Is your intuition
hit   & miss?

Are you tired of feeling like you can’t trust
your abilities?

Anna Sayce

Tell me something,

Have you ever thought…

  • Am I just kidding myself?
  • I’m never going to be gifted like the psychics I’ve mentored with…
  • I guess you need to be born with certain abilities…
  • Maybe I’m wasting my time?
  • The spirit world scares me a little…
  • Why am I so sensitive/empathetic? Life feels overwhelming…

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce

and I’ve been there

I know what it’s like to doubt yourself and your abilities. I know what it’s like to be fearful of this path because my entire upbringing reinforced the idea that I couldn’t trust my own intuition.

But I truly believe anyone can learn to be more intuitive. The process does not need to feel overwhelming or like it’s just hit-and-miss at best.

Right now, you might be throwing tools and techniques against a wall to see what sticks.

It’s fun to try out new tools, but you still feel like something’s missing. Your accuracy feels very patchy. Eventually, you have probably started to feel discouraged and frustrated.

You’re tired of wasting precious time and money on things that don’t make you feel super confident and capable or help you find the answers you crave.

So how would you like a step-by-step approach that finally makes sense?

In the past decade, I’ve helped over 6000 people develop their unique psychic abilities and I know I can help you too!

How I can help you

In my career as an intuitive and teacher, I’ve helped thousands of people like you connect with their own Spirit Guides and intuition. Whether you want to develop your abilities for personal or professional reasons, I can help you to manage your sensitivity and high empathy so you can feel more comfortable and at ease in your life, especially if you feel overwhelmed by your environment as an empath.

If you’d like to be able to connect with your own Spirit Guides and intuition to get guidance for your life, I can teach you how to open and nurture that connection.

And if you feel that using your empathic and psychic gifts is part of your life purpose, I can train you to give professional Akashic Record Readings to help others find out more about their soul, past lives, gifts, and lessons.

It’s possible for you!

Anna Sayce

Who I am

I had my first psychic experience (that I remember) at age six when I saw a ghost in my bedroom. I was always very sensitive, empathetic, and had a gift for precognition (knowing when something was going to happen). I also had a strong, intuitive bond with my little brother, Tony. Tony didn’t speak until he was four, but before that I was able to speak for him and let my parents know what he wanted.

My parents were very scientifically oriented and didn’t encourage psychic abilities of any kind. I grew up in a Christian church, which also frowned on anything supernatural, so I didn’t pursue my gifts for many years (and, to be honest, the experience with the ghost kind of freaked me out!)

As a teenager and young adult
I studied the Tarot, palm reading, and handwriting analysis and I even offered readings to my teachers and peers.

I explored Christianity and Native American spirituality, though I later left the Christian church when I realized that connection to the Divine wasn’t dependent on a church.

Little by little, I came to the conclusion that the Divine is in every person, every animal, and all living things. I realized I was a piece of the Divine, and so are you, and so is every person on this earth.

After years of spiritual wandering and frustration, I enrolled in an intuitive training course in 2007 where I learned to fine-tune my psychic abilities and provide professional readings to others.

I launched my website in 2008 and soon started helping others understand and utilize their own abilities.

Now I help thousands of sensitive, intuitively gifted people like you embrace their sensitivity, manage it effectively, and even use their gifts to help others.

Read my full life story and how I got onto this path: My Early Spiritual Experiences & Becoming a Professional Intuitive

Are you ready to connect to your gifts?

No matter what your psychic speciality is or where you are in your journey, I have plenty of fluff-free, digestible courses to help you develop your gifts in an approachable way.

Whether you want to manage your sensitivity and empathy, develop your intuition for your own guidance, or learn how to guide others professionally, I can help.

Fun Facts About Me

I’m in my late thirties. Aquarius. INFJ. I set up this website in 2008 and it has since become a popular online learning hub for those interested in spiritual and intuitive development. It is read by over half a million people per year.

I’m a wilderness lover and need to get out for my daily dose of the countryside. My love of nature partly came from spending several years in semi-rural New Zealand and also from my grandparents. I spent some of my summer holidays on their farm growing up.

Up until recently I spent four years travelling the world as a full time house sitter. Most of my house sits involved looking after cats (I am a huge cat lover!) I love cats because they are so funny, independent, and quirky.

I studied French and Spanish at the University of Oxford. In my former career, I worked as an English teacher in France and Spain.

I was born in North-West England, but my family emigrated to New Zealand when I was 19 and I spent years bouncing back and forth between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, before settling in Wellington, New Zealand.

To learn more about me, go here.

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I believe the supernatural is Super Natural

Guidance from the spiritual realm is not spooky or weird. It’s a natural part of life that can be used to steer you towards fulfillment and improve your life in practical ways.

All you need to do is awaken and develop it.

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