Can Cats See More Than Us?

By Debra Reeves.

I’ve always had cats. I love cats. I also love how sensitive to energy they are. A cat will come and sit on you if you’re sad. They’ll automatically approach a person who dislikes cats, just in case they can change their mind! Cats are super-sensitive.

I’ve had cats all my life, including when I had my very first earthbound spirit encounter back when I was 21. There’s a reason cats are associated with spirituality in Egypt and were the favoured companion of witches! In my experience, cats definitely see more than humans.

Cats are also super sensitive to energy. I am a Reiki master but have never felt drawn to do it as a career. I’ve only ever offered it to loved ones and friends. When I was in my late 20’s I was in a share house with two gorgeous women and two cats, one of which had debilitating arthritis. This lovely cat was on medication and was not in pain but she was obviously deteriorating with her illness. By the time I met her her paws were bent into gnarled clubs. I gave her Reiki treatments often and she really enjoyed them. When she’d received enough she’d get up and hobble off.

Whenever I gave someone a Reiki treatment as soon as I’d ‘log on’ with my Reiki prayer and symbols I would hear this cat’s heavy steps on the floorboards coming from the other side of the house – racing to us as fast as she could! That’s when I understood she could feel the Reiki energy kick in! She could feel it enter my treatment room and came as if her life depended on it!

She’d park herself on top of the person receiving the treatment (lucky I only gave treatments to loved ones and friends!!) or muscle her way in between the person and my hands! She just couldn’t get enough Reiki.

But wait, that’s not all! Cats can also see way more than us!

Cat’s Eyes

Cats are crepuscular (this means that they are most active at dusk and dawn) and their eyesight is a reflection of that. They have six to eight times as many cells in their eyes for viewing things in dim light as humans do. That allows them to see much more in settings where humans would be almost completely in the dark. Their superior night vision also allows them to better capture motion in the dark. Cats also have better peripheral vision.

So, can cats see paranormal and supernatural activity that the human eye can’t possibly see?

Science Catches Up

Mainstream science recognises that cats, dogs and other animals can see more frequencies than humans. The scientific explanation is that cats and dogs see UV (ultra-violet) light that the human retina can’t.

All mammals don’t have lenses similar to humans as previously believed. The human eye is incapable of seeing UV rays but scientific evidence suggests many mammals can. According to the latest research, many animals have ultra-violet vision, for example, most amphibians and reptiles, fish, birds and a few mammals, like rodents, moles, bats and marsupials.

UV light is the wave length beyond the visible light from red to violet that humans can see. Humans have a lens that blocks UV from reaching the retina.

This opens up a whole new world of possibly way beyond what we can perceive…

Do you see where I’m going with this and why it’s so exciting?

As a psychic, I see things other people can’t. I see Spirit. I do not just go into Spirit for my work to access the Akashic Records and communicate with people’s Spirit Guides. I also see a lot of paranormal activity in my home, particularly earthbound spirits. My home is a bit of a thoroughfare of activity with earthbound spirits passing through regularly. It’s ok. My children understand. If they’re pestered they send them to me. Usually, they just pass through, and onwards on their next right place of expression.

Have you noticed your cat acting strangely?

They see things even I can’t see. Sometimes my cat will meow and hiss, and look startled as if teased! They’ll even start batting at the air!

In my first earthbound spirit encounter back when I was 21, I lived with a very active earthbound spirit for a year. My cat, Cass, often let me know when the earthbound was present. I would get a look from Cass, hair bristling on her back and I’d know we had company! Cass was always very wary of her. This earthbound spirit was not particularly friendly and seemed to enjoy freaking us out – Cass included!

Cats are a fantastic warning system for paranormal activity! Watching their response also tells you volumes of information about the type of spirit present.

Is your cat happy to see them? Yes – they are known, familiar or friendly spirits. No – they are unknown, unfamiliar or unfriendly spirits. If they start hissing and spitting you know they are definitely not friendly and your furry friend is trying to protect you!

Have your pets acted strangely before? Have they followed something unseen around the room or stared transfixed at the ceiling? Has your pet hissed and spat at nothing at all or reacted like they’ve been taunted by something you can’t see? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

Debra Reeves is a Professional Intuitive with over 25 years’ experience communicating directly with Spirit. Debra is dedicated to assisting those who seek the deeper side of life and to come in direct contact with their own soul and the profound wisdom that is offered to us by Spirit.

Debra is able to access your soul’s information in the Akashic Records and then receive further clarity from your Spirit Guides.

Debra has been a Spirit Rescue Worker: assisting souls struggling to pass over. Debra is a Reiki Master, a qualified Professional Intuitive and recently completed a course in Clinical Pastoral Care. She is a volunteer for Hospice.

Debra offers Akashic Record Readings, Spirit Guide Profile Readings, mentoring and spiritual development courses. Debra also offers Earthbound Spirit clearings. You can find out more about Debra through her website.

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  1. Elizabeth

    I read this article nodding my head throughout, yes, yes, yes.
    I too have had cats all my life and I am a Reiki Master. One of my cats, who has now passed, did exactly what you mentioned, ran into the room whenever my Reiki was “on” and tried to get under my hands. He would get all trancey when he got Reiki ( which of course I gave him!) He also would stare out of the skylight and the wall all the time at night.
    We have two new kittens as I write this. One of them will sit with my daughter, who has been chronically ill, all the time and the other will put his paw over her heart when she has anxiety and calms her right down. I believe in the power of the these purring angels.

  2. Rosa

    This is fascinating. I rescued a kitten with a broken left hind leg & kept her. A few years later I broke my left leg rather badly. She would drape her body over my cast like she was lying on a tree branch & purr very loudly. I read after that the frequency of a cat’s purr is the same as the electrical bone simulators used to aid new bone growth in healing. She draped over my cast for a daily “purr” treatment for 2 months. It was so special !!

  3. Cat

    I adore cats. Like many people, I have had a cat (or cats) since childhood. For me, they are calming and their purr is an instant de-stresser. My cats know if I am upset, sad or ill. (And I believe all cats KNOW if you are a cat lover!!) Regarding your article, one of my cats often looks into a floor-length mirror we have…not at herself, but at an angle as if she is looking through a window. Is this an example of her seeing something that I cannot? When she first did this I thought she was reacting to something going on behind her that she was only seeing in the mirror, but because she does this often, I now believe she really is seeing something I can’t. Loved this article! Thank you for writing it!!

  4. Charleen

    I actually was looking for this answer a couple of months ago on the internet. My best friends house and mine…the cats were “freaked out”. Thank you!!!!

  5. Amanda

    I have my cat for ten years she knows when I ill she comes right by my face and also I think a ghost try to touch my head cos she attacked me and bit me hard I think I have a ghost in the house and she thinks it’s gonna hurt me bless her .

  6. Debra Reeves

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Yes many parallels there! I actually have two new kittens as my beloved cat died at the beginning of the year. Luna was a wonderful healer. She was definitely using our nighttime to recalibrate our chakras and do energy work. It felt like a transference between us as she was the sick one. I’m in the process of writing an article about the life purpose of animals so stay tuned for that one! Much love to you and your daughter. I hope she is recovering from her illness….and hugs to your fur babies!
    Love & Light, Debra

  7. Debra Reeves

    Hi Rosa,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I actually have two new kittens as my beloved cat died at the beginning of the year. Luna was a wonderful healer. She was definitely using our nighttime to recalibrate our chakras and do energy work. It felt like a transference between us as she was the sick one. She didn’t use her pur but I’ve also read that their pur has the ability to heal. Your description is so amazing…aren’t cats incredible beings!
    I’m in the process of writing an article about the life purpose of animals so stay tuned for that one! Much love to you and your fur baby!
    Love & Light, Debra

  8. Debra Reeves

    Hi Charleen, thank you so much for sharing your experience. It sounds like the cats were alerting you and your friend to the presence of paranormal activity – earthbound spirits aka ghosts. If they were that freaked out it’s probably best to ask them to leave as the cats wouldn’t respond like that if they were friendly…I do a lot of Spirit Rescue so it’s rare to have unfriendly earthbound spirits but it does happen (there’s heaps of blogs about it on my website if you’re curious). Much love to you.
    Love & Light, Debra

  9. Debra Reeves

    Hi Amanda, thank you so much for sharing your experience. Do you think your cat attacked you to protect you from an earthbound spirit aka ghost? Or perhaps you had your crown or third eye woken up! I wonder whether your cat just loves you so much they are treating you to the bite/lick Method they use in each other. If you believe you have an earthbound spirit it’s worth investigating further (so you aren’t attacked/protected by your cat again!! I do a lot of Spirit Rescue so it’s rare to have unfriendly earthbound spirits but it does happen (there’s heaps of blogs about it on my website if you’re curious). Much love to you and your fur baby!
    Love & Light, Debra

  10. Bastian

    My first experience with an earthbound spirit (and to date, the only visible experience), was when I was sitting with my cat in my lounge room around age 13. My cat jumped off my lap and acted like she was stalking something and pawed at the air. Then some papers started moving around by themselves in the area she was fixated on. There was no breeze in the room. I immediately jumped up and instinctively yelled “Get out of my house!” This rental house my family lived in was very creepy for a number of reasons. One day an old woman came by to take a cutting of the lavender bush in the front yard. She told my mother that her daughter had lived there and that she had died of an overdose (not sure if it was while she lived there) and that her daughter had planted this lavender bush and it was one of the things she really loved. Since that experience, I have always been scared of being alone in my own home (even at 30 I find it difficult!), but I am also remembering to trust that I’ll be able to say “No!” if a spirit disturbs me. My cat lived for 15 years and she remained my faithful companion until the end of her life. Even though the house was creepy, it was at that house that my cat (and her brother) appeared in the yard one day, needing a home, so I’m grateful that this house brought me such loving, wonderful friends, as well as an awareness of the spirit world (even if I wasn’t quite ready for it!)

  11. Stephanie

    I do believe cats (and dogs) can see and sense spirit. Long ago, I once took care of a neighbor’s cat and brought the cat to my apartment. As soon as I did, it arched its back with fur standing on end. It hissed, growled, and stared at a particular corner of my apartment. Then it ran toward the door. This cat wanted out in the worst way. I quickly brought it back home! Years later, when I moved into my house, my dog would stare at walls in our house. I know she saw things. And now, that I have been giving readings with the help of the angels, my dog instantly senses when a new reading is taking place. She will come into my room and stay until I am finished. It is my belief that she feels great peace in this heavenly company!

  12. Debra Reeves

    Hi Cat, thank you for sharing your experience. I can only guess what your cat sees! Are you suggesting your cat is seeing something you can’t in the room, via the mirror, or that she’s scrying- using the mirror as a divination tool? Who knows what cats are capable of?! Have you communicated with your cat? I have a blog ‘Animal Communication’ on my website that might interest you. Much love to you and your fur baby.
    Love & Light, Debra

  13. Debra Reeves

    Hi Bastion, thank you so much for sharing your experience. That sounds like such s beautiful friendship you had with your cat. Yes that must have made a big impression! It’s pretty scary at first when you have an earthbound spirit encounter. I hope that you will make peace with the experience and learn to understand that earthbound spirits aren’t actually as scary as they feel initially. If you want to explore this further I have plenty of blogs about earthbound spirits and Spirit in general that might really help you. Much love to you.
    Love & Light, Debra

  14. Debra Reeves

    Hi Stephanie, thank you so much for sharing your experience. Did you sense anything or have any other experiences in your place? Perhaps your earthbound spirit just wasn’t a cat person!!! It sounds like you have another accomplice in your dog. I hope your dog continues to encourage your Readings with the help of angel! Much love to you.
    Love & Light, Debra

  15. Valda

    Regarding the comments about Reiki…I was sitting in a lounge as my lovely friend had a reiki session done by her husband. As he unzipped the bag with the blanket, towels etc I saw a soft, violet coloured ‘smoke’ come pouring out, filling the room. I was so astonished I said nothing to my friends. Then, as he began the reiki I could see the same violet ‘smoke’ but in a far more intensive form stream from his hands onto his wife’s body then with a sort of ‘zap’ it shot through her body and down to the floor. Then he would move to the next chakra. I asked later how he knew when to move from each chakra and he just said he ‘felt’ when the time was right. I often look for the violet colour but man does not seem to be able to copy the colour. It was intensive and beautiful. If I could see it then I am sure animals…cats…can see it as well. Whenever I did hypnotherapy sessions the cats loved being in the room as well.

  16. Leanne

    To be honest, I’m not a cat fan however, when “dad cat” showed up on our farm, mid January and -40, I couldn’t turn my back on him.

    He seems to take to me and obsessively so. He doesn’t come in the house but to the garage where he chooses his food (the flavour), eats it politely, sits on my lap and then leaves.

    He doesn’t care for reiki done on his third eye. He likes it done on the rest of him but not there so I don’t force it…his third eye chakra must be highly in tune!

  17. Amanda Osborne

    Oh my goodness…I can definitely attest to the fact that animals see and sense more than we do. I have two cats and after I moved into my recent home, I got a dog. From the moment I moved in, I started experiencing major activity. I’ve always experienced spirit activity, but this house was extremely active. I always knew when a spirit was in my bedroom because my beloved Stinkerbelle would sit just outside my bedroom door and would not come to bed with me. Sure enough, and I could set my clock by it, activity started between 11 and 11:30 nearly every night and continued on through most of the night. During the day even, I would catch movement out of the corner of my eye, look at my cat, and see her staring intently in the direction I caught the movement. Then, I got a dog and by then the activity was so disruptive I was exhausted and one of the spirits who was very negative (there were several spirits present) was tormenting my daughter and I both. Eko hated the negative spirit and would growl very low in his throat with his head down staring into my bedroom…it was a very unnerving sound. Anyway, after several investigation crews came out, some preventative measures taken, and finally a priest visited, the negative energy is gone. I still have spirits visit now and again, but I think they are just passing through because they are curious about me…the cat and dog always let me know when we have a visitor, but they don’t growl or hiss anymore, they just observe. I’ve learned to pay attention to their signals and am so glad I have them with me!

  18. Coral

    I set up my webcam one night, solely for the purpose of watching my sleep patterns to see if I grind my teeth all night and when I watched he video back, i saw my cat very clearly watching something move round the room. He also used to sit next to me on the bed and watch something on the landing outside my room. Poor boy died in April and now I’m sad talking about him 🙁

  19. Luna

    Cats catch the mouse at night so its eyes must be very clear. I think so!

  20. Valda

    Just a wee note to Coral…the lovely thing here, Coral, is that now your little furry friend who has passed will still be with you -just in a different dimension – and probably watches you. It would be interesting to get another cat and someday try the same thing with the webcam. It’s always sad to part from a much loved pet. The Rainbow Bridge is worth reading. “There can be no fear of death when there really is no death to fear”.

  21. Susan

    My 1 clairvoyant experience was about my cat Alice, now 7 1/2 years old. The last of my previous animal family (2 cats, 2 dogs), my cat Tigger had recently passed. I didn’t pay attention to the snapshot images I’d get sporadically of a light colored cat with a dark face. It popped in my mind here & there but made no sense to me.
    A good friend told me his Siamese just had a litter of kittens & offered 1 of the kittens.
    I didn’t think I was ready for another pet just then…I was still grieving over the loss of Tigger, & my 2 dogs I lost 4 months before that.
    He sent me a pic of my little Alice & it all made sense. She is a lilac point Siamese with light blue eyes. Very beautiful…& so smart.
    She is the love of my life, makes me smile every day.
    Since the day I got her, she has always looked above me, especially when I hold her. I don’t know what she sees (I wish I did), but she has been consistent in the 7 1/2 years I’ve had her.
    Always snuggles with me when I’m down….has even done so for my close personal friends in times of sickness or sorrow.
    Sometimes I think she is my angel, in feline form. I am grateful for her every day.
    She helped me get over the loss of my animals. She’s my best friend:)

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