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Do you have a burning desire to find out more about your soul’s purpose, past lives, life lessons and gifts?

Our resident Akashic Record Reader, Shelly Ebeling, offers Akashic Record Readings by phone, email, and recorded MP3.

Shelly was trained (and mentored) by Anna, and works in exactly the same way. And she was selected to join Anna’s team and work with our clients, because of her talent, professionalism and lovely personality! Shelly is based in Hawaii, USA but reads for clients all over the world. To find out more about her, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.


Please note, the wait time for a reading with Shelly is approximately 5 weeks.

Akashic Record Readings with Shelly

If you are undergoing a spiritual awakening and want to know who you are on the soul level and what is defining about you, Shelly can read your Akashic Record.

An Akashic Record reading covers the following aspects of your life purpose and soul:

Your energy center of training
Your energy center of training (this is a soul training that shows in your Akashic Record. It governs your soul drives and what you bring to others in this lifetime – for example, if you are trained in the energy center corresponding to the heart chakra, you are likely to have a drive to heal others.)

The soul trainings that you have done in between lifetimes and what this means for who you are now. Also, your soul group of origin – (please read this article before booking an Akashic Record reading – it serves as a good introduction to the concept.)

Your primary life lesson for this lifetime – this is often interesting and validating because you choose experiences which allow you to learn this primary life lesson, so you can find out why you choose the experiences you do and how they fit into your soul’s path. And of course learning is a big part of everyone’s life purpose.
Your energy center of training

The roles that you fulfil in this lifetime and other gifts of your soul – such as healer, communicator, relater, psychic, leader, empath, learner (there are 35 different types that we’ve come across so far.)

The periods in history and spiritual/religious paths that have played a large part in the story of your soul during past incarnations here on Earth.
Your strongest intuitive gifts at this time and your empath gifts (there are 9 of them altogether) – in what ways are you gifted as an empath?

60-minute and 75-minute
reading options are available.

Here is a rough overview of what we can usually cover for each of those times:

We recommend you read the following article so you know what to expect:
What to Expect in an Akashic Record Reading with Shelly

Additional Info

For 75-min Akashic Record Readings, we can also look into one of the following areas:

Your energy center of training
Spirit Guides:
Who is your Primary Spirit Guide? What energies does your Primary Spirit Guide bring forth? Is there a name they resonate with or a physical appearance they present themselves with? I will channel your Primary Spirit Guide for this information and may also be able to pick up on any specific messages your Primary Spirit Guide would like me to relay to you.
Career Path Options:
Are you looking to change careers or aren’t sure what area of your life to focus on? I am able to look at a path (or two!) you may be considering and check the alignment of that career with your desired outcome as well as the alignment with your highest path and purpose.
Akashic Record information for your partner or children:
Akashic Record information for your partner or children:
Sometimes it can be helpful to understand the Energy Center of Training and/or the Soul Group of Origin for your partner or children. I am happy to look at these two pieces of information in the Akashic Records as it relates to the person you are interested in learning more about. I can also look into whether you have had any past lives with your loved ones, and if so, how many.
Decision Making Question:
Do you have a big decision you have been contemplating such as a move or a change in your current relationship? We can discuss the options you are considering and check how aligned it is with your highest path and purpose, and what you would like to manifest or create through this decision.

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Please note the following terms:

  • Shelly will call you on your landline or Zoom. She is also able to call US and Canadian cell phones.
  • Payment is due before your session time.
  • It is not possible to refund missed appointments as Shelly can start the Akashic record research at any time.
  • Shelly will attempt to provide you with a recording of your session, however the fee paid is for the session itself – not the recording. The recordings work about 95% of the time – occasionally the technology malfunctions and the recording is lost. If it is really important to you to have a record of what was said, you may wish to record the session yourself or take written notes.

Recorded Sessions & Email Readings

Would you prefer to have your reading done sooner than the current wait time?

Do you have a tricky schedule or do you think receiving a recorded reading might be easier than setting a scheduled appointment time with Shelly? No problem! After payment just let us know that you would prefer this option.

About Recorded Sessions

  • Recorded sessions are typically delivered via e-mail within one week
  • Recorded sessions are only available for 60-minute sessions at this time
  • Actual recording length will vary, as Shelly pre-channels information for her recorded sessions. You should expect your recording to be approximately 20-30 minutes in length.

About Email Readings

  • Email readings are delivered as a PDF report that is usually between 12 and 17 pages long (size 12 font) and are only available for 60-minute sessions at this time

The current wait time to receive Email Readings is 3 weeks.


Feedback from previous clients…

“My Akashic Records Reading with Shelly was beautiful and deeply transformational.

It’s a lot of information to take in, but Shelly was great about making sure I understood all of the information being given to me. Everything that Shelly told me resonated deeply within my soul. Additionally, Shelly helped to connect-the-dots in how this information is relevant to me in this lifetime and how I can use the gifts I have to advance my soul in the direction I need to go. I would not hesitate to recommend Shelly!”

— Allison Soeung, Springdale, AR

Have you ever had a great conversation with a friend who was able to tell you exactly the things that you needed to hear but didn’t know the questions to ask?

That’s how I felt about my Akashic reading with Shelly. Everything she said about me was bang on. I am now so much more comfortable listening to that tiny voice inside my head, called my intuition. Shelly uncovered things about me that perhaps I already knew but needed to hear. I highly recommend working with Shelly. It has given me a whole new perspective on my strengths, why I make the choices I make.

— Kasturi Joglekar

“My Akashic Records Reading with Shelly was great!

Shelly herself was very kind and eases you through the whole reading making it feel like more of a conversation with a good friend.

The reading itself was so insightful and takes a few weeks to absorb everything in as you slowly realize how much of those life lessons crop up in your everyday life. It feels as if you’ve always known the information Shelly extracts it for you but it now carries more of a highlighted role in your life just by understanding it more. I am so happy I didn’t hesitate to book and would love to get an extra few minutes next time to go into depth on my spirit guides and career questions. Thank you so much!”

– Harry C, East London, UK

“The results were astounding, validating and fascinating.

I was fortunate to have an Akashic Record Reading with Shelly in person in August of 2017. The results were astounding, validating, and fascinating. She helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, why I respond to life the way I do, and what my soul’s purpose is for this lifetime. Her reading confirmed intuitive feelings I had about my affinities for places, time periods, and connections to spiritual practices. The Life Lessons portion of the reading was especially helpful and gave me an understanding of the people and situations in my life.

She was very patient with all of my questions and gave me helpful tips about how to alleviate some emotional and physical issues I was experiencing. She opened my eyes to my soul’s gifts and talents, and her reading was the catalyst that propelled me to begin my own spiritual development in a much more productive, focused way. I am forever grateful for her compassionate personality and psychic talents.”

– Karen Marshall, Maui, Hawaii

“Shelly’s Akashic Record Reading connected the dots to some of my quirks

which gave me a new understanding and new appreciation for who I am at a soul level, and what my soul purpose is here on earth! I am so grateful for this confirmation and acknowledgment of things about myself that I’ve never understood, as well as affirmation of my gifts. I have clarity now. Thank you!”

– Ruby Hernandez, Therapist, Coach, Yogini

“My reading with Shelly was what I expected and even more

– a wonderful time to find out things about myself, things that I already knew or was aware of, but didn’t trust myself enough to consider them gifts of my soul.

I was impressed to discover that Shelly is not only an informed and empathetic intuitive, but also has a structured way of presenting the information.

I really enjoyed this structured manner because I could write down the ideas and that helped me (during and after our session) to make the connections with my life events and come to some really precious conclusions.

Such a reading was, for me, the opportunity to understand myself not only in a rational way, but also in that way that feels like a warm touch of the soul, like a loving message received when we seemingly forget who we are and wonder to ourselves, “am I on the right path?”.

At the end of the session, I asked a career question and it was answered in a way that I consider balanced and realistic, and I felt as though I’d taken a deep, deep breath of fresh air.

Grateful and thankful.”

– Adina, Romania

“Thank you for opening the door to my soul.

It is comforting to know that my Primary Spirit Guide has been with me for so long; that the life lessons I chose have all lined up throughout this lifetime; and I now know why I am the way I am. To me, that was the most important factor in my soul’s journey moving forward.

Shelly, you tell Anna that y’all are the Stars of Earth. Now I know why I was afraid. I’m not afraid anymore.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

– Brenda Fritz, Eros, LA

“Shelly performed two amazing readings for me!

The first one was an Akashic Record Reading with bonus “Spirit Guide” questions and I was blown away by her accuracy. I have had Akashic Record readings before and have studied much about the spiritual side of our existence. Even so, she still was able to surprise me many times!

I was able to get verification on many things I wanted to know and she filled my bucket with even more needed information. I am now having fun researching and fitting this information into my life plan. I had no idea Akashic Record Readers could get percentages of things like how far along you are in your Primary Life Lesson for your lifetime! That was super interesting.

The second reading I did was a Career Reading. Not only did she verify what I already felt was right, but she was able to share deep insights into specific options, giving me an exact percentage of what I was considering against what I am truly aligned with, allowing me to follow the path of least resistance. I feel very comforted knowing I am choosing the right path and also realized I need to use my own guidance more often, because everything she said aligned with what I felt was true, even though I had not told her that before the reading!

It was a great experience and I plan to send many people her way! She is the real deal…”

– Angela Hayes, Cobble Hill, Canada

“I recently had an Akashic Record reading with Shelly. It was incredible!

The reading covered areas I didn’t even know could be looked in to, and in great detail. Shelly is definitely the “real deal”. She is very organized in the way she goes through all the various topics… very thorough. Admittedly, some of the stuff she told me, I could not verify from personal experience. But there was one highly significant thing she brought up that I could verify from personal experience… it pertained to a spiritual experience I’d had over 40 years ago! I never mentioned it or even thought about it until she brought it up, so for me, that was the convincer. And WOW, it revealed that I had been given a “gift” at that time that I didn’t even know I have. Anyway, if you’ve been thinking about getting an Akashic Record reading, and wondering if it’s legit, the answer is yes. Shelly does an excellent job and you will not be disappointed.”

– Jeff Lewis

“I didn’t know what to expect and I was absolutely blown away by the level of insight that Shelly had to share with me.

The information seemed so natural and in alignment, my inner self breathed a huge sigh of relief and joy at being seen with such clarity and thrilled by the uncovering of truths long hidden in the depths of my soul. So strange to hear the story of yourself- as you hang on every word because you can’t imagine what’s coming next and then as soon as it’s said it feels like “well of course, yes, yes, I knew that!” She handled the delivery with grace and sensitivity and held space for me in a powerful way as my mind and spirit raced to absorb and digest all that she had to share with me. The reading gave me so much to ponder and reflect upon- the deepening of self-awareness and the opportunity to grow, heal, and expand. Shelly is a wise and beautiful soul and an incredibly gifted Empath and Intuitive Guide.”

– V. Bassett, Seattle, WA

“it was very enlightening!

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Shelly, and I have to say, it was very enlightening! Shelly has a warm, calming presence, and is very knowledgeable. From the first sentence, I was amazed at how much the information reflected my life and traits that I have. She clued me in on exactly why and how I have these characteristics, and how to use them to learn, grow and help others. Many of us are busy trying to change the way we are, but there is a meaning and a purpose behind much of it, and finding out that purpose has a way of settling the mind. I am extremely happy with my results and am excited for my friends and family to receive their readings! Thank you, Shelly!”

– M. Hughes Issaquah, WA

“I was completely blown away by my Akashic Record reading with Shelly.

Everything she shared was spot-on. I feel more at peace with who I am at a deeper soul level. I now understand the choices I’ve made in the past and more importantly where I’m going in my life. You know how you have an inner voice and knowing, and aren’t sure whether to really listen to it? Well, that’s how I felt before I signed up to do a reading and I’m so glad I listened. The clarity, power and purpose I have on what I’m here to do is incredible and I feel excited about where I am on my journey. If you’ve ever been curious about who you are, the choices you make and what you’re here to do, I highly recommend a reading with Shelly. Everything she said was completely accurate and made so much sense. It was a truly special experience!”

– Siobhan Barnes, Hong Kong

“Wow! I learned more about myself (and my fellow human beings) in the hour with Shelly than I had from dozens of books, webinars and audiotapes over the years.

Shelly’s reading really cuts through the noise and delivers the straight scoop in an easy-to-understand way.

Before Shelly’s reading of my Akashic record, I considered myself a highly functioning crazy person. Now, 57 years into this lifetime, I can actually see the method behind the apparent madness and how the moving pieces (Primary energy center, Soul group of origin, my Soul trainings, Spiritual affiliations across lifetimes, Primary Life Lessons & unique Soul gifts/abilities) all fit together in a way that truly seems purposeful and Divine.

Armed with this knowledge, I can now understand why the childhood that had always seemed so depressing and unfortunate, made me strong in the areas I was destined in this lifetime to gain strength in.

Until Shelly pointed out that my strongest intuitive ability was clairaudience, I thought the ringing in my ears, random sounds I hear when mentally focused on something/someone, were just imaginings/wishful thinking. Now I can see how I’m hearing my own inner voice or that of my spirit guides… things I’d never paid much attention to previously.

I highly recommend Shelly’s Akashic readings… It’s like being provided an accurate, complete and concise map of your soul in this lifetime, which will save you a LOT of energy that you may have used just wondering why things are happening/not happening the way you “thought” they should.

With 25 years in Corporate Finance, I can attest that this is an excellent investment. Thank you Shelly!

– Deirdre S

“The universe led me to get my reading with Shelly, and I’m so glad I did!

I had been considering an Akashic Record Reading for almost a year and a half before I actually booked my appointment. I finally made my decision when several areas in my life started to feel stagnant, while simultaneously feeling as if I was being “pushed” to make changes. The universe led me to get my reading with Shelly, and I’m so glad I did!

Although I was a bit nervous, Shelly immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Her manner was professional, yet I felt like I was talking with a friend. Her personality was easy-going, warm, and I felt a true sense of sincerity and genuineness.

I loved that her approach to the reading was organized, yet interactive. She provided me with detailed information about my soul’s origin, gifts, experiences, life lessons and purpose… All of which truly resonated with me! Everything we discussed gave me great clarity about my current life situations, as well as insights and confidence about how I want to move forward into my future!

I would highly recommend an Akashic Record Reading with Shelly to anyone who feels stagnant or a push for change in their lives, as well as to those who want to know more about their soul’s unique characteristics, and present life purpose! Her precision and accuracy, in combination with her warm and friendly personality, really made for an amazing experience! I definitely look forward to another reading with her in the future!”

– Antigone Cois, Athens, Greece

“Having an Akashic and Career Reading with Shelly was such an affirming experience.

Having an Akashic and Career Reading with Shelly was such an affirming experience. She held such a safe and supportive space in which to explore myself. As I learned each new piece of information about myself and what I bring to this life, I felt so validated. I started to understand how I operate in the world and why I feel things so deeply. Shelly helped me understand that rather than being too sensitive, as I was often told growing up, I’m actually exquisitely sensitive and my sensitivity is a gift I can share and use to help other people. What a wonderful gift she gave me in that understanding. The whole reading was truly amazing, but for me the pinnacle of the reading was when we were able to refine my career goals and intentions in such a way as to find a path that is not only a perfect match for what I truly desire in a career, but also a perfect match for what my Soul desires as well. I recommend Shelly wholeheartedly to anyone who is looking for more understanding of self and more clarity in life.”

– Deena Ashworth, Everett, WA

“I received an Akashic Record reading with Shelly and it was amazing!

She’s so down-to-earth and caring. I always get a little nervous before readings, but felt very comfortable during the session. She provided a lot of detailed information that resonated and validated the experiences that I’ve had throughout my life. After the reading, I feel like I understand myself better and have more clarity on my life purpose. I highly recommend Shelly!”

– Stephanie Rojas, Gainsville FL, Sincerely Neptune –

I was truly amazed at the depth of information provided in my Akashic Records reading by Shelly.

The reading confirmed so many things for me and helped reassure me that I am on the right track and on the right life path. My life was in a state of flux for the last six years and the reading helped me understand why I chose to go down certain routes. The reading also confirmed things I’d suspected, such as being a very strong empath, and having the need for an outlet for self-expression (I’ve loved writing as long as I can remember, so this made total sense). It gave practical advice on how best to satisfy my soul’s purpose and one of the highlights for me was the life lessons section, which spoke about my soul’s chosen lesson for this lifetime and – incredibly – included what percentage of the lesson I’ve completed! Shelly is an extremely talented reader and it was an eye opener for me.

– Sophie Mills

“It was an eye opening and very satisfying experience for me to have Shelly do an Akashic Record reading for me.

I was a little nervous when we first started, but Shelly put me at ease with her pleasant personality and sense of humor. Shelly helped me to understand why I have gone through things in my life that I questioned for years. Activities and events make a lot more sense for me now. And, I had some surprises that were very pleasing. I have a great trust in Shelly’s ability and will have no hesitance to call on her for intuitive readings or anything that is within her realm. If you want to have a reading with a well-grounded, honest, and thorough intuitive, schedule a reading with Shelly.”

– Roger, Iowa

A blessing is what I received from Shelly’s Akashic Record Reading.

 Her loving and sincere messages she channeled were EXACTLY on point and left me feeling more at peace, lighter, and inspired to fulfill my life’s purpose. She gave me profound spiritual insight into my past and a clear understanding of my life lessons, skills, and gifts. After my reading, I was in tears because I knew I had just received a beautiful and divine gift.

Shelly is a true gem and I already told all my family and friends about her!!

– Jeannine Babino, New Jersey 

“My Akashic Records session with Shelly was incredibly enlightening. 

I’ve been interested in learning more about the Akashic Records since being introduced to them a few years ago (I even attempted to access my own, but was not successful). I was just waiting for the Universe to guide me to the right reader and I definitely found that in Shelly. She is kind, genuine, easy to talk to, as well as very professional. Much of what I learned is helping me to better understand this journey I am on and how best to live it.

We should know that we are all special, but it’s nice to get vetted insight on the aspects of ourselves that make us that way. I’m grateful to Shelly for her clarity, care, and comprehensive reading.”

– Emily Aldredge, Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I’m Shelly. Here’s my Story…

“I have always known I was sensitive to energy. My first vivid recollection of seeing spirits was when I was about 4 years old. Every night, when I would cross the hall to the bathroom, I would see disembodied heads floating towards me as though they were marching down the hall with invisible bodies. This of course scared the living daylights out of me and I only went to the bathroom in the middle of the night if it was an emergency.

Years later, as a teenage girl…

I remember staying the night in the upstairs section of my sister’s house (formerly belonging to my Grandmother) and dreaming that a deceased great-aunt was about to sit on the edge of my bed. I woke up as the end of my bed moved and someone (invisible to the eye) sat on my feet. I never slept upstairs in that house again! That was only one of many experiences I had in that house.

Fast-forward to my mid-30’s…

and I am happily married with 2 children. We moved into a rental home in a suburb of Seattle, Washington where, unbeknownst to us, the former owner had passed away in the living room only three weeks prior to us moving in. Suddenly, I was horribly depressed and crying from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep. I couldn’t eat, didn’t cook for my family, and couldn’t function as I used to. I was seeing things that no one else could see, having conversations with my family that were not my own (and that I couldn’t remember), and doing things that were not of my own free will. The only way to feel normal was to leave the house for hours at a time. I would wake up, pack up the baby first thing in the morning and walk around town for upwards of 8 hours at a time until my husband came home. Thank goodness it was summer and not raining. It was awful and a terrible strain on my family and marriage. We moved out of that rental within 5 weeks of moving in, because the attachment I was feeling was too strong.

This was a huge wake up call.

The next year or so, I began having physical ailments that I could not understand; anxiety attacks out of nowhere, shooting pain in my neck, numbness and weakening in my arms. It was when I was alone and watching a famous medium share her story of out-of-the-blue anxiety and strange physical ailments that I knew exactly what was going on. I had been ignoring my calling and Spirit was trying to literally shake some common sense into me.

Over the next few months and years, I read every article I could find on intuition, empathy, and psychic development. Eventually, I came across Anna’s website and knew at once she had to be my teacher.

I am grateful to be able to read Akashic Records to help people discover more about themselves on a soul level and I am grateful for the journey that allowed you and I to cross paths here on Anna’s website.

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