The 22 Star Seed Groups

What the Akashic Records Reveal About Our Soul Origins

Gain a behind-the-scenes understanding of the soul groups present here on earth right now, and what that means for where we are headed as a planet

Find out more about the purpose of Planet Earth as a place of spiritual evolution

Potentially identify your own star seed group(s) and affiliations, and what that might mean for your soul’s purpose

What is a star seed?

A star seed is a soul who has experienced incarnations in places & star systems other than earth. The vast majority of the souls which are incarnated here are earth souls, meaning that they have only ever incarnated on earth. However, around 25% of the souls here on earth are star seed or star traveller souls, and there are over 20 star seed groups currently present.

Each group has a collective past which governs their gifts, their challenges and their agenda here.

Here are some signs you’re a

star seed or a star traveller:

You feel other peoples’ emotions vividly and profoundly, and have trouble shaking off the energies afterwards, even after the other person has move

You suspect this planet is not your home (and you sometimes feel a longing to ‘go home’)

You have never really fitted in here on this planet

You often have a hard time working out whether you’re feeling your own energies and emotions, or someone else’s.

You are very interested in metaphysics

You find this planet very “unevolved”

You have high empathy and sensitivity

You identify as an indigo, crystal or rainbow child, or earth angel

You feel that you are a lightworker

You feel compelled to find out your soul’s purpose and to follow it

You are drawn to the stars, whether that is through the study of astronomy or astrology

Most of the people who find their way to this website are star seed souls.

In this book, I describe the various star seed groups present here on earth, along with their characteristics. Which group might you belong to, and what might that mean for your soul’s purpose?

Here are the groups covered
in this e-book:

Earth Souls

Blueprint Originators

Blueprint Designers

Blueprint Technicians

Blueprint Deliverers

Blueprint Translators

Blueprint Changers







Nihal souls

Alpha Centaurians



Spicans (1)

Spicans (2)

Alpha Caelians



Parallel souls
and their eight most common reasons for incarnating here

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$29.99 USD

If you have done The Akashic Record Reading Course, you get a free copy of this book, so no need to purchase.

This book allows you to

become familiar with all of the star seed groups out there, and perhaps also get an inkling for which one fits you best. This isn’t a foolproof method of discovering your soul’s origins, but it can give you a good idea of the soul group(s) that you most likely belong to.

The material in this book will also give you a bigger perspective on who the various soul groups are and what they are doing on this planet right now.

On a spiritual level, having this information will help you to make sense of the kind of place Planet Earth really is, as well as which types of soul come here and for what reason. (My Akashic Record Reading Program students often comment that having this information brings them a greater level of peace and understanding on a personal level.)

Also covered in this book:

Which soul groups are present and active on our planet right now, and their respective agendas and soul purposes

Which soul groups have contributed the most to science and technology

Which soul groups have been over-represented in American politics in the last 200 years

Which soul groups are not well-represented in public life, and why

Which groups are most (and least) interested in metaphysics

Which two groups I feel have the most influence on western culture at the moment

Historical figures which belong to the various groups

Which two soul groups contributed the most in the fight to abolish slavery in the USA

Which groups incarnate here on earth the most (and least)

Average numbers of earthly lifetimes for each group

And perhaps most importantly of all, which soul group you might identify with, and what might that reveal about your own soul’s purpose.

Here’s what Readers have to say:

This book is a wonderful introduction to Akashic Record reading basics & Star Seed groups. A discerning reader will note Anna’s clear mastery of the information & desire to provide it in an easy-to-access way. Previously, such information has been difficult to discern & relegated to those who can afford to learn Akashic reading programs. As an intuitive medium & spirit-health practitioner, I am always trying to find quality information accessible for us economically disadvantaged spirit-folx.”

Jackson Nightshade,

I really enjoyed reading Anna’s book ‘The 22 Star Seed Groups’. I had been searching for additional information about star seed groups for a long time and was pleased to have the information presented so clearly in this book. It gave me all the extra information I needed for when I read the Akashic Records for my clients.”

Laura Crkovski

The best book I have found on star seed types, without any fluff or wild speculation.”

Emma Martin

“This book was so enlightening and I learned so much about myself. It’s an easy read for a nice afternoon on the porch. Straight to the point and easy to understand. Loved it and would definitely recommend!”

Rachael Fields

“This was a great book for me. As someone who is looking to advance their understanding of what it means to be intuitive or sensitive, this helped me understand more of what I may be picking up on. I feel like before someone tries to understand the Akashic Records… you should read this book. It would be a great preface of some of the information you’d be taking in to better understand the difference in energies you’d be working with and to see part of the bigger picture.”

– Darius Camarillo

“I have suspected that I have roots in the stars! When I close my eyes to meditate, I do not see dark. It looks as if you are looking into space with thousands of stars. I have found no one else having the same experience.
When I read the Mintakan section, I resonated with the paragraph regarding Love/Hate relationship with water. I was at the Atlantic ocean in Florida at age 12, and I did not go past my mid-thigh and stated, “I can’t see!” I love water and have had salt-water fish tanks, but I don’t want to place myself in water unless I can see the bottom. Swimming pools do NOT bother me in the least. I had done past life regressions and saw many deaths on many types of vessels, yet it didn’t settle my fear of water. Now I know! Thank you, Anna!”

– Penny Dottavio

“I loved learning more about the star seed groups from Anna. I was so engrossed in this book that I read the whole thing in one sitting! This book validated some of what I already know from my own work in the Akashic Records, while adding valuable new insights that affirmed my sense of purpose in this lifetime.”

– Stephanie Briggs, www.HeartBlossom.Life

“This was a very well thought out and executed book. There is no other work currently like this one that contains as much information about the known Star Seeds. Most people only think of Pleiadians when speaking of soul groups, but there is so much more to learn and Anna Sayce does a wonderful job in presenting it in a clear, concise fashion. I highly recommend this book if you haven’t already purchased it.”

– John Bazley

This book was a wonderful read! It’s accessibility and lightheartedness made it a lovely and inspiring good night’s read for me. I looked forward to read some pages every night! Even though it wasn’t all new to me it reminded me to have compassion of all these different soul purposes that human beings have. That all these different flavours of human archetypes sometimes have a deep soul base. That we can live these soul lessons and exchange all these vibes/archetypes/flavours here on earth is real magic and deeply meaningful!

Thank you, Anna, for writing this down in such a down-to-earth way. May it inspire (compassion in) a lot more people!”

– Mirjam Maas,

Really pleased with your book. My sister had an Akashic Reading done a few years ago and she still talks about how that reading changed her life.”

– Joanee Gift-Campbell

The 22 Star Seed Groups e-book is filled with wonderful insights on the star seed groups. I had an idea which group I am from and the insights in this book confirmed it for me. It was so interesting to read about the other groups. I can see those aspects in other people. If you have any interests in star seed groups, this is worth the read.”

– Sarah Shoop,

I absolutely loved Anna’s new book about Star Seed groups! In fact, I gobble up any and all books that Anna publishes. This one was perfect for me because I had just learned my soul group of origin at the time of the book’s release, and it went into detailed information about my lineage as a Blueprinter and the different subgroups. All of the star seed lineages that I wanted to read about were represented and I learned SO much. This book came along right when I needed it!”

– Emily Lewis,

This information is unlike anything that you will find out there on the internet about star seed groups, for one reason:

A lot of the channelled information on the internet has never been tested with clients.

Anyone on the internet can post anything they like about the soul groups, but whether the information is accurate or not is another question.

Before taking on board someone’s channelled information about the soul groups, you need to know whether the information been tested on the general public, and if so, with how many clients, and over how many years.

A lot of the information you’ll find online is either:

1) freshly channelled but not ever tested with clients, or

2) hearsay (someone repeating what someone else has written without exploring the topic further or verifying the information)


The information presented in this book has been in existence for a few decades and has been tested with tens of thousands of people. I’ve been doing Akashic Record Readings for 13 years and have been teaching others to read the Akashic Records for almost a decade, which has given me a lot of time to test the information. Plus, this information has been tested and refined by several Akashic readers over the last few decades.

If you’ve ever spent much time on my website, you’ll know that I specialise

in bringing the esoteric down to earth.

You can’t get more esoteric than star seeds. However, I believe that this information about star seeds is the most accurate, clear, detailed and down-to-earth body of work on this subject which is out there. If you already know something about the star seed groups through other trainings or websites, I can guarantee that this will expand your knowledge.

In previous years, this information has been closely guarded, in that it has only been available as part of my Akashic Record Reading Program. This is the first time this information has been accessible in a book format.

141 pages, delivered in PDF format.

The book is available here:


$29.99 USD

As a Soul Realignment practitioner, Anna’s book has not only helped me gain a better understanding of myself, but it has also helped my clients gain a better understanding of themselves at the soul level. The star seed group descriptions written by Anna are the most comprehensive and robust pieces on the groups that I have found in my research. Thank you for the clarity you provide on our Divine nature!”

– Nicole Mendoza, www.8Elephants.Energy

Anna offers a responsible and sensitive approach to the topic of Soul Groups, with some excellent background information. Very enlightening and useful!”

– Jessica North-O-Connell,

Reading this book is like sitting down with Anna over coffee and learning interesting things about our origins long before we came to be in this current incarnation. It made me feel like we’re all playing a role in a much, much bigger picture, whether we know it or not, and this makes me feel more connected. I enjoyed Anna’s conversational writing style and clear organization of the book content; it was easy to read and the examples of well-known people for each Star Seed Group helped bring home the descriptions.”

– Julie

“If you are looking for information about Star Seed groups then look no further than this guide that Anna put together! It’s the best comprehensive reference guide I’ve seen. I was looking for a more obscure Star Seed group, and was thrilled that it was included in the book so I could learn more about myself.”

– Cheri Hayashi,

I have been looking for a book that would provide me with answers to my star seed origin and the purpose of each star seed group. This book is the one. I have read it more than once and I learn something new each time I read it! Thanks Anna for providing such a well written piece!”

– Tracy Green

I couldn’t put this book down once I started reading it! I read it from start to finish in one day! I was really impressed with how in depth the information was for each group. Great job!! I can’t wait to see if there are more books in the future!”

– Jennifer Carey

I was amazed at the depth of information in this ebook. Anna’s information about which group her clients usually came from helped me understand where I most likely came from. A very good read for anyone wanting to learn about this.”

– Martin Ripper

There are very few materials out there that delve into this topic so deeply. I offer my huge appreciation to Anna’s work on the 22 Star Seed Groups. It has not just provided me validation but given me a freeing sense of acceptance to who I am and my place in this universe. Much love and gratitude.”

– Aishah Ali

The 22 Star Seed Group ebook gave me a concise, easy to understand snapshot of the why behind the personalities I have interacted with during my life. This ebook propelled me to take the next step and have an Akashic Record Reading. The reading provides the answer to the important question of what Star Group we actually belong.”

– Christopher Walsh

Anna is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing teacher. Her books are not only educational but a must have as a lifelong resource for your library. A must read for anyone just starting
to develop on their spiritual journey and veterans alike. There is information for everyone inside her books.”

– Nancy Brady,

“When I knew Anna was writing this book, I waited for its release. As much as there is abundant information about the star seed groups on the internet – much of it to me is scattered, ungrounded and perhaps not authored well. This work is of value. I love having a language to articulate and thereby express myself as I accept in a fuller sense, who I am becoming. More importantly too, I find that after reading, I can be even more compassionate to others in the world as I accept that they have their own work to do here – informed by their soul group origins.”

– Oraine Rachael Ramoo

This book is like a long lost document sent to us by Source through a willing soul to help us remember our divinity and celebrate our diversity as the beautiful souls that we are connected by Source and spread out through the cosmos.”

– Maria DeShields

“I have been following Anna for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy all of her blogs. When this book came out it was a no brainer to go ahead and purchase it. True to her form, the book did not disappoint. It was very informative and easy to read. I encourage you to explore for yourself!”

– Marylee Santoro

“I have read and re-read The 22 Star Seed Groups by Anna Sayce and have found this ebook a fascinating and informative page turner. It is a must read for anyone interested about the origins of souls and recommend Anna’s book for clear precise information.”

– Helen Hageman

I would recommend Anna’s Star Seed Groups ebook because no other source I’ve found to date has included so much background about the star seeds. Even if I feel like the odd person(soul) out, it doesn’t bother me like it did in the past. Very helpful and informative all around! My favourite parts of the book were the details of each star seed or star traveler groups, as well as the information about earth souls vs. soul travellers.”

– Amy Juneau,

I would absolutely recommend Anna’s Star Seed Groups ebook. It was well written and easy to understand. My favourite part was reading and learning about the Blueprinters. This was new to me.”

– Liv Stormoen

“I love Anna’s work. My favourite part was reading about all the star seed groups. I would recommend this book to others.”

– Fabian Pertschi,

Anna Sayce is a master at demystifying spiritual info and has given us the best guide I’ve ever found on the star seed soul groups. This is a must read for anyone who feels ‘different’ from the crowd.”

– Ruby Hernandez

This book has something in it for everyone. I was actually able to identify myself and others in your book. I love how you thoroughly described each soul group and characteristics and how you finally gave examples by naming some people and this really made sense. It wasn’t until I had read it all that I felt I was a step closer to identifying what soul group I might belong to. I feel I may be a Blueprint Deliverer.

Your book also helped me understand some events in my life and past relationships and why they didn’t work, including my marriage. My ex is on a totally different mission. I felt there was healing taking place as I read your book. I always believed and said that we have different missions and we are only passing through. But I struggled with the reason for others being so different and why some people express so few emotions and are so logical, etc.
I would highly recommend this book to others.”

– Elaine Ruane

The book is available here:


$29.99 USD

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