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What Happens After Death?

There are two parts to you – your spirit and your physicality. Your body holds your spirit. So what happens to your spirit after death?

When you die, your spirit (or Higher Self) all of a sudden is no longer confined by a human body. You become the whizzing, vibrating ball of energy that you always were – except now your energy is no longer contained by a physical body. Instead of perceiving things physically, through a body, you begin to perceive energetically and you can do everything that energy does.

This is much like being in a dream state, except it’s not a dream. You can fly!

What happens after death is that your thoughts and intentions take you to places and people in a flash, in a way that you never could when you were physical. Because you’re energetic, the soul gets to read energy and to know what the energies are around you and what their intentions are.

When you’re dead, you move at the speed of light. Have you ever felt impatient that things won’t manifest instantly in the physical plane, as soon as you think of them and want them? That’s because compared to being non-physical, being physical can feel like wading through mud.

This shift in perspective can cause a sense of confusion, sometimes it’s a sense of shock, especially when the death was sudden, traumatic or unexpected. A soul always knows when it’s time to go (you choose the timing around your death) but some souls don’t integrate the event very well or they weren’t prepared for how they would die.

I have a clairaudient relative who works in a hospital. She told me that while she was in the morgue with a young man who had committed suicide, she heard him speaking – asking questions about what had happened to him and where he was. So that kind of confusion happens after death sometimes.

But the person’s Spirit guides, Angels, and the third order will be waiting to guide you (The third order is the spiritual order that transports souls to the Ether after death.)

All of the above can take a matter of seconds, minutes or hours in terms of Earth time.

Then, you cross over.

Some souls wave goodbye and just cross straight over after death.

Some souls at this point won’t cross over fully – there are stages to the crossing over. Some want to stay behind and remain attached to their families and loved ones for a while (some cultures believe that a soul stays with the family for seven days exactly before it crosses over). Some souls can be here for longer. This is especially common for example when there is a strong attachment in the physical – for example, when a parent leaves a young child behind.

Some souls at the time of their death are at such a low vibration – such as fear, hatred or anger that they cannot cross over because they’re afraid. They may believe that they’re going to hell or that they deserve God’s judgment so they remain in the Earth plane after death. So, in a strange way, after you’re dead you’re still manifesting and getting what you expect. Those souls get help from their angels and the third order to raise their vibration so they can cross over.

Shedding all that is human

So we have said that when you die, you shed the physical body. You also shed certain human aspects such as any negativity or pain you were holding. Sometimes this can take a period which lasts several days. You begin the process of embodying everything that you learned in your lifetime and integrating all your experiences into the fabric of your soul. The negative falls away and the learning and wisdom remains. That is why when you connect to deceased relatives who were not your favourite people on Earth, they are usually more reconciliatory and loving. They can see more and their perspective has changed.

You also do a life review, where you watch the movie of your life, which also helps you to see more about your life and integrate everything you have learned. I have come across souls in my Akashic Record readings who do these life reviews with recently deceased spirits, as a career when they’re non-physical. Such souls tend to be counsellor types, and find that people will talk to them about anything.

What do you do once you’re dead?

You can do a variety of things.

Staying close to Earth

You can incarnate again.

Or you can work with souls on the Earth plane – you yourself may be a member of the third order, helping souls leave their bodies and helping souls integrate new bodies that are being born into the world. If you do that kind of work, it will be written in your Akashic Record.

You may help others with their life reviews once they are dead (to become a kind of counsellor and healer). Again, if you do that it will be in your Akashic Record. You may become one of those advisor souls who helps others to choose their parents, family, and path for their next lifetime on Earth. You can prepare new souls for their very first incarnation. All of these are roles or non-physical ‘careers’ that my clients have had in between lifetimes.

You can even leave Earthly life behind and become a spirit guide (although this is not a usual path to take after an incarnation).

Going Abroad

There are other places and star systems to explore and some souls (perhaps you) even come from these other places. So, at the end of your physical life, you can check out other star systems and places to incarnate. That’s a whole other ball game.

Learning and studying

You can also study certain things that are useful to life here on Earth, that you could implement next time around. Are you a natural energy worker? That’s probably not an accident. Some souls study how energy integrates the physical human body and then come into their next incarnation with an understanding of how energy moves through the body and they can do cool things with it. Some souls study the original blueprint for the Earth plane and look at what they can do to bring the planet to a state of love and peace. There are many things to study and learn and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


  1. Hey Anna,

    Good stuff, keep it coming!

  2. How different are other star systems really?

    I mean it wouldn’t be that different. They’d have physical bodies and have physical experiences. Earth is a hard place to incarnate – I mean where else in the universe would it be more rewarding to incarnate? I guess the perspective of rewarding is different for those who have different values.

  3. Do you loose all your inhibitions when you die? Are inhibitions part of negativity/fear or are they a part of your consciousness?

  4. I agree with Michael. It’s always interesting to read your views about the afterlife.

    I have a question though. You wrote, “You also shed certain human aspects such as any negativity or pain you were holding.”

    Given that statement, why does unjustified karma (usually caused by very traumatic experiences) get carried over into subsequent incarnations unless someone heals it?

  5. Yang, I don’t really know how different other star systems would be. I think that some are non-physical places (i.e. not 3D).

    April – Yes, I would imagine you lose your inhibitions as most of them are self-protective mechanisms for here in the physical.

    Nina – You don’t carry karma over, as such. I don’t actually believe that you must attract your life experiences because of karma (the only law I personally believe affects our experiences is the law of attraction) although lots of people do believe in karma and lots of people manifest according to ideas about karma.

    People who believe in karma (whether it’s consciously or unconsciously) can occasionally get fixated on lessons from previous experiences (from past lifetimes and from this present lifetime) and act them out over and over because they remember that it caused them trauma last time and they want to avoid it this time around – that’s what we call a perception of unjustified karma. Perception being the important part – it’s only a perception on their part. But it doesn’t affect them any less because it’s just a perception.

    The perception of unjustified karma gets healed when you remind the person that it’s not a pattern that’s relevant to this lifetime – it’s not something they can learn from anymore. So in effect, the person clears out that pattern with that realization. (FYI, I don’t actually heal anyone! – I just give the information to allow clients to understand the patterns and they clear them out once they know where it’s come from.)

    Hope that makes sense!

  6. This is a very interesting article I must say, even though it’s pure speculation.

    What do you think about animals? What do you think their purpose is?

  7. Once a person passes on the other side would they still retain interest in earthly matters and people they’ve known? or do they go through a one way street and never look back?

  8. Hi Rajah, in my experience talking to the dead, it depends. Some deceased loved ones can still be connected decades after their death and others move on very quickly. It all depends on their soul path and how beneficial it is for them to stay connected to earthly matters and their loved ones.

  9. Good stuff here! Well written and nicely explained.

  10. So, to reincarnate, does that mean that we become another new person and relive our lives on Earth again? Could you explain that a little more in depth

  11. Yes, reincarnation means becoming a new person and living another life once again. I will do a post on it at some point!

  12. Anna,

    Love your articles and informaiton, it has helped me in the passing of my husband 3 weeks ago. A clock started clicking that hasn’t worked in over a year. It clicked for a while then stopped. That was my husband!

  13. Hi millie – I’m glad it was helpful for you.

  14. “There are other places and star systems to explore and some souls (perhaps you) even come from these other places.”

    If this is true, what are the names of the other planets? Who are its inhabitants? Are they in human form? Where are these planets located? A medium should be able to provide this type of information.

  15. Anna

    My fiance passed away yesterday after suffering a stroke 2 days prior at the age of 51. There are so many things I wanted to say as anyone says I’m sure but, I am wondering if he crossed over right away can he still communicate with me? I miss him so much and I want to feel his presence around me and hear him one last time and know he is happy and ok. Is it possible to communicate with him now or do spirits take awhile to get adjusted before communicating if they choose to?

    This is more for me I know but I just want to feel him near me again! I was so unprepared for this as I know he was as well.

    Thank you for you guidence and assistance

  16. Hey, I am afraid of death, mostly because I’m afraid of emptiness…nothingness. I’ve had a lot of surgeries and when they put me to sleep, when I wake up, I felt like I really was DEAD, like I felt NOTHING. I heaerd that when you have surgeries they temporarily make you die, like turn all of the lights out. So, that made me panic. When I woke up from surgery and felt like I had just been dead and NOTHING. What do you think Anna?

  17. Anna,

    I found your webpage and could not stop reading your articles. I have had my mother die along with my best friend recently. I had a dream the other night that my best friend who is now dead was alive in my dream and told me that he was fine and then we had intercourse. The dream felt so real and when I woke up I missed him. Death used to scare me but lately I have had no fear of it. I had an emergency surgery recently and as Jordan above stated when they put you under anesthesia and you are asleep you really do feel NOTHING. So my question is is it weird of me to not fear death anymore? And also was my friend in the dream who is dead in real life telling me something??

    – Cecilia

  18. I love this post and I strongly believe that there is something after we die. But how can you be sure that what you’ve said in this post is true? You haven’t been there to know what happens. Have you got in contact with someone who was there?

  19. Hi andra, thank you! I should probably change the title to ‘what I think happens after death’! You’re right – I can’t be 100% sure of any of it from my rational, human perspective. On the other hand, I feel certain of on an intuitive level! From reading the Akashic Records and learning about what we do in between lifetimes. And from the contact that I have had with the deceased.

  20. Hi Anna,

    I recently read an article about a baby boy that was physically abused and died at the hands of his parents. I am completely heartbroken about the pain he suffered and am so angry at his parents and his surrounding community for allowing this to happen to him. Do souls come to this earth to experience that kind of pain? Is he really in a better place now? Does his soul now need “love”? I’m having a hard time processing my grief for this baby and I’ve never met him! As a matter of fact his death happened in 2007. I feel compelled to seek justice. Thank you for any enlightenment on this topic.

  21. Hi Tasya,

    Sometimes souls will purposely set up difficult circumstances in order to learn something – I don’t know if that was what this soul intended. It does seem rather extreme, doesn’t it, that a soul would choose that.

    You didn’t ask about this so this is a bit of unsolicited advice, but I wondered if you needed something to learn to turn off that empathy of yours when you need to and have it on only when appropriate. You sound like an untrained empath because you’re really feeling the sadness, but it doesn’t help another soul to feel like that – it only makes you feel worse! Anyway, if you’re open to the idea, here are some links which may be of interest:

    When it Hurts to read the News –

    Signs that you’re an Empath –

  22. Hi Anna,
    I often ask myself these questions in bed before i go to sleep and i find myself so afraid of dieing i dont ever want to forget my friends or family and reincarnate into a new person and forget just everything :( i don’t understand this all very well i just want some peace of mind before i sleep is there anything to be afraid of and is there a heaven or a hell?
    You may think these questions are silly.
    Kind regards

  23. Hi Anna,
    I’m not sure where to go with this but the 4 people I have taken care of before their deaths have come back to “visit” me. All but one visit was a glorious feeling. Also, you’re the first person I’ve written to about this. All 4 were family members, and all died at different times; I was their caregivers. I feel very honored to have them “visit” me and simply wonder about what it means. I never believed in this stuff, but when you “experience” it, there there is no doubt. I suppose I’m wondering what you suggest for the future?
    Marianne, Texas, USA

  24. I just recently lost a dear friend & travel buddy.I was like a big sister to her. She was 42 years old. She was born with heart issues. She suddenly died after 2days of a cardic arrest while teaching school. She was not a strong person as being street wise. Where do think her soul is?

  25. On 12/2/2011, I lost my little boy, Zachary T. McDonald. He was just 14 years old. He will always be my angel, in his words “mama’s little man”. I am still in shock I think. Time, space, memory, etc. is very warped.

    His dad (my ex-husband) went hunting friday morning 12/2/2011. Everyone left except Zach, he never went to school. He went to the garage and got an ax. He busted down his fathers bedroom door. He broke the glass on the gun case and got out the hunting rifle that he paid for himself. He loaded it with deer shells. He went through their house and used the ax on anything he saw that was personal to his father or stepmother. He went into their little office/computer area. He sat down and he waited. He knew about how long his dad would hunt in the morning. This room was just off their living room, no window, very dark without a light. He left the light off. He waited to hear their back door open. He waited for his father to walk toward the living room and get very close to the room he was in. He sat in a chair with his gun on the floor and the barrel resting under his chin. He pulled the trigger. He wanted his father to find him that way I think.

    Per the police Zach’s dad is the only living witness. They are not done with the full investigation yet and say they think it is cut and dry.

    I think it stings even more because it could have been easily prevented. I begged so many to help me to help him. His father refused to take him to counseling. There are documented police reports, school incidents, etc all showing even from them that my son had significant red flags and anger issues. They all said how important it was to help him. I pleaded and none would.

    My son went down so far and so deep. He begged a man he worked for to bring him and his sister to me. That man said Zach gave him my number and name a few months ago and he said just in case. No one knew what he meant.

    His dad made him miserable and often tackled him until he was in tears. Then mock him and tell him to be a man.

    All he ever wanted was approval. His anger took him over the edge. He left a note addressed to his father and step mother. “Revenge is a bitch isn’t it. You can suck my cock. You can go to hell. I’ll see you there.”

    No one would listen. No one would help. They all knew my son needed help. They knew he was miserable. They knew I was broke. They knew there was barely money to pay the rent. They knew he was suffering, they would call me with their concerns. Teachers, administrators, a family counselor Zach was not taken to, the police. They knew. I begged them for help.

    Since my son passed my oldest daughter, myself and my boyfriend have experienced what some might call activity.I have a very strong feeling of dread like there is something more than what is known. Something happened to my son beyond what they are sharing. I feel something I can’t explain so very strongly well beyond the grief that there are no words for.

    I have a couple of photos. They were taken in his room in my home. In one of his bed there are very clear lights with something in the middle. In the other one, look at the left side of the mirror shown. If I had to do a shadow outline of my son…

    My oldest daughter shared that the wallpaper on her cell phone kept flashing to Zach’s school photo. Then she said a shortcut icon of my number called “mom” kept jumping up numerous times. I can’t shake that there is something my baby may be trying so hard to share. It is frustrating because sometimes I have dreams and experiences I can’t explain about others I am very close to. But no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to for him. I just go to his room, tell him I love him and that I am so very sorry and ask him to please keep trying.

    I know that this is a lot to ask, but if you can feel or sense anything from my baby I would be eternally grateful if you might be able to help.

  26. If reincarnation was real, then could we reincarnate on other planets? Do other animals reincarnate? Trees, ants, rats, dogs ? Aliens? If so do we get to choose what we get to be in the next life? And is there life on other planets?

  27. My mother passed away about one and half years ago. We were very close and shared everything. Her death devastated me and I feel her loss almost everyday. I know that she loved her family more than anything especially her young grandsons. I recently had dreams (twice) about her speaking to me very clearly that she was very upset, frustrated that her life had been taken. It was quite upsetting as she never usually speaks and in my dream, i was aware that she had already gone but i could feel her love.Was she trying to tell me something?

  28. Hi I ran across this site. I have a question. I was raised Catholic all my life and wanted to know a couple of things:

    1) what happens if you commit suicide?
    2) how rare is it to be living your first life? Is that why some people are more successful than others?

    Thanks just curious and hoping for a better life if not in this one maybe next

  29. dear anna,i lost my son about one and a half years back.he took his own life.i still think of him every single day.and try to see reasons why he did full of guilt and in denial.but i know deep inside me hes happy and at peace.tho i have not got many answers to the questions i keep on asking.through a friends guidance i communicated to him through auto-writing.but when i asked him why he took his life,he simply told me he had to go and i could not have helped him anyway.the only comforting thing that i got from him was that he was happy and at peace now,and that he loved me very much.just for assurance,anna i will be very happy if you can communicate to him and find out if he is really happy,then my doubts will be more clear.thanks annie.

  30. Atina… my mother just passed away on January 28th. Like you, we were very close and shared everything. She was also very close to all her grandchildren, but especially my son. He is the baby of nine and they had a very close bond. The reason I found this website is because I was trying to do some research on dreams. Last night I had a dream where I could hear her very clearly, and I felt very warm and comfortable. She told me that she was happy and that she was watching over all of us. I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness and have always believed that when a person dies, they are gone. The soul does not live on, and one day God will resurrect the dead. However, now everything I once believed is called into question because it just doesn’t feel right. I feel like she is here with me, and after my dream last night, I am really curious to know what is going on. Was it just my subconscious dreaming what I *want* to hear, or did she really speak to me in my dream? And the warmth I felt… it was real, and it left as soon as she was done speaking. I am overwhelmed with grief right now and so badly want to know where my mom is. :(

  31. Is it normal or can you possibly have a connection with someone who died like 9 yrs ago that you never knew?

  32. Hi,

    Mom passed away March 20th, her name was Marjorie and she was 86.



  33. I so heart broken right now my friend of 23yrs passed away suddenly we dated some and we’re engaged eventually we grew apart but we remained really good friends he married I dated his death has left a hole in my heart and I try to find ways to talk to him but ran across bible verse that forbid trying to contact the dead but I just need to hear him talked to him apart of my life is gone an I don’t know what to do but continue to pray to God for help and strength but I still wish I could feel him near me it was the day he died that something came over me in the shower but I brushed it off an hour later I got the text he had passed

  34. Dear Antina and Brandy,

    My mother passed away 43 days back. we were also very close- best friends. I believed that when one dies, everything is over. But she has come twice in my dreams and in both the dreams I have been trying to convince her that she is dead. I am lost now wondering if she is still around and has not accepted her death.

    Do you think these dreams have some reality in them?


  35. My dear mother died in 1992 and always said that if there was a way to contact us, she would do so,but we have not recieved any message from her.

  36. Hi Can anyone give me some answers please my Dad died 2yrs ago i do dream of him but in the last 2weeks i have dreamt of him twice firstly he said to my Husband you are going to move and the numbers 30 5 8….the second dream he showed me a board like a chess board standing up and he said to me its in black and white…I was thinking of the dream the next day and a car drove past wirh a number plate with his name on i feel he is trying to tell me something but i dont know what

  37. thanks Ana for this article. it is a very interesting topic in a sense that at least, we have an idea what it is like to be in other dimension. i already found the answers to the questions bothering my mind regarding why we should die, how does it feel to die and what would it be like the moment we depart from our physical body. you know Ana, i often see and talk to my deceased relatives in a dream and i know in my dreams that they are dead already and there are times that i would even ask why are you here. is it true Ana that once you have a dream with your departed love ones you actually communicated them thru astral world? it is safe to do an astral projection. thank you very much Ana.

  38. Hi Anna,

    My Fiance i was supposed to get married to next year May after my graduation passed away in a car accident four days ago. He left me with his two children he always wanted me to take care of. Right now i am with the kids waiting for burial arrangements by his family. I am taking care of the kids like i promised him but i really want to talk to him because i have lots of things i needed to clear with him before he passed away but since we were not in the same state and i was planning on seeing him in September for us to talk. I love him so much even though we never got the chance to see face to face which i really would have loved to. Anna please help me how can i get connected to my man? Is he hearing me when am talking alone in the room?is he always with me and the kids? I want to tell him how much i love him and i really want to see him if possible am not scared. I LOVE THIS MAN so much and i wish he is with me and the kids because i never felt so love like he did before in life.

  39. greetings !! from Canada , I totally believe in reincarnaton its the only hope i have to make up for this horrible spin of the wheel ive been stuck with since age 14, at any rate , i am alone with no parents now or any family, i believe my time to ascent to heaven is close, Anna I need to know if there is anyway in the spirit realms to re-create at least somewhat the physical sensation of being with a girl , holding hugging etc or can the energy mass be shaped so to speak into a lovable female form , i always wanted to marry a red haired girl on earth but that will not happen now so I look toward the future and possibilities of the next dimensions !


  40. Terese I am sorry for your loss. You might want to see a medium if you are very keen to communicate with him and cannot yourself.

    I have written an article which talks about the ways in which the deceased contact us:

    I am not a medium so can’t help personally but get in touch via my contact page if you want a mediumship referral. I know of a couple of reputable mediums who work over the phone.

  41. i read your comments and i’am very impressed .also read journey of the souls and destiny of the souls .could u please tell me the contact number of the reputable medium u have mentioned . i want to contact my young brother / father who died unexpectedly few years ago. we still have not overcome their passing away.

  42. Hi Shalini,

    I will send you an email with their contact details.

  43. Wow this site is awesome! Please let me know if I’m nuts my mom died in 96 about 1-2 yrs later I was at my girlfriends that night I decided to sleep on the couch by myself so I fall asleep and in the 2-4am time period I hear this voice calling my name SCOTT SCOTT now I’m under the covers head and all I open my eyes but remain under the covers again SCOTT now I’m wide awake I don’t budge I realize wow it’s mom what in the hell I’m thinking I hear her getting annoyed that I’m not responding I wasn’t scared I was just like shocked it was like she had to tell me something but like I said I couldn’t take the covers off and talk to her that was the weirdest thing to ever happen in my life I wish I could have that happen again but no luck I always talk to her but nothing

  44. From my understanding after we pass over we do the life review as you said, however it’s done in a way that we get to experience it from other perspectives also. So if we hurt someone we feel that. This way we get to learn more about what happened in that life.

    Also the review is conducted under the auspices of the Karmic Board who determine what karma has been balanced and what karma was created, this is then assigned to our soul for balancing in a future incarnation/lesson experience.

    And so the cycle continues until we have learned all we can learn from the physical realm, after that we ascend to non-physical schools of experience in higher dimensions. Is it possible that the ultimate goal is to ascend back to full re-integration with Source?

    I really like your articles, clearly explained, interesting, informative and they tend align with what I already understand. Thanks. :)

  45. Hi ! I’ve been seeing orbs in my bedroom at night….I thought they could only be captured on film.

  46. hello my daughter died in a car accident on November 17, 2014 three days before her 24th birth I want my child so bad it hurts so bad I just want to talk with her and then two months 12 days later my mom died on jan 29, 2015. I can’t let them go, I need them so bad I want to communicate with themi can smell my daughter

  47. when I am really upset and I can’t stop crying I swear she sends me messages, she would tell me she Loves me to the moon and back, the other day I was at marshall’s and crying when I went to the picture isle and this picture was thr that said I love you to the moon and back. I am just so upset that she is gone she was my heart the Love of my life the best thing I had done in my life was the day she was born.

  48. My father was a baptist pastor for several years. He preached the gospel. Every now and then I can see him in Church with his robe on seating in the ministers area. This vision is clear to me sometimes and when I reopen my eyes, it disappears. I have seen his image and sometimes even hear him preaching out loud. I am not the only one in this church who said this. I ask you, is his spirit still in this church or did he truly love the church to were he did fully depart from it. We had my fathers funeral at this church and it was very emotional and tense were people were crying un controlable. He has been gone fore for 16 years now and I still have this vision in church about him. I even tried to stop attending church but something keeps me attending beyond my control. Please, if you can, let me know what is going on with me and other members in this church.

  49. I am honestly so afraid of death – or not death, but what happens after – like, isn’t it just like BEFORE you were born? like you just did not exist? the thought of that scares me so much. Like, not existing – not being able to think etc.
    I don’t know what to believe, and i am so afraid of what is going to happen.