Do Psychics Know Everything? – The Limitations of Psychic Abilities

If you have been following my blog or Facebook page, you’ll know that I have just moved to a new country (Australia) and a new city (Brisbane).  Over the last two weeks I’ve met a lot of new people who have asked me about what I do.

Telling people you’re a professional intuitive is usually something that either kills conversation fairly quickly or sparks off a series of interested questions.  Luckily for me most of the people I have spoken to have been interested in my work and open to it.

The most common questions/reactions are:

  • Do you know everything?  Do you already know everything about me just from talking to me?
  • How many fingers am I holding behind my back? or what did I have for dinner last night?

Some people seem to think that being psychic means being all knowing and omniscient about other people. Actually, this is a common misconception.

Being psychic means you get ONLY the information you NEED from Spirit, as you need it. Information that you need = information that helps you or someone else on their path; information that’s relevant and helpful.

It’s not a party trick.

Some psychics may have experienced something different, but for me there really NEEDS to be a reason for me to get the information I get.  When I meet people, I can often tell a lot about who they are and what they’re like.  I can sometimes hear thoughts. But I never really get a whole lot of information that I don’t NEED and I definitely don’t get to invade anyone’s privacy or get a peek into something I’m not meant to.

On the other hand, reading for someone is easy because the client gives me permission to read for them and there is certain information that they need to have.

But I can’t tell how many fingers someone is holding behind their back.  I can’t usually tell you what you had for dinner.  I can’t tell you the lottery numbers if you don’t need to win the lottery right now (and most of us really don’t!)

So, when it comes to psychic information, you get the information you’re meant to get. And what you think you need to know is not necessarily what you need to know.

So, if you want to be psychic, surrender to the Spirit in you. Don’t assume you need to know certain things. Ask Spirit to give you the information that is really HELPFUL and RELEVANT to your life and to the lives of those around you – to help you to live your most joyful and fulfilling life.  Or put another way, to help you to live your highest path and purpose.

And don’t ask to be able to read people’s minds or to know the lottery numbers because it’s mostly inappropriate and useless information anyway.

Does being psychic mean you become enlightened and omniscient about your own life?

Another interesting lesson that I have been learning in the last month or so is that being psychic doesn’t mean you can sail through life knowing anything you want to. Sometimes you fall flat on your face.

No psychic is going to be 100% correct all the time, but I do spend my days reading for people and telling them information they tell me is correct, the vast majority of the time. Out of the 400-450 people I’ve read for, I’ve only had a handful tell me they really didn’t resonate with what I told them.

But when it comes to my own stuff and life, I can sometimes have a big blind spot – especially if there is a lesson in it for me.

I went through a lesson in these last two weeks where I formed prejudices about someone I just met and it turned out to be completely and utterly wrong as far as I can see now.  Falling flat on your face is very good because it brings you back down to earth.  Otherwise you can perhaps think you are right about everything in your own life, and then it’s game over – there’s nothing to learn because you have access to everything.  And of course that’s not how it’s meant to be.

In addition, I had a situation this week where I was looking for an apartment with my mother. We arranged to see an apartment and I assumed before I got there that it was going to be unsuitable. Most of my assumptions are intuitive, helpful ones.  But when I got there, it turned out to be the apartment I wanted and it ticked all the boxes.  I got it wrong for a reason – because there was a lesson in it for me which was: don’t allow all of your initial impressions to close your mind – especially if you have nothing to lose just by checking something out and exploring it.

That is, unless you have a very strong feeling to stay away from something or someone. Those feelings of dread or repulsion in your gut always need to be heeded.

So, if you want to be psychic, surrender to your spirit. You must also be open to getting it wrong and having your view of things expanded – especially when it comes to your own life and ‘stuff’.

Being psychic is NOT about knowing everything or having ‘the Truth’.  It’s about getting only the information you personally need, when you need it.

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  1. David Chung

    I have noticed when giving readings that I will sometimes get information that is not directly relevant to the question being asked.

    Someone might ask about a relationship problem, and I’d get a message for them to work on clearing chakras and living a life in alignment with their Purpose. Or someone would ask about work and I’d get the message to tell them to work on their relationships.

    Sometimes I’d ask for more information and I’d get a “that’s all they need to know”, and I’d know it was time to end the session. I can’t hold the connection and ask for details about the person’s food preferences or stock portfolio. It’s like I’m given the information that Spirit feels the person most NEEDS to know, no more, no less, rather than what the person WANTS to know. And if I try to ask more questions after they’ve said what is needed, I either get no response or a repeat of what’s already been said.

    If you told someone you were an archaeologist, they wouldn’t automatically assume you were Indiana Jones. If you said you worked in the army, people wouldn’t automatically assume you were Rambo. But unfortunately if you say you’re a psychic/intuitive some people expect you to be Charles Xavier. Maybe somewhere down the road I can learn to read, control, and influence human minds and start a school to teach mutants to control their awesome powers, but for now all I can do is tell you what Spirit tells me.

  2. Diana Neff

    It’s so nice to find this wisdom put down in simple language. I agree wholeheartedly! My usual statement for my children when they make a judgment error is, “Keeps ya humble!”

    You are very right in stating that we all need lessons. Otherwise we’d be perfect and there’d surely be no reason to be here.

  3. Jen

    Great post Anna! 🙂
    Funnily enough I often get a similar reaction when people find out I have a Psychology degree! Some people think it means I can read their mind! 🙂

  4. Andrew

    I really like this viewpoint. It gave me a bit of an “aha” – yes – most of the intuitive information I recieve, I get because I really need it! I’m trying to think if there’s an exception to this… once I did fish out the name (in a rough way – I got a sound, which when named sounded like the name) of a friend of a friend… basically I was practising. I was really in the “zone” then though. I can’t normally do that.

    But then a lot of times I “practised” it didn’t work… I think because I didn’t have any real need or desire for the information. Or I only get big important information and can’t pick up details unless they’re really important. Yesterday I had an intuitive knowing about what dishes in the restaurant were vegan… but I totally failed at verifying the colour of some playing cards I shuffled and spread out on a desk.

    On a tangent, I think this is important for the Law of Attraction too – I’ve been “practising” but I found I never got something I was just asking for just for the practise. If I really need or desire it, though, I’ve had good success.

    Cool article.


  5. Drea

    Great Post Anna!

    This is good information for a newbie like me!


    • Anna

      Hi Drea! Welcome, glad you liked it.

  6. John


    I have a disabled child without speaking skills and very limited communication skills. We took her for a reading and the psychic was not able to read her. She did give a reading to me and it was right on. Why was she not able to read my daughter?

    • Anna

      Hi John,

      I’m not sure why. All psychics are good at different things – you could take her to another psychic and get a different result. I actually know a psychic who is also a specialist in learning difficulties/autism in her other job. If you want I could post her web address here. Maybe with someone like her you would get a different experience.

  7. Wire Shelving

    i can only wish that i were a psychic too which can tell the future and have the power of remote viewing~,;

  8. Hannah

    I know I am intuitive and have psychic abilities.
    I do Angel card readings and teach people to connect with their own Angels or Guides that come through.
    I get goose bumps when I am inspired by spirit.
    I have not charged anyone and usually its girlfriend time. Some guys like it too.
    When would my guides like me to market myself as a reader. I know people like it and enjoy it but I feel like the gift is a gift for all,and maybe not that unique with all the psychics out there.
    I want spirit to help me be provided for financially in a bigger way than readings.
    I don’t want to be on a hit list for psychic haters.Hannah;)

  9. Hannah

    Hi! John,
    Did you try a communication tape with baby sign language with your daughter? Hannah:)

  10. adam

    Hi Anna,
    I have just come into the light so to speak and things are happening fast and I
    am struggling to get a grip on all my new “gifts”.I just wanted to tell you how much
    I am enjoying your articles and I don’t feel so crazy now! I hope to hear more from
    you perhaps be in touch.I would love to tell you my story.
    Gold coast.


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