4 Ways to Harness Your Menstrual Cycle To Develop Your Psychic Abilities & Step Into Your Purpose

“Our wombs are sacred spaces, where witches brew storms.” – Poplar Rose

In the last few months I’ve been reading a lot about living in harmony with my menstrual cycle. I downloaded what I refer to as the ‘magic app’ which tells me how I am going to feel according to the day of my menstrual cycle. It is amazing just how predictable it is. The app can predict what kind of food I’ll want to eat, how sharp I’ll feel mentally, how much energy I’ll have and what kind of sleep I’ll have, with astounding accuracy.

There is a section of the app that is missing though, that I would love to see added in: which is what your psychic abilities & spiritual connection are like in each phase of the menstrual cycle.

I’ve known for a long time that mine are heightened at certain stages of my cycle.

Choosing the right time to connect with Spirit based on the menstrual cycle

Let’s have a look at the four stages of the menstrual cycle and afterwards, I’ll go into which ones are most potent for connecting with Spirit:

1. The follicular phase — This is the first 16 days or so after bleeding ends (sometimes referred to the “spring” season of the menstrual cycle.) This is when the lining of the womb starts to thicken and the follicles prepare eggs to be released in the next phase. Women tend to feel quite energetic, creative and motivated during this phase.

2. The ovulatory phase — This lasts for a few days after the follicular phase, when an egg is released. Often referred to the “summer” of the menstrual cycle. Oestrogen and testosterone increase during this phase. Women tend to feel more connected to others, extroverted, enthusiastic, sexual and social during this phase.

3. The luteal phase — This lasts for around 14 days after ovulation. Progesterone increases during this phase and oestrogen decreases. This is a phase where women start to slow down; and also a time for reflection.

4. The menstrual phase — This is obviously when bleeding begins. Referred to as the ‘winter’ of the menstrual cycle because this is where you slow down and your energies are at their lowest. This is a ‘fallow’ phase; a time to re-charge, rest and release.

The luteal and menstrual phases of a woman’s cycle are when her psychic abilities are at their height (so in the second half of the cycle.) It has been proven that women actually dream more during these phases. It is thought by some that the veil between a woman’s psyche and the spirit world gets thinner during the menstrual phase.

So, if you’re going to tune in to Spirit to do a reading for yourself, you might want to do it during the luteal or menstrual phases of your cycle. The luteal phase in particular has a ‘problem-solving’ focus to it; so problem-solving readings are perhaps most suited to that time.

If you’re interested in tracking which phase you’re in, you can download an app and put your information into it, or you can track your cycle manually. I use the Hormone Horoscope app.

Personally, I find I tend to do readings for myself most often during the menstrual phase. Because I don’t have too many responsibilities and just myself to look after, I find that life really slows down during the first couple of days of my menstrual cycle, I go within and just find it easier to tune in.

I also sometimes do a Tarot reading for myself during this phase. Here are good questions to ask during your menstrual cycle to set you up for the next month:

  • Is there anything I need to change in order for the next month to go more smoothly?
  • What am I releasing in this menstrual phase?
  • What do I need more of in the next month?
  • What do I need less of?

Note that if you’re a lightworker, you may also feel more “on fire” with your soul’s purpose around the ovulatory phase.

To find out more about these phases of the menstrual cycle and what to expect during each one, check out the book ‘Wild Power’ by Alexandra Pope.

Let’s have a look at the second way to harness your menstrual cycle to become more intuitive:

Flow with your cycle as a spiritual practice

As mentioned above, there are four phases or “seasons” within a woman’s menstrual cycle. She cannot control these, they simply show up at the right time, whether she wants them or not. These phases control how she feels physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. She can either flow with them or she can fight against and resist them.

When we flow with these phases, rather than fight against them (so, for example, slowing down more during that menstrual phase) our intuition increases.

Flowing with your menstrual cycle is a sort of mini spiritual practice that mirrors the larger spiritual practice that is being incarnated here on Earth as a human. The larger spiritual practice is that we cannot control everything, even though we want to. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have to flow with life, and co-create with Spirit. Spirit sends us circumstances, people and situations and we respond. Just like we have to co-create with our body’s cycles and the moon’s cycles.

Living in harmony with your cycle allows you to be in harmony with life, be in the flow and experience more synchronicities. Intuition is more likely to occur in this state.

I highly recommend the book Wild Power, to find out more about how to live in harmony with the cycle.

Something else to be aware of in all of this is that the birth control pill can disconnect you from your intuition.

Because we have a cycle that gives us an opportunity to live in harmony with ourselves, life and spirit, and a phase where we’re naturally more synced up with the spirit world, when we take the pill and essentially ‘switch off’ our cycle, this can also alienate us from our intuition and specifically our gift of clairsentience, which is a body-based intuitive gift, involving gut feelings, physical sensations and feelings.

The pill adds a subtle layer of “energetic” noise that you need to get past energetically speaking, in order to connect with Spirit. If you’re a skilled intuitive, you may well be able to do that, but it’s still a subtle barrier to connection that you can do without if you’re a new intuitive.

OK, now let’s look at a way to use your menstrual cycle to help you align with your purpose:

Know your menstrual cycle ‘archetype’

Women who cycle naturally tend to fit into one of two ‘archetypes’, which can give info about her soul’s purpose or current phase of life. These are called the ‘white moon’ and ‘red moon’ and science has shown that women tend to sync to one or the other.

The white moon, as it’s called, is when you bleed on the new moon. So your period starts around then. This is the cycle archetype that most women fit into, and it’s associated with women who are here to be mothers and bring new life into the world (i.e. have kids.)

The red moon is when you bleed on the full moon. This is a sign that you are someone who is here to be a ‘mother’ to your community. This archetype is associated with the shaman, the healer, the witch and the wise woman. I’ve also known of therapists, vets and doctors with this type of cycle. This is the one I’ve always had.

Sometimes women switch between these two during their lives according to what phase of life they’re in.

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