3 Intuition Lessons Learned from House Sitting

As I write this, I am on a house sit in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, looking after peoples’ pets and homes in exchange for accommodation.

I really enjoy house sitting as it combines three of my favourite things in equal doses – travel, pets, and being a homebody.



Using my intuition to choose the right house sits has been such an interesting exercise and I want to share the three insights I’ve had over the last 4 weeks, because I think they can be applied to many areas of life…

Here’s the first…

1. To tap into intuitive guidance, put the reptilian brain in its place

House sitting full time can be exciting but also a bit scary.

You ideally want one house sit to end around the same time the next one begins, and there is always a chance nothing is going to show up for you and you end up homeless! (but not really, as it is always possible to stay in a hotel in between house sits.)

The thing I have learned about fear and intuition is that the fear factor is even more prevalent when we are in danger of going without something that really freaks out the reptilian part of the brain, like accommodation or money. The reptilian brain is the part of us that holds ancestral memories of famine, poverty, and ending up in the workhouse. It can also be reinforced by past lives where we’ve been poor or died from lack of resources.

There are studies out there which show that humans make poor decisions and ignore their better instincts when they are afraid of poverty.

This is because when the reptilian brain is freaked out, it tends to drown out intuition with its overly dramatic, loud input. Intuition whispers, but the reptilian part of your brain shouts.

It is one of the biggest saboteurs of intuition.

Therefore, you must counter it. To soothe this part of you, you must be resourced. Take care of yourself. Make sure you have an emergency fund. Do not live pay cheque to pay cheque or you will be setting yourself up for irrational decisions, not intuitive decisions.

In my situation, to help my intuition come through, I reason with the reptilian brain and ask myself, what is the worst that could happen? This is a good strategy to de-tooth the reptilian brain, because the worst that could happen is often not as bad as what we imagine.

In my case, the worst that could happen is that I need to stay in a hotel or an Airbnb (which is what I was doing before!)

Lesson: Be well resourced so that intuition can be heard over the reptilian brain.

2. Everything works out as it’s supposed to

One of the things I am enjoying about being on the right path is all the synchronicities I’m experiencing and the interesting people I am meeting along the way. The way one house sit finishes right when the next one begins. And how when I don’t get the house sits I applied for, I get something even more suitable.

Lesson: When you don’t get something you want, it is usually because something better is waiting around the corner. 

3. Getting no guidance usually means I’m ‘off track’

I generally tell Spirit what I am looking for in house sitting (and life) and then I ask for the guidance to show up to help me towards my goal.

But I have had times in my life when my guidance ‘goes offline’ and all I hear is crickets. The thing I’ve learned from that is it is a sign that I’m going in the wrong direction.

For example, I have been a nomad for about 16 months now and for much of that time, I was staying in Airbnbs. On my travels, I would tune into my guidance to find out where I want to go next, and where would be a good place for me to stay.

Towards the end of my Airbnb’ing, there was just no guidance at all. Everything felt wrong and nothing was taking me towards what I was looking for. To me, that was a sign I needed to change my approach and do something different.

When I decided to start house sitting, the guidance around where to go and how to approach things magically switched itself back on.

Lesson: If you are somebody who normally gets guidance but it suddenly dries up, it might be because you are going in the wrong direction!

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  1. Anna Murray

    Really interesting. The reptilian brain is powerful, and it is really important to be well prepared ?

  2. Catherine

    You are a true adventurer. I’d have a hard time with being a nomad but I love how you have embraced it.

    I love your emails and really look forward to them. You give valuable information and your energy is fantastic. Thanks for what you do.

  3. Melinda

    Love Love reading about your travels and of course your tips. I had never heard the term airbnb, so I had to see what that was about. I just checked out a lot of listings in Memphis, TN. I knew of VRBO, always learning something…..

  4. Bitsy Mason

    Wow! This is so timely! I have been “following” you for a while. My experience in the U.K. and Ireland, and all the spirit energy I felt there, and may have brought home with me, led me on an internet search. That is when I found you, with cohesive and grounded intelligent answers.
    Forward on to now, I did not know you were house sitting. I too, am traveling again, this time more lengthy. I am with my husband, and we are beginning to house sit. You bring up great points, about sensing and feeling, and connecting to the flow of our inner guidance and wisdom. Thank you, and it’s fun to share the journey with you!

  5. Donni Steen

    Coming from a life of severe abuse, where I was told consistently I was wrong on every level, I’ve had a hard time with trusting my intuition. I suffer from tyrosine deficiency, which is a precursor to dopamine, an essential element for our intuitive ability. When I addressed the tyrosine issue and my dopamine levels took a rise, my intuition went off the charts. Once I started receiving validation in regards to my intuitive skills, my confidence levels speed. Now that I’ve pretty much pulled away from the baggage that abuse forces us to carry, I trust myself and no longer doubt the person looking back at me in the mirror. For the first time in my life, I feel completely and totally free!

  6. Sharilyn

    Great advice, trying to find a new home and am experiencing this. Thanks!

  7. Johanne Mercier

    Lovely beaches! Wonderful insights. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy!

  8. glenda speed

    Loved the beach pictures so peaceful.cute animals you were babysitting for!& and Yes I Believe that saying – If you don’t get what you wanted it wasn’t meant to be something better is coming ! Love reading your emails Anna ! 1st time I’ve sent a message to you! I am reading your emails lol! They are very interesting! Many Thanks! Bless you!

  9. Kimberly Dostal

    What a fantastic life! I’m so glad to have read about this, and your insights are very appreciated. I feel deep down that it would be a perfect life for me, but, alas, I’m married (he has children in school so taking him along isn’t an option), and I have a collection of lovely poultry that I wouldn’t know what to do with. I do fantasize about living exactly as you are, writing and traveling, I have books about it, and even subscribe to a magazine about it, I just don’t seem to be in a situation to realize the fantasy. I guess I’ll have to be content with living vicariously through your blog. Thank you for sharing! It’s very exciting!

  10. John

    Anna, thanks so much for this. Articles that describe how to follow your intuition are so important, I wish you would write more of them! I even think specific meditations a person could use to bring out their intuition would be very helpful too!

  11. Dave

    Enjoy New Zealand .

  12. David H Dawalt

    I had never heard of house sitting. Seems like a wonderful opportunity for someone who can take their work with them and enjoy a frequent change of scenery. I always look forward to your blog and get a lift when I see your post in my email. It helps keep me focused. Your advice on how to quit worrying reminded me of a book I read in HIgh School. “How to Stop Worrying and Start living” by Dale Carnegie. The book is built around asking yourself the question, “what is the worst that can happen?”. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Phil Hodge

    Much respect Anna

  14. David

    I always enjoy the reports of your travels and experiences – and most of all, the stunning photographs! NZ seems so normal unlike the gathering foment and turmoil in the USA. While the Northern Hemisphere shivers through a frigid winter, you’re basking in the semi-tropical warmth of the North Island. I’m jealous!

  15. Gail (Sayce) Baron

    Thanks for the reminder Anna. We have been traveling for a year and a half now and experience the wonder of flow and synchronicity. We now know that when things don’t fall into place we need to change direction. It’s magical! We were just exploring Bay of Islands and enjoyed it very much.

  16. Anna Sayce

    Thank you to all for sharing your experiences and comments here.

    Catherine – thank you for your kind words, and glad to hear you enjoy the newsletters!

    Bitsy – that is interesting that we have had similar experiences – there are so many old energetic residues in many parts of Europe. Thanks for commenting and enjoy your travels!

    Donna – that is wonderful! Good for you!!

    Kimberly – perhaps one day?! 🙂 thanks for commenting

    David – well, we haven’t had a great summer here in the north island to be honest so I wouldn’t call it subtropical, but probably warmer than most of the US!

    Gail – I was in Bay of Island too during November/December. beautiful place. I hope you enjoy your travels!

  17. Jeffrey Wood

    Anna, I love knowing that intuition is your soul’s voice! Stop, breathe, inhaling spirit!
    All the very best, from Jeffrey Wood in London.

  18. Jodie

    Despite having enjoyed almost continuous back-to-back house sits over the last 5 years, we came back to Australia recently and due to a few circumstances, made the decision to stay in the area longer than originally planned. But lining up our house sits started become laborious – we thought we’d temporarily lost our mojo! Then remembering to trust, to listen, to turn off our reptilian brain (love that btw), one potential sit cancelled quite suddenly opening up our schedule to perfectly fill in with a 2 month long sit in a new location that we’ve not experienced before. Mojo is still there, well actually, awareness and intuition still working, just couldn’t be heard so clearly with other activities taking our focus and attention away for a while 🙂


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