What Spirit Has to Say About Coronavirus & My Book is Free on Amazon For the Next 48 Hours

Hi everyone,

I’ve recorded a little video about coronavirus, which goes into:

  • The spiritual meaning behind this pandemic, according to the Akashic Record Spirit Guides
  • How you can access some useful info on managing energetic sensitivity in the midst of all the difficult energies flying around at the moment.

(If you’re not interested in the empath stuff & just want to skip to the channelled info regarding coronavirus, you’ll find that info 6:30 minutes into the video.)

Sorry, the free book offer has now expired.


First of all, I hope that you’re all keeping well and that if you’re self-isolating, that you’re not feeling too bored or constricted at the moment. Personally, I’ve gone into self-isolation as of this week, mainly because I’m asthmatic and I get quite bad post-viral asthma. 

So I’m taking it quite seriously and working from home at the moment. But I work from home anyway, so it isn’t too much of a change for me. 

I just wanted to talk a little bit about empaths and what is going on in the world at the moment for all of us and the impact on empaths. If you follow my work, you know that I talk a lot about empaths. I’ve written a book for empaths. (It’s called The Empath’s Toolkit.) 

One of the things that I believe about empaths is that we have a mirror neuron system that is somewhat overactive, compared to other people. That’s my theory about it. The mirror neuron system is the aspect of your brain which sort of feels what other people feel, to put it quite crudely. 

So for most people, emotions can be contagious anyway, so if we’re around people who are panicked or anxious, then we start to feel panicked or anxious. When you’re an empath, this effect in humans, of sort of taking your cue from other people, is amplified. You pick up on other people’s emotions much more readily than non-empaths would, and they can affect you more severely. 

So, as an empath, when you are picking up on people’s emotions in this way, it can leave a trace energetically in your own energy field. This is what leads to empaths feeling quite burdened energetically.  

In my book, ‘The Empath’s Toolkit’, I actually break this down into a few different types of negative energy that I’ve come across in empaths’ people’s energy fields…

One of the types of energies I often come across is something called ‘emotional residues’. An emotional residue is essentially the energetic residue of emotional energy that we pick up from other people and it can stick with us as empaths. 

For example, if you’re in the grocery store and you’re surrounded by people who seem bewildered or panicked or anxious and they’re kind of grabbing everything, that energy can leave a trace in your energy field as an emotional residue. 

It’s good to clear out these emotional residues. I talk about this more in my book and I give instructions for clearing out your energy field. As an empath, I do that on a regular basis pretty much daily, especially at the moment. So that’s something I recommend for empaths. 

There’s another type of energy for empaths to be aware of and this is something called the ‘psychic tie’…

A psychic tie is like a tiny telepathic tie between us and another person. 

These psychic ties are not energetic cords. (We think of energetic cords as being these large and negative attachments that can exist between two people.) But a psychic tie is actually a small attachment that forms between you and somebody that you’ve interacted with, even in a superficial way during your day. 

So it could be somebody at the checkout when you’re getting your shopping. It could be somebody that you read about on the internet. It could be the person who reads the news when you’re watching the news. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a significant relationship. It’s just an energetic reflection of the interactions between us all. Most people tend to rack up a lot of these tiny psychic ties and they look like very thin energetic ties between us. 

When you’re an empath and you have a lot of these psychic ties, it can actually lead to you feeling quite burdened on the energetic level. So that’s another thing that I recommend that you clear, preferably on a daily basis as an empath. That’s something I go into in chapter one of my book as well. 

What I’m leading up to with this is: for the next 48 hours my book is $0.99 on Amazon. (UPDATE: I have decided to make my book, the Empath’s Toolkit, free for 48 hours instead! And this promotion ends on March 27th at 12am PST.)

So if you’re an empath who feels quite burdened or anxious at the moment, just know that that is completely normal. I think that a lot of people are feeling that way. I’m not promising that these exercises are going to completely remove all your anxiety, but I do think that they can help you to feel less burdened and less overwhelmed. 

And then finally, I just wanted to share some information about this pandemic in general that I picked up on when I did a reading for somebody. 

Sometimes when I do readings and I go into the Akashic Records (I do Akashic Record Readings), Spirit gives me information about my life. And sometimes, well they can give information about things that are going on in the world in general. 

I just wanted to share a little bit of information about what I was given about the overall meaning of what’s happening right now, or the purpose, or even a side effect of what’s happening. 

So the first thing that Spirit said (and this is unprompted – I didn’t even ask, but probably because it’s been on my mind an awful lot…), they said that lots of people in the world need to change their day to day habits, their personal habits, into something that is healthier and more sustainable for them. 

So that could be that your health habits are not sustainable. Your work habits are not sustainable. (When I say your, I don’t necessarily mean you, who’s watching, but our habits – people in the world.) They’re not sustainable. I’m thinking in terms of perhaps consumerism. Maybe in terms of environmental issues like climate change. 

But also for the individual. I got the sense that Spirit was telling me that our habits are not sustainable for ourselves. That we’re not getting enough time with loved ones. That our health is suffering. That sort of thing. 

There’s a lot of people in the world who are on a path that is not good for them. And this event is a pivotal event for a lot of people. It will take them off one path that is no longer working for them, force them off a path that’s no longer working for them and put them on a different path. 

And I don’t know whether that is the purpose of this pandemic or whether it’s a happy side effect of this pandemic. Spirit was not specific about that. I suppose how you think about it depends on whether you believe that these events are fated or not. 

Personally, I do tend to believe that big events like this are somewhat pre-organized, but it’s up to you, what you think about that. 

I also get the sense that the self-isolation that many people are going to be engaging in is something that will give people the space to get off the path that they’re on and get onto a different path.

So it’s not just about being forced off a path onto another one. It’s about having that time and that space, for some people, to reflect on where they are right now and whether it’s working for them. 

And that’s something that’s happening en masse. 

And then secondly, Spirit told me that, and this is a little bit dark, Spirit told me that some souls have soul contracts to leave this planet en masse. So lots of souls are leaving together. 

It feels like a case of souls saying, Stop. Stop the planet. I want to get off. And sort of saying that en masse. 

And I’m not saying that this is something that’s happening consciously with people passing away from this virus. But on the soul level, it’s something that certain souls are choosing to do – leaving this planet. And choosing to do together, for some reason. 

So that’s the second thing that Spirit told me. 

The third thing that Spirit passed on is that we as a people, as a society, we are anchoring in the energetic quality of unity during this time, so a greater focus on community. 

If you look at that word ‘community’, there’s that word ‘unity’ within it. So, we have been very globalized as a society and during this pandemic, we’re obviously going to be focusing on the local. We can’t move around so freely. And we have to depend on one another more. 

So that’s how we’re going to anchor in this energy of unity.

Spirit told me that we need that energetic quality to prepare for other events that will come in years to come. 

I don’t want to scare you when I say that. I don’t kind of get this sense that Spirit is saying that this is going to be a regular occurrence, this is going to happen a lot from now on, or anything like that. But for some reason, anchoring in this energetic quality of unity is important at this time. 

So that’s what Spirit passed on to me and I just wanted to pass it on to you in case it was of interest or relevant to anybody reading this.

I hope that you stay well and not just physically but also mentally, because I know that isolating ourselves can definitely take a toll. 

Anna x

Pick up a copy of my book, The Empath’s Toolkit, on Amazon.com, free for the next 2 days only. This promotion ends on March 27th at 12am PST.

Please do share this post with any empaths you know who could benefit from some support right now.

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  1. Natasha Finlay

    Thank you, Anna for a very comforting message. And I love seeing you on video – please do more! Stay safe and well.

  2. David


    It seems your newsletter was designed to sustain us during the CoronaVirus self isolation period as it is chock full of interesting material. You’re a delightful
    and engaging speaker, and I hope you include videos in future installments of
    your newsletters.

  3. Anna

    Natasha & David – thanks for the kind comments!

  4. Mauri

    Anna, thank you for this valuable corona information; it totally resonated for me. In my Remote Energy Work, I have been guided for the last two weeks to focus on “Unity” and projecting unity consciousness into the collective. Not something I usually focus on. Thank you for this wonderful confirmation.

  5. Helen

    Thank you Anna! I found your video very reassuring. It’s comforting to hear at this time. Take care x

  6. Ron

    Thank you Anna for sharing your thoughts in such a heartfelt way! It’s reassuring to know that using this time of isolation to reflect can have some positive life-changing results. Seeing you and hearing your words made be feel less alone on this path called life.

  7. Shannon

    Thank you for sharing your message from spirit and for making your book available for free. I actually bought a physical copy last year but accidentally left it at the hair dresser’s. I never got the book back and was disappointed that I didn’t get to finish it.

  8. Mel

    Thank you so much for the free book and message from spirit! I totally agree with spirit. It’s what I have been thinking put into word. I have recapped the three points in my notebook to read over and over and put into action now that there are less distractions. I’ve always said this world moves to fast for me.

  9. James

    Thank you, Anna! Yes, this confirms a lot of my own experiences.

  10. Shelly Smith

    Hello Anna. Thank you so much for this video – for a number of reasons. First, it validates what my “guidance” has said about the “purpose” of our current global challenge. Also, it’s affirming in terms of the power of video. I have several on my website now and I tend to think that they’re not “good enough.” I am wanting to offer more as a way to offer free assistance to others during this special time, but struggle a little with how awkward it feels to sit in front of and look at a phone while I talk.

    I’ve been receiving your newsletter for a long time. I don’t open it often anymore because I seem to be navigating my empathic-ness pretty well. But, I just wanted to let you know that it means so much to see you and hear/see words coming out of you. It makes it easier to read your energy I guess.:) You feel very congruent to me and this gives weight to your credibility and the genuine love and sharing of your gifts. I feel like I know you now – better than I did through the written word.

    Just wanted you to have that feedback. I’m a therapist and work a little differently than most. Your video reminds me that people must be able to feel or sense my intention and the depth of what I bring to the work through this medium.

    Trusting, with your great example now, that letting my Self come through me is more important than any of my worries about the technology (or how my hair looks:).

    Thank you!

  11. Lorena

    Thank you for sharing! Loved the video <3 Take care as well

  12. g

    I’m so grateful for your book and you video, thank you so much!

  13. Nick Pijoan

    Anna – thank you for your web presentation and the free book. You are extremely kind in giving us both. I am afraid I am an empath and perhaps a deep empath. I cannot go to large meetings of people or stay in malls or stores too long because I am overwhelmed by what I am feeling from so many people at once. Once I had to have 14 units of blood and told the nurse that I felt crowded inside. She responded that makes sense because is an organ and I was feeling the presence of the 14 people. I am saying this because as you talked and shared both Athena (who was with me) and I felt your inner pain or what we perceived to be your inner pain. We love you so very much. Let me know if you need our help in any way. Bless you. Nick

  14. Catherine

    Hello Anna, I so enjoyed your video; it seems to me that your level, heartfelt, contemplative gaze and innate clarity , conscientious intensity and succinct wording were a wonder and a relief to hear. I am recommend ing your sites to my daughters. In reading your book on empaths, I found myself on most pages! Bless you, Catherine

  15. Anna

    Thank you to everyone for the kind comments – I’m glad this info resonated with you!

  16. Tina Reichow

    Thank you Anna for taking the time to speak so candidly about the information you have received.
    Within this past week, I, too, have received very similar info regarding the folks who’s souls have made
    a contract to leave en mass. As weird and scary as this feels for us all, there is a purpose in the mix.
    Staying connected to our Source and listening to that still small voice to guide us will calm and soothe even
    the empaths’ sensitivities. Thank you again. Happy Hunkering down Ya’ll.

  17. Birgit Lueders

    Well said, I always had the feeling that something dramatic has to happen so we start to change our self destructive behaviour, and become more aware of each other, our neighbors and the health of our Earth

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