Why the Law of Attraction Won’t Help the Coronavirus Pandemic

I decided to make a little video to talk about the Law of Attraction. I have also added the transcript of the video below, for those who prefer reading to watching (both the transcript and the video contain the same info)…

The reason I wanted to go into this topic, is because I came across some comments in the last few days from people on social media, saying that one of the ways to deal with what’s going on at the moment (what with all the lockdowns in place and the economic uncertainty that is going on right now) is to visualize something different for this world, and hopefully bring about change through the Law of Attraction.

I just wanted to talk a little bit about why I personally don’t believe in this point of view, and what I’m proposing instead…

First of all, I believe that there are two forces in this world. One of them is the force that sends you life events. So, it could be that your soul put in place certain events that it planned for you to experience.

Or maybe you signed up to be here on earth during large global events like, for example, this pandemic.

I guess people can have varying ideas about what that constitutes. Some people might think that it’s God sending you events, maybe it’s your soul or whatever.

What you believe about that is up to you. Personally, I believe that the soul puts in place certain conditions and pre-plans certain events for us. I do personally believe that this pandemic is pre-planned. Maybe not all the details of it, but the overall picture of it.

So, that is one force in this world. The other force is you, in that you get to respond to what is thrown your way…

So there is the force that throws you lemons sometimes (amongst other things – hopefully you don’t just get lemons!), and then there is You, the force that makes lemonade out of these lemons.

But I don’t believe that you can consciously alter, through visualization and intention, what your soul has planned for you in every scenario. And I definitely do not believe that you can alter the course of global events single-handedly nor do I believe that groups of us can always achieve this through visualization and intention.

I do believe that certain events occur because there is something that we can experience or learn from them. (I talked about that a little bit in my last, recent video, about how I believe that we, at this time, are learning sustainability as a planet in so many different ways through this pandemic.)

OK, so what does this mean for you and me?

Well, if we can’t visualize and intend our way out of this, then what can we do? We can make, as I said, lemonade. That could look like taking an opportunity that was not there before. Maybe the opportunity to rest; or maybe an opportunity to learn something.

I think that the key here is to go with the flow of what is happening. Don’t fight what is. Instead, take the opportunities that are in front of you

Personally, I was a little bit frustrated when everything started to kick off with the coronavirus pandemic, mainly because of what I was intending for myself right now…

I spent 4 years travelling and house-sitting, from about 2015 until 2019 – I was mostly going back and forth between New Zealand and the UK (and I visited a few other countries as well) looking after people’s pets and homes when they were away on holiday.

I had a great time doing that but it was also very isolating. So in October of last year, I decided to get settled in one place. It took me a while to furnish my place and decorate it. I even went to New Zealand in February of this year to pick up the last of my belongings that were in the attic of a friend from my time in NZ, and bring them back to Sheffield, where I currently live.

So for me, that felt like the final step to getting settled

And then the next thing I had planned was a new life, that did not involve so much isolation. I was going to get involved with the community a bit more because I don’t really know many people here. I knew at a minimum I wanted to take up a new hobby that brought me into contact with more people. I was also planning to go to a co-working place everyday.

And so, I was quite frustrated when the pandemic happened because, sitting alone in my house for however long it takes on lockdown is not really what I had in mind for myself. I mean, I’ve already done a lot of that over the last 4 years.

But in spite of that, I am going to take the opportunities in front of me – that being the time to work on my website and make these videos, and also time to sleep lots and take care of myself. And of course, to recover from all the travelling that I’ve done over the last several years.

So, if you’re in that space too, I advise you to firstly, go with the flow and take the opportunities that might be in front of you.

I also recommend prayer if you or someone else you know is struggling, or if you wish to focus your intention to help others. There are huge amounts of spiritual support available to us right now, and in my experience, you’re more likely to get this kind of support if you ask for it. If you need resources, ask for help from Spirit. Or if you are feeling low or you know someone who is, ask for comfort and help for that person.

You can do this by calling on an Archangel or an Ascended Master, and visualising some positive energy coming from this being, being packaged up into a box or some other container, and then visualise the person in question being sent this energy.

If this sounds far fetched and you’re not sure how prayer helps with anything, you might like to read this story (‘No Angels Wear Pink Pyjamas’) which demonstrates the power of prayer in helping others.

Thank you for watching.

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  1. Catherine Motteler

    Thank you for speaking out; what you speak of feels like the larger picture to me. It turns out that there are now eight people staying here on my small farm ( I ran a goat dairy for fifteen years). There are out buildings and we make the best of this. Some stay here and some go out for the necessities. I am an INFJ and yet, highly sociable (up to a certain point). I see how each one of us is affected differently…who is shifting and when, who is resisting and how, including me (ouch)! When I phone my brothers I see each one has a completely different take on the pandemic. It feels vital that each of us change and that this was meant to happen. I do not find this comfortable, but do not feel that this could be visualized away. Thank you for your clarity.

  2. Nikita

    Great article, Anna, I completely agree! My Pisces ascendant is a lesson in go with the flow for sure.

    “amongst other things – hopefully you don’t just get lemons!” Life/universe literally does give me lemons year-round! They come in the form of an elderly lawnmower man who seems to have a knack for leaving a bag at the front door every time I’ve just run out.

    And in a similar relation to lemons: have you considered gardening? You could grow things now and then in the future when everything opens back up you can do cutting, plant and food exchanges in your community =] At the moment the plant nursery that I live next door to has temporarily shut down due to the virus (and they’ve taken their cute resident cat (former stray) who visits me with them =/ ) so I order online in the meantime.

    Take care =]

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