Where Is My Dead Father Now & How Can I Communicate With Him?

Where is my dead father now; I want to talk to my dad who passed away

Updated 27 June 2022.

Hi Anna,

I have a question about mediumship and the afterlife. I want to talk to my dad who passed away in 2018. Do I have to do this through a medium or can I do it myself? Where is my dead father now?

– Mirush

Hi Mirush,

Thanks for your question. I’m sorry to hear about your father’s death.

First of all, I wanted to say that your father most likely crossed over fully to the other side following his death. Soon after death, his soul would have undergone a ‘life review’ which is where his soul gets to go over what happened in his most recent lifetime and what he learned from it. Then most probably, he will hang out in the afterlife for a while before incarnating again into a different body. Even if your dad is now reincarnated, part of his spirit will be on the other side, and you can talk to him any time you like.

So, the answer to your question “where is my dead father now” is:

(1) Either his soul is in the afterlife or (2) he has reincarnated into a new body. He will have moved forwards on his soul’s path in some way.

If you have things you want to say to your father, say them out loud. He will hear you. In order for you to have a 2 way conversation with your father, you both have to build your half of a bridge. This bridge is between heaven and earth. Your dad builds half of the bridge and you build half. That means, to communicate ideally you will develop your psychic sensitivity to reach him and he will lower his spiritual vibration to reach you.

You need to “build” your half of the bridge in order to communicate with your deceased father

Many times, deceased spirits are already communicating with us, but we haven’t noticed (which means that they have “built” their half of the bridge, but we haven’t built ours). So I would say it is a good idea for you to sensitize yourself further. Be really observant and pay attention to see if you notice any of the following ways deceased loved ones communicate with us from the other side. You can also ask your father to send you some of these signs.

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#1: Through Dreams

When we are dreaming, we are very open to communication from deceased loved ones and from the other side in general. This is because we’re already in the astral planes, which is a non-physical place that we visit when we’re asleep. It’s easier for our deceased loved ones to ‘meet us half-way’, energetically speaking, by visiting us there.

I had a dream visitation from my great-grandmother (my mother’s grandmother) a few days before my mother got remarried in 2007 (although I didn’t realize at the time that it was a dream visitation.) Great-granny turned up, looking frail, grey and old – just how I remember her. The only thing she said to me in the dream was “your mother looks lovely in brown”. I felt a great deal of affection coming from her even though I hadn’t known her very well when she was alive. It was a nice dream, but I forgot about it soon after I woke up.

A couple of days later, I was out shopping with my mother for something to wear on her wedding day and we had looked all over town for the right dress for her to get married in, but we hadn’t found anything suitable.

Then, just before the shops were shutting at the end of the day, we found a gorgeous brown dress. My mum tried on the brown dress and it fit beautifully and she looked gorgeous in it. It was perfect. Then all of a sudden I remembered the dream where great-granny had told me that mum looked lovely in brown and I told mum about it. She smiled and said, “Great-granny always used to tell me how nice I looked in brown.” Mum thought it was just a coincidence that she had found a brown dress but I felt like it was great-granny giving her blessing from the other side.

How do you know if your deceased loved one is visiting you in a dream or not?

I’ve had a few dreams with deceased spirits in them since then and they’ve all ‘felt’ very similar to me.

It’s hard to put my finger on it exactly, but for me, the ‘climate’ or ‘mood’ of the dream changes when a deceased spirit shows up. You might feel their love or affection for you, transmitted in the dream whereas before there was no particular mood or feeling to the dream. The setting of the dream may suddenly change to somewhere quite symbolic and it may become more vivid. You will often have the dream just before you wake up so that you remember it.

#2: Deceased Spirits Can Move Objects

Can the dead move objects? Yes, it is possible. Don’t ask me to explain how deceased spirits manage to mess with objects. I just know they can and do.

My mum’s sister who passed away from ovarian cancer around two years ago made her presence felt in a few different ways after her death.

Shortly after she passed away, my mother’s sister visited me in a dream and told me that she was messing with the clocks in my grandmother’s house. I rang up my grandmother the next morning to tell her what I had dreamt and she told me that the grandfather clock in their lounge had stopped overnight with the pendulum in the wrong position and they couldn’t get it to work again (it had never happened before and they’d had it for decades.)

Another time a book that belonged to my mother’s sister about ovarian cancer fell off the bookshelf while my grandmother was in the room.

#3: Communication Through Signs from Nature

The world of Spirit is entwined with and superimposed onto the physical world and the natural world. You just have to be looking for Spirit in order to see it. I’ve heard of deceased spirits sending natural symbols which were meaningful to them when they were alive – such as flowers, birds, animals or animal symbolism. Other signs from nature include rainbows, the person’s favourite flower taking up residence in your garden randomly – that sort of thing.

A while ago my mother told me about a local man here in New Zealand who died in a diving accident. He hit his head and drowned while diving in some coastal caves. When they recovered his body, three whales were sighted nearby, on the coast, hanging around the area where the body had been recovered. (Whales are the Maori symbol of divine protection.) In this area of New Zealand, whales rarely show up on the coast – you have to go many miles out to sea to see them. So that was interesting in itself. Then a few weeks later they were having a memorial service for this man in the place where he died, three whales showed up again.

#4: Communication Through Mediums & Through Your Intuitive Senses

Deceased spirits are energy, like your Spirit Guides, so they can impulse us and connect with us in a similar way if they are around. But I do believe that it is easier to communicate with Spirit Guides than it is to communicate with deceased spirits. This is because guides are connected to you, so if you tune into a person’s energy, you can also tune into their guides fairly easily if you know how. But deceased spirits are not attached to you as such.

So, if you cannot connect with a deceased loved one through a medium, don’t despair. There are many reasons why the communication might not be successful.

Remember that the ether is far removed from the physical plane. Communicating with the other side is a little like building a bridge (made of energy). It’s like you are on one mountain, in the physical plane and the dead on another in the ether. In between you is a valley. In order for you to make contact, someone, or both parties has to build a bridge. You can build an energetic bridge by raising your vibration and opening up your psychic senses and the deceased spirit can build half of the bridge by lowering theirs to meet you halfway. Sometimes deceased spirits may not be available to build their part of the bridge because they’re working on the next stage of their soul’s journey. Some recently deceased spirits want to build the bridge but they’re not yet fully comfortable in their new energetic state and cannot.

Even if you cannot connect with your deceased loved ones through a medium or if they are not showing you signs of them being around you, you can still honour and love them in other ways.

One of the best ways of honouring another soul is by letting them go.

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘if you love someone, set them free’. This is as true in death as it is in life. Deceased spirits can really benefit from permission to leave and go and pursue the next stage of their long journey. I know deceased loved ones who still have one foot in this dimension one year after their death because they feel guilty for leaving their family behind.

My grandmother told me about a friend of a friend who punched her dying husband in the face (he’d had a heart attack) because she was so angry that he was leaving her. My grandmother always found that story quite funny and sad at the same time. I’m thinking of this story because we do send out clear messages to dying and deceased loved ones about whether they are allowed to cross over that will affect their willingness to move on. And of course it is natural to want to hold onto people.

Something that is very powerful is to give your loved one permission to die while they are still alive. My grandfather did this in the moments before one of our relatives was on her deathbed. He talked to her to sleep like a little child, telling her that it was OK to go and to not be afraid. She died shortly after.

During the funeral, some native cultures consider that the spirit of the dead person is there, so they address them directly and tell them that it’s OK to cross over fully now. Then, they promise to honour their dead and check in with them at certain times, like on the anniversary of their death.

Even after they are gone, you can speak to your deceased loved one and tell them that it’s OK to move on. They will hear you.

You can also honour the dead by focusing on new life

Death is not just an ending. With it, new life begins, although you do not see the new life and the new stages in the evolution of the soul of your loved one (you only see the ending which is what causes grief). Know that your loved one lives on, and experiences new life and goes on to the next stage in their soul’s evolution, even if you cannot see it. You can honour and witness this cycle symbolically through planting something beautiful and seeing it grow.

How have your deceased loved ones got your attention? Please leave a comment if you have something to share.

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  1. Deborah

    my mom just recently passed away 3 days ago, I held her hand to my heart and held it till her last heart beat, before I laid her hand down there was an amazing RELEASE from her that I know it to be her soul.mom and I had grown close since the passing of my dad 2 yrs ago and moms last words were that shes going home. well, 3 days after, I was sitting on my bed and feeling like I just didnt want to move or do anything and crying, so i asked mom that I really needed her help to get through this and 5 seconds later my cat came up stairs and meowed real loud and I immediatly felt mom and I laughed for thats what I needed and thanked mom,and I was able to continue with my day

  2. Anna

    That’s a lovely story Deborah. I wish you peace and your mum peace too.

  3. Jack

    Not only is it possible to communicate with the deceased, but it happens to me very, very frequently. Since last year I’ve been communicating with a close college buddy of mine who I learned had passed in 1984. I had had an OBE in 1978 that taught me that it is possible to be “alive” but not inside a physical body so learning that my friend was no longer physical made me believe I’d be able to communicate with him. I just never dreamed how easy it would be.

    As soon as I learned my best buddy Jim had passed I started talking to him. I began with the obvious question, Can you hear me?, and the next morning I found one of my belts hanging on a nail in the kitchen. Who would hang a belt on a nail high on the wall in the kitchen? I live alone, and no one else had been in the house, so I didn’t have to think twice about how the belt got there. Anybody else probably would have been rattled by that experience, but I was neither surprised nor afraid. I just didn’t think he’d come through so fast.

    The belt incident started me asking him a flurry of yes/no questions, requesting a sign if the answer was yes. Since then I’ve had over a dozen yes responses in the form of cups, silverware, or kitchen utensils moved into bizarre locations where I would never put them, proof that he is totally aware of these surroundings and knows just where I keep things. Most recently, I found a small paint brush where I keep the sponges over the kitchen sink, and on two occasions his responses came through within minutes of my asking a question. A clock was moved from the side of my deck into the middle of my workspace in the space of 10 minutes or so, and a kitchen timer was moved from a table onto the kitchen counter soon after I remarked that I’d really like to have the answer ASAP, that evening preferably.

    Some of his signs seem to have been designed to let me know he’s here. Once the TV channel changed when no one was near the remote, and the A/C compressor on the balcony went on without the air conditioner inside turning on. In April, as I was watching a DVD while talking with him, the same scene began repeating itself from beginning to end until I asked, “What the h— are you doing?” He made me watch the same scene 3 times.

    I decided to post this to let people know that it is a lot easier to communicate with the departed than we’ve been conditioned to believe. I discovered that only because I had already experienced an OBE that taught me it was possible to exist without a physical body. I’m confident “they’re” with us and eager to communicate, and the main thing preventing that from happening is the absence of a belief on the part of the living that it’s possible.

  4. kasi e chase

    my boyfriend died october 22nd he had moved to a rueal area were he had colapsed 6 weeks later of a heart attach and paramedics were unable to get to him in a timly fashion try 56 min from 41/2 miles away im very angry about there lack of response time but as of this time theres nothing i can do about that .i threw him a celabration for life party at the bar he frequented alot everything was beautiful except my suppost to be friend ended up pocketing a whole donation jar that was ment for his final cost,when confronting her with this she got really defensive and i havnt talked to her since my point is this, halloween night was the celabration for him about 6 of the pictures that were taken that night had full on images in them no smoke or wierd mirrors or double exposures these are so very real that it made my hair stand on end,well my son who is 5 stayed the weekend with me and up till this point he new everybody and exspecially me momma was mourning deeply from his sudden unexpected passing but at 5 i new he really didnt understand what that ment untill we were getting ready for bed and he asked to hold him he was very adament about seeing what was in the box i was very nervous i didnt no what to expect myself i hadnt been brave yet to look, so i let him open it thats when he burst into heart wrenching soabs and said he had shared the magic sword trick with him i couldnt hold back so we sat holding him rocking back n forth when i was able to gather myself i told him why dont we place glow sticks around him he would cheerish that so my son said okay when we were done he stopped crying and looked right at me and said mom he says he thanks u and that he loves u and that he loves me to thats when i asked him if he could here him and he said yes mom i here him in my head and he says thank u this was the first of many ways he has been able to comunicate 2 me and the signs r comming out of the wood work from heart shaped rocks popping up to me asking were these neclace pieces he had made me were and him telling my son wear they were to strate carma on that bar who had taken from his donations that were from his family kids friends who had cared and loved him a drunk driver some how managed to plow threw the front of the bar going the opisate directin from the front of the bar the only 2 things left on that wall was 2 of his good friends pics who had past prior in the yaer were still hanging perfectly unscathed on the wall when i was told this a big smile came to my face because i new it was rick and there paying 10 fold for there greediness and total heartless actions for what the whole purpose was for i have so much more but as for now im tierd and my eyes are blurring so what do u think about my encounters and endless signs so soon it leaves me wondering how old of a soul he really was?

  5. pervin

    I need somebody to talk to my husband who expired suddenly.Whom do I contact

  6. Jack

    Based on how easy it was to communicate with my departed buddy, my suggestion would be simply to start talking with him–I’m sure he’s there–and ask him to leave you some kind of a sign by moving an object into a location where you would never think of putting it. This kind of communication can only result in yes-no responses, but you’d be surprised the amount of information you can get that way. The main thing that’s required of you is just to believe it’s possible. If you’re convinced that only a psychic can do it, then you’re operating with one hand tied behind your back. Hope this helps.

  7. Jean

    My dad recently passed and we had had “the discussion” before he died about him giving me “a sign” if he could. Well, the cool thing was that he seemed to press the elevator button for me a couple times on my first week back at work. The thing was just waiting for me, floor pressed, door wide open. It has never happened, before or since. I actually said “thanks, Dad” when I got in (no one was around, of course). That was quite awesome.

  8. Jack

    That’s how it happens, Jean. Objects moved into bizarre locations, TV channel changes when you’re nowhere near the remote, the same scene of a DVD movie repeats itself over and over until you say something, lights switch off then back on again, and so on. What’s really amazing is how easy it is to communicate, and all it takes is a belief. Most people think it’s impossible, convinced that they need a psychic to communicate for them. Good for you and your Dad for making the connection. Really takes the chill out of “losing” a loved one when you realize that he or she never left in the first place. You just can’t SEE them, that’s all, but you can still talk and they can still hear you and respond.

  9. Beth

    My Grandmother died about a month ago, and I keep having dreams about her. She speaks in the dreams, but I can’t hear what she’s saying–it’s like watching a muted video. Has anyone experienced something like this, or does anyone have a theory about why this is happening?

  10. Mandy

    My mom passed away suddenly in her home about three weeks ago. I discovered her on her bedroom floor, face down in her pillow and all wrapped up in her favorite blanket. She looked like she was sleeping.

    In the days since her passing, I have experienced what I feel are many signs that she is still with me in spirit.

    #1) I have had a couple of dreams where she tells me she is not dead. In the first dream I did not see her body, only heard about it from my brother. She was upset with me for thinking she was dead. In the second dream, I see and talk to her directly but she is lying on the kitchen floor naked. Her face looks as it did at the viewing before we cremated her.

    #2) Another time when I was sleeping, I was awakened by a loud crash next to my bed. When I turned on the light I found that a doll from my collection that is displayed on a shelf had fallen and landed on the wood chair below. The doll has not been moved from her spot for years so this was quite strange. She is also my favorite of the collection.

    #3) There has been this cat that sometimes hangs around my mothers front yard. I had met this friendly creature a few times before her passing and wondered why it seemed to be waiting for me. After she passed, the cat was always there when I came over to the house, sitting on the car or sleeping under her bedroom window, and relentless in it’s wanting for attention and affection, jumping on my lap, following me inside, purring and mewing. The strangest thing was that on the morning of the viewing and cremation, the cat was gone, but when we returned to the house, she was back. The cat seems to be gone the last couple of times I visited but yesterday there was a hummingbird that twice was fluttering just outside the window to the room I was in. Mom loved the hummingbirds and this one felt like her trying to say hello.

    #4) I feel my mother’s guidance whenever I am in her house. I am somehow directed to all the things I am looking for, and thus provided with many of the tools I need to find closure. Examples are too numerous to list here. Additionally, I feel as if a peice of her soul now resides inside of me. I find myself engaging in behavior that defined her without even thinking about it. I also seem to possess some of her knowledge somehow. A very strange feeling.

    I was very close to my mother and will miss her for the rest of my life.

  11. Denise Garcia

    hello my name is denise my brother had passed away 3 years on august 10 2008 we have had alot of sighs but yesterday my mother went to play games on the computor mind you she does not have the internet hooked up there is images of the virgin mother a skeleton with there hand held out some roman lettering a boat with wings on it and it looks like a bible please can you get back to me as soon as possible…

  12. Jack

    Denise, I’m not a medium, but I’ve been communicating almost on a daily basis with a departed loved one for the past 18 months. Read my story above. My friend only does things after I’ve asked him a question. so I’ve already proved that these are indeed his responses and not just my imagination or the machinations of a forgetful mind. Only last night he moved an electric clock ahead by one hour, taking the whole family by surprise. Things like this are common around here–totally bizarre events with only one possible explanation–my buddy Jim.

    What I want to say about your situation is that just about anything is possible with this kind of communication. Be open-minded. Jim’s responses have come in a wide variety of ways–objects moved into unlikely locations, electrical devices behaving erratically, and DVDs playing in impossible ways–so a weird image on a computer screen wouldn’t surprise me at all. Rather than run around looking for a medium, just talk (out loud) with him and ask him for more signs, and be thrilled that he’s there.

    To Mandy I’d like to say that you don’t have to miss your mother for the rest of your life because she hasn’t gone anywhere. You just can’t see her, that’s all. Talk with her and she will listen. Whenever you think of her, she’s there. Ask her a yes-no question and a request to respond if the answer is yes. I’m just basing this advice on what I’ve learned through personal experience during the past 18 months. This ongoing communication with my friend, sometimes in real time, has changed my life.

  13. Mandy

    Hi Beth,

    Your dreams are interesting and may evolve to a point where you can hear or understand what she is saying. I had a third dream about my mom last night where we were in her kitchen eating tacos. Although she did not actually eat anything in the dream, it was pleasant that we were doing something nice together. My dreams of her seem to have evolved from not actually seeing her, to seeing and talking with her while she is in an unatural state, to seeing and being with her in a more or less normal family setting. Food is always in the subtext of my dreams. I’ll bet in time you will understand what your grandmother is telling you. Think about some of the other elements of your dreams and perhaps you will find your answer.

  14. Anna

    Hi Mandy, sorry for your loss of your mum. If those are signs from her, they are lovely ones.

  15. Anna

    Hi Beth,

    My theory: she is saying she is talking to you, but you can’t hear her for whatever reason. What do you think?

  16. Rajah

    i have never spent much time worrying about GOD or what happens after death.
    but i lost my wife suddenly a week ago and would very much like to get a chance to tell her how much i love her and know that she’s ok

    can anyone help?

  17. Anna

    Hi Rajah, you can talk to her and tell her you love her – she will be able to hear you. If she only passed a week ago, she is probably not fully crossed over and receptive to what you want to tell her.

  18. Rajah

    Hi anna,

    i dream of her almost every morning. in my dreams i don’t know that she is dead. she acts quite normal and is very much her usual smiling, playful self . . . telling me to stop worrying and that things are going to be ok

    Also i’ve noticed that i keeping seeing her name and the one we’ld have chosen for our babygirl in very unlikely places.

    Just coincidence or wishful thinking that maybe she’s trying to tell me something???? what should i do?

  19. Anna

    Hi Rajah, well in your dreams she’s telling you to stop worrying and that things are going to be OK. You could interpret that as her attempting to get through to you, to tell you that all will be well after this. (Some people might see it as your subconscious telling you the same thing.)

    My guess is that it’s normal to dream of a loved one who has recently passed. After all, it’s such a big change to go through and your subconscious needs time to process the change and that can happen in dreams. So it could be a processing dream or it could be her coming through to you. It’s very hard to tell the difference between the two when you’re grieving because your emotions will be all over the place.

    So sorry for your loss Rajah

  20. Rajah

    she was a very bubbly and lively person, she hated being tied tied down to any 1 place. is she free to visit other places or is she limited in where she can go? if no one is talking to her what would she do?

    i now talk to her every morning and everynight, whether she’s listening or not. i don’t dream of her anymore. i’ld like to understand the afterlife better, increase my chances of rejoining with her. . . if she still wants me

    i want to make her afterlife better. what can i do?
    i’ld like to establish some kind of 2 way communication. is the moving an object strategy the only one, other than thru’ mediums? anybody else tried it?

    how do i increase my chances of communication?


  21. Jack

    Rajah, I carry on a lively 2-way conversation with a close buddy of mine who passed over in ’84. It’s lively in that I speak with him throughout the day as though he is with me, which I know he is. And the reason I know he’s with me is because he leaves me signs, unmistakable signs, such as moving an electric clock ahead by one hour while I’m taking a short nap alone in a bedroom with the door locked. He’s proven his presence many times over, but the point is that communication really isn’t difficult. It just takes a total belief from you that it can be done and lots of pictures of them in the area. Choose one picture and enlarge it and talk to it. And that’s basically it. Many sources will tell you that they long to be with us, so they want to communicate with you as much as you want to communicate to them. You just have to believe you can do it and then do it. Ask for a sign if they can hear you and then go from there.

  22. Rajah

    Thanks Jack,
    i tried it with a a heart-shaped stone (which she’d offered to me) on the window sill. i talked to her for a long time and asked her to me move it a short distance if it was difficult and all the way if easy. Just before i woke up i dreamed that i had found the stone moved by about 1 inch and i was replacing the stone with a piece of soap. when i woke up for real, the stone hadn’t moved at all. i have added the soap alongside the stone and i’m now at work. i’ll keep on talking to her everyday and checking on the stone & soap.
    Do you know what they do all day long? i hope she’s not getting bored with nothing to do – she’ld really hate that.

    i’ll let you know how things go

  23. Jack

    Well, I wouldn’t recommend telling them what you want them to do. I don’t think we can call the shots. You pretty much have to let them decide what to do and when. It’s not up to you. When they do something you’ll know it. Just keep track of where you put things and you’ll notice it when something is out of place. That would be my suggestion.

  24. Rajah

    ok will do. do they communicate with each other? could your friend pass a message to her or would he need to have known her before?

    i’ll clean up and ensure everything is always in a predetermined place. that way it would be easier for me to spot anything out of place. Does moving things involve a lot of effort from them? Is there anything we can do to help them, in any way?

    Thank you for being there Jack

  25. Jack

    My only area of expertise in this matter pertains to my personal experiences over the past 18 months, so I’m not prepared to say what happens in their own realm. In regard to moving things, electrical devices are the easiest for them to manipulate because they are pure energy. I haven’t a clue as to how they move physical objects. In my own case, objects moved included porcelain cups, fork, spatula, paint brush, desk clock, kitchen timer, all placed nearby but into extremely unlikely locations. But remote controls, DVD player, electric clock, MP3 player volume, and light switches have also been manipulated. I don’t think we have any control over the situation. It’s all up to them, except to ask questions and ask for signs if it’s yes. The other thing is to be patient and not expect quick answers. Things only happen when you are not anticipating them.

    o say that I found contacting extremely easy.

  26. Anne

    Hello…my brother in law died 3 weeks ago. He moved in with my mother in law so she could care for him during his illness. He passed on Friday. Saturday morning at exactly 5am my mother in law’s cell rang. No one was there. My brother in law’s ex wife and children had stayed with her for the weekend and she looked over my mother in law’s phone and could find no missed call. Since then every Saturday morning at exactly 5 am her cell rings! No missed called, nothing that says their was a call? Another strange happening was my son who is two yrs old and has speech problems was spending the night with my parents and he had asked my dad ” Pop-pop what time is it? ” now mind you he’s never said anything like that before! Plus would only use 2 word sayings. My mom replied it’s 10:15 pm….that was the exact time my brother in law passed! My sons speech has improved so much! Does any of this mean anything?

  27. Eileen

    My sister disappeared 26 years ago and we never found a trace of her. I still miss her and I think of her often. I was told by a medium that she had passed and that she is with me – that was about 12 years ago.
    Last night I mentioned my sister’s disappearance in a group. Later, as I was walking in my hometown a young woman who had heard me speak of my sister stopped me and said that my sister had come to her when I was talking about her. She told me some things about how my sister had been killed and that we would never find the body as it had been “dumped” in a place that would not be discovered. She too said that my sister, Marguerite is always with me – and she watches over me.
    I worry that maybe she is stuck here – I think I have let her go, but I know that her daughter at times holds out hope that she is alive, and also wonders why her mother abandoned her.
    I think that woman stopped me on my walk and told me these things so that I would share them with her daughter.
    Not sure what to think – I love to feel her with me and I often do, but lately I wonder if I’m supposed to let her go – or if her daughter may be holding her back?

  28. Rajah

    my wife passed away suddenly 6 weeks ago. i keep talking to her everynight before i go to bed asking myself/her if she was angry with me for things i did/didn’t do, if she wanted to be with me again when my time comes…

    that night i had a dream where we were holding hands, and running towards some place (we usually hold hands when walking on the streets and we usually don’t run, especially when holding hands) We were both happy, and i felt the same joy as when we were together.

    However my pants kept slipping off my waist (i’ve lost a few pounds during the last few weeks) and was also feeling quite embarassed. i tried to blame it on the coins in my pocket, although in real life i usually do not carry change in my pockets (she carries the coins in her handbag or we leave it in the car)

    Since i couldn’t do anything about it, i started running sightly ahead of her so she would see me in my embarassing position and laugh: i was trying to make it seem as if it was my intention to play the clown for her all along. this is what i usually do in such cases: her opinion is the only one that matters to me.

    We eventually reach a deserted beach; the sea is very calm and it doesn’t look like the real thing but i know it’s the beach where we would usually go to make out before we were married. we always call it ‘our’ beach and we even have out favourite spot there… we stop and gaze at the sea. i don’t know what we are here for & she isn’t saying anything . . . i have the feeling she isn’t bubbling with happiness as usual. i then wake up suddenly.

    Throughout the dream i never saw her face and i could see both her & me as if i was behind them/us.

    how do i interpret this? is it just wishful thinking that we’ll be together again? what about the pants slipping off? i don’t get that part especially.

    thanks for any comments

  29. Jack

    Anna, those were two great articles that you sent along. I devoured them both. The reason is that I have had an incredible experience over the past few days that is the most mind-boggling thing that’s ever happened to me, something I never thought possible. The buddy of mine who passed in 1984 with whom I’ve been communicating in the form of questions from me and answers from him in the form of moved objects and the like, not only appeared in normal physical form in my house but had a conversation with someone, a person who, unbeknownst to me, has psychic ability. The details of this event are riveting, and so I feel compelled to share it with forum members in complete detail.

    I flew from Las Vegas home to Honolulu on May 20, arriving at 9:30 p.m. That detail will be important later. The following morning, May 21, I was asleep in one room while a friend by the name of Jeanie, a Korean girl in her late 20s, was taking a light nap on the sofa in the living room. While in a half-awake, dreamlike state, Jeanie heard a male voice whispering something above her. She awoke to find herself in a semi-OBE condition whereby your body is in a paralyzed state while your awareness is in the other dimension. Many of us have experienced that trance state upon waking in the morning.

    So in this trance state, she saw a young male, early 20s, walk over to a chair several feet away and sit down. Jeanie had no idea who he was and was half dazed. Who WAS this guy?! Without any lead up, he told Jeanie about something unpleasant that was going to happen to her personally. This intrusion into her personal life by a guy she didn’t even know caught her off guard, and she blurted out (in Korean), “This has to be a dream!” At that the young guy responded (in English), “No, it’s not a dream.” Jeanie then demanded, “Who ARE you and what are you doing in my HOUSE!?” The handsome young guy then said, “It’s okay, I’m Jack’s friend.” (That’s me, I’m Jack.)

    He then got up from the chair and walked to the door where I was sleeping in this single-floor flat. He knew which room I was in. Jeanie, still dazed, then saw my spirit exit from my bedroom (even though the door was closed) to meet up with this young guy. She regained her body control, and both the young guy and I were no longer there.

    An hour later, after I was awake, Jeanie came into my room and got the shock of her life. On my bed was a large facial photo of my buddy Jim. He looked EXACTLY like the guy she had just spoken to. When I asked her to describe in detail that young guy who had walked to my bedroom door, her description fit Jim to a T: “tall” (6’2″), “big” (220 lbs. football player), “very handsome” (true), “early 20s” (he is 22 in that photo) and (in her words) “a hunk” (:-))

    Until then Jeanie had seen only deceased family members who have come to her and told her things that turned out to be true, so this was the first time that a stranger appeared before her and not in a dream but walking around the room and sitting in chairs. It’s also fascinating that Jim had set up the sighting with Jeanie IN ADVANCE. It turns out that 11 hours before I arrived in Honolulu, on the morning of May 20, Jeanie experienced the same out-of-body minute and heard the male voice whispering to her from above.

    The euphoria that comes with knowing that the person you’ve been communicating with using signs was actually seen by someone in your house and communicated with that person. It is beyond anyone’s expectations. The event has changed my life, since I am now fully aware that Jim is right here with me pretty much around the clock. It changes everything, knowing that I have an invisible companion right here in my room. There can be no secrets because I’m sure he knows every single thing that happens here. This keeps me on my very best behavior, knowing that there’s no place to hide. 😉

    A few details that you and forum members may find fascinating:
    1. Jim, same as Jeanie’s deceased family members (who have appeared in lucid dreams) speak in normal voices but without moving their lips. My notion of telepathy was silent thought-transference, but Jeanie said that they
    spoke with actual voices.
    2. They show no emotion on their faces. This may be comforting to Rajah who wrote a few days ago. You shouldn’t interpret too much into the fact that your wife didn’t laugh. They don’t laugh, cry, or smile.
    3. Jeanie blurted in Korean and Jim understood her. No surprised that spoken words are not necessary and that Jim just read her thought. However, he answered in English, not Korean. So language is something that they still possess. Jim understood Korean but he didn’t speak it.
    4. Jeanie described Jim’s body as completely solid and normal-looking just like ours. He didn’t appear in a mist or transparent. She said that no, he looked just like any other guy walking around.
    5. Jeanie said that his gaze, when they locked eyes, was strikingly intense, but not scary in any way. Normal, but with more intensity than our eyes.
    6. Jeanie said that he appeared exactly as he looks in my photo of him, not just similar but exactly the same. There was no doubt whatsoever that the guy in the photo was the guy in the living room and hall.
    7. When my spirit came out of my bedroom to meet Jim, I appeared just as I do now—not young. However, Jim. who was born 6 months before me, appeared as a handsome hunk of a football player of 22 years old. The only explanation can be that I am still “alive” and he is on the Other Side. I guess when I cross over, I’ll be 22 too, because that’s how old we were when we parted.

    This is a miraculous event for me. Getting undeniable, definitive PROOF that spirits of loved ones are with us isn’t something that happens everyday. It only happened to me because I happened to have a psychic in the house. How many people on the planet are having vigorous 2-way conversations with spirits on the Other Side? Who ever imagined it could be this easy!? Wow.

  30. Anna

    Hi Anne – I think it’s interesting that your son asked that question in particular, about the time – these funny occurrences are really quite common at the time someone passes.

  31. Anna

    Hi Eileen,

    Have you shared any of this information with your niece? I wonder if it would be a good idea, then she can do whatever she wants with the info – if she doesn’t believe in mediums, then that’s fine too. Perhaps she needs to know that she wasn’t abandoned. It’s so difficult to get closure on these ones where someone went missing – perhaps if your niece is open to it, you could do a ritual for letting go.

  32. Audrey

    Someone I was really close to took their own life 4 months ago after suffering from depression. I could never spend as much time as I wanted with him as he moved away, but he was supposed to come home for a couple of weeks to visit just after he passed away. I have been struggling to get over him since his death, and I just feel like i haven’t had closer yet, as he said goodbye. I have 2 dreams about him over the past couple of weeks (These weeks have been worse than usual) The first of these dreams I am passing off as my want to see him, as I cannot exactly remember it, and it didn’t seem significant. Though the one I had last night was something different, though it only lasted about 10 seconds. I was hugging him from behind, with my face on his shoulder, and I said to him ‘I love you’ and he replied ‘I love you to’ I started crying, and he was too, then I said ‘I love you so much’…. and then the dream ended.

    I didn’t feel i was watching over this scene happening, as dreams are usually. I was there, and It was me, and I felt the warmth of him in my arms. It was so surreal. I don’t know what to take of this… It didn’t feel like what he was trying to do was to give me or him closure, maybe just saying what we were never able to tell each other when he was alive.

    I would like to think of this dream as this exactly, letting each other know how much we cared. We often would talk about dreams, what they meant, stories about spirits and entities visiting, and the fact that there was a life after death. We would also talk about supernatural communication between deceased and the living. It only makes sense really, this is how he made communication with me. I will hold this in my heart forever, but it didnt exactly help in the healing front of things.


  33. Audrey

    as he *Never* said goodbye****

  34. Owen M.

    Beginning a site similar to this one got me to start some research and I found your post to be extremely useful. My site is centered around the idea of starving cancer by stopping the angiogenic process. I hope of you good luck with your writing in the future and I’ll definitely keep an eye on you.

  35. Laura G.

    My sister-in-law passed away suddenly 7 yrs ago and I have received many signs from her. My brother recently told me that for the past several months he has been finding thermometers all over the house. They are not even ones that belong to him and has never seen these particular ones before. He has just been piling his finds up in the medicine cabinet. Does anyone know what this might be a sign of?

  36. Shane

    My dad passed away about 2 years ago from alcohol poisoning. I’ve been very depressed and lonely since then. I really want to know how to communicate with him again Can anyone help me?

  37. Jack

    Shane, if you and your father had a loving relationship, then he’s already around you. Communicating with him is as easy as speaking to him aloud. He will hear you. I communicate with a buddy of mine who died in 1984 on an almost continual basis. For 2 years he’s left me many signs in rapid response to yes-no questions I’ve asked him, but last month he was SEEN around me twice by a friend with psychic ability. She even SPOKE with him, their calling each other by name, indicating that he knows my surroundings and everybody around me. Your dad’s spirit is just as close as my friend Jim’s. He’s right there; you can be sure of it.

  38. Shane

    Thank you for the response Jack. The other day before I went to bed I asked my deceased father to communicate with me by moving a picture of myself and him on my bookshelf. Believe it or not the next day at night, I walked into my bedroom and the picture was face down on a pile of books that I always shuffle through. I don’t ever remember the picture falling or even falling so perfectly as to land perfectly on the books. I asked my grandmother if she moved the picutre or bumped into the shelf to cause it to fall but she said no. The only other explanation was the fan, but I’ve had the fan on before and the picture stayed in the same spot. I’m hoping it was my father giving me a sign for Fathers Day but I’m just not sure

  39. Jack

    Shane, according to your description, I would say there is no question about it–your dad did it. That’s just how things happen–normally something discovered out of place the next morning. Aren’t you happy to know that he’s okay? He’s probably been wanting to tell you that for the past 2 years, so finally you gave him a chance. If you don’t ask, they can’t answer. That’s the main reason why most people don’t contact their loved ones–think it’s impossible, so they never even try, or if something does happen they dismiss it as their imagination.

  40. Shane

    Yes, I’m very happy. Could you give me any more suggestions on other communication techniques? How long do you think his spirit would continue to keep me company? I read your friends experience above and I wish that I could somehow have a conversation with my dad again. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me.

  41. Jack

    There really isn’t any technique because he’s just as eager to communicate with you as you are with him. So even if you don’t talk with him he’ll still be there. Guaranteed. After Jim’s first appearance last month, I was so excited to have had his presence confirmed by an objective eyewitness, but I asked him to please let me know how often he is there–ALL the time or just SOME of the time? I wanted to know if he always heard me or if I was talking to myself half of the time. He responded first chance he got– the next morning when Jeanie woke up. Her bedroom was next to mine, and she was sleeping with her door open, so she was able to see into the hall. He was standing in front of my bedroom door again. She asked him, “Jim, are you here?” to which he responded with a bit of a smile, “Jeanie, if you can SEE me, that means I’m HERE.” She interpreted that to meant that he is ALWAYS here.

    I have one facial portrait of Jim where he wis looking directly into the camera, and I carry that photo around with me all day and make comments to him, just like he’s there in the flesh. You should do the same with your dad. Pick out one favorite photo of him and use it to talk with him, and always know that he’s listening. He will be thrilled beyond belief, and you can bet you’ll be the only living person who is talking with him. (How many people do you know who even think it’s possible???) That guarantees that you will have his undivided attention.

    I had a brief OBE years ago, and that’s the only reason I knew that it would be possible to talk to someone without a physical body, so as soon as a mutual friend told me a couple of years ago that he had passed, I immediately started to talk with him. He wasted no time in coming through. same as your dad. Within 12 hours he left a really weird sign, and I’m sure he was thinking, “FINALLY!” If you live with other people and can’t walk around talking with him every day, then just set some time aside everyday to go in a room and shut the door. Your dad will love you more than ever. 😉

    The only difference between Jim and your dad and you and me is that we have physical bodies and they don’t, but they’re “here” just the same as we are. I told Jim I didn’t care if he left me any more signs or not because I already know he’s here, so he should just save his energy. That’s how confident I am. 😉

  42. Shane

    I’d like to get some of your thoughts on the afterlife. The part that hurts the most about my father passing is that I don’t have much family left. I’m only 21 years old and my grandparents who are in their 70’s are all I have left. I have had the fear ever since my dad passed away that I will never get to see, speak or be with them again when they pass away. I hate the idea of never being able to be with my family again. If I had assurance that I would be able to be with my family again when I pass away, it would make me happier to know that I won’t be going through life alone and I would have the chance to reunite with my family when I pass away. According to your experiences with Jim, will families renuite in the afterlife? Does Jim tell you that he will be with you again when you pass?

  43. Jack

    Shane I have great news for you. Not only WILL you be with your loved ones after you also die, but they will also be with you for your entire life BEFORE you die! You will NEVER be alone, even AFTER your grandparents die. This communication that I have going with Jim has astounded both me and my entire family because the amount of evidence that he is around me is overwhelming. First Jeanie saw him 3 times, and then today, he was seen again by my son Ron. Let me tell you what happened to me yesterday and then this morning–2 incidents in 2 days.

    Remember my saying that I told Jim he didn’t have to leave me any more signs? Well, apparently HE decides that, not I. A few days ago I injured myself while lifting weights and my body was sore. So yesterday I left the house with Ron, who is about your age, to visit a clinic for a body check. We were only gone for about 30 minutes, since the clinic is near the house. When we got back, amazingly, we found one of my belts hanging from a high place in the kitchen! That belt was absolutely NOT there before we left. (Why the heck would I hang a belt in the kitchen???) I asked Ron, did you put this belt here?” and he said, “Why would I do THAT?” Of course I knew that he didn’t do it, but I still had to ask. There is no one else in the house but Ron and me…and Jim, of course. The belt was Jim’s way of comforting me because of the pain due to the injury.

    Then this morning, at around 6 o’clock, while sleeping on the sofa, Ron was awoken by somebody gently touching his leg. When he awoke he saw Jim standing there and smiling at him. (It was not the first time that Ron has seen the spirit of someone who died, so he has some ability. He saw his grandmother after she died last year.) Anyway, no words were exchanged between him and Jim, but Ron said that he was NOT afraid of Jim and that Jim’s smile made him feel very safe and content. He described Jim as looking exactly as in the photo that I have of him–big, muscular, and very handsome, like the 220-lb. football player that he was.

    I have asked Jim a whole list of questions, and he has answered. Yes, he will be waiting for me when I cross over. Yes, we will be able to relive our years together back in college. Yes, we can travel together on the other side, etc. Start asking your dad some yes-no questions, and wait for his responses, a sign meaning yes. Keep track of where things are in your room, keeping certain things in the same locations, so that you will know immediately when he leaves a sign. I think that picture of the 2 of you turned face down was a no-brainer, because not only did you name the object beforehand, but he wasted no time in coming through.

    You and your dad already have a good thing going, so there’s no reason whatsoever why that would ever change. Personally, I could never in a million years have imagined that keeping in touch after death would be this easy, but Jim taught me that all it takes is faith and the desire to do it. I think you’ve got both, so like me, you’ll be just fine.

  44. Shane

    That’s an amazing story Jack. Isn’t it wonderful to know that Jim will always be there to keep you company throughout life? You must of had a wonderful relationship with him as a person. Based on your comments, I think I can now live the rest of my life happily knowing that despite my fathers passing and when my grandparents pass, I can go throughout life knowing that they never left. That has always been one of my fears; establishing these powerful relationships with my family and friends and then one day never seeing, hearing or being with them again. That fear came from people telling me that once people die, they’re gone forever. I hate believing that. I hate believing that our relationships are all for nothing and once you die that’s it.

    One more quick question. Some of the best memories that I had with my Dad were when I was younger, during the mid 90’s. I saw you said in your comment that Jim and yourself will be able to relive the great moments in college together. My question is, do you think that when we pass away, we will somehow be able to go back to a certain time in our past on Earth and relive certain moments? Or do you think that we will just be able to watch your past actions in a life movie review as Anna has stated?

  45. Jack

    Shane, you can be sure that you will never be alone, and it doesn’t matter what other people think. The idea that people are cut off from their loved ones as soon as they die comes from the erroneous Christian belief that “Heaven” is some far away place up in the sky. That’s simply not true, as Jim and your father have already demonstrated. It’s right here, except at a different frequency, which is why we can’t see them.

    Relationships are forever. They don’t end just because one of the parties dies. Jim and I were good friends in college, but ironically, it was actually after his death that our relationship took off. That’s because we can now spend unlimited time together whereas in college we each had busy lives and didn’t see that much of each other. So it’s clear that not only do relationships continue beyond the grave but they can actually intensify. The word “death” only pertains to our bodies, not to our minds. What’s in there now will stay in there. So even though Jim and I haven’t seen one another for decades, the bond between us is stronger now than it was back then.

    You will not only be able to relive the good times that you and your dad had in the ‘90s, but you’ll be able to replay them as many times as you want. Even better, it’s my understanding that you can even change the outcome of certain events that didn’t turn out right, such as when you said or did something that you later regretted. In the replay you can actually correct it.

    Anna is right about the review of your past life first thing after you pass over, which is for you to pick out which aspects about your character that still need to be improved on in your next life. But after that’s over you can do whatever you want and go wherever you want with whomever you want. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to be planning this stuff out in advance with Jim even before I die because I doubt there are many people in the whole world who are able to do this, let alone even believe that it can be done. If you work on your communication with your dad, there’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

  46. Shane

    I’m glad that your relationship with Jack has grown stronger. That’s amazing. I never thought that it could be possible. I’m sure that Jim and yourself have many good memories to relieve and many more new memories to make. I can’t wait to be able to relieve some of the great moments that I’ve had with my dad.

    So have you had any psychic readings by Anna? I’m thinking about getting one soon?

  47. Jack

    Well to be frank, I don’t feel much of a need for a psychic reading since two people in my own family with psychic ability have seen and spoken with Jim in just the past 4 weeks. Then just this week he moved one of my belts from a bedroom closet to a railing in the kitchen while my son and I were out of the house for a few minutes. The only way that could have happened is for him to have watched us leave, then as soon as the coast was clear, he moved the belt into a conspicuous place so that we’d see it as soon as we got back in. That wasn’t the first time he’s done stuff in real time. Once while I was chatting with him, he moved a clock from the side of my desk to the middle of my workspace. I even heard the sound of the clock setting down and I turned to see what had made the sound. Another time after I told him I’d like to have an answer (to a question) ASAP, he moved a kitchen timer from a table to the kitchen counter while I was out of the room. Well, with all this stuff going on I don’t need for anybody else to tell me that Jim is around me.

    If you can afford to have a psychic reading done, then go for it. Once you have somebody tell you that they’ve seen your dad beside you, you’ll never again doubt it. But even from what you’ve already said, I can tell that he’s there. I’m positive that he wants to be with you as much as you want to be with him. What the two of you need to do is to work on developing your line of communication, just as Jim and I have done.

  48. Shane

    Okay, I will! Thanks for your help and advice Jack

  49. Jack

    Good luck to you and your dad, Shane. I don’t think I’ve ever run into another 21-year-old who has his head screwed on as well as yours is. You are mature beyond your age, and that will be your ticket to success. Don’t forget to let us know if anything else happens. Remember, he’s there and he’s been following all of this. I’m sure he knows my name too. This isn’t rocket science. Just do your part, and he will follow through. To bypass the blog, you can reach me direct by email.

    [Edited by Anna – I removed the email address posted here for privacy reasons. I emailed it to you Shane if you want to communicate directly with Jack.]

  50. Tammy

    Hi there … “Psychic but Sane” … I love that !!!! ..

    Very interesting … I have always been really fascinated in this topic. My father passed away a few years ago… and I remember one time I was asking for a sign of some sort to know he was still watching over me… and I got this amazing feeling of love that it brought tears to my eyes…. and this message I hear in my head… ” We are always here around you … you just don’t remember how to see us…” Ive had messages like that several times… about how we forgot how to communicate with or see spirits… I love how you explain it in Energy …. makes alot of sense.

    Anyhow… I really am enjoying your messages …glad I found your site !! Thank u !

    ~ Tammy

  51. Sarah

    Hi I enjoyed your article. You talk about moving on and them moving on and letting go. What if your work together isn’t finished. Spirits can come often and very strongly often with little jokes, often with wonderful feelings without using meditation, writing or other techniques to call them – yet have a lovely energy that clearly isn’t that of a disturbed earth bound spirit. So i a spirit is lively, happy, calm, peaceful, loving and visiting frequently, why is it assumed they are supposed to be somewhere else? It would be lovely to find an answer to this based on some study, since there are a lot of divergent theories, few match and fewer are based on any “evidence” beyond speculation. An informed opinion would be a gem.

  52. Jack

    Hi Anna,

    Everything you say seems logical, but it doesn’t explain why Jim is still here and leaving me signs on a continual basis–5 or so in the past week alone. His signs are always in response to questions that I’ve asked him; they are never random, as some have assumed. I have a belt now hanging in my kitchen, an oven mitt and a piece of shelf liner placed symmetrically on top of it sitting on my printer, a desk lamp moved to a spot too far away for me to see under it, and the list goes on. Lately Jim has been fiddling with my MP3 player, making things happen that can’t normally happen–volume fading before the song is finished, just one song advancing to the next song when the Repeat function is engaged, while all the other songs repeat, volume level dropping to zero at the end of a song, causing me to think the battery was discharged when it wasn’t, etc.–and the player is not broken.

    If there has to be a reason for his returning decades after we parted, then I guess it could be because there was unfinished business between us but which has since been resolved through discussion. And yet, after 2 years of communication, he’s still here. Could it be because we’re both having too much fun? In college Jim loved to play tricks on me, and I enjoyed it when he did, so maybe that is reason enough for a spirit to stay around–for pure enjoyment. Why not? How many other living souls do you suppose are carrying on lively conversations with him, as I am doing? I’m guessing zero, so he has no reason to leave. Having too much fun.

    As for not having a body, he obviously has one because he was seen and engaged in conversation by two psychic acquaintances while I slept in another room. Both described him as looking exactly as in his college graduation photo taken at age 22 (our age when we last met), even though he died in a fire at age 44. Both described his body as perfectly normal-looking, not wispy or semi-transparent, and said that he walked around the room or sat in a chair. The only thing different about him, according to them, was that although he spoke in a normal voice, his lips didn’t move. But he looked so normal that, until he identified himself as my friend, the first eyewitness assumed he was an intruder and inquired as to how he got into the house with all the doors and windows locked.

  53. Jack

    Anna, I failed to mention that Jim’s appearance before those 2 psychics were two separate events. I made it sound like they were both there at the same time, but that’s not the case. Jim’s first appearance was at my home in Honolulu in May, and the second was before a Thai friend in Bangkok in June, where I am now. Sorry if I confused the readers.

  54. Sarah

    Hi Anna, thanks for your reply. I think my experience seems to be more like Jack’s (Jack thanks for posting it’s great to hear other people having positive long term experiences too).

    I’m happy to say my husband visits have been fun too, frequent and inspiring and definitely NOT draining, on the contrary, life is been richer and brighter with him here. He is also fun, calm, happy and settled, so I don’t believe for a minute that he’s hanging on with unresolved issues. I have been communicating with him via inspirational writing and meditation – if there were unresolved issues we’ve had plenty of time to make peace with them. I also pray so that he not come to me when my energy is low or bad (the very time people say loved ones come because they’re needed). I wanted to be very clear that I want him to come when he wants to not because he has to rescue me from some physical world stress. As a result his appearances have been spontaneous and fun.

    I know others, including mediums who still have frequent visits from loved ones decades later without having to call them. I assume if it was bad for them or their loved ones they know how to release them or at the very least, since they have such a clear channel open that at some point over the last three or four decades they could have resolved any outstanding issues.

    I still don’t know what lies ahead for us, or how relationships continue across the veil, but Jack I’d love to hear more about your experiences, they sound fun and encouraging. If you’re willing to share, I’m happy to post my email address.


  55. Jack

    Sarah, I don’t believe Anna will post the email address for security reasons, but she can send it to me if you ask.

    You’re correct that my life has been a series of mini-adventures with Jim, but even more interesting than his signs is the thinking he’s put behind them. It’s quite clear to me that he not only looks 22 but acts it as well. There’s still a lot of the kid still in Jim, and he hasn’t changed one bit. He has my surroundings memorized, so when I’m alone, he will move something that only I would know has been moved. But when another person is around, he will do something that no one would take credit for, such as hang a belt from a rafter in the kitchen or overturn a glass with a little water still in it, thus making a small puddle on the counter. Living with Jim has been a little like a 3-ring circus, which is why I believe he doesn’t leave. Having a blast.

  56. Anna

    Hi Sarah,

    Are you talking about deceased spirits who have just passed or other spirits, like guides? They are very different from one another in terms of their path.

    From what I know about deceased spirits, a deceased person cannot live in this world without drawing energy from the living person they’re communicating with. So if you’re in constant contact with a deceased person, they are using your energy to stay in this plane. That’s draining for you. For this reason, most spirits do not usually hang around without a good reason – i.e. their death was unresolved or maybe they are watching over someone who used to be their responsibility (they can’t let go). There is no reason to hang around in this plane without a body.

  57. Anna

    Jack – In my last comment maybe I should have said there is no reason for deceased spirits to hang around – under most circumstances.

    Most choose to continue on their path of evolution. A few choose to hang around, for different reasons.

    This might sound funny but I know that there are many levels of ‘deadness’. Some souls cut ties with their living loved ones altogether after a while, and some don’t until their loved ones have passed on, or reached a certain level of self-actualization on the earth plane.

    My main area of work with the dead has been helping them to move on when they request assistance. They can definitely become earthbound and stuck here (in properties and also attached to people) because they’re afraid to move on or because they want to be connected to a loved one, but in this plane. That has given me a different perspective on how appropriate it is for the dead to hang around because I’ve seen the negative effects of it for the person who is having energy drawn from them. Often the person who is supporting the deceased spirit doesn’t know that it’s taking up a lot of energy until the spirit is no longer there and it makes energy suddenly available.

    I know I can’t presume to know what is an ‘appropriate’ path to take, for another soul, dead or living. But I can say with some certainty that if you are interacting with a dead person on a regular basis, and they are residing in this plane without a physical 3D body, they are getting their energy from somewhere in this plane. That could be you, or it could be another person. It’s not possible for the dead to exist here effortlessly. It takes work and skill to communicate with the living and exist on this plane when you don’t have a (physical, 3D) body. Living humans are obviously supported in their lives in this plane because we have bodies that we can nourish, and we have an energy body connected to source, that interacts with the physical body, and emotional and mental bodies, among others. It all fits together nicely for functioning here in this plane. But for dead people, it’s an unusual choice to stay here, that has a price, thus there is always a reason not to move on. For your friend stuckness could be the price for staying here, or it could be something else. You will have more information on this than I do as you are the one who is actually communicating with this spirit.

    Why don’t you ask your friend why he is still here? I think the answer would be interesting.

    Sarah – I feel like your situation is a little different because your husband is still reachable and available (wherever he is) but I don’t feel he’s existing here in this plane. What do you feel about that? I feel he has developed his communication skills in this regard because of your relationship and bond but is not actually existing here. He isn’t moving on without you though, for whatever reason. But if you personally don’t find that draining right now, and you are enjoying the ongoing connection, then I guess there is no problem.

    PS – if you send me your email address via the contact form, I can pass it on to Jack.

  58. Suzie

    My dad died in June and I received several strong signs from him – the night he died when I was laying on the floor in grief, I felt a very strong TUG on my shoulder and I was alone in the room. I believe it was Dad saying that he wanted me to get up and get on with my life. We were so close in life, it didn’t surprise me at all. The night before he died, which was unexpected, my deceased sister came to me while I was sleeping and woke me to say in my ear “It’s going to be okay now.” because she knew that it was hard for me to see dad hovering between illness and wellness and losing most of his physical abilities. He’s been gone 3 months, and now when I ask for signs, he doesn’t send them, and yet when I didn’t, I got them all the time. How can I be sure he is still around me or moved on? I know he is with my mother, as my sister saw a medium tonight who told her that every night when mom goes into his room, she says “Goodnight; I love you,” and my dad told the medium, “I hear her every night and I say it back.” I am going through a tough time with my grief right now and would do anything for some more signs from him. Any ideas?

  59. Sherri

    On August 30th, my ex husband; the father of my only child…our 20 year old son; passed away unexpectedly. He was my “other child” in the 19 years since our divorce; he had no family other than me, my now husband of 18 years and our son. We vacationed together, I was his friend, his mother, his sister, his guide, his teacher, his repremander…..I was his constant. He struggled with cocaine and alcohol his entire life; and had many childhood deamons he could not free himself of. He was found on his couch; possible from an enlarged heart of drug overdose at 45.

    The reason I am writing and seeking answers….maybe I am just stretching….but some things were left sooo unresolved. In recent months he called daily worried about our son….who I am heartbrokenly sad to say has an addiction to pills; and struggles deeply with life. My ex husband was so worried about him. He had written a letter some years ago that we found when cleaning his home out….never mailed it but written to our son…….about his life deamons and how he desperately wanted our son to make a good life for himself. ALso, he was in FL we were in MA so their father son relationship was strained and our son felt a snese of loss and abandonment for years.

    When were were sitting in his house the night we flew back home…randomly this cock roach just landed on my sons neck. That would be a typical jokester thing my ex would hav found humerous. When we got home; NOT since I was a little girl had I ever seen this….a perfect brightest double rainbow. And then today; while talking to a dear friend over his loss and my sons struggles; this RED….RED RED dragonfly landed on my friends bald head; he jerked; dragonfly just sat…and sat…. and sat….. I took a picture and he flew off……only to return and circle us.

    Maybe because I am so desperate to communicate with him; but do you think these are signs he is present; I hear things we would not think to look for are symbolic to a passed ones presence? When can I try to communicate with him and is it possible for him to guide or watch over our son???????????????

  60. Guy Dusseault

    Our son Billy croseed over to “heaven” on June 26 2004. One of the things I tried to do other then just trying to survive the loss and making sure the rest of my family was okay was that I tried to find a way to connect with our son Billy in “heaven” which we did with spirit medium Vicki Monroe which was amazing and another way I leared was that we can also connect with them through photographs. They can give us signs through pictures in the form of orbs, streaking lights, spirit essence and our favorite sign from Billy, heart shaped images, mostly of the moon which are really amazing. We have a website http://www.oursonbilly.com which anyone may visit read our story and view a few pages of the types of signs that we have and continue to receive from Billy.

    Have a great day

  61. Suzie

    Sherri, I read your compelling story about your ex-husband coming in the form of a dragon fly on your friend’s head and a cockroach on your son’s shoulder. I absolutely believe that when someone leaves us unexpectedly, as in the case of your ex and my beloved father, they are actually more likely to try and communicate with us that they are “okay” or they made it there, or are still with us. You mentioned the double rainbow. The day my sister passed away (expected), a friend brought food over to my parent’s house and she said when she left our driveway there was a huge rainbow over our house – it did not rain that day, either. They want us to know they made it. I have been to a medium also and have found it to not only be comforting, but reliably accurate. Hope you’re getting through your loss.

  62. Amber

    My stepdad and I had a rocky relationship. He loved me dearly and I loved him for loving my mom so much, we just had different viewpoints on my life and how I should live it.

    He was diagnosed with an acute form of Leukemia last December, and spent the majority of his time left on earth in hospitals. On July 3 of last year, my Mom called me and told me he was in really bad shape, and if possible I should go see him the next day. When we got off the phone, a group of about ten butterflies began circling me in the driveway where I was standing, all different sizes and colors.

    When I went up to the hospital the next day, my mom, stepbrother, and I made the decision to ask my stepdad if he wanted to keep fighting or go into hospice. He opted for hospice.

    Everyday that he was in hospice care, I saw butterflies in my driveway when I would get home from visiting him. Ten days after entering hospice, he died. I was alone with him when he passed, he just fell asleep for a nap and never woke up. I was holding his hand, and had nodded off myself for about 15 minutes and when I opened my eyes he was gone.

    The next day, I had left my mom’s to run to the store for her, and I was feeling so angry that he had to die so young (61). I was feeling very overwhelmed and started crying. Just as I was about to pull over, I came up over this hill and there was this beautiful rainbow, FULL RAINBOW, you could see where it began, the whole arc, and where it ended. I heard this voice in my head tell me to stop my crying and be strong for my mom.

    Since July, I have seen a rainbow almost once a week. I saw butterflies all over the summer. I never felt that close to my stepdad, I respected him and I loved him, but I was not the favorite child in the family, I am somewhat of the black sheep of our family. Why am I getting the butterflies and rainbows and not my mom or my son, who was very close to my stepdad. Most of the time I felt like the only reason my stepdad ever talked to me was because of how close he was to my son, who is now 9. Why am I getting these rainbows and butterflies?

  63. Amanda

    Hi, I just wanted to share a story about my uncle that passed away a year ago. I was very close to him, he was probably my best friend and I am still finding it very hard to let go, his anniversary was the 23rd of November this year. Well, he died around 1:10 pm last year we estimated, he got lost at sea, we found his boat about a day after he went missing, but not him. After a day of searching we made it a recovery mission because since it was in November the water temperature was very low, so hypothermia set in between 5 and 8 minutes, so I have comfort knowing he didn’t suffer. Me and my family continued to search the waters and coasts everyday around the area he went down, hoping to at least bring him home and on April 3rd 2010 we did, and it was all I could have asked for. His anniversary as I said before was just a few days ago and the strangest stuff has been happening. 2 days before his anniversary my little 3 year old cousin was sitting at the table all alone, family in the other room, when he suddenly said “hi uncle chet!” (my uncles name was chet) and everyone was shocked! but it got weirded, his anniversary my uncle got a phone call at 1:15 pm, (he died at 1:10 pm approx.) and there was no number, it was just blank and ringing, but my uncle answered and his phone goes “record now” my uncle steven (thats his name) thought that was weird and just kept listening, when my uncle chet started talking to him. Uncle Chet was saying about how he see’s how we disrespects and talks to their father, who is my Papa, and he wants him to call him and apoligize. My uncle steven and papa have been fighting none stop ever since my uncle chet died. Thats all that was said though and then the call was over, there was no evidence in my uncles phone of the call ever even being there but he was so shocked that when he called my papa to tell him about what had just happened, he was crying and couldnt talk for almost 30 minutes, they just sat there silent untill he finally spit it out. Safe to say my uncle steven apoligized and he now thinks differently of the after life, and so do I.

  64. Katherine

    Regarding the post above about letting our loved ones go and not holding on thereby holding them back from moving to their next stage of development out of guilt….

    I gave my fiance permission to leave and he chose to stay. I have psychic/mediumship abilities that have been greatly enhanced by him being here and in turn they are helping others. The next stage of development may not necessarily be somewhere away from you. Loved ones are not up or off somewhere they are beside us – true they are busy sometimes, but so are we, and so were they when they were in the physical plane.

    When spirits cross they cross, they don’t cross then cross further and no one but the spirit and the loved one can determine what their next stage of development is. Plus there is no time there – fifty years here could be fifty seconds there, so it cannot be measured in that way.

    I understand the concept of letting go, but it’s psychological and I believe for our benefit rather than the spirits – not grieving properly is not healthy, I think anyone having obsessive thoughts about their loved ones, who are unable to function, find joy in their life should consider finding a good grief counselor. Simply saying let your loved one go most likely help the person. Its kind of like saying “stop worrying” – it can perpetrate more harm if not properly addressed.

    In my humble advice – if the bereaved are having trouble living with their loved one beside them in spirit, a loving gesture for themselves would be to find the appropriate support.

    I’ve born the brunt of much well-meaning and misguided advice on my journey, I hope those in similar pain can ask for guidance and find compassionate and productive help.


  65. Katie

    Hi Anna,

    First off I wanted to mention how much I love your articles, they’re extremely informational and so inspiring! I always look forward to reading them every time you post something new!

    I have a question about – I guess you could call it the ‘etiquette’ – of communicating with spirits.. an acquaintance I knew of was recently shot and unfortunately passed away early this week – I was extremely saddened by the news and wished I had known him better than I did, as he had attended my old high school and I had just begun taking a fitness class this fall that he also happened to be in.

    In the past I have been visited by my grandfather’s spirit twice in dreams, so I decided to try my luck at communicating with this young man. I began sending loving energy to him and asked him to send me a sign so that I would know he was around – several hours later while watching t.v. the screen suddenly went static and I discovered the reception was lost on every channel… I had a strange feeling this was a significant prompt from him. I also asked for a sign again last night regarding the electricity, and not long afterwards I turned on the light switch and the bulb blew without warning. I’ve been hoping to invite him to visit me in a dream at some point, but I’m not sure if I should…

    My question is, would it be harmful for him in any way if we sent each other messages, say, every once and a while just to say hi? I’ve seen where you’ve written about spirits being stuck on this plane or feeling guilty for leaving… I wondered, would communication with him prevent him from leaving? Do spirits just hang around for a while to communicate and then leave forever?
    I don’t want to cause him a disservice by asking for messages from him – but I mean, if he’s giving me signals you’d think he’d be wanting to communicate, right? I know we weren’t close on earth and I almost feel like I’d be bothering him now or something…

    I’m sorry, spiritual communication is not an area I’m familiar with 🙂 so I was hoping you could give me some advice on the subject, it would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thanks so much,

  66. silke

    i lost my ex bf/ friend oct 15 th 2010. miss him so much.
    i have crying spells every now and than i do talk to him alot . but he hasn’t come to me in my dreams since a month and a half ago. i have his pictures and i’ll be moving into my place next month. i hope to get a visit from him. i’ll be hanging his pictures on the wall and have a candle to honor him. pls help me i want him back . i miss him . i’m trying to do evp i bought a digital voice recorder. i want to try it in my apartment where it will peace and quiet. so i hope it works. thanks for helping

  67. Sue

    My mom passed back in September. How long does it take them to cross over and able to communicate? I have had several dreams about her, but nothing else.

  68. Suzie

    Sue, I had communication almost immediately with my father. Also, they send signs in so many great ways – i.e. a song on the radio that comes on and reminds you of them, or lights flickering, phone calls with no one on the other end. These are the more subtle ways that they let us know they are around us, and so while you wait for a specific communication in a dream or otherwise, try and notice little “signs” around you; you’ll be amazed at how much they actually do communicate with us in other ways. Good luck, and keep watching for signs because they’re there!!

  69. Sue

    Thank you Suzie! I look for things everyday! As someone else said, their passing is easier on you if you know that they are still around, but you just can’t see them.

  70. thea

    My husband, Jeff died at 54 years. He had Mesotheleoma. We have a lot of unfinished business, and four young children. We had a very difficult life and moved to Australia from the US two years ago to make things better. We had nothing but bad luck instead. We were together for almost 20 years. I have been researching about how to connect with him. A few days after he died, I experienced a divine white light and energy that I cannot explain in words, for about a day and a half (on and off), and then this feeling returned a few weeks later for about 30 seconds. It was an experience I felt very drawn to, and I just wanted to be ‘there’. Until last night (he died Christmas morning, 2010), I didn’t feel as though I was going to be able to pull myself out of the deep depression, as I didn’t think he loved me and I thought he was angry at me, as I wasn’t there for him when he needed me. Yesterday, I was going through his old mail, as we were oceans apart at the beginning of the relationship,and he used to write to me. I opened up a letter with beautiful artwork (one of his many talents). It was a sketch of a vase with delicate flowers and beside it was a heart with the words “I Love You” inside of it. As I opened this, the air pressure changed next to my left ear and I heard a high pitch sound. This lasted maybe 10 seconds, and then I read the top of the page. It stated “I miss you and Love you with all my soul”. At that moment I knew it was him confirming his love for me. I had a really good day. I need him in my life and will work on this communication that he is able to develop with me. I can’t live without him. Life was too hard for us, but we have always had an extremely strong bond. Could we ever have a chance of living our next lives together? Does anyone know? I am waiting to join with him again and need him to be there for me when that day comes. I will fulfill my obligations with my children while I’m here and give them the best that I can, but Jeff was my soul mate forever..and I cannot let that go…Thea

  71. Jack

    Thea, my first thought is that you should be concentrating on the afterlife instead of the next life because that one comes first and that’s where you’re going to see Jeff next. Then the 2 of you can decide if you want to come back together again.

    It’s clear from what you’ve already seen in the past several weeks that Jeff not only loves you, is waiting for you, but that he’s still beside right now. He would have to be, in order for those things you described to have happened. Therefore, you can talk to him right now and he will hear you. Since “death” only involves the physical body, the mind just stays put. It doesn’t “go” anywhere. The only difference between you and Jeff is that you have a physical body, so he can see you, and he doesn’t have a physical body, so you can’t see him. A physical body is not a requirement for being “alive”. Therefore, Jeff is still as alive as you are, and there’s nothing for you to let go of.

    So instead of missing Jeff, start being happy that you found your mate and that you will always be together.

  72. Trina

    This morning my uncle passed away. Early afternoon as several relatives were siting watching tv in quiet reverence white noise came through the tv as if someone were talking on the tv for a few seconds. About a few minutes later another relative who lived across the street from my uncle called and was terrified because someone was banging real hard on her window but no one was there. Both these things happened at exactly the same time. I realize this was his way to communicate that he was okay. RIP uncle.

  73. barbara

    my father passed away almost 4 months ago… while I am somewhat peaceful about over his death. – he was very sick for two years – of course I miss him and think of him often… I find that my electric clock in my bedroom is always going off and the time flickers… like when the electric is cut off momentarily and then comes back on… the only thing is no other lights go off that are connected to that outlet.. could this be his way of communicating with me.. we were very close

  74. Tamara

    I keep getting shivers in my house and I ask my mum if anyone has died here and she says no! But I wake up every night at the Same time as if someone is waking me! The only person who has died recently is my great nan but that was 2 years ago! But my mum had a misscarrage with twins! And when I’m at home and at school I hear these voices one male and one female who call my name and no one is around or no one I know! Would you say there is someone looking out for me and my house having a spirit trying to talk to me? If so how can I talk to it and to get a reply from them?

  75. Suzie

    Barbara, it very well could be your dad saying hi! Does it happen at the same time, or is there a specific time on the clock when it does happen, such as the time of his death? My father died in June, and we were close, too. He does things like make the phone ring when I am crying really hard. This has happened 4 or 5 times when I was grieving, and someone called me on the phone! They are watching us and they want to help us accept it, so yes, I think your dad’s saying something meaningful here.

  76. Elaine

    Hello, great article. I’ve had similar experiences with dreams and symbols, can anyone tell me if this is in fact my uncle communicating

    My uncle died June 18 (6/18) at 6:18pm (18:18). ever since he died i’ve seen the number 18 everywhere. On the day i bought my wedding dress, we were sitting down for dinner and all of a sudden our table grew very queit and i heard a woman accross the resteraunt say something about june eighteenth. The day i got engaged was 18 days before my eighteenth birthday. my birthdate is 4/2/93 4+2+9+3=18. I was born at 8:18 am.

    Also i’ve had several dreams in which i am simply sitting accross a table with my uncle and we are discussing current things happening in my life. these dreams feel so real that i wake up thinking he is alive..

  77. Jeannie

    My boyfriend of the past 6 years (altogether we were on and off for the past 21 years) was killed 5 weeks ago in a farming accident at his friends house. We had been fighting so he had stayed at that friends house for a few days, then 2 days before the accident he asked me if he could come home and I was still mad and told him no. I know that I didn’t cause the accident (I wasn’t there when it happened) but I feel overwhelming guilt for not letting him come home. If I would have let him, then he wouldn’t have been anywhere near the machinery that killed him. His mother, sister and many of our friends tell me how much they all have been dreaming of him, and I want with all my heart to have him come to me in my dreams. I have always dreamt alot, it is very rare that I don’t have at least 2 dreams a night that I will remember the next morning. But since the accident I am having a extremely difficult time going to sleep. This last week I have maybe slept a total of 3 hours. I just sit and talk to him and cry all night long. So I have had to resort to taking antianxiety pills and muscle relaxers so I can sleep. I desperatly need to know if he is alright and if he blames me for not letting him come home. I have been reading everything I can find on ways to communicate with the dead but have so far had no luck. I would like to know if there are any techniques / exercises that I could do to teach me to how to see him. The thing with having him move objects just isn’t enough. I need to have a conversation with him so I can get the answers I need. Does anyone have any suggestions? He has always been the love of my life and my true soul mate. I miss him so much it hurts physically not just emotionally.I am also afraid that since his was killed instantly, he may not understand what has happened.I am afraid he is just wandering around wondering why no one will respond to him. If anyone could help me or give me some advice I would be eternally grateful.

  78. Faith

    My mother passed almost 17 years ago from cancer. I have had several encounters of her in my dreams and familiar scent around me. I wasn’t able to say goodbye to her. I always wished that I was there for her. She comes in my dream randomly when I least expect it. Last night, I had a dream that she gave me a hug. I woke-up with an overwhelming feeling. Other dreams is her telling me to tell my sister to be careful when she is alone. I like that she comes in my dream like she can predict the future. (Now if she can only tell me how to become a millionaire). LOL. Please know that I don’t ask her for help, but she gives me advises for free. My mother died when my life just started to blossom, graduated from college with a new career and ready to start a family. So when she left, I always ask her why she left when I needed her the most. It sounds selfish of me, but I can’t seem to let go of her. I still wish that she is physically here.

  79. rohini

    Hi Anna,
    I want to know how to communicate with spirit, recently my father passed away(12-Feb-2011).I love my father very much. I desperately
    want to contact with him till end of my life. I want to see and listen him. Please provide me the contact detail of person who can help me to achieve this. Can I contact with Jack? he got more experience he is communicating with his friend My cell number is (removed by Anna)
    Anybody from this site plz help me


  80. Stacey

    Thanks for this article! Saturday night, I dreamt of my Great Aunt Luella who passed many years ago. I didn’t really see her so much as her name just came into my head from out of nowhere and repeated itself many times, and then I felt my grandma (Luella’s sister). And I remember crying and telling her I loved her, and my grandma’s voice (clear as a bell) said “I love you, too” and then “I miss you girls so much”. During this part of the dream, everything was black, but it was so comforting and full of love even in the sadness. Only today (Monday) did I realize that my grandma’s birthday would have been in March. So I looked it up, and sure enough, her birthday was Saturday. Now I feel like Luella was giving my grandma a birthday present by finding me, and I feel so very blessed! I hope she comes again; I miss her so very much!

  81. Leslie

    hi anna,
    i have been having these dreams for as long as i can remember. my grandfather died on my 5th birthday,. i started having the dreams wheni was 7. i would see him in dreams. i would see things. i can hear this certain sound and feel a presence. my grandmother dies 2 days before my 16th birthday. she raised me. i have had dreams about people a day before they die. i still dream of my grandmother. its not that often but it is so real. i can still hear and feel the presence, even though im not sure who it is. i have always thought i was crazy. but i know what i am feeling is very real. where i can find some insight about these things. i want to know if anyone can hear what i hear and tell what the sound sounds like. i ask other people “can you hear that”? and they say no. i know im all over the place. just fell a little scatter brained. this has been happening for years. any advice is good advice. thank you for letting me share.

  82. Suzie

    Anna, I have really enjoyed this site so much. It’s a great place to share experiences and learn from other’s experiences. Just having this site is a real blessing for me to not only share my experiences, but to learn from others experiences. Thanks for providing this great forum!

  83. Anna

    Jeannie – I’m sorry for your loss.

    This is a bit of a late reply so the following advice might no longer be relevant but…have you consulted a medium before? That might give you the resolution you need, to know your boyfriend is OK and has crossed over. When a person comes to the end of their life, even if it was an accident that happened very quickly, they are greeted by angels and get every help possible to cross over. Even if the person doesn’t cross over instantly, they usually do in time. I wouldn’t worry too much in that regard – I’m sure your boyfriend had lots of non-physical help when he passed.

    If you’d like me to recommend a medium who works over the phone, just get in touch via my contact page

    To everyone else who has commented on this article – thank you for sharing your experiences on here. I am sorry if I don’t always have time to answer every question or request for advice. If I don’t, it’s either because I don’t have an answer for you, or I’m so busy dealing with life and work that I can’t possibly answer everyone who writes to me via email or via the comments. Although I wish I did. I am grateful for Jack who shares his experiences and insights on here too.

  84. Thea

    I wrote a few months ago about my husband. Jack responded to my email. Thank you for that, Jack. Your words have helped me to get through many days. I am looking forward to meeting him in the afterlife, and I know I need to be here for his children and give them the life that he would have liked.
    A few weeks ago, a man was standing in my hallway. At first, I didn’t see him. I felt as though I was being stared at very intensely. I was just sorting things in my bedroom. When I looked I saw a male person, leaning against the wall. As I looked up towards his face, he disappeared. I did not get to see his face, but I think it may have been my husband. It startled me at first, until I realized it could be him. I have not seen him since. I wish that I could receive more obvious signs like you have had, Jack. I would love that. I am still looking for a psychic to help me communicate with him. They are hard to find. Everything was left undone. I still need answers. Thea.

  85. rohini

    Hi Jack ,

    Can you please help me to communicate with my father.

    (Email address removed by Anna for privacy reasons.)



  86. Jack

    Thea, what I’ve gathered from my communication with Jim is that we can’t decide when, how, or even IF they will communicate, and all we can do is to be comforted by their presence.

    From your recent sighting, it’s clear that the bond between you continues, and isn’t that all that really counts? So even though you can’t see him or hear his voice, just knowing he’s still with you should have you walking on air. It also means that you will be with him for eternity. If he’s already on that side and still around you, well, what could be more definite than that?

    Also try to imagine how frustrated it must be for him to be able to see and hear you but not be able to touch, feel, or be heard in the physical. I expressed that thought to Jim a week ago, and at that very moment, my computer hibernated and resumed itself while playing a movie. It was like him saying, “Jack, you just hit the nail on the head!” My point is that it has to be worse for them than it is for us. We have the power to control the dialog, whereas they can’t do anything but watch, listen, and climb the walls in frustration.

  87. Anna

    To Rohini and all commenters,

    Please don’t post your email addresses on here. There are spam bots crawling these web pages looking for email addresses to spam. If you post your email address here, you will receive lots of spam from people you don’t know, for a long time to come.

    Jack, if you would like to get in touch with Rohini, you can contact me for her email address.

    Thanks to all.

  88. rohini

    Hi Anna,

  89. Jack

    What I’d like to say to Rohini and others is that my expertise in cross-dimensional communication has been limited to my communication with my soul-buddy Jim. I have no special ability to contact entities on the Other Side. I actually credit Jim more for our communication because it is his continuing presence, which he demonstrates on a regular basis, plus his willingness to participate that really make it possible. All I bring to the table are the time that I devote to communicating with him and my knowledge that such communication is possible. People who feel awkward talking aloud to someone they can’t see probably won’t get far in their efforts to get through.

    Jim likes to move things and play with switches, but I do not believe that all spirits will behave in the same way as he does. It really depends on their individual personalities, which are still the same as when they were alive physically. So if a person was prone to be quiet in life, that might explain why they don’t communicate after death. But it doesn’t mean they’re not there. They also may have some reason for not wanting to communicate right now but may decide to do so at some point in the future. The best course of action, I think, is just not to give up.

  90. rohini

    Hi Jack,
    But one thing I want to share all of you my father passed away in 12-Feb-2011
    Since from 1999(When I was in Engineering college) he was always coming in my dream
    and there was always death of my father in dream but now after his death he is not coming in
    my dream and no single sign from him. I want to contact him, listen him, see him. I am very
    tense I want to meet my father and I also want he should take new Birth in my home want to
    contact such person who can listen him, see him. I know nothing is in my and his hand but still.

  91. Willfred

    My partner for thirteen years died two months ago. He actually died in my arms when I heard his last sigh, while we were strolling along the park. The official death, however, was several days later in the hospital due to the machines, which kept his body functioning. Right after I heard the official hour of death from the social worker, on that official day, I went back to the place where he actually died in my arms, to honor him with bouquet of flowers and send him my undying love. Something wonderful happened that day, a hummingbird actually watched me throughout my stay there. I waved at it, but the beautiful bird didn’t move on. It didn’t fly away. Deep inside me I knew that he had something to do with the hummingbird because he loved nature, especially birds. He was a bird watcher at one time.

  92. Shelly

    My dad passed away in february 2011, and I am still mourning over his death . We were so close that it hurts me everyday to think about him .
    Yesterday I cried in the arms of my husband , I begged if I could just have 1 more minute with my dad , it would be so wonderful . I knew it would be possible since he is no longer with us , so I wiped my tears and we proceeded with Easter day with family yesterday .

    Today around 9 pm , while my
    Mom and I were watching a recorded show , the show PAUSED by itself , out of the blue … I didn’t take any of it , I thought it was weird but I figured it could have been a technical issue !! Well not even a second later , the show started REWINDIBG ITSELF ,,, and if that wasn’t creepy enough , the tv went from recording mode to live tv mode BY ITSELF !!! I threw the remote on the floor to prove to my mom that I had nothing to do with touching anything , and as soon as I threw it on the floor , it started switching channel ..,.. I got so scared , I started to scream ! The minute my husband entered the room, all of it stopped !!

    I have never been so scared in my life and mom ( the skeptic ) is my witness !!
    I believe my dad was sending me a message , letting me know that he is with me , and I believe he wanted me to know that !

    So please everyone , ask and you will receive a sign . Just believe !

  93. Shelly

    So rohini please believe in your heart that it will happen too

  94. Suzie

    Shelly, that is so great!! My dad passed away in June 2010. My sister was home for the first Christmas without him, and we were talking about my mother’s living situation, and how I would like her to eventually sell the house and live with my husband and me. My sister said to me, “You can’t tell mom what to do because you don’t know what is best for her.” Just as she said that, two bulbs came “flying” off the Christmas tree. My sister looked at me and we literally “changed the subject” because it came from the section of the livingromm where my dad’s chair used to be. I believe it was his way of telling my sister to stay out of it…What do you think? It sure is nice to know they communicate with us over the holidays, isn’t it?

  95. Melissa

    Hi, I would love to get some insight on some things I’ve been experiencing. My Gram, who raised me, and is my best friend passed away in October. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through, and what I”ve dreaded all my life. I pray at night for her to still be watching over me, and to dream of her and remember it. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was sleeping, and at about 4:00 a.m. was awoke by someone yelling my name. I sat straight up in bed, and then remembered I was dreaming of my Gram and I standing in our kitchen, in front of her stove, just hugging and holding each other, and telling each other how much we love and miss each other! It was so comforting when I woke up, like she had just been there! So, I got my prayer answered, because she called and woke me up, so I would remember, just like I asked. I couldn’t believe it! It was amazing.
    Well, yesterday I came home from work, and went upstairs and sat down on the bed. I keep our picture in a frame next to the bed, and each morning, I say good morning Gram and and I love you and look at the picture. When I came home, the picture was turned the exact opposite way! I know I didn’t do it, because I always look at it when I put it down, and I would never place it away from me! Was that a sign? Also, then the memory card I have had laying stright up for months next to her picture, had fallen down, that same night! I have also had flickering lights in the dining room most times I turn them on. I do talk to her all the time, and actually hear her in my head at times too. I hope I’m not crazy, but can these really be signs from my beloved Gram? I miss her so much! My Mom gets scared and says I am messing with things that are not good, but I am doing nothing except praying to God. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks so much.

  96. Jack

    Melissa, based on my extensive experience communicating with my soul-buddy Jim, who signs me a couple a times a week, latest sign just yesterday, you are NOT crazy and you are doing exactly what you SHOULD be doing. The things that have been happening there are typical. You Gram IS with you, and your mom is 100% wrong. Keep it up, don’t stop.

  97. rohini

    Hi Shelly,
    Thanks really I am Waiting for that day when my father will communicate with me. Very thanks for hopes.

  98. Gary

    Four yrs ago me and my family had to deal with our house being haunted.
    It was a very unerving experience
    We managed to find a Medium who help us remove the unwanted spirit from our home.
    The Medium told us that it was me the spirit had attached itself to.
    Since then I have had a number of young women appearing to me during sleep none have been threatning some have called me by name.

  99. Chris

    I normally do not believe in this stuff, but recently I had something happen that I cannot explain. My father recently passed away suddenly from an aneurysm. I tried to get home, as at the time he felt ill, and my family was unsure what was going on(I lived 5 hours away), but I could not make it in time. My father and I liked to scratch off lottery tickets, when I would come home to visit, he liked doing that, and I always bought a bunch whenever I would come home. When he died, after I came home from the hospital, I took the dime that he used to scratch the tickets, and I taped it up with black electrical tape(so as to not mistake it for another dime), and kept it as a symbol of him, and to use anytime I would scratch off tickets, which I planned to do occassionally as my way of honoring the memory of spending time with him. As I was about to leave I couldnt find the dime, and after looking everywhere, I found it stuck in my money roll. No big deal, but I thought it was weird b/c I assumed it was still on the table where I left it. Fast forward to about 2 weeks later. I am back at my home in NJ, and I am scratching tickets off with my girlfriend. I put the dime(in its smooth black tape), right on a book I had on the table. We got up from the table to do something. About a half hour later, I looked at the table and the dime was gone. I asked my girlfriend if she saw it, and she said it was right on the table. I replied, no it isn’t. Knowing how much that dime meant to me, we ripped the house apart searching for this dime, and it was never found. Now it is a month later. I am an eye doctor and I use the same exam room daily, so I know whats in it like the back of my hand. One Saturday, I arrive at work, walk back to my exam room, happen to look down at the floor before even turning the light on, and what do I immediately see? It is the dime in the smooth black electrical tape. This just shows up a month later in a spot where I could not come up with any possible explanation how it got there. I tried and tried to find a logical reason, and I cant. There may as well be one, but I tend to want to believe that it was my father letting me know that he is ok, and laughing at my dumb ass, since I never got to say goodbye.

  100. Jack

    Chris, that’s E-Z. Your father put it there, no doubt about it. You didn’t do it, so who else? I would also say to expect more movements, and the reason I say that is because he will want to remove the doubt you now have in your mind and verify that it was indeed he who moved the dime. This kind of stuff happens to me all the time. Enjoy.

  101. Coka

    I hope that someday I could see or communicate with my deceased brother in law. He was my sons favorite uncle & my husbands best friend. I do believe that my son still sees him because sometimes he’ll just point at nothing & say “him” or say “There’s Charlie!” He’s 2 but I think his uncle is watching him constantly.

  102. Lynne

    Three weeks ago I lost my best friend/boyfriend suddenly. He died in his sleep. I am devastated. All I do is cry, I am not sure if this was a sign from him or just a coincidence. He use to sing the song “Somewhere” and say that was our song and he would dedicate it to me when he sang it at Karaoke. Last week I asked him for some sort of sign to let me know that he is ok and that he really loved me. That night I went to a restaurant with family and I didn’t know there was going to entertainment there and as soon as I sat down, the singer sang the song “Somewhere”. Does anyone think that was a sign from him?

  103. Suzie

    I can assure you it is a sign from him. Especially since this particular song is not a top-40 song you’d hear every day or frequently on the radio. It was meant just for you, and if you keep looking you will see other signs, too. I believe our relationship with someone that passes on does not end, it simply changes. Have faith. I hope time helps you through this tough trial.

  104. Jack

    Lynne, that’s a no-brainer. That was definitely, absolutely, and positively a sign from him. Stop crying; he hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s still right there beside you, watching you cry and feeling helpless. Rejoice in the fact that you haven’t lost him and that he just let you know that.

  105. Lynne

    Thank you Susie and Jack for your response. I do have a question and please I am not here to be judged, just need some re-assurance. He had a family and I am wondering if its possioble for him to give me signs as well as his family. I can’t help but wonder he would rather give them signs. We were together for 8 years and I love him with all of ny heart. Thank you.

  106. Jack

    Lynne, I’m glad to have helped you face your loss, although that’s the wrong word because you haven’t actually lost him at all; you just can’t see him. But as far as him giving signs to his family, my gut feeling is that would all depend on whatever efforts they put forth in trying to communicate with him. I don’t believe that your asking him to do it would do the trick. I also don’t believe that communication can be a group thing, has to be tied to an individual. So if there is one person in his family who he was particularly close to, and if that person makes an effort to communicate with him, such as speaking with him in earnest and asking for a sign, then it might happen. Otherwise it won’t. You can’t do it remotely. I just feel that the bond between the deceased and the living has to be very strong for communication to take place. Once on the other side, family relationships no longer matter; it’s the bond that holds people together that counts.

  107. Suzie

    Lynne: Signs are something they would have to be open to, like you are. If they are open to it, they will see them. My father is “with” my mother all of the time; however, I continually get signs from him. My sisters also get the signs. My mother, however, is the only one who had a visit from him on Mother’s Day. Their bond is very special, as they were married for 59 years, but he adored us girls, so he comes to us, too because he knows which of us are open to it. Sometimes it’s subtle; a phone ring with no answer or ID, a power glitch, etc. The signs for the family will just be different.

  108. Dana

    my by just passed away on friday night…ive known him for 7 yrs and glad he let me in the way he did during the last 3 months of his life…
    the night he passed i had a dream of him, cant remember exactly the conversation but when i woke up i heard a woman yell my namebehind me and it was pretty loud made me jump, than my friend i was with asked me if i was alright and i said … ” ya i think so” and went back to sleep…
    my mothers deceased as well and Im wondering if it may of been her? or maybe it was him but it was distant i couldnt really tell…
    and even today i had another dream that his death was faked and he came back to me…

    i guess subconsiously my mind doesnt wanna let him go…im not ready to let him go just yet… i wanna communicate a few more times first before i let him go… i dont know when his funeral will be just yet but i think there would be a good place to let him go.. but i have questions i wanna ask him, ive always been spiritual and learnt it from my mother who was pagan, can this help me?
    or can any of you help me?

  109. Dana

    my bf** in his sleep as well friday night left his family n friends… i still hear the song come on randomly that me n his sister used to make him listen too…like clickin on a u tube song as well with a differnt title and it going to the “all the same” song …. is that a sign? i moved where i grew up to be closer to him and everything feels so different but i feel that this is where im supposed to be and always wanted to be …and he just helped speed the process…

  110. Suzie

    Dana, the night before my father died at 12:37 a.m. I had a dream and it was my deceased sister and she said “Everything’s going to be okay.” I did not know that my father was going to die, but he went quickly the following day at 12:37 p.m.! Your mom’s probably with you to help you through what she knows is a tough time. Incidentally, you can ask him for signs, but you should also look for them, too. If your relationship is as close as it sounds, most definitely he will want you to know he made it there okay. I hope that time heals your sadness, Dana.



    I was just reading what you wrote to Dana where you told her to look for signs. One of my girlfriends told me to stop looking for signs and if they are going to happen they will. This morning I googled my boyfriends name (he passed 3 weeks ago) and there was an article about his passing with the organization he belonged to and there was also a picture of him looking back over his shoulder smiling. I took that as another sign from him to let me know he is ok and is happy. Am I looking into things? He has given me signs before through music.


  112. Suzie

    Lynne, if you’re comfortable asking for signs then do. Before you go to sleep, ask for a sign. You might get it in a dream, but more likely you will get it through music,or in other ways within a few days. My belief is that if we don’t ask for signs, we may not get them. On our side of things, we are still in the same body and spirit we always have been, but for the deceased, they are in a “new” state of being through spirit, so it takes time for them to adjust where they are, too. Your Google search of his name, etc. and the results are indeed a sign from him, and I can also tell you that I had to have an unpleasant dental procedure 2 weeks after dad passed, and he knew it was coming and was really worried about me, and without my even asking, 3 songs came on that were signs from him. Please keep us updated if you get more signs from him. Thank you for asking for my input.

  113. San

    Hi. my beloved brother who was one year eleven months older than i am committed suicide on the 29 of may. I loved him so much.He posted poems on his website.plz look at them if u can.I could not understand them.i want to communicate with him but it is only six days since he passed away.I really have to communicate with him.i miss him.thank u for your site.Please e-mail me if u can so that i can give u his url.

  114. San

    Hi.This is his website address.i need to know if i can communicate with.i do know how to but i do not want to do it incorrectly

  115. ellie

    This is crazy..had some experience with it though..thing is can’t decide whether Iam just loosing my mind or if things are really happening the way they appear..

    Where is the unconscious realm?

  116. Lynne

    Its one month ago today that I lost the love of my life. Why don’t I dream about him. He is on my mind every waking minute od the day, yet I dont dream about him. Yesterday, I spoke to a friend that i hav3 not seen in age. I dream about her last night, why?

  117. Suzie

    Katie, if you were only 6 when your father passed, it might be hard for you to recognize signs from him. You could talk to people in the family who knew him well, and see if they get any signs from him, so you can look for the same type of thing. Good luck to you.

  118. Jack

    I would like to confirm something that Susie said on June 2 regarding signs, and it is that one must ASK for a signs in order to get one. The logic is quite simple: Unless the deceased knows that the living will be expecting a sign, what assurance do they have that their sign will not be interpreted as just a malfunctioning TV or light switch? They might move a picture, but unless you’ve requested a sign you might assume the picture was knocked over by a passing truck.

    So I agree with Susie that no sign will occur unless you ask for one. For 3 years I have been engaged in a spirited dialog with a deceased buddy of mine named Jim, who in that time has left at least 4 or 5 dozen signs. My house is now a showcase of his signs all over the place, things he moved into bizarre locations, it amazes everyone. But almost every one of those signs occurred in response to something I said or asked about. Jim never leaves a sign just for the heck of it.

    So if you truly want to communicate with your loved one, please ask him or her for a sign. Otherwise, it is unlikely that anything will happen. Don’t be shy; talk to them as if they are still alive, which technically they still are, since minds never die, only bodies do.

  119. Suzie

    Jack, thanks for your great explanation! That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to say: You must ask for those signs. I had one 2 days ago. I needed a piece of equipment from my dad’s office, and I am not comfortable rifling through his things, so I literally said to him, “Come on, dad you know I don’t like doing this. Just tell me where the headset is” A few minutes later, I was moving a bunch of boxes and a noise from an old hand held game came out loud and clear. Inside the bag with the game was the headset I had been looking for! It will happen, but you have to ask just like you would if they were here and it is so worth it, too! Good luck,

  120. Brianna

    My mother passed away about a month ago and its really hard on me because I’m only 17 and she was my best friend, She raised me all by herself. A couple days after her death I had a dream she was back home and she was completley fine, but then she turned into a zombie. I believe that was just because the morgue was taking forever to cremate her. Lately I’ve been having dreams that shes completely fine, and that shes back to her old self. She died of a liver disease that starts with an H and sounds weird, she also died of chronic pancreatitis. She was in so much pain the last few years. Could her being in my dreams and being completly fine be her way of letting me know that shes okay? And my aunt had a dream that my mom had dug herself out of the ground, even though she wasn’t burried. And my sister had a dream my mom was still in her hospital gown, Could it be possible that my mom doesn’t know that shes dead?

  121. Jack

    Susie, thanks for the support. Finally, I find someone who is on the same page! It’s clear that you have established a line of communication with your dad same as the one I have with Jim. I talk to him all the time, commenting on things throughout the day, which I’m sure he appreciates big time, same as your dad loves you talking to him, recognizing that he’s still there.

    The thing that people just can’t get through their heads is that people DON’T DIE, just their bodies die! So there they are wringing their hands in grief saying, “Oh, I wish I could talk to him/her!” or “Gee, I never got a chance to say goodbye” when all they have to do is to open their mouths and talk! I keep telling people, this is NOT rocket science, it’s just two people communicating just like normal, except that one of them happens to be invisible to the other. Didn’t say goodbye! Okay, then say it now! They’re right beside you! Your rapid-fire response from your dad on the headset proves it, just as Jim proves it to me all the time. I’m sure your dad and Jim love us for acknowledging their presence. I keep telling Jim what a lucky cuss he is to have met ME, and I’m sure he agrees. 😉

    People think I have some special powers or something just because I communicate regularly with an entity on the other side; I don’t. I’m just not shy about talking out loud to someone I can’t see. Too bad most people can’t bring themselves to do that as you and I can. Death doesn’t have to mean separation, the separation is CREATED in the minds of the survivors. Thanks for giving me the chance to get that out.

    To Brianna, I would say, yes, definitely, your mother is telling you that she’s completely fine. Believe it. There is no such thing as pain where she is, and I’m sure she knows that she’s “dead”, whatever that means.

  122. Stephen

    My nan passed away 4 months ago, I’m finding it hard to be ok with it. She was 78 when she passed and has major spinal surgery at 75 and was in and out of hospital with a few other things but she always kept going with a smile and then 1 morning she passed away.

    I have had dreams of her but I cant quite think if they were possibly her trying to contact me? I really would love to know if she is ok if that’s at all possible. I have problems knowing she died alone because the last few weeks of her life I didn’t see her as much as normal and I feel very guilty about that.

    Is it at all possible to get signs or feelings from wildlife? I know it sounds odd but birds generally fly off when in close proximity to jumans and as i was walking back from visiting my nans grave a bird in the hedgerow just looked at me and didnt fly off…

    It was quite strange, maybe im clutching at straws..

  123. alesia

    My mom just died in 9 days after her birthday. I have had many encounters with spirits but my mom died I was scared that I wouldn’t have any with her. But thankfully I’ve already had to experiences with my mom.

  124. Anna

    Hello, I lost my beautiful mother 9 months, 6 days ago and today 6-26-11 2:15 a.m. I receive signs from my mother all the time. I am open to them, but for some reason when I specifically ask for her strength or sign I don’t receive one. She has shown me she with me or has MOST DEFINETELY given my strentght,courage, wisdom in several hostile situations that miracliously occurred. It was my mother. I’ve found that a good number of sign and/or signals from her are from birds of some sort. Especially, signing birds in the middle of the night, some warning signs, some caution signs but most definetly birds. I have this heart warming feeling knowing that mom and I have a way to communicate in some sorts. I just wished I spoke bird talk. I am witness to energectic force communication such as lights flickering, light bulbs exploding (only when unwanted boyfriend enters room with me) hehe, lol. Overwhelming strenght and courage and a surge of reverse psylocigly when I NEEDED IT THE MOST. My mother is still there for me, but she doesn’t like me to ask, she knows when, where and how to provide me with the signs, symbols, guidance and assurance when I need it the most. I’m going to assume it follows past costumarly standards we had in the past. I never asked my mother for money even though I needed it, but mom knew obviously knew when I needed it, cuz there her hand was handing it out. Just like now, If I ask, I don’t receive, but when I do need her; she’s there. I love you mom, miss you and dad and birds DO SING at all hours of the night becuz it’s you (Eufemia; Pam). BELIEVE and RETRIEVE. Good luck to all, and don’t forget to keep your minds open to signs whether they are small or large, their there! Nite Inland Empire….

  125. Savana

    My friend Arianna died 4 years ago. We grew up together. I am 15 now. She died because she got hit by a car going 50 mph. On Thursday I broke down in tears because of how much I missed her. I never really talk about this to anyone though. On Friday night, I had a terrible dream about her. In the dream, Everything played over exactly how she died. After, we were looking through pictures and old videos of her. She was always very religious and always talked about god. She was 7 years old when she died. Anyways in the dream, I can’t really quiet remember but I do remember that somehow, instead of her going to heaven, the devil took her away from us because she was so close to God and spreaded the word of him. This dream felt so real and it scared me. Anyways, on Thursday night, I recently got news that one of the neibor girls died because of getting hit by a car. The same night I felt really awful about ariannas death. Like I said, I never really talk about her or really think about her because it hurts. Was this Ariannas way of warning me about something? Was a spirit trying to contact me at all? I really don’t know what to do.

  126. Anton

    My 21 years old nefew died four years ago at this young age because of drugs. Ever since my sister has ceased to answer my phone calls, and even my emails. She is distraught and she has accused me that I mentioned the name of John Edward as a possible medium.
    How can I find something to tell her, from beyond, to assure her that her son is not entirely dead over there?
    Can somebody help me?
    She used to be a believer, a Christian, but she has lost her belief in any god.

  127. marilyn

    My boyfriend died 8 months ago, when he was alive he would bring some of his favorite things to eat or drink and put it in my fridge. well today I decided to throw all of his stuff away that was left behind. Just when I completed the task of cleaning out the fridge and I stood up a light that i did not turn on in the living room was on. I wonder if he was mad at me for throwing all of his items out.

  128. Suzie

    Marilyn, I doubt that your boyfriend was mad at you. If anything, he is probably happy that you have begun to let some things go. If you look at a few posts above, the other night I was going through my late father’s home office looking for a headset and all of a sudden a toy game he had went off. In the very same bag, I found the headset. I know how my dad felt about me trying to advance myself, and as this was for a second job, I think it was dad’s way of saying, “Suzie, it’s over here. Take it and get some use out of it.” Marilyn, try to believe that any and all signs are positive because they are meant to be.

  129. Jack

    Suzie’s right, Marilyn. There are no bad signs. They live in a world full of love, so any contact with the living is positive and meant to be helpful. There is no hatred, no revenge, no resentment. Also, they have no further use for physical objects left behind, so he doesn’t care at all whether you keep his things or throw them out. Material possessions become meaningless the minute we leave this world, and so he only cares about you, not his things.

  130. anaise fuqua

    Our company recently signed on a 150 year old Estate of a very famous composer. An astrologer had told me a few years ago that I had a strong male spirit guide. At the time, when I asked who that might be, I was told that the person was famous but had never been recognized as such. This year I met the heir to the Estate in a very unusual manner, the families intuit said that I was the one that the composer would speak through. I am uncomfortable with speaking to the deceased, as what the instruction given us by them to be followed, is often times totally misleading. Although, this composer has given me instruction to follow in order to get his name and his legacy respected in the society as it should be. The heir who is his daughter helps me figure out what the hell he is telling me to do on his behalf. This instruction, has to do with bringing attention to his Estate and his 150 year old volume of work. I am frustrated has our company has taken on a client based on some sort of guide direction. It has been difficult believing that if I do “the work” as the composer says the money will come. Each move that this composer has had me make on his behalf in this world, has been on point but no money. I am desperately trying to figure out how to get a society such as ours, with its limitations and various prejudices to now recognize someone whose music is not only advanced and current but to get people to buy it. Our society is listening to POP, HIP-HOP, RAP, ROCK BUT no classical, jazz or opera, WHY and what am i to do for this composer in a world outside of Europe, who is still not ready? This is very frustrating as this is a way that w make our money, although it is directed by a deceased spirit?

  131. Lynne

    I wonder if sometimes I am jumping to conclusions when I think that when something happens that its a sign from my boyfriemd. He passed away suddenly 7 weeks ago and I have gotten a few signs from him but I am questioning what happened this morning. I was laying in bed talking out loud to him sauying I love you Paul and I always will, my life will never be the same without you in it and I wonder if it was me that passed would you feel the same? No soomer did I say that, my alarm clock/radio went off ( I wake to music in the morning) and there were 3 words in the song that was playing before I hit the snooze button and those words were “I miss you” I dont know if I am jumping to conclusions or if its just a coincedence. I would appreciate honest opinions please. Thanks

  132. Lynne

    My boyfriend passed away 7 weeks ago. I have been getting some signs from him which I know for a fact they were not coincedences. This morning I am not sure if it was a sign or if I am just jumping to conclusions. As I was laying in bed awake I spoke out loud to him and told him that I love him and my life will never ever be the same without him in it and I said I wonder if it was me that passed if you would cry for me every day and feel the sorrow that I am feeling. All of a sudden my alarm clock/radio went off at the exact time the words of a song said “I miss you”. What are the chances that that was a sign for him or am I just grasping at straws now hoping for signs?

  133. Anton

    I described the death of my dear nefew, and the irrational reactioon of my sister to it.

    How can I get from beyond a sign, or something to make my sister become more reasonable?

    She is right now totally a recluse, she does not talk to people any longer.

  134. Jng

    My ex who passed away several years a go comes by once in a while just as I am waking and tells me I will always be his Princess and sweetheart and the he will be there when I pass at first it was a bit unnerving but now I have come to like it….

  135. Manda

    My partner recently died we still dnt know what happened but it was sudden and a complete shock . It’s been so hard the last few weeks .we were also expecting our baby girl . I Always dream but from this I’ve only dreamed off him twice . A few things have happened radio turning on etc but I can’t be sure it’s him I miss him so much

  136. RA

    I never got to meet my biological father. My mother divorced him when I was 2. I have few memories of him. My brother got to meet him when he (my brother) was stationed near him after he came back from Viet Nam. Once he tried to find me but I was at the movies and missed him. I got his address and wrote him three long letters when I was 30. He never replied. For years I kept a picture of him holding me when I was a baby on my dresser. I am now 60. Many times I have tried to find him over the years by searching for him on the internet, but no luck.
    I am now 60 and today when searching my family history (I know very little) I found out he died 23 years ago. I want to try to reach him. Where can I start?
    In the past I had pyschic abilities but I have surpressed them and they are not as strong as they once were.

  137. Jessica

    My boyfriend passed away a year ago from cancer. I have attempted to move on with an old friend/boyfriend. I sometimes have doubts about moving on and I talk to the deceased bf at the gravesite.I ask him to please guide me in what to do with the new guy. Yeah I know sounds weird, but he was quite young when he died and we had the “talk” before he passed away about moving on and finding happiness. He was a very unselfish person.
    I live alone now, in a place he never had been. My life is very different now, and that bothers me. In my new place, a candle holder keeps moving. It’s a symmetrical hanging type thing, and i keep noticing it has become asymmetrical. I fix it, and a few weeks later I notice it has moved again. I guess I want to know could this be a sign from him? And how do I interpret signs now that I am open to them? Thanks.

  138. Kirsty

    hiya i dont know if this is wishful thinking but its all so strange. my ex boyfriend who i was still madly inlove with died a month later, he was murdered and were two months on and he hasnt been buried yet. since the day of his death i have had a reacurring deam of me seeing him and i ask ‘i thought you was dead’ and he replies ‘no i faked my death’ we have more convosation but its always the same, he thinks hes faked his death. I told his bestfriend about these dream and he swore on his life that he has had exactly the same dream. Im only 19 ad im finding this all so hard i just need to know if he’s maybe comfused and is actually contacting me or its just me wishing that he wasnt dead.

  139. sonia

    I lost my fiancee this past February of a massive heart attack. Since his death he has communicated with me through all sorts of electrical lights, phones, fans, tvs and the smell of cigarette smoke in my home. I also feel him touching my head when I quietly write in a journal about my feelings and the day’s event when he communicates with me. It is still very devasting and hard to understand that physically Michael is no longer with me but I became concerned that because I miss him so much I may be keeping him from his growth to move foward in the spiritual plane. I do not want this to be the case. I love him deeply and miss him beyond words and I hear him telling me to move foward in my life here without him and that he will always still be with me. My question to you and my concern is if you miss someone so much because of the love you have for them am I preventng Michael from moving foward. I do not want to do that at all, I want him to grow in the light and love that he is in now but I am worried that by me missing him so much and asking why he left me over and over could prevent him from doing so. We had such a special bond and love that I do not want to hurt him or prevent him from his growth and studies now,

  140. jennifer barrand

    My daughter of 5 months died of SIDS in 2007. We decided that the butterfly would be our way to include her (physically) in our daily lives. Anytime we talk about or visit her grave, butterflies show up. I know its her way of letting us know she is there because most times these butterflies will either land on us or very close to us or even just keep flying around our heads. I also chose Sara Mclaughlins “in the arms of an angel” song in remembrance of her. ANY time I am driving or around a radio and I am thinking of her or telling her story, the song comes on. It doesn’t even matter what channel. That song has come on a rap station so, I know its my baby girl telling me she’s here. Those are just a couple instances. There are many more. After reading this article, I told her to go fulfil her destiny. I’m so sad to think she has been here because of my selfishness. I pray she heard me and as much as I loved seeing signs that she was with me, I hope to never see them again if that is what is best for her. (R.I.P Trinity Skye)

  141. sonia

    The comment from Jennifer was not only beautiful but it made me cry because of how it touched me so deeply.

    I did not intend anyone to interpret their grief as being selfish and when someone you love crosses over we the ones left behind suffer the most because we have so many questions left unanswered and our love is forever a bond than cannot be broken.

    After this article I have come to realize that perhaps my question of “why did you leave me” is the wrong way to handle Michael’s transition I realize now that by my thinking of him, sometimes asking him to give me signs that he is still here are not the wrong things to say or think.

    My selfishness in asking over and over why did you leave me is. I thank you Jennifer for your words, “fullfill your destiny” says it all for me and I have replaced why did you leave me with this beautiful and powerful language of unselfish strength and love that you have for your beautiful little girl. The signs that we will continue to receive are not us holding them back it is our loved ones helping us understand that they are still with us and always will be and they too are trying to comfort us and ease our pain as we are left behind in the moment until we meet again. I am so sure now that your little girl and Michael can peacefully move on to their destiny but, I am also sure that they will always be with us and remind us from time to time they are still right by our side. I will continue to enjoy the comfort and peace it gives to feel Michael’s presence and Jennifer enjoy the butterflys and “in the arms of angel” and close your eyes, softly whisper her name when this happens and tell her thank you and that you love her too.

  142. Jack


    Extremely well said.


  143. Theresa Botha

    On April 5, 2010 my mother passed away from cancer. This was 5 months to the day following surgery for cancer that she passed away.

    On the morning of April 5 I received a call from my dad saying that mom took a turn for the worst at approximately 6:00 am that morning. He said that it was only a matter of time before she left us. They were on Vancouver Island in the hospital in Nanaimo B.C. and I was in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver B.C. I immediately shot out of bed and got ready to travel to the B.C. Ferry trying to get to my mom before she moved on.

    I arrived at 12:30 pm and she was in a drug induced coma so that she did not feel any pain. She was in a heavy sleep and did not move. Her bowels had ruptured and she was septic and slowly dying of poison. She was too week for surgery. I was so shocked to see her in this way.

    As time went on and friends and family were coming into her room to say their good byes, I sat with her every moment I had. I held her hand and reminisced about our life together. I kept telling her to rest but I could no tell her that is was ok to leave us. She was asleep the whole time I did this but I kept on talking to her.

    At about 3:40 pm that day, when my best friend Rhonda arrived to say her goodbye, I took her into mom’s room. Rhonda and I had been friends since childhood and my mother adored her. A group of people had just left mom’s room and it was a good time for Rhonda and I to spend some time with my mom so that Rhonda could say what she wanted in privacy.

    We both stood beside mom. Rhonda was holding her hand and I was rubbing her hair back off of her forehead. I don’t know if it was because Rhonda was with me but I finally got the courage to tell mom that is was ok to let go. I told her that we would all look after our dad and that her time to leave her pain and suffering behind was now. I said “Go mom, be at peace”. Suddenly mom’s breathing began to change and her head began to move. She opened her eyes and turned her head towards me and she looked me straight in the eyes. Rhonda ran to grab the family and I started to speak to mom. I thought she had woken up from her drug induced coma. We looked at each other for about 10 seconds and then I saw the life leave her eyes and she was gone. I was shocked and scared and sad. Then I felt blessed that she chose to leave this physical plane and move on while in my presence. It was her final gift to me.

    By the time that everyone ran into her room, she was gone. She left our physical plane at 3:49pm that day, but she did say goodbye to me and I will always hold that moment dear to my heart. She always new that I was a very spiritual person and she gave Rhonda and I one more amazing experience to share in life. I miss her terribly but I do see her in my dreams from time to time and I feel her with me on some days.

    I have always had the pleasure of being able to visit with my loved ones past, in my dreams. I will share my dreams in another post because they are truly amazing and I just love to share my spiritual experiences with those who appreciate it.

  144. Anna

    To Sonia and Jennifer –

    In my experience, a soul can be off in the afterlife, on the next stage of their evolution and at the same time they can be with us in spirit, in a flash. In the afterlife, you can be in more than one place at once. We won’t hold them back unless they want to keep a part of themselves with us on earth. And that is the choice of the soul. So please don’t feel selfish. When a soul does choose to keep a part of themselves with us for a while, especially after death, it is probably a testament perhaps to the depth of the relationship and love.

    I’ve read about souls under hypnosis, describing what happens between lifetimes when they cross over. (Like a past life regression, except regressing the person to between their physical incarnations on Earth). People who have been regressed in this way describe being greeted by loved ones, and some proceed to say they realised their loved ones had actually reincarnated in new bodies, and are technically ‘away’ on earth. Yet the souls are still able to be in the spirit world at the same time to greet their loved ones after their death.

    What I am saying is that the soul, unlike the body, can be in multiple places at once. It may have a major assignment doing something in particular (like an incarnation, or something in the afterlife), but it can still be in other places.

    Hope this helps.

    If you’re interested in reading more on this topic, I highly recommend the books ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’ by Michael Newton. There’s a lot of info about the afterlife in the second book (Destiny of souls.) Both are sold on Amazon.com


  145. erin flores

    hi my name is erin, my 8 year old daughter passed away august 23,2010. i watched her die she passed while i was giving herr c.p.r. she had a sudden asthma attack. i cant heal the last thing i said to her was please breath. my other to children seen everything they seem to be fine my youngest acts as if she is still here she writes her name on everything. my son remembers funny things if he didnt tell me i wouldnt even think about it… all i think about is the last moments i spent with her even after she passed i stayed with her body for like 6 hours at the hospital. i watched hre tiny little body turn purple. the day aftr she passed she was starting the 3rd grade i buried her in the clothes she picked out to start her first day of school in. please help i feel like i am just going to die of sadness. i dont know how to stop this horrible pain i feel in my heart. my daughters name was katie, we called her katie belle. i honestly think she knew she wasnt going to live long, she was a huge fan of tim burton movies she used to talk about angels as if they surrounded her. i know in my heart she wasnt affarid of death. so why is it so hard for me to accept

  146. Suzie

    Erin, I lost my sister to cancer and it was expected, and lost my father to a sudden heart attack on June 6, 2010. To me, the manner of passing has a lot to do with the type of grief you are experiencing. As it has been nearly a year for you, hopefully some of these images will become less vivid. When you start to see those images that make you upset,turn your thoughts to a different direction. I used to have horrid images of the day my father died, and so I would just say “Stop it.” out loud…Don’t ask me why, but it worked. You have a lot to go through here, and the healing process will happen with time; I watched my own parents suffer the loss of a child and it is very different. However, if you do not feel as if you are able to carry on, it may be best to consult a grief therapist or get an antidepressant. I know that when a child dies it is totally different, but it sounds as if you did whatever you could at the time and should have no regrets. Please, above all, take care of your emotional health, as you have children who depend on you, too, and one day when you are able to move past the traumatic events, you will be so glad that you have what you do have left – I know that’s how I feel now.

  147. Sonia


    Thank you so much for your kind words, inspiration and explaining a lot more to me to understand what I so much want to comphrehend in total. I have been reading lots of books from John Edwards, James Van Praagh, Brian Weiss and Robert Schwartz and will certainly buy these as well. All of these books have been small steps to helping me heal and understand so I sincerely appreciate any further books you can recommend as well and Jack was right it was extremely well said.

    God Bless,

  148. Sonia


    My heart truly goes to you and I have said to so many people that even though I have lost others in my life no one person’s passing has ever affected me the way Michaels did and I say it must feel like the loss of child because the emptiness and shell you feel you have become is so overwhelming that nothing but wanting to be with them is all you can imagine. I struggle everyday with answers as to why this had to be as I am sure you continue to do so but, as hard as it may feel in your heart you must find the strength within yourself to know that your little girl does not want to see you continue with such pain in this way. You were blessed and graced to have her in your life for some reason and this is what you have to find in your heart and reach out to it and hold on to it because that is what’s going to help you start the process you need in order to begin to heal. Your children find the funny things and happy times to bring them joy in keeping her memory and their love for her always with them so in a sense your children are showing you ways in helping you to cope and find peace within yourself so you can heal little by little. Your little ones can make amazing things happen and their innocense can show you too that even though it will not be as it was it can still be a loving and beautiful family with all its memories and grace to continue to move forward in life. So you see you are still so very blessed and this is what you need to embrace and gather strength from in order find the peace that you need to balance inside your heart and mind and turn what you find so hard to accept into a new way of understanding.

  149. Carl Kyle

    After studying this kind of communication for several years, as a true student of the metaphysical, I believe this to be authentic afterlife communication:



  150. Martha

    Could my husband be trying to contact me through my computer? He hated the computer and would have nothing to do with it. Yet, since he died, he seems to be using it to comfort me. I have about 45 photos on a slide show and amongst them are only six of him. Often when I am distressed I pass by my office door and find his image on the screen. Even when my computer has gone into sleep mode, after 30 minutes, I sometimes find that my anti-virus has kicked in and woken it up and there is a photo of my husband.

  151. Jack

    Martha, I’ll say what most people must be thinking–it’s a no-brainer. He is most definitely trying to get your attention. Why don’t you make his day by talking to him? He’s right beside you. You can’t see him, but he can see you perfectly. 😉

  152. Sonia


    That was perfect and so true…

  153. Emma

    a night ago i was in bed asleep and all suddley i felt someone falling on me my nan assed away a year ago nearly i think it was her trying to commuicate with me i never went to see her when she in her care home i suppose she wouldn’t rember me as she had ezymes and lost her memory i miss her so much this is the first she has communitcated with me she has touched things in our house like one of our draws cam out in the living room she is only commuincating with me i thik she needs to tell me something please help.

  154. Orion Weiss

    My darling friend from Ireland who had been my constant online companion for a year and a half died suddenly last week. He was a devout music lover and knew that I lived for traditional Irish music. The day that I learned of his death, I came upstairs from grieving with a friend to use my IPAD to see what had been posted about him on facebook. As soon as I touched the IPAD, it exploded with music. It was playing the most obnoxiously almost offensively cheerful Irish tune I had ever heard. I had not double clicked on the IPOD app or chosen a tune. The music went off without my intervention in any way. I knew it was my friend. I told him I was happy that he was so cheerful… because of course he would be… the afterlife is really fantastic… but I was not yet in the mood to celebrate. It was so thoughtful of him…and I thought very skillful. Some nice powers he had already acquired in the spirit world. I hope he messages me again… but I rather think he has moved on to his next stage.

  155. Elliott R the third

    well people i really don,t have a story to share yet but i hope i do my wife Virginia passed away 19 July in her sleep that night very strange death and the shock i got when waking her up the next morning was so over whelming shock, now i think i saw here walking out side across the front path in here nighty she passed away in, the out side door handle shook really bad and scared me i had some sort of feeling and did not open the door to look, happened again and to my ears it was her voice saying your not even going to look freaked me out so i guess if they cross over good they can visit you, i have mixed info about this some people say its not good to do this right away after they die and so on. so i do not know what to believe I love her and miss her with all my hart and soul and if i could make her be with me again on this plane i would thank the heavens .

    If any one has something to make me feel better please do i could use a friend about now i do not have any family her in Ontario Canada

  156. Suzie

    Elliott, I am never sure why people tell us to wait to try and contact our loved ones, but I can tell you from my own experience – no time like the present. I think some people feel that because our loved ones are new to the spirit world, it will be confusing to them, but my father contacted me the night he died – hours after by tapping me on the shoulder when I was grieving for him. You need to do what makes you get through this; if talking to her helps, do that. Try meditation, too, and invite communication. With my dad, I may ask for communication and not get it for a day or two, but I’ve noticed every time I ask I get something. They want to talk to us. Marital and family love transcend death; your relationship has changed with your wife, not ended. Have faith and take care of yourself during this difficult time.

  157. vida

    several times after my lover’s wife passed away, she has come to me in a dream, telling me different things, in short sentences, she stands beside my bed but away from it about 6 feet, she will say things like “take care of him” “promise me take care of him” “i prepared him for you” “protect him” “protect him love him” then one night she even told me that he wouldnt be going on a journey, and three months later he didnt, he was suppose to go to the philipines but didnt, then i had a dream that she handed me a key with a purple ribbon tied in a bow, i that was her fave color but i didnt know that until her husband told me. we had only talked 4 times when she was alive, i really dont understand much about it, i have had vision’s before, two back in 1977, when my dad was in a car wreck, i dreamt of a car rolling down an embankment, and then i saw a wall clock that said 6:45, then i woke up and i was at camp, the counselor came woke me up at 730 and told me i had an urgent call, my had been in a car roll over at approx. 6:45 a.m., many times it has happened to me.

  158. Elliott

    Thank you so very much from my hart for the reply !
    I wish the world was more full of king and caring people like your self and the people on this website god bless you all!

    It has only been one month she passed i feel like a wound up toy my emotions are all over the place i know it was not her time i think i might know what happened she was a little off for about a week my lan lord noticed it in here but i did not ? she started forgetting things, she was on medications for many things and that night i saw here take her sleepers nothing funny there, but i saw here later sit up and take a few more i did not think nothing about that because i have seen here before do that no problem !
    I think it relaxed her to much and she must have rolled over and fell a sleep in her pillow because the next morning shocked i was ! noticed the pillow stuck to her face so i think she smothered in her pillow she also had breathing problems not every night though !
    I talk out loud to here to give me a sign if that is what happened, i have been putting a lot on myself that i may have prevented this because i would check on here every night when i herd her breathing funny i would wake her up and make sure she was on her side and prop her up a bit but that night i did not and i cant handle the fact i might have been able to prevent what happened.

    When my mom died it was not as hard why is this different why cant i handle this i have been morning 24/7 i feel a bit better for doing so but my hart wont let me heal it keeps me forever missing her ?

    I don,t want to hold her spirit back from going where it has to go i want to tell her its ok but please come and visit and stay with me until me meet again if there allowed to do that, there must be rules in gods house and places for every one and every type of death!

    Thanks again for listing people you are kind

  159. Suzie

    Elliott, It sounds to me as if you are entering another phase of grief. You will get past this, too, but give yourself a break, too. You’ve had a great, unexpected loss in your life, which is why it is different from losing your mom. I lost my sister 13 years ago to cancer and my dad in Juen 2010 to an unexpected heart attack, and the grief was very different. I do not believe that we here in this plane can hold a spirit back; this is a person who loved you and wants you to be okay. I have never felt we have the ability to keep spirits from moving on or going forward; just doesn’t seem possible. Take your time; you will be surprised that in a few more months, it will be a little bit easier and so forth. Take care of yourself.

  160. Kami

    My mother passed away in march 2011, since then ive been having dreams of her in the most weird way im always dreaming of something and then my dreams get interupted and i see her for a short moment either she is trying to tell me something or she is just hugging me .. i was just telling my sister how i didnt remember how it felt to be hug by my mom..after that dream i knew exacly how it felt and couldnt beleive i forgot her loving touch, i dont know if its my subconcious or my mom trying to tell me something..

  161. Sybil

    Hello. I lost my husband of 23 years in 2007 from a heart attack. Long story short..in a way I have blamed myself. He had blacked out and I had called 911 until he awoke and said “no” and basically would not go. I shouldn’t have hung up and I should have insisted that he go anyway.

    Next morning he had changed his mind and said he should get checked out. I took him to the hospital. His symptoms were mild, so he and I thought it was some other issue, and that he would later be going home. That never happened and I learned that he had had diabetes and never knew, so that masked his symptoms.

    I want to know that he does not blame me and that he is okay.
    There have been a few odd happenings here since his death. One time the washer turned itself on and rewashed a load of clothes that had finished washing hours earlier. Right after his passing, I started to find dimes everywhere. The last one I found was in what was our room. It was in a ring box and it had been pinned to the cushion on the bottom. Who does that and why? It happened to be of the year when we met. That box had sat in that room for years. I had believed it was empty since it was light and would not make any sound when I shook it. He wa not a sentimental man, so to believe that he had it made for a keepsake would be very far fetched. I will keep it forever.
    Anyway, I would love to communicate with him and know he is near me always.

    Thanks so much.

  162. Emma

    I am encouraged by what I read here. I am following Jack’s advice in staying in touch with my Mom. I do have a few questions. Can anyone share similar experiences or advice?

    One week after my Mom was buried I awoke during a thunderstorm to see a shadowy form by my bed. She appeared in a black velvet robe with lace collar. This was to have been her burial outfit. But because the disease wreaked such damage to her body, she was creamated instead. I still treasure and keep that robe in my closet. I could not see my Mom’s face in that vision.

    Two weeks after my Mom was buried I experienced vivid dreams that were full of confusing images. In one dream we were wandering in a city filled with wealthy people who were ignoring a homeless man who looked very much like Jesus. My Mother hurried me into a car where we hid.

    The next dream my Mom looked so sad, so broken yet there she was telling me how much she cared about me.

    After this I had memories of all the negative things that had happened to us. Eventually I realized the challenges were part of our spiritual training and she had played her role well. I’d never be who I am if we hadn’t gone through those difficulties and come out stronger and better.

    I have since told her that I love her and ask her forgiveness for sending her away. But I want her to enter the realm of unbounded love and light.

    I’ve not heard or dreamt since. I continue to pray for her and all departed spirits to move onward towards God’s loving embrace.

    How long will it take the spirit to transition to its new life?

  163. Roxana

    I hope Jack is still monitoring these messages; this is a direct reply to some thoughts he projected in earlier posts.

    I have been trying to figure out what I believe and don’t believe about the ‘paranormal’, etc. I don’t have it all decided yet. However, some thoughts I have about the ‘afterlife’ are that I believe that we (on this plane) are ourselves pure energy in a particular (humanoid) form and that we came from a non-solid agglomeration of energy in another form to which we will return.

    When you say that your friend appeared to you or others as a 22 y.o., I believe that his energy would take that form because (1) that is how he looked when he died, and (2) it is how you or anyone else could/would recognize him. He isn’t sitting whole body as a 22 y.o. somewhere in the ether. At this moment in time he is that same non-solid energy (actually, physicists will tell you there is no such thing as a solid…that table you just rapped your knuckles on is made up of uncountable MOVING molecules).

    Therefore, when you cross over, you will not be 22 again (‘I guess when I cross over, I’ll be 22 too, because that’s how old we were when we parted.). You will not be any age…you will just be pure (ageless) energy like him and everyone else you knew in ‘life’ that has already passed.

    I also believe that ‘crossing over’ means (in addition to becoming once again a part of a larger energy field) an immediate ‘knowing’ (I don’t believe that energy field actually ‘thinks’) of all that has gone before. Therefore, there is no such thing as judgement (expressed in the non-emoting state of the ‘dearly departed’ as witnessed in visions)…it is like the purest of unconditionality. What is just is. So, apologizing (though good for the living one’s psyche or ‘soul’) or even worrying about the condition of the departed (Rajah) is superfluous.

    Though I do believe in communication across the divide (there are just far too many legitimate stories to convince me otherwise), I think we experience it very personally because that is how we perceive it in this plane and familiarly because otherwise there would be no purpose in the communication. But, there is nothing to forgive nor be forgiven for (though I talk to my departed loved ones and express all those ‘human’ emotions…but I know it is for me, not for ‘them’…they don’t need it anymore.).

    I may remember another thought later, but those are my immediate ones for now.


  164. Jack

    Hi Roxana,

    Yes, I’m still around and delighted to respond to your post. I agree with your core belief that everything that exists is energy. The only thing differentiating our physical world from consciousness is the rate of vibration. You are also correct that, like all other spirits hanging our earth plane, my buddy Jim has no physical form when he is here.

    I think it goes without saying that, we do not possess any visible appearance in the spiritual world except when interacting with others, as a means of giving ourselves a proper identity. And yes, we change our appearance according to the person. Jim died at age 44, but we last lay eyes on one other at age 22. So that’s why he appeared 22 to the psychic girl Jeanie, who would later have to identify him by the only photo that I have of him–his college graduation photo, taken at age 22.

    I do not see him in the body of a 22-year-old when he’s in my presence, since a visible form is only necessary when there is someone to perceive it, which I can’t. But when I do see him I believe we will appear to one another as 22 year olds in a simulation of our present world–all the positive without any of the negative. I don’t see us as shooting straight from this physical into invisible balls of energy. That comes much later, after we’ve earned the spiritual right to move up a notch. At first, and for as long as we ourselves determine, our new world will be a clone of this one except but infinitely better.

    Regarding human emotions—-regret, sadness, embarrassment, shame, etc.—you’re correct that they have no meaning except to us. People on this side should not waste time worrying about whether they’ve been forgiven or not by someone who’s passed because grudges are a product of this side only.

  165. Nelson

    Does this work with deceased pets too?

  166. Jack

    All mediums assure us that higher animals do survive physical death, although not all animals survive as individual identities but rather merge to a kind of group consciousness. However, we are assured that deceased pets do remain loyal to their masters and are cared for by a deceased loved one of ours until we join them. I have some personal experience to vouch for the validity of this, as my pet lovebird Yulli died a few months ago. I asked my buddy Jim, with whom I communicate on a daily basis, if he had Yulli with him, and while I was chopping vegetables on the kitchen counter I turned away for about 10 seconds, returned to the vegetables and found one of Yulli’s feathers right in the middle of my work space. The bird had been dead for 2 weeks and didn’t fly (clipped wings), so there wasn’t any way one of his feathers could ever be on the kitchen counter. So that was a sure sign from Jim that he had the bird.

  167. sara

    My parents both died back in 2005 6 months apart from eachother. But since they have passed on I have not had one dream about either one of them. Why is that?

  168. Tanya

    My grandfather passed away in 1991. I was very close with him. One night I was in bed. This must have been a couple of months after his death. The room was dark and I woke up. I don’t know how I knew he was there beside my bed. I just…knew. His presence glowed, though I could not make out distinct features. Somehow he communicated to me without directly speaking….like it came through into my thoughts. All i can recall him telling me is that he was okay, and that I would be okay too….it was extremely comforting, and 20 years later, i am still comforted from this experience. I went to a psychic a couple years ago and was told he was with me and he is proud of me. I do believe he is with me and I talk to him all the time. I miss him like I did 20 years ago. I wonder if we have a strong spiritual connection, since no one else in my family received a visit from him. Perhaps they were not as open to it as I was??

  169. Sybil

    I posted on 9/7/2011 about my late husband and a few strange happenings. Jack, I am really curious to know your thoughts about dimes and any correlation between them and those that have passed on. Also from what I posted there, do you believe my late husband is near me? Lastly, I should have mentioned this, but from time to time, I hear the sound of the coffee pot being removed and placed “back” on its foundation, after I have made coffee. I even check, and my mother is still asleep when this happens. Anyway, thanks to all of you for posting some very interesting comments, and to you Jack, for allowing us a venue to share our experiences.

  170. Paula

    My father passed away August 26, 2009. We only had about a week’s notice that he was dying, and he was in the hospice section of the hospital.

    The day he died, I was the only person who stayed at my dad’s bedside. His loving wife (mom) of 67 years went home with a ride from a family friend around 3:00pm. She tried to take me along, but I wouldn’t budge. After everyone left, Dad’s position didn’t change much. He seemed to slip off into a morphine-induced sleep.

    Around 5:00pm, a volunteer came in with a large golden retriever. I woke my father, knowing how he loved animals, and he woke up, laughed, and said, “where did YOU come from?” to the dog. He talked to the volunteer, thanked her for bringing the dog, as it lay its head on my father’s chest and stood on its hind legs to be petted. I will never forget how awesome that moment was.

    Dad and I were unusually close. I am an only child born after they were married 25 years. Dad and I always had an understanding between us. I can’t explain it. A “knowing”, for lack of a better word, that connected us.

    Over the years, I moved to Florida and things dwindled between us to a few phone calls a week. I didn’t see him as much as I should have the past 5 years before he died.

    His sense of humor was great, and he accepted death without issue. He said it was a natural part of life, and on the day he died, he actually told the nurse that it stunk that he just purchased a new car a month before, and wouldn’t even get to drive it! His sense of humor never faltered.

    After sitting at his bedside for literally HOURS, I had to get up and take a break for 10 minutes. I told dad I would be right back, to hang tight, and I slipped out of the room to regain myself. I was exhausted. It was about 9:45pm. When I went to go back into dad’s room, two nurses stopped me and told me he passed. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to be there for him through that. Could he have known that I slipped out the door? Did he consciously decide to “go” at that time?

    I couldn’t believe it. I had 2 doctors come in and pronounce him dead. Then I shut dad’s door, climbed into bed with him, held him and kissed him, cried my eyes out, and finally, when I went to leave, it took me 3 times to say “goodbye” to him. I knew I had to get home to my mother, who was beyond devastation and was waiting for me.

    They married in 1941. He died in 2009. She was lost. So I left and went to her.

    I always asked him for a sign before he died… that if he could find a way, to show me there was something else after life….. he said if he could, he would.

    The only sign I have gotten is a dream I had last year. In it, we were in the home I grew up in that we spent most of my life in. Dad had that house built for us. I was standing upstairs in the hallway. It was dark. There was a thunderstorm outside – lightning, etc. The house appeared ominous. It also appeared empty. I was standing in the dark hall facing downstairs into the dark and I heard my father’s voice call out VERY CLEARLY to me, “I love you honey” or “I love you sweetheart.”

    It seemed SO REAL.

    Why the thunderstorm? Was it dad? Do I just want to believe it was dad? Was it just my subconscious missing him?

    Please help. I have asked him to come see me again in creams but so far, I’m waiting for any sign, either awake or asleep. I’m so afraid he’s not with me anymore; that he has gone on to another plane.

    I want to communicate with him so much.

  171. Theresa Botha

    Hello Paula,

    Now I am no expert but I absolutely believe our loved ones pick the time to leave us. I belive they pick their time for various reasons.

    I lost my mother to cancer two years ago this coming April. I received a telephone call from my dad that she had turn ceptic and she was too weak for surgery and that I better get over to the Island as quickly as possible. That was 8:00 am April 5, 2010. By 10:00 am I was on the ferry to the island and I arrived at 12:00 pm and her room was full of friends and family as was the waiting room.

    Upon my arrival I was devistated to find out that they had put her into a drug induced coma. It was necessary so she would not feel any pain and for that I was grateful. She was non-responsive to me so all I could do was sit beside her bed, hold her hand and tell her how much she meant to me and that I loved her so much. I talked about the past and I laughed about things and just hoped that she could hear me.

    The only time I left her side was when other people wanted a moment with her and even then I sometimes did not leave I just stood to the side of the room. For the next couple of hours I could only sit and talk to her and say go rest mom. Its ok to rest. I could not tell her to leave because looking back I was not ready to let her go. Selfish I know but I could not say the words…its ok to leave mom. Those words were right there but they would not come out. Finally, my best friend Rhonda showed up. I greeted her outside of mom’s room becuase a group had just entered to say their goodbyes. When they left her room I took Rhonda in to say goodbye to mom. Rhonda and I have known each other since kids. Mom loved Rhonda. We were standing there beside her. Rhonda holding her hand and I stroking her head. I told mom at that moment that it was ok to leave now. I dont know if Rhonda being there gave me the courage or what but it came out. I told her that I would take care of my dad and everyone else that needed my help and that she could leave now. No sooner did I get those words out that she suddenly became restless and turned her head towards me and opened her eyes. She looked right at me. Rhonda ran from the room saying she would get my family as we thought she had come out of her drug induced coma. I was talking to her. I said “Mom?” “Are you ok?” I pushed the nurses button thinking they needed to give her more drugs because I did not want her to be in pain. She just looked at me for about 10 seconds. She held my eyes to hers and then I saw the light leave her eyes. As everyone came running back into her room she was gone. It was 2:53 pm.

    I believe she waited until I told I would take care of everything and that she could leave now. It happened so quickly. At first I was devisated and then I felt honored that she chose to leave with only Rhonda and I in her room. She gave us just one more experience to share in life. I believe she knew that I could handle it and she did give me the look of “Ok, I trust you to look after everyone” and then she left. It was so sad and amazing all at once. She has visited me several times since she left but not nearly as much as in the first few months.

    Also, another friend of mine told me a story after she heard about my mom’s exit that was somewhat similar. She worked on the pallitive ward of the hospital and she told me that she recalled a lady that had been checked in to her ward and as she was taking care of her and before her kids had arrived, she told my friend to make sure that when her time came that her kids were not in her room. She said that she did not want to die in front of them. So when her daughter arrive her mother was in a coma as well and the daughter would not leave the room. She had dinner delivered, she went to the bathroom with the door open and she slept with her head on her mother’s bed when needed. She was waiting for her brother to arrive. The next day the nurse (my friend) walked into her mother’s room and annouced that her brother was on the phone and wanted to speak to her. So she got up and asked my friend to stay with her mother until she got back. So away she went to the nurses station to take the call and while she was out of the room her mother opened her eyes and looked at my friend and chose that moment to leave. The daughter was devistated that she was not there when it happened and my friend new that her mother wanted it that way and told her at that time what her mother had requested.

    So yes, I believe our loved ones choose their time for various reasons. That being either not wanting to leave in the presence of some or waiting to until that one person shows up or they wait until they have been given permission to leave. Whatever their reason they choose the time. It is out of our hands.

    Now all I have are the moments I feel her with me or when she has something to tell me in my dreams. Like I say she does not come very often anymore and I like to think that is because she has moved on and is doing well. I like to think that also means that all of my siblings have come to terms with their loss and she does not need to send them so many messages through me anymore.

    You may want to try talking to your dad before going to sleep and ask him to come and visit or write your request down and leave it beside your bed. If he comes and “visits” you in your dreams, you will know it. The dream will change a lot and everything becomse very clear in vision and sound. For a lack of a better analysis, for me it is almost like HD and Dolby kick in and the dream takes on a whole new form. It is amazing when it happens.

    My thoughts are with you Paula.


  172. Bridget

    My beautiful mum died on Christmas eve 2008 ever since i have asked to come and tell me shes ok, but i dont get reply, all i asl is that she tells me shes ok and i will be so much more relaxed and happier, why cant she tell me?

  173. Theresa

    Hello Bridget.

    Maybe your mother has replied to you but not in the way you expect and because of that you have missed it. Look for other signs that she is communicating with you. She may not reply by actually saying she is doing good. It may come to in other ways such as a the smell of her perfume and a feeling that comes with it, or the smell of her favorite flowers or a bird fluttering closer to you than normal or an overwhelming feeling that she is with and you are happy. These may not be the way your mom replies to you they are only examples.

    My mom came to my sister who was over taken with grief by entering her dreams. In one dream, she and my sister were sitting in lawn chairs at the beach. Mom proceeded to kick the bottom of my sisters chair with a smirk on her face until my sister smiled. It was mom’s way of telling my sister to buck up and be happy. After that her grief started to submside a bit. Then in another dream she showed my sister how no one could see her anymore and that she thought it was funny. In the dream, my mom was sitting beside my sister and she said to her, “watch this no one can see or hear me anymore”. Mom got up and stood right in front of my dad who was having a conversation with my sister’s husband. Mom bent over right in front of our dad and waved her hand in his face and said helloooo. Receiveing no reactions from my dad, still bent over facing him with her hands on her knees she turned her head to my sister and said “see? No one can see or hear me anymore.” and she laughed and then the dream ended. My sister said that she got the feeling that Mom was having a good time with it. She was so cheeky and cheerful everytime my sister saw her that it comforted my sister. We think it was her way of getting my sister through her grief because like yourself, my sister just wanted to know that mom was ok and my sister was having such a hard time losing our mother. I truly think it was mom who pulled her though it.

    So dont look for one specific way that she would reply to you, be open minded and maybe you will see, feel or hear her reply in other ways…..other ways that you will just know relate to your mom.


    Good luck to you and god bless.

  174. Jack

    To Sybil regarding your deceased husband.

    Let me first say that the brains behind this blog is Anna, not I, and of course, we all greatly appreciate her giving us this chance to share our experiences. My only expertise on the subject is the result of the brisk communication I carry on with my deceased buddy Jim plus from my own OBE that let me know that it is possible to be in a place but invisible to it. It is how I know that your husband is with you even though you can’t see or hear him.

    What I can say about the dimes is that the forms that signs take depend wholly on the individual leaving them. Dimes have no specific significance, they’re just what your husband chose to use as a means of grabbing your attention. My buddy communicates with me by moving kitchen utensils or other household objects into unexpected locations; your husband happens to have chosen dimes. From their perspective, it’s whatever works.

    People don’t hold grudges once they cross over because whatever personal issues that existed before their transition cease to matter. The fact that he is communicating with you is proof that he’s not angry. If he were, why would he even be hanging around you, right? You have nothing to apologize for because you haven’t harmed him. Truth is, he’s better off now than he was before—youthful, energetic, in perfect health. But if it will make you feel better to apologize to him, then go ahead and get it off your chest.

    You say you would love to communicate with him, so what’s holding you back? All you have to do is open your mouth and speak. He’s right there. Just because you can’t see or hear him doesn’t mean he can’t see or hear you. Do the math, girl–if he couldn’t, he wouldn’t be able to be playing around with those dimes.

  175. Emma Jane


    I’ve just stumbled accross this site and felt compelled to share my story.
    Ive always been interested in life after dead, the psychic world etc ever since I was very little. One thing that’s always worried me and still does is what happens when we die, our we reunited with our loved ones etc? Anyway in june 2006 i lost my grandad to cancer, it was the first major death of someone i knew as he was almost like a dad to me. His death shook me hard as i was only 11 at the time. In his final moments he wasnt really himself and his head wasnt right if you get what i mean? He spent his last few weeks in a hospital (he despised hospitals) and as a result of his bad conditions he was in my mum didnt think it would be good to see him becaus it would upset me. I didnt know the last time i saw him would be the last, i cant even remember the last words i said to him. In fact the only conversation i remembered speaking to him about there was a cupboard? Then after that he deteriorated and couldnt make convo


  176. Emma Jane

    (coninued from above)

    right anyway back to basics! Since my grandads death ive been kinda obssessed with tryin to find a way to contact him so i know he’s alright and stuff. Id hate for death to really be the “end”. 5 years have passed and i havent given up trying to contact him somehow.

    Jack- Ive tried your method of asking him to move objects and stuff (many times!) but ive had no response or luck whatsoever. I read somewhere that spirits wont give you any signs that they are present unless thy know you are fully ready and not scared. Does anyon think maybe my grandad hasnt came through that way because im such a scaredy cat and he doesnt want to frighten? As much as all psychic stuff interests me it kinda terrifies me too. I have had some frightening experiences before.

    im writing this on my phone so ive only got 900 words i can write per each post!! Thats why im having to continue on.


  177. Emma Jane

    (coninued from above)

    Right i’ve decided to wait until later when i use my computer to post about my dream-the main reason i posted here-(it’s in a lot of detail so if I even attempt to write it all my phone you’re probably gonn be plagued by about 50 posts from me), so i will continue with my story later!

  178. Denise

    Hi, My dad passed away in May 2011 this year and before he died I spent the last days with him in the nursing home. I told him to let me know he as OK. Last night I had a dream that I walking down a long hallway and at the end were double doors that quickly opened and there were about 5 or 6 ladies standing together and they said there was someone to see me. Very quickly they swooshed away and my father walked into the hallway. He was smiling warmly at me with his beautiful eyes. I ran to him and we were hugging. I felt his love and I think he wanted to let me know he was OK. I immediately woke up during our hug and did not see him walk away. There was no talking in this dream, but the feeling was very intense. I cried when I woke up because he looked so good standing up so straight and tall. He had been confined to a wheel chair for years and couldn’t walk at all for about three years. So I feel very comforted by this dream. I looked on line to see if this type of thing was experienced by other people and I see is happens all the time. It was not like a regular dream.

  179. Allison Robins

    Hi…my name is Allison. I lost my mom…my best friend on December 10, 2009. This was the worst day of my life. She died in her sleep at the age of 65. She left us way too early and is missed dearly by all who knew her. My girls who are 5 and 6 now…were her. I was pennant with my son when she died. My question is do loved one’s send you things as signs they are still around? A couple of days after my mom died my daughter (mimi’s girl) was crying because she couldn’t find a rubber band. She went to bed crying about it. The very next morning I found a rubber band in front of the foyer door and I’ve been finding them everywhere ever since. Especially on my worst days…which give me comfort. Have you hears of this before?

  180. lost

    my brother was shot and killed i held him as he died, aug 7th 2011. the ambulance finally came and took him the minute he died he found me at home where he was transported from and i felt a strong force hit me in the center of my chest. he came back to me. i only pray he knows i tried my best to help him i feel him with me alot, he lets me know he is here when i am having a hard time i just pray that he never leaves me and i wish i could see him and hug him just one more time. i know in my heart he never left me and never will. i miss my best friend love you joe

  181. Jack

    To Emma Jane who waits for a sign that never comes, I’m curious as to how you think your granddad is going to leave you a sign if, as you say, psychic things terrify you. My buddy Jim often leaves me signs in real time, as in when my head is turned for a moment. He’s knocked things over just inches away from me or made funny things happen on my computer screen while I’m just sitting there. He does it only because he knows I can’t be spooked, but could you handle something like that? Maybe not. So until you get to the point where you’re not scared anymore it is unlikely that your granddad is going to take a chance on scaring you. It has nothing to do with “luck”, it’s all about your frame of mind.

  182. Raewyn Thompson

    Hi my husband of 20 years passed away suddenly at work on Aug 6th 2011. Since then, I have experienced a few strange occurances. 1. I have a budah ornament that my husband gave me which is on a wall unit. The night before the funeral an aura appeared around it. 2. A photo in my picture file on the computer has disappeared. It was a photo of my husband with his first wife, son (who was about 4 at the time) and his late mother. The photo was sent from his son who is now 41 before my husband passed.I have checked other places on my computer but there are no signs of it. 3. I have a wall clock and the pendulum has been going fast & then slow. I would value any commentst

  183. Donna

    My husband died 09/19/2011. It has been hard trying to keep faith through all of this. He died sitting up in a chair at the computer desk. Several incidents have happened since this day. The first being a radio in the barn turning on then later turning itself off. Then the night of his visitation I heard a knock at my window woke up and thought it was a dream went back to sleep to be again awoken by a knock I looked out the window to see a cat walking on the banister. When my daughter woke up the next day I found out that she too heard knocks the same as I did accept on the window by her room. This cat I am talking about has been trying to enter the house, this cat is my daughters cat and usually stay at home at her house however had adopted my house. When we did allow the cat to walk in it walked right to my husbands gun cabinet stepped in and looked things over and then walked and sniffed my husbands clothes. I also felt a touch on my right shoulder one night as I dozed off. Is this my husband trying to tell me he is alright? I always asked him to show a sign if he died before I do. He was only 53 when he died. He always made statements that he felt he would be dying soon. He had many health problems. I have been feeling guilty not requesting an autopsy and will never know exactly how he died. We had been married for 33 years. Does he see every move we make and is he remaining with me just for a short time to see that he is alright or is he afraid to leave me?

  184. Sabrina

    My 19 year old son was killed on 1/1/11. He has visited me in a dream twice. once to tell me he is ok and 2nd to show me what happened. I get many signs from him and miss his so much! Most are numbers or songs. I see 11 all the time and I know its him. I also see his intials alot. I wish he would visit me again in a dream so we can talk

  185. Erica

    Hi, my mother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly May 19, 2011, she was 53 years old. I am having a hard time dealing with this…I was to get married this year, we had so many plans, the weekend she was put in the hospital was the weekend we were to go shopping for wedding dresses. I am sooo hurt and heart broken that I will never be able to experience this with my mom. Since she has passed I have had a couple of dreams. The first dream I had was about 2 weeks after her passing, I saw my mother was so elated with happiness I gave her a hug and asked her hows heaven are you at peace? She replied I am in the in between and yes I am at peace. Another dream I have had was of my wedding I kept telling everybody I couldnt go through it without my mother! Then she appears in front of my in a beautiful dress her makeup flawless and she is smiling and putting the veil on me. Now I have always wondered and asked myself if there was something that could’ve been done…was there any way that we could have saved her? Well I had a dream about a month ago where I asked her if there was anyway she communicate with me so that i knew what she was saying…in the dream i asked her to try typing on my computer through word and she did…through her typing she told me…there was nothing that could have been done, it was her time to go, she also said that all she is able to drink is milk and tea… lol I dont know what significance that has, but she loved margaritas on earth!she also wanted to tell me she was happy that she had been reborn. I wonder if that meant reborn as into heaven? Because in the first dream I had of her she said she was in the in between.Do you think this is her communicating with me? It seems that whenever I ask her to come to me she does…sometimes the dreams dont make sense or I cant recall what was said but she always talk and hug and kiss…its a wonderful feeling!!!

  186. jesse

    hi, my dad passed away 3 years ago. i was there when he died and i told him he would be fine, he was heavily medicated however and im not sure how mentally there he would have been. when he did die he looked so alive and a hot wave moved straight through me. anyway, i believe in communicating with the dead and spirits, ive read your story jack and i talk to him all the time, theres days ive cried and pretty much pleaded with him to talk to me or respond… its been 3 years and nothing. once they cross over can they still communicate with us? i just want to see him one more time, as i said he was heavily medicated when he dies and i dont feel i got a chance to say goodbye properly in a hospital with nurses and family waiting for the inevitable.

  187. K.K.

    I truly believe i shared a soul with someone that has passed oct 6, my mom told me his half went into me, i think she said this cos i cant live without him n promised him i wont breath without him, cos i knew he would go before me. N no one will leave me alone long enough to full fill my promise. N they said if i die i’ll be killing him all over again. Can it be true that he s in me? I cant feel him, but my mom says she feel him in me, but i think she s lying cos she doesnt want me to die?

  188. K.K.

    Im also tryin so hard to communicate with him, Im calling him, i wake up at nite screaming and callin his name, my mom wont leave my side n says i cry whn im sleeping as well. Im very open n had vivid experiences in the past with things moving plates moving frm 1 end of the table to the other. Why cant i communicate with him, i know i was the everything to him jst as he was everythin to me, we were together 24 7 we both had no life outside each other, even tho my parents n brother live in the same house

  189. Kat G

    My sister passed away in 1997, when she was 29. I was 27 when she died. I lost my mother in 2007 and 8 months later in 2008, I lost my father. My parents married in 1966 and both were registered nurses. It was a running joke that my mother was 8 months older than my father. Daddy would always say, “You will always be older than me!” True enough, eight months after my mothers birthday, my daddy passed away. They never spent a birthday or holiday apart. They were still so much in love with each other. They were the defintion of soul mates. The would get up and dance the jitterbug in the sunroom, and my daddy was always giving my mother flowers every friday for 41 years. He would come in the door from the office, and her face would light up and she would run to him and embrace. I miss both of them everyday. I miss my sister too, but it’s different. I see my mother standing in her kitchen cooking, which is something she loved to do! I can actully stand at my kitchen sink and see her reflection cooking at the stove in the window. I smell my daddys cologne and after shave.
    My daddy was buried on Valentine’s Day in 2008. People were saying how this was a sad day, and I corrected them. I told them that this was the perfect day for daddy to be reunited with mom in Heaven. They had never spent a Valentine’s Day apart.
    My son was 5 when my sister died, and I always said that if i ever had another child I would name it after my sister. In 2004, my husband and I had a baby girl. We named her after my sister, and because of this my parents spoiled her, and doted on her every whim. My father especially.
    Last night I was deep asleep and was awaken by my father standing at the foot of my bed. My husband was on the night shift, so I was the only one in my bed. I sat up, and said ” Hi Daddy! I miss you so much, how is mom?” And he looked me and put his finger to his lip and made the hushing sound. He then said that she was so beautiful and smart, and that he plays with her everyday.” I looked around and asked him what he was talking about, and he said, “Ashley. She is beautiful, and be quiet not to wake her up cause she is right there on the floor beside your bed.” I immediately looked down and saw my 7 year old daugher asleep on the hardwood floor in my bedroom wrapped in my parents throw that used to stay folded in the den.
    I crawled out of the bed on the other side, and walked to where my daughter was lying and picked her up and put her in her bed. I tucked her in, kissed her goodnight and she said “Hey mom? Why didnt the dog bark at Grand Joe? They never met before.”
    I told her we would talk about it in the morning because I did not know how to answer her. She is only 7. This morning, we were having breakfast and i asked her if she remebered anything from last night and she told me she needed to think about it.

    What can I do or say to her?

  190. Anton

    Kat, you can be happy. Your experience with your daughter is outstanding.

    I remember when I was a child (in Europe) and my grandfather died, my family has hired a young maid to take care of us, kids. In order not to scare her, they did not tell her that my grandpa died a few days ago and that her bed was his bed when he died.

    My grandma was still alive then.

    The family was astonished when the young maid -babysitter- (Nina was her name) told us that she saw “an older gentleman sitting on the chair close to my grandma and looking at her” and she described my grandpa.

    “I think he left now” she added.

    That was many years ago, but now I badly need a connection with the other side and I don’t get any glimpse of hope.

  191. Ali Ahmed

    hey Anna , i read your all study ,i think u can help me.
    My wife was murdered last year just after 10 days of our first child, She was injured badly and she didnt have much time to state everything and left on a note that she wont leave us. First it was hard to believe but then when i regained conscious i used to feel attraction towards her belonging, her pillows , her side of bed, her perfumes, like someone sprayed them in our room, but none can do that. from few months i feel she is connecting with our son. my son is 11 months olds, i have seen him smiling to nobody, waving and bubbling.

    thats not all, she connects me in my dreams, but i dont remember just her picture or flash. I know something happened in the dream but i dont remember, i told my few friends they said its myth

    Please conclude this.

  192. TC

    My husband was killed 6 months ago and I miss him terribly. He has given me countless signs, usually when I am in my weakest state, tears flowing, heart breaking.
    The first time was after a horrible episode at the court house after meeting family of my sweet husband’s assailants. I went to wash my hands in an automatic sink. As soon as I put my hands out the water stopped. My sister-in-law put her hands there, the water immediately returned. When I would put my hands back it would cease. We repeated this exact pattern about 20 times, until I heard,”Laugh L, just laugh.” “OK,” I loudly replied, laughing. “I get it.” Then “an energy” backed me into the wall, threw up my arms, and was everywhere over me. The hairs on my arm stood, as I explained to my husband’s sister that he was there, he was everywhere on me. She laughed, and asked if I wanted a moment alone with my husband. It sounds so crazy, but I know it was real. He has given me countless signs since then, mainly through radio and ipod but also the wind and possible a bunny on
    Easter. Nothing was ever as physical as that moment in the court house restroom only a few weeks after his death. I do worry that I am keeping him here or postponing his next journey with my selfish grief. As much as he comforts me and assures me that I will be ok and he still loves me, I would never want to delay his ultimate happiness. I know somehow I will be with his again. He truly is my true companion.

  193. Chris

    Jack, I wanted to respond to you concerning a post that you made after mine on May 16th 2011. You were exactly right. Little things happened, but the kicker, was on one Saturday this summer, I was sitting on my table outside drinking a couple beers and listening to my iPhone, which was docked on charger/speakers. I had been texting a friend earlier about nonsense. I go into the kitchen to grab another beer from the fridge. I have pictures of my father on the door of the refrigerator, so I started sobbing and talking out loud telling him that I was sorry that I didn’t come home more, and I was sorry for not getting home in time before he passed. I go outside, sit down, and there is a text message showing on my phone which had just been sent b/c it was lit up. It said “I know, quit crying! :)”. Now it was sent from my friend, and it was so out of context from our earlier texting, that I asked her why she sent that. She just replied, I don’t know, I just did. When I saw this text in my screen immediately when I went back outside, I knew. I felt a calm surround me. You know what, things have also calmed down with the weird events. I think he knows, that I know now, and can go where he needs to.

  194. Colleen

    My Beloved Father passed away on the 4th August 2011. He lived overseas and I had gone over to see him. He died while I was there.I was the last person he saw and I was the one who found him.He sent me a clear message though on the day before his funeral. My husband, son and I were wandering around the streets of London when I heard the starins of Billy Joel’s “piano man” from one of the apartments. he loved that song as it reminded him of very happy times and was one of the songs I had chosen to be played at his funeral. As devastated as I was, I was comforted by this and knew without a doubt that he had sent me this to comfort me.

  195. Jack

    Chris, thanks for the feedback. Communication with a person (spirit) on the other side is as easy as opening one’s mouth and making sounds. Too bad more people can’t get that through their heads because all of the crying and mourning is really for nothing. “They” stand there watching the sobbing and feeling helpless to shout, “Hey, dum-dum, I’m right HERE! Get a GRIP! I’m still ALIVE!” And so there’s no reason to ever feel alone or even separated, as you have found out with your dad, because you’re not, period. That phone message was awesome, shows your dad is like my buddy Jim…he knows you can’t be spooked, so this will continue.

    The reason I was so confident about that dime is because Jim did a similar thing to me several months ago. I was using my laptop in my home office, left it for about 30 minutes, but when I came back I found it turned off and unplugged, which is what I always do when I finish using it. Huh? I definitely did NOT remember doing that, but still wondered if I might have done it and forgotten. Hmmm. OR was it my own in-house, invisible trickster, who loves to get my startled reactions? So I asked him outright, “Hey fellow, did YOU by any chance unplug that computer!?” Just like you and the dime, I wasn’t completely sure, but I was very suspicious indeed.

    Well, the next day I got his answer–I was at the computer went into the kitchen for about 5 minutes to make a cup of instant coffee, came back and wouldn’t you know it–the computer was turned OFF and UNPLUGGED! So we had a great laugh, and I figured that was it. Neat trick fellow! Just Jim up to his tricks as usual. The interesting thing is that he first HIBERNATED the computer before pulling the plug so that I wouldn’t lose any data. If you just pull the plug the computer would shut down, but he didn’t do that. Very thoughtful of him. 🙂

    Okay, case closed, I thought. Well, the next day, same thing, I was at the laptop, went into the kitchen for another 5 minutes or less, came back and the computer is OFF (hibernated) and unplugged! That’s 3 days in a row! He loves to surprise me, and of course the last thing I would expect is that he would do the SAME THING a 3rd time!

    Now the reason I told about this series of signs is to show people that communicating with the other side is not rocket science–you just open your mouth and speak and they hear (and see) you After you’ve proven to them that you won’t freak out, they’ll get bolder. With Jim the sky’s the limit; some of the stuff he has done looks like something out of Poltergeist.

    To TC, go ahead and talk to your husband. You can only miss SEEING him, but do not miss BEING with him because he didn’t “go” anywhere! As for worrying that you are keeping him back from doing something else, don’t. HE can be in two “locations” at once so you’re not keeping him back from anything. Talk to him just like you can see him because he’s literally in the same room where you are and can hear (and see) you just fine. Sometimes I talk to my buddy Jim as much as 2 hours in a day and I’m sure he appreciates it big time.

  196. Thea

    I am always talking to Jeff, too. It comforts me, and I know there’s a good chance he’s right there..unless he’s busy doing something else. I accept that. I know I will be with him again someday, and although a part of me is looking forward to that, I believe we all have a purpose here. I have his four kids, and I know he wants me to give them a good life. I love reading your messages, Jack. You helped me realize a few things about life. I also read some great books about the afterlife, and it all makes sense now. I have had some odd things here and there, but nothing drastic. I have had guidance, though. Some months ago, Jeff appeared in my dream. The color blue stood out as I was seated in a tractor trailer truck. I was seated behind the wheel as Jeff sat on the passenger side. He faded in and out of the dream, it was difficult for him to stay there. He indicated to my steering wheel and pedals, and said,’I can’t do what you’re doing, but I can guide you.’ I have been guided ever since. I certainly miss the hugs and human contact, but he’s still here. I hope he stays.

  197. Mayura Patel


    It was truly very comforting to visit here and read other people’s experiences with their loved ones who are on higher plane then us.

    I recently lost my dear Mum after she was very ill for three weeks in the hospital. I do speak to her every day, miss her and often kiss her photo during the course of the day.

    I hope that she is hearing my silent communications with her. I hope that she has accepted my apologies for the things I got wrong and will grant me forgiveness. In her last moments (before she went in coma for over 24 hours just before she left her physical body) I said I will return to her in 10 mins but instead returned in 2 hours. She could barely keep her eyes open when I returned to her.

    I feel so guilty for that….hence need her forgiveness.

    I love her to bits and miss miss miss her physical presence. But I would not like to stop her from her onward journey and pray that may she be very happy and be loved wherever she is………..

    God please bless bless bless and look after my Mum

  198. Christina

    I am struggling with this. My husband took his life 6 months ago. 3 days before, we lost our home to foreclosure. We didn’t have children. I miss him so incredibly much that words can’t describe it. I talk to him all the time, everyday, but I rarely think I feel his presence. I’ve had a few dreams, very vivid, with him in them, but I don’t know if he was visiting or if it was my wishful thinking. I need to speak to him and with him. I need to feel connected with him. I don’t know how to begin to do that. I can’t let go because I love him. Also, I am looking into who exactly was on the scene right after he jumped. A witness saw him do it and radioed the Coast Guard. They brought him to an hour later, but he died that night. 911 was never called, and from what I’m told, the fire dept (paramedics) were not alterted. Needless to say, I am distraught that there was a chance if the proper authorities had been contacted. I have a number of reports from the Coast Guard, CHP, and Coroners Office being sent to me. All I can say is something about it was nagging me, so I began to look into it. Was it him or me doing the nagging? If anyone can help me connect with him, please message me. I very much need to speak to him.

  199. Christina

    I’ll also add that though I can’t say I feel his presence by him communicating with him (I have asked him for signs – ‘if you can hear me, make something move, make a sudden sound, etc.’) but I find myself craving the foods he used to love – foods I never craved. He used to get up in the middle of the night and make a snack – usually a piece of chicken or Triscuits with cheese. I have been craving the Triscuits with cheese. Or, waffles in the morning. Right after he passed, I went back into the room (the hospital staff made me leave while they were trying to revive him – performing CPR) and held his hand. My tears flooded his hand. I had never cried that much and I remember looking down at this hand to see it drenched. For a second or two, I felt his hand twitch or his fingers very, very lightly squeeze mine. Of course, everyone thought I was crazy but whether it was involuntary spasms or him holding my hand, I do not know. But, I have wondered if his spirit entered mine. Yes, crazy, I know. Is that possible and would that explain why I never feel him or his love externally? It is disconcerting, downright heartbreaking, to know feel it. No one on the ‘plane’ wants to talk about it and I am completely alone. Turns out suicide has a stigma. Rest assured, it is not contagious, so if anyone can please help, THANK YOU.

  200. christine

    hello everyone! I feel so sad but happy after reading everyone comments..if you can see me now tears rolling down my cheeks, but a smile of loving memories. For my life it was living the end of my teenage years meeting sumone special..we had the most craziest things happen we was like a bonny and clyde;) Boom.. this accident happen he was the driver hitting a pole with a transformer on it causing a fire..yea alot of different stories being told me from police,fire fighters,and who every elsed said something. It hurt me so bad bc he was bout two years younger then me and in my life, i would never thought it would happen to me. Now i have 2 sets of 2 by this loving, kind hearted man that everyone judge because how he ran the streets but on a good cause, that was the way to survive. We young with 5 children, one being a single but he raised her like his. I had encounters when he first died scaring me, but had me wondering did it just happen. Now its been 4 years passed and I still cry when I think of him or basically anything that reminds me of him I just ball in tears. but I knw he is here, he woke me up right at 600 am to get m y kids up for school. Now how he did it was with the fire alarm. I woke up at 545 but fell back to sleep until scarring the poop out of me to just one alarm which was in the hallway. Now my alarms dont chirp unless they need batteries. But by me having 5 young kids all under 9, thats the best thing. it went off, i jumped up walking through kitchen to get to it and im the only adult living here what was burning? i thought but i didnt smell anything, so I touched it and wiggled it but it just stopped. Then I proceeded to walk and turn the girls light on and seen my daughter already moving, so i knw that I wasnt the only who heard it. So yes it makes wonderful sense now that he is here guiding me. he know it was time for them to get up and he knw that my little cell phone alarm clock didnt kick..I love Elijah. you always been sweet to me and there is nobody in the world like you. To Christina, I had the same issue but think more quietly to yourself, you might had something happen you just didnt think so. But yes he is there with you, trust me;) It might take some time and see but things happen for a reason.

  201. Vikki

    Two and a half years ago, one of my exes passed away. Our relationship ended on my part because I was unfaithful and didn’t want to hurt him again because my friends led me to believe he was no good for me, when really he was. He begged me to stay with him and said he didn’t care if I cheated on him, but I couldn’t trust myself not to hurt him again. I still had feelings for him after our break up but never saw him again and I regret not going to speak to him. Is there a way I can communicate with him to know whether he forgives me? :'(

  202. Manny

    My Dad died April 9, 2010, We were so close it felt if a part of me had died with it. Even till now I think about him in random moments of my day, usually when I’m driving. I think about the time at the hospital and sometimes I even blame myself that I didn’t take him to the hospital in time. My mother had a dream where he came home at night and laid next to her, facing away, in a black shirt. She was telling him that he was dead and all he said was not now, its cold.. its cold. I had a dream were he sat down in a chair in front of me, didn’t say a word. I woke up with my arm stretched out as if I was holding his hand. Im gonna try to communicate with him in my dreams since its been a long time since Ive dreamed of him… I guess I just want to know that he is okay and that I will see him again in the afterlife. It was great reading your comments and Ill be checking this site more often.. I bookmarked it 🙂

  203. Mariah

    I was just curious to read the articles. I’ve had a few encounters with my grandfather after he passed. He passed five years ago last May, anyways the day I learned of his passing I went outside to get air and my friend and I noticed a Green Violetear hummingbird (blue/green) was sitting on my shoulder. The odd thing about this was I’m from Oklahoma and saying that, you don’t see hummingbirds in this state. The most recent happened only a few days ago. I was very close to my grandfather and so his passing still gets to me frequently. Anyways, I was missing him badly that day and I went outside again and my fiance saw the same hummingbird was hovering over my head. I did not see the bird but I heard him fly and hover. The next morning my fiance told me of a dream that he had about my grandfather and him, my grandfather asked if he saw him the day before (meaning the bird). I feel more at ease but I still in pain from the passing. Thank you for letting me tell my story 🙂

  204. Mariah

    I did not mention that blue hummingbirds are one of his favorite birds. Sorry for not saying.

  205. Katherine

    When I was born, my mother had hired a babysitter for me because she had a full time job and couldn’t be with me during the day. My babysitter’s name was Marilyn. She brought so much love and joy to my life, she was a second mother to me and I miss her terribly. I lost her to cancer about 5 years ago, we were very close.

    About one month after she passed I dreamt she was in a wheelchair and her message to me was “stop mopping around” which is exactly what she would have told me. In the morning I realized that my grief might have been keeping her from moving on, I decided to try to make more of an effort to let go.

    Since then, about a year later, she came to me in a dream and appeared to me in a field that was illuminated with light and we just looked at each other and seemed to be telepathically expressing that we both missed each other a lot, I think she was just letting me know she was still around.

    Finally, I had a dream last night, she was sitting on a bench and it was very sunny and I just gave her a big hug and cried and told her how much I missed her, it seemed very real but she didn’t say anything back to me.

    I have been wondering why she hasn’t talked to me in recent dreams… Does anyone have any idea why? Could it be difficult for her to tell me things now that she is on the other side? Or am I just imagining it is her? It’s confusing because I feel like if I can see her occasionally in my dreams she would want to talk with me. Just hoping it’s not me grief creating a representation of her to help me cope. I really want to believe it is her.

  206. Alana

    5 years ago this month my mum passed away to cancer.
    Im slightly confused to something that happened to me early this morning before i woke.
    I was half asleep and could hear the house phone ringing all i must of drifted back into a deep sleep as i dreamt that it was my mum and she left an answer machine message.
    I remember it as clear as day,word for word,the tone of her voice everything.it sounded distant like when you call from one country to another with breaks in the call.Her words were..
    hello Alana are you there..
    its me,mum..
    im sorry ive been away so long i just needed a break..
    Is there something you need to talk to me about lovely?
    Alana please pick up..
    a long pause……and then
    im just on holiday il be back soon..
    and then she started crying and the phone went dead..
    I then woke up ran to the house phone and there was nothing.It was heartbreaking then being faced with the reality of her not being here but also being slightly confused with how it felt so real, as real as anything that had happened in my everyday life and to find it was in my dream.I just wonder if that was her communicating maybe or just my own need driving me to have a dream like that?

  207. MGK

    i read ALL posts on here, I’m telling you Jack your absolutely amazing how you communicate with the dead and aren’t scared, May i ask how Jim died? My Grandmother died a few years back and im 13 now, but my mom got 2 blank emails from here and kept having dreams of her saying im ok, and it was right before valentines day after a few days after she died we got our valentines cards. pretty intresting

  208. Jack

    MGK, Jim died from carbon monoxide poisoning—easiest way to cross over, in his sleep, totally painless, he never knew what hit him. Picture this: you fall asleep, the house catches on fire, you are overcome with the (odorless) fumes while sleeping and “die”. You fell asleep in this physical world but you awake to find that you’re now in paradise. What a way to go, eh? We should all be so lucky; I remind him all the time.

    It’s true that Jim’s stunts would scare the average person out of their wits—imagine walking into the kitchen to find a soup spoon balanced precariously on top of a tall bottle sitting on a shelf above the kitchen sink when there was nothing there just 5 minutes earlier—but they don’t faze me at all because I’ve already been where he is. It was during my own OBE one morning a few years before he “died”. That experience taught me that it is possible to be “alive” but just invisible due to not having a physical body. It taught me that there is a non-physical dimension right here among us, a kind of parallel universe, where so-called “dead” people are just because they don’t have bodies anymore. Well, what’s to be afraid of? How can you suddenly be scared of someone who you already know and love just because they no longer have a physical body? It’s the most illogical thing in the world.

    Jim knows that I realize all of this so he doesn’t feel the need to hold back. The other thing is his personality. It’s just his way. He is a very active, energetic spirit, a football player, an extrovert who loves to clown around and play tricks. And he is lucky enough to have a buddy like me who is savvy enough to know how it all works, thus leaving him free to have a field day moving stuff around or pulling out plugs or playing with switches, knowing that all I’m going to do is be amused. I hope this answers your question.

  209. MGK

    thanks man

  210. Carly

    I lost my father June 15th 2011, I felt numb, he was battling colon cancer for just over a year-yet when we thought he had battled it for good he suddenly passed.I live about 3 hrs away and we rushed to be there as soon as we could. When we arrived at pallative care he was heavly meddicated-Each of my children gave papa a kiss, and we said we were there-we thought he would be okay-this had happened before having scares. That night my mother got a phone call from the doc saying he had 3 days. He passed the next morning, and I rushed to be there before he passed but missed him, and cannot forgive myself. Since his passing my heart feels so empty, and missing him so much. I believe in connecting with past loved ones-but no such luck except a photo of my hubby and a friend dancing, and there is orbs everywhere-Any other sudgestions-how to cope and how to connect?

  211. SS

    I lost my mom when I was 9 years old. She was the most amazing person. I was young and I have always had this odd sense that Spirits were real and had a few little encounters before she had passed. I had strong dreams about my great grandmother saying bye after she had passed away, and the even of her passing my mom and I had actually had all the light bulbs burn out in the house. So no doubt did I believe in spirits.

    Once my mom had passes i honestly always asked for her to come back. One night I had that chance, I got up to get water and i saw what had seemed to be her looking at me. I was only 9 so i ran back to bed and covered up and asked her to go away. I regret this more than anything now. But every year since her passing around the time of her death i dreamt of her. She would pick me up and we would go to the lake like we did when i was younger. She would ask me about my life and tell me she knew i missed her and everything would be okay. She would tell me how to be in a situation or to be strong. After she would bring me home and tell me she will be back when she can.

    Til about two years ago i had these dreams im 18 now. and the last dream of her i had she called me and it was stormy out and the phone was breaking up and she told me she couldnt pick me up and she cant come back again. she apolagized and said she loved me and is always with me but its the last time id hear from her.

    I can no longer dream of her but i talk to her all the time i ask her questions in hopes to get answers but i dont know how to know whether she is giving me answers or not. I ask her to give signs but im not sure she can.

    I want to goto a medium but i am not sure how to know whether they are good or not. I just want to know my mom is still here because after she said it was the last time id hear from her im a little confused. I have also had many ghostly encounters from other spirits throughout my life. I just wish it was her sometimes.

  212. Gaynor

    I lost my mum 31 years ago when i was 15of cancer, over the years i had dreams of her in the old house we used to live in.For about 15 years they no more.I got much closer to my dad over the years even though he lived some distance away,I would call him on the phone every other day.
    He never wanted to go to the doctors like a typical man and beginning of September had a fall and had to go to hospital on the 14th September 2011. After many sleepless nights and tests in hospital he was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer that was very aggressive and didnt have long.
    We didnt tell him, but I think he probably knew and all he wanted to do was to get out of the hospital,we found out he had not been taking his tablets. I managed to get him into a care home near the coast on the 5th October. The nurses were very kind and said I could stay overnights in his room, which I readily did.
    I stayed talking to him and fed him ice cream.Middle of that night he had pains so the nurse gave him some morphine.On the Thursday morning he was sleeping with one eye slightly open.He stayed asleep all the time,not eating or drinking.
    I spoke all day of past laughs,football and friends and family,I prob was getting on his nerves.Mopping and moisturising his face and listening to the radio.
    All the time the nurses were coming in to check.I managed to lay down and could hear him breathing and the nurses footsteps in and out. I must of dropped off then woke up to see the nurse looking in his eyes.He got another nurse who confirmed he had passed away at 01.20am 7th October 2011. She said she had only been in 20 mins before and he was ok and must of waited till I was sleeping. I suddenly felt all alone and still do. I miss him soo soo much and would love a sign from him to let me know that he is alright and in a safe place.
    I feel so down even though at times I feel strong,I didnt feel like this with my mum. My friends are good but I dont want to keep feeling sad around them all the time>
    I think I should have good things to console myself,he was 83, had a quick illness,went peacefully in his sleep and I was with him, alot of people dont have that, but I still feel very sad.
    So I have read most of the posts on here and have found it interesting reading
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all,please god when does it all feel better

  213. Jacklyn

    I have not lost anybody recently but I have been having things move and lights come on and off by themselves. I have just moved into a duplex with,my parents. I sometimes feel cold air come past me then its gone. So far it hasnt tried hurting me. Been here 4 months now. What should I do?

  214. Elize

    Hi Anna,

    My friend passed away 6 month ago and ever since i smell him in my house. He is playing with sweetpapers lights. Since i know him (4 years) i dreamed about him once. i asked him to come into my dreams so that i can hear what he is trying to tell me, but nothing. i also noticed after his death that he moving on the left side of my body. i getting goosebums only on my left side, and sometimes if im quite my left ear zings. i dont know if he is trying to talk to me or maybe just wanted to make his precents. im knew in this type of things and read a lot on the net. One knight when i was lying in bed, topping about work matters, he speak my name together with music, i had such a fright,not for him but (all of a sudden)it never happend again. im trying to open my third eye chakra but its not that easy.if i do open chakra would i be able to communicate better? i also started to read terot cards. Sorry for my broken english.


  215. Linda

    My grandmother, Maude, whom I was VERY close with, died on December 23, 1969. In 2002, when I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, I was pretty down. One day, I was sitting in front of my computer, with my legs up on the desk. The ONLY program open on the computer was my media player, as I was listening to music and thinking. Although, above my computer was a small, oval picture of my grandmother, I was not thinking of her at all, until “OUR SONG” came on. It was a song that was on an old, powder-tin, music box that I always played with at her house, and she said that I could have when I grew up and learned to take care of things. The song is entitled, “Long, Long Ago”. I had been lucky enough to find this song by searching the internet several years earlier. As I was sitting there listening to “our song” playing on my computer, with my feet up on the desk, I looked up at the picture of my sweet G’ma and started to tear up a little. The upper part of my body was far enough away so as not to be able to touch the computer at all…SUDDENLY, with no other application running, my printer spit out a piece of paper. Surprised, I reached over to see what had printed out. And to my GREAT DELIGHT the page was completely blank EXCEPT FOR one teeny, tiny heart IN THE MARGIN of the paper, where nothing would EVER print anyway, even if you had other apps open and something was scheduled to print!
    I have saved that paper to this day. I was raised as a Baptist preachers daughter, and of course, anything spiritual, other than something directly Christian, is considered to be demonic, as mainstream Christianity believes demons are trying to win our confidence in order to take us to hell. I’ve always wanted to ask, since nothing like that has happened since, what could possibly be the motive of anything other than my grandmother to have sent that. The answer, of course, is absolutely nothing! It HAD to be my grandmother, because she is the ONLY one who had a motive to do such a thing. No matter what, I am VERY grateful for the experience and for a wonderful grandma!

  216. Stephanie

    My family finds dimes and we think these are signs from our loved ones who are letting us know they are around us. I had a dream about my real Dad after he passed away and he was so so nice to me, I feel like he was trying to make up for how unloving he was to me in life. I also have had dreams of my Grandma and Grandpa and always feel loved by them. I miss them so much. My Mom is having such a hard time letting my step-Dad go and moving on with her life. He has been gone for 8 or 9 years now and it is so hard how she always talks about him. I loved him very much too, he helped me get back on track in my life. I would have been lost without him. My children only have my Mom as everyone else has passed. It makes me sad and I feel “cheated” but I hope these dimes are signs that they are still with us. Thank you for your time. Stephanie

  217. Raj


    I want to know something. I lost my Mom in 2006. From that time I used to continuously get dreams about my mom as if i was talking to her and it was like she was with me. I never felt that she was not with me. I got married in 2008 and from the very next day I stopped getting her in my dreams. Now I get her in dreams once in a while as if she is visiting me to see how I am. I really dont understand how can I stop getting those dreams now.. though she is the one whom I love most…

  218. Christine


    I experience ADCs here and there, from my mother and my grandfather.
    My grandfather filled my livingroom with the scent of his pipe one day. On two other occasions, he opened the picture folder on my computer, then opened a picture of his and froze it on my computer screen.
    My mother likes to send me communication by playing a specific song on my iPod, even when it’s supposed to be off.

    What I’ve figured out about these experiences is that it takes a lot of work for the deceased ones to come through to us and give us signs, so if they are truly on a higher level, they don’t hang around every day manipulating things. They come to us when we need it and when there are occasions that they want take part in.

    There are also lower level energies that may hang around and trick you into believing they are someone you want them to be. My advice to people is to be careful. Your loved ones are most likely in a higher place working on their own development. They love you, but they are too busy to be hanging around your house every day engaging in highjinks.
    They may also visit you in dreams and you will know it’s them if they look very
    healthy. If they don’t it’s probably a symbolic dream.

    Do speak to them; they can hear you and will response in a meaningful way. Pay attention to the signs and know that they tend to be subtle, but will make sense to you personally.

  219. Kayla

    hi anna ,
    i really need to ask you something.Latley really weird things have been going on around the house . This light in the living room mysteriously always turns on and when that does the one in my moms bedroom turns on . Also my mom has been having dreams about my Grandpa who died 4 years ago . SHe said they seem so real she doesnt thinks shes dreaming . ALso this footprint was in our carpet it was too big to be the size of any of our feet , but it was the same size as my grandpas. Also i see glimpses of him and see him in my dreams . This lady at my moms job is like a pshyic and says that he can comunicate with us through the tv and or radio . Is is possible he could be trying to communicate with us because its freaky and im dieing to know , if you could email me thatd be great 😀

  220. Jeff

    Please assist , my fiancee passed away on september 25th 2011,, whe had just moved in a month before and we were at the peak of our relationship,,she had a pneumonia attack n i took her to hospital a week before she passed away,,, i used to be with her almost thru out her entire admission there thus i even used to sleep on the same hospital bed and she would ask me to hold her as she slept n she would sleep like a baby.. I belive she had seen her death because she would always keep on telling me that when she dies she would like me to put love heart flowers tgther with our son on her grave and to make sure she had a ring on her when i bury her,,most of the time i got pissed of n put her of and would tell her to nver mention death to me,,,on the day she passed i was fatiged for i had not slept for two days ,,so on that sunday morning i massaged her back gently as she talked so much about the future and how the struggles would end,,her birthday was on sep 28 and she wanted to spend it at home with us,,but after i left her cousins came and later the aunts to her and she passed at 3:10pm buy then i was on my way back to the hospital when i got there she was still on the bed wraped around in sheets n i quickly uncovered her and held her in my arms i will neva forget that,i held her even to the mourge,,i carried her infact and kissed her forehead goodbye on the mourge trolley,,,i cant help crying even as i write this,,,,,, as we planning the funeral i bought the rings and put one on my fingure as i praid for hers as i put it in a certain trench coat she really loved,,,(the ring wouldnt fit on her finger there was a reaction of the mourge medicine with her body)… But then her ring disapered imediatly i looked for it for two days and at that moment i was alone so definately i would have seen it and nobody would get in my bedroom and no what i had done and taken it,,second i wanted to die so bad that i even bought over dose medicine to commit suicide but on the day i had planned to do so i felt so much peace ,,i felt her telling me “its okey love am here with u” n that gave me the strength to pull on thru the funeral,,, after we laid the flowers i felt my heart release her to heaven for i knew she would not suffer anymore pain or strugles,,i loved her that much,,but yesterday i dreamt that we were at the mourge and as i was looking at her she woke up and told me that people want to kill her then i asked her who it was and that i would kill them all she relaxed and asked me for two thousand,,thats when i woke up,, is she trying to communicate with me,,,? Did she take her ring??

  221. Paiige.

    Can spirits contact through objects for example, my laptop. For some reason even when i wasn’t online i had my ear phones in but no music on and i heard someone talk to me through them saying “Who’s there? Who’s that?” Even when i had unplugged my ear phones you could still here it. Then it suddenly went off before i had chance to show anyone. I’m very confused and want to know if this is possible. Can somebody please help.

  222. Roxanne

    My nana passed away on Sept.12 2011, she was 93 years old. We loved her so much, My mom and I were her favorite, and we were theyre at the hospital with her till her last breath. When she went into cardiac arrest, during those moments right before she passed, the lights went out at the nurses station. The station was right across my nanas room. That has been on my mind since. Was it just a coincidence? A few days after her passing, my mother and I slept on an airmatress in the living room. together, and mom had a dream of my Nana, that she walked into the living room, hugged me first, then laid down next to my mom, and told her, “Im ok, Im with mom, and Pete(her decesased brother) and Look I have both my breasts now”. That gave us a little peace of mind. I failed to mention that Her borther pete passed 21 years ago on Sept 12, the same Day and Month my Nana did. Since her passing ive asked her to please give me a sign or come to me in a dream. Last night right before I fell asleep I prayed, then asked her to let me know. Well, Id like to think she came to me last night, I was asleep but very well aware of my surroundings, almost as if I was awake, I didnt see her but I clearly heard her voice, and loud too, she told me “Im ok, Take care of your mom” and i felt someone standing by my bed,and suddenly woke up. Do you think this was her, or just me being desperate to hear from her? Thank you all so much for your stories and responses.

  223. Jack

    Paiige, I haven’t experienced any voice messages through the computer as you describe, but I can say that “they” definitely CAN manipulate the computer. That has happened to me on several occasions. Once when I was copying expenses from a paper bank statement into Quickbooks, I reached the date April 12 and glanced at the bank statement to see the next expense. While my eyes were diverted from the screen I heard a strange click I had never heard before from the computer, looked back at the screen, and the date had mysteriously changed to January 12. Jan. 12 happens to be the birthday of my spirit buddy Jim who I’ve been communicating with for the past 3 years. I immediately knew it was just him clowning around, something that he always loved to do. It takes 3 mouse clicks to change the date from 4/12 to 1/12 in Quickbooks, so no way could it have changed all by itself.

    On another occasion when I was talking to him I remarked on how frustrating it must be for him to be able to see and hear ME but not able to respond, and when I said that the computer, which was playing a movie at the time, abruptly restarted itself right in the middle of the movie, as if him saying to me, “Kid, you hit the nail on head! YES! Very frustrating!” Computers don’t restart in the middle of a movie for no reason, never happened before that and never happened again since.

    Finally, on another occasion, 3 days in a row, he unplugged my laptop when I left for just 5 minutes to make myself a cup of instant coffee. I came back to find the computer off and unplugged, no one else in the house. Interestingly, the computer was HIBERNATED, not SHUT DOWN, which is what would happen if the plug were just suddenly pulled. Hibernation is a way to turn off the computer without losing any data, so very nice of him to do that. 🙂 Naturally, we had a good laugh over that series of events covering 3 days.

    So, yes, “they” CAN manipulate the computer in a number of ways.

  224. dog toy chest

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  225. Christina

    Hi, back again. Strange thing yesterday. Randomly met someone who chatted a bit, then asked me my name. I told him, ‘Christina’. He said, ‘I’m Joe’ – which in and of itself, is not a remarkable thing, as Joe is a common name. But, at the end of the conversation, he said, ‘I better go. I have to jump the bridge’. My husband’s name was Joe and he passed 6 1/2 months ago after jumping off a bridge. Stopped me in my tracks.

  226. Anna

    Hi to everyone,

    So many comments in the last month or so from people who have lost loved ones – I am wishing for peace for all who have commented.

    A shout out to Jack to say thank you again for sharing your experiences about the afterlife and the dead. I know there are people round here who are glad to hear about them.

  227. Bethany

    Seven years ago on November 3 I was 16, and I was close friends with a 20 year old Andrew who lived across the street from me in the countryside in Virginia (US). We had an instant close connection and were friends for almost two years, and yes we did what young people do: Sneak out together to take a walk and drink a little, snuggle together, talk about life, make out, watch movies.. we were very close. His death in a car accident shocked and stunned me. I had a few comforting dreams following his death but it still made a great impact.

    This is the 7th anniversary of his death. I was on my bike early in the afternoon today, going to school. (I’m 23 now. He would be 27 this year.)

    I was thinking of him all day. As I pedaled down a street, this miraculous event happened in an INSTANT – in a millisecond:

    I see a man in a construction uniform standing by my side of the road, and I think I recognize him as he raises a gloved hand to me. He smiles serenely as though compelled and he says to me as I pedal by in a blur, “I love you!”

    My mind was blown!!!

  228. Dayna

    My sister passed away a year and a half ago. She died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 42. I miss her very much.

    About 10 years before she died I bought 2 matching snow globes one for me and one for her it played “thats what friends are for”

    Earlier this year my husband and I seperated and I moved out of our house with my 2 kids. Shortly after I moved to the new place I was watching TV after the kids went to sleep and one of the music boxes started playing. I knew my sister was there wanting me to know that she was there for me. Then on my 42nd birthday an old poem she had written me on by 15th birthday appeared in a box I just happened to look in. Last week the music box started playing again. Not just a few notes but it played for a minute or so.
    Now this morning I woke up at about 5:30 am and had a coffee. I had a fire going in the fireplace last night and I toyed with the idea of seeing if there were any coals still burning in the fire that would make it easy to start another fire (It was a little cool this morning) but when i looked over there was nothing glowing to indicate that there were any coals left so I just went back to bed. I woke up again at 6:30 and as I was laying in bed noticed a glow coming from the living room. I sat up and looked, there was a cozy fire burining in the fireplace just enough to make it nice to get out of bed.
    I feel so much better knowing she is close

  229. Jerry

    My gf died 4 months ago, she suffered from a lupus disease for almost 3 months. I felt really down to earth when she left because she was my fiancée and I do love her so much.
    At first it was just a normal fever, but suddenly her fever goes on and off alternately. We brought her to hospital and the first diagnose was dengue fever,but it wasn’t after a week of medications the doctor again said it might be a typhoid fever, she was admitted to the hospital for a week. After that her fever seems always been turning on and off so we decided again to brought her to hospital, but the doctors are unable to diagnose the real cause of her fever. On her third admission to the hospital that was the time the doctors diagnose that she was suffering from a lupus ( I think it was Systemic lupus erythematosus). That was her last admission to the hospital, the doctors tried everything they can to cure her, but I guess GOD has a greater plan for her.
    I can’t really accept what had happened to her at first, until now the pain is still inside me. It was just because she died just a moment when I arrive. Her family told me that she was really suffering so badly that time and she was just waiting for me, for her to go. She died in my arms in front of me.. It was really a heart and head breaking moment. I don’t know what to do and where to go.. But as I read your blog, I was kinda awakened.. thanks and please reply me for your comments.. i really wanna say communicate and say I do really love her for the last time..

  230. Sha'Maya Readus

    Hi, I just have to say that this touched me so deeply that I’m crying right now, This brought back so many memories that I shared before and during my grandma’s sickness. After my grandma died I always felt her around me and I was happy to feel her presence even though I sadly couldn’t see her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:’-{.. But this is what happened the night our grandma died: my sister was at her droom room at Jackson State University and she had a wet food card and she put it further back on the shelf and when she woke up it was dry laying on her computer prefectly…she was amaze at this P.S. ( I LOVE YOU FOR ETERNITY R.I.P.)

  231. Linda G.

    I have never believed in any of this sort of thing until recently. I have always been science driven and in need of proof, so a total skeptic. However, my beloved cat died six weeks ago. He was very old and sickly. I took care of him and did everything to improve his health over the past three years, with medicine, shots, etc. A week after his death, I was still very sad and missing him. He used to push the bathroom door open with his head when I was in there, and I would brush him. He would also rub his neck on the edge of the bathroom door that he had just opened. I also have a light fixture with four light bulbs above the sink. So again, a week after his death I was in the bathroom (doing business) and picked up the brush and brushed the tile floor, then the edge of the door, and called his name. Immediately, the third light bulb went out for a few seconds and came back on. I, the skeptic, couldn’t believe it (but was thrilled with the possibility that it was my dear cat). The next evening (after work), I tried it again. I was in the bathroom and picked up the brush, brushed the floor, then the door and said his name — and the third light blinked off for a few seconds and back on. At this point I was overjoyed. Let me say that there was never a problem with the lights, and this was not a mere flicker, but the bulb definitely went out and came on (the other three stayed lit). I sat there dumbfounded. As I have explained about being science driven (not religious or believing in a spirit in a traditional sense), this was very interesting and exciting to me — to think that my precious boy was there. So I waited a few minutes . . . and did it again. The brush to the floor, the door, his name — and then the light went out, came back on and went out again. I cried. I knew he was telling me he was okay, and that he had to go away; that his spirit had to move on. I turned the light switch off and when I returned a minute later and turned the light on, all four were lit (so the light had not burned out).The third night of this journey, I tried it one last time. Mind you, I was in the bathroom ten times a day for various reasons, and never did the light blink aside from when I was beckoning him. So, the third night, the brush on the floor, the door, called his name, and nothing happened — for thirty seconds, and I swear that the light blinked off and blinked on. His spirit had to travel a further distance to come back. At that point I realized I was not being fair to my cat’s spirit; that it had a journey of its own. This series of events has changed my life; I am not even sure how, as it is all so recent, but inside I am a different person and the world now is filled with endless possibilities. To me, the chance of this happening four times on command could not be a coincidence. I would love to hear feedback, which will be forwarded to my email.

    Thank you,
    Linda G.
    Rochester, NY

  232. Jack

    Linda, I’ll weigh in to say I’m fairly confident it was indeed your cat. There are no coincidences. However, to clear the record, while pets do wait for us on the Other Side, they have no journeys to complete. That is to say, your cat’s sole function in the spirit world is to wait for you to join him again, he doesn’t have to perfect his soul. Also, there are no distances to travel in the spirit world, as neither time nor space as we know them exist. In fact, the spirit world is a dimension superimposed upon this one, so it’s quite likely that your cat can still see you, you just can’t see him, that’s all. Upon death, only the physical body dies, the spirit remains in place, still able to see the physical world without skipping a beat. Finally, religion has nothing to do with anything, so you don’t have to be religious to believe in an afterlife. There are no religions in the spirit world since religions are a part of this dimension, and nothing that is a part of our physical world has any bearing whatsoever on the realities over there. Ironic that it was the passing of your cat that made you into a believer. You owe him a big treat when you get there. 😉

  233. Anna

    Hi Linda,

    What a wonderful thing to have happen!

    I agree with everything Jack said.

  234. Linda G.


    I am trying to understand your response, so I have a few questions (not trying to be rude). Why would my cat’s spirit’s sole function be to wait for me on the other side? Couldn’t he be with others’ spirits, or people he knew before me . . . why would he/it be waiting for me? If his spirit is here now (and doesn’t go anywhere), why would he be waiting for anything? I have a spirit now; are you saying my spirit will change after death, and be able to communicate with him. I have heard others say the spirit, over time, has to travel away. What makes you believe the spirit is here. Hope you understand I am only trying to understand and learn.

  235. Jack

    Hi Linda,

    You’re not rude, it’s easy to understand why you might be confused since, as you said, you are new to the whole idea of life after death.

    A few things you need to understand: 1) Animal spirits are not the same as ours. While all higher animals do survive death, pets are special in that they have human masters with whom they can reunite after our death. If they go first, they are normally cared for by a relative or other deceased loved one of their master’s until he or she joins them. I didn’t mean to suggest that he would be all alone somewhere waiting for your arrival. 2) When said your cat’s “sole function was to wait for you” I meant that if he were NOT your pet, he would be with the other surviving wild animals instead of with one of your deceased loved ones. As it is, he has a master on earth, which is you, and he is therefore waiting for you. That’s the only business he has to attend to. As per your comment that he might be with people he met before you, pets have short lives relative to ours, so it’s unlikely that your cat would have known other people before you. Furthermore, animals do not reincarnate; only humans do.

    No, your spirit will NOT change after death. You will be the same person that you are right now with the same thoughts and desires. If there is one thing that I have learned from my deceased buddy Jim with whom I’ve been communicating over the past 3 years is that he is exactly the same jovial, nutty character he was when I knew him here on earth several decades ago. I can tell that by the signs that he leaves—very typical of things he would do.

    Okay, HOW do I know that spirits stay around? Because Jim sometimes gives me an answer to a question I pose to him right on the spot. That happened just this week. Check this out: 2 nights ago I was talking to him in bed and I asked him a simple question requiring a yes/no answer. No sooner had I asked that when I heard a loud bang coming from somewhere in my bedroom, sounded like something had fallen. It was 2:30 in the morning and my bedroom was completely dark. So I turned on the light and got out of bed and looked around to see what had fallen off the wall or something. Instead, I found a bottle of cologne lying on its side on my wooden dresser. Many other bottles there, nothing else had budged, no earthquake in progress, just this lone bottle of cologne lying on its side. I immediately knew this was Jim answering yes, as this same type of rapid-fire response has occurred many times before. In fact, it’s a pattern with him–ask a question and get an answer. So let’s do the math–if Jim were NOT here right now then how could he have knocked over that cologne bottle immediately after I asked the question?

    So the popularly-held belief that the spirits of dead people go far away somewhere into the wild blue yonder is a cruel myth perpetuated by our religions stemming back to Middle Ages and perhaps THE biggest obstacle to communication between the living and the dead. People here don’t try to communicate with their departed loved ones because they’ve been misled to think it’s impossible! Wrong! So please do not believe what others say because frankly, they don’t know what they’re talking about. My buddy Jim is still right here, and if he can be here, then why couldn’t your cat still be with you?

    I hope this clears up some misconceptions for you. P.S. Notice that Anna said she agrees with everything I said in my previous post. Thanks, Anna. 🙂

  236. Linda G.


    On this website, there is a section called ‘Mediumship’. If you read Lisa Wechtenhiser’s interview by Anna, she refers to ‘the next stage of the soul’s evolution’. The interview discusses her view that deceased loved one’s souls may not be responding “as they have somewhere else to be in their next stage of their evolution”. This does not seem to go along with what you are saying. What say you?


  237. Jennifer G.

    I am so glad that I have read about communicating with family whom have passed on. It has actually helped me with what has happened to me. I lost my mother, Lucy, in 2010. She passed away from Large Cell Lung Cancer. Right before she passed away all of us children told her it was ok to go.(this happened early morning hours.) We did not want to see her in pain anymore. That late evening she disconneted with her body. We all felt it. We knew she was still in the room but not in the body. Then just like that we felt her leave the home. GONE… However, I myself, have had her come into one of my dreams. I was standing in the sand on Myrtle Beach. Her favorite place to go to vacation. The sun was half down on the horizon. Beautiful colors that I just can not explain on here. In the dream she took my hand and said, ” Such peace.” Then we watched the sun more even though it did not change. That is when I woke up. Once I woke up I felt really calm, relaxed, and like she said, Peace. I cried but out of happiness. For I know that this was my mother telline me she is happy and not hurting anymore.
    Since my mother has passed away, my life with my husband and children has changed a lot. We ask our angles and my mother for help for guidence. Somehow, we always come to an answer or a choice pops up unexpected. Before my mother passed away I always questioned the afterlife. If it was real or not. Since these insidences happened I have to say I am a firm believer that there is a greater source out there.

  238. Kelly

    Last night i dream t of my Great Aunt Mary , who i live in the house that she lived in and she and her daughter christy who is now 70 with Alzheimer, i help take care of her( just a little back story). Anyways last night i dreamed christy was in my room looking for a comb and it was so real so i got out of bed and took christy back to her room to go back to sleep. When i walked into christys room, christy jumped into bed and my auntmary was sitting in bed on the other side helping christy in to bed. I said “Auntmary”. It was her just how she looked, her short aurburn hair, brown eyes, pale skin, even her freckles, just how i remembered her and christy had told me she was mad at me. I looked at my aunt Mary and said why are you mad at me.. she said “you need to watch christy more she has a diease”.. i replied “I know auntmary , im trying its really hard” she told me that “be careful that their are thieves here” I told her “okay and Hugged her.. i could feel her body on mine, i could literally feel her hug me… they i kept saying don’t leave me don’t leave me and hugging her. I woke up still saying it and sitting straight up in my bed.. i got out of bed and walked down the hallways to Christy’s room. My room was so much colder than the whole house, and i had a feeling like somebody was watching me . She has visited me before with my mother and grandmother. she is the only one that ever talks to me in my dreams though out of deceased loved ones. There always so vivid and really real. How can i communicate with her again? What does it mean?

  239. Jack


    Yes, I also read the interview; however, I interpret Lisa’s somewhat more broadly than you have suggested. While it is true that Lisa refers to the next stage of the soul’s evolution, she also states that spirits can move physical objects. In fact, Anna even made a point of clarifying that. That being the case, then we have to conclude that spirits can be involved in other activities besides just “evolving”. If all they could do was evolve, then they couldn’t be moving people’s things around, right? However, doing so requires that they be in 2 places at the same time. This past week Jim gave me a demonstration of that.

    When I spoke of the bedroom incident a few nights ago involving the downed cologne bottle, I didn’t give the whole story. The yes/no question that I asked Jim was in response to an email that I had just received from a college classmate of ours 250 miles away in Virginia Beach, VA. In that email Ed, being the meticulous type of person who never misplaces anything and already aware of Jim’s proclivity to mess around with objects in my house, suspected that Jim was behind it and so wrote, “Tell Jim to give me back my class ring.”

    We all happen to be graduates of Penn State, and Jim is in the habit of giving me an advance warning whenever some stressful event is about to occur, so the day before the PSU football / child sex abuse scandal broke, he hid Ed’s class ring. I don’t have a class ring nor anything else pertaining to Penn State in my house, and Ed had just visited here a week before that, when I (and Jim, too) saw Ed wearing that class ring. Jim had to move something from Penn State to indicate that the impending event would pertain to Penn State, so Ed’s ring was the obvious object of choice. I might add that Jim was a Penn State football player, so this event would be of great interest to him.

    Well, you already know about the cologne bottle, so after that happened I emailed Ed that Jim had indeed taken his ring but not to worry, he’d give it back. Then the next morning Ed awoke to find his ring on the floor below a stack of Penn State football newsletters. Ed had passed that location a hundred times in the previous 3 days and there was nothing on the floor, then suddenly there was his ring in plain view, as if it had appeared out of nowhere. Ed was flabbergasted, having witnessed his first paranormal event.

    Well, the point I am making here is that Jim’s spirit was in 2 locations at the same time—-at my place here north of Washington DC and in Virginia Beach, VA—both at the same time. So if a spirit can be here and 250 miles away at the same time, then why couldn’t spirits be busy “evolving” while communicating with a living loved one at the same time? I’m not a medium nor do I claim to have any special abilities of that nature, but to me it just seems to be common sense.

    I hope that covers it. 🙂

  240. rose

    last night before i went to sleep I said goodnight to my dead mother who died of cancer almost 4 years ago. In my sleep i dreamt she was still alive but still ill with the disease (but still looked healthy), she was driving in the car trying to take me to my grandmas house (who died not long after her).
    she wouldn’t speak to me much, she was driving very fast and was determined to make it before i woke up, and as i became conscious of the fact i was dreaming she started to hug me and got emotional saying she loved me, as if we had ran out of time and i was about to wake up. I woke up suddenly after this dream with a jumping feeling in my body as if i had had an outer body experience? and my hanging decorations in my room around my mirror all fell on the ground. i cant stop thinking about this dream, and really struggling to think if she was trying to get in contact with me or if it was just a dream? suggestions?

  241. justin

    hey please tell can we talk with the dead ones??

  242. Jeff

    Please please help last night i had a dream about my late fiancee who passed away nine weeks ago n she directly told me to contact her spiritually,,,what shud i do???

  243. Suzie

    If you feel comfortable, Jeff, starting talking to her directly, as if she is around you. Ask her to show you signs that she is there and responding. If you don’t feel like this is successful for you, or you are not able to get the results on your own, contact a spiritualist to help you, but be sure to get suggestions from people on who to consult. Some are not that good at afterlife communication, whereas some people specialize in it. Good luck, and please keep us all posted on your progress!!

  244. Anton

    Susie, I would like to find a good spiritist, who is not a crook.

    I live near Cleveland OH.

    I saw so many fakes in this field that I am really very skeptical. Some great names have been totally discarded by the public opinion after making false assumptions. Even John Edward has been trashed!

    Can you reccomend for me a real honest and good one?

  245. Suzie

    Anton, I actually live in New York State. However, I have consulted with one at a psychic fair here for about a half-hour who immediately described how my father had died and where, so I knew that she was the genuine article. My family has seen a local spiritualist here a few times, but it is hard for him because we go as a group. There are legitimate people. Perhaps one of the readers of this page could make a recommendation. I would check locally for psychic fairs, etc. and ask friends or family who you know share this interest. I wish you the best. In the meantime, start talking to your deceased loved one and ask for signs yourself; you will be surprised at what you can accomplish on your own by simply meditating and asking for a response. My dad continues to communicate in ways that only I can understand – certain songs, etc. It’s subtle, but it is there. It won’t happen immediately, but within 1 to 2 days, it will happen. There are really good spiritualists out there – decent people who don’t want to make money from sadness.

  246. sad

    my boyfriend died 2 months ago in a car accident. I only experienced one dream in which it felt like it was actually him. we just said we loved eachother and how real all of this feels even though we know it’s not. it was only him and i on my couch in the dream. i’m still really bummed about all of this and cry everyday. i wish i had obvious signs that he was still around me.

  247. Lizzy

    My husband passed away, and he was hit by a car running across the highway.. A few months ago.

    and last night, one of my best friends went to my car to get a AUX cord, and ive know him for 3 years very well. He wouldnt have done this.

    I have a little zip lock bag with my husbands ashes in it (waiting for a necklace to put the ashes in it.. and then going to spread the rest of his ashes, if your wondering why ashes are in a ziplock bag lol)

    and well this morning I went to my car to go buy a turkey for thanks giving.. and i found his ashes on my car by the windshield wipers were..

    I really beleive my friend telling me he didnt touch it. and im just freaked out why if ANYTHING out of my car.. it was HIS ashes. >.<

  248. Dawna

    I want to ask Jack if you have ever tried to talk to him using a digital recorder. I have done this with excellent results….

  249. Dawna

    Jack! That is my thoughts exactly! I have read in many instances they are in more than one place at a time and can be in several places! This opens up a whole new thought on the fact many think they are OUt there somewhere doing something….My experiences are I have objects moved as well as I get answers from my recorder..

    And first and foremost I always say a prayer and I do ask for a certain spirit….Also for those talking about the negative entities yes they can fool you but that is where your intuition comes in and you FEEEL who it is you are speaking with….Im glad Im not the only one who speaks out loud!!

  250. Jack

    Dawna, I appreciate your suggestion and it comes at a time when I’ve also begun to think that this real-time communication that Jim and I are carrying on is ripe for some sort of an upgrade. I’ve wondered how many more decades can I go on monologuing to his picture while he climbs the wall in frustration, unable to utter anything more than a yes or a no by knocking over a vase or balancing a spoon on a bottle. Once while talking to him I hit upon the notion that he must be frustrated while talking to him one day, and he immediately up and restarted my computer right in the middle of the movie I happened to be watching. My reaction was like, “Holy cow! I’ll take that as a yes!”

    While I’ve heard of using digital recording devices to communicate, I don’t know much about it. Could you elaborate a bit as to what your experience has been, and what about the quality of the communication coming through from their side-—spooky voice or foggy images? Not sure I’d want to see this hunky 22-year-old coming through like a skeleton in a mist of smoke, but I sure would love to hear his voice. Is it real time communication, or is it a matter of leaving the recorder running for hours in hopes of picking up some sounds?

    Regarding the bi-location thing, I’d just like to point out, as I’m sure you already realize but some others may not, that the whole notion of bi-location is actually an illusion since space itself, and therefore distance and locations too, exist only in our minds. So when Jim was both here near D.C. and 250 miles away in Virginia Beach, VA, all he actually had to do was to think of here to “be” here and think of VB to “be” there, all without leaving his chair, so to speak. A person in spirit can “be” everywhere there is to be all at the same time simply by shifting focus. I guess this is about the most difficult concept for people in our plane to grasp-—that physical locations are merely figments of our collective minds. I’m not saying it’s any easier for me than for anyone else, but I just know that’s the way it is.

  251. Amy K

    Im looking for some answers/suggestions/help…
    I feel extremely close to my boyfriends uncle who passed many years ago, many years before I was dating or even new my boyfriend. The first time I visited his aunts house I felt as if I knew uncle Ralph. I could not only feel his presence but it’s like i knew everything about him before his family would tell me about his personality and characteristics. When I first started dating my boyfriend, many ppl in his family would say “oh, uncle Ralph would love you”. I guess they thought we had the same personality, but keep in mind that he didn’t just pass!, he passed away 7 years ago, so I thought it was a little strange for them to say that. Every time I visit his home, it feel closer and closer to him. I get a rush of emotions when thinking or speaking of him. I usually get goose bumps, my chest gets heavy and I want to cry…I usually do cry – instantly tears come. It’s very weird. I recently learned that the room I stay in when I visit is their old master bedroom. My bfs aunt stopped sleeping there after he passed. It gets better, the bed is the same bed that he slot on and I sleep on his side every time we stay there. It’s been two yrs now and I started feeling very protective over him this past year. It’s hard to explain the rush of feelings that I getbut the best way I can describe it is “protective”. When his family tells me about him, i feel like i know him better then they do and i want o say ” dont tell me how he is! Dont tell me about him and his personality! I know him! You don’t! ” I would say that I feel this way but this is what the feelings feel like, It was Suggested to me that maybe I knew him in a past life. Maybe he was my uncle or brother or something…I feel like that may be true but I also feel like i was much closer to him, like he was my husband!! (which really creeps my bf out)
    Can anyone shed some light on this????? Sorry for the long post 🙂

  252. Laela

    My beloved father died a month ago after battling cancer for 15 months. He outlived his prognosis by a year, determined to have the best life left to him, and very conscious of our grief. The last day of dad’s life, he was in hospice care at home, and all of us, the entire family, spent the day with dad, taking turns, piled on mom and dad’s bed, kissing him, hugging him, holding his hand. We talked all day, laughing and crying, telling family stories, relating things about our family and what dad meant to us. He was a wonderful man. Late in the evening, all of us made the decision to leave, knowing that he would pass that night. My father was a very stoic and private man and I guess we knew instinctively that dad wouldn’t let go while we were there. My brother and his wife, who were staying at mom and dad’s, retired to bed. My mom gave dad a dose of morphine and sat talking to him quietly and then told him that she was going to lay her head down to nap and would be up in an hour to give him his next dose. When she woke up, he was gone.
    Yesterday, my brother told my mom about a vivid dream he had. My parent’s youngest child was born premature and died within an hour of birth. We were all very young and have very few memories of the event. I am the youngest and I, of all the siblings, have remembered my lost brother and talked about him the most. I have gone through life wondering about a brother who would have been closest in age to me. My youngest son is named after my lost brother. Yesterday, my brother dreamed that he was wearing military fatigues and walking alongside his brother. He heard a voice behind them say “This is the last time that I will be able to talk to you.” He turned around, saw our dad, and dad looked at him and walked away. My brother said that he wanted to call after dad, to tell him that he loved and missed him, but that he knew he wasn’t allowed to do so. When my mother related this dream to me, I had goosebumps.
    I knew that my dad was introducing the brothers, and I was so happy. I found this post because I wanted to confirm if it was true, that our beloved lost can communicate with us, and from reading many replies, including Jack’s, I decided to talk out loud to dad about my brother’s dream. I ended by asking him to leave me a sign if it was true that he was reunited with my baby brother in a good place. I went out to dinner and came home, all was normal. I walked into my bathroom and found my bottle of face-makeup sitting alone on the edge of the bathtub. I store my makeup in a drawer alongside the sink opposite the tub. My husband didn’t do it. We live alone in the house. I hadn’t used the makeup since 9 hours earlier. I am amazed and gratified that my dad left me a sign, that he put a familiar object in a very unusual place to tell me, yes, he was with my lost baby brother, and he had communicated that to my brother in a dream. I love you dad, and will talk to you more, and ask you to come to me in a dream, because I want to hear your voice and see your face.

  253. Jack

    Good for you, Laela, as you have just witnessed for yourself how easy it is to receive a sign from the Other Side. It just takes determination, the belief that it can happen, being not afraid to open your mouth, and very importantly, not being afraid if and when you find a sign.

    That sign was such a no brainer–something that catches your eye right away because you’d never do it yourself. It also proves that your dad is “dead” bodily but still very much alive spiritually and mentally, which is what really counts. It also shows that he can still see and hear you just as well as he could a month ago, since he is still in the same room. Always remember that, and behave accordingly, such as when speaking of him to another person. Remember that he’s right there watching and listening. The fact that he answered you right off the bat shows that he trusts you not to be afraid, which is important. While most people would freak out, you showed him you’re not one of them.

  254. Charlie

    My Mom passed away June 9th. I am a truck driver. I would normally regard all these posts as “coincidences” until it happened to me. My Mom has given me a sign pretty much on demand. I ask for any sign that she is still here with me, and one comes up as a cross in the middle of nowhere, 3 songs in a row on radio with meaning, her smell. Road sign with numerical significance. After I thought I was wanting to see these signs, I thought, not said, All Right “no more BS, You got 1 mile to show me an undeniable sign. Immediately I saw a cross with blue candles, far enough off the road for it not to be a roadside memorial and closer to me so it wasnt someone house or church. I used to ask out loud, now I just think it. As a matter of fact, as I was thinking about writing this “undeniable sign” right now, I got the smell of my mom and goosebumps. I was about to shake it off and my dog shook it off as if she was wet. my dog must have felt her presence.

  255. Charlie

    These subtle signs came after my Mom spoke to me. Unfortunately I did not find out about my Mom unbelievably until after she was buried. (for reasons I see clearly now) My Mom said never to disturb a deceased’s body. I was talking with my aunt about exhuming the body and move her to family. In the next phone call to my aunt, my aunt said she prayed to God and had something to say. I said, lets hear it, need all the help I can get. She passed the phone, not to God but to my Mom. It wasnt my aunts voice but my Mom’s and it sounded, “not robotic but metallic” I believed the voice and kept my Mom there buried by herself. Still confused about the metallic sound, since she was no longer in the metal drawers at the morgue.i went to the cemetary, and asked the director about the plastic bag she probably was in. Well he said NJ uses pine boxes, but my Mom was lucky and got a METALLIC coffin. for free probably dented or scratched. He lives and she lives. Nuff said

  256. Charlie

    Sorry if Im hogging blog, but I wont be on for days and people need to know. After my Mom passed away on June 9th, 2011, I researched my absent father and found out he passed on june 9th, 2009. And they were seperated obviously Same date ironicly. Next day I’m driving, and i said out loud, “are you two together?”. Immediately, I saw two crosses from a roadside accident memorial in the middle of nowhere, nothing for miles, and I mean immediately. i often cry while I drive, but it’s like woman crying at a wedding. I know I will be with her in the end, and she is comfortable where she is, and that she is here now..I am so happy for that. Believe people, see the signs right in front of your face.

  257. Laela

    This is a reply to Anna and Jack, to thank you both so much for your encouragement and your support. It’s just amazing, the signs that my mom, my sister, and I are receiving from my dad, after being able to acknowledge that it’s true, and knowing that it is good and right for us to be able to ask and receive and acknowledge the signs. We are writing it all down now, and dad is with us, no doubt. Thank you for your help and your wisdom.

  258. Treecy

    My mom died on June 19. I was particularly dreading Thanksgiving without her because for the past few years, we have cooked dinner together at my house. I decided to move the holiday to our summer house in Maine. So we had the holiday, it was as good as can be expected, cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed. Back story: My mom always drew these little bunnies on our cards – the bunny would always have a caption saying “Happy Birthday” or “I knew you could do it” or whatever. When I went into my kitchen the morning after Thanksgiving, the recipe my husband always used to make his gravy was propped up against the backsplash. And there at the bottom, folded over on the back of the recipe, was my mom’s bunny drawing – no caption. I made my husband take a picture of it with his Droid. The thing is, I can’t swear that my mom didn’t draw the bunny last Thanksgiving, because she was a doodler & it’s quite possible the recipe was hanging around. But I’m pretty sure that the recipe wasn’t in that position the night before when I went to bed. And I thought I had put it away altogether. Anyone have any comments on what to make of this? My mom & I have always been pretty psychic together & I’ve been asking for a “sign” from her since she died, and as far as I know I haven’t had one.

  259. Jack

    To Laela, I’m delighted to hear that I played a role in hooking you up with your dad and proving to you that he isn’t “dead” after all. You also deserve some of the credit for being not afraid to open your mouth, as does he for having the same kind of fun character as Jim, who clearly gets a charge out of moving my stuff around in order to get my startled reaction. Unfortunately, not all spirits have such a developed sense of humor, so we’re among the lucky ones. My sense is that if your dad is anything like Jim,it will continue as long as you keep talking to him.

    Meanwhile, Dawna just suggested that I try communicating with Jim using a digital voice recorder, which I researched a bit and it sounds exciting. I asked Jim about it, and he immediately moved a spoon standing up in a glass on my desk backwards, which I took as a thumbs up. That could either mean, “Yes, we can do it.” or just “Let’s give it a try.” I’ll post here if I have any success.

  260. Amanda

    I recently lost my partner six months ago , he died very suddenly but peacefully when he passed I had so many different signs , lights flickering radios turning on , even had his Intials on my flight ticket , I have not long given birth to our daughter but since she’s been born I’ve had nothing and I thought if anything the signs would have progressed but they seem to have stopped , I feel deeply saddened by this is it maybe because I’m wanting it so badly that he’s stopped , the baby laughs and coos at nothing and I can’t help wondering can she see him or has he left this plane

  261. Jack

    Amanda, just a thought: how did you respond to his many signs—just watch them happen or did you think to thank him? It’s highly unlikely that he’s left, especially with that new bundle of joy there, but you can’t expect him to continue leaving signs unless you acknowledge his presence. Ask him for a sign to show you that he’s still there, and don’t be afraid to open your mouth. Communication is a 2-way affair.

  262. Dawna

    Please post here how it goes for you Jack!

    Amanda From my experience..babies and young children see things we cant…They are still fresh where as we have been conditioned to question everything…Take a picture the next time the baby coos or get a recorder and ask him a question just see what comes up..

    Good luck!

  263. Jinger

    I lost my husband 7 months ago in an automobile accident. I have had a tough time adjusting to life without him. The other night I sat in our bedroom alone and talked out loud to him. I talked about all the things that I was feeling, my pain and frustration since losing him. I asked that if he was able to hear me to please give me some kind of sign, anything at all to let me know that he was still with me in some way. I woke up in the early morning hours to the sound of a lullabye playing. I thought it was one of our young daughters toys. It stopped almost as soon as I opened my eyes. I blew it off and rolled over to go back to sleep and it started again. This time I sat up in bed and looked around, there wasn’t a toy anywhere to be seen. It stopped and I laid back down. Then I heard a man’s voice (it didn’t really sound like my husband) say I love you, I love you. I have been a little freaked out since then. I KNOW I heard what I heard but what or who was it? Was it my husband? Why did the voice not sound familiar? I am so confused. Can anyone help me make sense of this?

  264. Jack

    Jinger, it was your husband trying to assure you that he’s still with you and that he still cares about you. Don’t be freaked; be grateful you haven’t lost him and that he’s still with you. As for the unfamiliar voice, that’s probably to be expected since it is hard enough for them to make themselves heard in our dimension at all without us expecting their voices to come through the same. Anyway, do you know anyone else besides your husband who would be telling you that he loves you? If not, then it shouldn’t be hard to figure out who it was. Finally, if he didn’t scare you before his accident, why should you be scared of him now?

    To Dawna, thanks again for turning me onto EVP. So exciting, never dreamed it might be possible to send and receive actual messages. I’ve been reading up on it as much as I can before giving it a try so as to maximize our chances of success. I will certainly post if and when Jim and I are able to get through to one another.

  265. Ebbi Jo

    hi anna,
    my mom passed away one month ago nov 2nd… she has last word to says I’m glad. i was stayed by her bed..that day shes passed away. im wondering thats she said I’m glad which mean im staying w/ her all day in all week. she dont want die alone… i asked her do me a favor and show me a sign and let me know shes okay. she did it five hours later after she passed away..i am glad that shes okay.. about one week later after she passed. i dream about mom is sitting on the chair. she got her hair back. i seen her sitting in the chair. i was confused and i thought she died. but i came to her and i said r u okay? she said Oh,Yeah! Im fine . big smile on her face. she looks happy no more suffer.. i touch her hand. its disapeared. oh my goodness shes spirit… i hope its was so real in my dream… i misses her everyday. she and i were very very closed. she was my best friend….i dont feel she died she is around with me. i thought she was crossed over but she still around with my kids. she loved them very dearly. she missed them so much and they were very close…now shes gone. they dont have gramma.. but i asked my daughter so she misses her grandma. she said no, i said how come u dont miss her. she said well, she is still around and feeling shes still here. so i opened my mom’s letter for my daughter. she wrote a letter for her only granddaughter one week and half before she passed away. i was thinking and i opened it and read it real quick. she said she will always watch over her granddaughter… so, i was thinking that i would give it to my daughter til shes graduate from high school and she will open the special letter from her grandma… my mom didnt say anything to when she can open her letter. she was very tired and forget to ask me when she want her granddaughter which my daughter opne the letter… i remembered i read last words in her letter. she said please do me a big favor please finish high and go to the college to get career… never never forget that i love u very much.. what do u want me to do when my mom want me to give special letter to my daughter???

  266. Tiffany Dawn Crews

    today I was just sitting on couch and resting and thinking that today was the anniversary of my best friends death. She was killed our senior year in high school Dec 1993. Tears came and I spoke her name like so many times before. from my bedroom my rain sounds machine came on and I went in there.as I walked near it I felt a light cool breeze and just froze I felt my tears flowing and finally just sat on the side of the bed feeling the sun alight on my face. guietly I wispered is this Wendy please give a sign and the sound of the rain stopped machine light still on but no sound. energy in room changed and I felt calm but a little sad. I have missed her dearly but was blessed to have this experience today. I knew when she was gone calmness in my home and my cat still lay purring at my feet .. I miss her again..but feel a deep feeling of peace now ~ Tiffany Crews

  267. Christina

    Can someone please help me to communicate with my husband? I’ve posted here before and am incredibly envious that all of you have had such good experiences. I don’t think I have. I’ve gotten very quiet and asked for signs. Anything. I’ve set his favorite things out and asked if he could move them. I’ve written letters and asked if he could read them and if so to please give me a sign. I’ve tried the EVP, but only once. I lost him in April of this year to suicide. We had just lost our home to foreclosure three days before. It’s been a horrible year and I am lost without him. Can someone please advise me on what to do to establish and maintain contact with him? His name is Joe. Thank you.

  268. jessica

    My father died unexpectedly over a year ago. Last night my mother was taking a shower and slowly letters began to appear in the steam on the shower door. It was a sloppy rendering of my nickname the way daddy spelled it. She took pictures. I wonder what he’s trying to tell her? Why my name? Why not my brothers?

  269. Jinger

    Thanks for the reply Jack. I know that the only explanation for my earlier post is that Mike was trying to communicate with me, but it is something that takes a little getting used to I guess. This was the first time he has communicated with me but I believe that he has been communicating with our 4 year old daughter since the accident. A couple of weeks after he died she was sitting beside me and out of the blue she reached over and touched my hand and said “It’s going to be okay Mom”. I asked her what was going to be okay and she told me, “Dad said it’s going to be okay and he loves us”. I asked her when her Dad told her that and she said last night while you were sleeping. She has had other experiences where she says things that a 4 year old doesn’t typically say and when you question her about it she says “Dad told me that”. My husband’s mother passed away in February of this year and my daughter was playing with her toys one day and she looked up at me and said “Oh boy, Grandma Joyce is really upset with her baby”. I laughed at first and I told her that I didn’t think Grandma had a baby and she told me “Yes Mom you know him, Grandma’s baby boy”. This was also after my husband’s passing. I honestly have never really believed that the living could communicate with ones who have passed away. My daughter’s comments have shocked me to say the least but I have tried to just explain them away. After my own experience earlier this week, I am now a true believer.

  270. Laela

    Hopefully Jack will reply and help you to make contact with your husband. I am so, so sorry for your loss. Bless you, and him. I am always heartbroken to hear of suicide because it signifies the loss of hope. I know that your dear husband must have felt so hopeless at the loss of your home. He is a victim of these terrible times.
    Following my dad’s death six weeks ago, I received help from reading this post and replies and have had four very clear signs from my father. I followed Jack’s advice and speak out loud to my dad when I want a sign from him. When I get it, I thank him out loud, again, thanks to Jack’s advice. I have also been seeing a hospice grief-counselor and told her what was happening and the signs I have received. She told me that she and all the hospice workers have seen so many, many unexplained and miraculous incidents relating to end of life scenarios. Are you able to contact a hospice near you? They will offer you free counseling and grief support. Please avail yourself of these services. The hospice people are the “angels among us.”
    The last time that I saw my hospice counselor, she gave me some reading material. One of the books she gave me was written by a PhD in Psychiatry by the name of Allen L. Botkin. He worked extensively with veterans suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome using the EMDR technique. (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.)In refining the therapy to get to the bottom of his clients’grief and sadness, he was amazed to find that the process produced consistent ADCs (After Death Communications) that were induced rather than spontaneous, and became convinced that his clients were accessing another realm. The name of the book is “After Death Communication” and there are many practitioners in the US who have studied and practice this technique. It might be helpful for you to contact someone who could assist you to make contact with your husband in this way.
    Again, you have my sympathy. I will pray for you and Joe tonight.

  271. Roxanne

    My father recently passed away, December 3rd. I feel so numb, sad and lost. As I read your article, I am in tears. Especially at the ‘letting go’ part. I feel like I can’t, at least not yet. I feel like I never got enough time with him. Although, I know even if I spent every waking moment with him, it would never feel like enough. I’m only in my 20s. I still need my father, but now he’s gone and I’m not sure what to do.

  272. LEXX

    @SHANE JUST USE YOUR CELLPHONE… THE RECORDING APP ON IT… I TALK TO MY DAD WHO PASSED AWAY ALL THE TIME LIKE THAT… JUST USE ANYTHING THAT RECORDS… DIGITAL PROBABLY BETTER… LIKE YR CELLPHONE… just hit record.. ask for him to come…. talk to him… then play it back…. bet you’ll his voice talking back to you

  273. LEXX

    ANYBODY ON HERE CAN TALK TO THEIR LOVED ONES WHO PASSED OVER WITH THEIR CELLPHONES. Most cellphones have a recording app or feature on them. Better to do it when yr alone… dark is good too. Just hit the record button… ask them to come and talk to you or just ask them to come…. and start talking just like you normally would when they’re sitting infront of you. Ask them a question and wait for an answer or tell them whatever you want. Play it back and listen for their voice. My father contacted me a couple months after he passed last Xmas. He would use my mothers cellphone to call me. My phone rang about 4 ot 5 times a day for a week. It was my mother calling (her number popping up) but when I picked it up all i could hear was rustling noises like the phone was in her purse or people talking like it was sitting next her. She kept telling me she wasn’t calling me. The whole thing was crazy. This happened every single day for a week.. 4 or 5 calls a day. And at the same time 3 other weird things were happeneing with electrical stuff in my house that never happened before. Not until it happened again and I missed the call and it went straight to voicemail did my father finally get through to me on the voice msg. You can clearly hear him say my name in the beginning and then Hi!!!.. then he says something on it and at the end can clearly hear him talking about his car and money. Since then I talked to him twice with my phone using the recording app. It’s real airy and crackling but its definitely my dad. He says my name REALLY clear. On the last one I ended it with love you miss you and you can hear him say “Love you.. miss you too” back. ANYBODY can talk to a loved one just like that whenever they want. It’s like they never left… really helps you feel like they’re not gone. Try it and see what happens. Post it up on here when you do.

  274. LEXX

    The calls from nowhere stopped the minute after he got a chance to leave the message on my voicemail too. Hasn’t happened since.

  275. LEXX

    A good site to check out is http://www.freewebs.com/afterlife/flint/flintrecordings.htm . There’s hundreds of recordings of people who are supposed to be communicating from the afterlife. Most of the recordings were done in the 60’s of people who had died years before that, some famous. I don’t know if the recordings are actually real but the medium who did them is well known. Leslie Flint. And has been tested to not be a fake. Google Leslie Flint recordings. If you listen to the recordings the people communicating from the afterlife fill us in on ALLLLOOT of information about life in the afterlife AND on our side.

  276. LEXX


    The comment you gave to (SONIA and JENNIFER) on July 13, 2011 sounds a lot like the experience I just read about on a page called “While You Were Sleeping” http://www.channelingerik.com/while-you-were-sleeping/ , where a mother is channeling her son Erik who passed away. And he tells her that when we’re sleeping a lot of times we visit our loved ones on the other side and don’t even know it. (theres actually a recording on that Leslie Flint page I just put up, where a son who’s in the afterlife tells his mother they’re with each other all the time while she sleeps)

    Erik talking from the other side says, “We call it “sleep,” because that’s how it feels to us; that’s what our parents have said, like, “Oh, we have this feeling, and it’s called “sleepy,” but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s just feeling the need to leave the body so you can go escort or help someone else.”

    That sounds a lot like what you just said, where someone is on this side incarnated or reincarnated on earth, but “goes back” to the afterlife just to greet a loved one who knew them from an earlier time. Ha! weird. But that does sounds like what parallel lives is all about.

  277. Jack


    The only way I have helped people connect with their transitioned loved ones has been to convince them that their loved ones are still beside them, only invisible to them, and so all they have to do is talk and they will hear.

    The other difficult thing is learning to recognize signs when they leave one. To make it easier for my spirit buddy Jim to leave me signs I developed the habit of keeping all of kitchen utensils and frequently used cups and glasses in the same exact locations. I don’t mean just always on the same shelf, I mean in the SAME EXACT SPOT—e.g., blue cup next to the brown cup at the far left, favorite wooden spoon in the same bin, measuring spoons hung on a cabinet door in the same order from largest to smallest, etc. That way, whenever something is moved I immediately know it. The vast majority of the 7 or 8 dozen signs Jim has left me in the past 3 years have involved moving items in the kitchen. If, however, you always keep items in different places, you will never have any way of knowing if anything has been moved.

    Finally, I believe the manner in which your husband transitioned may have a LOT to do with the reason he has not been communicating with you. I’ve been under the impression that suicide victims go into a “re-hab” center immediately after arrival in the astral plane to work out whatever problems they had on this earth, and do NOT immediately join the general population. People don’t magically change the minute they cross over. Any insecurities, feelings of guilt, or other problems weighing heavily on their minds at the moment of passing need to be worked out BEFORE they can relax and start communicating with loved ones left behind. Sylvia Browne has addressed this issue in one of her books, and frankly, it makes a lot of sense. I have already seem myself through the kind of signs that he leaves that my spirit buddy Jim has not changed one iota from when he was alive, and that would seem to confirm that we remain ourselves on the Other Side, we don’t change. Regarding your husband, you would have to agree that he certainly has some problems to work out before he can relax. As for how “long” that takes in earth-time, I don’t think anyone can say, seeing as how time doesn’t exist in that dimension and what can seem like a minute to them could seem like years to there. So only thing you can do is to be patient and remain calm, knowing that if he loved you before he passed, he still does and will definitely be right there to greet you when your time comes.

  278. karthikeyan


    I lost my dear wife by this year april. She commit suicide & passed away from myself my daughters. I want communicate with her for my pending life. i loved her more. I can not take any decisions with out her. I fully depend on her. Please guide me to speak with my wife

  279. Edward

    I had a visit from my wife who passed 36 years ago, she spoke to me in a short and to the point message of comfort and forgiveness, nothing like any dreams I had before, ever. Is this possible?

  280. Suzie

    Edward, it is entirely possible! My sister who died in 1998, came to me in a dream the night before my father passed away and said, “Everything is going to be okay,” – my dad had been sick, but died unexpectedly the following day. They seem to come to us when we need them the most and they know it. I am so glad you had the experience.

  281. Raven

    My father who passed over in 2008 visits me in dreams at times, and also visits physically(?). I can’t see him, but I certainly can feel him. I have encountered other deceased relatives in dreams, too, and there is an overwhelmingly strong feeling of love for me that comes off of them.

    One day, I was studying for school at my kitchen table when I suddenly felt my father’s presence. It was much, much stronger than usual. So strong, in fact, that I went to my computer and sent an email to his old email address (knowing it would bounce back. it’s been closed since his death.) telling him how much I loved, and missed him. That day, noted in my email was February 01, 2011. I didn’t know what was going on, and I wish now that I had asked dad what it was, but, his presence was something special that particular day, and I knew it.

    Nine days later, me and my other six siblings received emails from our oldest sister stating that dad’s youngest brother, and the last of his family, had passed over, recently. We knew he had been battling cancer for some time. Evidently, he was tired of it, and the depression he was experiencing, and ended up committing suicide over it. The day he did it was February 01, 2011.

    It was then that I knew why my dad had visited.

    My own feelings are that deceased family members can contact us when they really, really want. I don’t feel like they get caught in any kind of limbo by doing this. Maybe some spirits wander as ghosts because they don’t know they’ve died. But, I feel that periodic contact from ancestors, who know they have passed from here, is nothing that harms them, or makes them “stuck” here. All dimensions are actually natural to this universe. We are not really cut off from them. Some part of us is still working, and picking up on other dimensions though we may not choose to notice, or associate with them. Just my feelings.

    Nice article Anna! 🙂

  282. Raven

    You mentioned that deceased spirits can move objects.
    Here’s a cute story that one of my former teachers, who is also an energy worker, tells in class.

    Her deceased mother contacts her in different ways. One of them is through leaving a random penny somewhere for her to find. A penny can show up anywhere. We’re talking about pennies in places they were not at just a moment ago!

    During one of her vacations, my teacher was having a friend watch her house for her. She said it was hard to find a friend to watch her home, and pets, because strange things always occurred in her home, and her friends knew it. It scared them off from helping her at times. However, she did manage to get this one brave friend to house sit.

    A day or so into her vacation, my teacher gets a call from her friend saying, “What’s with all the pennies everywhere?”
    My teacher, knowing who was doing it, but acting innocent replied, “What do you mean?”
    Her friend said, “I keep finding pennies here and there through the house. I’m getting tired of picking them all up!”
    My teacher then confessed to her, “Oh, it’s just my dead mother. She’s been dropping pennies like this for years, now. Just tell her to stop it, and she will.”

    Two days pass, and my teacher gets another phone call from her house sitting friend saying…”Well, I told your mother to stop dropping pennies everywhere. Now she’s dropping nickels!”

  283. stacey

    my dad passed 4 years ago. I asked him to give me signs and he said if there was a way he would. The first week or 2 after he passed i felt i got some signs..now i dont feel i do anymore..above somewhere you told someone if they just passed they can communicate easier? it made me sad that maybe i ignored things i shouldnt have and maybe i wont get the chance again to get signs from him or communicate with him? cause i told myself i was just crazy..

  284. Jennifer G.

    Ok, This is going to sound a little strange. I posted on here about my mother passing away on Aug. 8, 2010 from large cell lung cancer. Just today, the day after Christmas 2011, I was with my family (my husband and my three boys) looking at family pictures. Here is where it gets a little shaken for me. My youngest son who is now 2 as of Nov. pointed at my mothers picture and said “Mema! Mema! MOMMY DAT’S MEMA! COME MOMMY COME! Then he went to his bedroom and pointed to one of his Lightning Macqueen chairs and said again, “dats MEMA MOMMY DATS MEMA! I K.J.” Now just moments before while we were looking at her pictures he was off in his room playing and talking all alone, while my other two older boys were in their own rooms playing with their new toys. But the other thing that gets me is that when my mother passed away he was only around 7 months old. And I only have two small pics of her hanging in my house but way above eye level.
    So my question is, Do you really think that my mother was playing with him in his bedroom? I am shaking while writing this because if this is the case then she is holding up her promis before she passed that she WOULD get to know all her grandchildren. Especially since she had already established a great relationship with my older two boys. She ALWAYS called them HER little boys. And she always called my boys by nick names which were by their first initial and middle initial. Which Kalebs would be K.J. and we every rarely call him by his middle name but never by initials. Only my mom did that.
    So can someone please help? I really hope it was my mom. Just it being someone else or something else scares the daylights out of me bc. he is only two. We have not anything like this happen before. Just my mom coming to me in my dream one time.

  285. Suzie

    Jennifer G – I believe it was absolutely your mom in your child’s room. They say that children are more likely to see deceased people because of their innocence. The day after my father died at home, my 2 year old niece whom he adored, kept looking up and talking to someone and to this day, 2 years later, she continues to quote him and what he used to say to her at 2. There is no other way to explain it. Your mom just wants you to know she is with you; what a blessing to your family at what must be a difficult time.


    I am curious…It seems like most people die within thirty days of their birthday…..Do you believe that people donot pass over if they don’t ? Is there a name for this theory ?

  287. bob

    My mother passed away a little over 4 months ago. Although the initial grieving process was quite difficult, I went through a short period of time where I seemed to manage her death quite well. Recently, however, she has been on my mind and I have been going through periods of time where I feel heart broken. This has been especially true during the aftermath of the Christmas holiday season. Although I talk to her every day, I have felt discouraged because I am always looking for heavenly signs from her, needless to say without much luck. Last night I prayed to God to please let me see her and allow a conversation to take place.
    My wife gets up early for work and she always gives me a kiss before she leaves. This morning after she left, I felt the bed push down as if someone was sitting next to me. I was lying on my left side and I felt the pressure from behind me. I somehow knew it was mom. She quietly called out my name and then began to gently caress my right cheek finally resting her arm around me. It was definitely my mothers arm. I touched it and I began to stroke her hand. It was so real. I could actually feel the warmth of her hand. Although I was in a dream state, my senses were so aware of everything. I didn’t want to move. The feeling was so consoling. A great peace overcame me and I felt overwhelming love. I lifted my head and I saw my mothers face and I began to cry. I then replied, “I miss you mom, and I love you so much.” I then turned over on my back and took my right arm and placed it around her.
    Although I knew I was in my bedroom, the scenario suddenly changed and we found ourselves gazing out of the bedroom window. There we saw astonishing trees in a full array of purple and pink blossoms – my mom loved flowers. My mother then replied, “I’ve always loved the changes in seasons.” At first I thought the scenario and her comment were a little odd. I was aware that it was the dead of winter in Colorado with snow on the ground. Also, the makeup of the trees was like nothing I had ever seen before, they certainly don’t grow along the front range of the Rockies. It then dawned on me that she was not referring to the seasonal change, but to the seasons of life and the hereafter. And then, the dream was over; however the feeling of peace and love lingered on for some time. In fact, I didn’t want to move from the position I was in because it was so comforting.
    God evidently heard my prayer last night and mom came for a visit. Although the dream has been comforting, I still miss her presence and grieve her loss. The dream has validated one thing for me – love is eternal. Whether we are on this side of life or on the other, it continues to remain alive. Her great warmth and love for me is ever present and I know mom feels my never-ending love for her. William Penn says it wisely:

    “They that love beyond the world
    cannot be separated by it.
    Death cannot kill what never dies.”

  288. Jinger

    Using a digital voice recorder works!! I had strange things happening around my house. I talked to my husband one morning before going to work and then started my recording before leaving the house. When I got home and listened to it I heard him say “miss you” before I left house. I didn’t hear anything while I was in the house but the recorder picked it up. As I continued to listen you could hear him walking around the house, there were sounds like furniture moving and a loud yell. It was unbelievable, but it works.

  289. Ashley

    It has been 6 years this past month that my father has been deceased. I was 13 when he committed suicide. Not once in 6 years have I had a dream like the one I had last night. I don’t remember much, but what I do remember was waiting anxiously for him to get the opportunity to talk to me. As if he didn’t have long to talk. Once I got the signal that he was ready (in my dream) I jumped up and Skyped him. I’m not sure if it was Skype but it was very similar. We talked, but it seemed very brief. All I really remember was showing him my new iPhone. He said something like, “What the hell is that thing?” This was funny to me because it is definitely something he would say. He loved electronics. A couple days before he passed he had bought me my first Ipod. Also I held my dog up for him to see, he had purchased this as well when he was still here. Anyways, he was talking to me through Heaven, which lets me know that he is at peace.
    If you could please explain to me what this dream meant I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you,

  290. Tanya

    I am very scared of death, ever since I was a little girl. I can easily enter a panic attack just thinking about it. A few years ago my grandfather died suddenly at home. The night before he died, I dreamt he called me on my cell phone and told me everything was ok and that he loved me. I called my grandmother the next day and she said pop was doing great. All day long I was pre-occupied with reading death quotes and poems. Later that night my grandmother came home from work and found my pop in his favorite chair “eternally” napping. I do not know what to think of all of this.

  291. Anna

    Bob what a lovely experience to have. I feel sure it was your mum coming to visit you.

    Wishing you all the best.

  292. Anna

    Hi Will, sorry, never heard of that theory and it doesn’t sound too accurate to me.

  293. harry

    firstly i don,t wish to sound rude- but if i do not experience any of this for my self i find it near impossible to believe- not because of any lack of inteligence but for reasons which i will explain. my mother and father passed away with nearly 10yrs between them and i constantly tried to get them to leave me signs of some kind- in fact the last one to cross over was my mother in april 2008 and my father in 1998 – and i am still even now trying to get them to leave signs for me but to date have never really seen any- i am coming to the conclusion that it is all in the minds of disturbed people and crooked so called psychics- i have tried so many different ways to get them to contact me that i am becoming so synical- i have always believed in the paranormal and many things that the ordinary person would not even entertain- including re-incarnation and the constant cycle of improvement a soul must go through to attain higher status- all my life has been spent believing in these things- now i find my self calling all this into doubt because all i wanted was some contact from my dead relatives but never received any- i won,t write here the ways i have tried because i would have to build an annex to put them all in- AND NOTHING now or then, so may be i was wrong about the whole thing after all and that my GP is right and this is all there is- you see i had such a loving relationship with my family that i thought if ever anyone would want to contact me- they would-especially after so many hundreds of times of asking + other means tried, i don,t suppose you have any quick answers and i wouldn,t expect any- but may be a different slant may be interesting- but i am becoming a none believer in anything apart from ending it all, harry

  294. Vicky

    Hello, for some reason death has always affected me in deep ways, I feel a connection immediately to dead people even though I don’t like feeling this way. Last night I had a dream where strangers that had just died could communicate with me (I had never seen these people before). In my dream, I got three encounters with each dead person, after the third encounter they were free to go. During these encounters they told me things that do not make sense to me, regarding their lives or things they wanted me to pass on to people living, one man told me to tell his wife to be cautious of a certain person because that person had something to do with his death (he had been murdered) and she was in danger. In this dream, I tried hiding from these spirits, but they could see through things in order to find me in order to communicate with me and each get their three visits.
    In real life every time I have dealt with death, I feel a deep connection to the person after the death, in certain cases, they come to me in “dreams” to help their families in a certain way, however the dream last night has got me feeling uneasy, I do not wish to open any path of communication with dead strangers, I’m scared…
    I don’t watch any T.V, just want to mention that so no one thinks this could be happening, I have been without cable for about 6 months now, didn’t have a need for it.
    What could be happening?

  295. Dot

    My beloved son committed suicide 8 weeks ago.I had a dream 4 weeks ago that a police officer knocked on my door I knew what he was going to tell me But I didn’t want to hear it so I told him to go out the back & Ill be out soon,when I finally went out he was sitting there with my son next to him.Even though my son didn’t actully speak I knew what he was thinking,he was confused & couldn’t work out what was happening,I had to explain to him what happened & that he died,he than went though some sort of door,I tried to go after him but I was stopped by 4 men coming back though the door.Then last night I dreamt we were on a family holiday & he was there I knew he was had died but he was so happy & relaxed,it felt so real.

  296. Lisa

    My Dad passed away 3 weeks ago 24th december 2011 christmas eve, he had cancer and had been in the hospital for the last 9 months of his life he contracted 2 hospital super bugs and he got sepsis which was what directly caused his death he was 56. Afew hours after he had passed i left the hospital to go home around midnight and when i walked outside i looked up and saw a shooting star, afew hours later around 3am my Dads best friend was outside his house and he saw a shooting star aswell,he was also at the hospital when my Dad passed. Other things have happened to family members and close frinds since Dads passing also.
    On saturday night i was on my own at home watching a dvd and a sad song came on which made me cry and i said out loud i miss you Dad, 5 minutes later i heard this strange noise which i thought was the dvd but then it kept happening over and over again so i got up and tried to find what it was and it turned out that it was my sons remote control car it was driving on its own, i was shocked and thought no it couldn’t be, then the next day i was sitting with my son watching his cartoons and the remote control car was still there then my son went outside to play with his friends and 2 minutes after he walked out the door the car started going again, i knew then it was my Dad giving me a sign that he is ok.

    What do you think?


  297. Tora

    Dear Lisa,

    So sorry to hear about your Dad passing over. My mother died 22 years ago and there were many signs.
    I am absolutely positive that your son’s car was moved by your father letting him know he had heard you and that he was there with you.
    Trust your knowingness. I am sure there will be more signs from your Dad.

  298. Suzie

    Tora, You’re so right!!! I told of a story on this site where I had to go through my dad’s office to look for an old headset he had. I was going through boxes and felt like I was invading his privacy and said out loud, “Dad you know I hate rifling through your things, tell me where the headset is.” Just as I said that, a bag in the room made noises – a handheld game of dad’s went off spontaneously, and you know what else was in that bag – the headset!!! Aren’t we so fortunate to have this connection to those we love? My dad died in June 2010, but the signs come all of the time!

  299. Gaynor

    Hello to all, I posted on here nearly 3 months ago and things are still so raw, but about a month ago I spoke to my Dad on his photo stroking his picture saying please tell me you are ok and in and lovely place, just give me a sign…I had the radio on and at that moment Tina Turner,Simply The Best came on, which we both loved and had it playing at the intro to his funeral…shocked and overwhelmed was my reaction, maybe it was a coincidence but it felt nice…interested to see a medium then I can think its time to let go,however how hard it will be…love to all missing our loved ones x

  300. Kathy

    My husband of 34 years passed away in January of 09. Several things happened after his passing that has made me feel he is here with me. First—the night he died my girlfriend stayed with me. Everyone had left and we were getting ready to go to bed when the doorbell rang—no one was there—shut the door—-again the bell rang–it happened three times that night. The next morning I was looking for his death certificate and military papers and was having a hard time locating them. When I did—the doorbell rang. Then no more doorbell ringing. My neighbor called me and said her mother who lives in her basement kept finding dimes. Well this happened to her when her husband passed and her daughter told her my husband would be leaving me dimes not her and laughed it off and went upstairs to make her bed and there was a dime right in the middle. When she called to tell me I went over to my kitchen counter where my kids were standing to tell them and looked down and there was a dime. I have found dimes at very meaningful times since. Also was in the dentists office to have a tooth fixed the Friday after he passed and was in the room alone after given novicane when the song they sang at our wedding came on. Now this song was from the 50’s. What is the chance of the happening. I know he was there. Also orbs in pictures have shown up where he would have sat if he were still here and an orb on a picture of quilt made for me a year after he died. It was made out of his old jeans and shirts. I know he is still here with me. You say to let them go—I am having a hard time doing that. Time does help but I miss him so much.

  301. Raven

    Hi Harry,
    I just wanted to say that the contact my dead father has made with
    me was never planned by me….he just showed up. From meeting him
    in dreams to feeling his unmistakable presence in the room, these
    things happened without prior warning. I was not seeking them.

    You could be trying to hard.
    Maybe just let your trying go. Then, one afternoon you may
    smell your mother’s favorite perfume in the room very strongly.
    Or, you may be doing something and suddenly hear your father’s
    voice telling you to do it differently…maybe the way he had shown you
    when he was here!
    Or, you may meet one of them in a dream. Meeting a loved one in
    a dream is unmistakable. You will know it when it happens.

    One can try to hard for things sometimes, I feel, and block out even
    strong messages. So relax, and stop thinking about it if you can. 🙂

  302. Raven

    Hi Dot,

    Sorry for your loss. You must be going through alot right now.
    This dream, to me, sounds like you helped him understand his passing,
    and what to do next. It’s nice he made contact with you for help.
    You must have had a very close relationship with him while he was here.

    As far as a deceased talking in dreams, I have found they never move their
    lips to speak. It’s all done telepathically. I feel it’s a pretty common thing, too.
    I’ve come across others who mention their loved ones speak to them through
    their mind, and not by speech. Things are much different on that plane than
    Take care,

  303. Raven

    Hi Vicky,

    Before you go to sleep at night you may want to tell them,
    out loud, that you do not want to have communication with
    the dead while sleeping. It could be just that simple.
    You won’t know until you try it.

    Good luck!


  304. harry

    Hi Raven, thanks for your message, would like you to know that I am grateful for your contact. With all the other problems going on in my life right now, it would have been nice to at least get some kind of indication that i am not alone- however it looks that after all this time it isn’t going to happen. I am sorry for questioning my dearly held beliefs in the paranormal but maybe I am of far too a lower vibration to make me sensitive or maybe I am not worthy and someone out there is just having a laugh at my expense…whatever, but I really did think that knowing what sort relationship I had with my parents I would have thought that at least one of them would have made contact because if they are there then they must surely see and here my pleas. Trouble is a lot of these ideas on the here after and such like do vary from teller to teller and I end up questioning my very own beliefs, how would trying too hard prevent them from getting through, other sources say keep trying, with multiple suggestions about trying to higher my vibration and all sorts of things, I am bound in the end to come away a none believer and that would be so sad. Harry.

  305. Raven

    Harry, you bring up some good points, and really, no one knows why your loved one’s don’t make contact with you. That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to become a non-believer. No doubt you’ve had other experiences with the paranormal, or else you wouldn’t have started into it in the first place.

    You know, maybe it’s not you, but them. Maybe they do not know how to get in touch with you. That may sound silly, but it makes me wonder since some, like yourself, never have contact with dead loved ones. Maybe some of them just need help.

    To help you, and them, out have you tried things like automatic writing, tarot cards, or journeying? Maybe using some kind of vehicle such as these would help bridge the difficult gap between you all. It’s certainly worth a try!


  306. Raven

    Hi Kathy, that’s a very interesting story about your husband who passed. I guess it’s possible we could tie them to this plane of existence with our attachments to them…I haven’t thought about it like that. I do feel that if they really, really want to communicate with us, they will find a way whether it’s through another person, or an animal, or an object. Long ago, our ancestors thought it a good thing to have deceased loved one’s spirits around. It was unknown, mischievous one’s they didn’t trust! But having Uncle Theodore, or Grandma Kelsey’s spirit hanging out was wonderful. They would even set a place for them at the table, or ask them to watch the house while they were away. In a way, it’s a shame we don’t still have those same kinds of feelings for our deceased. We would view life, and death so much differently….as they did!

    It may sound terrible to some, but, I feel you should enjoy your encounters with your husband as long as they’re not making you depressed, and sad. Nowadays, just knowing my dad is somewhere close by is very comforting. But then, each of us who encounters loved ones in this way must decide if these encounters are reassuring, and happy, or not to them.
    I hope you find yours to be heart warming. 🙂

  307. annie

    my son committed suicide,but signs that he was happy and at peace was sent thru a medium,and a friend told me how i could communicate to him,made me ask the many questions which i could not have any answers to them ,made me realise that death comes in different ways and for some by putting their life here on earth to an end are much happier in the next plane.i keep talking to him in my mind and yet i tell him to move on,tho with great pain.regards annie.

  308. Candice

    Perhaps someone can help me decide whether I have gone mad or not. My fiance and soulmate in every sense of the word died on the 3rd of December 2011 from internal bleeding from cirhossis of the liver. That morning he still argued with the paramedic and told him to come and fetch him on Monday because he didn’t like hospitals on weekends. I had a charity function that day so i didn’t go with to the hospital because we figured it was just the usual varicie bleed. I only got to the hospital after 6. By this time Shane was already in a coma. None of us realised that it was going to be so bad this time. Eventually I couldn’t sit in the ICU any longer so I told him that I loved him very much but he could let go. I left the hospital and as i got home (20minute drive) the hospital phoned to say that he was gone.

    Since then strange stuff has been happening. Now I don’t know if I miss him so much that I am just desperate to find signs that he is still with me. The day after his funeral I went and bought a blackberry phone – when I put the sim card in, 20 messages came through all from Shane from 2009. The first one saying Cestlavie – I know what that message was about the first time he sent it but how strange that that was the first one to come through. The rest were “boo – i love you” and that type of thing.

    Then I went to my friend who channels. Shane came through to him and said that he loved me, he is sorry for everything he put me through, that his regret is leaving me behind but I need to go on and live my life. That he feels more alive now than he has done in years (he was diagnosed with cirohhsis in 2009) and when my time comes he will be there.

    This is killing me to write this because I miss him so much so if the spelling has gone out the window its because I am crying while I type.

    Anyway I have been dreaming of him but we don’t actually speak in my dreams but he is just there. Then at 4h50 this morning a song started playing on my blackberry. Its an Amy Winehouse song which is a remake of Be my baby. I don’t know if I am going mad or I am trying to hold on to him so much that now i am convinced that if anything remotely odd happens it must be tied to Shane somehow.

  309. harry

    candice, sorry to hear of your sad loss, and although it won.t be much use at the moment things will get easier for you, and you will have time to get your head around the whys and were fores of most aspects of your partners crossing, by the way you certainly are not going mad because you are actually questioning things and not just clutching at straws and believing everything that happens as being something to do with your partner, you may get many messages coming to you, just be greatfull he can do that, i wish my family could come through for me, best wishes, harry

  310. harry

    thanks raven for your contact once again, yes i have tried lowering my vibration and traveling, i have tried ouija, radionic pendulium, to name three, but nothing to date has worked, as for the pendulum i know only too well that i was being given totally wrong info, i think in fact it was me somehow influencing the thing even though i tried so hard not to, it felt so real and the pendulum seem to respond to the questions i was asking, but alas all wrong, has for me having some contact with the paranormal before as you suggest- i am not sure, it was not positive, and i am not leaving my self open to fits of over imagination, so it is not through contact with the spirit world or anything like that that makes me believe in the paranormal but other reasons, i see sometimes that catholosisme and things like the rosary are brought into the conversation on sites like these, i can,t really believe chrsistianity or islam indeed any established mundane belief system has got anything to offer appart from hundreds of years of dogma, for the desperate and feeble minded amongst us, i of course know that would upset some people but i want you to know where i am coming from on this, also when i hear someone setting them selves up as authority to talk on the subject of the paranormal and then waffling on about such things as the rosary makes me wonder where some people are coming from, RAVEN if you think i am wrong then tell me so but i don,t think you will, i think you will know exactly where i am coming from and agree, i had to tell you these things so you know that any future contact can be on a level where you do not have to worry about upsetting any deeply held moronic religious beliefs because i got over all that when i grew up and was able at last to work things out for my self, in fact when i was very young like 10 – 11 i would ask such questions like, if there is only one true religion why is there so many ? and why do they contradict one another ? deep thinking indeed from one so young, i even thought of my self as a christian once, no answers to anything there 🙁 even as a young child i was asking questions and getting no answers, i was reading about astral projection at 15 was approached by jehovas witnesses when i was 16 and the scenario goes on, no offence meant to anyone but i just wish people would sometimes see things for what they are, religion that is , oh and isn,t it funny how everyone thinks that theres is the only one, i became a member of a well known paranormal society till i found out the patron of the very same society believed that he was once abducted by aliens and whisked off in a space ship somewhere, wasn,t having any of that thank you very much, i am a very logical thinker in spite of my beliefs and will not be easily convinced of anything, its taken me ny on 40 yrs to get to where i am now (if that is anywhere at all) RAVEN something else you may wish to know, as i said my father passed over in 1998 but in 1981 he had some sort of an attack at work and died, clinically dead for minutes and then they rescussitated him, now he didn,t believe in anything that i do, he in fact used to argue with me and tell me not to be so stupid, however while he was out for a while he had an out of body experience, he said (as so many do) that he was going down a tunnel towards a bright light and when he was some half way down this tunnel he heard a voice say, it wasn,t your time and that you had to go back, well he knew that there was more to things than what he thought and it took him a couple of years to tell me this, i suppose because of what he used to say to me, i have belived in re incarnation for nearly 30 years and as confusious may have said, the more you learn the less you know, so where now ? at my time of life with family neighbours and a number of friends all gone, and no way of contacting my love ones, i think i can be forgiven for getting depressed, not to mention other problems, anyway thanks for your interest once more, and i will look forward with gusto to your reply, yours harry, x

  311. sarah

    Hi, I wanted to say ((hugs))to everyone above whom has lost and i always wonder about my story and feel i relate a little to the above.
    I lost my partner of ten years in 2001 in my twenties he died of a long illness but the death was a shock. After he died (i never got to the hospital in time) i used to cry on my bed and ask for him to let me know he was okay. I would say make the tree shake, and looked out the window and saw nothing, i then realised if he did this then it would mean he wasn’t dead. I also said send a leaf though my window but nothing.

    A week later i went into my bedroom and my window as usual was open around three inches and on my pillow on my bed was a great leaf. (my bed was placed infront of the window also with the head board infront of the window. I did’nt see it as a total sign, around 10 days later or more another leaf on my pillow. I placed both leaves in an old book of his.

    The window stayed open and i lived there another two years and never got another leaf on my pillow.

    The closest thing we had was our cat Gizmo i had her grandmother Maxine and Gizmo came to live with us full time, she was very special and the love of my life never ever had a cat like her.

    She lived until she was 18.5 years old by chance she had the same illness as my partner a leaky heart value but she did very well. She began to suffer cluster siezures and i made the hard desicon to help her pass (she didn’t want to go still palying with toys etc.but i couldn’t let her go through the seizures and was sure one or the next one would kill her.

    She was put to sleep 21st Nov (im still howling) and i held her. She was to be cremated privatly and ashes returned to me. I wasn’t told when, on the Thursday i attended hospital for myself and ended up taking a wrong turning and ended up at the vets i then continued to the hospital. On the Frid night there was this wind in the early hours and sat morning at about 9.30am I had trouble with the gas fire and opened the living room window to let the smell out i was then closing it and this wind suddenly came up a leaf blew in turned left and landed on the window still where my cat used to sit.
    I did feel something and kept this leaf.
    Oon the sunday i was admitted to hospital when i returned home after a week following surgery i recieved messages from the vets on my phone that gizmos ashes were ready to collect. Due to not being able to drive i couldnt get there for a week.

    When i eventually got to vets i told the lovely woman at the desk the leaf story. And then i said to her I wonder when she was cremated, she said i don’t know it will say on the certificate, i said i think it was when i got that leaf the 23rd the sat. When she bought the box for me i read the certificate and it said the 23rd November.

    I kept this leaf, i miss my cat so much my dad died two years ago and two months after my stand in mum and i never reieved any leafs or signs.

    What do others think – i feel in my heart the two leafs are connected now too much of a coniencidence. (sorry for spelling) i guess my partner and gizmo were very special and i was too them.

  312. sarah

    sorry i have messed the dates up my cat was put to sleep 23rd nov on the wed and i got the leaf on the following sat 26th on the cremation card she was cremated on the 26th

  313. Piku


    On 26th dec 2011early morning around 5am I got a call from my mother telling me my maternal granny who was living with us for the past 19 years passed away in the bathroom. We are two sisters, and I am the younger one. I have never been close to my grandparents as my sister the favourite one. While my grandfather was alive I never felt his love and care towards me, was sort of the neglected one. I was about 12 when one day I told everyone in my family that at 78 my grandpa would die and at 83 my granny would die. I Don’t remember how I managed to say these that time. Strangely enough my grandpa exactly at 78 died of a heart attack. After his death many a time I saw him in my dreams even years after, seeing him in the middle of the road, following us, me talking to him. I remember one dream where I met him and brought him home overjoyed see ma grandpa is alive he has come back to be with us and shared so many stories. It felt so real and as I woke up I felt as if I actually was with him, but I never used to be my age in my dream. I used to be a child. I dreamt of similar dreams having him with me or with the family many time for more than 5 years and then they just stopped occurring.

    As I said I never shared a close relation with my grandparents as they showered all their love and care for my elder sister. I never felt jealous but hurt that why they never liked me or perhaps disliked me so much? I hardly spoke to my grandmother. Infect for about 10 years I didn’t speak to her, hated her for many of her nastiness that caused rift in the family. She had 4 heart attacks and though I helped her take to the hospital, visited her I never felt anything inside. But in the past two years, I fell sick, my personal life after marriage rocked, my health was failing. It was during that time that I bonded with my grandmother, we shared the same room. She used to be the witness to my fights with my husband over the phone, my wailings, sleepless nights and I used to be the witness to her loud snores, and often used to ask her to stop snoring. Unknowingly we came close to a point when I was leaving my parents place to go to my husband late last year, she cried after my departure and told my mother she may not ever see me again. Unconsciously perhaps, I had forgiven her for all the misdoings and this I realised when she passed away. She was to come to my place this march and was all excited for it. Me and my husband bought books she would love to read, blanket pillow all for her when she would come here. And when I got the news of her untimely death I am yet to recover from it. I’m suffering the most right now, can’t look at those books, hid them in the closet, and every time asking her couldn’t she wait to come her and die at my place. Couldn’t she. As. Write I’m still crying. Was she just waiting for my forgiveness. Two hrs back as she was in the nursing battle for life I was concerned but devoid of any feeling. Now I feel this sadness inside me, I miss her. I’m missing her badly, she was 86. I went to her funeral performed all the rites and rituals but couldn’t even bear to look at her picture. This past one year changed everything. It’s hard for me to believe that she’s gone as she always used to come back from the emergency. This time she didn’t have to go to the hospital. I didn’t see her during her lastntime, reached much late. I can’t even imagine her dead body but just remember her smiling face, sometime hear her voice in my mind. I’m suffering badly now almost into depression. I was notnready for her sudden death. Can’t ven look at the blanket, pillows and books I had got for her.

  314. angie

    in 97, 2 of my sisters daughters was killed in an auto accident.a week or so after i had a dream of them.the first part of the dream i was talking to the oldest girl Brandi, and i was asking her how heaven was ,and she said she couldnt explain it to me but 1 day i would find out. then it was like a wall had spun around and i was in another room and i was crying and talking to the youngest girl Anita,and she held out her hands and had a ball of light,it was a ball of floating pastel colors.she said to take this it will help you get over us.about a month or so later i found out i was preagnant

  315. Sue

    My dad passed away 3 1/2 years ago from cancer. Every 6 months or so I have very real, vivid dreams. In my dreams I know he’s passed, we have short but deep conversations. I know he’s in a better place, it brings me a sense of happiness to know that this might be a visitation. He gives me messages to give to my mom. The only thing I wonder about is the fact that while he was on his death bed, I whispered in his ear that if there was any way he could communicate with me from the “other side” to please do so, and that I wouldn’t be scared. Maybe I should’ve never said that to him? I just hope that me saying that to him isn’t keeping him from getting to a place he’s supposed to be?

  316. Sherrie

    My Dad passed away on Jan 18th. Last November during a visit, I created a CD of his favorite songs. During the past month as he became increasingly ill, my sisters and I would play the songs for him as he lay bedridden. We told him after he passed that if he wanted to “contact” us, he should play one of the songs on the radio for us to hear. Two days after my Father’s death my sister (who lives on the west coast) texted me that one of the songs from the cd (Dean Martin’s “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime”) played from her husband’s ipod. She had not even transferred the songs to his ipod! (she had downloaded the songs to her iPAD and apparently that can get shared thru a cloud from Itunes). Anyway, I texted her that I was so happy she received a “sign” and hoped I would get one too some day. Two seconds after I hit send the song “Lyin Eyes” by the Eagles came on the radio (which was his favorite song from my generation) and on the CD I had created. I burst into tears because I knew he was giving me a sign as well. It’s remarkable that we had not only asked him to communicate with us in this manner, but that he did so almost similtanously with my sister and I (living on opposite sides of the country). It gave us such a sense of peace to know that he is ok. I wish we could know more about his new journey.

  317. Jade

    a few years before i was born my mother was so very unfortunate to have her fiance was killed by a workplace accident working as an electrian and before that day they were talking about how if he died suddenly no one would show up to his funeral.. a lot of people did.. the worst part about it was my sister’s first day of middle school and my mum couldn’t attend.. on christmas day one of my mum’s family friends gave her a note and said to my mum not to read it until after christmas but knowing my mum she got very anxious and opened the letter and it was from her fiance she couldn’t understand the letter but that night she fell asleep and her fiance popped up and they were on a plane and my mum asked where are we and he said we only have a little while but don’t worry your safe with me and he then went into a time warp to the first time they met and they got married he said i may be here but i always will wait and then my mum woke up very scared but relieved that he still loved her
    a few years later my mum’s mum was slowly dying and they went to the rsl ad suddenly when the woman tried to talk the power would go out just how he got killed being an electria and the show could not proceed.
    although i didn’t meet him i would be in so much pain my father doesn’t live with me and he never has so i classify my mother’s fiance as my dad

  318. Linda G.


    I never believed in any of it either, and I am skeptical about a lot of what is written as I feel people do make up some of it for attention. But I will tell you the experiences I had with the light after my cat passed has changed my life (read above Nov 11th). I can only tell you that my frame of mind at the time was definitely very sad and with horrible grief, as it was so raw, that maybe that had something to do with my getting a response. The other thing I believe is that spirits are not going to hit you over the head with a response. They may be on a plane different than ours, and are of energy, so may contact us the only way they can ie) by working through electrical, sound or heat energy, etc. Perhaps they have tried to contact you and you did not recognize the signe. Harry Houdini’s wife said she and Harry had a deal that he would contact her after he died, in a certain way . . . she said that he never did. Good luck to you. I am sure others will offer you some advice.

  319. dawn

    Hi all! my dad died on the 30th dec 2011 I miss him so much my heart is truley broken…. i dream about him every nite! i just can’t except that he has gone… the day after he died to huge flowers blossomed from a tree that doesent flower until may……..a magnificent rainbow and a butterfly (in january) I have heard that these are the most common signs from our deaceased love ones.. I hope so as it has given me some comfort I feel him with me…xx

  320. Jen Trow

    My mother died in 99 of a drug overdose, im 18 now so its been a while. Ive had dreams where she has telepathically asked me to jump off a cliff with her, i say no and she jumps, and im left alone. ive felt that this is how ive been, standing alone after she has jumped. Before she died, as she drove away, she waved to us casually as if she knew….. When she was cremated, and her ashes were buried, a sign appeared. My grandmother said that above where her ashes were appeared fuschia flowers that had never appeared before. She is my soul mate, the other half of me and i would do anything for a sign. Ive missed her everyday fore the past 12 years. what a thing for a kid to deal with. </3 we have more wisdom and appreciation.
    I miss you, please come back to me.

  321. Robyn

    My husband passed away suddenly on Nov 2 2011. My life and my childrens lives changed forever that day. We all miss him so much and ask why he had to leave us so sudden and so early. The morning after his funeral I was sitting on my bed with my daughter and best friend, and my shower started to trickle, we all looked in amazement and I said that he had come back for his morning shower. For some weeks after that shower would come on at all times of the day and night. Would that have been him? It has now stopped. Does this mean he has moved on and is at peace. I also have seen lots of feathers around since his passing, is this a sign or am I just hoping? Life is so cruel at times but I just wish I new that he was happy.

  322. Linda G.


    As George Carlin once said, “I stopped believing in religion when I reached the age of . . . reason!”

  323. Ahnee

    My deceased father made his presence known one afternoon when we suddenly smelled the ointment he used to apply to keep the misquitoes away. Strangely though, only me and my mom were able to smell it. My sister was also in the room but she could not smell it.
    Another time was a moth (gold in color) flew in to the room my mom and I were in. My mom felt it was my dad visiting us again. Then the moth flew over to me and just sat on my knee for a little bit before flying over to where my mom was.
    I know Dad is in a fantastic place now and we will all meet him when we leave our physical bodies.

  324. Janet

    I can distinguish a “dream” from a “visitation” in only one way, and it’s very clear-cut: the visitation will stay with me for years and be as clear to me today as it was even 20 years ago or more. For example, in the ’90s, I dreamed of my two “old-maid aunts” who lived together all their lives and died three months apart in the late ’70s. I approached their home as I usually did, sat where I usually sat, and asked them, “What is death like?” to which they both answered (without a sound, and without moving their lips, as another poster mentioned) “It’s like nothing,” in the sense that, “It’s no big deal; it’s fine, it’s like anything else,” etc. And that really reassured me. They simply wanted to have a brief visit, and then I left, and we all felt “normal.” I’ve had many visitations like that from other relatives, which I can distinguish from a dream.

    Also, I’ve also always wondered, since I”m the last of my family line and never knew many of my aunts, or any of my grandparents, etc., whether they can come through in a reading — I’m “aware” of them, as I’ve read their letters and done the geneaology and have so many photos of all these ancestors whom I never met — so, my question is, can our ancestors come through, even if we never knew each other on this plane? I have always felt an extremely strong pull toward Scotland, where my grandfather was born and lived before he emigrated to the U.S., and I’ve gone over there several times. I just wonder if they “know us” as I “know them” through their letters and photos?

  325. astrid

    hi there

    my boyfriend committed suicide on dec 19th…
    what happens to a suicide..where does there soul go…will they be ok..

  326. Angel Bee

    Hi everyone. I am 20 years old and I lost my sister on June 25th 2004 so that would put me at the age of 12 going on 13 bc my birthday was the day after her death date. She got jumped by a group of girls and it caused her to have a asthma attack when she feel to the ground at the time she was only sixteen. A year later after her death I start having dreams of her and she would be in them. Sometimes I would ask her or tell her “I thought you were dead why are you here?” and she would say naw girl and brushed it off. Another time she was in my dream I asked her what actually happened the day of her death and all she said was she wasn’t mad at anyone who was with her the time of her death. It was like so real it didn’t feel like no dream. I really miss her though.

  327. harry

    astrid, just like to say that even if your partner commited suicide he will still end up going to the same place as everyone else, forget the religious dogma about heaven and hell and all that, there is no hell and he certainly isn,t going there, when he gets to the astral plane he may have to go through a time of readjustment as to why he did what he did and to come to terms with things before he prepares for the next stage in his progression but thats it, NO punnishment ok, he is in a better place now and you will eventually meet up again, remember there is no such thing as time on the other side so he will have no trouuble in waiting to see you, however you are only young and it may seem a long time for you, your other question if we come back ?, yes nearly everyone comes back because earth with all its faults and problems is a training ground where we have to keep coming back to learn lessons, however be safe in the knowledge that you will be together again, some readers on this site may not be ready for the truth yet due to phony religious beliefes or one thing and another but you are still young and can may be look at things in a more unpredjudiced manner, hope this helps you to come to terms with the loss, also remember that your partner is still with you on occassions watching you in spirit form, talk to him daily as if he is with you and tell him that you still love him and he will here you,

  328. Robert Greene

    I’ve had several dreams at various turning points in my life. After her death, my mother appeared to me and I felt a sense of both her sadness and life-direction. She was pointing the way to the future. Before her death we had a family squabble. I was partially disowned. Her presence in my dream state assured me of her continued love. I have forgiven her for all. Two years ago, I had another dream of her. In this dream she was wrapped in a shroud and near her tomb. She pointed at another tomb. I did not know quite what to make of this. In fact it frightened me. A month or so after her death anniversary, I visited her grave and said the Rosary. It was on that occasion that I noticed her best friend had been buried next to her. It was a sign . Blessings, I no longer fear death.

  329. anon

    my dad died 10 years ago of cancer, my friend died last month from a horrible accident, they are the closest people that has ever died to me.. and now, every few nights, i see them:( by my window, in my room! pale,bruised,skinny,ill staring at me, its horrible, i used to speak and see my dad when i was younger, in a positive way, he was well and happy, i used to speak to him, when he died, i had never said anything in my whole life and no one knew he was dead, i opend my curtains and said ‘mum, dads crying in the sky’.. is it a sign? my mate recently came to me in a dream on his funeral, in his clothes he was buried in, and the flowers i put down for him, he apolojized for everything,said he was going to look out for me, but it was asif he was answering to my thoughts? because i never said some of the stuff he mensioned out loud, but i had cryed and cryed over them, just recently i keep seeing them both in my room, its so scary, they stare at me..its lke they are acthually there.. is it my mind playing tricks? is there such thing as gosts and stuff? someone please help me im only 14, i havent been myself since it has started:/ help:(

  330. THOMAS

    ok here we go, i had a dream 4 year ago at 4am i no the time because i woke up straigt after, as i was sleeping my granfather walked into my dream as clear as day, we were at a place looking through my aunts window (his daughter) he was wanting me to look my mind traveled through the door to see her and her brother , my uncle, my grandfathers son, they were crying hugging each other, my mind came back outside to my grandfather he was standing in the best way i remember him, he said to me you know what i am asking you to do i said yes, he was wanting me to look after his son my uncle, as soon as i realised this i looked at him and realised he had died, i watched him give me a quick goodbye and he disapeared like a star, i woke up looked at the clock and went owe my god that was strange it was 4am, i went back to sleep the next morning i got a call that my grandfather had died last night 4am, i cant explain this, never dreamed of him before and we didnt expect him to die, since then iv had visions i see people and then realise its not them, then find out later that the person i thought it was was dead, i need help as im wanting to channel this to good use. Thank you

  331. Ally

    It’s nice to have these places to share your thoughts. I recently lost my 14 year old son, on January 14. He was walking home from a friends, and was struck by a transport.
    Exactly a week later, to the day, a very strange occurrence. with no one around, my dog somehow got out of the house, and was also struck by a transport. (Yes, we live on the highway). The dog never, ever went near the road.
    An Ojibway friend told me that in her father’s culture, they say when a child is taken, they first go on a journey of some sort, before coming to their final place. In this culture, the child comes back to retrieve their animal companion from life, as the animal helps guide them on their journey.
    So, a part of us are choosing to believe that somehow, some way, my son let the dog out, and coaxed her to the highway, telling her to be with him.
    Now, the radio in the living room keeps turning on, by itself, at random times. Normally when I am thinking or talking about how quiet it is in the house without child or dog, and how much I miss them.
    I’m sure in time, the pain will ease, but each day seems to get worse right now, instead of better. The radio helps soothe me, but I wish I knew more. Sadly, I live in a very remote part of Canada, and the nearest medium/psychic/etc. is hours away.

  332. Jennifer Tyler

    In April 2010 my father passed away unexpectably on Good Friday. He was only 58 so this was very difficult for my family. I, being his oldest child, and alson the one who lived 3 hours away, took it quite hard and regret not seeing him prior to his death. About two months after he died I became pregnant, even though my husband had a vasectomy and I took the morning after pill to insure that I could not conceive. However, it still happened and 9 months later my beautiful baby girl was born. The strange thing is that this little girl (who is a year old now) is so much like my dad. He loved cars, food, and the beach. She loves cars and car rides, as well as keys (and not the toy keys). She loves water and most of all she eats enaything you give her. My other children never ate as well as she does. She even eats more than my 6 year old and most of what she eats is food only adults would eat. It just amazes me how similar she is to my dad and how much her personality matches his. I am convinced she is a gift from him and was sent to me to help me deal with the grief I was feeling.

  333. emma

    Hi my little sister Alexis passed away on the 7/01/2012 (she was 19) from a Tragic Hot Air Baloon Accident. She was shouted the trip by her bf Chrisjan. She was very religious and a real giver…always looking out for others….and I miss her so much. We were very close and lived together. My mum said a black lab came running up to her when we visited the site of the accident every body there (the cops and forensic people) thaught it must be a sign as it only ran to my mum from quite a distance. Also the day after there were some helium balloons hovering in one spot for quite some time,I would like to communicate with my sister like say a proper goodbye, as I go in to her room and see every thing how she left it and it feels like shes only away on a holiday, and will be back. If shes Christian would she find it annoying if I try contact her? And also whats a good way? And would she already passed as my bf had a dream that she and chrisjaan left holding hands after we visited the site…. Love and light emma.

  334. harry

    emma, your sister will no doubt be going through a kind of debriefing right now for her belief in fictitious faith and to adjust to things as they really are but before that happened she would be around for a while watching what went on with her family and all that, the ones that pass over know how much we love them and there is no worry that she doesn,t know that, however after her period of adjustment she will be able to view what is going on with her loved ones, whether she will try and leave messages for any of you is anyones guess, but like i said she would have been near by shortly after she passed but would have to go for a kind of readjustment, how long this will take depends on how her beliefs were ingrained, however this period will come to an end and she will be free to continue with the next stage of her enlightenment, rest assured she knows of your love for her, and whats more she will visit you on a number of occassions no doubt, its just that we don,t know they are there, some people who are sensitive enough and can adjust there vibratory level can sense spirits abroad, however if she wants you to know she is ok she will try and send you a message, just keep an open mind, she is in a better place now and no doubt would not want you to worry,keep her momory a happy thing and she will be happy as well,

  335. harry

    linda g, nice to hear that someone else has managed to see through the oldest trick in the world, i of course mean religion, i often despair that a lot of people fall for the rhetoric, of course this is why the brain wash starts early in a lot of so called faiths, catch them while young and in there formative years and impressionable, if you want any further vocal on the subject feel free, harry

  336. Andrea

    Hello – my father passed away on January 23rd 2012. He was 75 (3 days short of his 76th birthday on Jan 26). He had lung cancer and after 5 months of being sick he finally passed away peacefully with all the family around him. I keep asking him to come to me in my dreams, but so far nothing. My sister bumped into a friend who has he ability to see the “others”. She said that my father was with my sister and that he would be with her for many years. She told her a few other things that no one would have known. I only hope that at sometime he will come and visit me. Just knowing he is still with us (in spirit) is very comforting.

  337. harry

    jenifer tyler, no doubt your little treasure is a part of what has happened to your father, however let me say that no one is an expert in these matters because of the vast ammount of knowledge one would have to acrue on the subject of the so called paranormal, if indeed we were allowed all knowledge which we aren,t, i fear, however let me try to explain somewhat, we do come back to this earthly plane time after time (re incarnation) but it usually takes any number of years before the time is right for our return (short answer} however it is not unknown in certain circustances that we can on very rare occasions come back if we choose much sooner than that, for any number of reasons (short answer} what i am saying is that this little treasured bundle of yours may well be your fathers spirit returned, however a lot of people could not get their head around that so if you also are like that then don,t read anymore, there is obviouly a strong link in your case between your daughter and your father and i think its a point you should watch for over the years, if she is as good as gold and never gives you any trouble i think we could probably assume that what i suggest is probably so, in fact i often wonder if i am my own grandfather returned for my mothers sake, she tried years to conceive and only after her father died she did, so they had me later in life, and guess what, when the old midwife delivered me she said to my mother that this ones been here before, reffering to me, so people will believe what they want to believe or what they have been conditioned to believe but i think that in time you will probably agree with me and consider the possible fact that your daughter may well be you know who, best of everything to you and be thankfull,

  338. harry

    janet, of course what you ask is possible, just because that we have never met relations from this plane doesn,t mean that there is no spiritual connection, in fact don,t qoute me on this and take it as so, but one of them may have even been assigned as one of your guides, these are spirits that help during life at certain times, one never knows but stranger things have no doubt happened, may be you would consider trying one of those family tree optians that are available, there are free ones out there i have heard, if you are interested in what relations are – were – or did, hope this was of some help,

  339. harry

    jen trow, your mother is happy believe me, may be she as tried to send you signs and you have just missed them, people talk of feathers, well its possible i have heard many times of them being left in places that were not usual, electrical appliances acting strange, think back over the period, she no doubt knows that you love her very much because when they are on the other side there is no hiding ones feelings from them, i advise as usual to talk to her daily as if she is still there and she will hear you, remember her as she was at her best and that is exactly as she is now, on the astral there is no time as we know it so when its your turn to go over she will be waiting to guide you no doubt,

  340. Kersi

    Dear Harry

    I lost my dear son in the month of December 2011 in a freak road accident – my son was only 11 years then. Our lives are in total darkness and without any purpose. Tears don’t stop when we see his pictures on the wall.

    I have never seen him in my dreams but I still get this feeling that my son wants to talk to me or has something to tell me. When at work I often get into a state where I can hear people talking around me but I am not in a position to communicate. I get a jerk and then just happen to come out of this situation – during that phase I just get lost in some thoughts or place which I have not been or don’t remember seing. Please help me understand how can I get to speak with my child. My heart bleeds and I cannot think of spending another moment without my child

  341. Victoria

    So sad to read all these stories, I hope we are all remaining strong. My Dad died at about 11.30pm on December 3rd 2011. I received a phone call from his new wife of 3 weeks that Dad had had a heart attack at 12.20am. I was on my way home from the pub as I am only 20, and said I would come round straight away. On arrival there were 2 ambulances out the front. I parked my car and ran up to 3 ambo officers outside. I couldnt see Dad in the ambulance so assumed he must ok if they werent attending to him. I asked them where Dad was and they told me he was upstairs in his bedroom. I felt relief. I then asked, ok so how is he? They replied..im sorry mam he is deceased. At that point I utterly couldnt believe it! I was not expecting that what so ever considering he was only 51, was fit and healthy, no health problems at all! I broke down instantly on the concrete. After a bit I went inside and about 20 friends of his wifes were all lined up the stairs as I stumbled up..It was becoming way too true. At the top of the stairs his wife came out of the bedroom and said, my darling victoria its not true..its not true..his feet are still warm..come feel them. I walked into Dads bedroom and took one look at Dad and knew he was gone. Poor Jenny (his wife) was continuing to disagree, saying that they had gone out to dinner that night as usual, came home watched tv as usual, went to bed about 9.30pm then she heard Dad snoring as usual. Dad rolled over and said he had a sore back and began sweating heaps..and that was it. I am very upset that Dad is gone, I have only got too know him properly over the last 2yrs as my parents divorced when I was young, I never got to say goodbye or even tell him I loved him as we were still developing our relationship. I was so angry with him on New Years night I was screaming and crying in my car about how he could do this too me etc, then a dog out of nowhere ran and jumped on my lap while I was still in the car. No one knew where this dog came from, but it came in the house full of strangers and wouldnt stop following me around. We named him Sam as Dad used to have several dogs called Sam.Hours passed and Sam was still hanging out with us. We decided to lock him out so he would go home, but he kept appearing everytime!! We decided to go to the beach for a new years swim and sam jumped in the car with us and came along! Back at home he continued to keep getting in the house when nothing was left open, he whined at the doors from outside and cryed. We eventually went to sleep and in the morning he was gone, and we have never seen Sam since. Heres a gorgus photo from the night…http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3260613358647&set=a.3260583517901.2160479.1366583727&type=1&theater
    Im not a dog type of person..so I really felt it was Dad with me there that night. Nothing has happened since and the rest of my family have all had dreams about him except me.. I really want to dream about him so I can see and hear his voice again! I am keen to go see a physic so I can try to connect with him again. I just miss him so much! Can anybody help? I live in Aucklnd NZ. All the best to everyone! LOVE YOU FOREVER & ALWAYS DADDY! XX

  342. Vikki

    On 10 Jan 2012 my partner of 14 years passed away from Mesothelioma..12 months to the day of his 1st chemo..he always said he would on last the 13 months he had been “given”
    Up until the final weeks before his passing we had been “estranged” for 5 months due to his selfish eldest son, who never had much to do with his father, made it too hard for us to stay together..it all has to do with money of course…my partner asked the youngest son to do the caring and asked him to help him see me without the eldest’s knowledge (in the end his young brother told the brother, it was what his father wants, it’s not about him, and that he wanted to spend time with me)
    My partner asked for me on the Mon morning…the youngest son called and asked me to come to the hospital as his dad was lingering as if he needed to see someone and could I come and tell him it is OK to go…(I had told him on 2 other occasions)…it happened that he wanted to see me one last time..we shared 30 loving minutes together with lots of kisses and cuddles..in that time he told me he didn’t want me to see him die and I wasn’t to be there…I made a vow to him that I wouldn’t be…he told me he would be going soon.
    That night I slept restlessly…and finally went to sleep at 3 a.m…I woke at 7 a.m…ten minutes later the phone rang..it was the aunt ringing to see if I was ok as she had just been told he had passed away at 2.30 a.m on the Tues…she was surprised I had not been told, however the youngest son said he would come not call …so I got dressed…at 7.20 I felt a finger run down my back..I asked him if it was him and he did it again…then the son arrived to tell me. (I asked my partner if he was able to to give me a sign..and that is what he used to do)
    My partner did not hang around much that day..but on the Wednesday he was here most the day…I could feel warmth, contentment, peace and the purest love i have ever experienced..my daughter came to visit me and felt it too…she said she didnt want to leave…the candle flame would go crazy and there were no breezes..he came and went a bit on the Thursday (maybe he left when he was being viewed?)
    Friday 13 Jan at 10.30 a.m was his funeral..he always said he wouldn’t be there…however just before the service started I felt his presence..I said in my mind “You told me you wouldn’t be here” then I heard him say “Well I am” Maybe it was because he knew what was coming…the eldest son’s wife took the opportunity in her part of the Eulogy to make comment to trivialise his love for me by referring to his late wife as his ONE TRUE LOVE…which did not escape notice of others.

    After everyone had left and I was alone. At 6pm I had a call from my ex sister in law whom I hadn’t spoken with for 5 years..about the time she decided to block the “gift” she always had…he had forced her out of retirement..my partner had never met her and knew nothing of our relationship…she said he was very strong and he was angry about something a female relative said at the funeral, he had seen it written in a book… he also told her he now knows of “the plan” and he wasn’t going to let it happen and he had to hang around to protect me from someone he has unfinished business with, someone he couldn’t deal with in life.

    I have had 2 lucid dreams of him…one where his daughter in law above tried to say something to me and I was crying I felt his arms around me even when I was half awake…the next one I dreamed he still had the oxygen prongs and tubes on his face, however they were fading..he was smoking (he was an ex smoker)I asked him why and he said “Coz I can!” When I mentioned this to my eldest daughter she told me that night she had put a unlit smoke down..her husband saw her do it..she turned to pick it up and it was gone..she got another and did the same thing..and it was gone..both of them looked everywhere and couldn’t find them…she is wondering if my partner took them as it was something he used to do…he hasn’t moved things on me, but he did guide me to where the tape measure was….my sister and he adult children and my other daughter have had incidences with him too.

  343. Jason

    Interesting read, this site was. I have some dream experiences to tell about. My father took his own life in July 2011, just 7 months ago, and since then I’ve had about 3 vivid experiences where I can recall most of the encounter with him. And even though the others aren’t vivid enough to retell, I do know that he was there (i have them almost every night)

    The first time was a little weird. We was on a boat. A fancy boat, though the only boat we’ve ever “had” was an old pontoon boat my great uncle let my dad use for a few years. Anyways, he just appeared out of thin air and we talked about something and then I asked why he was there. He replied he was looking for my brother and I to tell us something. And then I woke up.

    The 2nd encounter was after our stepmother, who had been married to dad for a year or so, was found to have been selling everything of dad’s to pay for her moving away to Nebraska, She won’t let me or my brother on the property without risking being arrested. We was talking to each other about taking her to court to fight for dad’s property. In the dream, I was walking through their yard and approaching my stepmother when I was stopped by dad. He told me in a stern voice that he would “fight for her”. I think he wanted her to have everything first, and then give us what she thought we should have, but dad bless his soul didnt know what kind of woman she really is…

    and the third encounter was last night. I was in a weird house with my wife and I noticed someone peeking through the window at me. Scared, I got the dog my dad had for years until the dog had died about 3 months before dad died, and went outside. When I got outside I realized I had actually walked out the back door of dad’s barn and saw his truck sitting out there. I saw my cousin and her husband looking in the window of dad’s truck and then they looked at me and said they were looking for him. I told them that he was gone. Then i walked through the yard and met my aunt and her daughter holding red flowers. Then I noticed I was in the barn standing on the exact spot of where my dad died and I looked around and there was no barn and I saw my dad wandering around the property aimlessly like he was lost. then I woke up.

    I keep having dreams like this, some I think may be actual communication, and some may just be my thoughts playing with me since I do feel partially responsible. 6 days before dad took his life, I had surgery and I told dad. What I didn’t know was that he had a bad ordeal with a surgery as a kid, and that recently he had stopped taking his depression meds because he thought he was better. (we never knew he had depression)

  344. harry

    kersi, the problem is if we are not sensitive enough we cannot sense anything unless they are able to leave us something more physical like objects being moved or some form of activity regarding eletromechanical interference, but rest assured you can talk to him anytime and he will hear you, its only been such a short time since he passed and he probably is still very local, just talk to him as if he is visible to you, he will always be your son and when we pass over we see all our loved ones again, but try and be happy for him this is what he wants now, he is back in his spirit form where we all really belong, this place where we are now is just a place where we have to come to learn things, be happy he wants that now, how do you think he feels knowing you are hurting, its all very raw at the moment just hang on in there and you will come to realise, be calm, harry

  345. Kimberly

    My mother passed away 3 years ago. While she was sick, strange things began to happen. I had always had feelings and premonitions that I couldn’t explain but they seemed to increase at that time. For instance, when my grandmother passed I experienced her presence in her room at my aunts house. When my mother began to get sick, I was in my house all alone walking to my pantry when out of nowhere something hit me in the back and hit the floor. This was in December and to look behind me and see Valentines Day heart candy on the floor concerned me I guess you ould say. One said, “Yes dear” and the other said, “Call me”. So I immediately start calling my sisters-no, everything was okay. So, I called my mom and she wasn’t feeling well and thinking about going to the hospital. This was sort of the beginning of her ending. So that night I’m at a restaurant, I sat my tray down at my table and it was like a warm hand took me by the hand. I nearly dropped my tray. Several other instances of me feeling them losing her heart beat one night while I was sleeping, seeing her in my dreams attempting to cross over but walking back out of “the light” towards me instead, just on and on with the strangest things that I saw. So the night before she died, I dreamed that mom had decided to take whoever’s hand it was that was reaching for her, she looked back at me and walked into the light. As soon as I saw that, in my dream, the phone rang. It was the nursing home and they think she doesn’t have long. Long story short, the next day while we were all sitting with her, I felt like something grabbed me from the inside and I looked up and I just knew she was going. I jumped up and ran to her, climbed in the bed and held her until she passed. That night, I had just gotten into bed, laid my head down and gotten comfortable to sleep and all of a sudden I heard my mother as if she was an inch from my ear whisper my name—Kimberly——and I swear I could feel her breath. That experience almost assured me that I wasn’t crazy because I was perfectly awake when it happened. I don’t know, something about that made me know she was with me and she was okay.

  346. Aimee

    I’m Aimee. My father passed away suddenly on July 3rd, 2011. He had always been a heavy drinker and smoked his whole life (although quit about 10 yrs ago) .. he took many meds and we all feel like he overdosed. (He was 66 yrs old)
    I am writing because my Dad and I have always been so similar. We had an awesome bond because we are SO much alike. We look exactly alike and just understood each other. His death was the most horrible thing I have ever gone through in my 39 yrs on this planet.
    I am writing to tell everyone to please keep an open mind. He visits me in my dreams. Almost… 3-4 times a month. Usually when I’m having a hard time and missing him.
    He was extremely wealthy and we’ve had some issues with the will and his business since he passed and he always guides me .. whether its comforting me when I’m angry, hugging me when I’m sad or just being there when I’m frustrated.
    My parents were married 30 yrs and got divorced because of his alcoholism. He remarried a hair dresser gold digger and she has all but gotten everything. (He was very generous to me and my brother … but her and her grown daughter got the bulk of his 15 million dollars)
    I struggle with this because I’m left with his company issues and mainly… really his problems .. Like I said before, I did benefit financially but she (the widow) is effin manipulating and I can’t bear to look at her.

    My father comes to me in my dreams to re assure me that he loves me and that everythings going to be ok. I’ve found it very comforting. I really miss him and his laugh. He always made me feel special and made me smile.

    a few weeks ago he came to me in my dream and said “CAN IT AIMEE!” I’m tired of all the bickering. I’m gone and just accept things how they are.

    Another time he came to me (After me having LONG crying spells) and he was crying in my dream and said that he never realized how much I loved him.

    I love this website. The stories are very sad but keeping an open mind, whether it be real or our own way of dealing with grief and pain, makes this connecting very comforting. Good luck to everyone going through the same thing as me!

  347. Kathryn


    I have been very affected by deceased people visiting me in dreams. No one i knew had ever died until I was 18, the first being my grandmother who died of ovarian cancer. The night before her funeral I had a dream about her walking through her house with a suitcase saying she was leaving. She was happy, she look healthy The dream was so cliche, but so unbelievably real I did not tell anyone about it because I was afraid my mom and other family members would find it offensive and think I was making it up. Then, about nine months later I found out a girl i worked with very briefly died of a drug overdose at the age of 26. I barely knew this person, but I knew her brother very well in high school. Her death continues to haunt me some three years later. She, too, visited me in a dream. We were racing to go somewhere and she kept telling me to hurry and that she “is never late” and “i can’t be late.” I have never been able to get over this dream and I think about this girl daily, although I only vaguely knew her for a short time well before her death. I honestly feel that she wants something from me or is trying to connect with me but I don’t know why. I have lost touch with her family and I do not feel right about talking about her with them. I have not told anyone about how she remains on my mind after all this time. Then, one year after she died both of my great grandparents, whom I loved very much, died six months apart from each other. After they were both deceased I had an incredibly surreal dream about the two of them. However, they were not old, but very young as they looked in the 1940s. They were both in bathing suits running on the beach trying to take refuge from huge waves crashing onto the shore. I just wish someone could tell me why I would be visited because although I loved both my grandmother and great grandparents we were unfortunately not very close or connected in life and I was one of 11 great grandchildren and one of 5 grandchildren. I am the first born in both instances so perhaps I’m somehow supposed to be a leader? I haven’t talked to anyone about this. However, the 26 year old girl I barely knew continues to weigh on me the heaviest. I do not know why I can’t let her death go, after all I only met her in passing. I know this comment was long, but I really hope someone reads this and can help me decipher my thoughts/dreams. I have never told anyone about how these dreams have affected me so greatly. I’m so confused.

  348. Kathryn


    I briefly worked with a young woman in high school ( I am now 22). She was a bit older than me and I never became too acquainted with her. However, at the time I was close friends with her brother who is my age. This girl passed away of a drug overdose at age 26 three years ago. When I heard the news I thought “this is sad, but I barely knew her.” Almost three years after her death I cannot stop thinking about her. I had a dream with her in it a couple of years ago. She grabbed my hand and was pulling me and kept saying “I’m never late.” “we can’t be late.” It was very surreal, but what I found odd was that she was dressed in very nice clothing, and one thing I did observe about her when she was alive was that she always dressed so casual, although she was very pretty in her own way. I don’t understand why she was uncharacteristically dressed in the dream. Furthermore, I do not understand why a person I barely knew continues to haunt my thoughts. I think about her on a daily basis, but at the same time I have so few memories of her. She has not visited me in a dream since, but I honestly feel like she is trying to connect with me in some way still. I am normally very skeptical, but it is becoming difficult to ignore her. I have lost touch with her brother and do not feel comfortable contacting anyone about this because I feel they would think I was mocking them in some way because they actually have memories with her and are certainly still hurting. I feel so confused and I wish someone could help me decipher this. I only want the best for the family she left behind and her spirit in the afterlife, but I just don’t understand why I can’t stop thinking about a person I knew for such a short time so long ago. If anyone has any insight please let me know.

  349. spirit

    In the Talmudic Judaism there had been a secret method of communicating with the dead as hinted by Dr. Polyakov in an article at his website, esp. here: http://raphael.eu.pn/nh/spirits.htm#zmv56

  350. Leah

    Hello. I lost my great grandmother 3 years ago. She was 92 and died in her sleep. She was in the hospital and we had just went home for rest because we thought she was doing better, then we get a call to hurry back because she didn’t long, so we hurried back. When we go there, she was already gone, she was flatlined. When we got into the room to kiss her and tell her our last goodbyes, her heart monitor started beeping a for a few seconds, then flatlined again and didn’t come back. We thought that she may have been telling us that it is ok and that she was tere when we were saying goodbye and that she was saying goodbye. A few hours before she passed, my grandmother (her daughter) talked to her, although she was not responding anymore, told her that it was ok if she went to be with papa in Heaven and be with Jesus. We wanted her to know that we were sad and would miss her, but it was ok for her to go when she was ready. After that, my grandmother asked her to show her any sign that she was happy and ok. We all knew she was in Heaven because she was such a lady of Christ and I don’t remember her doing any wrongs. Well, like a month later, my grandmother told me that she had a dream that we were reliving the night my Mamaw died. We were in the hospital saying our last goodbyes and her heart rate came on again, just like it really happened, but in the dream, we all looked up and there was Mamaws spirit with an angel above her body and that mamaw was trying to get back into her body. Then my Mamaw’s spirit said “I have to get back into my body, they are sad and need me, I can’t leave them” and the angel said to her “you can’t go back, it is your time to come with me” then they went up into the sky into Heaven.

    I think that was Mamaw telling us the reason her heart monitor came back on while we came in to kiss her and then also that she was in Heaven very happy.

    What do you all think?

    Also, I had a dream last night the Mamaw was in my house back from Heaven on the weekends to spend the night, then she would go back to heaven. I know that part was a dream, then there was a part where I just went up and hugged her and we hugged for a while. Then when that was all done, I got a phone call from her and we just talked about how we were and what Heaven was like and I told her I missed her and things like that. I have heard when they hug you and have a phone conversation while you are asleep, they are visiting you. What do you all think about that? Was my mamaw visiting me and tell me she is happy in Heaven? I know she is very happy in Heaven 🙂

  351. harry

    leah, if you read my other comments you will see that being so called christian and of a religious nature are not the criteria for getting into heaven because heaven doesn,t exist, or at least not as dogma would have us believe, we don,t have to be martyrs or so called christians to get to where we all go anyway, you see when we pass over we go to the astral world where we go through a kind of de briefing where we get rid of earthly pr conceived ideas, especially religion which only clouds the issue on the other side, this physical plane is not our home, we are spirit beings and as such this earth and its material plane is just a place where we come to, to learn and improve, of course your g, gran is happy and i am sure thst she has tried to tell you so, however pre conceived ideas of heaven and hell are totally wrong and are what they teach to scare us, furthermore it is certainly not wicked to want or try to contact our loved ones as they would have us believe, do you know that the early christians taught spirit contact and taught about the after life but the powers that be dropped it from the teachings, probably because they saw it as competition and wanted to rule with fear, i mean if you believe in a god, A LOVING GOD do you think that god would want us to be scared of him, of course not, they cause more harm than good in the church, and that goes for any other orthodoxy as well, anyway chin up my dear we will all be in the same place one day, love harry

  352. Kersi

    Thanks Harry for your kind words and the much valued advice. As you rightly mentioned it is all very raw at the moment and I cannot find peace at this stage. I can pretend to be calm and composed but that is not the truth, I love my child – I need to talk with him. Parzan papa loves you …….

  353. annie

    hi dot,i too lost my son in a similar way as yours.the most remarkable thing is that,tho i miss him so much,i have the assurance that he is very happy and peaceful now.this i came to know through a medium,whom i dont even know,but is a friend of my friend.the message which she recieved was to inform me that my son was at peace.after that i wastold that i could contact him through auto writing,and i did just that.i would suggest all the people to reads this book embracing the light,by j.d.betty.who have made it so clear in her book abt life after death,thru her experience.this opened up many knowledge abt death,and thats how im so convinced that we are all meeting our lost loved ones ,when our time comes to leave this earth.tke care and i know exactly how you must be feelonin at your loss,i too am going thru that same phase.glad to share this with you.annie.ps pls read the book.check the net.

  354. Leah

    Everyone has a right to believe in what they want and I am a believer of Christ. I believe and know God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins. I am a Christian and go to church. I do believe in Heaven and Hell and do not believe that we all go to some astral place. I know my mamaws is in Heaven and is very happy with God and family and friends. You can believe in whatever it is you believe, but I will go to Heaven when it is my time, not some astral place. I am not judging, but please do not tell me what to believe in and what not to. Thanks for reading my post and have a great day. God bless.

  355. Roger

    In 1991, almost two years to the day after our divorce, my beloved ex-wife took her life for reasons unknown to me. It stunned me because, deep down, I always had hopes of reconciliation.

    In the years since, I’ve always remembered her and have fondly recalled many of the memories of the good times we shared and, yes, some of the bad ones. She had remarried after our divorce and I’ve since remarried but there’s nothing in my current relationship that even remotely compares to the joy and happiness I shared with Arlene.

    Now, on the eve of would have been our 26th wedding anniversary, I’m deluged with memories of her. I simply cannot stop thinking about her. It’s almost to the point where I’m questioning my sanity. In the past, I’d been able to turn on or off my thoughts of her but lately, I can’t. She’s the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last when I go to sleep. I’m having trouble eating or concentrating on work. I spend hours writing about my memories and thoughts of her. I start crying like a baby sometimes when I think of her (like right now).

    Then, within this past week, I’ve had at least four unmistakable ‘signs’ —due to space limitations I won’t describe them–but all were associated with items that held special meanings to both of us. I’ve been praying a lot asking God to please help me understand what was going on. Yet when I came upon these items, it felt so clear and overpowering that I know she had something to do with them and that I just know she’s trying to something to say to me.

    Again, within the last week, I may have found one of her friends who may be able to shed some light on Arlene’s life after we parted ways. I’ve always longed to know what she thought of me in the days since our divorce and, in particular, her last hours on earth. I so want to know if she still had some special feelings for me. On the other hand, I would be crushed if I found that she hated or despised me or didn’t have the special feelings I’ll always have for her. So I’ve held off contacting her friend because I‘m afraid of the answer I might receive. I don’t want to lose her again.

    I’m sorry I’ve rambled on. There’s no one I can turn to with this but putting it out where others with similar experiences can read it may help me decide what to do.

  356. jim

    About 20 years ago, I had a dream that me father, who was about 5 years deceased at the time, appeared to me. He
    was walking up our back stairs & appeared to be trying to open the door. He looked “literally” like he came from the
    grave itself!!!!!!!! I woke up screaming. Here’s the
    really scary part. I was & still am married, but, I went
    back to work in the Midwest for economical reasons. I met this young woman & had her over to my apartment on 2 different occasions & we had sex! My wife didn’t & doesn’t
    know about this. I often wondered if my father was angry
    with me for “cheating” on my wife!

  357. harry

    leah, i suggest that if you are too caught up in religious dogma to even try to consider that you may be very wrong i suggest you seek solice in religious websites, furthermore i am an old man now and spent nearly all of my life in study of truth, yes you are entitled to believe in anything you wish no matter how odious, but there are none so blind as those who WILL not see, yes i regarded my self as a christian once before i matured and bothered to find out things for my self, if you are really so bothered about christianity studdy for yourself the original teachings of christ, they are nothing like what man depicts them to mean, yes christ did say some very good and right things but they have been twisted and distorted so much that now they bare no resemblance of the truth, come back in fifty years and tell me i am wrong, you have a good and thoughtfull day, harry

  358. Raz

    I don’t know why I’m scared to write. My dad passed away on 26th of Dec 2011. It was sudden and we were not prepared for it. I haven’t shown him my love,I was running like crazy through the last years and neglected my family. I was working on getting them both from our country to a safer place and it was to happen by March 2012 but he was gone. I feel so bad and I don’t fee I will ever over come it. I miss him so much and I can’t stop crying. I go to his bed every day and go through his things , I can’t believe he left all these thing he loved. There were some stuff that happened that made us believe that he’s still here but I’m so scared that we are just trying to make ourselves feel better this way, a kind of defensive manner. I hope not..
    On the fourth day, my sister and I were sitting on a sofa in the living room , our mother was so tired she was taking a nap on the other sofa and my 3.5 y niece was sleeping on another sofa. My sister and I were so down and at one point she said I feel dad , i feel he’s with us. I told her he’d be down to see us like that. After few minutes my niece spoke in her dream saying “nothing’s wrong with him, nothing’s wrong with him” my sister and I froze and i jumped asking her , dear whose nothing’s wrong with and she was still sleeping when she said grandfather, we tried to ask her more but she went into deep sleep!
    My sister keeps dreaming of him , my mom the same but I some how lost contact with him and i’m so down for that. abt two weeks after he passed away i felt or wished he was with me in the room and i called him and went near his room and sat there and when i got back to my bed i saw a white hair on my pj, withmyself i thought ok this is a thread , i took it away to realize it was a real white hair cos it has this head of a normal hair, i went to mom, it was not hers , it was thicker and i was shocked, it’s dad’s..

  359. pooja

    Today nearly at 5pm i lost my most lovable cat,due to fever..he died of lots of pain while dying blood was ozzing of his ears nose.. it was very painfull death fr him..i really wan to knw whr is he nw, and wats next fr him.. i lov him v.mch..i knw he is gone..my sis has burried him.. i jst wish GOD has picked him into his arms… i wish to see him wen i m dead..morovr i also wan to knw whr does our beloved ones go wen they r dead… i love you bitkos..

  360. harry

    raz, i know its very hard for you and yours at the moment we have all been there and in some cases still are, i would just like to say that there is no need to feel afraid to write on this site, and i am always here if you really would want to know more on the subject of the after life, however you may have to come to accept certain things that you thought were not possible due to any religious belief or bigotry, and if you feel that you cannnot accept these ideas there is no good in asking, you see there are static laws that depict what happens to us at death and at the point of passing, all this as been going on since man walked the earth and before to a large degree, much longer than any religion or false faith, some people will only believe what they want to believe, as i yet again experienced recently, when some people hear something different than what they hope is the truth they get nasty, because they feel that someone is trying to rock their shallow religious boat, these ideas people have when part of a religious sect are miles appart from what really happens in reality, but raz my friend rest assured that your dad is absolutely fine, he would not want you to worry for him, that is why he as tried to make contact with members of your family, i know you are hurting right now i have been there, in fact i miss loved ones still even though i know they are ok, so raz if you rally are interested leave another message and i will explain things to you, but be prepared to let go of beliefs you may have held, if you cannot do that then never mind and just take my word that your father is perfectly fine, if you do decide to get back to me thats fine, i will answer any questions you may have on the subject, that is something that mere religion could ever do, ok my friend, be calm and take care it will all become obvious to you in time, harry — Dr Reeves

  361. harry

    dear roger, stop beating yourself up, you are not going mad but if you carry on like this you will have to see a doctor, rog look, you really answered one of your own questions if you stop to analyse it, you are already convinced that there as been some effort of contact, now do you think that if your ex hated you she would be remotely wasting effort to contact you, she certainly would not, so i think that what ever her old friend would have to tell you you can be assured she is just as fond of you now as ever, in fact she can see things for what they are now, now there are no earthly problems clouding the issue, furthermore we cannot hide our true feelings from them on the other side, they know whether or not we loved them, as for your companion now don,t be too hard on her because everyone is different and it would be totally unfair to expect her to be like your first, i don,t want to be some kind of marriage guidance councillor on this site though i have the right psychoanalytical prowess so to be, however the companion you have now could be just as fulfilling but in different ways, it would be totally wrong of you to expect these two people to be the same, in time you may see what i am getting at, give your present relationship time to evaluate itself and in the mean time show her that you care with the odd gift, nothing too rash mind, because you don,t want her thinking you,ve been a naughty boy,chin up mate, come on here anytime and i will answer anything that you care to ask, but above all stop beating yourself up there is no need, also stop to realise that the aura you emit is being picked up by your current wife, even though consciously at least she isn,t able to know this, this in itself could have an adverse effect on your relationship now, when she senses that you really appreciate her for who and what she is things can only improve, but i must say one thing, the time this will take just depends on if or how much by your current relationship may have deteriorated, may be it hasn,t but if you keep on the way you are it will, because she is going to sense that there is a problem, what you need is a different mind set, you will be fine, ok, and if its makes any of this easier to bare also you can be assured that we all meet up again when we cross over, ok roger, take it easy and don,t forget if you have any questions i will answer anything you wish, just don,t upset the moderator, haha, yours Dr Harry Reeves

  362. Lori

    Hello, I definitely believe in Life after Death. Back in February 2006, I had a dream of my deceased grandfather. In the dream, it was a dark tunnel and there was light from beyond. My grandfather never looked at me, but was walking away from me towards the light, waving. He was wearing a white robe and he had a white belt that hung down to his ankles. It looked like a rope around his waist. I woke up crying. The dream seemed so real. My family thought I was crazy when I told them about it. Then, a month later, my 3 year old son died. Was my deceased grandfather trying to let me know ahead of time about my son? I had a dream with my deceased son, but the dream did not make sense. It was only of his face. I could see his face in my dream.

  363. Anton

    Does anybody know a honest psychic in the Cleveland (Lake) area? It is so difficult to find a real psychic!

    On the other hand, how do you explain that some renown psychics like Sylvia Browne have been so deadly wrong about everything and they were exposed on TV as cheaters?

  364. Kersi

    Harry – is it right to use a Medium to communicate with my son? I would not do anything that could disturb my angel in the slightest. Could you please help

  365. harry

    kersi, there are several factors to consider, is your son still earthbound ? may be, but children are more or less not effected as long as they don,t come from a family who have not brainwashed the child with superfluous religious beliefes, i am sure you havn,t done that, you see there are reasons i say this, because anyone who passes will find when they leave the earthly plane that things are not anything like orthodoxy would have us believe, therefore it usually takes a while before they can take it all in so to speak because its not what they expected, don,t worry its much better than they teach down at the local church/ mosque/ synagogue or whatever, much better, however spirits can get landlocked for a time while they cling to old earthly beliefs, or sometimes in the case of unexpected sudden death, you may see what i am getting at now, he may still be very local still, your son may have moved over just fine or he may still be getting used to the idea of not being material anymore, which would mean he is closer by still than otherwise might be, he may also have traveled over already but instead be paying you visits to see how you are but you just cannot see him, however you can be assured that your little precious is fine and you really must try to get your head around that, i could say things about the passing and the afterlife all day but these things you probably would not be interested in, because is all you are asking me is would it be ok to try to contact him through a medium, the answer to that is, it would be perfectly alright if you could trust the medium, you see i have got my own views about a lot of so called mediums – they aren,t, you may be surprised to know that quite a few spirits try to find decent mediums so they can make contact with folk on this side, but it has to be said that quite a lot are only interested in taking your money – and their so called noteriety, i think taking advantage of people when they are at there lowest and bereaved is beneath humanity and i would not want this to happen to you, if you heard anyone recomended you could try them, but do be warned 🙁 i also would like to say that everything is energy and we vibrate at a different frequency than they who have gone over, we vibrate at a lower frequency, this is one of the reasons we cannot detect things, however it is possible for them to lower their vibration partly so that if we could higher ours by a similar amount we would be in with achance, this is what happens when we are in the dream state, i can,t guarantee it will work but if you ask your spirit guide to help your son to make contact with you you may find that while in a dream state he may try to contact you, however ask your guide to make this happen just before you awake so that you have more chance of remembering it and less chance of confusing it with a normal dream, i know all this may be a little strange to you but we all have guides from birth that help us at certain times during our lives but normally they are prevented from doing much unless we ask, its a static law i am afaid, we have to ask, there are reasons for this which i will not go into here, but do give this a try and please lighten up, there is another reason i say this- you could even be preventing your son from passing over properly due to you being full of remorse and hurting, may be he as already tried to make contact in some way, it isn,t easy for them you know, especially at first, please do take it easy and i am sure you will get a sign, just look out and be ready, also there is no need to wonder if they know what we thought of them because they know, there is no hiding our feelings from them who have passed because they know our every thought, ok, i wish i could be of more help but i can only tell you about the mechanics and suggest things to try, make youur precious bundle happy by letting him see that you are trying to let him pass over with him knowing that you are going to be alright, do that for him and be glad he is in the better place and that we will all meet at a later time, be with cheer, love harry

  366. harry

    anton, see my reply to kersi on mediums, and be very carefull, if anyone wants money for a so called service then be suspicious and only go by recommendations, may be you would like to tell me why you feel you want a medium/psychic- they do exist but i am affraid that genuine ones are few and far between,there are so many that are only interested in money and noteriety, pitty that, may be there is another way around the issue rather than be ripped off, be assured that there are many people in a similar position as yourself, but it doesn,t take a lot of working out, furthermore these so called psychics/spiritists/meduims whatever are quite often nothing like, there are bog standard tricks they use to get your interest and then dress up the information that you have given them and spew it back at you- and we are supposed to convinced,i my self after all my years have seen this so many times, personally we have a hard enough time convincing people that the paranormal exists at all, and then you,ve got these b^s*a+ds making it even harder with their cunning and giving it all a bad reputation, if you cannot find a good recommendation i think you should ask yourself if you really need one at all, be with good cheer ant and keep shining, thanks harry

  367. carol

    I usually know about things before they happen, I can spot on get what a person brings over as a surprise gift before I get it and it has nothing to do with something I want or need, but I have never honed my skills. I was told I am a lifepath 33. I just connected with my mom who passed in July of 2011 through a medium, whenever I do this there is always something that is said to me in a certain way or phrase only I know the connection is real. I have to speak directly to my Mom more. She is much better and at peace but has not come in dreams yet. My Dad has been gone 20 years, I was very close to him, he died the day before my birthday. I was the last one with him. The day I buried him, he came in my dreams on a gurney with hospital clothes and his traech was gone and he had that big smile and said “It’s ok, I am alright now. Since then when he feels he needs to talk to me he always comes in my dreams, they are vivid and have a real “feel” to him even without words, the message somehow comes across, plain and simple just like he would tell me when he was here. The first year or so he too had a foot here and in waking hours at time his presence what so strong, and felt so wonderful. My mom told me tonight that when I feel her presence to speak to her, but I have not felt it I must be blocked from stress.

    My father comes to my one sister in dreams too, with a clear message.

    When my father passed, on my birthday after the viewing in the afternoon there was a rainbow, and then I came home to a cake with a rainbow.

    My father and mother both had a good sense of humor. My father let us all know in his own funny way that it was ok, and he loved us enough to make us laugh.

    My father always said he was “going to take it with him when he died and that a Brinks truck would lead the procession. In route to the church a Brinks truck turned out in front of the hearse and took the same route as us and turned off at the corner before the church. My entire family was like wow and laughed and smiled and we talked about it. When we got to the house our phones went dead, the phones never went dead in our house ever. My father worked for Ma Bell in NYC. I called for repair and the repairman came during the repast in the house which was full of NYC phone men (retired and working) drinking a laughing and telling great stories about my dad. The repair guy said I am here to fix the phones (people started laughing). The repairman said what is going on here? I said it is a repast for my father, he was a phone man. My father loved a laugh and made sure that he was still there telling his jokes in his new way and making us still laugh.

    I love and miss them both in the earthly sense, but not only do they live in my heart and mind I know they are there. Like John Lennon said “It’s like getting out of one cab and getting into another” George Harrison said something to the effect of when the body breaks down or is taken, you shed it like taking off a suit and have the astral body.

  368. Turia

    I lost my father February 1, 2012, he was 11 days shy of his 87th birthday so I know I am blessed to have him for this long. Since he has passed my sister keeps getting thoughts from him things she needs to find and doesn’t know where, who or what they are and calls me because I have her answers. I wasn’t open to it at first but the other night as I closed my eyes there was a kaleidoscope of black and white images running in and out of each other sort of like old film ( my father was in the film business) and then I heard a male voice say my name. The next day my sister asked me about the date 1976 and wanted be to check the family tree for births and deaths, I didn’t find anything there but later that day I was reading to her ode to my father and I realised the date of 1976 on it was incorrect it was supposed to be 1965. Last night nothing at first but as I woke up we were sitting of an old sofa bed (he used to sleep on one) and he said why don’t we leave it open. I don’t know the meaning of this yet but will keep searching. I sometimes think are we just wanting these things to happen is it really him. He was my everything he raised us as our parents were divorced and I miss him so much.

  369. Christine

    Hi, i hv a question that maybe somebody could help me with, my story is not like most everybody elses it was not any of my loved one(s) giving me any signs but rather I had a very questionable dream.On the night of February 2nd I dreamt of one of my coworkers was standing on the right of me and this man about 40s or 50s was standing to the left of me. It was very peaceful and there was no background scenery or such and there were no words spoken that i recall. However, I got the feeling that he was deceased and that he was either her father or like a father figure to her I do not know how in the dream I knew that but i just did. Now the next day at work I happened to work with her and i was going to tell her the dream on my break like i usually tell her my crazy odd dreams but I did not have time… Later that day at work (I admit) I checked my facebook wall quickly on my cell phone and discovered my first post on my wall was from sam from well after i was in bed the night I had the dream about a man that had been dating her mother till she was about seven and was her father figure had died the very day of the night that I had dreamt that. Now i asked her about that post at work and told her why i had asked n about my dream. Now without hearing about him dying not knowing him never meeting him no way of knowing how could i have dreamt something like that? am i going crazy or is there a reasonable explantation. Now when I told her i know she blieved me and she said that he had left their family wen she was seven and until then she had always believed that he was her father however he was not and she hadnt been in contact with him very much but awhile ago. Also in the obit. they listed her as his daughter but her brother as his step son. please help with any advice?… also sorry to all those who have posted about losing loved ones my heart goes out to all of you i cannot imagine however i do blieve all those signs are blessings.

  370. P Nag

    I am from India. I am the only son of my beloved father. I am now 35 years old,my father-70 years old.

    He was suffering from last stage of gall bladder cancer with liver metastasis and he survived full 8 course of chemotherapy and other supportive treatment for 18 months and ultimately expired on 18th Oct,2010.

    However till date, I always dream of my beloved dad whom I loved the most, daily- like I am gossiping with my dad when I was young/ Going out for vacation with my mom and dad in school and college days etc.

    Sometimes in my dream I see that I am crying inconsolably but when I wake up, i see that i am normal, no water in my eyes.

    My mother is still alive and ok.

    Am I suffering from hallucination or depression?

    Is there any remedy?

  371. harry

    christine, don,t be surprised at what can and does happen, whether in dreams or waking hours, they used to say theres more in heaven and earth than meets the eye, well they should have said more out on the astral and earth than meets the eye, but they were perfectly correct, there is more than the average person would care to take in, you just be thankfull that you are sensitive enough or that entities are trying to make you aware of things,it doesn,t happen to everyone, i know it can be a pain trying to work out what it all means and may be you never will 100% but as for you going funny- forget it, because if you were it would happen in your conscious time, so just be grateful, ok luv, be good- stay brite- nite nite, luv harry

  372. harry

    p nag, not likely that your going strange if as you say it only happens in sleep or dream mode, however you may consider that its your fathers way of telling you that he is just like he used to be- at his best, you see thats how they are when they pass over, no ills – no ailments – just at there best at all times, its a long story and you probably would not want to go into it, especially if you have pre conceived ideas about death and the here after, as for you crying in these dreams – when put together with the rest of the drean (if dreams they be)he could be telling you not to grieve for him, all a bit complex i am affraid to explain- at least to someone who hasn,t been involved in the paranormal in any way, however theres nothing to worry about, stay calm and be of good cheer because your father is in the better place now, where we all will eventually return, regards- harry

  373. Linda G.


    Yes, I agree about the brainwashing, and they do it young. I went to church with my ex-boyfriend once and the priest called all the little ones up to the front (perhaps 3 to 6 year olds), and started shoving pieces of chocolate in their mouths — not kidding. I was appalled! I guess he was getting them ready for the wafer.

  374. Jess

    My Grandmother passed away this week between the hours of 1:30 and 5:00am on Feb. 22nd, 2012. My family knew she was dying as a result of her alzheimers disease. The day she passed the doctors had said she only had a few hours to 5 days to live. When i received this news i had just woken up from a dream about my grandmother passing away. it felt so real. 10 minutes after i woke my mother called me and informed of this. Then at 3:30am on Feb. 22nd my dog who was just laying there calm and relaxed suddenly shot up and sat there staring at something in the room although nothing was there. Then he proceeded to follow this something that was nothing with his eyes and began growling and barking (he is a very well behaved quite dog so this was out of the norm for him and he’s never done this before) then he ran out of the room into the hallway as if he was trying to scare something off and again i looked and nothing was there. I checked my phone for any missed calls cuz i had a gut feeling it was my grandmother i didn’t have any. I woke up the next afternoon and i missed a call form my mother. i called her back and she informed me that they had found my Grandma had passed on when they checked on her at 5am. She was already cold so she had been free of her body for a few hours prior. so then i started to think for sure it was my grandma who visited me cuz i asked her if she could hear me that when she passed she somehow let me know. Then last night it was around 2 or 3am my boyfriend and i were laying in bed. i had my arms folded across my chest and my boyfriends back was to me. i was thinking about my grandma and wondering if she was happy now where she is. Next thing i know my boyfriend asks me if i touch his back. At this moment my arms were still crossed on my chest and i told him no. i asked him “why” and he said “someone just touched my back”. he told me it felt as though someones hand was already resting there and he didn’t realize until someone lifted their hand slowly off his back and the gently pressure was released. The rest of that night i kept hearing things being moved around the room, but my dog was sleeping cuz i checked and there was no other explanation. i remember at one point i was laying in bed and i suddenly just felt very calm and at peace that i was drifting off to sleep smiling. It is only Feb. 23rd im sure im bound to feel my grandma’s presence around me some more.

  375. Lisa

    Hi Harry,

    I was always a sceptic of the paranormal until i lost my Dad in december and strange little things started happening and i find great comfort in knowing that he is still around us and not suffering anymore. My question is what actually happens at the moment of death and in the first few days after? – Lisa

  376. Bonnie

    Dear Kersi, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved son. You are not going crazy, you have suffered the worse loss a mother could have. I lost my 25 year old son a year ago and have found much help from other parents at The Compassionate Friends website. I talk to other parents who have lost a child on their facebook page. If you Google them you can find support there. (( HUGS))

  377. Kersi

    Thanks Bonnie – I really to speak to someone, it makes me feel a bit light and reduces the burden on my heart. I shall connect with the Compassionate Friends blog.

  378. harry

    lisa, always get back if you want answers, well when we leave our earthly bodies there sre 2 or 3 scenarios, for instance if someone has suddenly met with a fatal accident and the loss of life was quick- the deceased may decide to hang around for a time for differing reasons may be to view how the family or loved ones are taking things, or may be they are not sure they are deceased yet or whatever, some may go over almost immediately, but under all circumstances spirits come to meet them, could be their guides or passed family members or loved ones, but eventually we all will pass, there are a small number of spirits that can get type of land locked for longer periods but we won.t go into that, on leaving the earthly shackle of the body behind they will soon realise that they can travel places by using thought, you see everything is energy, and although we vibrate at different rates its a fact that they know what we are thinking, so there is no hiding the way we feel about them because they know already if we loved them or not, so theres not a chance that they do not know already, there is a lot more to tell if you need to know but it takes a bit to get used to things that you previously did not even believe, safe to say that your dad is just fine and still periodically watching over you, so be of good cheer because if you are happy then you will be helping him move on, without concern for your being upset over his passing too much, there are many spheres on the astral plane and when one progesses onward its possible to reach ever higher and higher status, if there is anything else just ask, have a good day and be cheerfull, X

  379. Kersi

    Harry – before his death my son Parzan maintained a diary and used to write things that were very confidential with him. I read in his diary he had a premonition – he dream’t that he was travelling with his grandma and sister when he got down to pick up some stuff and saw two cars coming from either direction. In his dream he was 15 yrs then and was confused as to how to save himself from the two cars coming in his direction. Before he could think of a way he ended his comment putting ……..and concluded “that was my bad luck”. I feel so remorseful that had I understood his dream probably I could have saved him.

  380. harry

    kersi, you are not very specific with your last posting, originally you say that your son was 11 when he passed and i assume he would be 12 now, you asy you found a diary he kept- well was this only found recently ? if not why did you not mention it earlier ? you also say that he was 15 in his dream- which was noted in the diary- i find it hard to see why he should be seeing himself as 15 in this dream- or even that a figure was mentioned as there is no such thing as time as we know it on the astral, if it was some kind of warning to watch out for when he was 15 i could reconcile that- but seeing he didn,t get to 15 anyway i think that there are somethings lacking in your post, furthermore the comments in the diary that you post are incomplete- but to your thinking that you may have been able to have done something to have saved him if you had understood the dream- well how could you ? the diary was private and i assume you would not have seen it, also the details you submit are incomplete, and due to the fact that he was 15 in the dream anyway i think we should just leave this dream in obeyance and just call it a dream and no more, and certainly not a premonition or communication, you see we dream all the time anyway and on the odd occassion if we do get contact during sleep mode then we are posed with the problem of unravelling what we dreamed about to try to disseminate what was rubbish and what was communication, if you wanted to submit the whole diary entry i would look at it at face value- but seeing that it was supposed to be private and that there isn,t much chance of it meaning much anyway you probably would,t do that, just as a matter of interest, what is your familys extrction ? could it be spanish, you called your son parzan which is a very nice name and one that appeals to me greatly it is also the name of a little spanish place, on the other hand i think this name can be found in asian continents, stop beating yourself up- you could not have done anything- just let your son see that you can cope with your loss so that he can progress on without being tied to earth too much, ok luv harry X

  381. missy

    pooja im so sorry for your loss of your cat i cryed so hard reading what you wrote animals dont know how long they are suposed to live and thet except what they go threw.i wish i could suffer in stead of the animals. i love them so much. i feel for the people who love their pets.i wish you peace. look up pets comming back to vist after they die. i have read some storys. ad i sometimes feel a cat jump on my bed when their was no cats.take care .i will pray tonight for u and kitty.love peace

  382. missy

    pooja i forgot, i also dream of my kittys ive lost alot.hope you do to. that kitty knew they were loved

  383. Louisa

    Hi, I’m from a family of 8 (4 girls 4 boys) we lost our beloved younger sister in 2000 (17yrs old) died of an aneurism. In 2006 we lost our beloved Mother (53 1/2 yrs old) due to complications. WE MISS THEM SOOOOOOO MUCH and our family is not the same. Before our younger sister died she had “visions” kind of like a 6th sense. She had told us that she was sitting in the park (during the day) reading a book when she heard a baby cry coming from behind the public toilets in the park, she went over to see if there really was an infant crying but there was nobody, so she went back to her spot in the park and continued reading when this guy appeared from nowhere near the public toilets. Our sister described him as like “looking into a mirror” he was well dressed and well spoken he looked a lil older than her (say a couple of years?) I remember my sister saying “he was dressed in winter clothing on a hot summer day” this guy walks up to my sister and asks her “hows Mum?” and my sister said “You mean MY Mum?” and he goes “Hows Mum?” and she said “Good” he then said to her “tell Mum to keep taking her tablets” and “You’ve got something wrong with your heart” you see my sister used to get a bit iffy when people talk about her heart as she had Rheumatic Fever due to a leaky valve in her heart. So she was kinda angry then this guy says to her “Have the operation” and that he sends his love to us all. When my sister looked down and up to answer him he was gone! She came home that day and told us…my Mum said it must’ve been Steven (our brother that died-stillborn). I’m sorry i don’t think I can write anymore it’s too emotional…:( i’m sorry i started…:( my minds going back to that horrible place “sadness/emptiness” knowing that my Mum and my sister are gone! sorry…just getting teary eyed…

  384. Louisa

    The thing that got us about our younger sister the day of her operation was Monday 18.09.00 before they wheeled her in (after our prayers with her in her hosp room) she said to us “i’ll be home on Friday”. Friday 22.09.00 was the day she came home in a casket 🙁 the out of it feeling is that I video diary’d (sorry is there such a word? you know what i mean) her last weeks in hosp with us, coz after work i’d go straight to the hosp everyday (both my older sister and I as our immediate family moved overseas) it’s sad that you’d think your loved one will pull through, but sadly she did not. We miss her SOOOO MUCH she was hillarious and was soooo tough for her age. If she were here now, I’d love to kiss her and HUG her for the years that we’ve missed each other. Would love to see what she would’ve looked like now…maybe our lives could’ve been different?? Would love to have that sisterly catchup, goss etc…I think of her as going on a long vacation 🙂

    We feel that what added to our Mum’s illness was that of a broken heart (was never over the death of our younger sister) Mum was our ROCK and HEART of our family, BACKBONE and glue to the extended family. I won’t go into detail about what happened to our Mum as it’s just too painful. When my son (8mths at the time) and I were saying goodbye (knowing she was going to pass) (sorry just crying and typing) she had the strength to tell me and baby to “go away” I took it as..she didn’t want us kids to see her that way…she was very very ill in a bad way 🙁 we all took turns (us older lot) looking after Mum in hosp (4 of us siblings were adult kids at the time as the younger 3 were YOUNG, the baby of us lot was 7yrs old) my 2nd eldest sister was on night duties with Mum, she got a phone call from security saying that there was a young girl and an “aunty” wanting to come up and visit my Mum at 9:30pm when visiting hours were long over (8pm) so my sister and Mum waited and waited but to no avail..nobody showed up, so that was pretty weird. The day Mum passed away my sister and I were sooo hungry/tired that we went to get brekky then home for a lil nap (we left the hosp 5am), we just got home when the phone rang around 6:15am it was our Aunty (Mums younger sister) saying for us to come to the hosp NOW as Mum just passed away. The whole family were in the room we couldn’t find space to sit, I was ANGRY AT Mums family for being in that room and not letting us kids and our Dad have OUR TIME or ALONE TIME TO SAY OUR GOODBYES. We all felt for Dad as he wanted so much to be alone with Mum but her WHOLE family were there and the room was packed. For the whole week (we had Mums body home in the casket) cats were crying outside our windows nightly, it got to the point where i wanted to throw something at them, so i kept chasing them away but they kept coming back.

    After Mums death, I went into surgery, my gall bladder/stones removed and d&c (couple of mths after Mums funeral) I felt a warm presence near my bedside and I just smiled knowingly it was her sitting there on the empty seat by my bed. I knew I was safe and I know she visits us when she can. 2yrs after her death, my older sister and her kids came over for a holiday with me and my family, we were catching up with all the family and we lost track of the time it was 2:30am! lol I went outside for a ciggie when my 2yr old son woke up and was watching me from inside, I go over to him and he’s looking side by side and said to me “Nana’s here…she’s gone now..” I was like..”what?” then my son went back to the room to sleep. The next day I tell my older sister of what my son said and my older sister says to me “Yeah I dreamnt of Mum last night..” I soooo believe that she came to us that night and all those other nights that we feel a WARM presence we know it’s her or our sister…WE LOVE YOU MUM AND SIS! Dear Lord Jesus please tell them we love them and miss them sooo much..our angels in heaven Rest In Love! I LOVE THIS THREAD – LOVE AND PRAYERS TO YOU ALL, GOD BLESS!!! xoxoxo

  385. Georgie

    Hi, I am still waiting for a sign…… My darling, beautiful baby boy Blake went to sleep on the morning of 13/02/12 and never woke up, he was just 10 weeks old. I am straining, constantly asking him for a sign that he is safe, and happy, and loved as much as he was here. It was sudden, and as far as we know at the present moment he wasn’t ill. He was a happy, contented baby BUT 7 years ago he came to me in a dream n said, I’ve got to go now Mummy. That was when I was pregnant with my daughter, I could never shake the feeling that should I ever have a boy, he wouldn’t be with me long, I just couldn’t believe it when it happened though, I need so much to know he’s still here. I thought I felt him the night of his passing, but my daughter has seen him n talked to him in a dream. Now, if he managed to get a message to me BEFORE he was born, why not now ? Any advice would be appreciated. Baby Blake, 04.12.11 to 13.02.12, always my beautiful, blue-eyed baby boy xxxxxx

  386. Shelley

    My dad just passed away early in the morning on February 10th at the age of 55 in hospice. He had emphysema and was in a coma for 2 days before he passed. He couldn’t speak or really respond to much for a few days before that, plus he had a bipap mask to help him breathe.
    A few hours after his passing, my sister and I came home and basically passed out from lack of sleep. I had a vivid dream that we were sitting in hospice with my dad…just like the few hours we sat with him before he passed, except he looked more “alive” and was only wearing a nasal cannula for oxygen. He had his eyes closed and smiled a big smile…he mumbled that he was ok, he loved us, don’t worry and that he couldn’t talk. I think he was trying to communicate with us since he couldn’t while we were there with him before his passing. I’ve had other dreams, but this one really stuck with me.

  387. Anon

    The dead do not communicate with us at all. My dad died in 1997 and I was unable to say good bye or grieve due to shock. Till this day I have the rare dream of my dad. Dad only appears when I am very stressed. In every dream he is rendereing assistance to me eg navigating a vehicle and reading a map or keeping sentry at my house that was burgled shortly before my dream. After his death, I kept his photo in my bedroom. I relocated to another town but his photo remained in my old bedroom. At the beginning of January this year I removed dad’s photo from my old bedroom and brought it to my current home where I actually live. I now have the photo in my new bedroom. Well, about three weeks after the removal of dad’s photo, my old house was burgled. This was the first burglary ever in my old house. I sometimes comfort myself by saying that dad was keeping sentry at my old house. Now I have taken to talking to dad’s photo. But I do believe that spirits don’t exist. We merely comfort ourself by correlating certain events to an act of the spirit of a dearly departed loved one. I mean, I was close to my dad and he is the only one I ever dream about; I don’t ever have meaningful dreams of other departed relatives. Whe I die, I just want to go and never to return to guide or assist the living.

  388. Anna

    Georgie, I am so sorry about your baby. It sounds like he had a loving mom while he was alive, and it also sounds like the whole thing would have been pre-arranged. I mean, the fact that he came to you in a dream a long time prior to the time he was born shows that it was pre-arranged as a growth experience for both of you, although I know that won’t make it hurt any less. I am sure he is looking down on you and smiling.

    Best wishes.

  389. harry

    georgie, it sounds like anna may have hit the nail firmly on the head with saying that it was pre arranged, however to say this really assumes that the person (ie you)is familliar with what happens before a spirit is reborn, also that you believe in re incarnation at all, most people i am affraid do not, i think some kind of brief explanation should be given to you to explain this comment, this i would gladly give but i am afraid it couldn,t be that brief, as i am sure anna would agree, however if you wish this i would only be too gratefull to do this, but if you have any pre conceived ideas of heaven and hell as taught in the church you will have to put these firmly on the back burner, or better still toss them out with the rubbish, however whatever your decision you can take it that your little precious is just fine as i know anna is in perfect agreement with this. love harry