energy they showed up to give you (or should we say, that type of energy they showed up to AWAKEN in you.)

So, often when you have a strong connection like that with someone in person, whether it’s short-lived or long-lasting, you will have set up an ‘appointment’ to meet up in this life and impact one another in a certain way. And that strong connection and feeling of recognition reflects that fact.

Is that person a soulmate? It could be one soulmate. I say that because my experiences with reading for people show me that many people have more than one soulmate that they’re ‘meant’ to be with for a lifetime. For some people, it can be the case that there’s only one soulmate relationship but for most souls on a path of accelerated evolution, it tends to be more complex than that. The important question to ask is, do you and this person have a lot of energy to exchange with one another on a long-term basis in a way that serves you both? That’s a question that’s difficult to answer if you don’t know them well, but I find that a bit of time and your gut instinct can help you answer that.

You can also find out more about the type of connection you have with someone by consulting someone who can read your Akashic soul record or look into your astrology chart – such as the composite chart and also the synastry between you.

Do we tend to make soul-level agreements with people we’ve known in past lives?

It’s possible. Sometimes a soul will be very familiar to us because we’ve met before. We move in ‘soul families’. Your nearest and dearest kindred spirits, those we have a lot in common with, tend to be those who have agreed to incarnate with you and keep you company here. Of course, that is not their only role, but we are even pack-animals on a soul-level. We want the familiar and comforting energy of those we have known for a long time; those souls who can support us on our journey when we forget who we are and where we’ve come from.

feeling drawn to someone you barely know

Empty Attachments

Apart from the soul-level agreements, there are also unfulfilling attachments in relationships that can bring people together sometimes.

In those cases, you may feel drawn to someone, but not in a healthy way, even if you don’t realize it at the time. For those encounters, you will have no energy to exchange with the person.

When that occurs, it’s the case that these souls didn’t make a soul-level agreement to meet up in this lifetime. But they did make some kind of contract before then, usually in a past life, that is still tying them together.

For example, souls who promised one another five lifetimes ago that they would “always” be together in subsequent lifetimes can end up seeking one another out in this lifetime, even though they have no energy to exchange. Energetically, that can show in a reading as a negative contract – an energetically binding agreement to incarnate together lifetime after lifetime.

That contract can sometimes occur for couples who are happy together – and in that case, it often creates a feeling of obligation between them and so clearing it helps. But it can also be the reason why people who are learning nothing from one another are still together. They feel compelled to honour that contract, even if it’s not in their highest good.

And sometimes a contract like that can be one-sided. In those cases, you may feel a pull towards someone but they may feel indifferent towards you and that might be because the contract is still open on your side but they stopped honouring it some time ago.

By contrast, a positive connection will be one where there is a nice exchange of energy going on. (For example, you’re teaching someone courage and they’re teaching you compassion.) Often the energies you’re bringing will be quite different and complementary – like the yin and the yang energies.

Those are my thoughts and what I’ve learned on the subject of ‘soulmates’. Please leave a comment if you have anything to share on this subject and your experiences of these soul connections.

If you’re interested in learning about the unique combination of energies that you bring to others in relationships (and the unique influence you have in this world), you might be interested in my book The 22 Star Seed Groups.

Most of the people who visit my website are star seed souls (souls who spent their formative incarnations as a new soul in an environment that was not Planet Earth, and who bring a different perspective than most souls, as a result.) My book will help you to identify which group you belong to, and what that might mean about your soul’s purpose.

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  1. Zora

    I think I’ve encountered both somebody I have some kind of connection with and somebody else I may have an empty attachment with.

    I don’t know if I’ve shared this before, but when I was younger I had a fantastic best friend. We clicked so well and when we were in a store once, some kind of intuitive once compared us to the colours orange and blue – we balanced and complemented each other. I felt very attached to her, but at the time I was dealing with a lot of issues and we both stuffed up the friendship.

    Last year I met up with her to go to an event and it felt like we had never been apart. And, to be honest, that really hurt. Knowing that there was a connection and somebody there I could really feel comfortable with, but knowing she didn’t want that friendship back and knowing that even if she did, I still had so many issues that she wouldn’t want to deal with in me.

    Will that ever go away? It took three years before I finally accepted I wouldn’t be her friend again and even now it still hurts to remember. I just hate knowing that I still feel comfortable around her in that way that I’ve never felt with anybody else. Argh.

    And the empty attachment – I have this friend that feels like my total opposite. The friendship wasn’t exactly healthy either, because he was manipulative and somehow we brought the worst out in each other. Nobody has ever managed to bring out so much anger in me like he has. Multiple times I’ve tried to cut him off, and even though I never miss him I still end up losing my self discipline and talking to him again. I don’t have any want to be friends with him and yet I give in and let it happen again. But that’s my own fault.

    I hope I do feel a connection like I did with my female friend with somebody else one day – but I hope it isn’t short lived. It felt like it ran too deeply. Some part of me hopes that one day we’ll be good friends again, but the rest of me really doesn’t want it at all.

    Thanks for this post. I rarely encounter information on these types of bonds and it really helped to read about it. 🙂

  2. Claire

    5 years ago, I connected with a man online just as friends at first on a social networking site. There was a very strong pull towards him. When I finally did meet him in person, I wasn’t all that physically attracted to him, that came later. The pull was something I couldn’t explain but I felt that I would be in a relationship with this man. It took 1.5 years later for that relationship to blossom and throughout our 3 years together, it was a struggle. He was so emotionally scarred from an abusive upbringing and women cheating on him that he was very guarded with his heart. That’s why it took nearly two years for our relationship to take place.

    I knew early on that we would grow spiritually/emotionally together. Upon many reflections throughout our ups & downs of our relationship, I understood that I was an impetus for his healing and he was my guide to compassion. I am much more tolerant of others’ differences and an more empathetic & sympathetic as well. My eyes to the world has been opened. I also know that he is doing the hard work of healing himself, forgiving those who have hurt him in the past. However, it had to take him breaking my heart in the process to really start his healing.

    I am now going through the process of healing a broken heart but somehow, he is also helping me get through it. It’s a little strange and difficult to explain. Anyhow, I don’t know where our path will lead in the future (friends or more or truly parting ways) but I know that I have grown in leaps and bound as a spiritual being and I know that he is finally healing his past so that he can openly give his heart, which has been closed off for a great majority of his life.

  3. Anna

    Hi Zora,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your friendship sounds a lot like one that I had when I was younger.

    Sounds like an old soul mate. You know, you can also ask your angels to clear out any old contracts between you and this person. It doesn’t sound like an empty attachment, but there could be some sort of soul-mate or healing contract that pollutes the energy of it a bit. You can get rid of contracts just by intending it and writing down the intention.
    And the same with the other attachment. You can definitely clear the energy around that through setting a clear intention, writing it down and asking for help with it.

  4. Anna

    Wow Claire that is an amazing story. Sounds like you two might have had some sort of healing agreement but strange that it ended in a broken heart.

  5. Jane

    Hi Anna, thank you so much for this article. I had a very brief intense relationship (extra-marital) with someone who came into my life about 10 years ago, via an internet chat room, and the energetic connection was phenomenal. My father was terminally ill at the time and shortly after his death this man’s mother became terminally ill. This person has been in and out of my life (via phone calls) ever since and every time we speak the vibrational effect on me is very strong. Via a reading I had some time ago i was told we were to marry in a past life but he died on horseback before getting to the wedding. I was given healing around this but his name is forever popping into my head. I never call him, he calls me always unexpectedly. I have never asked him not to call, a part of me seems to “need” this connection. I always think of him at Christmas and do sometimes send him my love telepathically. Your article has helped me, thank you so much. Kind regards Jane

  6. Em

    hey thanks for the article.
    just recently broke it off with someone in the past few months – and it was very difficult because our love stems from previous past lives. i didn’t know this until i went to see someone but it made sense because every time i kept seeing our future (i kept seeing us together in a town house) then it would go to an image of two overweight lesbians in the desert. i really messed me up for a while because i was wondering if i was seeing my future – that i was really a lesbian still unconsciously in the closet. but when i found out we were together in past lives it made complete sense that that’s what i picked up on.

    part of the reason i broke it up with him though was because i guess i had made a contract with someone else – even though my guides warned me about him being bad news. he just made me realize i kept part of my self dormant and this relationship i was in became beneficialness as he wasn’t willing to listen to any advice or improve the quality of his (my bf) life to move onward with me. which hurt a lot – because of the deep connection its like.. why don’t you want to come with me? but maybe we are meant for the future?

    but yes the contract with that other man – an alcoholic who became so destructive to me and really messed up my life as a whole – i managed to have a conversation with his higher self and said we go way back in terms of past lives. a spirit guide also said we come from a very specific section from the source – i got a huge sense he will be a healer one day as soon as he decides he’s sick of his own alcoholic addiction. and apparently i’m meant to be a healer as well.
    thanks for the article!

  7. Eleanor

    Very timely post! I have been deeply affected by 2 relationships that did not last for a very long time, and wondered if there was a deeper connection than what we experienced, or why these men and I were together and what greater purpose it solved (wow, what a slip, I meant to say served).

    I guess the key thing for me is to understand how to proceed when I feel that I’ve met a soulmate. Sometimes I feel that there is more to the initial contact, but my usual coming on like gangbusters is wrong. It’s hard for me to sit with those feelings and see how the Universe guides the relationship, with me taking guided, intuitive action when appropriate.
    .-= Eleanor´s last blog ..The Cocktails of Mad Men: Weeks 2 and 3 =-.

  8. Jen

    Hi Anna
    I really enjoyed this post…really clear 🙂

  9. Byteful Traveller

    There is much mystery and naunce to this area of life. Thanks for explaining things so clearly, Anna. This article reinforces many things I’ve previously suspected and expands upon my theories.

    It’s good to be reminded that even so-call unsuccessful relationships can have a positive effect in the end. Soul growth, ftw!

  10. Anna

    Hi Jane, – I’m really glad the article helped! You two must have had a healing agreement of some kind, as you were both dealing with terminally ill parents. That tends to be the case when there’s a situation like that.

    Em – Wow, you must have been quite perplexed seeing that image, interesting to hear your story!

    Eleanor – I love those slips. I wonder what they solved for you? I agree that it can be difficult to know when to be proactive and act on feelings and when to let the Universe do its thing.

    Byteful, – I agree. You know, I don’t think there are many unsuccessful relationships that we go through. I guess it depends on what your measure of success is. Mine is that you learn something. So, I think every relationship is successful because it propels you forward and you learn something.

  11. Mitchel

    hey, I didn’t know where to contact you but your web design layout looked messed up on firefox and opera. Anyways, i just suscribd to your rss.

  12. Jacqui

    Your article is really fascinating, I enjoy it
    I have a friend I just met a year ago, we’re really close and we see each other more than thrice a week..
    But I’ve always wondered about why is it that at a certain moment what he does is what I do and what I do is what he does. Sometimes when I get a fever he gets the same fever, same temperature, same symptoms and same results..
    Just what kind of connection is that?

  13. Cheyne

    I absolutely love you, Anna! I’m so glad I managed to find you 😀 You’ve really helped me with only a couple of your posts! I would love to hear how you and your soulmate met, I can really feel on a deep level that energetically we’re very similar, lol. I just have that feeling. You’re a wonderful, amazing woman, and I really enjoy your work! 😛

  14. Didi

    Claire & Anna

    Claire, I saw your post from September 2009 and I wanted to say me too! and to Anna – I had a ‘strange that it ended in a broken heart’ experience as well.

    I had a relationship that was about a year of friendship and six months of deep romantic connection, then an ending that was so abrupt it felt like physical impact. It took us both by surprise – my partner who ended it said it took him about 3 months to realise what he had done.

    Things that helped me: a good friend telling me that sometimes when this happens and it takes both people by surprise, it’s because the Universe has other plans for them (she also said I needed someone ‘greater’, and I love her all the more for waiting until after the break up to tell me that); and Mum telling me that she had a vision in a meditation that he and I would not be together long term, but when she saw me with him, and how connected we were, she wondered if she had made a mistake (she’s a marriage counsellor, so I trust her ability to spot a healthy relationship). That helps me to trust that we were meant to be together, and that our connection was incredibly special, and it was meant to end.

    It’s still hard sometimes knowing that he sees me so clearly, and I am the same with him, and harder still that on the rare occasions we have contact we are very gentle and loving with each other… but when I think about a return to a romantic relationship with him I feel it in my chest, not in my heart.

    It was like being broken open though, and in the recovery I’ve audited every past and current connection to see if it is congruent with my purpose. It’s been fun, and maybe the broken heart was to get me started (Elizabeth Lesser’s description of the ‘Phoenix Process’ helped).

  15. karen

    I feel i have some soul mates over the years and tho no longer together on occasion,i get glimpse of their live in my dreams..this is hard sometimes due to the relationship(s) not working out….one was M. we were together for 3 years. it didnt work out as his want of children conficted with my already having the children i was going to have. Though we broke up we stayed the best of friends and talked frequently until he told me he was engaged. Out of respect, i told him i thought it best to not talk anymore. I congratulated him and wished his life well. 8 years later i would dream of him and see things going on in his life. No i didnt write to share the info, but was saddened to see divorce in his future. It took me 2 weeks to stop crying!!! I finally had to tell myself “karen,M is a big boy,who has lessons of his own to learn”…he will be ok. I found out he does have the two children i saw in the dream. The dreams continued for a year and a half. I hope one day to talk to him again.
    Often when meeting a guy, i can discern quickly if this is a soul mate or not…something i feel in the center of my being. And i agree totally with meeting as many folks as you do to accelearate your growth. that has happened to me. My own personal/psychic growth took off like a 747 years ago!

  16. MissRaine

    I just found this website today – i love this article!

    What is most profound for me is to finally hear the truth that i have been seeking for so long.
    The avenues that i’ve been finding the truth have surprised me but i value them. I feel stronger because of them, and i need more people in my life that see things with their spiritual eyes – like i see here, with others comments 🙂

    I’ve very happy to have stumbled unto this website today!

  17. Fatima Guzman

    Hi Anna,

    I just stumbled onto your site and get a good feeling from you. Thank you for this site!

    This article is very interesting. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 and a half years and I always felt that he came into my life at the right time. He is more of a relaxed person and I used to be more emotional and used to get angry a lot. I noticed he really helped me calm down a lot.

    I sometimes find myself confused though . I love him very much and I feel there is still more I need to learn from him, energy to exchange. We are very playful too. It’s hard to explain but sometimes I think that maybe he wont be the one I’ll spend my life with. But when I think that I feel devastated because I can’t imagine my life without him.

    How can I seperate my intuition and inner knowing from fear and ego?

    Thank you so much!

  18. Paula

    Imet my soulmate thru a blind date.We began as friends and over the summer really hit it off..One nite while out with friend we looked at each other in a different way and were married 4 months later.It wasnt a physical, I want to jump in bed with you feeling..Just a I feel so comfortable and special when I am with you I want it to last forever.There was an unexplainable magnitism that pulled us together..Sure we had disagreements, illnesses, unexpected emergencies.Things all couples face..But instead of pulling us apart we faced them together.We were best friend, partners, soulmates. We had the deepest respect for each other ,We were born and raised 1,000 miles apart and always said God arranged our lives so we would cross paths and be together..I year before he died my husband and I bared our souls and innermost feelings to each other.We stsrted from the moment we met up to the present date..Do you know how difficult it is to open up your most vulnerable thoughts to someone?To love them more than life itself and know they feel the same?We did everything together..We both had the same interests, hobbies..He was an exceptional husband, father and human being..He always thought of everyone else instead of himself..We finished each others senrences.When he inhaled, I exhaled….Our souls must have sensed his time was drawing to a close so I think that is why that awe inspiring and unforgettable conversation took place.God let me have him for 49 years and I can truthfully say it was one long love affair…..I lost him in body but he is still here with me spiritually…My husband, my partner,my best friend,my lover, The Love of My Life…MY SOUL MATE……….MLHASFAE

  19. Jo

    I really need some guidance regarding a situation with a man I met 4 yrs ago. It was at a place of leisure that I went every weekend and he had a girlfriend, we had a deep connection that I cant even explain into words. We had a affair for 2 yrs and I just couldnt hang on anymore till he was able to leave his situation it was so emotionally heartbreaking for me. I havnt spoke to him in a little over a year and the deep connection has been felt everyday. I have these experiences often that no matter where I go our songs will be playing, His name or the state where hes from will constantly be said whether its the radio, tv or people talking in public, it can carry on up to 20 times a day. During this time of seperation when im going to sleep I will hear either in a womans or mans voice say in my ear his name, this has happened at least 6 times. My ear also rings and I have been told by a psychic I am clairaudio and it even has interfered with her frequency and made it challenging to perform my reading. Recently I found out he contacts my best friends boyfriend and he has left the woman he was with. I feel deep within we are suppose to be together and I feel like the connection is pulling us together once again. Does this sound like my soulmate? What does all the other things mean? I feel like im constantly being reminded of him for a reason. Please help bring me some clarity if you can. Thank You

  20. Cynthia

    I have met a man on a social networking site. All I did was see his picture and a strong and overwhelming feeling came over me. I can’t really explain it. All that I know is that I had the intense need to meet and talk to him. We have now been talking for the past 4-5 months online and on the phone.We have been exchanging photos also.
    We have everything in common and I mean everything.

    I have never met anyone in this lifetime, that has everything in common with me. We have very strong feeling for each other. We are hoping to meet very soon. We are attracted to each other, both physically and emotionally. We are both hoping that we will be together for a long time, maybe even forever. At least that is what we both want.

  21. Shelly

    I met this guy about three year ago and the first time we went out I distinctly felt some kind of connection.It was as if I knew this person before and we were just catching up on old times.We start a relationship even though we have our people and we realize that we would only complicate each other lives. The relationship is amazing(more than anything either of us could have imagined) but sometimes it scares me because one of us would say out loud what the other was thinking ,calls would come when one was thinking of the other and sometimes telling the other what the other was thinking, and we would have the same dreams at nights.The other day after making love I said sometimes I feel we were lover in past lives and he went white on me and I asked him what was wrong and he said he was thinking the same thing during the love making but was afraid to say it out loud because of my religious background.When I think of him all my past and present relationships fail in comparison to this one but I am not a fool to throw away what I have built with my current partner.I think that I was sent in his life to teach him how to be a better person and he teaches me how to live again.The friendship and understanding is so deep and nourishing that we have become better persons as result of this meeting of mind,body and soul.I knew from day one that relationship would be different from anything I have experienced and I have been in very good relationships in the past. We never had such an experience before and not sure if either of us will but it makes me start to wonder if there is such a thing as a soul mate or reincarnation?.We will always treasure this.

  22. Danielle

    I had something happen recently that has me wondering about the connections between people. I recently went to a convention for people to meet actors from movies. I went to it with my boyfriend and daughter. At the convention I became aware for the first time of a man who I had never heard of prior to the convention. He is an actor who was only in two movies years ago and I did see him in a movie when I was a teenager but never knew who he was, never saw him in another again and had no actual attraction to him at that time. Actually when I was reading through the names of the people who were going to be there on their website I remember reading his name and recognizing the part he played but thinking to myself, “I don’t want to meet him!” Now that I think back on this it seems very strange. Anyway, the first time I really noticed him he was taking part in a panel interview and what I noticed was that he was so pleasant. He really didn’t talk much but he smiled the whole time he was sitting there. I felt this great positive energy coming from him. I still didn’t realize at that time how pulled I was to him. I did however comment to my daughter that I liked him because he was “so happy.” He actually made me feel “happy.” He passed me on more than one occasion in the crowded hallway and we made eye contact and he smiled and said hello. This simple interaction felt different to me than the same interactions I had with other people that weekend. I did ask him a question on the 2nd day but still didn’t realize how attracted to his energy I was. On the last day, I had decided I wanted his autograph due to the positive energy I felt from him. I once again saw him in the hallway and he looked at me and smiled and I smiled and I believe it was then that I felt the “aha” that there was some sort of connection. As I waited in line for another person’s authograph my daugther went on her own to see how long he and another person would be there. She came back and told me the time and when I was done with the line I was in I went to the room he was in and as soon as the crowd in front of his table cleared he said enthusiastically, “there’s mom!” I was shocked and taken aback because it suprised me. Then he said to my daughter, “You’re a good scout.” Apparently she had told him that her mom wanted his autograph and that is why she asked how long he was there. He said, “Where is your mom?” She told him I was in line for someone else’s and he said oh. After him saying what he said to me I was sort of standing there smiling thinking what is happening here? I picked out a photo and asked him to sign it. He asked my name and then asked if I wanted a quote from the movie. I said sure. He said, “Which one is your favorite?” I told him to pick. He wrote a quote and gave it back to me and I said, “That’s great,” and laughed. I then asked him for a photo with my daughter and I and he said yes. The picture I got was the best one of the whole weekend because we all look so happy. If you didn’t know better you would think I was with a great friend. I thanked him and walked away but the encounter and the energy I felt from it was intense. I kept thinking about it and wondering if he felt it too.

    This interaction made such an impression on me that I decided to look him up online and see what he has done professionally since the one movie I saw him in. Prior to looking him up I instinctively knew two things about him. 1.) That he was a stage actor and 2.) that he lived in the Eastern United States. How did I know that? I don’t know. So I punched his name into Google and lo and behold, he has been working with a Theater group for many years and is also teaching children and he lives in the Eastern United States. Also on the website was a link to email him so I did. I basically just said that he was my favorite of all the people I met and that he put off such a positive energy. I thanked him for being there and signed my name. The thing that sort of got me about this is that my daughter recently was in a play and has decided she is very interested in acting professionally. Is it a coincidence that I met him and he teaches acting to youth? He never responded to the email so far but I can’t shake the energy I felt from him. I have felt inspired and excited and optimistic about my future ever since. I feel deep down that he is supposed to play some part in mine and my daughter’s future. I have never had this happen before and it has nothing to do with him being a celebrity because he has only been in one major movie and heck, I’d never even heard of him.

    There was an actor from a popular hit tv show that also passed me in the hall on numerous occasions and spoke but I never got the feeling from him that I got from this guy. I know I will see this man again someday and he is going to play some part in my future. No pun intended.

  23. Dawna

    Here is a link to a book I read recently about reincarnation and soulmates or twin souls Twin Souls Merging…Very interesting book…I wish more people that are experiencing this kind of “relationship” from the other side would come forward and share..


  24. Hans

    Hey Paula, that is a really nice to hear your story. I met a girl in another country which I visited quite often but this time round it was a working trip. I’m not from this part of the continent but rather far far away. When we first met, it was a nice atmosphere talking to her and getting to know her. I felt the interest awaking in her. Then we met more often and I don’t know why, but I started saying things to her, which I would never ever do so to other women. I was honest about my feelings and I kind of propose myself to her. This is a really amazing feeling. When I went to her place, I felt really comfortable and my presence in her place was comfortable for her as well. Since we are both a little burnt by relationships, we both are rather careful about starting anything. Then I had to leave the country for other projects and we lost communication.

    Now I’m back in this country and hope to see her soon. I spoke to my mum about this meeting and also my sense of lost-ness since we haven’t been communicating for around 2 months. She said this to me, ” Who knows, what God has installed for you. Maybe you are supposed to heal her.” Well I’ve gotten stronger spiritually along the years and have managed to conquered some negative traits in me. Maybe she is right.

    It is nice to read about soul mates meeting either for a short or long time. I don’t really know my feelings right now as we haven’t met yet. There are some really similar things like what people her have written, finishing sentences and deep sense of understanding. Can I say that this is a soulmate? How do i find out if this is true or just an imaginative longing or wanting of my mind? How can i find out whether this is the right person?

  25. trish walsh

    ive been intrested in soulmates a long time and when i was younger i always knew what type of man i would end up with ,even as a child myself. when i got to secondry school i met a young boy, called ian he was so sweet ,the thing is he came along at the time i needed him, the connection wasnt all that strong then ,but i found out we spoke with no verbal words i looked at him he loked at me he smiled it reasured me .we met in the corodoor every dinner time .i didnt realise he would return too me . after i left school i started dreaming of ian alot .he comforted me daily on the astral plaine .the dreams became my inspiriation. and one day in 2005 in september i had a dream of ian but as an adult ,the next day i met ian .through a synchronised event .as i walked passed the garage, there he stood my eyes locked with his, and wow the deep knowing feeling i got was amazing to say the least,he was just as i imagined him to be i said hello telepathically he smiled at me we couldnt stop looking at each other my heart racing, my first thought was im so glad i found you again.it was instant love. we merged regularly through visions, and dreams . very powerful emotions arose in me and ian too.a feeling of peace and calm came over me most oft he time .was so natural. when he spoke for the first time i recognised his soft voice and i also noticed his smile and his big manly hands after this i learned through my dreams we had been together many times as so/mother as brother and sister and as friend by the see, my love for him is still as strong today as it was when i was young in all eight years our love is always grwing changing and evolving i feel very lucky to have met him again this life i believe we did make prior soul agreement or soul contract to meet again.

  26. nora

    Anna, really interesting article, thank you for it..
    i found your page when i googled soulmates tonight, as someone who was a good friend for almost a decade just threw me off balance by expressing to me that he has had feelings for me on a deeper level for all these years on a soul level..
    at the risk of sounding cocky (which is not my intention), i was searching as to why, in my life, quite a few men have expressed to me that they feel i am their “soul mate,” however, i have not often felt the same inclination towards them… each has said that they feel a deep connection which they have tried to suppress or evade for years, in fear of jeopardizing our friendship, but it did not work to rid them of what they feel. i’m not even sure i believe that “one” soul mate exists for each of us…
    i am curious about what you meant when you wrote, “for most souls on a path of accelerated evolution, it tends to be more complex than that.” one thing that has held a lot of weight for me was when i went to a vedic astrologer and he told me i will attain moksha in this lifetime… i don’t know what to make of that…
    is it possible i’ve made many soul-connections over many lifetimes? or is there something related to my energy? i’m just curious as to why this keeps happening. it actually makes me feel terrible, as in the case today, as often the feelings are not mutual.

  27. Lonely Flower

    Hi Anna,
    This article is sooo good… I have been searching for a while for some explanation like this.
    A year back i saw a person and i could feel that there is some connection between us. I do not know how he felt about me. It was in my office. I happened to share his seat for a while. That too very accidentally. And after that i got a new seat. But sometimes something will force me to turn back and when i do so he will enter inside.This has happened many times. I have not spoken a word with him. But i am damn sure that something is between us. I do not know whether he has even noticed me. And also he is a married guy. There is nothing in common between us. Does this have anything to do with my past birth. I always think so. If not why am i destined to see him…

  28. Leigh

    Anyone ,some insight

    I keep running into this guy.We work in the same industry. But live in different countries.

    The first time I saw him.I thought he is cute but ignored it.Something happend…I looked up and looked straight into his eyes.And I just knew that I was going to marry him.

    He always stares at me but never comes up to me.And he looks me in the face like he is searching for something.But when I try to talk to him.He ignores me.

    I can feel him,which is so weird because I don’t know anything about him.The last time I saw him I felt a sadness and I knew that I was not going to see him for a while.I later learned that he went to Brazil for 4 months.

    I was invited to be a speaker at a conferences and I didn’t feel him there. 2 weeks later,the day was suppose to give my answer.I got a invite to another conferences for the same dates and he is one of the speakers.

    This connection that I have with him is really confusing me.I went for a angel reading and the lady told me that we have a very strong connection and that he is very confused.She made a point of telling me ,that he will never dissapoint his family and that I should not let myself be used. Because his family will not approve of me.

    This connection is confusing me…

    PS I made no plans to go to the conference.

  29. Leigh

    forgot to say .

    When I dream about him. We are always holding each other and either of us wants to let go. And I always wakeup feeling loved… But the more I think of it and try to analysis it the more confused I am.

  30. Rachel

    what is it if you are constantly drawn back to a connection years apart in this life right guy wrong time ..and for him right girl always wrong at the wrong time ………over and over with a few years between each connection but its so overpowering because neither of you can act on what your feeling without repocussions …the best way to explain it is like a magnetic pull of the strongest kind …and brings up both overwhelming joy and pain in waves

  31. Savana

    Hi, so I know this guy. I met him at school. He was really shy, and wouldn’t talk to anyone. My locker was right next to mine. I felt like he was someone I knew,so I decided I would talk to him because I sat next to him in one of my classes. My locker broke and I was moved a few lockers down. He soon started to talk to me. He wouldn’t talk to anyone but me for the first couple months. We soon became very close, he wouldn’t open up to me about his past and wouldn’t tell me about his feelings, but he finally talk about it. He had lots of problems with his parents, he moved around a lot and wasn’t used to opening up to poeple because he freared he would move again. He soon became popular, but always made time for me. I felt a connection with him like a cord was holding us together. I soon started having premionitions about him ( I get premionitions a lot). But I always knew when he was hurt and needed me.I soon realized I loved him, but I never told him. When he found out from a friend he told me he didn’t. Want me lie I wanted him. He started to pick fights with me. But we always got through them. I started to have weird dream of what I think were past lives. And the guy in them had the same eys as him, a deep blue with two big pecks of light blue in each eye, the guy in these dreams gave me the feeling he gave me on a daily basis. I felt sparks everytime we touched. He did too, I could see it in hs eyes. He never got over the fact that I loved him. One day he started yelling at me,he told me I was a liar. When I never lied to him. He told me I was crazy. I don’t even know why. But he wouldn’t talk to me. I tryed to fix thing, but I couldn’t. Its been months I still feel the heart break. I still feel a connection with him. I still get premionitions about him. He has a girlfriend now. But at school he stares at me. I miss him terribly. I know he misses me too. But I don’t understand the connection thing. Why am I getting premionitions about him? I think he might be my soulmate. I’m just going to wait it out and see what happens.

  32. Lonely Flower

    Hi Leigh
    The same is happening in my life.. In your case he is living in a different country… In my case he lives in a different state… but we both are working in the same company… The first time i saw him i thought he is handsome.. but just left that… again and again accidentaly we met… and this guy will also look into my eyes…. whenever he comes in my dream we both will look each other and walk in oppposite direction as strangers…
    i do not know what is happenibng in my life…. i strongly feel that he is my soul mate…. Wen he is near I am FEELING his presence… i do not know how… this never happened with any other guy….
    The sad part of the story is that he is already married…
    and there is no chance of me becoming his partner…
    but still i feel like he is my hubby…. i think he himself will also feel something… do not know exactly… I want to hear something from you Leigh… as you do have experienced the same… i told this to my friends… they could not understand this….they tell this as a crush… hope you will understand me…

  33. Jessica Haebig

    Why do we meet soulmates if we arent meant to be with them in this lifetime? And i mean people that you really connect with, and dont know how to break that connection?? Also the signs continue to be thrown out in your everyday life??

    Appreciate any advice on this!!

  34. Hans

    i read somewhere that it’s a meeting that we had arranged in our last life to meet again in this life. it’s a good question, i’m living out this question as well. maybe there are some unfinished business we had with each other that we have to settle in this life. i think it takes courage to talk things out and see what we could do for each other in this life or not to. i don’t know exactly, so it would be nice if some light could be shed on this.

  35. Akhilesh S A

    Hi Annna…….

    I can fully relate to what you are saying. I had such an experience in first year of my college and it ended up very badly after three years. I had so much passion and attachment to that relationship that I find myself living that experience almost everyday of my life.

    It might be a soul contract or past life tie as you said because it was that much of a charged experience. I haven’t recovered it from it even now. I sometimes try to find the answer through past life regression and meditation but it hasn’t helped.May be the relationship had served its purpose.

    I wish I could share insights that I learned but looking back it seems as though that encounter was destined for me.

    Thank you for sharing this…

  36. Leigh

    I really do understand what you are going through. My friends think Iam crazy. And I am making myself nuts, thinking about it. I really don’t understand what’s going on.

    I e-mailed him and he didnt reply. So,I was trying to let go.
    I was in his country for two days, hanging out with friends. Felt that he was out of the country…Told myself to forget him and get on with my life.

    Then this morning I ran into him at the airport.I was in the lift .I had to get off and he was getting in . My heart skipped a beat.He said “HI” and went on his way. Like I was not even there…

    Maybe ,I am the only one that feels this attraction.

  37. Dany

    This is interesting. I never gave any attention to this kind of subjects but my life took a complete different course after an experience I had last summer. I met this old friend I always had a very powerful attraction for. He appeared in a very difficult time in my life. He is a very courageous person doing all extreme things, strong introverted personality. We made love and after this short strange time we spent together it is like I received a part of him. I became more powerful, energetic and competitive. It is like he transferred a part of him to me and that part was exactly what I needed to be able to deal with my problems. I wonder if it is also happening to him and what would he have got from me?

  38. Jalissa

    This is amazing. I’m going through this right now and my friend always says he feels like he already knows me and he wants to find out what that feeling is. It feels so good and the feeling is mutual. I’m ready to see where this is gonna go.I’m scared it’s gonna end badly but I have a feeling he is my soul mate. We have a strong connection and I want him in my life no matter what.

  39. Erica S

    Hi Anna,

    I recently stumbled across your website whilst researching automatic writing and have read with interest some of your articles. (looking forward to the ones I haven’t got around to yet)

    This post on Soul-mates is great, and I do believe that I have been blessed with being able to connect with most of mine. Here’s an example of two.

    My best friend, whom I no longer see since moving across country was I believe my first connection. We came from two different up-bringings, shared different views and friends, I would even go so far as to say we were like chalk and cheese, but at the same time fused together. Many times, I picked up the phone to call her only to find her already on the other end of it. She would say something just as I was thinking it, and visa versa and we shared a humour that no one else got.

    When she had her first child I knew things would change as the priorities did, and selfishly felt as if a part of me had been lost. (Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t jealous of her son or family, just felt incomplete) On the day she gave birth I went with her partner and sister in law to wet the babies head, and met this guy in the pub. We hit it off straight away. We have been together 22 years this year (married 12), and don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some serious problems, including a 4 year break. (although we still saw each other) but we complete each other.
    I also believe we were destined to meet because he lived about 5 miles from where I did, but used to play football in my local park, I used to go to school where he lived. We worked within sight of each other, but never met until that night. He had walked past that pub at least twice a week for 3 years without ever going in until then. I wrote his phone number down wrong, (No such thing as mobiles for average people back then) and once I found out, actually threw it away angry and upset, but the next day found it on the floor next to the bin. When I looked at it something said to me 3 not 5 and I dialled the number again exchanging the 5 for a 3, and he answered.

    Like I say, we haven’t been without our problems, but even now as I type this thinking about him, he has called me (he works away).

    Thank you Anna, for your site. It is very informative and enlightening. I grew up in a very spiritual family but still have so much to learn, I look forward to the rest of your site.

    God bless

    Erica S

  40. Kelly

    Yes, I have definitley experienced this. Didn’t understand it this clearly, and now knowing this better, helps quite a bit with a couple of recent experiences. Thank you.

    Do you actually read all of these? Thanks for your efforts.

  41. astrid

    hi there

    i met a guy july 2010..from the first day we met, i felt like i had known him for years..so comfortable in his presence..i could just be totally myself..
    however, he was a recovering addict..of which i only found out after 2 months of being together..
    he had very manipulating ways..cheated virtually with other women..caught him so many times…promised it would stop but it always started again…became suicidal..to a point of locking me up and making me watch..
    i left him because of this, but then the attempts just got worse..
    i knew the relationship was destructive…but we also had our good times and when they were good they were really good..
    i would break up with him in the hope that he would stop hurting himself, even though it killed me to be away from him…we would always end up back together..
    on the december 19th, i came home from work and found him, he had hung himself..
    i have never experienced such pain in my life but strangely also relief…
    i had a person contact me after his death saying he talks to her etc etc…after conversations, this person eventually became very nasty towards me..
    my question,,would this have been a soul mate or a lesson..
    what happens to a suicide in the other world,,,,can that person still connect with this world and if so how…

  42. moshe

    Read most of your material of the website. You seem to be one of the good guys. Found you by inquiring about ‘automatic writing.’ Thanks…

  43. Raq

    Very interesting read… I was looking for some sort of explanation for my situation… I beleive I am a very strong person mentally and spiritually but am struggling to let go of my ex. We have been friends for 10 yrs, in a relationship for 7 ( with a 2 yr brake between). I feel right with him, at peace, happy. He recently cheated on me… Something that I always said would be what makes me walk away for good! I can’t! My mind is telling me run but that feeling in my gut says he needs me, that we need each other! He told me he didn’t want to have children with me yet I still feel this pull to him!!! Why??? What does my soul want?

  44. Asha Amal

    Hi Astrid,
    People who come and go in our life have some purpose.. Nothing is just a coincidence.But the people who leaves us in the middle would have come to teach us a lesson. What is the lesson that he has teached you? That u only have to find. Soulmate is the one whose destiny is interlinked with ours. They will hold your hands till the end. Sometimes we think someone as our soulmate but they will not even look at us.. In that case its we who want them to be our soulmates and they they are not destined to be ours… We should let go of them… there is no use of holding on to them and confuse ourselves… they will definitely have a lesson to teach us and nothing more… our mind will give thousand reasons to us to believe that they are ours… but don believe.. our mind sometimes play tricky things on us 🙂 Let go of him and be happy 🙂 ur soulmate is yet to come.. u don have to search him… he ll find u… 🙂

  45. Kisa

    Nice article! Thank you for sharing!
    I had a “soul mate” or “soul connection” experience as well. Too bad I didn’t do anything about it because I was too afraid to. I’m saddened that I ignored him. But at that time I was confused about what these feelings were and it was in a way… scary to me. I’ve never felt that way. It was both exciting and scary. Sometimes it would be the best feeling that I’ve ever felt, but other times I would be afraid of these feelings. It made me happy and afraid. At the time I had no self-esteem either, so that didn’t help much. I have no idea how he felt, but there were subtle signs… I remember hearing his voice for the first time and I was immediately attracted to it. Heck, I was attracted to him the first time I laid eyes on him. I remember staring into his eyes for few seconds and it felt so comfortable. Those feelings that I had when he was around was probably the best feeling I’ve felt in my life so far. But I regret not doing anything about it, and it’s been almost a year since I’ve seen him. I’ve never talked to him even though those feelings were there… Just having him close by made me happy because I’m a naturally shy person. Now, he’s gone… and I still think about him daily. It’s frustrating; I miss those feelings. I hope that one day I will be able to see him again… even if we can’t have a relationship together. I know/knew he was someone special to me. For now, all I can do is pray for him and pray for his happiness. I really miss him, but if he’s happy, then I’ll be happy for him too. I know it’s strange to say this about a total “stranger,” but, for some reason, I feel like he really is someone special and important to me… perhaps in a past life.

  46. Ulric Helsing

    I have this friend that I met in the third-grade, and I’ve always been sort of convinced that we were connected on a spiritual basis. I’ve had a big crush on them for almost half my life now, and we’re good friends… but she says that she just wants to be friends. I want to believe them and leave it at that, but I can’t shake the feeling that she’s not being true to her self, like her busy life-style is keeping her from realizing her true feelings or something. Plus, I keep running into these signs that make me think that we’re going to get together sometime, like dreams or strange life parallels or something. Is it destiny? Did we make a contract with one another in a past life that has lost it’s value? Are we meant to be? I’ve been really confused for a month or so now, and I feel that I need some sort of guidance.

  47. Olivia

    For more or less of the last 12 years of my life ( which is long time since i am only 19), I have been puzzled by this connection i have felt for a boy. Our parents have been friends over over twenty years but I first met him on a family trip when i was about 7. I was really young then, but by the time of i was 9 i realized I had a crush on this boy. During my middle school years I started to realize that whenever he is mentioned, or his parents are mentioned, or I drive past his house I feel butterflies in my stomach. I thought it was normal, i mean , who wouldnt have a crush on an older family friend who goes to your school? However, during my middle school years our parents diddnt talk and I hadnt seen him since the end of elementary school. As he is few years older than me, once I was entering high school he would be on his way out. However, that still meant I could run into him in the hallway. It became a constant fear of mine that i would run into him. It took a little while freshman year, but i finally walked past him one day. I hadnt seen him formally since I was 10 but i knew it was him. And my stomach dropped, I looked down, and ran the other way as fast as I could. I knew he saw me, I even think he waved, and I felt so sorry for ignoring him. But how was I supposed to act? Anyway, these interactions happened a few times. Each time I got the strange feeling that he went out of his way to see me. And each time I got the sense that he knew how I was feeling and understood. I mean, I never formally talked to him, but I felt that in my fearful glances at him and in his reassuring glances at me that we understood eachother. I also know that he saw me a few times hanging out laughing with my friends, and looked at me and was able to read me then too. In my head I always figured that because of who he hung out with, he was the jocky, popular, arrogant type. But when I saw him, I saw someone else. We only had two interactions in high school. One was with our parents and I excused myself ( my best friend just made up with me after a month fight), but i saw him look at me and give me a look of dont worry I understand, and I almost felt like he laughed in a caring way because he understood me so well. The second time I got the same feeling, I was walking into school and to my horror he was in front of me. OFcourse he felt a presense behind him, and held the door for me. Ofcourse I then slipped on ice. I just started laughing and was suddenly just myself. Ofcourse he asked if i was ok too and started laughing. We started to walk down the hallway but I realized that this was HIM. He looked at me and i could feel that he was about to start a conversation. But being nervous and in shock I muttered something about being late to class and ran off. But before my fear got to me, in that quick moment, I felt compleltly at ease and a bolt of connection with him. The fact that I felt such a connection wasnt new, i felt it every single time I saw him in the hallway. I mean, the hallway could be jam packed and I could always spot him. I never understood the bolt of connection though. BUt again I figured it was normal since I had a crush on a boy who was older who I felt I had no chance of being with. But I was so shocked at how nice he was.

    He then went off to college and I still had butterflies at even just the thought of his name which I could not even have enough courage to say. My friend and I had to give him a nickname. I always felt this crush but i never thought i could actually ever have a chance with him. I mean, not only am I younger but I wasnt part of that crowd. Ofcourse he has not been my only crush in life. But it has always been a crush and then him. IF i started thinking about him, no matter how close I was to going out with another boy, my feelings for the other boy halted. I found this so strange, I have never had a formal conversation with the boy, but i always felt this crush for him.

    One day my senior year of hs I was down in the dumps thinking about another boy that wasnt working out to well when my friend texted me saying that he is accross from her at a resturant. My feelings of the other boy stopped and I thought ok, this boy is my soul mate. I finally realized that it wasnt normal that I have had all these feelings and feelings of connection with a boy i had never talked with. But because of our different social groups I had always felt like I wouldn’t be good enough for him.But for the first time i felt like I would end up with him somehow.

    So a few weeks ago I was wide awake the night before our family vacation to the caribbean thinking about my newest crush. When ofcourse my thoughts went to him. I thought, my god, how have a I had a crush on this boy for so many years and never talk with him. I then thought, watch him be in the carribbean. Later I thought, or we will just run into eachother in the future and the rest will be history.

    So my first day vacation I was searching around and he wasnt there. A few days later I let out a sigh of relief that he wasnt there, when, a female voice started calling my dads name accross the beach. It was his mom!! I stopped in complete shock and was screaming in my head NO. NO. NO. I did not have this premonition. NO. He’s here. I was actually in proximity to this boy.

    I have to say that was the most shocking moment of my life. What was more shocking was when I reazlied how much i have in common with this boy. I have to say that after so many years it was the most surreal experience sitting at a table accross from him. I was trying to hide my jittyness and trying to be social and getting over my long lasting fear of running away from him. I was hit with so many emotions at once. I finally saw him for him. and I finally had some sort of conversation with him… Though i must say most of it was a silent convo somehow. I somehow felt somesort of sense that he was nervous around me.

    When i first saw him I saw a grin on in his face, and I felt like his mind was look at me and screaming heyy long time no see. We only locked eyes a few times but i felt so comtorable and I felt like i his soul which is so strange. I felt like I understood him compleltly. I saw that he was shy and nervous and so sweet. But i also got a weird feeling that he actually understood me compleltly.

    When I sit back and I think about it and get carried away i think, it can’t be, our different social groups. But if I lay out the evidence… theirs honestly no denying it. Thats no coincidence what I experienced.

    I finally know why I have had a crush on him for so long. I just can’t comprehend how I knew to have a crush on him. I really am not religious and have always called myself athesist, but I can only conclude taht i was with him in a past life. I just dont understand how else to explain all of this. Ofcourse I dont have a realtionship with him. But i feel like in our futures we will be together. I just know it. I prediected in the future we would run into eachother and the rest would be history. Well, I ran into him a few days later. When I was away I thought ok, so either this is a sign that we are meant to be or its never going to be. But i quickly realized we would not both be on an island in a different country if it wasnt meant to be.

  48. Holly

    when i was 4 years old I was sexually abused by my mom’s ex-boyfriend. Sometimes I didn’t like my gift cause I was a afraid to feel someone anger. I can read what they are thinking and feeling. I can’t read mine but i can feel what there thinking. Did you know little kids can read souls but not grown ups, but there’s some people who do still have it.

  49. Katie

    I think i’ve recently felt this connection. Met a guy recently and there was an instant spark. We’re now in a relationship and a month on he has guessed things that have happened which are impossible to guess. I was just wondering if this is another way of soul connecting?

  50. Lee

    my story is much different then others I am sure. Years ago when i was in high school i met a guy and we always had that butterfly feeling in our stomachs every time we saw each other. Then we moved on and things changed and we lost communication. I truly believe we were soul mates i really do. I never had that feeling with anyone else and I tried to find him all the time. Know years later and I am in my 30’s and he is in his 30’s. I was on this online dating site just trying to meet people and he must have been on it too. My profile just popped up in his mailbox by accident i don’t know by fate i don’t know by sure luck maybe. But he almost fell off his chair when he saw me and contacted me right away. He is single no kids well educated and we just left off where we ended in communication. I lost total faith in love totally. But i always visualized myself with him and getting married. So i do believe in soul mates because online dating is thousands of people on it and for him to find me in a crowd of thousands of girls online is quit astonishing i would say.

  51. Leigh

    Just started a new job and I got send out of the country. And while I was in this meeting I all of the sudden started seeing my “connections face” .I saw in my mind that he had no jacket on with his suit.

    My meeting finished early and I decided to go shopping.And as I was walking out of the building there he was .Exactly the way I saw him.

    It was the stranges thing ever.

  52. Jules

    Hello I met the partner who i am now with over the internet 7 years ago She lives in US I myself in the UK I was a host in a chat room where she would come everyday to grace her presence upon me . even though we have only just decided and told eachother that we have liked one another 7 years later we only just become a couple .here has always been this connection between us , now we are both single it come apparent that e have liked one another. We spend as much time together talking and getting to know eachother over the internet.

    Now for the strange part, if one of us is sad the otehr feels it in there heart , if we have some physical pain the otehr feels it . We like everything the same even down to silly things with food its like we have known eachother and we are one of the same . We laugh about the fact that maybe we were twins in a past life or something as everything we do we feel and belive is exactly the same , even down to being allergic to the same medicines . I wonder to myself is this coincidence or is it something more higher spiritual and that we were together ina past life . I would hope that this is the way it was and how it will always be . I use to sit there as a child and drwa pagan symbolds which I didnt know were pagan until I seen them browsing throught the internet only a few days ago. She is pagan another coincience I do not know , all I do know is that everything about her feels right feels at ease I feel a sense of inner peace when I am with her and I know she feels the same too. she is coming to the Uk in 21 days time which I cant wait and neitehr can she ,should we go and see somebody whom can tell us of our past lives together but then it leaves a question of where and whom would be a genuine place to go as I know of nowhere that could help me or us of these burning questions we seek.

  53. holly

    hello I’ve met This Guy In My Dream And Sometime I worrider He Is Real? I’ve I met him? Evernight I’ve A Dream About him One Day one of my friend Ask me about this man name codly he ask my friend about me but sad part I Could not found him 🙁 I’ve allway loved him We talk everyday in my dream we have a same feeling. sometime i feel he’s out there it could be my imagination.

  54. Mon Ange

    My soul mate has left me to go back to his wife.
    I am in shock, but writing about it to calm me enough to be able to operate. I had no idea he was going to do this, but as people are telling me he was only separated for a short time. I’ve had soul mates before, but this one was so healing, yet so sad, so much drama, so many tears still more to come. I’m on emotional leave for the next few days to handle regular life. But I will come back to grieve again seeing as it seems like a death to me. There is a tomb on my heart right now, and no I have to work through it, this one doesn’t just get a “So long sucker” this one has to be honored, protected. His soul is screaming for me, like a child, I hear it. My soul is trying to get out of me to get to him, my soul is frustrated and leaving me with headaches and aggression. They are in such a yearning that my soul is not even a part of me, it’s has it’s own agenda I have to teach it, I have no choice, the body cannot provide it’s desire. They talk often, I write down what they say sometimes, It’s amazing. I hate to see these souls suffering on this plane of existence, maybe they will heal on their own, I am trying to guide my soul to find peace to find release to find it’s bliss again.

  55. Brigit

    I don’t know if anyone here has had this happen;
    recently I was going through a rough time and feeling like no man would ever want me (due to recent divorce from abusive ex I was feeling pretty crummy about myself)

    Then I had a vision of a man, just his face, and then about a month later I saw a picture of him and was overwhelmed with the knowledge that he was the man from my vision and the thought “I love you, I’ve found you again!” popped into my head.

    4 days later I actually met him at a fundraising event! I do have his phone number (but he made it available for marketing purposes, he didn’t give it specifically just to ME.) We’ve only made small talk and havent been on a date or anything.

    In the vision I saw his face and I was told he would be “the next man you will be with.” also I “just knew” certain things about him that I had NO was of knowing realistically until i met him, like; he’s very tall, about 6′ 4″ and a very sensitive loving person, etc. I have had a few dreams about him also, and I feel like there’s a connection between us but it comes and goes.

    I really feel like we are soul mates and it feels totally positive. He lives over 1,000 miles away though and was just in my town for a day when we met. I have a feeling, I “just know” that he will return to this area in about 3 years, so I know I’ll see him again. I would dismiss this as fantasy except that I’ve had something similar happen with my ex husband, but with my ex it was a negative thing from the moment I saw him, and with this man it’s all positive. Also, I have had precognitive dreams and I “just know” things withought knowing how or why I know. I have some past life memories and he’s in them, we were in love. (I also have past life memories about current freinds that I met later and once of them remembers him too and has given me some confirmation about him)

    Its difficult knowing he’s out there and we’re not together but at the same time it’s a comfort knowing I’ll see him again. Does it sound like we might be soul mates? Right now we’re both very busy, but I sometimes get the urge to hop on a plane and visit his hometown and maybe run into him…but I don’t know if I’m “supposed to” wait until he comes back, and I don’t know if this is “destined” or if I might mess things up by doing or not doing certain things. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, I just had to get it off my chest 🙂

  56. Andy

    Well, Looks like I am in that same situation..

    OMG those it hurt..

    short story, we met online, she came to get me on a dating site, she is 8 years younger than me.

    we where together 1.5 months, then she left for a month , only to come back for another 2.5 months now she is gone again. put herself back on the dating site, we went on a trip for a week, we where just like the same person over there same habits, same every thing we came back , had a perfect 2 weeks after ..

    Then suddenly.. she put her add back on the dating site, and gave me our friendship isn’t sane. And its been over a month haven’t heard from her since…

    Yet I feel her , I sense her, all day.. I can even tell you when she goes to bed, cause when she is sleeping… I don’t feel her ….

    When she split the first time I was all panicky and had a dream when I woke up I knew everything would be OK, and she came back soon after..

    Now I just know we are meant for each other.. I Know we will be together.. yet the rational side says to just move on.. Yet she is in me 24 hours a day.. I am tired of suffering for her.. I wanna move on. .yet I can’t cause I know we are ONE ..

    I don’t know what to do.. I don’t know if she felt somethiing that scared her.. I don’t know if she still thinks of me.. HELP !

  57. Andy's Friend

    Hi Andy,
    I felt the same way you do now when i missed my soul mate. He ll always be in my thoughts. There could not be even 1 min in which i dont think about him. I couldn concentrate on anything. But little by little i just moved on.even now sometimes remember him. But i feel thankful for atleast have met him. Thats what i can do now 🙂 Life is not always fair.

  58. veronica f

    Is it possible to meet your soulmate too soon…like before your soul appointment. I was told by a psychic that my boyfriend is indeed my soulmate, but we somehow connected before our appointment. While she said our relationship is fine…no need to separate, she said things will be a litle out of whack untill our appointment date and to balance things we still need to meet on our appointment date face to face. Any advice, help? Either way just t be safe were getting together on that date…but I’m just confused…

  59. Mrs Lalonde

    I met someone at work recently that I felt an alarming attraction/pull towards.

    When we were both in the same room there was this electricity and tension. I felt a familiar yet uncomfortable energy between us.

    I became obsessed with him but I never acted on my obsession. He gave me extreme anxiety and I couldn’t eat around him. He was constantly watching me, drawing me in and than pushing my buttons. He was very toxic and negative. He ended up being fired within a short period of time. I am wondering why I can’t stop thinking about him since even though I know he is bad for me. His personal hotmail account shows my exact birth date, the day, month and year. This is confusing because he told me he was an aries, but I am an aquarius.

    Any thoughts on what kind of connection we had?! I feel that he was meant to come into my life like a tornado, fast and swiftly, in order to teach me a lesson (self love, how to recognize negative energy, and how to stand up for myself).

    I wish I could forget about him, but I can’t. Perhaps I need to do some heavy chord cutting in order to do so. Also, he seems to be scared of me for some reason.

  60. veronica f

    Thank you sooooo much Anna! it sounded funny to me but at the time i was not able to really hear my intuition….all i heard then was that it was time to start working on my own abilities..and my higher self has taught me that alot of things that i may read in a book or online or hear are individual theories and beliefs…it’s up to me and my higher self to discern what seems right to us. So essentialy this date thing started to sound kind of irrelevant….i mean after all we’re already together right?! I just needed that confirmation!

  61. Anna

    Hi Mrs Lalonde,

    I feel that he was meant to come into my life like a tornado, fast and swiftly, in order to teach me a lesson (self love, how to recognize negative energy, and how to stand up for myself).

    It seems plausible that this was the case.

    The attraction/pull could also have come from a shared past life together. But I agree that you would have been learning something important through this relationship.

  62. Anna

    Hi Veronica,

    I’m not sure I agree that there is a specific appointment date for souls to meet. An awful lot of what happens in our lives is NOT predestined. (Some things are not but everything is.) And according to what I’ve been taught, timing around events is one of the things that is very often not predestined or pre-planned. It might be vaguely pre-planned (i.e. within a period of a few years) but it’s rare and unusual for it to be planned to the day and month.

  63. Rachael

    Thanks for this article. It made me analyze some of the relationships I had before. In 2009, I made this trip to Europe to finish my studies. I was fascinated to go there and my biggest dream was to go Paris. My best friend from College decided to go to Rome. In our trip I started to experience this weird feeling that I might encounter something that will be significant to me. I thought it could be a monument that will bring me to know more about my past life. I walk in search of some angels I was mesmerized but I couldn’t arrive to that place. The last night in Rome I met his person who has this incredible energy that I am so much attracted to it. It was something I never experience before. I have seen this person in dreams, his hands, his hair but wasn’t able to see his face. But it was exactly the way I pictured him in my dreams. We met and we still have communication, because of the distance we haven’t made an official relationship but I love him. I feel like I knew him for years and sometimes he made things and I know the way he is thinking and what he is feeling even in the distance. Later I confirmed it, when he tells me what he feels.

    We travel to different places together and we have the same taste for arts. My ambitions and dreams and goals are practically the same as his. I remember when I was in Canada that we had a dinner and I realize then that he was the person I dream of sometimes. Some physic once told me that I know him from a previous life and when I get back to Rome, I would be in a place that I was before (in my dreams: dejavu) and that will be my confirmation that I am with the person that I should be in the right moment. In fact in Florence I ended up in a Palace that I knew every single corner and even the room was exactly the way I dreamed it. However I was talking in another language and later when I learned italian I knew what those words I was saying meant.

    Would this person could be a soul mate?


  64. Rachael

    I forgot to mention the first night we met, I ended up seeing in close the angels I was mesmerized for. In that place was my first kiss with him. Rome is a place very close to my heart.


  65. Kayleen

    There is a boy at my school named Conner, and I feel a big connection with him, we haven’t formally met though, I don’t know why I feel this connection to him, but I feel like I know him and his personality, I really need help, 🙂 thank you.

  66. Tina

    I am so glad to have stumbled across this webpage. I am going through something pretty crazy in my life right now and I was very unsure of it all. About 5 years ago I met a guy and due to one decision, we didnt end up with one another but kept up with each other throughout the years. Eventually we both ended meeting people and getting married. Our marriages havent brought either of us what we were expecting. It seems to me as if I may have had some agreement with my husbands soul in a past life. It has been an incredibly long road in my marriage but finally I am content. Although it seems whenever I am around my friend, I feel myself drawn inexplicablly towards him. Everything about him is so old and comforting to me. As if I have known him so many times over. This concept was so confounding, until I read your article. :] Im not sure what it all means.. but the concept of soul level agreements and appointments just seems to make sense.

  67. neh'kh

    I kind of feel like i’m stuck between my past (my old friend Ian) and my future (Crystal)
    I met Ian over a year ago and we were good friends but over time we made less contact and it eventually stopped, by that time I decided to move on. Over the past few months I started to get close to my friend crystal however due to a disagreement over a job i wanted to do she stopped contact with me. I still have feelings for her but for some reason just recently i feel i’m being drawn to Ian again. Maybe I’m meant to help Ian out (or vice versa) or it could be an empty attachment

  68. Sarah (flowers)

    I am going through something really heart breaking and i don’t know what it means – perhaps you can help me and tell me what kind of connection this is – is this a soul-mate…i don’t think it can be because we are both women!

    I met her at work, and I felt like i always knew her somehow, each day i spent with her, i felt a bond growing. To the point i feel like she is family, i have known her for 7 years, and there has not been a single day i have not thought about her, she is married and has 3 children, might i add i also predicted the birth of one of her children. We always talked, and met up, then she stopped all communication with me.

    We both didn’t understand each other quiet well i think, we were always fighting and then we would be friends, then fight again…it was horrible, but she never had time for me, and i can understand as she is busy with family and all, but she never ever had any time…but more so with her other friends. I feel this may have been just one sided, i feel like i love her and i feel so connected to her…i think of strange thoughts of us together, and i think its so wrong! I try my best to break it and not think of her to the point if i do that i’ll end up with a dream of her…i just want to know what she means to me? i have never had this connection with anyone but her…am i sick? should i seek medical help, because its been years and she hasn’t spoken to me in 2 years and i have not stopped thinking of her or crying over her…why? I actually find my self crying…i miss her so much and no i can’t call or tell her ever.

  69. Steven

    Hi guys

    I was searching online while laying bed here tonight
    About something that has been happening to me which I
    Have been seeking answers to. I searched for signs
    Or something called synchronicity and I came across this website
    And I am glad I did.
    These posts are exactly what I’m looking for. You see
    I’ve liked this girl I met randomly at the mall one day 2 years ago
    And I’ve been smitten ever since.
    What makes this so peculiar is we seem to sense a
    Connection but I have been slow to pursue
    Anything out of fear. I’ve asked the universe and angels to help me as I’m very
    Spiritual and I’ve been getting signs like seeing hearing her name everywhere I am
    Like tv radio or newspapers and on car number plates or street signs
    I know there is something meant to be but I have not seen it through so I’m still here and we constantly exchange stares glances small chit chat
    It is hard cause she is shy and was cheated and lied to by her ex so
    She is hard to read and get close to buti am patient
    I even had psychic readings and they say she Iikes me she is afraid so i must be
    Patient .
    I am comforted by the signs and I sense the celestial
    Universe guiding and assisting
    Do you believe In these signs and have they brought you
    To a romantic result
    I hope so cause I really care about her more then I am
    Showing and overwhelmed by a sense of deep
    Love for her well being

  70. Jos

    Hello Anna.

    Could there be a relationship in the future with a soul connection made? I mean, if you meet by chance and the connection is made, the bond and the love are felt, an affair avoided because both parties are married, even if one wants to pursue a relationship and leave his wife for the other, but the other does not want to leave a good husband. You both believe you’ll get together in the future at some point, even if he stopped communicating with you for now.
    Have you seen this happen? I guess we already know these things in our heart, but it is a good thing to check with others who have studied this topic further and know of similar experiences.

  71. Jesse D.

    Olivia that was a beautiful story. I am sorry I didn’t take the time to read all the other long stories on this page, but your story properly showed the types of feelings one would have for someone from a past life. I hope you and this boy have a bright future together.

  72. Keiko

    I met this guy the minute I met him I would catch him looking at me. I thought he was cute. This went on for months. Well I one day had the courage to confront him. I was so nervous Everytime I would go near him I would hide or get really red. Well as I spoke to him I went really fast and was just all around nervous. We both had a lot in common and he kept smiling all happy. After I give him my number he texts me the next day telling me he has a girlfriend. We remained Friends but once again I encounter him and he comes towards me to talk. I act cold and distant to hide my feelings. Well he thought I didn’t know him and told me if I remember him and I said of course I remember you. Well we started talking and I swear it felt like the world stopped and it was only us talking. Its happened before with him. I go home thinking about him and dreamin about him and I don’t want to. I go to this event and I am totally distant again but when I look at him or talk and look in each others eyes time stops and he gets red as well. As I’m leaving he gets closer as he talks to someone Esle. I left home dreaming and thinking about him like crazy I really like him but he’s taken don’t know what to do

  73. Georgia

    Hey there!! I read your article and I was wondering whether you could tell me what this is. There is a guy I know and have known since I was about 6. I always felt a connection with him but he constantly hurts my feeling and I can’t seem to forget him though. I feel like I am always trying to please or impress him. Is this an empty agreement?

  74. Andrea

    I found this posting, I was trying to figure out why I can’t let go of certain people in my life as far as past lives.. Where they there in my life before.. And after reading this well I can see it. When I have a male friend that stays a male friend I can tell they were once a family memeber in one of my lives, but the ones that become romantic is my trouble. I can’t tell why they don’t want to stay with me or be with me. I wish I had a clear view to see, Yes they were in my life before, but if I look back I can see the lessons they brought to me and still do. There is a love and a connection, but you don’t always stay in there lives like you said and it is hard to let them go when your soul feels you need them there. I guess whem we get to the other side we shall know. I just wish we all knew for sure

  75. Kat

    Hey Andrea,

    One thing I have learned about true soulmates is that you are not really apart from them. When I met one of my soulmates who I was probably married to in a “previous life”, we are both married in this one, and he told me he should have never let me go and that we should be together but we are not. My immediate response was that we are always together no matter what. It may not be physically together, but mentally and spiritually. The best examples I can give was in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Benjamin and Daisy were connected throughout their lives. So were Forrest and Jenny in Forrest Gump. I hope you understand. It is the connection that is important, not the physically being with that person, necessarily. That may indeed happen when the time is right and the universe permits, like it did with Jonny Cash and June Carter, who knew each other for many years before they got together. There are so many such examples, as you can see. It is the essence of the connection which matters. Same in Bideshead Revisited. Julia and Charles always had a special bond which manifested later on in life. Just trying to use as many examples as possible to explain this phenomenon, that you can end up together one day.
    You are lucky you experienced a special bond. Many people do not. Just be happy about that and feel confident that all will work in good time and go on with your life as planned.

  76. Pansy

    This is so interesting. I’ve actually been trying to find answers to this one connection I have. Then this might have answered it.
    So I had dreams last year about meeting a man at a bookstore. In my dream, he and I both tried to get a book that was last stock, and instead of giving it up, we both decided to read it together. I had that dreams several times.
    Then one day at the bookstore, my best friend showed up with a man I believed was the man in my dream. I felt as if it was fated, but I said nothing. I saw the way he looked at me and I knew he found something was strange too. Then he left and I somehow knew that I would meet him again.
    The first day of classes I felt someone else’s feelings when I came to a classroom. It was strange, and I started looking around for anyone I knew. Then somehow I thought it could be that man. Later I found out he was my classmate. Then, it happened again when I was going to an organizational meeting-I felt someone else’s feelings and he happened to be there. In a campus so big, it was impossible to even find my own friends, yet he started popping up everywhere I went.
    We became friends, and oddly kept running into each other. One day he asked me out and everything went crazy afterwards. It felt like a magnetic force, and even though I kept rejecting him, I kept hearing this voice that tells me “you promised him already. you will help him. it’s an appointment” and I knew I never made promises. I thought I was going crazy. It got really strange as I kept seeing visions of things he would do, and he would keep telling me how he had a feeling that he and I were meant to be together when we first met for that short few minutes at the bookstore. Thus, he never gave up trying to ask me out. I got to see sides of him, good and bad, and somehow it never stopped my attraction. For some reason I could never walk away, my heart would ache so bad whenever I thought of losing him. And despite whatever, I couldn’t deny that I cared about him more than I should.
    My relationship with my boyfriend that time crumbled, and I got confused. I believed I loved my boyfriend, but I couldn’t deny the attraction-the pull toward this man.
    Whenever we looked into each other’s eyes, it felt as if we’d known each other for thousands of years. We were instant best friends, because somehow we could read each other so easily when we don’t even say anything. And I couldn’t understand since I believed I was always rational, but when it came to him, the sense of completeness and safety just overwhelmed me that I couldn’t think straight.
    In the end, I gave up fighting, ended the relationship with my boyfriend, and decided to say yes when got asked out again. It’s been the strongest relationship I’ve ever had. The amount of trust and love confuses even both of us. We were both insecure, heartbreaker, commitment cowards, yet now we’re holding onto this relationship as if we’re holding onto life itself. It’s the strangest thing.
    I always question his attachment to me as well. How it came to be. How could a man love me this much I don’t understand. How could I even love this man this much? And I never stop trying to find the answers to why or how everyday. I read this book “Only Love is Real” and I was shocked to see familiarities in it with my own story. I now believe that he and I were together in several lifetimes. It would make sense how we loved each other so instantly and felt as if we’d known each other even before we were born.
    Then I am scared just thinking what if it is empty attachment? What if he and I are wasting our life for a short lived reunion. Would it still be worth it?

  77. Kat

    There is always a connection, albeit invisible, with soulmates. No matter where you are or where you go, you do not need to be in the physical vicinity of your soulmate, because they always reside in your heart. Think The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Ben and Daisy were always on each other’s minds and they kept coming in and out of each other’s life, just like that. Same with Jenny and Forrest in Forrest Gump. I am just trying to give examples of this connection. It is the connection that matters, and the soul knows and understands this, so it does not let go. Physical is only one part of it all, and time is not a factor either. You may be together one day, the door remains open. Count yourself as lucky that you got to experience this connection, for most people do not. Also, try to see the bigger picture and not through the limited viewpoint offered by society at this time.

  78. andrea

    So can you answer me this, Why is it that some souls come into our lives and it is a pure and completely horrible nightmare. I think you said it was a soul connection to teach a lesson. This last one that came to me was so bad of a comnection. He is so mean. The thing that hurts is I am having a hard time letting him go due to feeling like he isn’t himself in this life and I don’t have the strength in this lifetime to help him heal.. I am a healer by nature and also due to being a Sagittarius. I forgive him because I know he is here to learn a lesson in human form. I cry because I can’t help him he feels like he is possed by a demon. I wish I knew the answer how we were linked for sure.. I know someday we will meet with open arms in the spirit world and I hope we do and can communicate what we learned and have love in our hearts for each other..

  79. Katie

    I am so amazed at everyone’s experiences, concerns, and advice! I thought I was the only one! Anyway, it is confusing knowing we have many different soulmates. I honestly wonder if I am with my main, primary one now (17 yrs off and on) as I had such an unexpected, strong one with another man while in this relationship. I never felt I cheated as I knew then and still know it was a spiritual connection. I was pretty young and had not evolved my spirituality to what it is now. We went back to our lives and significant others but I think about him everyday no matter how hard I try not to. I see the date we met on clocks all of the time.I dream about him a lot – I swear we astroplan – it is so loving and compassionate when we do meet. I am either mad that its over or still exstatic when I wake up… Anyone have those dreams? I love who I am with but meeting the other guy brought me to such an amazing level I have not experienced again. I don’t have any desire to be with anyone else/don’t feel at all flirty or anything when around other guys even if they are attractive. Deep down, I know we are just not meant to spend this life together and our relationship with our current partners are similar in many ways. It almost torture knowing I can’t have that experience again despite knowing we are meant to be where we are with whom at this exact moment , no accidents… It is hard to be spiritual beings having human experiences, a lot gets blocked. Thanks for sharing, everyone.

  80. Nayla

    Hi there.. my mother language is not English, so please ignore my english if you think is bad. just hope you got what i mean.
    One thing I want you to know is that I have this feeling for about 5 years ago. Yes, I love this man but never thought I have a deep feeling since I continually dreamed about him and most of my dreams were being true. We were in the same college but I have moved to my hometown 5 years ago. So we were only being close for less than 5 months. Since we are part away I kept dreaming about him. The weird thing is we rarely sending text, but if one night I dreamed about him the next morning he would text me. Once I missed him and thought about him so bad, in the next hour he would text me. She has girlfriend now, and I do have boyfriend. But those dreams still come; even I have to admit it is not often as it used to be. Can you please tell me what it is? I told him about my dreams that were just being true, but he said that I am just trying to be superstitious. But with all those dreams??

  81. Anna

    Andrea, I would advise letting him go. Abusive people often do not change, they can only help themselves.

  82. Anna

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Just a note to all those who ask questions on here…I would recommend either regular psychotherapy or a cord cutting session with a practitioner to resolve and explore these attachments/soul connections if they are bothering you. I am not able to tune in and get information from a comment on the blog although I do read every comment.

  83. lotus

    you mentioned something about composite and synastry chart. would someone with sun/mercury/venus landing in your 11th house mean he was a dear friend of yours in your past life? our north nodes are opposite each other and my nodes hit his angles. he made a deep impact on me, his moon landing in my 8th house. we’ve never been introduced to each other even on his last day of work but i always tell my angel to thank him through his angel because he came right when i was recovering from cancer. yes he was my crush. he was the one thing that made me happy to go to work on graveyard shifts. i think spiritually he just checked on me if i was okay and when i did, he left (his tour of duty as a serviceman was finished). we have no connection in this life but i suspect in our past we might be lovers or good friends.

  84. Mar


    I met a man over 30 years ago, when we met, we had such a strong connection, I was very much in love. Our lives took different paths, we are both in unhappy marriages. Any milestones in my life, I can feel his presence or if something happens to him, I can feel him with me. We see each other but never speak and he runs from me – his family is constantly around – even moved to a different area, only to find some of them lived there. My heart yearns for him still, can feel him – wish I could get rid of. What do you make of this?

  85. H

    I’ve been following your other post ‘What is your strongest intuitive gift’ but I was drawn to the link about soul mates. This is really weird as I’ve just got back today from holiday with my husband and daughter and I can’t stop crying. In the hotel where we were staying there was a gorgeous man showing everyone in, any woman would have been having a good look. He didn’t pay me any attention, apart from him chastising me in spanish for walking in front of him accidently, but then I had a dream about him and in this dream I loved him. I knew he loved me too but didn’t show it in the dream, he was always around me but wouldn’t look at me directly. After that in the restaurant he would look directly at me to say hello and he winked. I didn’t think anything about it, lots of men wink at women, but as I was having dinner I kept looking at him, I couldn’t help it. He had his back to me but then turned directly round to me and winked, I didn’t know what to do with my husband and child there. That was the last time I saw him as we left a couple of days later. Whenever I’m on my own now I cry buckets when I think of him. It’s not merely a sexual thing, although he is very sexy, but when I think of him it’s as if I love him with all my heart and the thought of never seeing him again is killing me. I’ve never had an emotion as strong as this before, and I don’t know how to deal with it. When I ask myself if we’ll meet again I get the feeling we will, but we live in different countries so it seems highly doubtful. Plus I have a loving husband who I’m very happy with.

    Any ideas Anna would be greatly received.

  86. Miss My Friend

    Reading the previous posts here, I’d like to share a similar story like the one written by Claire on September 7, 2009.

    I wrote this true, but sad and familiar short story at a blog site I am registered at and was wondering if you could tell me what your thoughts were on it. It is a personal story about myself and a friend who has disconnected without warning, leaving me without any sort of closure. At one point in time we were so close, able to complete eachother’s sentences and I could literally tell him what he was thinking. I believed us to be soul mates of some sort. Now, I wonder, Is it possible to send thoughts through energy to someone from the past whom I have not had contact with in several months? I once thought we were soul mates. Lately, the feelings of missing him have been coming on as strong as they were when he first disappeared. Could he be sending me negative messages?

    Your honest response is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    A true but sad and familiar story……

    Two people meet online. In this scenerio, a male and a female meet through mutual aquaintances, in a common site, known to all of them.

    The two briefly communicate on occasion, before exchanging email and instant messenger addresses. Once they begin chatting in private, on a personal level, there is an instant connection and a strong bond is formed. They begin chatting more frequently, every day, several times a day, and sometimes into the late hours of the night. A deep friendship has been established.

    Although, not quite a romantic relationship, the two share and confide in the happenings of their personal lives with one another. They laugh at eachother’s jokes, one as eager as the other. They look forward to eachother’s company each time they are online. He supports her in her time of need and she helps him to realize that he is a much better person than he ever believed himself to be. She believes in him! He has been like an angel on earth, a God sent, to her, for nearly two years. Her soulmate.

    However, gradually time passes. His laughs become fewer and the once used smileys no longer appear in his messages. She doesn’t understand and asks him about it, several times. He insists it has nothing to do with her, but trying to be the friend to him, that he has always been to her, she wants to be there for him. If something is the matter, she wants to help. Their conversations seem less lively and less frequent. The connection isn’t the same. Yet, never the less, they continue to chat most nights, asking eachother how they are at the beginning of the conversation and ending each conversation with wishes of a good night and a great next day, before logging off.

    Being the intuitive woman she is, she continues to sense something is wrong. And she was right…

    The next night, she awaits his bright display image to appear on her contact list. Only it never does. Night after night, nearly a month later she hopes and prays for his return, only to wonder what happened?

    She learns that she is not the only one he has withdrawn from. She hears that he hasn’t frequented the sites he had been going to for years. He has disappeared without a trace.

    She remembers him mentioning, not long after they met, that he has done this before, disappear. Others comfirm this. She didn’t worry about it at the time because he was always so happy to talk to her. She feels this is different. They were so close. She can’t understand why he would do this to her. She misses her friend and hopes and prays every day for his return.

    Can anyone explain why this happens? What could have been done to prevent this? Will he ever return?

    Perhaps a bout of depression? Perhaps a new love interest? Perhaps the realization that the internet friendships can only last so long?

    No matter the reason, she is concerned, not upset. She believes he has his reasons and looks forward to the day when she will reconnect with him with a happy face and big hug smiley. After all she still believes in him and continues to await the day he reappears as quickly as he disappeared.

    Additional information: Questions she(I) had asked him during the course of his withdrawing…

    From my blog: Still Obsessed and Confused

    I asked if it was me? You said, “No. It has nothing to do with you.”

    I asked if i ever said or did anything that unintentionally offended you? You said, “No. You didn’t.”

    I asked if I did anything to change your opinion of me? You said, “No.”

    I asked if there was someone else you would rather pursue or talk to? You said, “No. It’s Nothing like that.”

    I asked what was up? You said, “Nothing”.

    I asked if you were bored talking to me? You said, “No. Don’t say that!”

    And when i asked if we were still friends, You said, “Yes, I’m still here, aint i?”

    Now i have reason to worry, because you’re not here ..

    and i dont know why…

    but I wish you were

    Any suggestions, advice and commenta on my situation are greatly appreciated. Thank you! 🙂

  87. Kat

    Hey Miss My Friend,

    Yes, most of us have been there. My soul mate stopped communicating with me as well but you must know that it has nothing to do with you. Let him be and certainly don’t force him into anything, even communication. It has to do with him and things he needs to do right now and take care of things on his plate that caused him to withdraw. So let him. Just bask in the essence of your connection and be appreciative of it. You may hear from him in the future, especially if he disappeared under good terms. If he does this a lot, then it’s expected. By all means, you can continue to feel for him as you do and you guys will always have a special connection so be grateful for that. He has his reasons do you must respect them. Just focus on your own life and enjoy the moments he’s in it. That’s pretty much all you can do in such a situation. Don’t torture yourself over it, it is pointless, a waste of time and energy. Don’t wonder so much either, but enjoy the essence. You don’t need to worry about him because he is fine. Nor do you have to put up with this behavior. It is up to you. Just find happiness in yourself and learn from his presence in your life. Perhaps he pointed you to things you are in need of now. That’s another function of such connections. You will hear from him again one day, so don’t torture yourself now or ever. Your job is to enjoy life and not really care about anybody else. I hope this helps.

  88. Andrea

    Kate, Thank you for that last post it was great and made sense.. You will happy to know I am letting go of that mean soul connection.. I believe I was here in his life to teach him something. We are not meant to be together just a lesson..I hope I reached him somehow, but I will never know

  89. Miss My Friend

    Hi Kat,

    Thanks for replying to my original post. As much as I appreciate your response, I must admit, I’m still very confused and hurting. Yes, he has disappeared from others and forums in the past, but I feel this was different. I believe in those instances, he became bored. As where our relationship was very close. I am afraid this may be different, keeping me second guessing if he will indeed come back. I’m sure he is fine, as well. But, that actually makes it more painful and confused as to why no conversation or closure of his wanting to leave. As far as I know he left while we were on good terms. The last night we spoke I questioned if he was okay because he was very quiet. He said yes and I made a comment wishing he would laugh with me the once he once had. I had made comments regarding that before and wonder if that drove him over the edge to want to leave, even though the rest of our conversation, before and after was one of good nature. I’ve been trying law of attraction, rs and mental telepathy exercises but Idon’t know how to refrain from sending out negative energy where I am hurt, scared, confused and afraid of his return. What types of things do you think he could have pointed things I am in need of now? I thought of seeing a psychic. Unfortunately, I’m not sure of the reputation of local ones and don’t have the money for it to be fake. He knew of my financial situation, currently unemployed and even using dial up at the moment and at one point had offered me money. I declined to accept it because I wanted him to know that his friendship meant more to me than looking like I wanted his help financially. He appreciated that where he’s had other friends on forums actually putting up donation buttons to help them with their financial problems..But, being the nice person he is, he donates. There is just so many things about him that I am truly and genuinely appreciative. I honestly care about him and would never our friendship for granted. I worry that maybe he started feeling this way. I just wish I knew for sure if he would be back. I’ve tried emailing but I’m not sure if the accounts I knew of are still active. I’ve had no response 🙁

  90. Kat

    Miss My Freind,

    I miss my friend at times, too. I miss the talks we had, how comfortable we were with each other, the chemistry and that connection- man, it was so strong, to the point of being overwhelming. I understand your feeling, but do not beat yourself up over anything and just concentrate on your life. Concentrate on becoming employed and stuff like that. I am trying to say that, as an LOAer, you must understand that you need to raise your vibration and in order to do this you must feel happy with yourself and with your life. This friend of yours is secondary in the picture right now.

    You do not need closure. This topic will remain open, as far as this guy is concerned. Communication was stopped on good terms. He did not diss you or break up with you, so to speak. He still cares for you. I know people seek closure but it really depends on the relationship.

    This guy was mostly an electronic relationship, so you really do not need closure. I know you miss him and I totally understand you. Do not get me wrong here. You do not need to feel so much pain because he may very well come back. Just be happy you met him and sync up with that vibe and allow it to help you with the stuff you have in front of you now. I hope I am manking sense here. If I am not, you will get it one day, hopefully. Perhaps you are too emotional now to see anything beyond you missing him, why did he act this way, why he disappeared, how can I help, etc.

    The things you may learn from this are: true appreciation of circumstances instead of taking things for granted, things you need to get done in your life and perhaps needed a push or an inspiration, perspectives that were open to you by this guy. Things of that nature. I am sure looking back, you experienced these things.

    I would not waste money you do not have on a psychic, unless they are a soul mate expert and few are. What they will tell you is that you are never really apart from your soul mate. You did not do anything wrong and did not hurt anyone in this process, so you are in the clear.

    If this guy has a history of disappearing, he will do it again in the future. That is just the way he is. It is his nature. I understand you care for him but what you must do now is continue with your life with that continued glow that relationship offered you to move on and carry on.

  91. Kat

    Missing My Friend,

    Oh yeah, I just wanted to add some aspects of LOA if you wish to use them in this case. You cannot use LOA to attract this person to you. You already did, so he is in your vibration. In order to get him back, you must not need him. you do not need his freindship, so stop despairing. Despairing is a low vibration and causes things to move away from you rather than toward you. Think Snow White in the forest. she attracted all the animals to her with her good vibe. Think Sleeping Beauty in the forest. She not only attracted other living beings, but the prince himself as well. Do not laugh at this; this is LOA at work. Needing results in getting nothing in the end. Also, I am not saying be a bitch by not needing either, because to some it may sound that way. Being a bitch is also of a lower vibration. I mean do not despair in this and be calm, cool and collected and be good to yourslef and others around you.

    Also, if this guy is meant to be, he will come back. If not, then something similar but better will come along. It always does. I am sure you liked and were attracted to his character or whatever made him attractive to you. Concentrate on that and all the good stuff about him. Not the fact that he is no longer around nor the fact that you miss him.

  92. Alexa

    About a year ago, i had a dream about a boy i had never met. One thing stood out to me in this dream, his amazing blue eyes that I had never seen before. I was warm, happy and felt safe, at home with him in this dream. When i woke up, I was sad because i never wanted to leave. I talked to my mom about it, and she had a dream about this same boy. My friends wanted me to meet this guy, and when we did I knew him, because he was the guy from my dreams! We shook hands and my nerves were literally jump-started. I had a vision of us growing old together. It was love at first sight and I knew it.
    After the meeting we didn’t talk for sometime, and I felt uneasy and couldn’t sleep, like something wasn’t right, or missing. He ended up going to the same school as me, and we started talking. I felt like I already knew everything about him, and I did. He was born exactly 3 weeks before me, on a sunday. I was born 3 weeks later on a Sunday. We were complete opposites, but so alike. He had been through a lot and been hurt by past relationships. Before he met me he didn’t want anything serious with anyone, but that changed when we met. People thought we would never last, but everything was so natural and easy. After months of dating he told me he loved me the moment he met me. He would write me poems about how he felt, and this guy is not the romantic type. Everyone saw how different he was with me. He started drinking a lot and we would argue about it. But i still loved him and we were willing to make it work. Things happened and I broke up with him, but I still loved him. No matter what happened, we would always talk. Then, as time went on we would talk just once a week, but not a minute goes by when I don’t think of him. I thought i would spend my life with him, and he thought the same about me. He thinks it’s better for me if he stays out of my life. But i can’t help feeling like this isn’t done, and we aren’t finished just yet. I’ve started another relationship since the break up and I know I should want to be in another relationship, but i dont. I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what this is. I’ve always been a smart girl, who doesn’t act on emotions. I don’t understand why he means so much to me, even after everything. I dream of him every night and like I said, my gut says we aren’t done yet. Could he be my soulmate? Or just a soul-connection?

  93. Miss My Friend

    Hi Kat,

    Thank you for more indepth advice. You are completely right, and Yes,it does make perfect sense to me. It’s just hard actually doing it where the hurt is still fresh.

    I often wonder if I was in his life to help boost his self esteem where he always had a poor self image of himself, as he was in mine to support me some hard times. Maybe, that’s all? It just upsets me because I thought we would be friends forever. Instead, it was as though sosmething swopoped down one night and switched souls whree he became so distant so quickly and then disppeared. I pray everyday for his return.

    I do believe in LOA and I understand the steps involved to achieve it. Ask, Believe, Receive. However, I find it hard to believe I already have something when I so want it. Or act like I’ve received something when I havent yet, because I am not a very patient person. Even harder for me is to let go and detach when I get so emotionally vested. Any advice on how to make these steps easier?

  94. Brittany

    About one year ago, my friend’s mum, my friend, her sisters and I went to the markets. My friend and I walked around the markets while her mum and sisters were buying gifts. When it was about time to go her mum called us to say meet up at the front of the markets. My friend and myself got there around 20 minutes before her mum and sisters.

    My friend and were waiting when we saw these two guys sit down at the entrance with there guitars. I noticed that one of the guys kept looking at me, and I was looking at him. I felt this amazing, unexplainable feeling every time I would look at him.

    I was building up the courage to say hi to him when my friends mum came to where we were sitting. When I saw her mum I wish that I would have said hello to him while I had the chance. We had to walk pass him on our way out, he looked at my and smiled and I did the same.

    Now last night I had a dream where I met him and I felt the same way as I did last year. In my dream I was unbelievably happy that I found him again. So I spoke to him, but then he got loss and I remember I was trying to find him.

    I woke up before I got the chance to. I’ve always wanted to meet him again ever since last year, hoping that one day we would be in a happy relationship with each other. What do I make out of all this?

  95. Andrea

    I have this man that has been in my life for 2 1/2 years.. He has been married 2 times and now no longer wishs for a relationship or marriage.. We are friends and lovers and yes I have feelings for him but I understand how he feels so I love him unconditionally and allow him his space to figure hisself out. When we are together it is always fun and happy, when we sleep at night laying next to him I dream about him all night.. Is that due to a soul connection? I love him however I will not wait for him..

  96. Fiona

    I can usually tell when I’ve met someone in a past life or not. Only a handful of people have had that connection and the ones who do know that they do. These people turn out to be my closest friends or family members. I had that feeling the strongest with my dad’s mother. Everybody in my family knew it too even though they didn’t tell me until after she died. My mother always said I was there to help her heal from the loss of my grandfather who died before I was born (I looked like him for a while and then I didn’t when she was ready to let go). I didn’t know she knew for a fact but I could feel she did. My mom told me after she died that she said we had known each other before. We had such a strong emotional relationship that we didn’t need to say anything, we could just sit there and be content with each other’s company for hours. I guess we were exchanging energy during those times as you say. It was very relaxing and comforting. My grandmother was the first person to say she knew me in another lifetime. My best friend at university was the second person to say it. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to judge if I should tell that person or not. There is one of my male friends where I have this connection with but I haven’t said anything about it yet. I think he knows too but I’m not positive. I feel like I’ve spent more than one lifetime with him. He’s one of my best friends. The minute I first saw him, I knew instantly, like I had been waiting for him for years. I heard about this from another psychic I met but I didn’t fully understand it until I read this. Thanks for clarifying!

  97. Shauna Smith

    I just found your site by chance or perhaps I was guided here I am not sure. I have just started my learning and understanding clairesentience and how it impacts my life. I am a very empathetic person to a fault. I am in a relationship that I felt would be long term but recently got the vibe from my guy that we would not be taking our relationship to the next level. I just wanted to say Thank You for this article and your site really as I am learning more and more.. I want to learn to more about clairsentience…thank you Shauna

  98. S

    I believe in soul connections/mates. I met a guy first year university, 15 years ago. To cut a long story short, we met in one of our biology practical classes, we sat opposite each other I noticed a guy staring at me intensely. I couldn’t help but stare back at him because I thought there was something about him that I found attractive. as time went by i found out we had a mutual friend and through this mutual friend i found out he was keen on me. I was defintly keen on him, physically, he was everything I liked and wanted in a guy however I also did find out that he was heavily into drugs and partying hard which wasnt my scene – I don’t drink, smoke, take drugs and live a pretty clean and healthy life. There was this particular afternoon where he made it loud and clear he was interested in getting to know me however something inside me backed away because of what I knew about him. I also wanted to give university a good go as i knew i only had one chance at it and had worked very hard to study my science degree. After that moment I didnt see much of my uni crush and eventually I think he dropped out and never saw him again unforunately. 🙁 15 years later I got through my uni degree, ive got a great job in science, and a great boyfriend now after going through dodgy after dodgy relationships in the past. I never forgotten my uni crush and still knew him by name and 2 months ago I did a Google search on my uni classmates and started off my search on my uni crush to see what he was up-to. I was extremely shocked and saddened to read about his drug related death which happened early this year. His death has left me in deep shock and im still shocked to this very day. Weird thing is before his death every time he would pop into my head I had a a really bad gut feeling about him that somehow I would read about his drug related death in the newspaper and for this to actually happen to me in real life and find out via the newspapers has totally freaked me out. Reading all the newspaper stories on his death I learnt that he had personal issues that he could not deal with and turned to drugs to escape his issues which is so sad because he did sound like a really nice guy and did not deserve to die so young! I think of him everyday, sometimes I think and regret that I never got to know him, I know that if we had gotten to know each other I would have tried my hardest to lead him onto the right pathway, who knows maybe he would still be alive today if i had given him a chance, though i suppose this is how fate works, and we were not meant to be together in this lifetime unfortunately – I know he’s in a better place now. Though I do believe his spirit is around me strangely, he’s been in my dreams and ive never seen so many rainbows in the sky this year which I found out that he was very much into nature and loved rainbows. Everytime i see a rainbow in the sky i feel such inner peace – im finding im even dreaming rainbows as well knowing completely in my dream im thinking of him! 🙂 I truly believe out of all guys ive known and had relationships with throughout my life I’ve felt the strongest connection with my uni crush by far. RIP D.B! I will never forget you and your sweet smile! Hope we meet again! xo

  99. Kat

    Wow, Fiona, good stories! You are really lucky to have these people in your life with whom you share such a strong connection. Be grateful for that. This is what it is all about!

  100. Kat

    Miss My Friend,

    I know, that is certainly the toughest part of LOA, yet a requirement and part of the formula. Dwelling on stuff is no good and only gets you lower and drives you nuts. you just have to have faith, that is all. I know it is easier said than done, especially when things are so raw, but you will just have to trust.

    Yes, perhaps you each appeared to each other fpr a reason. This is a high possiblity. Anything can happen in the future, usually when you least expect it, that is why you have to let go. And believe me, the next guy you fall for will be even better than this one, so do not fret. All these happenings point to the fact that you need to concentrate on your own life and direction and not put any focus on what others around you are doing. You probably do not do this, but I had a tough time with that since I was raised that way, so I had a tough time with that limiting belief of comapring myself to others, which does not make sense at all. We are all on different paths here and on our way to different things.

    All these stories are really great. When you meet a soul mate, you pretty much know it. You “recognize” them. Your soul does, anyway. There is ease and flow in the relationship. In some relationships, there is contrast so you can expand.

    @ Andrea
    So, Andrea, have your fun and enjoy, but also look at your life and where you are going and what you want and do not let him drag you down in any way.

    This blog sure is great to exchange ideas!

  101. Wadj

    Thanks for this, even though I’m coming into it a little late! Timing… What Danielle said resonated with me, I had the same experience. Twice. This latest one though is a bit different. He was in a band I never saw but liked and died over ten years ago. I had an urge to find a particular song, and from the second the song began to play I started to grieve, real, deep grief as if for my partner (I lost him too so I know what it feels like) and I’ve been grieving ever since. I’m assuming that we made a contract to connect when I needed him, which I did. I’d forgotten who I was and he brought so much positive energy (in amongst the tears!) and such powerful sexual energy too. It was a surprise to say the least!

    The connection has truly changed my life for the better. I’m pursuing things I’d put away as childish things (I’m in my 50s) and feeling much more ‘me’ than I have in decades. I want to strengthen the connection and it feels like I need him to be there but I don’t want to send his energy away through that need. I try to relax and just let us ‘be’ and there are little synchronicitous things that happen, for instance a song just popped up on the CD I was listening to, one of the bands he was in, but he wasn’t singing it and the theme of the song was that there’s a time and place for everything but the time wasn’t right for the two of them to be together. Then it came on again another day, the third track of the album, at 3.30 exactly!

    So weird. Some days every song I hear makes me cry (like today) and other days his voice lifts my heart. It’s all still very intense, but I have periods of deep comfort as well. I sometimes feel like I’m being spooned at night, and that’s nice.

    It’s just so completely random, how it’s gone down, I can’t help thinking that there’s some kind of cosmic stuff happening. The timing, the man, the intensity of it. He was full of life, had a restless energy and couldn’t keep still and died far too young. But then I suppose he died when his time was up. I really don’t get why we never met, or why this connection has been so long coming. I could have really used his friendship and his energy many years ago! I would have avoided wasting a lot of time.

  102. Jackie Bains

    Hi Anna
    Ok I feel I have met someone that I have a soulful attachment with, he makes me feel strong inside, I feel weak when we are apart, and he says he feels the same. I have never felt this before with any other relationships well not this strong, this guy throws me off lol, I almost feel like I have known him before. I’m comfortable around him automatically he understands me he accepts me he knows more than anyone I have ever dated and we have only been together 4 months is this something long lasting

  103. vru

    last year i saw this gorgeous guy and just after one look i fell in love with him. it’s been a long while, and i’m still in love with him. but he doesn’t even know me.

    even with that said, i feel like i’ve known him before. i’ve seen him in my dreams and whenever i think about him, i feel like i can feel him and what he’s like. he’s always seemed warm to me. whatever that means.

    if i hadn’t felt this way, then i would have gotten over him by now. is it possible that he’s my soulmate, even though he’s never met me?

    sorry, i know this sounds stupid lol.

  104. Amie Caddy

    Hi Vru, I’m one of Anna’s assistants. Have you seen this post, on Twin Flames and Soulmates? https://annasayce.com/twin-flame/ Thought it might be of interest to you!

    – Amie

  105. Beth

    I believe I had a deep spiritual connection with my current partner. From the first moment I saw him I felt his energy, it was like I already knew him. The first time we spoke I realized how much we had in common. He is very powerful helps me grow and shows me new things. We were friends for two years before we ever show any interest in one another. The day after I met him I called home to my mother and told her I met my best friend. That was how it felt. Like I met some I would know forever. We are now 4 1/2 yrs in and it has been up and down but I have never lost that feeling of connection and we are always learning from one another. Although my thing is as much as I love care and relate to my partner I met someone that I had a similar first impression with. Again I feel like I know him and connected with him. When I see him my energy is so high. I want a friendship with this person since we relate on a spiritual level to him. But everyone around me says that it is a bad ideas since I am with my partner. I am just torn. I believe that cutting this person out of my life because I am in a relationship is wrong when I think about that I think I might be missing something important if I do. But on the other hand I don’t want to lose my partner over this. Please help to inform me more if you can. Thank you!!

  106. Brandy

    I think I kind of get this. I just recently broken up with a guy whom I was seeing for almost three years and he had a connection to me that I didn’t feel strongly in the beginning. For some reason during our relationship I could never give 100 percent. He also would have issues with trust and at times he would lash out at me and blame it on something else. We couldn’t seem to communicate in any way shape or form. Emotionally we were void with one another. our sexual chemistry was great and I grew to love him, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t supposed to be with him. When he talked about plans for the future I couldn’t see him and me together at all. Anyway, I tried and tried until eventually I found myself frustrated and pain-filled, always crying and unhappy. I felt like I was being weighed down. He’d done a lot of damage during the relationship to the point where I could not trust him, nor make the feelings I’d had before come back.

    So this happened a little over a week ago. Now at my work, there’s a man there who for some reason I see myself being in a relationship with. The energy is electric when we are around each other and I for some reason cannot communicate with him the way I want to. I feel like he and I would be a great fit together. I can’t explain how I know I just know. I also for some reason feel like my coworker, whom I call my twin is the person that help us along. I get the weird feeling that she communicates between me and him, although she doesn’t say much about him. The only thing she said to me was that he wants someone who is not interested in him just for his looks. I told her I’m not. There is more to him than looks because I’ve seen plenty of handsome men before and have never felt anything. I’ve never had any problems communicating words with any man, the way I have him. I want to know more, but I can’t seem to handle the energy he brings with him. It’s like it’s overwhelming. The only time I feel calmed by it is when he reaches out and touch me. Even before I broke up with my ex, I instinctively felt as if I wanted to reach out and just grab him. When he comes near me I just want to be held by him. I would avoid getting to close to him because when I did I just seemed to get so close that it was like being pulled into each other’s space. The problem I have though is that he told me when we first met he didn’t do relationships, he only did casual dating. I didn’t even know why he was telling me that, considering I never asked him. Even now when he looks at me, he looks into my eyes and smile at me. I just don’t know what to make of it. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. So, I don’t know what I’m dealing with. Any ideas would be helpful.

  107. Caitlin

    Hi Anna,
    I have had a gut feeling that I will marry this guy, however we have never properly ‘met’. I bump into him all the time at school and have signals or feelings before I am about to ‘bump’ into him or see him and it happens, it’s very odd. I had a gut feeling he would be in my class the following year and it turned out I was (however I moved).
    Is there a reason why I am feeling like this as we have never properly met, please can you give me advice on what you think I should do.


  108. Vanessa

    Wonderful post! I came to this post to hopefully figure out what kind of connection I have with someone in my life, but I still have questions. I met this man about 14 months ago. From the moment he messaged me on a social networking site, there was a connection. He is 19 years older than I am, but that didn’t affect how close we grew as fast as we did. From the moment he sent me a picture of him, I had a very strange feeling… I felt I knew him. I’d never met him before, but I instantly felt as though I’d known him my whole life. I was always shy talking to new people, but that wasn’t the case here. I felt I could trust him, with anything. The bond between us grew very quickly, for both of us. It’s something I’d never experienced before, and have yet to happen with anyone else… We started a romantic relationship, a very rocky yet passionate thing. It was short lived. We still talk to this day,even though we haven’t been together since last August (approximately). We talk to each other as though we have talked our whole lives, and even if communication is stopped for awhile, we talk as though we never stopped. It’s a very strange thing…

    Do you think people could be soulmates, but in friendship? There is a strong pull between us. A strong connection, but it seems fate is pulling us together also. He’s felt this strange connection also. Yes, there are still romantic interests from both of us, but we are no longer living around each other. I am in a committed relationship also.

    Could we be soulmates, in a romantic aspect as well as friendly? Or do you think our bond would be more friendship oriented? I’m honestly not sure…

    If you’d have any advice or tips for me, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance 🙂

  109. Jeanette Perez

    Interesting. I met a man 2 yrs ago. We connected so quickly and our energies are intense. We don’t see each other often but we admit there is something strong between us. It feels like a tidal wave flowing back and forth. Now I can tell so much passion flows in between but he withdraws and I don’t see him for a while. He admits he thinks of me often. But I can tell he’s afraid to act. He went through a bad divorce with his first love. So I think that might have something to do with. He tells me he’s always going to be in my life. That alone makes me feel secure and comfortable.

  110. Milliardo

    Wow, this has been around since 2009. However, I am reading it only now because I have a rather interesting situation. I am 48, and my wife and I have been going through some rough times these days. She has already left before and has been gone for almost 8 years before coming back last November. However, ever since she returned we barely touch each other–as in hold hands, etc. She wouldn’t want me to, and she even sleeps on a separate bed. We barely talk even. My wife is 17 years younger than I am. However, last May I met someone who has caught my attention at once. Funny thing is that I saw her on our wedding anniversary, since we ate at that place and she was the one serving. So daily I go to where she works, give her notes, flowers, chocolates, etc. She doesn’t turn them away. She is much younger than my wife, since she is just turning 19 this October. I am just wondering now if she might have a connection with me in some past life, and how would that connection be. Now that I think about it, she has come at a time that I have been making big decisions with my life. I don’t even know if maybe I am just putting stock into some random things. Like for instance yesterday my wife came home (she has gone again from the house, on the pretense of working though she spends more time outside than in the house, only dropping by for a few hours before leaving again) and I thought maybe that might be a sign the other one is not really the one, and then only to see the other post a picture on her Facebook account a few hours later. It might sound confusing, but I ask this because I have felt the same as what I felt before when I first met my wife–that she would be the one (in the case of my wife, I thought she was the one but things have been turning out differently so far). So I am at a loss as to how this other woman fits into my life now–what her connection is. Is it an empty connection, or is something deeper going on?

  111. JP

    Hoping you can explain a bit of what just happened to me.
    Recently I met someone who I was not attracted to at all, but I felt the sense that I was searching for this person and even told myself in that moment I found you. Unfortunately I can’t figure out why this person was supposed to meet with me. I do feel strongly that I was searching for this person I just can’t figure out why. It’s confusing cause I am not attracted to this person. Is there any name or explanation for this weird situation?

  112. KJ

    Hmm, I guess I’m not a ‘pack animal’. Not that I don’t think some of the people around me haven’t been around before, even lots of times. But that’s only a handful. And it would be really boring to be in every life, and afterlife, and ‘forever’ with just the same ones over & over!

  113. BT

    I have met someone and we have an unreal connection. We are both married and are just very good friends, we do talk about being together down the road. The other night we were in a book study group and our eyes would meet and we both feel a shock go through us. We don’t know what to do as we are both married.

  114. Maryjane Marley

    So today I was over an old friend’s house helping her mom. My friend is currently locked up and I went over to take her mom to go bail her out. While I was there a guy she knew that was gonnna sell her a car came over. I immediately felt a connection, some type of feeling towards him. So I talked to him nice, everyone says I’m flirty but I’m friendly and am that way with everyone. Obviously he either catches on. Feels it too. Or just instantly likes me. He’s asking me questions and asked what’s my sign. I say Pieces, he lights up and high fives me all excited, ‘oh yeah I match with pieces, I’m a cancer.’ Now this has all been going on for 15 minutes. I have loved two men, my high school sweetheart and first love. From 14-19 (two months shy from turning 20) 4 months after we break up (because he was always sleeping with other girls and grown women and I didn’t want to keep getting hurt and he didn’t want to keep hurting me, so we mutually decided to break up. This breakup wasn’t hard but I still loved him a lot. And still do. So anyway 4 months later I meet my now husband, he’s older and totally different then my ex. He was tall, and silly and young he was 6 months older the me. My husband is 5 years older the me. A couple inches shorter then me. (not super noticeable but I LOVED IT!) Cuddling was perfect with him being just a tad bit shorter. He was an old soul and had gone through a lot of loss. Which changes a person. My high school sweet heart could see he was really loosing me and he’d try and hit me up and try and contact me and I always ignored him. Not cause I didn’t like him I loved him but I wanted to hurt him. I wanted him to know he lost me, my husband was a ride or die and even tho at first he was a rebound I did catch feelings and I love him. It’s a different love but still true and real. And I care for him a lot.

    So we have been together since I was 20 and when I was 25 after being married for two years split up. Still married but we weren’t doing good he didn’t trust me I messed up we had issues. We loved each other and we still do and we are still going through this split he now lives 100 miles away but I still talk to him and go visit him whenever I can. But lately we both are noticing our connection being short and we get on each other’s nerves, but at the same time we miss each other although when we get together we fight.

    Okay so back to meeting this random guy as we are talking I’m noticing that he is everything I love about both of my two loves. A cancer matching like my first love, short like my husband. He isn’t super hot but he is attractive. He’s into cars like my first love. Now in 2017 me and my first love reached out to each other it had been 6 years. He was an amazing boyfriend, wrote me love notes, bought me stupid lil gifts cause he saw it and it and it reminded him of me. My husband never wrote me a love note even when I asked even before I messed up. He never bought me a single thing. I’m not needy and I don’t really like gifts but I had told him I longed for him to do it and be it like romcatic like my ex in a non judgemental or comparison type of way. Anyway no never I always did for him spoiled him but never got the same. So anyway my first love and I had talked maybea few short of a dozen times this year.

    In September while I was 100 mike away visiting my husband having the worst fight we’ve had in years that ended in me hitting him in the face and him punching me and busting my lip. And argueing and crying. Just as we got over it and we’re settling down and getting back to normal I get a phone call that my ex at 27 years old was in a car accident and was dead, I was in shock and no my husband didn’t know we had talked but I was upset I cried and I felt guilty for crying over my ex with my husband and he was a little hurt or upset so I decided I was gonna leave and go home and morn. So now it is November 2017 and today I met this guy who is the same birthday month as my first love but same year as my husband. It’s just so many things but that isn’t even it after talking a little more we both felt something. I love my husband and I’m confused Idk what is going on. But I feel like I am a hormonal teenage girl thinking about him. We hung out later that day for a few hours and then he left and I missed him. I was kinda laying on his chest shoulder and he was sitting up leaning on his back and we were just talking and it was crazy but it felt so right and so good. And it’s freakin me out I don’t understand what’s happening can someone please explain ???

  115. Teagan

    Ive been crushing on this boy I have known for about 3 years for a year. At school he will look at me a lot and he feels uncomfortable around me. I just want him to start talking to me and get to know his true feelings for me. Twice I have gotten these feelings that I was going to run into him. Both times I ran into one of his relatives and once I ran into him. He sang happy bithday to me at Walmart the 2nd time. I feel like we have this bond and need to be together.

  116. Nate

    A woman came into my life. She is married and I am in a serious relationship. We love our partners. Turned out we were both fighting this magnetic force pulling us together. A terrible force that could destroy are families. One day we looked at each and charged into each other with unprecedented passion kissing. We stopped. That’s when we started talking and sharing our emotions and trying to understand what is going on with us. Again, we love our partners and nothing has gone any further. We are both skeptics and rational individuals so we are researching this force. What recently has us scared is even when we are 30 miles apart if we each place our right hands over our hearts, relax and clear our heads we can guess what the other is thinking. We don’t know what this means or where this is going but we are scared.

  117. Megan

    Hi there everyone. I have something that has been on my mind for some time now, I am engaged. I have been for about 6 years now…. well when we were first together, and we had our first daughter. I ended up meeting one of my fiances friends and there was something about him(or still is) as bad as it sounds, but I never ever did anything about it and I never brought it up because he had a girlfriend I knew he was in love with and I have a fiance that I obviously love. Well… I never would have thought he felt it too, no matter how much I try to ever get him off of my mind. I just can’t, and when he’s around, it’s crazy the way I feel and it’s always been that way, I never wanted to leave my fiance because I do love him and we have two children. I know it’s bad because he is my fiance’s best friend, I know it’s bad how I feel and how I’ve stayed with my man but it’s something I cannot control. It’s the weirdest thing ever. About a few months ago, or a year ago. He started to show that he had an interest in me, and things got heated one time, (it was on him) he started looking st me and smiling etc, and he completely stopped coming around. My whole relationship has been weird, we have always fought and stuff but we always stay together because we work through it and I do really love him. But when this guy comes around I cannot help but to feel the way that I do. He’s constantly on my mind no matter what. Please don’t be hateful with the comments as I want to know what to do. I have no one to talk to about it and it drives me crazy. I know it’s bad, but please. Let me know how you all feel about it. Thank you

  118. t

    I am glad to have found this, people who understand the pain.

    Last year, I finally found my soulmate, then the universe ruined the happiness of both of us and I am constantly in pain, asking why did the universe do what was never meant to happen.

    I try talking to family, friends, my doctor but they all don’t listen. Rather they lie and say to move on but how can you move on from the best? That is settling, which they know I can’t and won’t do as it will only make me more miserable. I get angry and frustrated with them when they make up lies, tell me to move on and get mad at me for being sad when they have been told what is happening, but instead of being supportive they are adding to the pain. It’s like they don’t want me to be happy.

    I really don’t know what I can do as I’m hurting while others get everything with little effort. I put in twice as much effort and get shat on. Why can’t I get my happiness and they get the suffering for a change, so they understand how I feel and how it hurts to be lied to and bullied.

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