Law of Assumption

I am a student of Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption teachings and have been practising using the Law of Assumption since 2021, and helping others to do so with my LOA strategy sessions (which are now on pause.) I have had a lot of success in transforming my physical and mental health using the Law of Assumption.

The collection of free articles below are my interpretation of Neville Goddard’s teachings, based on my experiences with what works and what doesn’t. I have also been influenced by Russian mystic and quantum physicist Vadim Zeland, physicist and consciousness explorer Thomas Campbell and Dr Joe Dispenza.

If you would like to use the Law of Assumption to change your reality, I suggest you start with reading Neville Goddard’s Complete Reader. If a modern interpretation is desired in addition to Neville’s teachings, you can use my articles below roughly in the order they are presented, as a ‘how to’ guide.

The “Foundational Articles” (at the top) will help you to understand the core Law of Assumption concepts and also give guidance on how to put together your own daily conscious creation practice.

The “optional” articles don’t cover any of the core concepts but may be helpful to read, depending on your situation.

How I Waved Goodbye to Depression & S.A.D Using the Law of Assumption
How the Law of Assumption Works
How to Set Intentions & Choose Your Reality Using the Law of Assumption
Neville Goddard & Affirmations – Using Words to Manifest Your Ideal Life
A Complete Guide to Neville Goddard’s SATS Technique for Manifesting
How to Manifest Anything Using the Law of Assumption
The Bridge of Incidents & the Law of Assumption – How Long Does Manifesting Take?
EIYPO — Can We Manifest for Other People?
Neville Goddard — Mental Diet
Releasing Importance – You Might Need to Do This to Manifest Your Desires
The Importance of Self-Concept for Manifesting
How to Ignore 3D Reality When Manifesting the Neville Goddard Way
A List of Law of Assumption Techniques for Manifesting
How to Structure Your Law of Assumption Daily Practice for Manifesting
How to Reach the ‘Sabbath’ & Signs You’re in the Sabbath

Mental Diet Part 2 — What Are You Consuming and How Is It Affecting Your Manifesting Process?

How to Get to the Heart of What May Be Holding You Back in Creating the Life You Desire

How to Do Neville Goddard’s Revision Technique — The Ultimate Guide

How to Change Your Future Lifetimes and Manifest Your Desires by Releasing Your Bad Karma & Generating More Good

2 Reasons Not to Use the Law of Assumption to Change Your Reality

My Latest Insights on Manifesting Better Health

Read Neville Goddard’s Work: The Complete Reader

Why I Prefer the Teachings of the Law of Assumption to those of the Law of Attraction

How Long Will My Manifestation Take & Can I Speed It Up?
Why You Shouldn’t Tell Anyone About What You’re Manifesting
Tips for Manifesting Better Health Through the Law of Assumption — Part 1
Manifesting Good Health Using the Law of Assumption — Part 2
How to Improve Your Health Using the Law of Assumption — Part 3
Can You Manifest a Relationship With a Specific Person Using the Law of Assumption?
How I Manifested a New Home With the Law of Assumption (in the exact location I wanted to live in)
Is It OK to Manifest With a Deadline?
Never Used the Law of Assumption Before? — How to Test It Out Using the Ladder Exercise
This is My Current Favourite Method for Quick Manifestation (- Robotic Affirming/Inner Speech)
The Law of Assumption — How to Work With Multiple Intentions
Do You Need to Take Action When Manifesting?

How to Manifest in a Mentally Healthy Way

Are the Law of Assumption & the Law of Attraction Victim Blaming?

Why You Should Avoid Being a ‘Seeker’ When Using the Law of Assumption
Are There Any Limits to Using the Law of Assumption?
How to Build (and Turbo-Charge) a Business Using the Law of Assumption

Why Auric Capacity Matters for Manifesting Your Desires in Life (& How to Build It)

My Health ‘Bridge Of Incidents’ Over the Last 2 Years —What Does Manifesting Better Health Look Like in Reality?

The 2 Types of SP I Don’t Believe Anyone Should Manifest

How to Use the Law of Assumption to Remove a Bully From Your Life

Can We Accidentally Manifest the Death of Someone Around Us?

I have chosen to make this ‘how to’ content on the topic of conscious manifesting free for everyone to read (rather than put it into an online course or book). Sometimes readers ask how they can support my work or give back. If you wish to support my writing, below you can find a link to make a donation.


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