The Intuitive Awakening Course

Rhonda Zabinsky,, Award-Winning, Inspirational Author, Producer and Speaker

“For those of you out there that have wanted to learn more about your inner voice, higher self and intuition, Anna Sayce’s courses are phenomenal!

I found all of Anna’s courses are well organized and give a student everything they need to learn how to become more in tune with their inner voice and higher self.

It doesn’t matter what level you are at, if you want to learn how to become more intuitive, these courses are all a person needs – five star quality at a very reasonable price!

Highly recommended.”

Shan Cox,

“I did your Intuitive Awakening Course a few years ago now and loved loved loved just how much I got out of it. My grandfather had just passed away and I was having so many new and unusual experiences. Your course was well worth every dollar spent. Thank you for everything that you do, for your honest stories and for sharing your journey publicly for us all to learn from. It really is appreciated.”

Herb Cohen,

“This is a powerful course, though it requires patience and practice. There is a return for your effort and I found the guided meditations to be very powerful and even life changing.

I had a lot of ambivalence starting out and I can say confidently that that is no longer the case. I am overwhelmed daily with gratitude and compassion. I am grateful for this course.”

Laura Speltz

“Anna, I found your website in June 2015 when I started to have experiences I could not explain. I was really scared at first because I had NO idea what was happening. Your site really made me feel connected and not crazy, as I thought I was at the time.

You really resonated with me, so in September 2015 I purchased the Intuitive Awakening Course. I felt it would help me to focus more and fine-tune my abilities, and it has. I have had clairvoyant and clairaudient experiences that still blow my mind. The clairvoyant ones are amazing. It’s like a movie plays on a screen in front of me.”

Danna Yadav,

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Intuitive Awakening Course for several reasons. The obvious is that I become more intuitive and was able to strengthen my psychic abilities, gaining the confidence to use these skills daily. The not so obvious reason I would highly recommend this course is for the organization. It provided me with clear and succinct focus. Before beginning the course I felt scattered and unclear about which book, meditation or exercise I should practice to achieve my intuitive goals. Anna’s course took me through the exact processes and exercises so that my skills advanced at the right level without me feeling overwhelmed by the information. Thank you.”

Kelly Dawn,

“I ordered the Intuitive Awakening Course, and was blown away by how in-depth it was, and how easy it was to put the exercises into use. It’s perfect for someone who’s a complete beginner, or someone who’s already intuitive but wants to dive deeper.

Since Anna includes both written and audio versions (love her accent!), I could listen to a lesson while doing dishes, and then go back and read over it if I wanted to later.

The homework assignments were super easy to work into my daily routine, and by doing them regularly, I saw a huge improvement in my skills.

Since taking the course, I’m more confident in my abilities, and I now know how to use them in my everyday life and business. The course is well written, easy to follow, and I can refer to it whenever needed.

I loved this course, and recommend it to anyone who’s interested in strengthening their intuition, regardless of what level they’re at. Anna presents the information clearly, and concisely so you learn what to do, how to do it, and then put it into practice. Thanks Anna for your hard work in creating such an amazing program!”

Chelsea Marie

“I absolutely loved every part of Intuitive Awakening. I’ve experienced increased awareness of intuition, understanding of spirit guides all around us, better reception of messages from deceased loved ones, and increased overall psychic awareness.

Also, I received invaluable information — guidance, love and light from the ‘other side,’ which no longer truly feels like a foreign place, but rather, our loved ones always surrounding us. I learned to use tarot cards, my pendulum, and I learned to receive messages in a clear fashion. I learned my gifts, and even tried my hand at other things I was once skeptical about. A truly eye-opening course!”

Nela Dunato,, Artist, designer & illustrator

“The Intuitive Awakening Course helped me identify which my strongest gifts were. I wouldn’t say I was claircognizant before the course, but apparently that is my very strongest gift (along with empathy and clairsentience), which was a surprise.

I think the best thing about the course is that it gives a variety of techniques so you’re definitely getting something practical out of it, no matter what gifts are your strongest, but you can also get to practice your weaker ones…there are plenty of techniques in the course I have had good results with.

I loved the guided meditations and exercises to raise vibration. I use them regularly even when I’m not planning to talk to Spirit, just because it feels so good to be clear and aligned.

Thank you for making this course!”


“There is no better course at such a great price. Anna is a born teacher and you cannot fail to gain a wonderful insight from her work, which has been created with a wonderful attention to detail for people at all levels.

I loved the course. It was very well-written and very nice to have the audio lessons as you feel that Anna is actually teaching you (and it’s clear she’s a very good teacher). What is great is that it gives you a little bit of everything from chakra balancing, dowsing, automatic writing, reading photos and finding the clairs that work for you.

In the course, the most powerful part for me was the Chakra Meditation. The very first time I used it right at the end, I drifted down and then saw a face of someone who I felt was a spirit guide, as I felt overwhelmed with love. That was amazing. It’s a great course!”

Lisa Shows,

“I truly loved the Intuitive Awakening Course. This is an excellent way to explore and feel safe. It was well put together. Intuitive Awakening helped me to gain confidence. It has led me on an awesome journey. I felt safe to keep exploring after the program. Anna is amazing.”

Robin Lehman

“I loved Intuitive Awakening! It’s so beautifully written, professionally formatted, and expertly delivered via audio. All of that made me very comfortable as I expanded my understanding of and access to the spiritual realm.

I was amazed at how thorough Anna was in explaining each topic area. It is outstanding. I learned a peaceful but efficient method for opening and clearing chakras. I learned how to receive spiritual guidance through the use of a pendulum. I have exercises to use to increase my intuitive gifts. I gained a wealth of information in an area in which I have a great deal of interest and curiosity.

I experienced Anna’s gentle nature and humility. Thank you, Anna for all of your hard work creating Intuitive Awakening and making it available to spiritual seekers.”


“Because of Intuitive Awakening, I now connect with spirit in ways I never did before. I have learned who my master guide is and work with him almost daily. I’ve learned his communication style with me and find great comfort in knowing he is there to guide me. Since the class I have learned a few more of my guides and am learning who they are and what their specific reason is to work with me, which has been very exciting.

Anna has such a great teaching style and I love her authenticity. I loved the course. It taught me many things that I didn’t know. I can’t thank you enough for this course and helping me connect spiritually and learning what my purpose is moving forward. I am genuinely grateful and I honestly can’t thank you enough for the direction. You have changed my life for the better in so many ways!”

Michelle Elliot, Blue Wren Healing

“When I started the Intuitive Awakening Course with Anna, I was hopeful that I could develop what I thought was a psychic ability within myself. It has been a journey that I have completely loved travelling on. It has opened up my belief in myself, connected me with my spirit guides, angels and higher self.

The course has given me tools to use in times of day to day living, i.e. the breath-work techniques I will use when I am at work or at home to calm or refocus myself. It has also connected me to my spirit world, or more specifically, shown me that I can actually connect! Wow! Anna is a wonderful teacher and I have welcomed her teachings with an open heart. Thank you.”

Seva Ananda

“I can’t say enough about Intuitive Awakening. It is really powerful and the bonus chapter is very helpful. I was amazed by the things I could do and now I trust my insights completely. Thank you so much for developing a course that will enable anyone to develop their natural intuitive abilities.

I really liked the meditations. This really helped me become still. I liked all the exercises for learning if you are clairvoyant, clairsentient, etc. They were well-thought out and fun.

If you are serious about strengthening your intuitive skills, this well-thought out Intuitive Awakening Course is excellent. It teaches you step by step how to tap into your intuition while working at your own pace. It is extremely comprehensive and I would recommend it to anyone.

I have enjoyed every module so far, and I have taken other intuitive courses. Thank you for creating such a powerful course!”


“I recently completed the Intuitive Awakening Course and it was great! I learned a great deal.

The course provides a basic understanding of the different ways people receive psychic information and critical steps to take to ensure you fully access spiritual guidance.

I’ve done some practice readings for people who say I’m very good and accurate. I even did one for one of the other students taking the class who said she was very impressed and hoped she’d have the same results after completing the class.

On a personal level, knowing I can develop psychic abilities and getting more in touch with my spirit guides, angels and Higher Self has brought me a deeper sense of inner peace and self esteem. It has helped me grow as a person.

I highly encourage anyone wanting to start their intuitive journey to take this course!”

Helen Hageman

“The Intuitive Awakening Course is perfect. It really opened my skills further. I was not a beginner, but this course really helped me to understand the skills I have being working with. My main skill is clairaudience, closely followed by clairvoyance and clairsentience and on occasions I work with claircognizance. I was also an open Empath and I have now learned to control this as which really helps with my healing work.

The meditations are excellent. This course has also encouraged me to take a BSY Diploma in Psychic counselling/consultant. I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to awaken their psychic abilities or work on their already existing skills. Intuitive Awakening is just truly amazing and totally mind blowing. It is an excellent course and one which I have recommended to many. The results are amazing.”


“This was the best course I have taken by far. Intuitive Awakening was very clear, practical and well built. Information books, audio, Anna’s examples from her life, FAQ’s from previous students etc., made it a truly wonderful experience to take part of the course.

I was totally lost with my own psychic skills and my daughter was such a mystery to me (she has always had huge amount of different kind of psychic skills). This was a starting point to get my fears/ thoughts/ doubts in order. Now when I am already Anna’s Akashic Record Reading Course student, I have started to understand that psychic skills are the gifts that we can use for a better life, not something you should hide and be scared of. It has had a huge impact to our everyday life. I cannot thank Anna enough for making this course.”


“Because of Intuitive Awakening, I did start developing psychic abilities. It was a great course, easy to follow and each chapter short enough to read or listen to in a limited amount of time.

I still go back and read or listen to some selected chapters every now and then. The combination of Anna’s voice and British accent is very soothing to listen to. Sometimes it also helps me relax and go to sleep better. I highly recommend this to anybody who is interested in the spiritual world.”

Arwen Dyer,, Photographer & Creative Arts Therapist

“The Intuitive Awakening Course helped me develop much greater awareness of my intuitive powers and acceptance of them. I learned skills to open chakras and developed awareness of the different types of intuitive knowing. I really liked the way Anna did lessons and used aspects of her own story. Thank you Anna — doing the course really helped me on my journey of intuitive knowing and psychic awareness.”


“Anna’s Intuitive Awakening Course is the most well written and structured course I’ve ever taken. The exercises for developing and strengthening gifts were practical and I had great results almost instantly. It also gave me practical and effective tips for managing my empathy. It was very well written, and structured with enough practice to balance the theory.”

Jill M Roberts,

“Intuitive Awakening helped me listen more to my intuition and trust my vibes. If you’re serious about opening yourself up to your own psychic abilities, then this is the course to take. It’s helped me listen to my intuition, raise my vibration and inner voice, and open up my claircognizance.”


“I sought intuitive development that is practical by nature for a long time, and I could say that this Intuitive Awakening Course is the perfect one for a beginner like me. I would recommend this course to everyone that is longing to explore and develop their spiritual aspect of life. It helped me to understand more about spiritual development and essential keys that are needed during practices. In my view, the course is perfectly comprehensive and practical. Thank you, Anna for creating this course.”

L. Wilson

“I began the journey to find out who I am and what I’m capable of. What started as a simple inquiry turned into a life-changing journey that has been nothing short of amazing!

I don’t think I would have gotten this far without Anna’s Intuitive Awakening Course. It’s incredibly scary at times but it’s all worth it. I’m finding a decent support network so I don’t have to ‘hide’ completely right now. Thank you so much Anna for this experience!”


“Wonderful course and incredible teacher! Anna is clear, thorough, and gentle in her lessons and takes the listener on journey of connecting with their intuition that is both insightful and manageable. I gained a very clear understanding of all the different types of psychic intuition a person can experience and the importance of getting familiar with your own natural gifts. What an incredible gift the Intuitive Awakening Course has been for me. Thank you!”

Sharon B

“I’ve always enjoyed the materials in Anna’s courses. They are well explained and organized. The information feels very grounded thus energetically accessible. I loved the chakra meditation. It was very powerful and I felt so calm and open afterwards.”

Michelle Kirsch,, Coach & Writer

“I really enjoyed the Intuitive Awakening Course. It was practical, easy to follow, and included simple & effective exercises to practice. The meditations were wonderful.

The course left me feeling more connected to my intuition than ever before and I was finally able to connect with my guides for the first time. Thank you!”

Frances Garcia O’Brien

“I cannot be more thankful to God/Spirit for having crossed paths with Anna. I’ve taken many intuitive courses in the past and I can say without any doubt that Anna’s Intuitive Awakening Course is by far the best I’ve ever done.

Being an intuitive counselor myself on and off for 5 years, Anna’s course came as a “breath of fresh air” and taught me very practical and useful techniques that I use daily.

All the techniques I learned from Anna’s course have helped me enormously in my spiritual path. I had many ‘a-ha!’ moments, and in particular, it helped me in building my own confidence in my natural abilities.”


“I loved the way this Intuitive Awakening Course has been structured and adding content from Anna’s personal experiences is invaluable. I also appreciated the FAQ’s as I could see what others have asked in the past – it enhances your knowledge and gives you confidence. Because of this course, I trust my psychic capabilities more.”

Kate Strong,

As a professional intuitive myself, and having read a lot of psychic development courses, I found Anna’s Intuitive Awakening Course to be refreshing and I was excited to read material and exercises that were new to me. So even though this is beginner’s level, I still got something out of it.

In fact the meditations she offers with her course have had a side effect of helping me sleep better, they were very healing. Her style of writing is easy to read and very down to earth. There’s nothing in this course you won’t be able to use, and the meditations are brilliant.

Anna’s knowledge and experience on this subject, and her dedication to sharing her journey and wisdom with her students, makes her relatable and transparent, offering you a real world experience of awakening your psychic abilities.”

Sallie M Keys,

“Anna’s Intuitive Awakening Course is amazing! I learned so much and it really helped me strengthen my intuition and my ability to clearly connect to receive the guidance I needed when I needed it.

As a result, it has greatly improved my ability to help my clients find solutions to their problems, as well as my own.

It’s well worth every penny and more and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their psychic abilities! Thank you Anna!”


“Anna’s Intuitive Awakening Course has been one of the greatest gifts to myself! What I learned from Anna’s course completely changed me from an untrained empath to a developing professional psychic.

The course is thorough without being overwhelming, fascinating to work through, and absolutely worth every penny!

It is empowering as a personal tool and as a necessary foundation for beginning a professional level course. Anna is an excellent teacher who really knows what she is doing and she brings a lovely, nurturing energy to her work.”


“Anna has created a brilliant resource for anybody looking to develop or enhance their inherent intuitive gifts.

It is gently paced with many practical elements that are enjoyable to do and Anna’s voice is beautiful to listen to. It is a very comprehensive and nurturing course that I would recommend to all that are seeking to learn more about themselves or to assist others in understanding their energetic way of being.”

Sherece  Schaaf Rios

“The course work is written so well and is not intimidating. The homework given at the end of each chapter is really essential because it gives you something tangible to work with. Anna’s soothing meditations and explanations really helped keep me focused on the task. I loved that I was able to read the FAQs section for questions/ challenges that came up throughout the course.”

Teilon Ferreira,

“I really enjoyed this course. It was easy to follow, with clear instructions. Anna’s voice is so calming and gentle. A true pleasure to hear. The meditations that are included in this course are very powerful and do wonders. I recommend this course to anyone who is looking to connect with their guides and/or their higher self.”

Faye Armstrong

“This was a great course, that gave enough background so that someone new to the subject area would gain a solid understanding, but also in-depth enough that there was lots of new information and techniques to be learned by someone who already has an intuitive or spiritual background. Anna also teaches in a way that is conversational and easy to understand so the program is interesting and easy to follow along with.”

Andrea DeLorenzi, @_andreadelorenzi (on Instagram)

“Anna’s Intuitive Awakening Course opened up so many doors for me on my own spiritual journey. Her course was the first spiritual course I really took, and the tools I learned there helped me expand into the spiritual life and career I have today. The skills I learned helped take me on a journey from a shy, scared-of-the-dark young adult, to a now practicing intuitive, reiki practitioner, Kundalini yoga teacher, and spiritual mentor. Thank-you Anna for being a leading voice on the internet for what’s possible in people’s spiritual lives.”

Melissa Gardiner,

“The Intuitive Awakening Course with Anna is a wonderful resource for discovering your intuitive gifts, and I highly recommend this Course! It’s professional, straight forward, very clearly written and the audio is a lovely addition. My dreaming has always been vivid, but I am now clearly receiving messages from Spirit. This Course has been empowering, allowed me to get to know parts of myself that had been pushed into the background, and opened up a connection with the Spirit World. I feel more whole for it. Thank you, Anna.”

Cindy Fields

“I enjoyed the Intuitive Awakening Course as it really opened my eyes to the possibility that there really are guides out there and that they are approachable. As someone who has not had a gift since childhood, I felt there was a possibility that all of us hold these abilities inside and it’s just about access. I’m still working on access, but I now feel it’s within reach.”

Kelsey Richards

“Anna’s program really goes in depth for each individual to find their own potential and develop it! You may even discover you have a gift you had no idea about! You can take as much time as you need to complete the ‘homework’ and there are detailed FAQs for any questions. I am still developing my empath gift and feel much more confident in life – that is amazing!”

Emily Box

“I really like the level of detail and the attention paid to the different types of intuition in The Intuitive Awakening Course. I learned a lot about myself and my own abilities. I enjoyed understanding myself better, and being exposed to more techniques and practices I could use. I have taken other intuitive courses in the past, and got the farthest with this one and had the best experience.”

Sharmin Subhan

“I found this course to be a practical guide that really demystified things for me. I am able to connect much more clearly to my intuition which has proved to be really helpful to me. Just the fact of becoming aware that I have awesome gifts like this and can learn about how to use them is amazing.”

Alex Bakley

“This is one of the BEST courses I’ve come across for beginners starting their spiritual path. Anna’s “Intuitive Awakening Course” is simple and straight forward. She explains everything that even people who aren’t well associated with the subjects can understand. I love her guided meditations that she included with the course. They are soothing and have a professional touch. With her course, you will get to be more in tune with your Higher self, and guides.”

Rachimah Wilton

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Anna’s voice is so soothing and brings such knowledge that it was a joy to return to the course each day. I have used the information gathered from this course every day since completing it. I can’t recommend this course enough. It has deepened my intuition, connected me with my guides and created a blissful inner peace within me.”

Tanya Montpetit

“I’ve really enjoyed Anna’s ”Intuitive Awakening Course”. All subjects were very well explained and very easy to follow. I’ve also really liked the exercises to push ourselves to go further into our practice. The class was very well written and I’ve learned so much about myself and my gifts and how I can also be a better person and help others into their own journey. Thank you Anna for your uniqueness, for sharing your knowledge and passion.”

Victoria Deterding

“I loved the step by step processes and most importantly, the focus on working with the divine and avoiding random astral attachments and channeling. This is missing in SO many intuitive courses!”

Melody Holt

“The Intuitive Awakening Course is a very well-rounded easy to understand course. It’s really hard to put the course materials away, and it is a great self-discovery course to develop your own intuitive gifts and also learn how to manage them and protect yourself. It helped me put a name on things I’d always experienced (since childhood) but never knew what was going on. Anna is a joy to learn from and explains things in a very down-to-earth way.

Victoria Musgrove

“Anna is an incredible teacher. Her program is put together in just the right order, filled with effective practical information and tools, and devoid of filler and fluff. Despite my long history with intuitive methods, I learned new and useful information from her Intuitive Awakening Course, especially in regards to removing energy and emotions that do not belong to me, a more thorough understanding of the many forms of clairs we each possess and specific methods to develop each of them, as well as her unique visualization method for opening and closing our chakras. I am very impressed with Anna and the great care and knowledge she offers in her courses and through her general website.”

Ryan Wilson

“The Intuitive Awakening Course was an exciting course for me to take. It helped me understand that there are many gifts you can use to receive guidance in your daily life. I loved that the course had a written and audio version plus FAQs if you have any questions about the chapter you were on. I really enjoyed taking this course.”

Mirjam Irene Maas,

“What really inspired me from Anna is her softness and power in creating this online business in intuitive spirituality. I have a lot of respect for that and see that you can really create something beautiful in the world from a place of softness and surrender to guidance.”

Lacey Weatherford,

“This course has not only helped me in my personal life, relationships, and even with business decisions, but also opened up new ways of thinking and possibilities for my children and spouse. I feel like it has helped to improve the overall energy in our home and our communications with each other. I’m so grateful that I stumbled upon Anna’s website. It, and her course, has helped facilitate many changes for the better in my life! I have a very busy professional schedule, but I hope to always have room on my plate for one of Anna’s courses. She is a wonderful communicator, and I enjoy learning from her gentle spirit.”

Rochelle Barlow,

“I absolutely loved The Intuitive Awakening Course. Throughout my life I consistently yearned for connection and guidance. There were times I thought I had it and then allowed others’ misunderstanding of connection to alter my own. Which left me feeling alone, anxious, and discouraged. Through the course I realized I had had that connection all along and I learned how I received communication and information. I was doing that when I was a kid and teenager, I just thought that my method wasn’t the “right” method and it was just me talking to myself. Being able to identify and connect easily and fully now has changed my life. As cliche as that sounds, it’s 100% true. Every day I am connecting with confidence, with joy, and I always always receive guidance, communication, and just what I need (and more). My anxiety? Gone. That overwhelming sense of loss and aloneness, absolutely gone. Each day my connection grows stronger and stronger and my life richer and richer.”

Jess Brown,

“This course is perfect for anyone just starting their spiritual journey or those looking to deepen their practice. What Anna teaches is interesting and helpful. The meditations are really nice too.”

Yvonne Riley

“The Intuitive Awakening Course helped me understand what it really meant to have psychic abilities, what my strengths were, and how to develop them as well as how to protect myself. I still use the meditations and many other things that I learned! It’s like learning to read, once you know how to read, you have the ability to grow and grow.”

Natasha Finlay

“Anna’s course is the most practical and useful course I’ve completed on psychic skill development. She explains everything very clearly and thoroughly and provides plenty of practical exercises to support skill development. I frequently refer back to her teaching and homework tasks. I felt this course gave me a real breakthrough in developing my psychic skills.”

John Randolph

“If, as I did, you found yourself somehow guided to Anna Sayce’s website and are considering taking her Intuitive Awakening Course, my advice is simple … DO IT! I have been into Spirit for many decades but have always relied on mediums to get guidance from Spirit. My goal in taking Anna’s Intuitive Awakening Course was to be able to receive and recognize communications from my Higher Self and Spirit Guides and the course really delivered in that regard!

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to develop such intuitive abilities before I started, but the course is structured so that the seeker is lead step-by-step through a series of exercises that really facilitate the development of intuitive abilities. The three guided meditations alone are enough to justify the investment! Anna’s course contains exercises that I know I will continue to use throughout the rest of this lifetime to receive the guidance of Spirit! Namaste!”

Gladdie Altura

“I really enjoyed the step-by-step process that Anna gave to be able to communicate with spirit guides. She really provides a down to earth approach on how to tap into your spiritual gifts. I like how she provides missing links like making sure to include your breathing to raise your vibration in able to connect. I also found the exercises that she provided very useful!”

Heather Beaveres

“Anna’s course is a practical introduction to the use of your intuition. It is designed for the ‘regular person’ with a family and a job, without a lot of jargon or technical requirements. You move at your own pace. I loved that Anna’s course covered so many different ‘clairs’; other psychics just promote & teach what they themselves are good at. Anna’s course has helped me negotiate my new work environment and be a better mom through the use of new channels of knowledge.”


“I took this course as an absolute novice. I enjoyed the audio files that accompanied the book and the exercises. I can get overwhelmed very easily, but the organized and thoughtful delivery of the content really allowed me to fully absorb the lessons. I truly enjoyed learning how to work the pendulum. The FAQs have a wealth of information as well. I feel very connected and more in tune. Best part is that I can reference the material whenever I need a refresher. I would definitely take another course with Anna.”

Cristy Jenkins

“This course was fun and easy to understand. It is great for beginners, people who are absolutely new to the word of intuition, but who want to learn more. It was very encouraging, and each new skill learned builds upon the last. I highly recommend it!”

Maribeth Leonard

“The course was laid out in a way that was easy to follow. Anna writes and explains everything so it’s very easy to comprehend. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned everything I always wanted to know about intuition/psychic ability and how anyone can access it.”

Kacee Leigh Connolly

“Anna truly covers all the bases from top to bottom. She’s done her research and really knows her stuff. You won’t be lacking for information when taking her courses. You won’t have to chase down info to fill any holes. There aren’t any! My clients have noticed an increase in confidence and the speed and flown in which I deliver my readings now.”

Megan Childress

“Very down to earth and engaging presentation of ideas and exercises.The methods for intuitive development are effective and the information is presented in a logical, practical order. It cuts straight to the good stuff without trying to convince you that the good stuff’s good. Not a bunch of fluff and woo – just good information well presented. The meditations are also great – I’ve referred back to them several times when I feel like I need a refresher, and will often use the general formula to each to check out my chakras, regain focus, and tune in to my spirit guides and higher self. ”

Tiffany Chingee

“I enjoyed the order of the course, how to do the exercises, & the different recommendations. I have had success & heard my guides the second day I started the course!”

Kay Black

“I found the course to be incredibly interesting and even life changing. I liked how the meditations were at least 30 minutes long which is what I think you need. I had a lot of success, it was unbelievable and mind blowing. I liked the thorough and thoughtful responses in the FAQ sections.”

Kate Moriah,

“I loved how the information was organized. I also truly appreciated being given different exercises to play with and develop on my own!”

Melissa Abraham

“Anna delivers a very down-to-earth, comprehensive Intuitive Awakening Course. The supporting workbook is very well structured, not to mention Anna’s very soothing voice on the audiobook and Meditation exercises.”

Sarah Shoop,

“After taking this course, I feel more comfortable with my own intuitive abilities which has helped my life both personally and professionally. I have a greater understanding of myself and my own unique intuition. I have skills that will last forever and a connection with myself that is worth any price.”

The Akashic Record Reading Program

Shelly Ebeling

“I cannot possibly say enough about Anna’s Akashic Record Reading Program. It has literally changed my life. Although I always knew I was intuitive and sensitive to energy, I really had no idea what that meant or what to even do with it. I first signed up for Anna’s course: Intuitive Awakening ‘Zero to Intuitive in 13 Weeks’, which I really enjoyed. It gave me a lot of information and techniques for developing my skills and was a great jumping off point.

When I decided I was ready to take things a step further, I signed up for the Akashic Record Reading Program. Anna’s program is extremely well-organized into practical steps for a seemingly unpractical field of study. I was easily able to follow the program, complete my homework assignments and start practicing on friends, loved ones, and even complete strangers with confidence and accuracy.

Fast forward to today, and I am a full-time Professional Intuitive, certified as a First Degree Reiki Practitioner, and am a Certified Akashic Record Reader with my own thriving business.

I am also grateful to be the Resident Akashic Record Reader for Anna’s website. When I said that the Akashic Record Reading Program changed my life, I meant it. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to take that next step in their spiritual journey.”

Jane-Marie Skinner

“I found the Akashic Record Reading Program information easy to follow and fascinating. Loved listening to the audios while I did household chores or in the car and then following up with the written module and homework. I often found the answer to questions I had in the forum as it had been asked by other students and on the odd occasion I needed to ask a question Anna always answered quickly and thoroughly. My practice clients loved the readings and it resonated well with them. Coming from a medical laboratory science background I also like how the info is presented in a practical down to earth way without all the woo woo or self promotion you may find elsewhere. ”

Stephanie Ayer

“The beauty I have seen as a result of becoming a paid reader has brought me closer to heaven than ever! I am changing lives by using my gifts. This course is worth every penny. Trust your instincts and do it!”

Katarzyna Guzowska

“Doing the course took me quite some time, but I imagined it to be much more difficult than it actually was! After you complete the course and do some practice readings for others, you are ready to ask questions about your personal life. When I received a one word answer or a 1 sentence advice to my concerns – it was so surprising and touching and true at the same time! Having the ability to read your own soul records bring such a wonderful feeling of safety and stability. I am so grateful that Akashic Records exist in the universe and thanks to Anna’s Course I have my own independent connection to it.”

Patty Swiatly,

“I want to thank Anna for providing these really easy to navigate courses. I took both the Intuitive Awakening Course and the Akashic Record Reading Program. I learned so much from these online courses…from how to access my intuitive strengths, to using the pendulum and various meditations to raise my vibration and connect with my spirit guides and angels, and how to read other people (my favorite), and how to give Akashic Readings for others (my other favorite). These courses really helped me to build on my confidence as an Intuitive Development Coach so that I was able to either give readings to others and/or teach them about their own intuitive abilities too. Highly Recommend these courses!”

Amanda Heartsong – Heartsong Spiritual Healing

“The Akashic Record Reading Program blew my mind wide open. The more readings I do, the further my intuition expands. For example, I no longer just dowse for past life readings, I get full scene flashbacks of whomever I am reading for.

The Akashic Record Reading Program has helped me better understand who I am and gives me a great place to meet with Spirit and to commune with them better. On the days that I do a reading I feel more in touch with the universe. I dowse for my clients at sunrise due to the downloads I hear energetically from my Akashic Record Guides and I am not overwhelmed by the energy of everybody in the neighborhood. I do all of my readings via a PDF report, and while I am typing the report up I receive so many flashes, insights and intuitive downloads on the soul I am writing for and all of them have given me very positive feedback.

Discovering my soul group of origin helped me realise why I am so different and also helped me tune into the right frequency to better hear Spirit talking to me. So much so, that in one afternoon I downloaded an entire Starseed Activation Training day with attunements and activations. All from understanding where I come from.

Thank you, Anna for your patience, guidance and lessons.”


“I have so many things to say regarding Anna and this amazing course for Akashic Record readings. The words will not be enough to truly show how wonderfully transformational this course has been.

I have always been since a child actively psychic, but through some of my childhood and teen years closed off not knowing how to control some aspects.

I reopened the wonderful connection to spirit but through time still needed something else….I felt something was missing to complete my journey.

I stumbled across Anna’s course on Akashic Record reading and so many bells went off, it was so obvious this was the thing that would open the door even more for me, with safety and factual information.

It taught me to trust, believe and focus. Very important things for anyone to learn. Without these self doubt will rob us of achieving our goals.

I am eagerly awaiting the second course, although I have done readings of a different kind these courses just seem to put the rest of the puzzle together.

I would highly recommend anyone, being already psychically aware or just beginning, to take these courses they give such an insight and are so easy to understand the way Anna has written them. Her words resonate with every lesson you learn.

I can’t thank you enough, Anna, and I will be spreading the word and singing your praises, for without you I do believe my ability would not have advanced as well as it has.”

Robyn Stewart

“Anna’s Akashic Record Reading Program is an incredible body of work that leaves no doubt in your mind as to the accuracy and relevance of your readings for clients as a practicing intuitive.

This course from start to finish is content rich with concise information that is easy to follow. Included are many charts that are invaluable as a tool when doing readings and the practice exercises are very effective in consolidating the information that you are learning.

Every step of the way whilst studying this program I felt supported by Anna through her personal mentorship and access to the members forum. For me what sets this training apart from others is the depth of information and its practicality, coupled with very sound ethics to follow on how and why to read for clients, plus the essential knowledge of energetic protection.

Once I started doing readings for my practice clients it really came home to me that this way of doing intuitive readings is most definitely not hit and miss; it can be replicated consistently every time to deliver practical and deeply insightful information that your clients can relate to. They can use this to empower themselves and bring their unique gifts and talents further into their lives. To me that is a profound way to help people.

Thank you Anna for creating this astounding course, I look forward to studying further levels with you. This program will allow many people to access knowledge about themselves that can truly change their lives.”

Jennifer Brown –

“I have learned to open myself up even more and by trusting my intuition I am able to channel so much information! The more readings I do, the more information flows more easily. I’ve had a number of clients tell me how the readings have impacted their lives for the better by helping to understand themselves better. ”

Cassandra Ocken –

“My name is Cassandra Ocken, and I have just recently completed Anna’s Akashic Record Reading Program. It was an amazing, life changing experience. I am a certified Clairvoyant Intuitive, and I am currently using my training from Anna to enhance my Intuitive Coaching business.

There are a multitude of reasons why I deeply value my training with Anna. Here are the top 5:

1. Anna is a very credible, down-to-earth, no-nonsense teacher. Her teaching style is very easy to follow and understand.

2. Anna cares deeply about what she is teaching and sharing. This shines through in all she says and does.

3. Anna’s course teaches concrete techniques and approaches that you can easily apply to your life or business immediately.

4. Anna’s teachings are serving a greater good and purpose in this world. She is teaching people how to go out in the world and empower others to discover, embrace, and accept who they truly are at a soul level.

5. Anna’s teachings and message make you feel safe and secure delving into some unknown and unfamiliar territory. She makes foreign ideas very real and meaningful.

I am so grateful I signed up for Anna’s course and learned about Akashic Record Readings. I am offering them as a part of my business currently, and my clients love the insight, clarity, and healing this reading brings into their life.

Thanks Anna.”

If you are wondering who to study with, I can definitely recommend Anna

I recently graduated from Anna’s Akashic Record Reading Program. The course contains a wealth of information written in no-nonsense, crystal clear language. From beginning to end, she is able to relate the information in such a way that your confidence increases to the point where you totally believe in yourself and your ability to read the Akashic Records.

I also like the way she gives you written material as well as audio mp3’s and homework, so by the time you finish the course, the information has been very well understood and absorbed. If you are wondering who to study with, I can definitely recommend Anna. She is a natural born teacher and her course is a wealth of knowledge, beautifully presented in a very professional way.

The mentoring session that was included in the course was very helpful and her pleasant personality left me inspired and encouraged. She also gives you access to a very helpful forum where you can read what others have struggled with, and also get any questions answered that may come up for you. All in all, I totally enjoyed the course and am very happy I chose it.

– Mati H Fuller, Colorado

Linda  Thorp

I thoroughly enjoyed the Akashic Record Reading Program. Anna made it very easy to understand and I love that we had the audio as well as the book format to learn. I was very glad that the course was self paced which meant I could do it when I had the time. The course was well set out and easy to follow and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to read the Akashic Records.

Mandy Carsten –

I’ve been fascinated with the Akashic Records for quite awhile now but so much of the information about how to access the records and receive clear guidance was vague. Anna’s course gave me clear, detailed steps to take to access the information and a way to validate that the information was correct – invaluable to someone as detail oriented as myself! I appreciated the requirement of practicing on others – it helped to boost confidence and it was extremely validating to hear how the information resonated with my clients. If you’re wanting to learn the Akashic Records, I couldn’t recommend Anna’s course more.

The Chakra Meditation Kit


“Your voice is very soothing and I fell asleep on the first pass. I found your technique of expanding and vacuuming the chakras was different and more effective than anything I’d ever tried previously. I have someone else’s chakra meditation, and it is very passive. Yours is more active and the result feels more energetically resonant.

Very nice work. Feeling very good and balanced and clear. Thank you for facilitating such a pleasant experience.”

“Not only is the content wonderful, but

Anna’s voice is unbelievably soothing

which greatly helps the meditation. I am now better able to identify where I am out of balance.”

– Brett Martin

“Anna’s Chakra Meditation is where I first

Reconnected with my spiritual side I’d lost

since a child. The journey since has been amazing! I feel blessed to have connected with Anna’s work. I highly recommend working with Anna Sayce.”

– Andrea Lund

Natalie Jackson

“Anna has a beautiful soul and it comes through in everything she touches. Anna presents the information in a clear way with practical lessons that help you master the content.”

Victoria Musgrove

“Anna is an incredible teacher. Despite my long history with intuitive methods, I learned new and useful information from her Chakra Meditation program, especially in regards to removing energy and emotions that do not belong to me, a more thorough understanding of the many forms of clairs we each possess and specific methods to develop each of them, as well as her unique visualization method for opening and closing our chakras. I am very impressed with Anna and the great care and knowledge she offers.”

Nicole Evangelista

“I loved the meditation and listen to it all the time. I’m much more sensitive and in control of my energy.”

Energy Clearing for Spaces

Madelaine Coelyn

“I’ve studied with some other highly respected teachers and I feel confident the method and approach presented in the “Energy Clearing for Spaces” Course is both effective and in alignment with Source. Anna made everything feel very approachable for this course and that helped me feel confident in my abilities.”

Deena Ashworth

“I’ve really enjoyed Anna’s courses. She always presents the material in each course in a very easy to understand and clear manner that ensures it’s easy to implement in my own life. I can’t recommend her courses enough!”

Katarzyna Guzowska

“I was very happy to learn from Anna’s Energy Clearing for Spaces Course. For me, the most amazing thing was that I could very easily and quickly put it into practice and feel the results! It was first time that I could realize some real-case process and influence my surrounding with it. Thanks to this course I could create with confidence a safe space for my further intuitive development.

I got also more aware about which areas of my house need care and attention: in one cluttered corner of the basement there was a portal for earthbound spirits to cross through. Now I got motivated to finally put it in order also on material level 🙂 I also discovered, that the unpleasant feeling I had about some painting in my home had good reasons. It contained some negative emotional residues that came from the author of the painting.

I could mention many more examples that increased awareness of what happens around me. Last one is, that I was very happy to discover that my house and the houses of my grandparents are built on the land that is still protected by indigenous spirits. Before I had no idea about presence of such entities and now I can feel them, tune into them and feel gratitude whenever I go to the garden. Thank you Anna for sharing your experience, knowledge and this method.”

Wendy Kimpton, Akashic Awakenings

“Energy Clearing for Spaces is a great course. I feel you have covered so much and a little more in the course, and it is filled with lots of high vibrational energy which is great for someone who is very new to this type of thing. I love the extra cheat sheet and the FAQ section at the end. Awesome work as always!

Stephanie Hall

“Before I did this course, I had been living in a house for 6 years where I was dealing with 7 out of 10 types of energy that can affect the health and happiness of a home.

I’ve stumbled and bumbled my way through the lack of knowledge and information about space clearing out there, in an attempt to clear my house myself.

Anna’s course has helped cement some of my learnings through all of my trial and error, and has provided me with missing information and tools which have allowed me to effectively clear my home.

If you are at your wit’s end with the energetic feel of your home, I can’t recommend this course enough. You will notice the effects immediately and the results are lasting.

Thank you Anna.”

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