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Life Purpose & Soul Gifts Podcast with Alex Wu and Anna Sayce

Welcome to the first ever podcast I’ve taken part in!

On it, you can listen to psychic-medium Alex Wu and me talking about how to find clues to your soul gifts and life purpose. I would say this podcast is really for people who have no clue (or people who are unsure) about what they want to do with their life.

In the 35 minute podcast we cover the following topics:

  • What life purpose really is (it’s a lot more practical than it sounds!)
  • Ways to find out what yours is
  • Common myths about life purpose that keep you stuck (11:24)
  • One ‘secret’, little-known way to find your life purpose (18:22)

The more you use your soul gifts, the happier you feel. So if you feel like you’re not happy in your career, then why not give it a listen. Even if you’ve heard of life purpose a million times (It is sort of an annoying new-age buzzword, isn’t it), I can promise that there will be some information in here that is new to you.

The first 10 minutes is really an introduction to life purpose for those who are new to the topic.

Listen on this website:

Download and listen to the file on your computer:

Download the Life Purpose podcast

Table of Contents

0:53What is Life Purpose?
3:09Ways to find your life purpose
11:24The myths about life purpose that keep people stuck
18:23A little-known way to find your life purpose
23:13Many people live a partial life purpose
29:53Your life purpose may be just in front of your nose
31:17Your soul gifts are double-edged swords

I hope you enjoy it!

If you have any comments or questions, just leave me a reply.


  1. This was a great discussion /interview Anna and Alex. As a psychic I never felt giving Life Purpose readings was my forte and I loved what you said Anna, it certainly is your speciality, or one of them. Not more than a few hours later I was crying when I had articles accepted on a site because I thought about what you had both said and realised that writing was one of my Soul Gifts, it came so simply to me that I never saw it as one, I just saw it as a means to an end. So very timely listening to you both.

    Kate’s last blog.. Earthing-Probably The Most Important Health Discovery

  2. Fantastic podcast! Thank you for sharing this :)

  3. Hi Anna,

    That was an interesting interview. Personally I’ve found numerology to be useful for determining what in numerology is called lifepath.

    One tip is that when you calculate your lifepath it’s common for many people to have the innate skills and inclinations of the prior lifepath for the first third or half of one’s life. For example, a 5 will have the tendencies and skills of a 4: liking stability, perfectionist, structured; a 1 will have 9 qualities such as idealism, spiritual interests, and humanitarian inclinations.

    Lifepath is like a mountain we climb in this lifetime, so what this means is our lifepath is what we need to stretch into. The 1 has to become a leader and pioneer despite their humanitarian tendencies, the 5 must embrace change, variety, travel and communication to be the most fulfilled.

    There are a small number of (usually) lucky people who come in just ready to go with their lifepath, but most of us have to grow into it over our lifetime.

    Seeing it as a transition and process of growth from the previous lifepaths skills and tendencies into the new one can be a helpful tool for people to find their own pattern and how to develop harmoniously.

  4. Wow Arthor that was really interesting. I use a bit of numerology to tap into people when I do readings and what you said about the previous number qualities certainly fits me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Adorable accent!

  6. I really liked this interview, and found the bit about weaknesses so interesting. I really need to reflect more on that for myself and listen again.


  7. Kate – Cool! :) I am so glad you enjoyed the podcast

    Alicia – thanks for leaving your feedback!

  8. Hi Arthor,

    Thanks for sharing this tip. I knew that numerology could provide a lot of insight on life path but I don’t know much about it personally. I think I am a life path 5. What you wrote here definitely fits me. I love structure and am a perfectionist. I feel called to communicate and travel, but have never been 100% comfortable with writing and speaking so far although I push myself to do it :)

    I was wondering if you have any articles or know of any resources or books that could help readers to find more about their life path through numerology?

  9. Keith – 😀 Thanks…Not sure if you meant my accent or Alex’s (I find the Canadian accent quite adorable especially when they say ‘aboot’ instead of about)

    Anne-marie, glad you liked it, thanks for leaving your feedback!

  10. Hi Anna,

    Thanks, I’m glad the tip was helpful for you and some of your readers.

    To calculate lifepath someone can use the steps at

    to get their main lifepath number.

    I should probably caution people that most sites on numerology are lacking critical information. For example, most will tell you that you are born with the lifepath traits as a set of skills right from the get go.

    However, as I mentioned in the tip above, this is only very rarely the case – lifepath is something you usually have to grow into.

    But at least they can get the basics. And web searches will also reveal how to do it just by typing in “calculating lifepath” or something similar.

  11. Thanks for this, Arthor!

  12. This was really great and I definitively have to listen to it again to get all the important points. I think, what makes it really difficult for so many people to find their life purpose is that we are all so conditioned by our society. In our (mainstream) society, there are a few things that are very worthwhile to achieve (being a star, being rich, having a big villa…), whereas most other things are not really very “interesting” to achieve.

    A while ago, I was talking to my niece and I asked her what she wants to do with her life. She told me that she loves flowers and plants and that she was thinking about becoming a gardener, but all her friends are just laughing about her and telling her that this absolutely “uncool” and a stupid idea. So, now she doesn’t really no any more what she wants to do and probably she will pick up something different.

    What a shame! Unfortunately, many people miss out on their life’s purpose & true love, because they allow themselves to be dictated by what’s cool and what’s not cool in the eyes of our society.


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