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Develop Your



Learn to manage
your sensitivity

Practitioner certifications

Use your sensitivity
to help others

eCourses to

Develop your

Deepen your intuitive abilities, discover your gifts and awaken your purpose


Intuitive Awakening Course

Go from zero to intuitive in 13 weeks

In my most popular course, you’ll get a step-by-step comprehensive guide to awakening your intuitive abilities. It is complete with audio files, meditations, techniques and inside knowledge from a professional intuitive.


The Chakra Meditation Kit

A guided meditation: Clear energy blocks & Restore balance

The Chakra Meditation teaches you how to open and cleanse your chakras, and how to recognize imbalances in your energy field. It also includes a 45-minute healing session with the angels that you can listen to again and again.

eCourses to

Manage your

Learn how to support your empathetic heart so that you can thrive in the world.


The Empath’s Toolkit

A guide to recovery for the overwhelmed empath

Learn how to manage your sensitivity and remain in balance with your gifts. This book gets to the root issues of overactive empathy, namely how our relationships, and past experiences shape us as empaths, and how they are the key to coming back into balance.


Energy Clearing for Spaces

Create a Happy, harmonious energy for your home

Learn about the most common negative energies which affect our spaces, how to diagnose and clear energetic issues in your home and how to protect your home from negative energies in the future.

eCourses to

Use your sensitivity
to help others

Become a professional intuitive and learn how to get consistent, accurate results


The Akashic Record Reading Program

Learn to give professional readings

This course teaches you how to access the Akashic Records to read a soul’s path and purpose, and how to manage and protect your energy while doing readings.


The Intuitive Healing Practitioner Certification

An advanced Level Course

This training teaches you how to cut cords, release both ordinary and enmeshed earthbound spirits and clear astral debris, to help clients resolve issues on the level of their energy body.

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