Introducing our team of support staff and guest intuitives here at Anna

Support Team


Jillian is Anna’s Operations & Website Manager.
She feels so fortunate to be able to work with such a kind and creative team, and as a highly sensitive empath, loves being a part of Anna’s wonderful intuitive work. She resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and enjoys spending her free time trying to keep her Jack Russell, Millie, out of trouble.


Maria Sutryn is Anna’s Email Manager and Virtual Assistant.

She loves working with kind, spiritual entrepreneurs who align with her, and as someone with high sensitivity, she’s very grateful to be helping with Anna’s intuitive work. Maria is a lover of astrology, yoga, personal development, and digging into information. The values that are important to her are kindness, justice, and integrity.

Guest Intuitives


Jennifer is a Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher and a Certified Akashic Records Reader.

She’s always known that she was different than her family and friends growing up. She could feel and sense energies that she never had words for or could explain. She just knew there was so much more than going on around her than what she’d ever been taught to believe. It was scary, lonely and confusing, especially during her late 20’s to early 30’s when it seemed to be all coming to a head. She was surrounded daily by energies, and she did not know what they meant, why she was going through this or why she was asking questions no one else could answer for her. It was exactly at this time she came across Anna’s Intuitive Awakening Course and her world seemed to change overnight. It felt so natural and so welcoming, she flew right through the course and knew it was opening an entirely new chapter of her life.

She has always been drawn to the modality of healing and spent a good portion of it involved in the medical field in various hospitals, in-home health positions and hospice care. But after discovering and exploring her intuition through Anna’s course, Jennifer found her path had changed and she has been guided to work helping people in a different way. 

When she heard of Anna’s Akashic Record Reading Course, she was drawn to it immediately and she absolutely KNEW this was something she was meant to do. After Jennifer graduated from the course, she has very much enjoyed doing readings for clients on a weekly if not daily basis. Having a reading done as specific as an Akashic Record Reading can be so helpful and insightful, especially for those just beginning on their own spiritual journey. Her mission is to provide a safe and judgement free space to help people with exploring their inner truths and connecting to their soul path & purpose through Akashic Record Readings.

Jennifer currently lives with her husband and two daughters in Alexandria, Minnesota, working as a Professional Intuitive and Reiki Practitioner. When she is not working with clients or running kids around to school and activities, you will find Jennifer hiking on local trails, fishing on the lakes, camping and spending time with her family.

Purchase a Mini Akashic Record Reading with Jennifer here.

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