What Happens If You Get More than One Akashic Record Reading?

I wanted to share an interesting question that I was asked recently:

Hi Anna,

I’ve recently been going over two Akashic readings I had in the past and noticed that while they were similar, there were two details that did not match completely.

The first was my energy centre of training. In both readings, they told me the same one, but in one of the readings I was also told I had two, the other did not mention this. The second difference was my soul group of origin. One said my soul group of origin is Sirian and the other said Parallel. Is it possible to be both?

I have researched online but cannot find these answers, any guidance would be very appreciated.


Thanks, Katie, for your question.

(As an aside for anyone reading who doesn’t understand some of the terms mentioned in the question above, it might be helpful to know what an Akashic Record Reading usually includes. Here’s an article about that: Anatomy of an Akashic Record Reading.)

Here’s my response:

An Akashic Record Reading (at least, the kind I do) is something you only have once per lifetime, because it’s information about your soul and past lives. It isn’t information that changes from one year to the next.

Therefore I recommend that you get an Akashic Reading once. Here’s what happens if you get a second Akashic Record reading:

The second time around, Spirit knows you’ve already had the first lot of information. (Every time someone goes into your Akashic soul record to do research on your behalf, this is noted.) Spirit uses the second reading to pass on the next lot of info that might be relevant to you. But of course, the second lot of information is going to be somewhat less relevant than the first.

I’ll give you a couple of examples of how this looks in practice…

Katie mentioned that she received similar information in both readings for her energy centre of training (more on what that is, in this blog post.)

For the energy centre of training, there are actually 7 energy centres. We work with all 7 energy centres to some degree. There’s one that we specialise in (and that’s our primary energy centre of training). Occasionally we can specialise in two. If you ask again (through getting a second reading) after you have been told your primary energy centre of training in your first reading, you might get the next most relevant energy centre that you work with, and if you keep asking, you’ll probably get the next most relevant one after that.

As for the soul groups of origin, the reality is that most of the people I work with are star travellers who have incarnated not just here on Earth but also in multiple other star systems. Your soul group of origin is the place/group that has shaped who you are on the soul level by dint of you incarnating there where you were a young soul (more on that concept of soul groups here).

But we also tend to visit or incarnate in other places of incarnation/star systems, too, and those can influence us to some degree. Some souls will effectively keep some kind of affiliation to other soul groups, on the soul level. The best analogy for it is someone who grows up in Japan and becomes shaped by that culture because they spent most of their youth there. But then they spend ten years in Canada and become influenced by their time in Canada, too. That’s the earthly equivalent of having a secondary affiliation in terms of your soul group of origin.

If you keep asking for your soul group of origin after you have been told your first one (through getting a second or third Akashic Record reading), you’ll be told about the other star systems that have had an influence on your soul, too.

Therefore, I’d say that getting an Akashic Record Reading twice isn’t usually worth it unless you’re open to getting not-as-relevant information the second time.

Just a side note that in my experience, most good intuitives and Akashic Record readers are only going to be between 80 and 90% accurate. That is just the way it is when you get a reading. Anyone who tells you they are 100% accurate is not being truthful. So, some of the discrepancies between the two readings could be down to inaccuracies on the part of the first or second reader. This is why it is important to see what resonates with you, and discard whatever does not fit.

I hope that clarifies.

Have you had more than one Akashic Record Reading? Please share in the comments.

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  1. James

    As Anna says, readings are never 100% “accurate,” or “the same”. In part, this is due to the channel the information is coming through. It is like translating a foreign language – there are terms that don’t translate the same, and so you get a close approximation. If a different person is translating, they’ll likely give you a slightly different “definition” than the previous person. Both are trying to translate the same “term,” so the source material is the same, but the expression or interpretation of that material will differ.

  2. Clara


    What if you lost the recording from your first reading, and can only remember the irrelevant parts of it?

  3. Anna Sayce

    Clara, get in touch with your reader to see if they kept your reading details. I keep my clients’ readings for a period of time before throwing out.

  4. Anna Sayce

    James – Thanks for weighing in! What you wrote here does apply to general readings (e.g. stuff channelled from Spirit Guides.) It doesn’t apply so much to Akashic Record readings in the way I (and my students) do them, because we’re using a pendulum and a set of charts. The results are therefore very specific and we don’t need to “interpret” in the way we would for a channelled Spirit Guide reading.

  5. Anna Sayce

    Just to provide further context to this whole issue, I’m posting an excellent question from Lisa, who asked the following on my Facebook page (my reply below.)

    Lisa: “I’ve had a reading through a therapist many years ago, and she did not discuss the things that were discussed in my mini-reading with Anna. Both together have been helpful. My understanding is that opening the Akashic records can be done at various points in time as needed to solve problems and gain insight into current happenings in one’s life. If we are only “allowed” to read them one time–that’s very limiting and seems off to me. What if we have a reading done by someone who isn’t accurate? How would we know? The idea that we are limited to one time is something that doesn’t resonate with me. If two readings give different results, then I wonder how accurate they are. I see the blog post states that readings are 80-90% accurate. That’s not bad, but being able to replicate results is the key to validity, right?”

    My reply:

    Lisa – the Akashic Records can certainly be read multiple times for other life questions with other readers. But I don’t work that way. (For general life questions I prefer to consult Spirit Guides, not the Akashic Records….more on alternative ways of reading the Akashic Records here: https://annasayce.com/opening-book-past-present-future/ )

    I only look up the info (like soul group of origin) that doesn’t change from one lifetime to the next – the kind of info you had in your mini reading , Lisa. (more on what I choose to look into for my clients, here: https://annasayce.com/anatomy-of-an-akashic-record-reading/)

    And for that info, I don’t recommend getting multiple readings unless you want not so relevant info the second or third time.

    I’ve had clients who have wanted to “test” the Akashic Records and had readings with more than one reader on their soul group of origin, etc. Over the years I’ve had multiple reports from people that they’ve been given identical results from both readers and it has blown them away and bolstered their sense in faith in the spiritual world.

    For people who already believe in the records, the results can be different. Spirit tells me that when you get multiple readings and you believe, you’re saying “give me more info please”. If you get multiple readings and you’re someone who doesn’t have that faith but you’re looking to get more, you’re saying “please give me proof”. And I’ve seen that those people tend to get proof (so, basically it depends on what your underlying intention is when you ask for your second reading.) Given the amount of info that goes into the kind of Akashic reading I do, it’s just not statistically likely for a second reader to give you the same info on every point as the first reader did. Therefore I have come to believe that identical results for two readings constitutes Spirit giving you a wink and saying ‘yep, this stuff is real’ especially as the people who get identical results have been skeptics who want to believe in it.

    PS. You’ll know if you got an inaccurate Akashic reading because it won’t resonate or make sense to you. That’s why it’s important to run everything past your own sense of what is true for you, and discard anything that doesn’t resonate.

  6. Wayne Smith

    I’m Pleiadian, Sirian, Lyra. I didn’t know about the Akashic Records before meeting the Librarian. He showed me different things about myself. Have you ever met the Librarian?

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