The Intuitive Reading

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Five new types of readings.

From working with your practice clients on their Akashic Record readings, you will have noticed that people often have additional questions to ask you about their relationships, decisions, Spirit Guides and career.

The Intuitive Reading Program teaches you how to deal with questions on these life areas, and enables you to put together a content-rich general intuitive reading for your client.

It covers:

Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel

Profile Readings

This chapter teaches you how to describe all the astral beings around your client (this can be presented as a comprehensive reading in itself, or it could be included among many other topics as part of a general intuitive reading).

Here is what you will learn as part of this chapter:

  • How to channel in your own unique way: receive an attunement and a conduit guide who will hook you up with your clients’ Spirit Guide teams.
  • Learn how to receive information on appearances and Spirit Guide names.
  • How to find out what the guides help your client with and how they communicate with your client.
  • Learn how to pick up information on other beings around your client, such as any Ascended Masters, children who are yet to be born, elementals, animal guides, ancestors, and deceased animal companions.
  • Learn about mediumship – in this section I share how to adapt the process taught in this module to do a basic mediumship reading and what kinds of questions to ask of deceased spirits. I also share how you can recognise a deceased spirit (instead of mistaking this type of spirit for a Spirit Guide!) I also share some of my experiences with mediumship.
  • Learn about the different types of Guardian Angel, and how to recognise each type of being, such as how to tell a deceased loved one from a Spirit Guide or an Angel.
  • Receive 17 exercises which can help you to develop your clair gifts, including your clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance (plus exercises for developing clairsalience and clairgustance for mediumship readings).
  • This module contains 2 example Spirit Guide profile readings for you to look at, to get familiar with this type of reading.

In terms of how this reading can be offered to clients, you can see an example of a Spirit Guide reading offered as a standalone session here. It can also be shortened and added to the end of an Akashic Record reading.

The purpose of this module is not only to teach you how to do this specific type of reading, but also to teach you how to channel…or improve your skills and knowledge of the spirit world even further, if you already have some channelling ability.

(Just a note that there is some crossover between this program and my Intuitive Awakening Course – some of the info I included in this program on channelling is taken from that course.)

Career Readings

In this chapter, I walk you through the process of doing a career reading step-by-step.

Here is what you will learn as part of this chapter:

  • Find out how each Archangelic realm of training and the soul groups of origin influence the type of work that is in your client’s highest path and purpose.
  • Learn how to measure for your client which possible career options would be aligned with her soul gifts and highest path and purpose.
  • Measure your client’s current career and how aligned this is with her soul gifts.
  • Pinpoint the reasons for any career dissatisfaction.
  • Learn two ways to customise a career reading so that it meets your client’s needs.
  • Find out about the three types of client who are not good candidates for career readings.
  • Listen to 3 live career readings given to real clients.

Decision-Making Readings

Here is what you will learn as part of this chapter:

  • Learn a systematic and thorough way of assessing any proposed course of action for your client: go beyond “yes, this is a good idea” and “no, this feels like a bad idea”.
  • Stay ethical: learn how your client can receive a decision reading without giving her power away and without you feeling like you are telling someone what to do.
  • Learn how to communicate your findings accurately and appropriately.
  • Read seven example decision readings I gave to real clients on life areas such as romance, career, location and family, including the question, “should I stay or should I go?”

Relationships Readings

Here is what you will learn as part of this chapter:

  • Get the larger perspective regarding the role that any given relationship may be playing in your client’s path of growth, by looking into past lives, life lessons, and soul families.
  • Find out about soul connections between family members.
  • Learn how you can help people who are unhappy in their relationships.
  • Learn about the connection between Archangelic realms of training, soul groups of origin and compatibility.
  • Learn how to read for additional details on character and intentions (this is especially useful for clients who are thinking of getting involved with someone new).
  • How to read for people who want to attract a new romantic relationship.
  • Learn how to deal with unproductive questions which are often asked in relationship readings, such as “Will I marry him?” and, “Is this person my soul mate?” and, “What is he thinking?”
  • Learn about what the term ‘soul mate’ really means on the soul level.

General Intuitive Readings

Here is what you will learn as part of this chapter:

  • Learn to put it all together and give a general intuitive reading combining what you have learned in this program, and the Akashic Record Reading Program.
  • Learn how to deal with requests for predictions.
  • Why I rarely give predictions.
  • When you should and shouldn’t give a prediction.


My thoughts on how you can stay ethical and in integrity in this profession. Over the last 12 years, I made a few mistakes and learned the hard way, so you don’t have to do. This chapter contains 13 pointers or recommendations based on my experiences. You are also guided to think about your own professional code of ethics.

Building a Business

Pretty much everything I know about building a successful business in this field is contained in this chapter.

Here is what you will learn as part of this chapter:

    • How to attract business online and off-line.
    • How to get started with the technical side of things.
    • Two popular types of web software to avoid when creating your website.
    • How to have a steady stream of clients long term.
    • How long it takes to build up momentum in your business.
    • Average earnings in this field.
    • Six types of client to avoid, so that you don’t get drained or work with unsuitable clients.
    • How much to charge for your readings.
    • A technique you can use to intuitively know what your next step is in your business.
    • The realities of running a work-from-home business and how to avoid the ‘home business blues.’
    • A copy of my Rolodex is included in this chapter. Find out about the courses I’ve taken, the service providers I use, the software I use for my website, and more.

Update – January 2024: the business section of the course was written years ago and now is out of date. I do however have a standalone business workshop which is an updated version of this chapter. If you’d like to have access to that, we can throw that in with your purchase for free. Just let us know when you purchase if you’d also like to have access to that. 

What’s Included:

This program includes a course book, along with worksheets and worksheet answers, several hours of audio lectures, support in the forums, and two mentoring sessions.

(*Please note: the forums are available for your questions for 12 months following your purchase.)

It also includes a total of 14 example readings, so you can see how I approach each type of reading. However, you are also encouraged to develop your own style in reading for people and combine your unique skills to come up with a format that works for you. 

Upon certification (after you have completed your practice readings), you may be listed in the practitioner directory as a graduate.

You also get 3 free months access to my email templates for doing email Akashic Record readings for your clients (worth $62). If you have an existing subscription to the email templates, we can add these extra months for you. And if you don’t have a subscription, you can test out and use those email templates for 3 months.

And you get access to my up-to-date online spiritual business workshop if you want it (worth $150)

The Benefits of Learning With Me

A Structured Approach

In this course, I teach you a structured protocol for each type of question and life area, and by using the protocols I teach, you will be able to reliably obtain information on the various life areas.

I didn’t want to give you a catch–all technique and expect you to be able to channel on anything using that. I wanted to come up with something explainable and structured for every life area and question that your client will ask about, something that I have used myself with thousands of clients and something that I have already tested with students. Something you can replicate for every session. Something that is workable and deeply practical. Techniques you can feel confident using.

Nobody taught me how to do the readings which I teach you in this program, in the same way that I teach you. Over the last decade I came up with my own protocols and in this course I break them down into understandable and practical parts.

All of my business know-how

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars learning how to create a successful practice in this field.

A significant portion of my income has been reinvested every year into my business training. All of the main points that I’ve learned to create my thriving business are included in this chapter.

An Honest, Down-To-Earth Teacher who wants you to succeed

In this course, I wanted to be really honest with you in terms of things to avoid, mistakes I’ve made and what you can expect in this profession. I want you to benefit from my experiences and lessons.

My knowledge, distilled

Sometimes you have to sit through hours of waffle to really get to the gems. This course has no fluff, no padding, and no waffle.

The Course Price

We’re in the process of updating this page and adding a payment button. In the meantime, if you’d like to sign up, please contact us by email and we will send you an invoice. There is currently no payment plan for this program.


Wendy Kimpton

“My name is Wendy and I have recently graduated the Intuitive Reading Program.

I found this course was exactly what I needed to get me on the right path. I have been wanting to use my skills and abilities for so long but just didn’t know how to go about it, or even just get started. This whole program is very well set out and if you start from the beginning and work your way through, things just fall into place. I realised that if information is given out in a particular way and at the right time, things just start to make sense and those light bulb moments start happening.

Thank you so much Anna for putting all your knowledge and effort into creating this wonderful program. I will definitely be passing on details about this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about this kind of work. I am so glad I started this program.”

Wendy Kimpton, Akashic Awakenings

If you haven’t already done

The Akashic Record
Reading Program…

Click here to find out more about The Akashic Record Reading Program (which is a prerequisite to The Intuitive Reading Program).

The Akashic Record Reading Program teaches you how to do a very specific kind of reading that allows you to access the deepest information about who a person is on the soul level. You will learn to tell a person’s soul gifts, life lessons, soul background, past lives, and much more.

You will also learn about the soul groups and soul trainings a person can have, and how these manifest in our lives. Clients love and value the information that is passed on to them and I would not do my readings without it.

Faqs & Troubleshooting

Do I need to have done The Akashic Record Reading Program to be able to do The Intuitive Reading Program?

Yes, you need to have some familiarity with the concepts presented in The Akashic Record Reading Program in order to complete The Intuitive Reading Program successfully (so you can’t do The Intuitive Reading Program without signing up for The Akashic Record Reading Program first).

Is this course just for people who want to be professional intuitives?

No. It is also suitable for people who want to do it for their own interests. Many students who do this course have no intention of practising professionally. The only part that won’t be of interest to you in that case is the business section.

Is dowsing with a pendulum a big part of The Intuitive Reading Program?

Dowsing does feature in this course. It is not quite as prominent as it is in The Akashic Record Reading Program, but if you don’t like dowsing then this course probably is not for you. The reason why my protocols are so structured and replicable is because they do often have a dowsing element.

More questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the course that I haven’t covered here!

Please note: I recommend that you download all files for this course onto your computer.
We aren’t able to offer tech support for downloading to your phone or tablet if you encounter any issues – only for computers.

It is also possible to get a printed copy of the manual and the course CD’s sent to you for an additional $79 (US). This can be ordered in the members area once you enroll.

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