Is Your Spirituality Making You Unbalanced?

Could you be using your spirituality to escape from life, just like people use alcohol and drugs? It’s definitely possible to abuse spirituality and this article will help you to diagnose it.

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • You don’t like paying attention to real-world matters (like finances) – you’d rather be working on your personal or spiritual development.
  • You sometimes use your spirituality as a form of escapism. For example, you learn about the Law of Attraction and feel great about all the possibilities and the potential. But you fail to create anything tangible from it (so you exist perpetually in the realm of ideas rather than action.)
  • You are not comfortable here on Earth and the world seems very harsh to you.
  • You prefer to hang around with people who are very spiritual, like you and you avoid having friends who don’t share your world view.
  • If you could, you’d happily erase from your existence some aspects of physical life – like having to eat, wash and support yourself.
  • You spend a lot of time thinking about how to create your utopian vision for life here on Earth and you find it difficult accept the state of things here on Earth.
  • You have a strong tendency to be reclusive and you spend a lot of time in introspection.
  • You like meditating for hours on end.
  • You get frustrated at how slow everything moves in the physical plane and the effort and time it takes to make things happen.
  • Your sense of purpose and spiritual mission is at the forefront of your life and you think you’re a lightworker.
  • You are very empathic/intuitive and pick up negative ‘stuff’ from other people all the time (one more good reason for being reclusive!)

How did you do?  If you could relate to more than six or seven statements (most importantly – the first five), I’d venture to say that your strong sense of spirituality may be stopping you from living your life fully.

What does it mean when you’re out of balance with your spirituality?

It means that you live for (and enjoy) spiritual experiences more than you enjoy human experiences.  In terms of your energy body, your upper chakras will be very open, with a lot of energy running through them while your lower chakras are neglected and small.

In case you don’t know what I mean by over-developed upper chakras and under-developed lower chakras, here’s a quick guide to the chakra system:

Chakras are energy centres in the human energy body. (The energy body is a reflection of the physical body and our life here on Earth.) Much of the information in your energy body is organized and centred at these chakras, which are located in certain places in your body. Here is some information on each chakra:

sacred chakra

  • Root chakra (red) – governs survival, safety, home, money, family, connection to reality. (Located at the perineum.)
  • Sacral chakra (orange) – governs sexuality, emotions, sensuality, vitality, creativity. (Located just below the belly button.)
  • Solar plexus chakra (yellow) – governs personal power, self-control, getting things done. (Located just above the belly button.)
  • Heart chakra (green) – governs self-love, self-care, self-acceptance, self-worth. (Located over the breastbone.)
  • Throat chakra (blue) – governs self-expression and communication; speaking and listening. (Located at the throat.)
  • Third eye chakra (lilac) – Intuition and truth. (Located between the eyebrows.)
  • Crown chakra (white) – Connection to Spirit and your Higher self. (Located just above the head.)

(Note: for more information on the energy body, you might like to check out this article: What is the Energy Body? & How to Read it)

Back to the chakras….

Note that those aspects of life which are down-to-earth, human, basic, and grounded are all governed by the lower chakras (the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras):

  • Money (root/sacral chakra)
  • Connection to (sometimes) cold and harsh reality (root chakra)
  • Sensuality/sexuality (sacral chakra)
  • Sense of belonging, family and community (root chakra)
  • Enjoyment, laughter and fun (sacral chakra)
  • Making things happen in the real world (solar plexus)
  • Nutrition and physical nourishment (root chakra)
  • Routines and habits (root chakra)

On the other hand, the upper chakras (crown, third-eye and throat chakras) govern aspects of life such as:

  • Daydreaming (third eye chakra)
  • Mental activity and intellectualizing
  • Connecting with God, Spirit, the Angels, Spirit Guides (crown chakra/third eye)
  • Psychic experiences such as clairvoyance or clairaudience
  • Giving to, caring for and serving others (heart chakra)
  • Spiritual teaching (throat chakra)
  • Writing and speaking (throat chakra)
  • Introspection and solitude
  • Healing

When you focus a great deal (for a prolonged period) on the activities which are governed by the upper chakras (like psychic development and introspection), it will shift your focus and energy away from the lower chakras (which govern your connection to reality and the real world). This can result in the symptoms mentioned at the beginning of this article.

What kind of person gets out of balance with their spirituality?

Some people who are very drawn to spirituality can find it difficult to embrace the human experience fully. In fact, some spiritual people don’t like being human and the human condition is frustrating to them.

Being human can feel pretty bad at first to a huge, expansive spirit who is used to whizzing around in the ether.  (Maybe that is why babies scream so much when they are born!)  It feels very confining to suddenly find yourself in a physical body. Unlike being in the ether (where things manifest as quickly as you think of them), things don’t happen as quickly as you want, and you have to make an effort here. You are encumbered by a body which is your vessel for experiencing human life.  And your body needs fuel otherwise you can’t function, so you are slowed down by the demands of your body from birth. In addition, you are slowed down by that pesky issue of money and physical resources.

Modern-Day Renunciates

If you were incarnated five hundred years ago and mostly concerned with the activities listed above which stimulate the upper chakras (like connecting with spirit, healing and spiritual service) you would probably have chosen a religious or spiritual path of service in that lifetime. You’d be a monk or a nun of some description.  You’d be able to deliberately forget about the physical aspects of your life – like money and feeding yourself – because your religious order would take care of them for you. In fact, there would be no negative, real-world consequences to neglecting your physical life because the support system would be in place to pick up the slack from you neglecting it.

I believe that if you identify as a lightworker and feel a strong sense of spiritual mission in this lifetime, you are among those souls who HAVE incarnated countless times in a lifetime of spiritual service – such as a nun, monk, oracle, druid or spiritual teacher (to give a few examples).

In the end, what we are all working towards is a balance between the spiritual and the physical.  We came here to be incarnated and to enjoy the physical plane as fully as we can, while keeping a connection to spirit.


Spirituality should not consume your life to the detriment of the human aspects, unless you choose the life of a renunciate, where your physical needs are taken care of by others. You can have a strong calling for spiritual service and live a full, rich life which honours all of the facets of being human.  That means accepting and enjoying all the human, physical functions too.

How I realized that I was out of balance

The first time I had my palm read a few years ago, the reader told me I was ‘barely here’.  I didn’t know what he meant straight away.  To clarify, he told me that I didn’t like earthly life very much.  I was here reluctantly, and wasn’t willing to engage with all aspects of life.

I would have made a really great nun because I started going to church around the age of ten/eleven on my own – (I felt called to go.) Since the age of 13, I was having (and seeking) spiritual and psychic experiences.  (You can read more about my early experiences here.)

In my late teens, I was able to tap into my spirit (or Higher self) to such an extent that I’d feel amazingly expansive, high and able to take on the world.  Connecting to spirit brought feelings of bliss, ecstasy and connection with everything.  I had the ability to see the beauty and spirit in everything.  When I wasn’t happy in my life, I’d escape into this world. It was like putting on a pair of tinted, rose-coloured spectacles.

This was an enchanting but also very isolating path for a teenage girl to take.  I didn’t know anyone besides my Grandmother who knew about connecting to spirit and getting high on that (and we’re not talking the liquor kind either!)  It felt like no-one really could relate to me.

In addition, at the time, life got a little bit harsher.  Some traumatic things happened in my family that I wanted to escape from, and I escaped them by sleeping for up to 16 hours at a time when I could.   When I turned 17, I escaped them by running away and travelling and that is a pattern that I was still in, eight years later.   When I was 19, my family moved to New Zealand (without me) and as weird as it may sound, I was glad. There was no more drama in my family, plus I had my Spirit Guides and my connection to spirit and whatever bad stuff happened to me, I felt I would be OK because of that.

But on the negative side, I was SO spiritually focused and needed the spiritual support so much, that I became dizzy, impractical, absent.  I was away with the fairies and in another realm, with my upper chakras wide open and my lower chakras (my emotional and human life) completely neglected.  I did the bare minimum to keep my human, physical life ticking along.

Losing my Roots

To make matters worse, when my parents moved away, it removed a solid foundation from my life because I lost my family overnight and I didn’t see them for a long time.  That further weakened my connection to the Earth plane, and sense of belonging somewhere.  A couple of years later, I became involved in healing and psychic work, worked from home and bam – some time last year I realized I had become a nun, but without the support of a religious order. I must have seemed reclusive, fragile and a bit otherworldly because I was so ungrounded.

Since then I have been working on opening up my lower chakras and agreeing to fully engage with life – all aspects of it. But I had to suffer a lot emotionally before I realized that was necessary.  The suffering I went through was perhaps necessary for me to be sufficiently motivated to finally break an old vow of spiritual service to the exclusion of everything else

Can you relate to this?

Here is the second article in this series: How to Stay Grounded on Your Spiritual Path

Update 2018: I have found that the most common reason for being out of balance with one’s spirituality is trauma. Therefore, to get to the root of this issue, consider what traumas you may be carrying. If you’re interested in exploring this further, check out my book, The Empath’s Toolkit

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Sue

    Thanks for this message! While I’m not completely out of balance, I have been neglecting earthly issues (taxes, bookkeeping) to pursue spiritual growth. All things in balance.

    Interesting – that’s the second time today that “balance” has been brought to my attention. Definitely a message in that.

    Thanks for sharing what has obviously been a difficult lesson.

  2. Jen

    I can identify with a lot of this Anna. I’ve always been quite ‘sensitive’ to others emotions and can sometimes feel quite overwhelmed when this gets too much. I have also gone through phases of feeling very reclusive and wanting to run away from it all. I still do sometimes, but I’ve begun to get more of a balance in the last few years, my OH is very pragmatic and helps to bring out the grounded side of me too. I have never been one for too much routine, but i have found developing more order and calmness in my life has helped me to keep that balance too.
    Very insightful post!

  3. Bingz

    ooh I’m one of them! looking forward to your next post! =)

  4. Elaine Clayton

    Thank you for posting this, it really makes me smile because (yes) I need to work on balance all the time. This is valuable to me and I love this site!

    Elaine Clayton

  5. Kate

    Wow Anna, Im mostly this way too. Thank god Im an earth sign cause I am down to earth too. Ive made the decision to start looking after the *physical* more. Man its hard though, as you say its frustrating as energy doesn’t move as fast. Looking forward to your next article.

  6. Kara-Leah

    Yep, been there, done that, wish I’d known what was going on. And while it all seems to be “good”, it certainly doesn’t help one live a well-integrated life.

    Finally figured out that I was using spirituality etc as as escape much like a drug addict, or an alcoholic. It’s all the same really. Running away from pain – especially emotional stuff, and reality.

    But much harder to pin point. After all – we already get told how “bad” drugs & alcohol are, so when one is absorbed in that world, obviously something is going on.

    But spirituality and all that… it’s all good right?

    I figure like you say, it’s just a stage we need to go through. swinging this way too much until we realise and start to work on the grounding real life stuff, while still retaining our openness and connection to all things spiritual.

    Looking forward to your next article… I like how you just seem to hit the zeitgeist in your writing…

  7. Jen

    Hi Anna…. I’m not sure how i even got on your blog roll…:) just wanted to say that i fully relate to what you wrote… thanks for expressing it so well…. i look forward to your next blog for solutions… now, ‘think i’ll go for a walk outside now….’ (brady bunch tune)


  8. Anna

    Thanks for your comment Jen. It is helpful to have someone pragmatic and grounded in your life like your hubby is, for me it is my mum – She has to be the most practical woman on earth!

    Hi Bingz! I will have to get that article written.

    Hi Elaine, thanks for your kind comment! Glad it was helpful.

    Hi Kate, You must be Capricorn? I like Capricorn energy, have some Capricorn in my chart as well (Neptune, Venus, Mercury)

    Hi Sue, thanks for your comment, glad this reminded you of the balance aspect even if you are not totally out of balance.

    Thanks KL – that’s funny, seems we have gone through some of the same lessons. Spirituality can be another addiction if you are using to escape reality and you are right – it is much harder to know when you’re going too far until you find yourself out of balance and unhappy, but without knowing why.

    Thanks for your comment Jen

  9. Sophia

    I can DEFINITELY relate to this.

    The physical plane pisses me off – I’m so much better now but there was a time when I wanted all of this stupid crap to just go away and leave me alone – I don’t want to be a body! It’s so… limiting. My consciousness has a tendency to do what it would do in the ether – fly about – jump into other people’s bodies or into fantasy worlds or, even better, the internet. I would like my body and physicality to be lighter and more free so I can express myself in the world like I were a spirit, without feeling limitation… well I guess that’s what the spirit’s come here to bring about…

  10. Jeanne

    Anna, I’m stunned by this post, and I’m so glad to see from the comments that this can be a “common” problem for the spiritually inclined. . . and so relieved to see that you didn’t write this post JUST for me!

    Yep, I got the symptoms. Guess I better go have lots of earthy fun tomorrow 🙂

  11. Anna

    Hi Andrew – I hear you – the physical plane can feel very limiting. The limitations are in place as a means to grow and play. Fighting against them is a waste of energy, maybe you could focus on the positives of being in a body – like food, sleep and sex (to name a few). All fun things you can’t do when you’re not in a body! Oh, and cuddling.

    Hi Jeanne – Hope you are having lots of earthy fun. Don’t worry I didn’t write this for you! If you had too much energy running through your upper chakras and it was holding you back, I’m sure your guides would have told you about that already so you could address it.

  12. Amberley

    Anna…wow..I just happened to stumble onto your page to find more info on me being a Clairsentient and was intrigued by what you have written. It so explains a lot about how I’ve been choosing to live my life these last 5 years. It’s funny that you talk about past lives as spiritual leaders and nuns. During a guided regression 2 years ago, I saw myself as a nun. My husband works full time and I stay at home to work on my creativity and spirituality. For awhile it was very difficult for me to go out and meet others…I don’t know why….I used to be so social and fun. I’m getting better, but still feel so left out and alone in my beliefs. Thank you for giving me something to think about and to work on:)

  13. Paul Piotrowski

    Hi Anna, great article!

    I’ve lived most of my life at the other end of the spectrum, focusing more on the “earthly” things like money etc. but in the last few years I’ve been really “pushing” to connect to my spiritual side and growing really fast in those areas.

    I connected to my spiritual side because I was out of balance, focusing way too much on earthly things.

    Until I read this article I never thought about getting out of balance in the other direction, but you’re totally right. We’re spiritual beings who incarnated into these bodies for a reason. We can’t ignore “earthly” things.

    This actually explains some of the dreams I’ve been having. In one dream I had a problem with my leg, like it was sick and withering away, and I was trying to heal it with Reiki healing but it wasn’t working and so I was getting really frustrated. Then at some point in the dream someone spilled some Rolaids on the floor by my foot and while I was trying to heal it with Reiki, my foot kind of absorbed the calcium in the Rolaids and healed itself.

    I woke up with the thought in my head that even though spiritual healing methods like Reiki are very powerful, it doesn’t mean you can ignore your nutrition. The body needs what it needs to thrive and be healthy and we can’t ignore diet, exercise, rest etc. thinking that something like Reiki will cure everything.

    Very cool article, it definitely got me thinking.


  14. Kelly

    Anna, thank you for such a great and timely article. This explains me and my current life to a “T” and I had never thought about my struggles this way. I, too, could have been a nun…I love to read and write and pursue intellectual and spiritual paths. I am blessed with a wonderful family – two children and a great husband. They are probably the only thing that keep me grounded, but I do struggle a lot with day-to-day routines and earthly “stuff”. I can’t wait for your next article =)

  15. Emily

    It’s easy to become so accustomed to these unbalanced habits that we don’t notice them anymore. Seeing it in black and white was just the jolt of awareness I needed.

    I can’t wait for the next post!

  16. Danny

    Thanks for sharing your perspective on spiritual balance. I think balanced spirituality is the best overall experience, to have everything energized and actively churning. I admit to wanting to blast off into the higher realms but I’m not dissuaded from earthly life either. The best thing would be to spirtualize life just as it is. This is what I’ve been practicing lately. Coming into the experience of the divinity that flows through everything is what I’m opening myself to by letting go of expectations and incongruent ideas by cultivating awareness. This is allowing me to a fuller life on all levels, including being happy about the world and my interactions in the world. It’s truly an awesome experience when you begin to come into the full range of your human potential. The experience of life is completely different in large part because of a self shift in perspective.

  17. Victoria

    Hi Anna –

    Oh my gosh, this is so me!!!! I’ve been realizing for awhile that I’ve become too reclusive. Your article was exactly what I needed to read. You’ve inspired me to put together a list of “social goals” for the next month. the point of the goals is to force myself to get out of my spiritual comfort zone and regain balance in my life by connecting with others on the web and in person. Thanks for an excellent article. You are an inspiration!


  18. Jane

    Thank you Anna, I can relate so much to your article, I’m often shocked when I wake up in the morning and think “oh no, i’m down on earth again” which is a little worrying at times!
    I moved to Italy over 20 years ago and connect with my family once or twice a year. My sister moved to Australia and I haven’t seen her for 3 years. I find relating to my Italian family a struggle at times. And, i have been unable to conceive children and as I’m writing this I’m wondering if that could be connected too to me being too much into my higher chakras, mmmm food for thought. Thank you. Jane

  19. Melody

    Oh boy! I definitely have been experiencing these symptoms, and reached the same conclusion regarding the chakra imbalance!

    It’s funny… I used to be more earthy, and then I had some very heart opening experiences that led me to that delicious point of balance where you are both grounded and connected to the spiritual plane. It felt like channeling and was absolutely effortless!

    But then I started getting too much into the higher chakras, which started freaking me out because I felt like I didn’t know how to live in the physical plane anymore. I sometimes felt like my legs couldn’t support my body anymore, and some others, I looked at my body and wondered what this “suit” I was wearing was…

    I had to stop some of my spiritual practices that focused on the higher chakras (such as certain types of meditation), and go back to stuff that brings me back into my body.

    These type of experiences are enough to make one wonder if we’re going insane. It’s so nice to know that I’m not alone in this, and that the steps I’m taking to correct this are in the right direction.

    Thanks, Anna!!

    • Anna

      Hi Melody, glad the article was helpful! 🙂

  20. france

    I felt different all my life. As a youngster I would be in the corner of the room with a book while my relatives were all around having fun. It didn’t bother me I was so lost in my own mind. It took until a couple years ago to figure out I was a highly sensitive person and it opened up a whole world of reasons why I behaved the way I did all my life.

    Nowadays I do feel better alone because it seems when I am myself with others feeling can get hurt. I want to express myself honestly but its not always lets say positive even though I am a very positive person I get frustrated with foolishness. I hope that makes sense. I tend to just be quiet alot around people because my thought if said aloud can be taken to offense.

    I hope that makes sense. I think I need to meditate more often then I do. I do so look forward to sleeping though I know that’s bad. Lately the last two weeks I wake up with things on my mind and I forget my dreams which is irritating to me. Sorry if this post is all over the place; I am having an off day today.
    I hope you can advise.

  21. Lemelia

    I’ve only gotten part way through reading this, but will definitely be back to finish it all. This not only describes me, but both of my children, ages 20 and 13. I’m a single mother, and the three of us are extremely tight-knit, probably to the point of being unhealthy. It’s almost as if we share one mind, and we’re all quite off and feeling lost if one of us is away for any length of time. But we genuinely enjoy one another’s company more than that of anyone else. We don’t necessarily have to be doing something together, but are comforted by knowing the others are present somewhere in the house. All of our senses are so heightened that it’s very difficult to be outside, to experiences extremes in temperature, sound, smells, atmospheric pressure, etc. We can barely stand to be in crowds or noisy places, quick to develop headaches and general feelings of being unwell.

    People don’t understand us, not even extended family. They actually are somewhat annoyed by our temperaments. They’re always trying to draw us out, and try to engage us in things we really don’t enjoy, and I’m never sure if we should make more effort, or be more insistent that they try and understand we don’t enjoy the same things they do, whether they believe it or not. We are quite content with our sedate home life, our books, our church activities, and lively, good humored conversation with one another.

    My greatest concern I have, though, is that our dissatisfaction with worldly things causes a moderate to high level of depression, and frequent anxiety and panic attacks, even when we’re at home. We are chronically fatigued, and have frequent nightmares. Definitely out of balance, so I hope we can find a way to be not be so, without feeling like we’re losing the better parts of ourselves. Thanks so much for this writing!

  22. Milady

    Interesting! The only bit I really identified with was the wanting to do without certain physical things … but not eating or washing, more like the results of eating and certain female things, lol. As for eating, I travel to Spirit often when I’m asleep, and plenty of my memories seem to involve eating … comes of having a husband there who’s a damn fine pastry chef! 🙂

    I wonder if part of it is how one thinks of Spirit? As I experience it, it’s a physical world, not a whole lot different in many respects from the earthly one. There are differences like eating, for instance – it’s done for pleasure or socialising or habit, not because one needs to eat, and mercifully the elimination bit doesn’t come into play! (Just as well when one has a houseful of cats … )

  23. geert

    Aahh yes, the running away, the dreaming, the harsh pain of the earthly realm and their “unawaken” people. This sounds all too familiar, indeed the balance is the key if we were to keep practicing spirituality. Balance in a sense of combining it with daily life. That is perhaps the lesson you and I must learn in this lifetime. To reconnect with the ground and the earth. Thank you for making such a wonderful blogpost.. now I can go back to being in the moment !

  24. ViaD

    Wow, so I don’t feel that bad there are more of me out~~~Boy can I relate, it has gotten so bad for me that my friend has being asking me where is my head at. I find myself offer stuck trying to fill a spiritual thrist or something. This is my cry for help I’m so lost. I’ve totally isolated myself if it wasn’t for my children I’d be a nun too.

  25. Kenya

    I can definitely see how one could get carried away! I can totally relate to many of the topics…but thankfully, I am actually going through the emotional pains to progress physically. I’m glad this post was written for me to see how it can get out of hand though. Going through the pain to “let go” is a big commitment and choice. It is not the easiest thing, but I do want to stop the cycle. Thank you so much for this post! I will definitely be back ;-

  26. Lisa

    Anna, this blog post is very awesome. I relate to parts of it, but working towards more balance. It is very thought-provoking. Thanks so much for writing this. I like your down-to-earth approach to the psychic world. It resonates very much with me.

  27. Laura

    Wow – this describes me SO perfectly. I wanted to be a nun when I was about 13, but we weren’t Catholic and I was told that it was completely out of the question. I am horrible with money because I care nothing about it (finally got a money manager). I can stay in bed half the day on my day off meditating and talking to my guides, I sometimes don’t think to eat until my stomach finally complains towards the end of the day, but I detest cooking so I only do it about once a month and freeze a bunch of stuff. The longest I’ve stayed in one place in the past decade was two years, and my job has me traveling…
    I think my third eye and crown chakras are open so wide you could throw a basketball through them. The others? They are probably non-existent. I’ve known they were out of whack all year, and have been working on them – I just had not read a really clear picture of how an unbalanced life look when the top two or three were the only ones really opened (or rather, overdeveloped). On to the next article!!

  28. Akhilesh S A

    Hi Anna….

    You just seem to be describing my own life…I am exactlyyy what You are saying. I am going through all your articles now and I’m so eager to read more of your life experiences.

    Thanks again….

  29. Teresa

    Strange paradox: I got involved in a spiritual pursuit to ground myself [always been described as “flighty” or “spacey” (while having a Mensa level IQ), chaotic, whirling dervish having “no common sense”]. While the spiritual exploration has improved my functionality to a certain extent ie. using my feelings and intuition as a compass to navigate life, I have become so wrapped up in them to the point where I am “living in my head” (to quote a friend of mine).

    Reclusive? Me? Well, I haven’t watched TV in 6 years, read a paper in at least two (and I used to write editorial letters fairly often) and don’t listen to radio. I read self-help books and tune into teleseminars frequently. However, in the past week, I have been unsuscribing from a number of internet newsletters (not yours!). I’ve just been feeling like it’s too much.

    I am glad that you mentioned diminished physical care as characteristic of a spiritual imbalance. I thought it maybe had to do with immersing myself in those old wounds (and the “not enough” belief). I didn’t realize that too much focus on one area would lead to a neglect of another.

    Could be swinging back the other way now. New man has shown up and I found myself cleaning my carpets this week. (Who would have thought?) Hopefully I will end up balanced but the potential to completely “lose my head” exists. I’d like to think that I’ve learned enough on my spiritual roadtrip that that won’t happen. Makes it all worth it doesn’t it?

    Thank you very much for this post Anna!

  30. Ethan

    <————-Severely unbalanced, but I can see myself being "forced" by the universe or God (w/e) to become grounded…. and honestly… I don't like it.. I don't like this physical existence at all…. The only purpose I see for any of it, for me that is, is to help people who are as I would term it "too grounded" lift up and fly around a bit… lighten their spirit, to be able to deal with this life….

    I wrote something not too long ago that I have recently rediscovered… I speak of my gifts as a curse, and ponder why I wish I were "normal" and how if I had a chance to "go back" I wouldn't actually take it, and i elaborated upon the contradictory nature of such statements, and the reality of their existence in my mind…. I ended it by saying… "How could hell be any worse… or heaven any better…?"

  31. Kim Tamer

    I am reading your article at the right time Anna.

    In the past week, I have come to the conclusion that something was wrong with my behaviour and the way I was leading my life, and you put it in words like BAM! when it was a shimmering consciousness in the back of my mind.

    I was looking for a way to protect myself from peoples’ pains and sufferings, as they get in the way of my goals and my happiness. And I stumbled upon the title of your article. I attracted my eye right away.

    I was also looking for a way to use all of the great gifts I have to benefit people, and decided it was no point being so brilliant if no one, including me, could benefit of it.

    OK, I am going to read your next article.



  32. Claire

    Thankyou for this article! I can relate to it so much it’s a little eery! To the point where, as another person said above, after sleeping part of me thinks “oh no, I’m back here on Earth again. Why can’t I stay there.” – not in a depressed way, but in a “want to go ‘home’ kind of way.
    Can you provide some tips on how to be more grounded, and focus on the lower chakras?
    I do love life, but do tend to get caught up my own world sometimes.

  33. Martha

    Hi Anna
    I too use to live separated from the worlds expectations of functioning completely to human wants and needs, and use to just focus on spiritual growth most of my life. An imbalance brought me many times to separation in my married life but I was always trying to adjust to failings that I would not surrender to or acknowledge my lower chakras and their proper uses human wise. Lately I have visualised all chakras functioning together to balance me as a whole human to live in sync with life on earth. No spiritual experience phases me or supprises me as I grew up around very spiritual people. I love everything spiritual and know in my heart that, I believe that our heavenly father is alway’s there making sure everything is safe for me, no matter what the experience is…Martha

  34. Michael

    A quick update for you.
    First of all, Thank you very much for this article.
    I wrote you an e-mail a couple of days ago about me hearing country music over and over, and wanted rid of whatever this is. I’m not sure if I actually tried very hard at any of the exercises, but I think I got my guides name, and the music stopped! Very early this morning, as I laid in bed, I got to thinking about it a little more, and I began to feel those sensations again, and a strange feeling in top of my head, near the back, and the music was back. My first thought was, “Oh no I turned it back on”, but I actually did picture a switch being turned off, and asked my guide to make it stop. I don’t know if I did it right, but the music stopped. Thank you very much.

  35. Matthew

    I spent a year living in a small trailer meditating and reading sacred text all day. I did work a little and volunteer a lot but mostly just didn’t care about money. Eventurally lost connection to regular world. Had unbelivable exeperinces and ingisht I myself can’t relate to now. REally I need to seek out a teachter but I didnt’. I really trailed off human realm and currently trying to find my way back in.

    I saw that if was going to take that path then I should give away everything and join a monestary but if not then get involved in the world and course through it. I finally cut it off and moved in with my sister at 32 becuase I really had no money or foundation left for support plus my health was dwindling as I rarely ate. It was so odd (and distrubing) to watch TV again.

    Being in the “world” with this knowledege behind me sets a a great foundation for a spiritual path in physical life, but honestly Ive still been struggling greatly as I feel I don’t relate to this environment. Often I feel a huge pull back to meditating and recluse and the inner opposing forces drain my energy and I can get exhausted. Any advice? Im working on this.

    Im glad I found this site, just reading some of these articles are grounding in of themselves.

    • Anna

      Matthew, I recommend either psychotherapy with a spiritually oriented person or cord cutting, to help you to explore the urge to leave the Earth realm.

  36. Abhinav

    Great article…thank you so much

  37. euphonia

    The only justification I can give for this “unbalance” actually being a balance is that the spiritual, etheric state is ageless and eternal. Human, earth stuff is temporary, and a whole lot of the headaches that go along with it STAY on earth after the physical rots away. If you know the “maker”(the origin) of the “car”(consciousness) you drive, why let humanity monkey with it simply because you ‘drove it to earth’? Social lubricant isn’t enough of a reason to acquiesce to the ‘human bit’ when there’s ever so much out there that ISN’T human…and probably isn’t social, which isn’t inherently a bad thing. “Human” isn’t the default for some of us. I wish more ‘spiritual’ people understood this without going “but you need to because…..” No. It’s temporary. Some of us are visiting, we don’t wish to go native. Period. I don’t think the cosmos minds. Why not let humans know something outside themselves instead of having the whole universe lower itself for them?


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