Are Archangels & Ascended Masters a Good Source of Spiritual Guidance?

 Hi Anna,

I am interested in your online course which teaches people how to communicate with their Spirit Guides. However, I have a question:

Can I learn to channel Ascended Masters & Archangels instead? Archangels and Ascended Masters are the beings I feel connected to and speak to, although I’ve never had a reply!

~ Susan

Hi Susan,

Thanks for your question. Before I answer it, I want to make a clear distinction for anyone who is reading and doesn’t know about this:

When it comes to the beings that we psychics can channel, there are two categories of spiritual being: Divine-level beings, and astral-level beings.

Divine-level beings are Ascended Masters and Archangels.

Archangels hold energetic frequencies for us on a grand scale, so that we can more easily tap into these energies. For example, Archangel Raphael holds the energies of love and healing, and so healers sometimes call on this Archangel to help them in their healing work.

Ascended Masters are figureheads that we associate with certain religions, they are usually beings who once walked the Earth, but they no longer incarnate here; they have evolved beyond the need to do so. If they incarnate here, it is usually to help out humankind, not for their own evolution. So many people have called on them and lent them energies over the years that we can now call on them for help, support and healing.

Astral-level beings, on the other hand, are our Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels.

Our Spirit Guides are there to help guide us, so that we can stay on track with the kind of path our soul chose for us before we even incarnated. Our guides help us to have the experiences our souls are looking to have here, and they can give us guidance to keep us away from the type of experiences we’re not looking to have. Our Guardian Angels also help to keep us on our soul’s path in that they protect us from dangerous people or experiences, so that if it is not our time to pass away, we are kept safe.

So you can see that the astral-level beings have a more personal relationship with us, whereas Divine-level beings are beings that anyone can call on.

So now that we’ve made the distinction between the two categories of spiritual being, let’s go back to the question at hand:

“Can you also learn to channel Ascended Masters & Archangels?”

Yes, you could learn to channel Divine-level beings such as Archangels and Ascended Masters.

HOWEVER, the likely reason you haven’t heard back from those beings is because Ascended Masters & Archangels, are not associated as much with guidance. Instead, Divine-level beings are mostly called on to help us to raise our vibration and also for healing.

When you do manage to hear back from the Archangels & Ascended Masters, they tend to give more universal guidance (that is less specific to you personally.) To give you an example of the difference here, Divine-level beings, such as Archangels & Ascended Masters, will often give out universal messages (i.e. messages that could apply to any of us, but which are often also true for you) such as “You are loved”.

Your Spirit Guides, by contrast are more likely to impart guidance that is specifically for you, like “you left the garage door open” or “you may want to reconsider the friendship with so-and-so”.

There is a place for both types of guidance in our lives, but remember that Spirit Guides are chosen by us, before we even incarnate, to accompany us on our path. They know us really well, including our life path, life lessons, karmic patterns and therefore, they are often very tuned in to our daily lives, relationships and contents of our minds. And this is why they are an excellent source of guidance, and the guidance tends to be more relevant to the details of our human lives than the kind of guidance that comes our way from the Divine-level beings. So, we can use both sources — but I don’t recommend excluding your guides, because the most relevant guidance will come from them.

So, to summarise, I recommend utilising the Divine-level beings (Ascended Masters & Archangels) for healing, consciousness raising and universal messages that apply to all humanity.

And I recommend tapping into the astral beings (Spirit Guides, etc) for the kind of guidance that is going to be more relevant to your own life.

If you’d like to learn how to channel the astral-level beings to get guidance on your own life, you might be interested in my Intuitive Awakening Course.

And if you’re an empath who is more interested in working with the Divine-level beings, for healing and clearing, I can teach you how to do that in my book, The Empath’s Toolkit and I also teach how to call on the Divine beings to clear out negative energies from your home, in my Energy Clearing for Spaces Course.

Further Reading:

You can find a list of Ascended Masters & Archangels here, along with descriptions of what each Divine being can help us with.

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  1. Regina A Forster

    Anna, thank you so much for this article. Very helpful! I’ve been using Jamie Sams’ Sacred Path cards for awhile and have noticed how grounded I feel afterward and also their practical approach to understanding a Native American path. Recently I pulled my Ascended Masters cards off the shelf and their energy is so different – a much higher, more “enlightened” feeling. I was recognizing and appreciating the difference in them and how I connect to both but couldn’t quite wrap my mind around it or put it into words. This is exactly what you’ve done! Yes! So much clearer to me now.

  2. Regina A Forster

    P.S. Love your new website! It feels light and bright, very inviting! Love the font and designs especially! All of it really 🙂

  3. Dee

    I’ve been astral projecting for about 6 years (it started spontaneously with no knowledge or interest at the time), although I’m not a ‘pro’, in the past, I’ve been able to connect and meet up with a few guides. However, for the past 8+ months, I’ve been unable to do this. I don’t know if you have any insight on this, but if you do, it’s greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

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