What Is The Energy Field? & How to Read It

The human energy field (also called the aura) is an invisible field that surrounds us. It encompasses the meridians, major and minor chakras and the energy bodies, including the mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies.

If you have studied in the field of Energy Medicine or hands-on healing, you are probably already familiar with the meridians or the energy bodies. However, it is the chakras within the the human energy field that concern us in this article.

In his book ‘Subtle Energy’, William Collinge writes:

Major centres of both electromagnetic activity and vital energy are recognised in indigenous cultures the world over. In the Huna tradition of Hawaii, they are called auw centres; and in the Cabala, they are the ‘tree of life’ centres. In the Taoist Chinese tradition, the term is dantien; and in yogic theory they are called ‘chakras’

The Chakras are ‘stations’ or centres within the human energy field which connect us to certain types of Divine energy. The word chakra means ‘spinning wheel’ in sanskrit.

A psychic can read what’s encoded in your chakras and tell you information about your characteristics, past, soul urges, soul gifts, challenges, struggles and soul lessons.

The 7 Major Chakras of the energy body

Root chakra (red) – survival, safety, home, money, family, connection to reality. (Located at the perineum.)

Sacral chakra (orange) – Sexuality, emotions, sensuality, vitality, creativity. (Located just below the belly button.)

Solar plexus chakra (yellow) –  Personal power, self-control, getting things done. (Located just above the belly button.)

Heart chakra (green)  – Self-love, self-care, self-acceptance, self-worth. (Located over the breastbone.)

Throat chakra (blue) – Self-expression and communication; speaking and listening. (Located at the throat.)

Third eye chakra (lilac) – Intuition and truth. (Located between the eyebrows.)

Crown chakra (white) – Connection to Spirit and your Higher Self. (Located just above the head.)

To read someone’s energy body, you can look at:

The Size of the Chakras

For example, if the throat chakra is tiny and shut down, that’s a good sign that you’re not expressing yourself fully for some reason, as the throat chakra is the energy centre of communication and self-expression.  If your root chakra was overactive, you would have too much of a preoccupation with the material world, because that’s the chakra that is associated with the material world – survival and security.  You can tell a great deal about how balanced someone is in their life from the size of their chakras.

The Health of the Chakras

Some people’s chakras are leaking energy, which means that they have a major weakness in a certain area of life, such as self-expression (the throat chakra) or self-love (the heart chakra).  For example, if I see that someone is leaking energy at the heart chakra, I know that that person is in the habit of criticizing themselves and questioning their self-worth because the heart chakra is the chakra of your loving relationships – including your relationship with yourself.  Sometimes the overall health of the energy body and chakras can be weak, which is usually indicative of a physical or mental disease because remember that the energetic reflects the physical.  Sometimes there can be a weakness or damage at one particular chakra and that can manifest into the physical as disease.

The Databanks within the Chakras

Within each chakra, there are many databanks (almost like minor chakras within the major chakras) that one can research.  So for example, among the databanks of the root chakra there are: connection to reality, sense of safety, routine, nutrition, to name a few. Within the throat chakra, you may find willingness to speak one’s mind, presence while speaking or capacity to hear what others are saying. All the different aspects within the major theme of self-expression are encoded there as databanks within the throat chakra.

The ‘Pathways’ of the Energy Body

Your energy body is not just a mass of vibrating energy – it is a complex ‘web’ of pathways that you put in place before you incarnated.  You spend your life travelling along these pathways, taking one of the paths ahead of you. The pathways are linked by ‘choice points’, times at which you can make a decision which affects your future.  So, a psychic can usually tune into these pathways and choice points, to see the options and decisions ahead of you.  She can sometimes also sense which path you are most likely to take and the consequences of taking certain pathways.

So, this is potentially a lot of information that can be drawn from your energy body.

How to Tune into the Energy Body

Most psychics can tune into someone’s energy body remotely (i.e. you do not have to be with someone in person to tune into their energy body.) As long as you have a picture of someone, or a voice on the phone, it works fine.

How you will tune into the energy body will depend on your skill set. If you’re clairvoyant, you can look at a photo of someone and see their chakras, with any damage and sizes.  I’m not especially clairvoyant so I don’t always see chakras. If you’re claircognizant, you can know which chakras are out of balance just by listening to someone.  But usually you need to study the chakras first so that you have a frame of reference for the information to come through.

If you’re empathic, you can put yourself in the person’s shoes and energy body to find out where the imbalances are.

How I tune into the energy body empathically

I usually need a picture of someone to tune into their energy body (or a voice on the phone). I do my usual tuning in process (which you can learn through my Intuitive Awakening course). Then for this particular exercise, I close my eyes, and visualize that person in front of me.  I imagine holding their hands.  I visualize my crown chakra becoming like a dome of light and covering us both in white light.  This allows me to empathically merge with the person’s energy.  Then I imagine a purple cloth, like a tent covering us.

Then I get all sorts of feelings and sensations in my body as to what is going on with that person.  I might get how they’re feeling at the moment and their established thought patterns and patterns of emotion – negative and positive.  I can feel any imbalances.  Sometimes I get a pain in my body and then I find that the person has something physically wrong in that area.

While I’m doing this, I might get some images too which show me a metaphor for what is going on in the person’s life.

This is a really interesting and useful exercise to do.  You can do it to check out someone you don’t even know if you really needed to know what that person was like. I have even done this with photos of criminals, which was certainly interesting. It was like taking a bath in low-vibrational energy. For one of the people I tuned into, it was like there was a wall or facade with nothing there behind it – no emotion or data to read, and it felt quite scary. If everyone managed to remember their capacity for extra-sensory perception, everyone would know who everyone else is just by checking out their energy. How helpful would that be? That is certainly one reason in favour of developing intuitive abilities!

Listen to your Chakras Exercise

You can also tune into your own chakras using a combination of clairsentience and clairaudience. Here’s how to do it:

Lie down or sit comfortably. Open each chakra, beginning with the root chakra. Visualize each chakra as a coloured wheel spinning horizontally and using your intention and will, bring the energy outwards, about one metre outside of your body.

Then ask, how do I feel in this energy centre? Ask each chakra one by one. See if you get any sensations in your body, messages or emotions that are connected to the chakras.  Above all, observe your emotions while you focus on each chakra and see if the emotions are connected to any situations in particular.

My Favourite Chakra Books

True Balance by Sonia Choquette

I refer to this book all the time, for my own life and sometimes for my clients. It’s very practical, clear and easy to read. It explains each chakra and there are lots of stories from Sonia’s practice and life to clarify exactly what each chakra represents.

It also offers diagnosis exercises to help you find out which of your chakras could be imbalanced and includes remedies and suggestions for how to balance them. To take an example from my own life, a few months ago I was feeling quite ungrounded and as if I was neglecting my physical life somewhat. Using this book as a diagnosis tool, I was able to see that my sacral chakra was out of balance. I have taken action to correct this using the suggestions in the book and it has really helped. I have started going for massages once every two weeks and enrolled in a six month long Awakening Shakti course, based on the teachings of tantra.

With this book, Sonia makes the point that sometimes the easiest and quickest way to heal imbalance is by taking action in the physical. With that in mind, this is a great book to help you to balance your life and chakras through taking small but effective actions.


Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

This is a very comprehensive, in-depth look at the seven major chakras. If you read this, you will come out of it with an understanding of areas of blockage/ weakness at each of your chakras. Caroline Myss explains the attitudes and beliefs which promote health in each chakra and then asks some questions that cause you to examine your own beliefs and mindsets. She also talks more about the links between spiritual imbalance and physical disease and uses lots of case studies and stories.


  1. Another goodie, Anna. You might want to come up with a course on this specifically (or have I anticipated you?) :)

    Do you have a feel for how to facilitate the transfer of 5th-dimensional healing we’ve already done into the 4th and 5th? I’ve discovered that some effects are instantaneous, but some take a lot of effort to bring down. Then again, that’s part of the learning process, I suppose.
    .-= Michael´s last blog ..Why Do The Rich Get Richer? =-.

  2. This is awfully informative for me. I didn’t know there were things such as sub-chakras.

    Do you have any other resources I can read more on chakras? Most of the stuff that I’ve been reading doesn’t really jive with me that much. :/

  3. Thanks Anna, this is a great article. I’ve just learned about the data banks and they’re so fascinating.

    Do you have any favorite books that you can refer us to? And is it possible for all of us to develop our intuition to become more aware of this stuff in ourselves? I have begun to feel most of my chakras through regular yoga practice but not much more than that. I’d love to go a little deeper with it :)

  4. Hi Michael, can you clarify what you mean by ‘how to facilitate the transfer of 5th-dimensional healing we’ve already done into the 4th and 5th?’

    I’ve got an article half-written about healing on the physical, emotional, mental and physical levels and how they all interact. Is that what you mean?

    Hi Ariff – I’ve added a mini review of my two favourite books on chakras. There was also a little book called “Chakra Clearing’ by Doreen Virtue that I read a while back and liked but no longer have it with me so can’t remember anything to say about it apart from that it was good.

    Hi Fran! :) I added a little exercise towards the end of the article about listening to your chakras by opening them and then seeing which emotions come up when you focus on a chakra. (and added my two favourite books).

  5. Ergh… I meant into the 3rd and 4th dimensions. As I’ve observed and I’m sure you have too, we can do a SR clearing at the soul level to, say, an energy leak at the heart chakra – but that doesn’t mean that the next day, the person is going to be fully self-loving, etc. There seems to be an imprinting where even though the healing has taken place, it won’t be evident in the daily life, sometimes for a long time. Maybe you could include that aspect in your article….?
    .-= Michael´s last blog ..Why Do The Rich Get Richer? =-.

  6. Thanks for this, Anna. I’m bookmarking this post so I can refer to it often, since I’m not very “educated” on this topic — have done a little reading and got totally confused/overwhelmed. Got much to learn, but your article here is the clearest explanation I’ve seen yet.
    .-= Jeanne´s last blog ..I Think Short Thoughts =-.

  7. Aloha, Anna!

    Love Sonia; took A Course in Miracles with her mama and pop (while he was still alive). What a beautiful couple! Such a gorgeous family….

  8. Thanks alot for such the valuable information :) … thats helped me alot in my research :)


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