Do You Have the Spirits of Your Ancestors Around You?

Updated 29th June 2021.

I recently received this question from Abby, a student of my Intuitive Awakening Course:

“After my father passed away last year, I became really interested in my ancestry.

As part of my genealogical research, I found out that I come from one of the very first settler families to come over to the USA in the 1600’s. I traced my family line back to the 1500s in England and became fascinated by them. Through collecting hundreds of years’ worth of documents, I learned about their lives, including their occupations, dowries, and divorces. I became very attached to this project, have been feeling quite connected to my ancestors and even imagined what they might have looked like.

My question is the following: do our ancestors (i.e. the people that we share DNA with) have any connection to our souls? Are lineages important to our souls? Or, when we decide to reincarnate, do we “shrug off” previous lifetime biological connections?” 

~ Abby

Hi Abby,

This is such an interesting question!

I’ve heard lots of stories like this, where people do genealogical research and feel a spiritual connection with one or two ancestors, or even have strange dreams, synchronicities and signs involving their ancestors.

For example, when my mother was doing genealogical research several years back, I had a dream with a sense of unease to it – that one of our ancestors was disturbed and ‘turning in their grave’. My mother later told me that at that time she had found out something scandalous in the family history that my grandmother (and possibly our other ancestors) did not want us to know about.

Another interesting anecdote that comes to mind is when I stayed in a holiday home in the Scottish Highlands last autumn. It was a cute little place that had nautical themed décor and an old painting of a ship in a storm hanging in the living room that just drew me to it.

I couldn’t stop looking at the painting.

When I asked the owner about it she told me a cool story…

She was writing a book about her father, who was a famous Scottish artist. As part of this, she employed a genealogist to track the family tree back as far as possible.

The genealogist discovered that her great, great, great grandfather was a Corsican who was volunteered by his family at 12 years old to join the British Royal Navy. His name was Antonio.

Like you, Abby, she was fascinated with her ancestor and she spent a lot of time reading up on how life might have been for him at sea as a 12-year-old. She looked up pictures of the various ships he might have been on and also imagined what he might have looked like.

Then one day she was browsing in a little antique store that had just opened in the next town from where she lived, when she was immediately drawn to an 1810 painting that was hanging on the back wall of the shop. It was a painting of a ship in a hurricane, near Port Louis, Mauritius. She thought it looked like the sort of ship her ancestor Antonio might have sailed in.

When she looked into it, she was astounded to realize – it WAS an actual ship Antonio had sailed in. According to the naval records, Antonio was in the battle of Port Louis in 1810 and was one of the few survivors of that storm.

feeling connected to ancestors

Not Antonio’s ship…just a random painting of a ship in a storm!

So was this just a coincidence?

How did a picture of Antonio’s stormy journey on that ship make its way to his descendant – and in an antique store in a little Highland town a couple of hundred years later? (and just around the time she had been researching him?)

I believe that when we do research into our ancestors, their soul becomes aware of it – it’s like being ‘pinged’ spiritually and they may respond by coming into our dreams, sending us little signs and even coming through in mediumship readings.

So what is the spiritual connection between us and our ancestors?

We have a soul connection with our ancestors mostly in the sense that they have a hand in setting up the familial circumstances for us to incarnate into.

I believe that before we are even born, our soul decides on what we want to experience and learn during the upcoming incarnation. And as part of that, we choose the body, family and location that are perfect for what we want to learn and experience.

So, I believe you selected your family (and your ancestry), Abby, based on what your soul needs and wants in this lifetime, and your ancestors were the architects of those circumstances, to some extent.

Now let’s go back in time….  

Let’s imagine that a person who lived a few hundred years ago in your family, let’s call her Sarah, had a very difficult lifetime. Perhaps Sarah was born into a violent home with a lot of problems and not much love.

Let’s imagine that when Sarah had an opportunity to leave home and marry, she decided to marry someone who she felt would be able to give her children a different family experience from the one she had had.  And she knew she would not bring up her children from a place of harshness. It took a lot of courage and sacrifice to give her children what she never had, but she turned it around and her children inherited love (mostly), not abuse or dysfunction. This was Sarah’s life work and what a turning around of difficult circumstances. Well done, Sarah!

As Sarah, wouldn’t you be interested to take a peek and see what your descendants do with that legacy?

This is what our ancestors do. They are interested

We inherit things from them – things that were interwoven with their own journey here on earth. And then we get to play with those things. We can inherit a background of love that we need for a particular lifetime. We can also inherit hard experiences, such as abandonment, abuse, or grief. Sometimes it can be material legacies that are passed down through generations. Other times it is practical skills that are passed down.

We even inherit their physical issues

Recent discoveries in the field of epigenetics have shown that the effects of our ancestors’ experiences and traumas (such as famines) may also live within our own bodies and nervous systems once we incarnate.

A well-known example is that of descendants of Holocaust survivors, who have different levels of certain stress hormones in their bodies than other Jewish people who did not have ancestors who experienced the Holocaust. As a result, ancestors of Holocaust survivors are more prone to anxiety disorders.

In this way, the impact of past events can be felt across generations, not just through the familial scenarios that are passed down from one generation to the next, but also in the neurochemicals that are coursing through our blood.

But whatever it is they pass down to us, I believe our ancestors are often a little bit invested in us and our story. And when we research them and look into their story, their soul becomes aware of it, and so the interest is going two ways, even though we’ve never met in the physical.

Our ancestors can also root for and look out for us, in much the same way as deceased loved ones do. In many cases, they want us to heal or resolve any family issues that affect us. So ancestral spirits are more likely to show up around not just those who are doing genealogical research but also around people like Sarah (from my example), who is on a path of healing family of origin issues, and engaged in turning that lineage around.

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  1. Joanne Dixon

    Oh, such a fascinating read ~ thanks so much for posting. I loved reading it. Joanne

  2. Mary

    Eleven years ago, my late husband was in intensive care and in a coma. The ten days before he passed away was of course quite stressful for me. One night during this trying time I woke from sleep and cried out, I was sure I saw someone very clearly standing beside my bed looking down at me as if seeing if I was alright I knew though exactly who this person was, It was my Aunt who died before I was born I had a picture of her so knew what she looked like. I was named after her. She died young of TB, she had a child who also died. I believed then and still believe that she came to see about me. I always felt a special connection with her, because her life was short and knew how it must have grieved her, knowing she would have to die and leave her husband behind. On yet another night during that time, I was awakened by my bedroom door opening and shutting… She or someone else seeing about me? The door was shut and there was no one else in the room, yet I knew I’d been visited. I will always be grateful for those visits and even now I am touched to tears just thinking about it.

  3. Mark P.

    In respect to people reincarnating, have you ever seen any proclivity for people to incarnate into the same family lineage? For instance, could I be the reincarnation of my great, great uncle on my Father’s side of the family, Or could I be my great, great, great grandmother from my Mom’s side of the family?

  4. BP

    I love the question posed as I tend to think this way–everything is connected regardless of whether or not we fully understand. And I love the response as well as I’d like to believe people can find closure and circumstances be resolved. Thank you for posting this.

  5. Shari

    Dear Anna, I am 61 years old and I had a very abusive childhood. I resolved to turn my life around and make a different life for my own children so that they grew up in a home of love. I didn’t realize their father was abusing them until my eldest was in middle school and the school reported him to Child Protective Services. My childhood had replayed in my children’s childhoods much to my horror.

    I had discovered that my husband was cheating on me with multiple women as well and it was easy for me to divorce him to help my kids get away from the stress of living with that. As I tried to date again I found that I attracted narcissistic men who would try to use me and who had other girlfriends on the side so I would quickly break up with them. After my divorce I remained single for 21 years.

    A man that I’d dated on and off for 12 years, who’d remained my friend all that time, finally gave me a ring and said he was ready to commit to me. He said that the next ring would be an engagement ring, and he acted so sincere and wonderful. I found out 6 months later that the whole time wed been living together, he had another girlfriend on the side. He told me she knew about me and was chasing HIM. But I finally discovered none of that was true. She didn’t know about me at all and that he’d been messing with other women besides her. I found evidence of all of the women. I tried to get him to tell me the truth as he insisted I’m the only woman he wants and that I’m imagining things. But I found the evidence of his texts, phone calls, and meetings kept in a sort of diary, all written in his own hand. He refuses to admit any of it and becomes violent when I bring it up so I will need to move when he isn’t home, unaware of what I’m doing.

    I’m going to be 62 this year and I don’t understand how this continues to happen. Other women have found men who are faithful and honest with them so all men can’t be dishonest and abusive, right? My experience has been different and I think I’m destined to be alone for the rest of my life. How can I find out why that is or if I can change this pattern? Everyone tells me I look 20 years younger than I am and they think I’m attractive and sweet.

    I guess I’m puzzled why I keep attracting this when I know very mean women who have husbands who wouldn’t dare look at another woman!

  6. David H Dawalt

    Thanks Anna. I look forward to your blog posts. What you say here is well written and entirely consistent with what I’ve read from other sources. I’ve also read that some people prefer to reincarnate in family groups. In one incarnation you may be the father and in another the mother and in another the son. You may also just be a good friend or the grocer down the street. You and your family experience different cultures and different races with the objective of being well rounded and to help you meet your spiritual goals. At some point you will complete the life cycle and move on to greater things. During any particular incarnation there are spirits in your family that are not currently incarnated are very interested in your progress and are available to help.

    I’ll digress a little here, but I’ve also read that pursuing spiritual goals, as you are doing here by taking Anna’s course, can reduce the number of life cycles required to prepare for advancing beyond the earth cycle. And skills you learn in this life can be carried over to the next.

    So in that regard, I have two questions for Anna. First, was there anything I said here that gives you heartburn? And second, do ancestors sometimes serve as spirit guides? I don’t recall ever coming across that one, but it seems logical that they would.

  7. Jay

    When I was about 5 or 6 years old my grandfather lived down the street from me. He was retired and passed his time making craft items such as windmills, whirligigs, and other things. Well, one such item that he made was what called a “bottle cap man”. It was shaped like a man holding a bowl out in front of him and a bowl on his head like a hat. The arms and legs were made of old bottle caps strung together with wire.

    Well, I thought these things were the coolest things so I ask my grandfather if he could make me one. He said sure but I needed to let him know what color bowls I wanted. I told him “ORANGE”. (Orange has always been my favorite color and still is today) He said “I don’t have orange bowls so you will have to pick one from the colors that I have.”
    He had blue, green, pink, and yellow. I figured yellow was the closest color he had to orange so that is what I picked.

    Time passed and one day I was told that my grandfather had gotten two orange bowls by mistake when he ordered his bowls. He wanted to know if I wanted to replace the bottle cap guy I had with one with orange bowls or keep the one I had since I might have gotten attached to it. I was also told that he already had a lady that wanted to buy the orange bottle cap man so it was alright if I didn’t want it. I kind of wanted it but I hated to see him to lose out on a sale and I hated to see this lady lose out on the one she wanted because there was only ONE orange bottle cap man so I passed on it.

    (Fast forward 50 years later). I was at an antique store the other day and I found the “orange bottle cap man”. It was the same exact one my grandfather had made. Obviously he worked to get this back to me when lady had passed on. Incredible!

  8. chandi

    I lost my husband 2 years ago suddenly after a heart attack. We had been in love for 45 years but since he was married was able to marry only 7 years prior to his demise. I am devastated and miss him as we were inseparable and were always
    together in work and family life. Since I married late I do not have any children. There are times I feel his presence telepathically. Up to few a months ago since his death my phone flickers especially in the mornings and I use to feel it is him letting me know of his presence. Now I do not get this, but some times I sense fragrance of incense. I was earlier a very quiet person dependent on him, and now become strong and I feel it is his spirit guiding me. Please let me know whether it is my imagination or whether his spirit is always near me. If it is not imagination, how can I feel his spirit more. -chandi

  9. Julia white

    Hi all,
    When I was suffering with agoraphobia and unable to branch out much at all I read a lot of spiritual material and went ‘within’ instead.
    I meditated with my various crystals and put them on different chakras in an effort to heal my past.
    The very first day I did this I had a vision,there were sounds, smells even, feelings of loss and fear, clear sight and at one time the patronising voice of a man telling me off for daring to presume that my fears had come down mothers ancestral line, they hadn’t and then battered home to me the ancestor on my dads side who I had seen in my vision.
    The one where the answers lay.
    In 2012 I had studied genealogy and knew a few names so when I heard that name I knew who she was.
    I was simply stunned, and didn’t know how to process.I need not have worried.
    Out of the blue I received a phone call from a medium I knew from many years ago, this man had helped me a lot at various times of my life but especially when my father died..
    He told me he had sold his house and as he was unable to read and write would I be so kind as to do this for him.
    as I was familiar with where he lived and was comfortable there I knew I was able to help.
    I’m so glad I did.
    I went to his place the following day, and did what he needed.When I was done he asked me if I would like a reading, I said no as I had been working a lot on myself I didn’t need to know the future..we decided he would read my past lives.
    The very first life he went back to went like this,it’s 1900, it’s London, there’s a smell of open drains and horse poo, cobbled streets ,you are running scared along these streets, red dress which he described in detail, my voluptuous hair piled up on my head..there’s more much more and the fact that I was a ‘lady if the night’.
    All of this was exactly as I had seen ..even his choice of words was the same ..poverty and squalor.
    He was lovely and explained that I must not feel shame only love for what in that life I had no choice but to do.
    I already knew all of this but the sense of validation was overwhelming.
    He also giggled a bit when he asked his guide what my current husband in this life was doing when I was in that life.
    Apparently he was the local policeman,and in fact used to arrest me to keep me off the streets ,to give me a meal and a dry bed for the night.
    He loved me then but in those days policemen simply did not marry prostitutes.
    He’s same in this life, always supportive, promoting me , if I struggle we struggle together.He has a fair balanced and even handed approach to life which would be good for a policeman.
    It does not stop there, but that’s when I realised Nellie was involved.As in I had channelled my great gran and then someone else channelled these same exact vision of her.
    I continued to study, to read ,to meditate and to spend time in contemplation with a lot of crystal.
    I took up astrology as well, it’s an obsession.Due to agoraphobia I had the time ..
    I know now I am Nellie.
    I am re doing Nellie shall we say.
    I know how she lived and how she died..and it’s not what’s on the death certificate.
    I know of her legacy as I am it.
    I am here to put it right.
    I have four children.
    The line above me and below her were blighted by her, by her lifestyle and by her choice of husband and his lifestyle and choices which impacted their children and subsequent line.
    I am getting the answers every day from spirit.As to why I am the way I am, if I don’t know something I only have to ask, and I will be enlightened.
    I am a medium now although a closet one..just working daily to unravel the miserable lives that were wasted and spoiled.
    All the ancestors on that side including her were gifted healers and psychics, I believe none of them knew.
    I know and I have no choice but to use it.
    All my Pisces planets are giving me no choice as I have this blessed agoraphobia.
    And I mean blessed as without it I would never have been brought to my knees where I am still getting up from.
    You see I’m blessed and cursed in the same place in my birth we all are..
    What a wonderful world..universe.

  10. Julia white

    Hi again,
    In follow up to the last post..also from me.
    I forgot to put in that in this life ,my first two children were from William..william was nellies husband in that life.
    We met we had unfinished business in that life..we were attracted as soul mates..but they not all good for us…I never knew this in 1991 ..not actually till 2012 and now we going round again.
    Creating more karma together which needs working through.
    We are separated and I now happily married to my ‘policeman’.
    He unfortunately is not sufficiently enlightened to have changed or grown much since our 1900 life.

  11. Paul Schofield

    Well that was a really interesting question, answer, and commentary!

    For Shari I would like to say please don’t give up hope of finding a good man, there are quite a few out there, always, always, worth asking spirit to help by thought or prayer, (which are the same things anyway), if you haven’t already done so.

    And also try to keep in mind that you do definitely deserve a good man, as what we think determines our future. You have as much right to happiness as anyone else, so think it, expect it, and it will one day happen.

    I admire, greatly, that you had determination to try and avoid abuse happening to your own children. We used to foster children, many of whom had been abused physically, sexually and mentally, and they all wished for this not to happen to their own children. This facet of love is like a polished crystal, beautiful, yet hard and capable of taking many knocks, even severe ones, without intrinsic damage.

    It would help her if everyone who reads this sends out a short thought or prayer to help Shari in her quest, it need only take a few seconds.

    On the subject of our ancestors, over a period thirty-five years I have had literally hundreds of messages from my family in spirit, through well over a hundred mediums.

    The furthest back has been my great great Grandfather, he has come just three times, he was a Quaker.

    I have found, accidentally, that when I have recently looked at a photo of a relative there has been a tendency for them to come through shortly afterwards, though I most certainly would not suggest that anybody did this on purpose to receive a message from a particular person. I think that, in my case, they were wanting to communicate anyway and the photograph just made it a little easier as it brought them to my mind.

    The section about recent research into our ancestors’ physical issues being passed down to us, I found very interesting, as I believe this is exactly what Dr Samuel Hannemann stated in his “Organon” of 1810-1842, in which he laid the foundations of homeopathic medicine. Having read a number of passages from this work, it does sound as though he was receiving intuitive thoughts from the spirit world.

  12. Melinda

    I want to Thank everyone for sharing! I read with great interest! Shari, I said a little prayer for you to be sent a good loyal man. Do You think you deserve one? I know you do! But, maybe, just maybe you expect that every man will treat you this way, so that is what is attracted to you. I have a girlfriend that has many male friends in her life. But, the good ones, she has No desire to be anything with BUT friends. The ones that she is attracted to, have no interest in committing. She barely gets by financially and men that have nothing also come into her life. I truely believe that she feels she doesn’t deserve better. And many of these men rotate in and out of her life…..Their here their gone, A good one rotates back in and she still can’t accept their love. It is a cycle!

    Another case, we had a neighbor when I was growing up. She told my mom one time that she could walk into a room with 100 men, 99 of those being Good men, and she could right to the loser.

    So, maybe your answer to your question, is within. Good Luck! and blessings

  13. Wayne Michaux

    May this year 2017 be stronger and continue to blossom for many years to come. I enjoyed this item and can relate most of my life has been influenced by the plans and help of my anseters.

  14. Anna Murray

    This has been a really interesting read. For quite a while now my dad has been researching his family history and compiling a detailed scrap book on it. His approach has been systematic and methodical, and I had honestly never thought about the spiritual connection point made in the article like that. I have never felt a connection with any of my ancestors like that, but I am curious to know if there are any intuitive abilities.

  15. Moon Stars

    My immediate thought was “we ARE our ancestors”

  16. Shari

    I want to thank Paul Schofield and Melinda for their comments. They really meant a lot to me as I’ve been pondering how my female ancestors have sought faithful men and have also had narcissistic, disloyal men attach themselves to them like Velcro. I’ve actually sought out good men by going to church. I actually fell in love with a very homely man who treated me wonderfully. I wasn’t in love with the way he looked, but in the way he treated me – I’ve always wanted someone to be sweet to me instead of cruel. What I didn’t know was that this man was a classic narcissist who used his charms with many women to steal their possessions. Indeed, a homely man can be so skilled with the charm that he can literally steal everything you have away from you right out from under your nose and would look so innocent that you wouldn’t suspect a thing. . . . until it’s too late. That’s what happened to me. My present man is handsome, but since I’ve known him so long and lived next door to him and dated him on and off for so long I decided to trust him.

    The man whom I’ve always gone for was the one who treated me the best. How am I able to detect from 100 men in the room which one is bad and which ones are good if they’re all treating me wonderfully? When I choose the one who I’ve known the longest and believe will be the safest?

    My own mother got caught up with my biological father who was her next-door neighbor while she was in high school. Of course, he blames HER for her getting pregnant! She doesn’t blame HIM, but he blames HER! That tells me a lot!!!! He never took responsibility for me, but she took 100% responsibility. I met him when I was 38. He was handsome and charming as an elderly man and told me that everyone had always called him Mr. Hollywood – and I could see why! Two years later I never heard from him again after he’d met my children and they fell in love with him, after I fell in love with him. It broke our hearts, but then I saw him for what he was.

    The same thing happened to my dear grandmother, although she was married to the father of my mother and aunt. He left her with 2 young daughters and was never heard from again – and had to be declared dead so Grandma could get on with her life. What a cad!

    My daughter’s father told my kids when they were 8 and 12 that he was moving about 4 states away because “You’re too old to need a dad”. I felt that I had inherited the family curse of being with men who didn’t care about their daughters.

    I wish I knew more about my ancestors and what they’d gone through with their children but my family is very quiet about any scandals.

    I, too, believe that I am the reincarnation of an ancestor and that I’m trying to improve things in this life. I wish I’d known what I know now at 18 so I could have lived a different life.

  17. Anna

    Dear Anna, thank you for such a great blog – as always, so well-written and helpful. And thank you all for sharing your stories and thoughts! The story below is pretty intense, and I apologize if it is disturbing… I am not sure if this is relevant, but when I was a kid (very happy, wonderful childhood, surrounded by much love) – I had a re-occurring dream, in which I was cemented into a highway, with only my head showing – and a huge truck bearing down on me. I had it many times. I am now in my 40s, and just a couple of years ago found out that one of my ancestors – my Mom’s first cousin – was buried alive by the nazis. Her name was Sima, and she was only 9. Sima and her little brother Misha (5) were visiting Grandparents in Belarus. The grandfather was a local rabbi. When the nazis occupied the village (which happened very quickly in June 1941), the grandfather was the first to go – he was buried alive, and Sima abd Misha were made to stand on top of him, and then dug into the ground, with only their heads above surface… The locals guarded the site so that the children were not given any water. Since the moment I found out this story, I have felt an incredible connection with Sima. It felt like a “click” of some sort. I cannot explain it – but it feels like a true soul connection. I also wondered if this was my past life, or possibly a guide connection…

  18. Gerda Marthinus

    My name is Gerda. I believe I am here to reincarnated from an ancestral lin age. I am here to spread love light and forgiveness to all and every part of my family and every one that crosses my path. My ancestors are looking after me and whenever one in my family is busy dying I will or dream about them or see them in a vision. A month Before my father passed away. I first saw my deseased mother rapping her arms around my sister. Then I see my father is lying in a brown coffin looking so peaceful. I never met my father’s parents. But in my vision they appear and told me they are my grandparents. I was standing at my father’s head and his mother come and stand on my right and his dad on my left they rap their arms around me and tell me my dad is going home he is going to be ok. I need to let him go. We will be looked after. 3 days before my father passed on I had a strong feeling to go home. On my way driving from Cape Town to Porterville I had fever. Like cold and hot when I get home I could not eat my throat become so soar could not swallow any solid food.when I get home my father could not eat and he was icecold I went to sleep behind my father and I told him is OK to go home we will be OK. I place him in a white light and ask for protection for his soul.. I call a pon lot of angels to guide and help him. The Sunday morning 3am I had a dream. Me and my father walks in in a beautiful green garden. In the middle of the garden is a fountain with everlasting water running from it. My father drink from this water. He told me he is going home. I can’t come with him I have to stay and look after my family. I wake up and I cry and cry and told my sister my father is going home. Sunday 3pm my father pass away peacefully. I feel I’m guided and protected by my ancestors.

  19. Raquel

    OMG!!! The timing of this article is PERFECT for me, I just began reading Hank Wesselman’s book, “The Bowl of Light” which talks about our spirit’s connection to our ancestors from a Polynesian perspective. Very, very, interesting. Thank you for this!!!

  20. Julia white

    In follow shani..I’m sorry to hear about your problems with narcissistic men in your life and in your line.
    This is karma.
    There is various forms of this which we are all re working.
    I am currently writing a book about this .
    My family is riddled this this same issue with narcissistic men and my apparent magnet.
    I ‘dissolved is possible to re work this.I am sure there are many ways to do this and the previous writer who suggested prayer would also work.
    With myself I literally got angry one day( meaning I had intent) and wagged my finger at god and told him politely I was having no more of this and rest assured if he sent me another I would not touch it, I would be celibate if necessary.i meant none.After all I had by now got two kids to a charming ,destructive narcissist.
    It took three years ..I did not weaken and then I met my wonderful husband who I’ve been married to now for nearly 16 years.
    Also the lady who wrote about being buried alive with her head out..I would say she is incarnated from the soul she describes.
    She is here now as a lot of us are to take our part in a great healing, on a collective level.
    To me she is an empath, as that’s why there’s been a bleed through from of her previous lives..have a look around her current life as all the players in that life are here in this running situations that bring about that life and there will be opportunities for pain and healing.
    Most of it will be out of her control,like the burial that she described but the way she reacts to these current stimuli is where the healing can be found.
    Sending much love to all these people who have been violated in dreadful ways, I understand this ,but be assured we are all work in progress and ultimately all will be healed.

  21. Anna Sayce

    Mary -those are lovely experiences…I’m glad your aunt came to pay you a visit & you picked up on it!

    Mark P – In my work reading the Akashic Records & doing a bit of past life regression, I haven’t seen any cases of people incarnating into the same family lineage. I suspect it happens infrequently. A more experienced past life regressionist than me would probably have a better idea about that.

    Shari – I’m sorry to hear that. In my experience, people who had abusive childhoods tend to be notice relationship ‘red flags’ less than people who didn’t have abusive childhoods.

    I had to do therapy for 5 years to break out of that. I wrote more about it here:

    Also, I wonder if this is a pattern from a past life?

    Raquel – that sounds like an interesting book!

    David Dawalt – I don’t believe ancestors are actually our Spirit Guides, as SG’s are souls who have chosen to abandon the human path of evolution to evolve in a different way.

    But ancestors may show up in a person’s energy field the same way SG’s do. So they often appear to be helping in the same way, and they root for us in the same way.

    Re. reducing the number of life cycles by pursuing spiritual goals – not sure about that. I’ll have to ask next time I’m in the akashic records.

    Jay- that is very cool. I’m sure it was your grandfather sending it back to you!

    Chandi – please see:

    Paul Schofield – very interesting re. the Organon !

    Anna – wow that is absolutely horrendous 🙁 but amazing you dreamt of it. Your dream sounds like you were connecting psychically with Sima’s experience.

    Thanks to all for sharing your experiences & thoughts!

  22. Patty

    Thank you, Anna, for your informative and thought provoking post. Thank you, Everyone, for sharing your experiences. I always feel as if I’m learning and growing when I read Anna’s posts. ?

  23. p.m.terrell

    I really enjoyed this post. About ten years ago, I was researching my ancestor who was captured by Shawnee warriors in 1780. I was writing a book about her experience and I would go to bed each night asking her what happened – where she went, how she felt, what she did. Each morning I would awaken with thoughts of particular places or events. I would contact historians and archeologists in that region, and they actually knew of Mary Neely and her experience. This continued as I followed in her footsteps over hundreds of miles – from Nashville, TN to Canada and down to Virginia. Some of my friends thought I might be Mary Neely reincarnated, but I never felt that I was, since I recall another life during that same timeframe. But I always felt like Mary was guiding me in helping me tell her story. The book became a bestseller and is entitled “Songbirds are Free”. I obtained so much information that it led to a second book, “River Passage”, which won the Best Drama Award. I truly believe Mary helped me write every page of those two books.

  24. Victoria

    Our ancestors are very invested in us. My most interesting “visit” thus far was from my mother-in-law’s deceased father. I was watching t.v. very late at night and started hearing rhythmic footsteps pounding on the floor, over and over in the same pattern, demanding my attention. Once I tuned into it (persistent little bugger), I lay down flat and started listening…hard. Very faintly at first, I could hear someone speaking to me but I could not tell if the voice was male or female. I asked for a name and heard Mary but knew it was difficult reception, felt “Mary” was a close enough guess and carried on listening to the message. It was a lengthy conversation; I was told that my mother-in-law was hurt (winged) was the term used but in the moment it made no sense to me. I was being pleaded with to help her, to give her a message and I was tasked with calling her; I said okay, began to rise, then immediately and very clearly, with great vigor, I heard “not now, when I tell you to” !. As this went on, part of the message pertained to mine and my husbands well-being; I received a mental image of a wall of men worrying over us including my deceased father, uncles, grandfathers and great grandfathers, as well as a few men I didn’t recognize…I was dumb struck to say the least; The sheer force of pure love being poured into me was overwhelming. The following afternoon I was busy outside and very loudly I hear one word “now”!. It was a command, not a request and I ran to the phone to placed the call. Her frantic husband answered; she had indeed suffered a bad fall, broken her upper arm and they had just gotten home from 18 hrs. in the hospital. When she picks up, I’m feeling the same strong presence from the previous night. I asked her what her parents’ names were; turns out her fathers name was Marion. As she said his name it was clear to me that’s who was visiting. It turns out Marion was a pilot (“winged” now made sense), also, he was in the habit of doing the Indian war dance on the kitchen floor when he cooked (wha..?), at least that explained the rhythmic stomping. Then he began speaking “through” me; this was a first for me. I found myself saying things to her that I didn’t know why I was saying, or what it was all about. I knew things I couldn’t possibly know; private, personal things and that’s when she KNEW we were being beseeched by her deceased father Marion. Mind-blowingly awesome to KNOW we aren’t alone and this earthly world is not the limit of our consciousness.

  25. David H Dawalt

    Hi Victoria. Thanks for sharing. Do you get these visits often?

  26. Victoria

    Hi David. To answer your question, not often and that particular one was the most intense. I have heard voices now and even saved my life. Sometimes I hear complete conversations and even music non stop like a radio station. I’m never afraid, just interested. I started “knowing ” things about people in my early 20s. Invariably a random name or thought would pop out and their look of shock would tell me I accidentally picked something up. I pick things up from photos sometimes. I wish I had more of these experiences or could bring them on but it all seems so random. People have a hard time keeping secrets from me, lol.
    The voices are strongest either just before sleep or upon waking. The voice that saved my life was the 1st completely auditory one. I woke, felt thirsty, wanted water, started to sit up and very clearly heard ” don’t go downstairs”. I felt totally calm and rested a bit; every time I sat up the voice repeated the same phrase. This went on for at least an hour. There was a loud bang outside, I thought a car went over the speed bump too fast, sat up, no voice and went down for water. There was a giant hole in the wall where I would’ve been sitting. A swat team was chasing gang members and one had a sawed off shotgun aimed out his car window and the bullet blasted through two apartments. I know I’m here for a reason and I have a purpose. When life kicks my butt and I get sad, I remember that I’m supposed to be here for all of it and it’s all gonna be okay. You get any visits?

  27. Victoria

    Ancestors interested in us: I would like to add one thing to my earlier experience of having my grandfather-in-law Marion “visit”. As I stated before, this experience lasted quite awhile. I tape recorded myself and used one and a half hours of tape. I’d like to speak on one particular part of this experience as it concerns the ancestral interest topic. During this extended visit I discovered there was no need to ask a question out loud; if I asked mentally, I received answers internally and as I tuned inward I received a vision that truly rocked me even more than the wall of concerned fathers.

    Over an hour into this visitation, I began to feel like I was floating upwards into the night sky. Imagine if you could rise above the earth and see all the stars in the sky with no earthly light source interference; every star would be crystal clear and you could gage the depth of space, like how near or far away the stars are…each and every star. I was seeing ALL of my ancestors; I was in pitch black space facing innumerable stars; the near ones were larger and represented family I knew who had passed. The farther away the star, the farther back in my genealogy.
    The nearest, brightest spoke to me, telling me to hang on during a time that I was extremely ill and alone and I was frightened of dying.These were and are my ancestors; some I knew during this life and many I didn’t. The message was that this earthly plane is not the end; they are all there, waiting to welcome me with so much truly overwhelming love. This voice felt more feminine in energy and told me it was not my time yet and gave me so much hope and good advice too.
    Think of it this way…I was physically seeing my entire genealogy laid out in stars. The closest brightest ones were people like my grandmother and my father and so on; the farther away the star, the more distant the connection. Now think about that word, connection. We are all connected; bound one to another through time. I have not been afraid of Anything since that night, especially not my own death.

  28. David Dawalt

    Hi Victoria,

    I really appreciate your story. Some of the books I have read report similar experiences where hundreds of past lives are laid out in front of them during an out-of-body experience. Sounds like you had one. I also have an animal communicator that can hear, see and feel the thoughts and feelings of my feline friends, and some we have been able to verify. This tells me there is a lot of telepathic communication going on around us that we can tune into if can learn how. I have not had any visits explicitly, but I have had indications that someone is trying. Thanks for sharing.

  29. J

    Yup, I was curious about my dad’s family history and how they fled during the 2nd World war… turns out my great grandfather owned a business but lost everything during that time. My grandfather had some money but was cautious man. He invested money into his brother’s business, but was cheated of his share of the profits. My father grew up poor, and only started investing late in life. Money has started coming into the family. Some of his siblings did well. My older cousins started their own business. And I decided to study finance. Shortly after I made that decision, a woman I knew did an aura reading and saw a star in my left eye. I also got a message to “keep your eyes open” from another ocassion. Turns out it meant that I will take up the lineage in which my father’s family had been in, and the star meant I will be guided. Turns out the lineage is in business/finance.


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