Dealing with Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Burnout

In the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve been house sitting and travelling in Scotland and England.

I’ve been climbing hills, visiting spiritualist churches, meeting up with old friends, meeting new ones, in between the house sitting and travelling.

Here are some photos of my adventures which have filled my Facebook account. Someone commented “what a great life travelling and house sitting is!”

In Portobello, Edinburgh

Dumyat, Stirling

A meet up with fellow house sitters, Lisa, Tony & Linda

Loch An Eilein, Aviemore

Yes, it is a great life.

But it can also lead to burnout, especially when you have done it full time with no permanent home for as long as I have (coming up on 4 years this coming autumn.) Sometimes, all is not what it seems on social media (you only really get to see the fun parts.)

Recently I have been getting the strong feeling that now is the time to find my own home and stop with the house sitting. I have reached a place of burnout in my life on more than one level and I have never felt so depleted.

The seeds of this burnout were actually sown in April 2018 when my older brother died in his sleep. We weren’t close at all, but it was a shock and something that made me feel exhausted and vulnerable, emotionally speaking.

That year I also worked hard to finish my book, the Empath’s Toolkit. The book took me years to write and a lot out of me, but it was well received and great to finish.

That same year I put everything I had into “going gazelle” (anyone reading a fellow Dave Ramsey follower?) to pay off my student loan. I hate any kind of debt and my large student loan had been hanging around my neck for a long while. My goal was to get it all paid off by my 35th birthday and I did it. I worked really hard to reach that goal.

Then I travelled around Asia & Australia for 4 months and had photos done in Australia for a website redesign. Here’s a sneak peek of the home page (it’s a big project so will be some time before it is completely finished.)

Then I got a nasty bout of flu from my young nieces which involved hospital and took several weeks to fully get over (I get post viral asthma, which can make recovery from viruses a bit protracted.)

Then I had a load of family drama, as the ripples from my brother’s death continue to affect us and something happened that left me feeling heartbroken about the path certain family members appear to be on (and had been on, for a long time, but I didn’t see it until now.)

Then I got attacked and bitten by a dog. The police got involved, I had a hospital visit as I went into traumatic shock and I didn’t sleep properly for a while afterwards. I’ve been in fight or flight since. (Emphasis on the fight!)

Then I did a house sit with a cat with dementia, that howled day and night and not much sleep was being had.

So I have found myself for weeks now with nothing to write about, all projects on hold, and entire days spent in a dizzy daze of exhaustion and an irrational sense of fear that maybe I’ll never be back to my old self.

I have fought that fear by being sociable and staying active. It didn’t help, I started to find myself unable to drive for longer than short trips or be on my feet for too long. I found myself too tired for simple tasks. My memory and concentration had disappeared, I had to make lists and write things down because I couldn’t remember anything about anything. Showering and eating suddenly felt like difficult tasks that needed to be at the centre of my day.

Hello, burnout on a scale I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before.

I am glad to say I am starting to get better after a lot of time off. However, something needs to change. And my final house sit on this long travelling journey will be in Andalusia, Spain in September, almost 4 years after I began travelling in 2015.

I plan on touring Andalucia and finding somewhere to rent for a longer period. I think my next home will be in Andalucia but I am not 100% sure yet. Brexit is a complication (will Brits be able to live in Spain anymore?) but I am sure I will work it out.

My travelling days aren’t over. I still love house sitting and travelling and plan on having plenty of holidays, for a change of scene from time to time, once I do get settled. I just won’t be exhausting myself by doing it all the time and not having a home to retreat to.

I am writing about all this because I want to hold myself accountable to my new goal of giving up the full time travelling lifestyle. I’ve tried to do it before but I’ve always gone back to being a homeless full-time traveller. But this lifestyle is no longer sustainable for me and where I am right now. It has been an exciting lifestyle, full of adventure, beautiful places, new friends and amazing pets and it’s time to stop.

I am picturing a life for myself in the future that involves sunshine, a home of my own, maybe some pets of my own(?), a garden or at least something to grow, more involvement with a community, and friendships and dating that I won’t have to leave behind like I do when I travel.

I also am writing about this because I will be busy sorting my life out – depending on how long that takes I will probably be slowing down professionally, for a while at least. I am still here for current students and answering questions in the forum, and my online courses are still open. My priority will be mentoring students so don’t hesitate to reach out to use what you have purchased if you’re a current student.

Thanks for reading.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Jean Siverly

    So sorry to hear of all that is negatively affecting your life right now. It sounds as though you have done some soul searching and come up with a viable plan. Please take care and will look forward to hearing of a speedy recovery.

  2. Katie

    Absolutely understand and can relate to all of this. The similarities are uncanny. Losing my youngest brother in July 2018 and the family dynamics afterwards kicked the burnout and illness into high gear. As an undeveloped empath, I realize now that I need to work on that in order to protect myself. Ironically, what has made me most susceptible to the drama and emotion over time, is what will save me. I think settling in and breathing is the best thing you can do for now and it’s a great decision. It isn’t always easy for us to see the stop signs. ???????? Good for you! Enjoy your ‘me’ time and being your own first priority. ????????????????????????

  3. Mithun Prakash.J

    Sorry for the lose of your brother, although the real soul is beyond birth, karma, death etc. Praying to Lord Siva, the divine father of Lord Ganesh may benefit you to settle in one place.

  4. Karen Marshall

    Love and hugs to you, Anna. I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you find your own sweet little nest where you can rest and recuperate.

    The new photos look lovely!!!


  5. Paul Schofield

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you for letting us all know how you are, and good to hear you are on the road to recovery after your time off, I am sure you will continue to recuperate, with your plan.

    Someone commented that they had some similarities; so do I.

    I travelled continuously for 7 years as a radar commissioning engineer, all over the UK, and the Far East, and at the end of that I was exhausted, I had chronic sinusitis, very little energy, and so I resigned and had a rest for ten months. One day I just woke up and was well again, after 6 months.

    Then I lived in a hotel for a year as a trials engineer.

    Then I chose some life changing events, and settled down.

    Even when I “settled down” I still travelled, although for very much shorter periods, to Europe, Africa, Middle and Far east.

    At long last I don’t seem to want to travel so much any more, but I am retired now.

    I have lots of dreams of airports, trains, and towns where I’m a stranger.

    At one point I lived in Singapore for 3 months, I was bitten by a dog, they had rabies there, I had to wait for 6 weeks to see if I was all right, at the time they just gave me a tetanus shot.

    My brother died, almost 6 years ago, but in my case we were close.

    I wonder if you’re Sagittarian like me.

    Anyway, from my experience, I feel I understand a little of how you have felt, and I am absolutely positive that you have done and are doing the right things to recuperate.

    Sending you love and healing thoughts,

    Paul Schofield

  6. Alexa

    Thank you for sharing your vulnerabilities and I’m sorry to hear that. I really do hope that you will find the right place to relax and feel at peace to recover properly. Lots of Love

  7. Anna Sayce

    Thanks all for your kind comments!

    Katie – sorry to hear about your loss and thanks for sharing

    Karen – thank you

  8. Anna Sayce

    Paul – thanks for sharing. Yes I have a lot of dreams of airports, buses, trains, etc. I’ve had many ‘missed connection’ dreams, although I’ve never missed a flight before. I am not sagittarius but I do have sagittarius south node.

  9. Laura

    HI Anna,

    Nice photos…I hope that you recover quickly.

    What part of the burnout is spiritual and does that come from your line of work?

  10. Anna Sayce

    Laura – That’s an interesting question.

    I think that on the level of our energy system, we draw energy from the land we live on and our little place in the world.

    When you travel for as long as I have and have no place on the earth to connect in with energetically in that way, I think it depletes your spirit over time and can be ungrounding. That’s what I mean by spiritual burnout – I don’t think it has anything to do with my spiritual work – more to do with the house sitting.

  11. Danielle

    Thanks for your openness Anna. There can be a misconception that Light Workers don’t have or aren’t “supposed” to have struggles. This is earth and this is life. I will say prayers for you and wish you nothing but the best in this transition time period…and that you’ll know exactly where your earthly “home” is to be. ????

  12. Thomas

    Dear Anna, wow my friend! You’ve been through a storm I see. Your very open to share such deep insight of your personal life and im honored that I got to get to know you some. Im sure travelling is so wonderfull I can tell by some of the places you’ve shared, WOW! I know that there’s a “wonderfull part” inside you as well thats not quite settled and needs some Sun shine on it too!???? If you ever end up here in the state of Florida (the sun shine state) in the Ft. Myers area come on by and I will open my home up to you for a cup of coffee and some sunshine with me! I hope you get your spirits back up and know you have a friend in Florida who is like minded. With all my heart, Tommy.

  13. Margarita

    Hi Anna,
    I’m Spanish married to a Brit. Andalusia is fantastic but it gets pretty hot in general so you may need to think carefully about where to move to. If you’re by the beach you should be ok most of the time although it’ll be hot in the summer. As regards brexit, it seems that expats and British citizens will keep the same benefits they’ve had so far so you should be ok in that respect. The best of luck with the move! ????

  14. Maria

    “All shall be well. And all shall be well. And all manner of things shall be well.” ~Dame Julien of Norwich

  15. Jackson Ellis

    Hi Anna,

    You deserve love, peace, tranquility and ‘centredness’. You spend so much time on others – look after number one for a change, so that if you choose to continue your current lifestyle, you can continue to do so.

    Courage and wisdom to you all,

    Warm wishes, Jackson

  16. Terry

    I must say I’m not burned out from all that craziness HAHAHAHA!! But I have a burned out every one of my bridges. someone always needing something from me. I work all day on my feet from 5am to 3pm and take care of my dad all night. I stepped in to organize a community wide yard sale….. lot tougher then you may think….. I have 5 crazy cats one that has 2 doctors appointments in the same week taking up my 2 days off from work and the rest of August and September … on every one of my days off I either have meetings with my dads government representatives or other necessary activities. On my one night out ( Saturdays ) all I deal with is drama from friends and neighbors alike because “I’m a good listener ” they say…and…….and …. ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!! I have no time to myself ever !!!!! …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Okay. Well thank you for letting me vent hahaha!!!! It must have been karma I that got your newsletter. So know – You are not the only one needing a getaway. Wish you all the best. Peace and Love 🙂

  17. Angela

    Anna! Thank you so much for writing this! Your life is quite the journey.
    How did you get into house sitting all over the world? It’s something I’ve thought about, but not sure how to get started.

  18. Stefan Stefanov

    When we have so many negative situations in our lives yes it’s time for a change. You know what to do best so go and get it. . Good luck Anna.

  19. Anna Sayce

    Danielle – thank you!

    Margarita – Thanks. I like hot weather and sunshine (I don’t want to live anywhere where it gets really cold..)

    Angela – you might find this website helpful – I know the people who run the magazine, loads of helpful info on there about how to get started with house sitting

  20. Angela Soete

    Thank you for the info, Anna!

  21. Annette Hartt

    Thank you for sharing and though I will refrain from offering any health advice, I do want to send you positive healing energies. I am holding myself accountable to continuing all my metaphysical & spiritual studies which includes your Intuitive Awakening course. Be well and all the best in your next venture!
    -Annette Hartt

  22. Nadia Schwartzmann

    Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I’ve been there, it’s always nice to know I’m not alone and I wish you well. The road to recovery starts with realising what the problem is so you’ve done the hardest bit. Now you can start looking after yourself. Best wishes Anna. You’ve got this. 🙂

  23. Cristina

    Hi Anna! My guides are strongly urging me to tell you that you check out Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) even if only for a visit (this normally doesn’t happen and I don’t usually do this, but I relay the message just in case lol).
    It also happens to be my hometown, so I know it’s hot and sunny all year round too, and very green in its midlands, so it’s not as extreme as Andalusian weather.
    I’m also a Brit and like some other person said, if you move to Spain this year you retain all your rights as usual, it only changes from 2021 onwards I believe.
    Best of luck in your journey and I hope you recover soon!
    Lots of love xxx

  24. Frank Baldratti

    I wish you many blessings and happiness Anna…you are very generous with your time and knowledge; please take much care and know that we are here for you in any way that we can be…

  25. Liz Thomas

    It sounds as though your guides have slowly been steering you towards time for yourself and to set down some roots! No one can maintain go, go, go and not get burnt out. Spain and the laid back, relaxed life style the Spanish embody sounds just like what you need right now! Best wishes!


    Hello Anna and thank you for your honest story. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. That isn’t an easy thing to deal with, no matter how close or distant you were.

    I sympathize because 5 years ago I took care of my mother at home while she died of cancer. That experience left me with burnout and adrenal fatigue that look a long time to recover from. (Other things also happened that didn’t help!)

    I eventually decided to relocate and also chose Andalusia. To be precise, I moved to Malaga in 2016. I fell in love with the city after visiting it in 2015. You might consider it for yourself. Its population is about 600,000, although that grows with the tourists, it’s very walkable, right on the Med, cost of living is quite affordable (although the cost of housing has shot up because of AirBnB), it has loads of museums, cultural/musical events and there is a vibrant multi-cultural community.

    Unfortunately due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, I had to give up my lovely apartment on the beach in Malaga 2.5 years ago and since then I have been a nomad like you, doing International house/pet-sitting and not having a home base.

    Although there are huge benefits to living this way, I am also reaching the point where I would like to settle down from my roaming lifestyle, so I completely understand.

    I hope you find peace, rest and a place that will make you smile every day.

    – From a Fellow Lightworker

  27. Anne Ducroquetz

    Oh, Anna, I can so relate (although I haven’t done the traveling… but feeling depleted and having family drama I can definitely relate to). Take such good care of yourself ! Sometimes you just need to cut off from all this craziness and to go back to a routine, with roots, a garden and a cat. And having a network of friends that are there in person when you need them. We all understand that so well. Bless you for all do for others… now go and do it for yourself ! Love to you.

  28. Marci Tsohonis

    Hugs to you, Anna. ❤️ It sounds like the sun is coming out again soon. I have been there.

  29. Anna Sayce

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments & good wishes xx

  30. Sophie

    I too am in a similar place. Got energetically nuclear blasted at a meditation retreat and am slowly recovering. My first major insight was to return to my home country and find a permanent home after years of traveling, in order to connect with the land and grow roots. Illness and various forms of kundalini awakening are happening all over the world right now at a rapid pace. A friend suggested this could be starseed trying to rid ourselves of our karmic burdens in order to be able to return to our home planets, as the earth shifts into the 4th density and many earth souls will be left behind.


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