The Empath’s Toolkit:

A guide to recovery for the overwhelmed empath

Learn how to do an empath aura cleanse.
Find out why empaths experience energetic overwhelm.
Learn how to survive and thrive in a world that is not set up for empaths.


Energetically overwhelmed empaths!

If you’re reading this, you may identify as a highly sensitive empath, who is able to pick up – and even absorb – other peoples’ energies.
However, many empathic people are ‘overwhelmed empaths’ (meaning that their high empathy has gone into a state of overdrive).

Here are some signs you too are an

overwhelmed empath:

You feel other peoples’ emotions vividly and profoundly, and have trouble shaking off the energies afterwards, even after the other person has move

You feel other peoples’ emotions vividly and profoundly, and have trouble shaking off the energies afterwards, even after the other person has moved on.

You often have a hard time working out whether you’re feeling your own energies and emotions, or someone else’s.

You often have a hard time working out whether you’re feeling your own energies and emotions, or someone else’s.

You have become a hermit and withdrawn socially in order to avoid other people’s energies.

You cannot visit crowded places such as shopping centres, stadiums, train stations, or nightclubs because the energies are so overwhelming.

You feel physical aches and pains, or manifest physical signs of nervousness or sickness, around certain people.

You often find yourself playing the role of counsellor and caretaker in your relationships and friendships, but you find it a draining role to take on.

You often wish that other people would follow your advice and get their lives back on track.

Your relationships are a source of obligation and stress, either because you self-sacrifice, have a hard time saying ‘no’ to people, or take it upon yourself to help others with their problems.

You feel like your empath gifts are a curse, and you wish you could be less sensitive.

If you resonated with the above statements,

the usual advice for empaths that you will find in many books and online articles (such as boundaries, lifestyle adjustments, and shielding visualisations) are NOT effective for you as an overwhelmed empath. They avoid the root causes of the problem – a bit like putting a sticking plaster on an infected wound.

Anna has 15+ years of experience working with empathic clients (and decades of experience being an overwhelmed empath),

and in this book, she gives new insights to explain the following:

The reasons you became an empath in the first place (hint: it usually happens in childhood) and how this is the key to bringing your empath gifts back into balance – and staying there.

Why our amazing empath gifts are a key part of our soul’s purpose – and how we can integrate them into our lives in a healthy way.

What is the ‘emotional projection’ trap and how it affects you as an empath.

The fascinating link between overwhelming empathy and your past lives.

Effective & fast techniques for cleansing your auric field of 5 different types of energy debris that most empaths pick up on a regular basis.

Powerful methods for healers, intuitives, counsellors and bodyworkers to keep their aura and work spaces clear of client energies.

A quiz to find out which empath gifts you have (out of 8 different types).

Overwhelmed empaths: this book will show you how to come back into balance with your amazing empath gifts and integrate them into your life, so that you can be more centered, happy and healthy. AND if you wish, share them with a world where they are sorely needed!

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$9.99 USD


$9.99 USD


$9.99 USD

A bit more about my story as an overwhelmed empath & how this book came to be written…

I started out my spiritual career 16 years ago as an Akashic Record Reader and around that time, I noticed I had many clients showing up who were very empathic and energetically sensitive. And they wanted me to advise them on how to rein in their sensitivity. This was not something I could really help with at the time, and the reason for that was…

I was an energetically overwhelmed empath myself.

I had been very empathic since childhood, and the older I got, the more porous and energetically ‘undefended’ I felt.

I read plenty of books and online articles on how to become less sensitive — and through these I learned how to shield my energy and attempted to establish better boundaries in my relationships. I also tried to act more like a non-empath in the hopes some of that ‘closed off’ energy would stick. But none of those approaches got to the root of the issue.

At the end of our readings, clients would say,

can you ask my guides why I’m so empathic and what I can do to tone it down?

And my clients’ Spirit Guides really did come to my aid – and theirs. The answers the guides gave were interesting, surprising and they made so much sense.

Over a period of several years, I collated these channelled recommendations from Spirit Guides, along with insights from my own path as an overwhelmed empath, and a book started to form.

This book, which has been years in the making, is everything I and my clients’ Spirit Guides appear to know about how to be a balanced empath, and it’s now finished.

Why this book is different from everything else out there written for empaths

At the heart of this book is a concept that has startled and fascinated me and many of the people I’ve worked with:

The vast majority of empaths are not born empaths, we become empaths.

This often occurs in early childhood (there are several known common triggers for becoming an empath). In this book, I explain what they are.

The fact is, if the original triggers for us becoming empaths in the first place pop up again in our adult lives,

they can really aggravate our empathy and cause us to take on and absorb too many foreign energies.

The key to becoming a balanced empath is in working out how you became an empath in the first place. And then applying that knowledge to the here and now, to ensure that you are not still being triggered.

Frankly, as a solution it is not as easy and quick as using a shielding technique, but it is a lasting solution that can make a big difference.

I am happy to say that I believe this is the first plan for overwhelmed empaths that really cuts to the heart of the issues that affect them.

In this book I do not give you an energetic shielding exercise and then ask you to pretend you are a non-empath (‘faking it until you make it’).

Instead I go deeper than that – I get to the root issues of overactive empathy. More specifically, I talk about how your relationships, and past experiences have shaped you as an empath, and how they are the key to coming back into balance. I also look at the role of past lives, and psychological/emotional projections.

And finally, this book shows you how to do an ‘empath aura cleanse’ (I do some variant of this exercise daily to maintain my energy field).

In my intuitive work, I have found that when I tune into empaths’ auric fields, they tend to be carrying certain types of ‘energetic debris’ that non-empaths do not. I have come to the conclusion that when an empath feels other people’s emotional experiences so deeply – as if they were her own – these experiences tend to accumulate in her energy field: they leave an energetic residue, essentially.

So what are the five types of energy we often collect as empaths?

I have listed them below:

Earthbound spirits
Unwanted influencing energies
Psychic ties
Emotional residues
Negative thought forms
In this book, I teach you about these forms of energetic debris that are commonly picked up by empaths, and I also show you how to clear them and even protect yourself against some of them.

Here’s what Readers have to say:

“I really like Anna’s writing style… easy to read and understand the concepts and ideas. I love that it’s all very real with questions that allow you to tune into yourself and discover your empath gifts.”

— Melissa Gardiner,

“I really enjoyed learning about the many, many types of empathy, and I liked that the book delved much deeper into the subject than anything else I’ve read.”

— Emily Box

“This book is helpful in particular for empaths that have had some trauma in their pasts. I really found the prayers to connect to the ascended masters really helpful, and I liked that everything had steps so that made it a really helpful, practical, and good guide to learn from.”

— Sharmin Subhan

“This book provides wonderful techniques for people who are empaths and find that they are overly sensitive or tire easily. I use these techniques every day and introduce them to my patients to help them regain their energy and have a better understanding of their wonderful sensitivity. The book is easy to follow, well organised and concise. A lovely and informative read. Essential reading for every empath.

— Rachimah Wilton

“The Empath’s Toolkit has been an absolute lifesaver for me in helping me keep my energy clear and free from other people’s influences. I can’t recommend this book enough!”

— Deena Ashworth

“I absolutely loved The Empath’s Toolkit. It helped me understand my empath gifts more than any other resource (or person!) I’ve encountered. Anna has such a clear, down to earth way of explaining things that made her teachings really accessible.”

— Alexandra W


“I’m so grateful to Anna! Her book The Empath’s Toolkit was life changing for me!”

— Vanessa Hardy

This book also teaches you how to make the most of your empath gifts.

On this page, I’m focusing more on the negatives of being an overwhelmed empath, but there are definitely some big positives to being an empath too, and we’ll cover how you can bring the positive aspects more fully into your life.

This book is available here:


$9.99 USD


$9.99 USD


$9.99 USD

Read the book’s Amazon Reviews

“I’ve been following Anna’s work for about 3 years now and am happy she has given us the gift of this book. I am a Highly Sensitive Person as well as an empath and the philosophy, exercises and practicality of this work has been useful in helping me find new ways to support myself, especially when I get overwhelmed – be it in noisy crowds or picking up on a client’s emotions. Do I do well each time? Nope. Am I doing better? Yes and will continue to apply the wisdom. As a counsellor, I have the chance to share some of these tools and information, when appropriate, with some of my clients. I have learned as to why and how we experience the world – which is a fine addition to the actual techniques.”

— Water upon Stone.

Read the book’s Amazon Reviews

:Anna Sayce’s book is a great resource for newly discovered empaths or for those seeking more information. It is very in depth and full of valuable information and techniques. I was quite surprised at how much I learned as an empath myself. I have learned more about being an empath and ways to protect myself and use it as a gift from this book! The best I have found yet!”

— Alex Bakley

Read the book’s Amazon Reviews

“This is such an easy to read, informative resource for Empaths. Great explanations, examples, prayers & suggestions for dealing with many common scenarios we face as Empaths. Reading this book is like having an amazing conversation or class with a friend. Love it!”

Jennifer Martel

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