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I have had my website redesigned recently, and there isn’t too much information about who I am, on my new page, and so I thought I’d write a bit about me aka the person behind the website, to introduce myself to all the new readers and subscribers that have joined lately. If you read it, I would love for you to tell me if we have something in common, and something about yourself, too, by leaving me a comment Hopefully it’s not too boring or too much info, but here we go:

1. My surname (Sayce) is nothing to do with the famous Akashic Record reader Edgar Cayce. Sayce means ‘Englishman’ or ‘outlander’ in Welsh. It comes from Shropshire, where my grandmother is from. ‘Sayce’ is found almost exclusively in the counties which border Wales, such as Shropshire and Herefordshire.

2. I trained as a professional intuitive & Akashic Record reader in 2007. I’m so glad I learned to read the Akashic Records before I learned anything else, because it gave me a fantastic foundation going forward. Before I learned to read the Akashic Records, I ordered an Akashic Record reading with the reader who would later become my teacher. I dreamt of the reading, the night before I got it, and uncannily in the actual reading she ended up telling me much of what she told me in the dream.

3. I was brought up in Cheshire, UK and I had 4 brothers (and no sisters) although my older brother passed away in 2018.

4. I travelled full time for 4 years from 2015-2019 and during that time did over 50 house sits altogether in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. I now live in Wellington, NZ.

5. I spent much of my twenties and thirties in New Zealand, living for most of the time in the Marlborough region. As part of my travels over the last 4 years, I went to every town and region in the north island of New Zealand, except Gisborne.

6. I got into the spiritual field because of my fascination with past lives. Growing up I had a lot of what I now recognise as past life dreams. I’ve done 14 past life regressions as a client and I also trained in past life regression (although I don’t practise.) According to my past life regressions, my two most recent past lives were as a truck driver in California who died pretty young in the 70s, and a romany gypsy near Thessaloniki, Greece during WW2, working for a Jewish family in a kitchen. This may explain why I love both driving and cooking. Also I am obsessed with 70s music and always have been.

7. I’m a serious chocaholic. I only like the hard stuff (70% + cocoa.) My favourite is Green & Blacks 70%

8. I’m a natural blonde and do not really tan. I just go red in the sun.

9. I’m INFJ and seem to attract a fair few INFJ students & clients, despite this Myers Briggs type being apparently rare.

10. My favourite place in the world is the Cairngorms, in the Scottish Highlands.

11. This website has been in existence since 2008.

12. I studied French & Spanish at Uni and speak both languages.

13. I don’t watch TV or movies anymore. I used to, up until about 3 years ago but I lost interest then and haven’t watched since.

14. My numerology life path is 5.

15. I’m aquarius with libra rising and taurus moon. The rest of my chart is almost completely scorpio and capricorn.

17. I really hate swimming and putting my head underwater.

18. I love cats and most of my social media activity revolves around them. My favourite celebrity cats on Facebook are 1bike1world, about a man from Scotland who is biking round the world with a kitten he found along the way. And I also love the Facebook page ‘the Wondrous Adventures of Mittens’, chronicling the adventures of a very extroverted and friendly cat in Wellington, NZ who was recently given the keys to the city by the mayor, for keeping people entertained with his antics during lockdown.

19. My grandmother was a graphologist and I know how to analyse handwriting. I get intuitive information about a person when I see their handwriting.

20. I’m only 5ft tall.

Do we have something in common? Please leave a comment and tell me something about yourself.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Mithun Prakash.J

    I am Mithun Prakash.J. An Indian, 40 year old man. Hindu and I believe in all Gods. Basically I am a non-dualist. I am a reiki healer too, self healer. If necessary I can heal others. I like cats. Not much obsessed with them. My English knowledge is not that good. I am Sagittarius, in Hindu astrology. Rising sign Scorpio. In my chart I have got Aquarius and Capricorn charectiristics too. Taurus moon. The only thing I am sure about myself is that I am always sane, especially since 2006-2007. I never allow any kind of debt with any soul. I had a rare sinus acute allergy for 18 years. My personality type is ISFJ-T. I like real life situations. I am 5 feet 11 inches tall. I help people without looking their religion. I like tea. I have got spooky and angelic experiences (Archangel Raphel). Life path no.7. I don’t know swimming. Some kind of water phobia is in my mind. I belive that in one of my past birth I was a Scandinavian witch. Another birth in middiveal ages. One birth even before Christ. I know a little tarrot card reading.

  2. Kathryn

    I’m an INFJ too!

  3. Anna Sayce

    Kathryn – cool! 🙂 Thanks for sharing x

  4. Anna Sayce

    Mithun – thanks for sharing, great to learn more about you!

  5. Stefan

    Hello Anna. My name is Stefan. I am from Bulgaria but I am living in Suffolk UK at this time. My star sign is Taurus. I am an empath. I work with energy exercises, chakras, meditation, aura healing almost 15 years. My favorite colour is blue. I have changed a lot of traits from my personality with magic, ritual, hypnosis, real kahuna techniques. I have to change more some things of course. I have fear from underwater, probably past life. I will heal it soon. I am a positive happy man. I had a lot of fears, anger, traumas and phobias. All healed by myself. I want to help people in some good way. Thank you for everything that you do.

  6. Anna Sayce

    Hi Stefan, thank you for sharing about yourself – how cool that you have healed your traumas & phobias!

  7. Lizzy

    Hi Anna. I’m also an Aquarius with Libra rising and moon in Taurus!! Your new website is great.

  8. Anna Sayce

    Hi Lizzy, how funny! Thank you 🙂

  9. Sonia

    Hi Anna!
    I’m from Sydney, Australia and had an Akashic Reading with you over the phone way back in the mid 2000’s and have done your Intuitive Awakening course! I’m also an INFJ with a life path number 5. Love your new site 🙂

  10. Peter

    I’m also an INFJ, how interesting, it’s a very rare and mysterious type.

  11. Fritz Thommas Sr

    Hello Innocence (Annasayce)

    I am relieved that you as well have the ability to intuitively sense what the human body is drawing on paper about what has been imprinted in its past memory. I am not “nuts”. I witnessed hundreds of signatures from fellow military personnel whom I knew personally and could verify their behavior and personality as described by their signature. I have learned to “listen” to the whispers I get as I focus on the signature. Gotten more accurate as the years have rolled by. You would not believe the traumatic experiences some of the folks I have read remember in vivid detail and color. Yes you would. Thanks for being here for us.

  12. Mekhola Majumdar

    Anna, this is uncanny. Though I’m from India and older than you, what surreal similarities are there between you and me!

    My details, pointwise:

    3. One younger brother, who passed away in 2018.

    4. Have been into meditation and energy healing for almost 30 years now, including past life regression and many other modalities. Astrology and numerology since childhood.

    9. Checked this, and I too am INFJ.

    10. My favourite place is the lake district in the Himalayas.

    12. Speak 3 languages too – Hindi, Bengali and English.

    13. Removed my TV several years ago, don’t watch at all.

    14. My Life Path is 5 too!

    15. Again, uncanny – am aquarius with taurus moon. Only instead of libra, have the opposite sign aries rising.

    19. I studied graphology when young, did a lot of analysis.

    20. I’m 5ft 2in.

    Talk about synchronicity!

    • Anna Sayce

      Mekhola – How funny, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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