How to Access the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an etheric database or ‘library’ which contain information about every soul in existence. Everything that happens in the life of your soul since its ‘birth’ or inception, has been recorded in the Akashic Records, in your own Akashic soul record. Therefore, the Akashic Records are an excellent source of information about our soul purpose & past lives.

I’ve been teaching people how to read the Akashic Records for almost a decade. In this article, I am going to set out a series of steps that you will need to take if you want to access the Akashic Records, to read for other people.

How to Access the Akashic Records – a Roadmap

Let’s have a look at the first step in accessing the records:

1. Know what the Akashic Records are used for, primarily (and what they aren’t used for)

The Akashic Records are the best source of information about your soul’s path, where you’ve been in the past, and how that influences what your purpose is for this lifetime. So, if you have questions like: “what’s my soul’s purpose in this lifetime?” or “what’s my life lesson?”, know that those are all questions that can be answered in the Akashic Records.

On the other hand, there are questions that I don’t recommend asking in the Akashic Records, such as:

  • Questions like, “Who is my Spirit Guide?”
  • Questions about the future
  • Questions about your day to day life, such as “where did I leave my keys?”

If you know that you are a soul with a history that encompasses so much more than what you are living in this lifetime, and you want to know what that history is, then you’ll want to tap into the Akashic Records.

Let’s look at the next step now.

2. Learn about what you can actually access in the Akashic Records

There is so much information included in the records that you can actually get a bit lost, unless you know what you can ask about.

Here’s what I ask about during my readings:

  • Which soul group of origin does the client belong to?
  • Which archangelic realm of training does the client belong to?
  • How many past lives has the client had?
  • What kind of roles has the client had in those past lives?
  • Which religions/spiritual paths has the client been heavily involved with, and how have these influenced who the client is now?
  • In which eras and periods in history was the client present on earth?
  • What is the client’s soul purpose in this lifetime?
  • What is the client learning in this lifetime, if anything?
  • What has the client been doing in between earthly incarnations, and how do these impact on who he/she is now?
  • What are the client’s intuitive gifts & how does Spirit communicate with him/her?

These are all perfect questions to ask in the Akashic Records.

And in terms of the answers, did you know there are 23 soul groups of origin, and a client might belong to any one of them? Therefore, it can help to know what these soul groups are, so that you have a frame of reference through which to interpret and understand the information. Likewise, there are around 88 different life lessons I know of. So, when asking the question about your client’s life lesson, it can help to know what kinds of lessons actually exist.

(If you’re interested in learning about all of this, check out my Akashic Record Reading Program.)

Let’s have a look at the next step for accessing the Akashic Records:

3. Get an attunement to access information in the Akashic Records

An attunement is a process done on your behalf (usually by a more experienced Akashic Record reader, or possibly even by oneself) to give you access to the Akashic Records. It involves asking for Akashic Record Spirit Guides to be assigned to you, so that these guides can help you to search for and interpret information in the records (without Akashic Records Spirit Guides, you’d be pretty lost.)

Note that we don’t usually need an attunement to access our own akashic soul record. But we do need an attunement and Akashic Record Spirit Guides to access other peoples’ records. If you’d like to do Akashic Record Readings for other people, you can ask for Akashic Record Spirit Guides to be assigned to you, as a start, and see if some new guides show up for you.

Sometimes people get assigned Akashic Record Spirit Guides spontaneously, especially if they are already doing intuitive readings for the general public and they’re branching out to some different types of reading, such as past life readings.

Let’s move on to the next step, which is quite an important one:

4. Know how to get past ‘facades’ and other blocks to truth in the Akashic Records

There are a couple of (energetic) situations that can occur for clients, which make it harder for readers to get to the bottom of who a soul really is, when doing an Akashic Record reading for that person. One of these blocks to truth is called a ‘facade’, meaning that the soul projects something other than who they truly are on the soul level. When you come across these distractions, you need to be able to get past them. In my Akashic Record Reading Program, I teach students how to do this.

5. Practise energetic protection

There is a type of spirit that people sometimes have attached to their energy field, called an earthbound spirit (otherwise known as a ghost).

I wrote about this type of spirit extensively in this article, so I won’t go over it in too much detail here. However, if you are someone who does Akashic Record Readings for people (or in fact, any type of reading), you need a method of clearing, and keeping these spirits away from you, because they can feed you false information. This is so important that it is covered in all my online courses. It’s not a step you want to omit if you aim to give accurate readings (which of course all intuitives do).

6. Do practice readings (ideally for complete strangers)

Once you have followed the steps given above, and you know how to access the Akashic Records, then ideally you will practise by giving unpaid readings to strangers.

It is important to read for strangers, simply because if you read for loved ones and those close to you (or even for yourself), your findings may be clouded by what you already know about those people. As you become more experienced, it’s a little bit easier to read for yourself and for those around you, but I don’t recommend it when you’re a new Akashic Record reader.

So there you have it, my formula for accessing the Akashic Records. There are many ways of learning how to read the records, but they should ideally incorporate the steps above.

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