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Akashic Record readers — would you like to give Akashic Record readings by email?

When I first became an Akashic Record reader in 2007, I enjoyed giving e-mail readings. They were convenient for me, and popular among my clients, who liked having a written document to look back on.

However, for copyright reasons, I was not allowed to just copy and paste into my own readings, what I had been taught by my teacher. And so I spent about 13 years re-inventing the wheel and adapting the materials that I had learned, adding my own discoveries and creating my own e-mail templates to make my readings simple and easy.

Now that they are finished, they have made my life so much easier, which means that my email readings are now much quicker, taking me less than one hour altogether (including all of the research).

I’m happy to announce

That These E-mail Templates Are Now Available to students & graduates

12 months

$249 USD

24 Months

$349 USD

IMPORTANT NOTE: these templates can ONLY be purchased by previous & current Akashic Record Reading Program & Intuitive Reading Program students. If you have not signed up for these programs, you aren’t eligible to purchase these templates. 

What the templates consist of:

Please watch the video below if you’d like to see exactly what these templates comprise.

What you get with these templates:

  • 1 x 126 page master template

The master template is the bare bones of an e-mail reading. To create your reading, you will need to copy and paste the text into a Google or Word document. It is important to choose the correct master template. 

If you watch the video, you will see that the template options are organised according to whether a soul has one or more archangelic realm of training, and what kind of soul group they may belong to.

The master template contains 12 permutations to choose from, based on how many archangelic realms of training your client has, and whether the client belongs to a Blueprinter group, a star traveller group or is an earth soul. It also includes options for clients who have secondary star seed affiliations.

  • 1 x 250 page content templates

You can use the content template to enable you to fill in the various blanks of the master template with relevant information as required.

The Content Template

contains ‘adapted for your client’ information about:

All the
Archangelic Realms
Residual Hauntings
All the
Soul Groups
All the life lessons
(88 in total)
Residual Hauntings
The soul trainings
Between Lifetimes
Emotional Residues
The periods in
History & Places
Negative Thought Forms
The spiritual
& Religions
Past Life Roles
Unwanted Influencing Energy
Godsparks & Archetypes
Intuitive &
Empath Gifts
Divine beings
That May Be Around Clients

Benefits of using these templates

You don’t have to spend years creating your own versions like I did

No copyright or legal breaches by copying and pasting from the course manual
Save time & energy

Some things to be aware of before purchasing:

IMPORTANT NOTE: these templates can only be purchased by previous & current Akashic Record Reading Program & Intuitive Reading Program students. If you have not signed up for these programs, you aren’t eligible to purchase these templates.

1. These are the templates I use personally for my client readings. This means that there are parts that you may need to adapt to suit your own clients (for example, you will need to replace my signature which is currently at the end). You will also need to read everything through before sending off to your client, to make sure that it is suitable. You may need to add extra details or adapt details to suit your client, especially when it comes to the life lessons section.

2. These templates also use the new and extra protocols that you’ll find in the forums. You can see an example here of what the end result (an email reading) looks like.

3. The e-mail templates are made in Google Docs – therefore I recommend using a Google Drive account to put these readings together. However, they can also be copied and pasted into a Microsoft Word document if you prefer.

4. When you purchase, you are not buying the templates. You are buying use of the copyright. This copyright use expires after 12 or 24 months (depending on which option you purchase). When the copyright expires, we will notify you, and if you wish to use the templates after that date, you can set up an annual subscription as required.

5. Please note that after purchasing, access to the files will be granted manually. This means that you may need to wait 24 hours (or a little longer on a weekend) for us to see your order and give you access to the templates. Thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Buy now

12 months

$249 USD

24 Months

$349 USD

Here’s what Students have to say:

These templates are the best thing that happened to me in regards to emailing the Akashic Records…what a time saver!!! So worth every penny.…thanking you”

– Alicia Hamilton 

“The Anna Sayce Akashic Record Reading Course along with the Email Templates are both a must for anyone interested in the Akashic Records. The information is comprehensive yet easy to learn. My clients are blown away by their reports, thanks to Anna Sayce!”

– Rebecca Morey, www.EnergyHealer.net

Anna’s Templates have helped me scale my business and take my Akashic Record readings to the next level! I can’t recommend them enough, and I made back the investment within one month of using them. Thank you Anna!”

– Alex Levy, www.AlexLevyOnline.com

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