Is It OK to Use A Ouija Board to Get Spiritual Guidance?

I wanted to write an article about why you shouldn’t use ouija boards to get spiritual guidance because it seems occasionally people use ouija boards out of curiosity and also when they are desperate to communicate with a deceased loved one.

Here’s why you shouldn’t use them:

While it’s possible that in some cases, Ouija boards work through subconscious movements that a person can accidentally make while using it, often there is a spirit element to the ouija board.

Ouija boards don’t attract deceased loved ones, nor do Spirit Guides communicate with us via a ouija board. Instead, they tend to attract earthbound spirits.

Earthbound spirit is another word for ‘ghost’.

Earthbound spirits exist in the astral realm, but have not fully crossed over and so a part of them is still on Earth. They are often found in hospitals, funeral parlours, cemeteries, bars, clubs, and hotels.

These earthbound spirits can stay behind on the earth plane for a variety of reasons. For example, if a recently deceased soul believes they have done something wrong that they will be judged for, they may refuse to cross over. Or if a soul had an addiction when they were incarnated that they are not ready to release, they may also be reluctant to cross over. And when someone dies suddenly and unexpectedly and the person is too shocked and distressed to cross over and leave their life behind, they may choose to stay on the earth plane. Unfinished business can also cause a soul to keep a part of themselves on the earth plane, long after their life has ended.

Earthbound spirits are dead people, and just like the living, there are all types of earthbound spirit. Some are playful, some are nice and some are not so nice. Ouija boards seem to attract the most mischievous and the most unpleasant spirits.

The unpleasant ones may not be able to harm you because they don’t have a body, but they can freak you out or say unpleasant things. The presence of the mischievous ones means that often you won’t get a straight answer.

Just because a spirit is in a body does not make them a reliable source of spiritual guidance

Earthbound spirits don’t hang around on the earth plane for fun. The reasons why they stay here are always negative ones, meaning that dead people who stick around here are generally fearful and/or stuck.

So if you communicate with a spirit through a ouija board, you can be sure that you will not be getting good advice. Not just that, but Ouija boards have a reputation for attracting the spirits of the lowest vibration, so the guidance you get via this instrument could be frightening and disempowering.

People often tell me that their house never feels the same again after having used a ouija board. This is one more reason why it is not a good idea to use one. Earthbound spirits can attach to your aura and home when you engage with them. When they do this, they drain energy, which is one reason why it’s not a good idea to keep them hanging around.

In conclusion, ouija boards are ineffective in getting spiritual guidance. You’re going to the wrong source.

If you want spiritual guidance in general, tap into your own soul or Spirit Guides. There are plenty of books out there to help you to do this. I have a very popular course taken by over 1500 students since 2010, which can teach you to do this.

If you want to contact a deceased loved one, you can read this article to find out some ways that you can make that can happen. If you don’t get any signs from a deceased loved one such as communication through a dream, I recommend visiting a reputable medium.

If you feel you have invited a spirit into your space through having used a ouija board, find someone who does property clearings and get a property clearing done.

To find out more about earthbound spirits, read this article: Encounters with Ghosts

To find out more about my 13-week course for tapping into your own spiritual guidance, go here: The Intuitive Awakening Course

Do you have any stories about using a oujia board? Please leave a comment.

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  1. A B

    Not necessarily, if you are empathic, impatient or unsure as to what guidance you want you can attract spirits that may not be helpful but if you are clear and precise friendlier spirits can come through like a deceased person who is only near Earth to ensure a relative or friend or owner (pets) is ok without them and to offer guidance regarding one’s life or goals.
    My take on it anyway. 🙂

  2. Nathan

    My friend who is a Druid and pagan priest, says: “the other side is full of spirits who just want to live again… in your body.”

    Of course, total possession is rare, but earthbound spirits quite often influence us, the living. Too many times had I met people with paranormal troubles because they played with Ouija.

    So I agree, using Ouija is not a good idea. It’s warming my heart seeing that people like you, Anna, say the same thing and educate people :).

  3. Melissa

    I have only used a Ouija Board once and that was enough for me! One night, when I was about 14 years old, I was spending the night at a friend’s house. We decided that it would be fun to try out the Ouija. We didn’t think anything of it at all. We were just silly high school girls and we were asking questions about whether or not this boy liked me or who we were going to marry when we grew up. I got a particularly bad feeling about halfway through so I suggested to my friend that we stop. She thought I was being ridiculous but agreed to stop. We moved on to something else and everything was fine until I noticed that the piece had been left on the board, supposedly a big no no. I kicked it off of the Ouija board, it stopped in mid-air without bouncing off of anything and flew back at me. The power and phones went dead in her room and we ran out of her room as fast as we could. The power and phones were functioning in every other part of the house. I had my mother come pick me up and I got out of there! I went back to her house a few times after that and I always felt very unsettled. Ouija Boards are not a good idea and I will never use one again!

  4. Kate

    Hi Anna, 99% of the people that contact me because of strange things going on in their house have used ouija boards, in my youth I had good experiences (which I count myself lucky for getting away with it) and negative experiences. Theres no way I would go near one now. I don’t need to be an open door for just any random spirit to come through and attach to me.

  5. nupur

    i have onced used this board…. i dont know…but since then i feel things are not very much positive with me..! although i am not very sure about this. i got into marriage where my intution was telling me NO…all wrong things happening with me… i mean whatever i put my hand unsuccesful.. i am not gettng success in whatever i do.. my marriage life is not happy…incidences happen as if to go against me..even if that was not the intention. i call it bad luck… i dont know what it is…and how to get rid of it…but yes something is definately negative…! as if someone dont want me to be happy..! any help/ guidance will be appreciated.

  6. Dona

    So are u saying any talking boards like “The Enchanted Spellboard” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber is also not recommended to use? I suppose this board is also communicating with earthbound spirits?

    • Anna

      Thanks to everyone for your comments.

      Dona – I have never used or heard of those particular boards so I don’t know how similar they are to ouija boards. I personally would stay away from anything that works in the same way as the ouija board, i.e. through movement of objects.

  7. Anna

    Hi Nupur,

    Sorry you have had such a tough time of it.

    I do believe that we have a lot more control over our happiness than we think. Bad things happen to everyone at times, including those who never dabbled in the ouija board. Yes ouija boards can open us up to these spirits but I don’t believe they have the power to make bad things happen to us.

    I am not able to offer more specific guidance here in the comments especially because your question is a really big life question. I would suggest a reading or a healing session with someone. I am not offering them at the moment but if you want some recommendations for reputable intuitives send me an email and I’ll send my recommendations.

  8. Kyle

    I have used burn boards and ouija boards

    I’ll just say this. If you dont know the rules, Dont play the game

    Oh and they arent dead, They’re not living either… (Ive asked multiple times) One said it was a dog once.

    Any words meaning death (Misspelled, different launguage or spelled backwards) say “Goodbye” and move the EYE to goodbye and take it off the board and then flip the board
    White candles are usually goodish, Red, green, blue or black candles are not good to use.

    (My ouija board is almost 90 years old)

  9. doriane

    i totally…i have been using homemade ouija, the old good way with a glass and letters and i never had a problem….plus i have helped many many people with deceased ones around me…i think as everything you do it depends of thr energy you put in….of course before a real communicstion full of love some low astral will come and play but i always get something beautiful at the end…my angel contacted me through it…telling me to stop to do that but anyway he came to me…his messages was just love and light i was crying of joy…it was no one pretending…


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