Energy Clearing
For Spaces

Create a happier, more harmonious energy in your home
negative energies in the home
Learn about the most common negative energies in your home
diagnose and clear energetic issues
Learn how to diagnose and clear energetic issues in your home
Protect your home from negative energies in the future
Protect your home from negative energies in the future
anna sayce

Learn how to clear the energy of your home,

so that it supports your happiness, health and prosperity!

Over the last several years, I have received lots of messages from energetically sensitive people (and the parents of energetically sensitive children), telling me that they are being affected by negative energies in their home.
And many of these people are finding that the usual, recommended ways of clearing negative energies from their homes are not as effective or long lasting as they had hoped.

These include methods like:

  • Burning sage or incense
  • Using sound to clear energy, such as Tibetan singing bowls or cymbals
  • Using crystals or sea salt
  • Physically cleaning and tidying the space
Anna Sayce

The Main Problems

with the techniques above, when used on their own:

1. They do not clear out ALL of the different types of energetic pollution which can affect our spaces. (For the most part, smudging with sage and making noise just cause any earthbound spirits that are in your home to flee!)

2. They don’t protect your home from negative energies either.

This has been apparent to me for a while and so I’ve been on a mission these past several years, to find/create a more effective, comprehensive, longer-lasting solution.

And this course passes this solution on to you, giving you the most sophisticated and effective methods that I know of, for clearing negative energies – and keeping them out for good!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

  • How to identify which negative energies are affecting your home (out of 10 energetic problems that can affect spaces/land/buildings) – using a pendulum
  • How to clear any issues with the help of powerful Divine-level energies, and some carefully crafted spiritual prayers/ceremonies, so that your home feels lighter, clearer and more harmonious.
  • And finally, learn how to keep these negative energies out of your home in the future.
Energy Clearing for Spaces course

$59 USD

The 10

common negative energies that can affect

our homes and what will this course teach you to clear

Earthbound Spirits
Residual Hauntings
Emotional Residues
Negative Thought
Negative Thought Forms
Influencing Energy
Unwanted Influencing Energy
to Astral Planes
Outdated use
of Land/Space
Building on
Indigenous Lands


Earthbound spirits are dis-incarnate souls.

This means that they once walked our planet, but at the point of death, for whatever reason, they did not fully cross over, leaving part of either their emotional body or their mental body (or both) behind on the earth plane.

The common feature all earthbound spirits have is that they do not want to cross over to the other side for some reason, and because of this, they resonate with negative energies such as ‘stuckness,’ fearfulness, unhappiness, and pain.

Earthbound spirits are commonly found in public places that have experienced a lot of sadness and pain, such as hospitals, funeral parlours, cemeteries and police stations. Some may also be drawn to places which serve alcohol, such as bars and clubs. AND they often get into our homes – and attach to our spaces, or simply just pass through.

The earthbound spirits who end up attached to our homes are sometimes there because at one time, they used to occupy that space or visit it. Other earthbound spirits end up in a space because they like being around the occupants of that space. Sometimes they just like the occupant’s energy – specifically, earthbound spirits tend to favour empaths with open energy.

These spirits can drain our energy, pollute our spaces, give energetically sensitive children nightmares and freak us out (if we pick up on their presence!)

Here are some signs that there is an earthbound spirit attached to, or hanging around your home:

  • You often see things moving in the corner of your eye
  • Your children or pets are afraid of a particular spot or room in your house
  • Your children frequently have nightmares or night terrors
  • You often feel a cold draught against your skin or temperature changes in particular places that seem to have no earthly explanation
  • You get a creepy sensation that you are not alone/ you’re being watched.

This course will teach you how to clear this very common type of spirit.


Poltergeists are earthbound spirits, but with the power to make noise, create disturbances, interfere with electrical equipment and generally move physical matter.

These are usually an earthbound spirit who has been earthbound for a really long time, or just a powerful, dominant spirit who is able to draw energy from an occupant of the space (it is thought that poltergeists are most likely to draw energy from pre-pubescent and pubescent girls, and people who are under a lot of stress.)

Here are some of the signs a poltergeist is present in your space:

  • You have heard footsteps, banging or knocking and there is no earthly explanation for these noises
  • Doors open and close of their own accord (with no wind or draughts present)
  • Door knobs turning and doors shaking as if there is someone struggling to open a locked door (but there is no-one on the other side…)
  • Furniture moves on its own
  • Appliances switch on and off of their own accord
  • Channels change on the TV
  • Things disappear and show up again later in totally obvious places (a friend of mine told me about a dress she had been looking for that had been missing for months, and one day it was laid out on her bed for her, beautifully pressed and on a hanger. She lived alone and kept a tidy house…she says there was no way she had put it there herself.)
  • Lights switch on and off by themselves
  • You have felt someone touching you but there is no-one there.

If you experience some of the signs above, it could be that you are dealing with a poltergeist.

This course teaches you to clear such spirits from your space.


Residual hauntings are the energies of past events which have been imprinted onto a place.

The emotions or the thoughts around the event are encoded into the imprint, and they are usually a mixture of the energies of trauma, grief and/or strong regrets.

These are essentially energy imprints created by individuals who were haunted by a terrible sense of suffering at one given time. They are often created by suicide attempts, murders, or other scenarios where people go through intense suffering, such as a mental illness or grief, and similar traumas.

Residual hauntings often manifest as a spirit replaying a situation over and over again, like a record stuck on repeat – with visual and sound effects.

But residual hauntings are different from earthbound spirit hauntings. They look much like earthbound spirit hauntings, because they manifest as a spirit. However, earthbound spirits are classed as ‘intelligent hauntings’, whereas residual hauntings are just energetic echoes – they are not actual spirits.

But it is good to clear them from our spaces, as they are associated with heavy emotional energies.


Emotional residues are the energetic remnants of feelings which have been left behind in a space by someone who experienced them at some time or another.

(This is a very common type of energetic ‘pollution’ that can be found wherever there is a history of human occupation.)

These residues can be left behind by people who experience a trauma in the home or something from an ongoing situation, such as someone who suffers from a chronically negative emotional state.

Note that these are different from residual hauntings, as these do not manifest as a spirit – they are just negative emotional remnants, which can be subconsciously picked up, especially by empaths.

Negative Thought

Negative thought forms are energies created by repeated negative thoughts and words.

Not all of the thoughts we think become thought forms – the energy of most thoughts disappears once they are used up. But if we (or another person) give our negative thoughts enough energy, and they are repeated over and over, they can take shape as a negative thought form. They can even take up residence in land, buildings and possessions and contribute their underlying negative energies to us.

Negative thought forms are often created by people who complain and gossip, and by those with a lot of negative self-talk. Wherever there are negative people, you will generally find negative thought forms. Often, these thought forms are ‘left behind’ in a space by someone who created them while they were in that space.


Wolfpacks are clusters of negative thought forms surrounding a person who engages in a lot of negative thinking.

Think of them as being like negative thought forms on steroids – they are like concentrated clusters of different negative thought forms. They tend to be created by people who complain chronically, gossip, create drama, who resonate with the energy of victimhood and who don’t take responsibility for their actions or their lives.

People can bring these negative thought form clusters with them wherever they go and can leave remnants of them behind in places.

Influencing Energy

Unwanted influencing energy is essentially the unseen energetic component of controlling, nagging, bossing and coercing behaviours

This type of energy typically comes from friends, family and acquaintances who have an agenda for how you should live your life.

Sometimes this type of energy can end up in our auric fields, and other times it ends up in our spaces (usually when someone comes into our space and bosses us around).

This energy can also be sent from a distance and can even come from advertisers and political organisations. I also associate this type of energy with Jehovah’s Witnesses and people belonging to other religious organisations who come to your door with a strong idea about what you should believe in and how you should live your life accordingly.

Unwanted influencing energy in objects and homes can affect us while they are in our spaces. It can make us feel that other people’s desires and agendas are weighing heavily on us, to the point that they outweigh our own desires. When our space is affected by this type of energy, we may find it more difficult to recognise our own needs and desires and this can contribute to a feeling of stuckness.

This course will teach you how to clear this type of energy debris from your space.

Portalways to Low-
Vibrational Astral Planes

Portalways are invisible passageways to the astral realms, and they are often found in our homes.

Within the astral realm, there are different planes of existence. We have the higher planes, which resonate with high-vibrational energies and where our Spirit Guides and Angels hang out. (These are the positive spirits who are meant to be with us on our path, and who resonate with energies such as peace, joy and love.)

Then, we have the lower planes which are denser, and these are the planes where low-vibrational astral beings, such as earthbound spirits, hang out. (These spirits and these lower astral realms resonate with heavy energies such as fear, stuckness and pain.)

The astral realm, with these varied planes of existence, exist in tandem with our material world as an overlay.

Sometimes portalways to these low-vibrational astral planes may exist in our homes, through which low-vibrational astral energies can leak into our space from that realm of existence.

If this happens, earthbound spirits can use your home as a passageway to travel from one place to the next. When a portalway is located in or near a bedroom, we may also find ourselves having nightmares.

These portalways are often found in the corners we don’t go into, or the spaces or cupboards we don’t use. There is often a strange smell associated with them, and children or pets often won’t go near them. When a portalway is present, a home can become inundated with local earthbound spirits who are using the home as part of an energetic highway.

This course will teach you how to close any portalways you may find, so that they may never be re-opened again.

Outdated Use of

Not all negative energies come from energetic debris such as earthbound spirits or emotional residues.

Sometimes our space may not feel right because the land it was built on was once consecrated for a particular use which it is not aligned with in the present, simply by being your living space.

Here are some examples of how this can manifest:

• Building a home on a burial ground

Burial grounds have at one time been consecrated as a place of rest, and so the energy of the land has been assigned to belong to the dead and those who visit them. Building on burial grounds, even ancient ones, can create discordant and hostile energies – and if there is a sense that something has been disturbed or trespassed upon, this may bring these energies into the homes that are built over these grounds. There may also be some hostile spirits attached to these sites who are not happy that their resting place has been built upon.

• Building a home on or near a sacred site

When we build on a sacred site that has been used as a place to commune with the Divine (a space belonging to God), it is hard to feel at home there.

• Building a home on or near a battleground

Before or during a battle, the battleground land may have been assigned or consecrated (depending on the spiritual beliefs of those fighting) for the purpose of battle and victory. This can bring the energy of upheaval, fear, desperation, conflict or grief into your home – definitely not conducive to a happy home.

This course will teach you how to find out if your home is built on consecrated land, and how to re-consecrate the land or space as your home.

Building on Indigenous Lands
Protected by Ancestral Spirits

Over the last several hundred years, it has been quite common all over the world for land that once belonged to a certain tribe or group of people to have been stolen or colonised by someone else.

As a result, indigenous lands in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, for example, are often now owned by the ancestors of those who colonised the country.

Let’s take New Zealand as an example:

When the European settlers colonised the country in the 19th century, land was taken from the indigenous (Maori) people and given to the new settlers to farm. As there was a language gap, in some cases the Maori people did not understand that they were giving away the rights to their land completely in exchange for the goods given by the settlers. The meaning of written agreements was sometimes lost in translation. These misunderstandings and the greed of the colonisers resulted in many disagreements, which turned into skirmishes and wars during the 19th century.

This is obviously not an isolated scenario, but one which has been repeated throughout history in other areas of the world as well, such as the USA, Canada and Australia.

It is worth remembering that places such as these belonged to tribes and peoples who spent hundreds or thousands of years there before the colonists arrived. These people were often spiritually attuned to their sense of place and performed powerful ceremonies and rituals which cemented their feeling of belonging on that land. As a result, we often find ancestral land spirits still residing on the land.

Ancestral land spirits are spiritual guardians of the land, associated with the tribes that were once there. They are not the same as earthbound spirits, but they are something between elemental spirits and ancestors.

It is not necessary to clear these spirits or ask them to leave because they are not hostile or unfriendly. Instead, it is preferable to honour and live in harmony with them, and to enlist their help in protecting the space. It is also good to welcome them into our spaces and honour their culture if we can. If we fail to do this when living on land that once belonged to indigenous people, we can sometimes feel a sense of not quite belonging there, or not having permission to be there.

So, to sum up, this course will teach you how to clear all of the problems mentioned above, so that you can realign the energy of your space.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – it will teach you how to protect your space from such energies in the future.

A beautifully clear home can help us to thrive – quite simply, it supports your happiness, health and prosperity!

Here are some signs your home could do with a space clearing:

  • You have moved into a new home but it doesn’t really feel like yours yet for whatever reason
  • There has been a break up or divorce or when a partner, spouse, roommate or someone with whom you co-habited has moved out
  • You have had a negative event happen recently or have experienced very strong, ongoing negative feelings or thoughts at home
  • There’s been an illness or a death in the home
  • You feel like you’re experiencing a new beginning in your life and want to bring new energies in
  • Someone has smoked cannabis, got high, or had an addiction to something in the space or building you live in
  • You’re trying to sell a property
  • You’ve had what you believe to be unexplained spiritual phenomena in the property
  • Someone has used a ouija board in the property
  • You’ve got a sensitive child who has nightmares/night terrors and is generally afraid of being in the space
  • You’re an empath, clairsentient, medium, healer or a sensitive who senses there is something icky in your space that you are being affected by. You want a more sophisticated method of addressing these negative energies and keeping them OUT.

$59 USD


I’ve never dowsed with a pendulum before – can I still do this course?

Most people have no problems using a pendulum to dowse, and I do include a set of dowsing troubleshooting instructions in the course in case you come across any pitfalls.

You may also wish to get a bit of experience using a pendulum before you begin – try testing out your pendulum first, using the instructions in this article.

I’m not sure I can do this course – I have no experience as a healer or working with energies. Plus the description of negative energies above intimidates me.

While developing this course, I worked with a dozen people, some of whom were complete beginners to dowsing and energy clearing. The beginners managed to follow the instructions to clear their spaces effectively. The process I will teach you really is ‘Space Clearing for Dummies’! Anyone with some belief and willingness to learn to dowse with a pendulum can manage it.

Plus, you’ll work with powerful, badass Divine-level energies to clear your space – the Ascended Masters and Archangels. It’s impossible to be scared when you have Archangel Michael on your team 🙂

Where do these techniques come from?

These techniques are an amalgamation of adapted techniques I have learned over the last ten years during my studies as a healer, and others have been created by me from experience encountering different types of negative energy and needing to find a solution.

How much is this course in UK pounds/euros/Australian dollars?

If you use another currency, such as British pounds or Australian dollars, you can still pay for this course in US dollars and it will convert the cost to your currency. If you’d like to know how much you’re paying (approximately) if you use another currency, check out this website to get a currency conversion.

Does this course teach me how to do space clearings for other people on a professional basis?

The information in the course is designed to allow you to clear your own space. It isn’t a professional training and it’s not possible to use this course to do professional clearings for people – for a variety of reasons the information isn’t suited to that.

What is your refund policy?

This course is non-refundable. Please ensure you definitely want the course when you order because we are not able to give a refund if you change your mind.

How do I download the course files?

You will need to use your computer to download this course. If you are using an iPhone, iPad or tablet, you can download the files using the latest versions of Chrome or Safari, and then send the files to your Dropbox app, Adobe Reader app (for PDFs) or Google Drive. You can also find numerous free apps that allow you to download files to your device. Or, you can first download the files to your computer, and then transfer/sync the files to your device. However, we aren’t able to offer tech support for downloading to your phone or tablet if you encounter any issues – only for computers. This is why we recommend you download the course via a computer.

I bought the course but didn’t receive the download — where is it?

Please make sure that you check the email address you entered into the shopping cart when you purchased. The link to download the course is sent to that email account. Also please be sure to check your spam folder. If you need further support please contact us.

I don’t have the time to go through the course and clear my space myself

Our resident Akashic Record reader Jennifer Brown offers Property/Space Clearings – these are priced at $139 US. She will check for all of the problems mentioned above and clear them if she comes across them. She will send you a written PDF of her findings, along with some instructions for protecting your home from negative energies in future. Please go here if you’d like to book that session.

More questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the course that I haven’t covered here!

“Energy Clearing for Spaces is a great course

I feel you have covered so much and a little more in the course, and it is filled with lots of high vibrational energy which is great for someone who is very new to this type of thing. I love the extra cheat sheet and the FAQ section at the end. Awesome work as always!”

– Wendy Kimpton – Akashic Awakenings

“Before I did this course, I had been living in a house for 6 years where I was dealing with 7 out of 10 types of energy that can affect the health and happiness of a home.

I’ve stumbled and bumbled my way through the lack of knowledge and information about space clearing out there, in an attempt to clear my house myself.

Anna’s course has helped cement some of my learnings through all of my trial and error, and has provided me with missing information and tools which have allowed me to effectively clear my home.

If you are at your wit’s end with the energetic feel of your home, I can’t recommend this course enough. You will notice the effects immediately and the results are lasting. Thank you Anna.”

– Stephanie Hall

“I’ve studied with some other highly respected teachers

and I feel confident the method and approach presented in the Energy Clearing for Spaces Course is both effective and in alignment with Source. Anna made everything feel very approachable for this course and that helped me feel confident in my abilities.”

– Madelaine Coelyn

“I was very happy to learn from Anna’s Energy Clearing for Spaces Course

For me, the most amazing thing was that I could very easily and quickly put it into practice and feel the results! It was first time that I could realize some real-case process and influence my surrounding with it. Thanks to this course I could create with confidence a safe space for my further intuitive development.

I got also more aware about which areas of my house need care and attention: in one cluttered corner of the basement there was a portal for earthbound spirits to cross through. Now I got motivated to finally put it in order also on material level 🙂 I also discovered, that the unpleasant feeling I had about some painting in my home had good reasons. It contained some negative emotional residues that came from the author of the painting.

I could mention many more examples that increased awareness of what happens around me. Last one is, that I was very happy to discover that my house and the houses of my grandparents are built on the land that is still protected by indigenous spirits. Before I had no idea about presence of such entities and now I can feel them, tune into them and feel gratitude whenever I go to the garden. Thank you Anna for sharing your experience, knowledge and this method.”

– Katarzyna Guzowska, Poland

$59 USD

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