5 More Common Soul Lessons & How They Can Play Out For People

In this article I’m going to go into the theme of life lessons in depth, and talk about several more common life lessons that I have seen among my clients, as an Akashic Record reader.

By the way, this is the second article in a two-part series about life lessons and the Akashic Records. (If you haven’t read the first article yet, you’ll want to go have a read of that before you continue reading this one, as it provides important background information that you need to have to understand this one!)

OK, so in this article we’re going to look at several more life lessons (I abbreviate this to: ‘LL’s’) that come up sometimes for people that I read for…let’s have a look  at the first one, the life lesson of success.


This life lesson is an exploration of the theme of earthly success — getting what we want out of life. We live in a society that has a very specific definition of success looks like, but with this lesson, you’ll be exploring what success looks like to you and defining it on your own terms.  Simply put, you’ll also learn how to be (your version of) successful i.e. what do you have to do or sacrifice to become successful, and are you willing to do it? This life lesson is often associated with very successful people and unconventional people who are working out success on their own terms. With this life lesson, you may also be exploring how to create a mindset that is aligned with success.

When I did a reading for my friend, the children’s author & illustrator Sue Pickford, ‘Success’ came up as her primary life lesson. Success, for Sue, was the only way to escape the circumstances she was born into.

Sue had a difficult childhood growing up above her parents’ Chinese takeaway restaurant in Coventry, UK in that she was expected to work 40 hours per week in the takeaway and somehow manage to attend school, too. She had a challenging relationship with her Hong Kong-born parents partly because they could not communicate much (she didn’t speak the same language as her parents as they never taught her or talked to her in their dialect of Chinese.) And she experienced domestic violence, bullying, and racism — she talks about all of this in her hilarious illustrated autobiography Chinglish, which is written in the form of a diary (in the style of Adrian Mole). In the end she won a place to study art in London and left home, experienced more challenges (including homelessness) but ultimately overcame all of those challenges to create a fulfilling life for herself (and even wrote a book about it.)

A variant on this life lesson (achievement/success) also came up for both of my house sitting friends Nat & Jodie when I did readings for both of them. Nat & Jodie are originally from Australia, but they moved to Dubai several years ago and found themselves involved in a business startup. And just like many startups, it went bust and they lost everything. As a result, they started to get into house sitting out of necessity, found that they loved the lifestyle and travel aspect, and then formed a business around teaching others to house sit and to find a source of income that can be done from anywhere.

If they had never had that experience of failure in Dubai, they perhaps would never have found the lifestyle that they enjoy now, and they have redefined and found success on their own terms — they get to travel the world, make money from anywhere and work on their own passion projects.

So, just a couple of examples of people whose life lessons revolve around this theme of success and how it has played out for them. And just a note that often our life lessons will be complementary to our spouse/partner’s (and occasionally they can even be the same life lessons!)

Now let’s have a look at another life lesson that comes up for people sometimes:


How do you find your own sense of peace in a world that is not that peaceful, or your interpersonal world where there may be a lot of conflict? That is what this life lesson is all about.

A life lesson of peace is often about learning to live with anxiety, conflict or uncertainty. It’s about remaining centred, even in the midst of trying or distressing circumstances. People with this life lesson are often learning that peace is always something that can be accessed to some degree, no matter what is going on in their life or relationships.

Sometimes this can be an active pursuit of peace, as was the case for a client of mine who had a successful career in an environment that was full of friction and conflict at work (due to a boss who enjoyed creating competition and drama). She endured this for some time before needing to sign off work with depression, as she could not deal with the constant conflict any longer. She was forced out of her job eventually, took severance pay, purchased a home in the countryside and created a life and a business she didn’t feel the need to retreat or detox from. When I shared her life lesson with her, she laughed out loud in resonance because her whole life she had landed in situations which were noisy, busy, bothersome or confrontational in some way, and in so many scenarios, she had to find a way to be less affected by these situations or eventually find her way out of them.

So that’s one way in which this life lesson of peace can manifest.

Next I want to look at a very common life lesson among my clients:


This lesson is all about accepting and being tolerant of what you perceive as your own weaknesses, so not beating yourself up for mistakes or perceived flaws.

A common scenario with this LL is being born into a less-than-loving family and developing a view of the self as a result that is not very loving or accepting. So this could be scenarios involving emotional abuse, where you are told directly or indirectly that you are not worth much or that you are not a good person, or that there’s something wrong with you.

People with this life lesson often do not have this sense of self-love or self-worth instilled within them, and have to consciously explore and learn to instil this in themselves in their adult years.

Sometimes this does not apply to all clients with this life lesson, but instead it can simply be about being born with an aspect of one’s personality or body that one does not totally accept, and learning to accept and love all parts of oneself.

It is also about learning to direct the energies of love towards yourself — essentially, taking care of yourself, protecting yourself, and being kind to yourself, and allowing yourself to receive support and take care of your needs.

You may also be learning about what happens when love is directed towards everyone in your life except yourself (i.e. you will become depleted and resentful.)

OK, let’s have a look at the fourth common life lesson I want to cover:


Sometimes souls with a more rigid/inflexible outlook or approach to life, may choose a life lesson of flexibility, and encounter situations which require them to become more flexible and fit in with other people. Often these are souls who have had many solitary lives where they don’t need to take anyone else’s needs or desires into account. So, for such people this is learned in the life area of relationships or the area of career, where they have to fit in with others within a family, partnership, organisation or a business.

The other extreme is more common among my clients: a soul is very used to fitting with other people. And this soul decides it has come to the point in its evolution where it wants to explore boundaries. So then the soul comes across situations where it is not desirable to mould his/her beliefs, opinions, needs, desires, to match other peoples’.

A recent example was a client who has to move often for her husband’s work. She has had to mould her life around her husband’s and be flexible about where they go and what their life will be like. In this lifetime she is exploring that balance between her own needs/desires and those of her family and how much she wants to mould herself to fit in with her husband’s job and her family. For this client, there is no right or wrong answer here, more an exploration of the tension between those two needs and how they can be fulfilled.

Sometimes, if this is learned in the area of spirituality, it can be about flexibility of beliefs. Some people may be very rigid in their religious beliefs and they are learning to relax those a little and be more flexible when it comes to how their beliefs intersect with other peoples’ lives.

This LL could also be seen in people who come up with very rigid plans and have set ideas about how they are going to achieve or approach a goal, and maybe something happens which means they have to let go of that set plan, to become more spontaneous and embrace something new and unexpected. So that’s another possibility for this LL.

Now let’s have a look at the final life lesson I want to cover in this article:


When you have this LL, working together with another person is a central theme of your life. Perhaps in previous lifetimes you have been too solitary and independent and so you are joining forces with someone else in this one to give you an opportunity for a different experience this time around. When I read for people who have this life lesson it’s very common for them to be in an enduring, strong marriage (almost always, these people choose to get married to cement their partnership) or in an enduring business or work partnership.

The common issue I see with this LL is around keeping one’s own identity while also joining forces with someone else. So in my experience, this LL can sometimes be about the tension between closeness and independence, in a close partnership. It will also be about exploring all the positives and benefits around being in a team, and being able to achieve goals more easily/quickly as a result of the partnership. It could also be about getting past some of the downsides to collaborating with another person, such as not being able to find an agreement on how to approach a goal.


Many of us are here to evolve our souls, simply through having experiences which change and mould us slightly on the soul level. And the experiences we do have are often for a reason. So if you consider your current life circumstances, your past challenges, and the kinds of situations you find yourself in. What do these require of you, in order for you to transcend any difficulties or move forwards? If you can see a common pattern, this is likely to be one of your life lessons, if not your primary one.

How to find out more about your life lessons

If you’d like to get more specifics about your life lessons, you may wish to get an Akashic Record Reading with me or with our resident Akashic Record Reader Shelly.

And if you’re interested to find out more about the other life lessons and how you can read for others in this area, check out my Akashic Record Reading Program.

Current Akashic Record Reading students, you can find information about the other life lessons that are not mentioned in this article, in the course forums.

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