Communicating with Spirits that Are Hanging Around Your Home – Should You Do It?

Over the last 12 months I’ve had plenty of questions about ghosts, poltergeists and general spooky stuff.  Seeing as my website is all about the practical aspects of developing intuition, I tend not to focus too much on the spooky stuff. But today is different, being Halloween! So in this short article I’m going to look at one of the spooky questions from the last year.


I’ve become aware of a presence of a spirit in my apartment. I have started to channel it through automatic writing and dowsing with a necklace. Do you have any tips that can help me to communicate with this spirit?

— Nathaniel

My Thoughts:

Nathaniel, my recommendation would be not to channel it.

There is a huge difference between a roaming spirit that is present in your apartment and the spirits you’re meant to communicate with – your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self.

In my experience, it’s OK to channel your spirit guides, but it’s not good to communicate with random spirits who might be present in your apartment.

Here’s why:

The random spirit in your apartment is called an astral entity. That is the technical name for it.  It’s also commonly called a ghost.

An astral entity is a dead person who has not fully crossed over to the astral realm and so a part of them (their emotional or mental body) is still on Earth.

The spirits of dead people (aka astral entities) often hang around hospitals, police stations, funeral parlours, cemeteries, bars, clubs, and hotels.

Why do some people not cross over after death? Well, there can be lots of reasons.  One of them is that the person might have been an addict when they were alive, and they are not willing to cross over into a place where there is no alcohol or whatever drug they were addicted to when they were alive.

Another reason might be that the person believed in hell when they were alive, and they’re afraid they’re going there. The reasons are always negative ones, meaning that dead people who stick around here are generally fearful and/or stuck.

So if you communicate with the astral entity (or dead person) in your apartment, you can be sure that you will not be getting good advice. It’s like going up to a homeless drug addict and channelling them.  You might get some strange and not so coherent answers. They might mess you around a bit. Try it and see (or preferably just take my word for it!) Channelling a dead person is pretty strange. They change their mind a lot and say weird things.

They also draw on your energy and attach to your aura. This is a little bit draining. But mostly they’re pesky because they give rubbish advice.

(You can find out more about astral entities by reading this article.)

Just because a spirit is not in a body does not make it worth channelling!

This topic is quite timely really, because it has a lot to do with Halloween!

Halloween actually originated with the Ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Originally people lit fires and wore costumes in order to ward off roaming ghosts (i.e. the spirits of dead people that I’ve been talking about.)  There was a reason why they did this:

They knew that we should not channel or have random dead people hanging around, unless they are our ancestors (who are different from lost spirits who are just roaming around) or unless we are helping them to cross over.  Astral entities are draining and unhelpful.

Anyone who does psychic development needs to remember this.

Instead, channel your Spirit Guides or your Higher Self.

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are very different from random dead people.  Spirit Guides were the spirits who were assigned to you at birth and sometimes even before you were even born, to give you advice and guidance throughout your earthly life.  These spirits do not draw on your energy at all.

If you’re interested in learning more about spirit guides, read this article: What Are Spirit Guides & How to Work with Them

Your Spirit Guides (unlike random dead people) know you inside out.  They know your soul’s path and lessons.  They are also high vibrational and can see your life from a high vantage point.

Dead people are simply not very useful beings to have around. So save yourself the trouble of channelling this random spirit in your apartment, Nathaniel, and instead learn to communicate with your Spirit Guides or your Higher Self.

In my Intuitive Awakening course we learn how to channel your spirit guides and of course your own soul (also called your ‘higher self’.) We stay away from the astral entities.

I’ve also got some free articles and a free e-book which can start you off.

Here’s the link to download my free e-book if you have not already: 9 Essential Steps to Develop Psychic Abilities

And here are some links to useful articles which focus on spirit guides and other good sources of guidance:

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Happy Halloween!


  1. One time I was dowsing in my apartment and it started saying stuff like, ‘there is no good or evil’ and ‘Hitler is awesome’. I was definitely talking to a bad spirit. Now that I think about it, why was I even asking that shiz? Oh well.

    Now I just muscle-test-talk to my higher-self, my spirit guide, and deities, so whatever.

  2. I would do this in my old house but stopped once I realized darker spirits became more present. The whole process attracts too many spirits to handle and not always the best kind either. It would leave me exhausted and claustrophobic in my room.

  3. A voice of reason, finally :). A lot of “psychics” tell their clients or students to go ahead, and communicate with anything that comes close. So dangerous…

    I use to say that you never know who’s on the other side, unless you’re really, really experienced. And when you are, you rarely talk to anything that doesn’t belong to light.

  4. Totally agree with you here, Anna. I don’t know why someone would want to communicate with whatever happens to be floating about – I have always intentionally avoided it. It’s just logical, isn’t it.

  5. Anna hello – in that case can you clarify what the situation is with mediums who channel and talk to those that have passed? should we be careful that what they are channelling and telling us is perhaps not the best advice?

  6. Hi MCF,

    I am wondering if the distinction between deceased loved ones and astral entities might be a bit blurry for you…

    Mediums channel our deceased loved ones and pass on messages from them. It is OK to channel deceased loved ones, as they are sometimes hanging around us or may periodically check in on us.

    Astral entities are completely different. They have no association or real relationship with us. They don’t know anything about us, like our deceased loved ones and spirit guides do. They are just lost spirits hanging around. They may indeed be someone’s dearly departed relative but they aren’t ours.

    A competent medium will know not to channel astral entities and will be able to protect themselves from channelling astral entities, period. It is a basic thing for mediums and intuitives but you’re right, not all mediums or psychic will know about astral entities and will be able to avoid channelling them.

    If you consult with a medium, choose one who comes recommended, who you trust and who seems like they’re sensible and smart.

  7. I want to reach my deceased grandma……….

  8. Hi Anna,
    I’m reading articles on this site and a few have peaked my interest. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and stories.
    Sometimes–usually when I am listening to silence and relaxing–I pick up on voices. They’ve been unintentional and rare occurrences. It used to frighten me and even made me question my sanity (although, as a student of psychology I’m familiar with and rather confident that I don’t have schizophrenia). I am wondering if what I am hearing are things that are in my own mind, or if I’m picking up on random spirits. The things that come up are bizarre–for instance, talk of dancing–things that really don’t pop into my subconscious very often. Do spirits ever try to communicate in auditory ways?

  9. Hi Anna,

    I like your take on things. So many are unaware of the future ahead and my partner and I are seeking the path of enlightenment. I am semi-spiritual and am finding it very hard to steer life off the course of possesion and modern society but am really trying to do anything possible to re-teach myself all that I knew and that I should know. It really is one of the tougher things in life when you are so new to the earth. 2012 is meant to be the year of cleansing if I am not mistaken, the voice that echoes inside me tells me to go south, so I did in awareness that a large earthquake and tsunami is set for where I lived this year.

    I thought you might be interested in my story, as it is very convincing about what is going to happen this year and has many points of views from friends and in-law relatives that are spiritual and have had the same visions… Do let me know if you would like to hear more, as it would be good to get third party opinions.

    Also, the main reason I was commenting, Astral entities – We feel we have one in our house at the moment. It’s very out there. It walks up the stairs at night, when we are in bed at night it is in our walk in wardrobe making thuds and knocking clothes off our coat hangers. It even makes noises from the nursery room & made a deep groaning sound recently from the closet too. My partner is currently 6 months pregnant and I know our baby inside her stomach can sense this entity and it has us a little worried.

    We are worried, this behaviour is very bold and think what if it’s trying to walk into our babys body before birth. My partner is getting pains and headaches, so could this be feasible? Do let me know what you think.


  10. im 15 and my dad passed away two days before my 12th birthday due to depression/suicide. I used to live in new york and I recently moved to florida. I have been experiencing strange things. Recently I decided to pursue my career in the military after I get my high school diploma and I want to enlist into the Marines. About 1 or 2 nights after really thinking about enlisting into the Marines I had a dream(this was months before I started hearing a girl’s voice) but I had a dream. It scared me. I was a Marine sitting behind a sandbag bunker with other fellow US Marines and I’m smiling watching my post on top of a fortified rooftop and out of no where I hear one of the Marines next to me scream,”AMBUSH.” and out of no where I hear bullets wizz by my head and one bullet hits my neck and it was extremely hot and I felt the blood squirt everywhere. I then woke up right after that happened and I was sweating.(months later the voice began) At first it was just clearly whispering my name, it sounded like a girls voice. I asked if it was a girl I went to middle school with(she was hit by a car and killed instantly) but there was no answer. A few nights later I woke up from a dream in which I don’t recall but I immediately said,”Your mother?” I have no idea why I said it, but then again I have been joking around in school a lot saying Your mother to my friends, as a joke. But then I hear a response that say’s as clear as day,”Don’t talk about my mother.” I quickly said,”I’m sorry I didn’t mean it, it was a joke.” It’s response was either,”it’s okay, or okay.” Should I ask who they are? My dad? My middle school classmate that was hit by a car who I talked to in class? It sounds like a girl my age’s voice though! Should I be praying? Is it telling me not to pursue my dreams to become a United States Marine? I have plenty of questions to ask it, but Anna what do I do in your honest opinion! And just recently Ive been very scared lately. After hearing multiple times it eventually escalated to me hearing a clear but low laugh. An evil laugh, I think it was satin, mocking me, trying to scare me, I told it to leave in the name of Jesus christ and I still feel a presence when i sleep on my stomach . I’m getting really scared. I try not to show it when it starts though . I don’t give any power to show me being scared so I yell at it

  11. A year ago me my mom and her boyfriend moved into anpartment together. Not long after we moved in I felt a presence actually 2 presence in the apartment. A female and a male I didnt say anything at the time cause I didnt want anyone to think I was crazy. Until one day my mom and a friend of mine where talking and they both mentioned that they could feel it too we started asking eachother where eachother saw movements and we all saw the same thing. My moms boyfriend said he was the only one who didnt see it and we were all crazy. I think he did and could feel it too he just had this thing with making me feel crazy. Anyways my experiece with the presence was much more different than my moms or my friends.

    The male presence was usally only in the living room or kitchen and my moms and bfs room. He never went in my room I could always feel him backing up once he got to my door. For the female I could always feel her around me not matter where I was but my moms rooms I wanna say I dont think she ever went in there even if I was in there. There would be times when I would be in a room somwhere in the apt and I would hear a woman whisper my name so lightly and at times when this would happen I was the only one in the house thats when I felt both presence intensly when I was alone I felt it no matter if people where in the house but when I was alone thats when I could really feel it. I could go on and on about it..But Ive already said alot on it.

    My friend said he felt like she was protecting me that he could tell she was following me around and that something bad happend. I dont know if that was him tust trying to help me out because I never experienced anything like that expect with my dead grandma So I was spooked out by it. Now I think about it I dont think she was trying to hurt me I think she wanted to tell me something But Im not sure I still get scared when I think about it I dont know exactly what it means and why I was the one who always felt both presence the most and was the one who heard the voices of them and the shody images and other thing when My mom and her friend just could feel the presence and see the shadowy images is all.

    I do know before we moved into the apartment it was a storage place for the apartment for 2 years until they rented it to us.

    I have since moved out of the apartment in Dec.2011

    But I still feel like I should know and understand why I was chosen to feel hear and see showdy images of their presence.

    I ask you this what should I do to find out why me? And can I still find out why me?