Lessons From My Past Life As An Oracle

Recently I did a past life regression session as a client, and discovered a past life I had in Ancient Greece. I’m going to tell the story of that lifetime in this article, because the lessons of that incarnation still echo through this lifetime, for me, and possibly for some of my readers…

In the lifetime, I was a woman, working in a temple which was funded by a wealthy man. I was employed along with many others, to be some kind of oracle for the town we lived in, to keep us all safe and predict natural disasters and other dangers.

Instead of looking into the future, I spent most of my time teaching young students about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. There was a woman in charge who was hovering disapprovingly in the background because she knew that I was not doing what I was employed to do – instead, I was just doing what interested me.

One day, invaders came over the hill and approached our town. My employer was very angry that we failed to predict this and slit the throat of one of my colleagues. People were leaving the town in droves. I went back to my mother’s house where I tried to hang myself, which was a preferable death to being murdered by invaders or at the hands of my angry employer.

I spent a lot of time trying but ultimately failed in killing myself, and I left the town along with many others, but I was set upon by some of the townspeople who were angry that I had not predicted this calamity, all sorts of abuse and indignities occurred before I was left for dead. I died a few days later of exposure.

As part of the regression session, the therapist asked me was there anything I could have done differently during that lifetime, to prevent what happened?

I said that I could have had a frank conversation with my employer to let him know that it was not possible for every negative thing to be predicted. She asked me, what would have happened if you had done that? I responded that he would not have believed me and I would probably have left his employment as a result.

This past life was interesting to me because there were a few parallels to this lifetime. I am doing similar work and I really do not like doing predictions for people. Instead, I would prefer to be teaching people to tap into their own guidance. (My dislike for predictions probably has its roots in that past life.)

The Limitations of Your Intuition

The experiences from that lifetime also reminded me that if we try to use our intuition from a place of fear and control, it generally does not work out well. It is good to use our guidance to co-create with Spirit, and to create what’s good, rather than trying to keep out the bad.

This is my issue with doing predictions. If you ask for a prediction from a place of fear (which people often do), Spirit will usually instead address the energy underneath your question, such as, why you are scared or anxious, and how you can address that.

Your spiritual guidance will help you to stay on track with the paths that align with your soul, and it can often save you time, energy or heartache. But it won’t necessarily protect you from every disaster or loss. It doesn’t endow you with superhuman powers so that you can become immune to pain or misfortune. Instead, it can help you to trust in the Divine, live peacefully, and it can help you to navigate the disasters after they happen.

Becoming Comfortable with Uncertainty

Like some of my past clients, one of the things I personally want to do when I’m feeling anxious about the future is to get a prediction. I like to have things planned out, and I like to be in control.

A few days before I got my New Zealand business visa, going against my own advice, I asked Spirit if I was going to get it. I was told not to ask that as it was not available to me to know at this stage. I pushed for more information anyway (I don’t advise doing this!!) and was told that “no” I was not going to get it. A few days later, I got it.

Part of the human condition is to co-exist with uncertainty. A connection with the Divine and with your guides/higher self can help us to bear that, but it won’t allow you to bypass it.

Letting Go of Control

My needing to be in control in the past has created a lot of unnecessary drama in my life, and I definitely learned that lesson in 2013. My resolution for 2014 is to hand things over to the Divine, and to have more faith that things will work out, rather than fretting and anticipating the bad.

I used to dismiss this way of living as ‘passive’ but as I let go and go with the flow more in the first half of January, I am enjoying my life more and am seeing more synchronicities (something I was not seeing as much before.)

Interesting fact:

I got a rash on my neck in the week after I did the past life regression. It was a perfect ring around the neck, like something has been chafing on my neck (like a rope?) Very strange- I’ve never had a skin irritation on my neck before! Check it out.

past life regression

Plus a handy tip: if you want a prediction, before you proceed, ask if it is appropriate to have any future information before you go ahead. If it’s not appropriate and you proceed anyway, you’ll be fobbed off with any old information.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Shell

    Anna, thank you for sharing this interesting article and your insights with us. They’re certainly on the money with what I have also come to believe surrounding my own circumstances of the last couple years. Especially around wanting to be in control of outcomes.

    Lately I have handed over a lot of my ‘problems’ or issues that I have been struggling with to spirit and my Guides. It hasn’t always been easy to relinquish the ‘power’ but for health reasons it became a necessity and you know what – nothing horrible has happened. My world hasn’t fallen apart. And I have a developing and stronger faith growing moment by moment.

    In the past I have had some amazingly accurate predictions from some very gifted people. Of course, at the time I didn’t always think so as I didn’t get the answers I was expecting and so disregarded a lot of what was said as nonsense, but in hindsight some of the things told to me were spot on. Not just as they related to me personally but also to the people I would meet in my life (and marry!), work circumstances/opportunities (in Australia and overseas) and family member’s declining health and problems. Things I would never have dreamt of myself.

    Thanks again for the article. I always enjoy reading them 🙂

  2. Kate

    As many times as I’ve tried to do my own past life regression, I can never get to the point where things or past memories manifest. I have no idea what I’m doing- or not doing. I feel like I know what my past life may have been in part, but am not sure if it’s just because I want it to be what I think it was, or if it really is what I feel. I’m so confused. If anyone can offer any advice, please do.

  3. Davidya

    I have had accurate predictions but it’s also obvious the psychic is seeing it from their own perspective, not how it may appear for you. An example that comes to mind is a prediction of moving to another city. That did happen, but much later. It was the psychic herself who moved there when she said we would.

    We also all know how the same circumstance can be seen very differently by different people. So your advice on developing your own skills is excellent.

    Further, I would describe time as a flow. There is an underlying momentum and the key things will unfold. But the variations on that theme may unfold in several possible ways which may considerably impact our experience of it. Thus, seen from one perspective now it may appear to be quite different then.

    I agree with your thoughts on prediction. We can note the trends or flavour through tools like good astrology. But trying to control flow is like trying to stop the oceans tide.

    I find past lives interesting in noticing the influences that shape our outlook and habits of today. But more deeply, in resolving those things that lead us to not be OK with life and to try and control. If a life exploration is merely interesting, the lesson of it’s revealing hasn’t landed yet. The resolution has not unpacked. Although perhaps you didn’t share that. 😉

  4. Toni Thorn

    Funny because my goal this year is to go with the flow as I to, because of my anxiety and control/planning habits, try to push for answers and get false info. I have had quite a few spot on predictions for my friends but not especially myself and I think its because I want to help them and can step back from the anxiety that id normally have because its not my future. I find it especially hard to just have faith and allow what will be to be positive or negative due in most part to my childhood conditioning, my mother was a well organised, in control/controlling woman who did not deal well with the unexpected and as my sole parent I mimicked her, now I have to decide for myself what is best and have decided on the path of flow where it will as it may because my mothers show path has caused me much pain, anxiety, conflict, stress and its time for a change, hopefully for the better. Thank you for this article as it has touched on many issues I am dealing with right now at my cross roads :), much love and thanks again especially for allowing me to express it.

  5. Davidya

    BTW – I’m reminded of a classic scene in Star Wars. Yoda warns Luke that seeing the future clearly is troublesome if you have an emotional stake in it… 😉

  6. Olena Prokopenko

    I have asked for information before and felt sort of icky about it, like there was a lot of resistance in the question. I often get wrong answers when I feel that way.

    Your past life summarized partly a reason why a lot of us are not crazy about predictions, even if at times we do them well.

  7. Anne

    I’ve often been confused as to why psychics arrive at different predictons to the same question. I’ve never heard that you should not push or a ask for predictions. I just thought that’s what psychics did! Why aren’t we being told this by other top psychics? I would like yo have more info on this.

  8. Victoria

    Hi Anna,

    Firstly I have week thinking of you this week. I’m reading a book I picked up about Edgar Cayce and thinking of past lives. Somewhat synchronistic to receive your past life newsletter today I think.

    In regard to prediction, I have never asked for one. It doesn’t feel right, sticky and heavy would describe it for me. I have however received 2 predictions of sorts from people who can see. The last one was very accurate regarding the birth of my first baby and how it would pan out. Pretty much right on. I had also been quietly manifesting the same outcome, perhaps that has also some grounds here. At any rate the lady who gave this prediction is gifted.

    I think if the information is ready for you to have its easy to receive otherwise it’s like swimming through sticky syrup and doesn’t feel right.

  9. Renee

    Clearly not all psychics are psychic. Not many people are. I’ve met one brilliant intuitive which was spontaneous at a lunch. I’ve had two astrology charts and one was perfect. Resolved why certain patterns have existed for so long and that we can’t do much about our birth chart. So learn to play along with the planets

  10. Nancy Kern

    Hi Anna,
    I give readings in the Akashic Record and teach mind-body connection, to help people access the Akashic space within themselves.
    Whenever people ask for a prediction about the future, the Ascended Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the Akasha kind of chuckle. Instead of answering, they do as you said: they take the person to the root cause of their fears and their need for control. Occasionally, they will say, “there is 30% (or whatever number) chance that this and such will happen”; or “if things keep going in this way, you are headed for xxx.”

    But even at those times, when they are stating future probability, that happens rarely in response to a question about the future. It just comes.

    Outside of my work life, in my personal life, I have often had “hits” that are future predictions, but I didn’t ask for them,they are just given to me. I don’t “do” anything with them, but smile with recognition when it happens.

    Great article! Thanks for writing it. I like all you’ve done with your new site. I recommend your work to my students.

  11. Padma Narayanaswamy

    I am finding it tough. I want for a past regression cd i You Tube but I could not get anything .
    previously when I attemted I has sort of ghosthy thing frightening me.
    I actually want to auto writing and I also want want to know why my son die young . he was just 26.

  12. cynthia winton-henry

    Hi Anna, I totally agree with you and thanks for putting it out there. I love the stuff you share and often think of referring others. What is the best way to do that? My work is called Mystic Tech. I do soul coaching and teach a great practice called InterPlay which helps people get into body and soul using movement, voice, story, stillness and connection. I find it really helps when people discover the wisdom of their body and that each of the arts has a unique way of opening specific forms of intuition and communication. Thank you for your work!

  13. Joey

    Whoa that is a really cool past regression experience! Indeed predictions don’t always serve us and don’t you love the catch-22. Even if you told your employer about the invaders you would STILL get invaded. Sometimes events are just meant to happen no matter much you try to avoid it.

    As for predictions, well I have two real notable ones.

    1. I had a dream of using binoculars and I see a hispanic person and I somehow teleport myself to him. And we start talking about bigfoot and JFK conspiracies and even watched video footage about the JFK assasination.

    I wake up and go to work. As it turns out I have a coworker who’s hispanic and he lives over 500 miles from me but we communicate over instant messaging. He almost out of the blue starts asking me if I’ve ever seen bigfoot and even starts talking about JFK conspiracies and showed me some websites about JFK conspiracies.

    At that point I had a sort of Matrix, whoaa…. moment I just had too many similarities with that dream and what happened the next day to write it off as some random weird dream.

    I even consulted with my spirit guides about that and their answer was they wanted to show me that they know what’s going to happen but they won’t tell me every time because it wouldn’t benefit me. Sometimes you have to experience events with no warning to appreciate the lesson.

    2. This is not so much a prediction but a sort of disaster warning, my motorcycle was needing some parts and I was about to place an order for parts. This wasn’t some cheap order at over $600 dollars. So I consult with my higher self about the decision and I got the answer, “Don’t do it, you need the money”.

    At that point I was kind of letdown since I was looking forward to getting my motorcycle up and running but ended up putting the order on hold. A few days later my water heater in my house failed and I had to get a repairman to install a new one. The bill was at almost $1,000 dollars and if I had placed my motorcycle order I wouldn’t have been able to afford it. Thanks higher self for that headsup! Cold showers would have sucked!

    Great article, I always like reading them!

  14. Sue

    Being a curious sort, in years past I experimented with questions to intuitives about the future. Some psychics were well-known. Rarely did the predictions hit more than by chance. My most accurate psychics were usually born to it — whole families were intuitive.

    One of the latter made some good hits before I bought my first house. I was asking about financial approval and such, but she said something like “You’re going to have trouble getting her out of there!” (jokingly). I later was asked by the seller if I would rent back to her for 6 months, which was fine with me. But quite accurate! She made some similar comments about the house itself which were spot on.

    These days, I rarely ask about the future, knowing that it’s really a matter of probabilities and preferences, and frankly, at my age, I’d rather not know . . .

    Thanks for an interesting article, Anna!

  15. Robin Bednarczyk

    I had a past life regression where a Shaman told me I married the man IN THIS LIFE who had tortured and raped me while I was trying to protect kids in an orphange that I ran somewhere in Germany IN A PAST LIFE. And the thing IS, I’ve always ASKED my husband WHY we got married because if you’re EVER around us, you would THINK that we really loathe each other. And honestly, things will be calm and peaceful UNTIL he gets home from work, then it’s very negative, hateful, angry energy, AND IT’S ALWAYS been like that. I’m ashamed to say this but when I know my husband is coming home, EVERYBODY starts walking on eggshells. It just feels like some sort of inate hatred toward him, YET when I FIRST met him I THOUGHT I loved him, but I also think I KNEW his true colors even though he hadn’t shown them yet, but that inate feeling of hatred was still there, like I felt like I WANTED to prove SOMETHING was wrong with him, but I didn’t know WHAT. Now I know he’s just mean, sometimes evil, he lies EVERYDAY to me, his boss, the kids, whoever, he is a compulsive liar, and God forbid you prove it – like with audio, like I”m bad to do – but then he’ll destroy it BECAUSE IT SHOWS HIS TRUE COLORS to people he is TRYING to convince he’s good to. So I DID believe the Shaman who did the past life regression, I”d just never been able to put my finger on WHY so much hatred and anger. And everything DID settle down for a little while AFTER the regression, I felt like I was dealing with it like I was suppose to, then all hell broke lose again, as did those feelings of hatred, anger, oppression, and NOT being able to fend for myself. JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I had been healed from the past – it hit me AGAIN, ALL AT ONCE, and came back with a force so strong it’s hard to fight it. Personally, I still don’t see HOW putting me with someone who had done the things alledged by the Shaman COULD DO ME ANY GOOD and certainly STILL don’t understand how THAT could heal ANYTHING,especially when he seems to be AS BAD, ONLY SNEAKIER, than in my past life. MY husband IS THE SNEAKIEST, most deceitful, lying, abusive, caniving man I think I have EVER met IN THIS LIFE TIME. AND IF HE treated me THAT WAY in one of my past lives, why in the world did I EVER partner up with him IN THIS ONE? Like I said, the regression went good for approximately a year – THEN IT ALL WENT SOUTH again and worse. A Shaman from Washington State did THAT past life regression, and he was GOOD, I just think somewhere in that year of peace I MUST have messed up somewhere along the way for the hatred, anger, etc… to return full force and some. I don’t know. I just know I don’t get along with my husband, and even though there’s hatred and anger, I also love him for whatever reason. Something must be wrong with me because the average woman would’ve walked by now. It’s NOT a fun feeling to know SOME of the past lives you’ve had, but it DOES kind of bring SOME things into perspective, even if you can’t fully understand the WHY of things, you still kind of see where SOME of the feelings come from that you don’t understand. But if it’s anything like the one I had, it WILL lay heavy on your heart, not just with pain, but with fear as well.

  16. Heather

    Thank you for sharing, Anna!

    I can’t say that I’ve had any accurate predictions before, but I don’t think I’ve ever really asked for any, either. It’s my tendency to ask for guidance rather than predictions, but I haven’t had much success there, either.

    I HATE living with uncertainty, and right now I’m facing what is THE most uncertain point in my life so far. I’ve asked for guidance every night and day as to what I should be doing once I finally get back to the U.S., but received nothing. I’ve also asked for help in clarifying what sort of path would serve my Highest Good, and still there’s been nothing. It’s frigging frustrating!

  17. Melissa

    Oh no! I always ask for predictions!!! Oops- I will stop doing that!
    Out of curiosity, what do you ask your spirit guide about (this is for everyone, not just Anna!)?

    As for past life regression, I’m fascinated and would love another post on how to do this from home, etc.

  18. Tim

    Love the article. Past life experiences and their connection to our current lives are always so fascinating. My experience with prediction is similar. I have seen several things in the Spirit that came to pass in my life, some uncomfortable. Even with the knowledge there was little I could do to influence them! I have had pre-cognitive dreams, one a clear snapshot of a situation I would find myself in, yet it came to pass, despite the opportunity to make choices as I saw it unfolding. I guess at some level I wanted to see it through!

    As I have grown older and enjoyed the reassuranc of Spirit and the security that comes with knowing I am a co-creator of reality, I have let go of the need to search out the future and enjoyed trusting the journey … Maybe not always enjoyed!

    Thanks for the article Anna.

  19. Chryssanthe

    Hi Anne,
    In one of my previous lives i was an oracle but i used my power to manipulate others and i paid for doing so. Now, about predictions. Since we all are in the 5th dimention we create our future at any time. So it is imposible even for the spirit to know our future. What is only available to as is the possibilities of our future. We can only predict general paths and that only for short periods of time. What the spirit in us is realy interested in is for the wellness of our soul and that is why they speak about the emotions behind our need to know abour our future.
    PS. I am sorry for the mistacks i made since English is a second language ( I am Greek ).

  20. Jeannine Whitehead

    Anna, this article is so timely for me right now. Thank you! I am facing a challenge right now and in my fear, I was very tempted to spend money I don’t have for a reading and thankfully my inner voice reminded me to go within which I did and felt peace very quickly after.

    Thanks again,


  21. Elizabeth

    Robin…hugs for you, and I think you could really benefit from a 12 step codependency program, regardless of whether you stay with him or not. Of course if there is physical abuse you should certainly not put up with that a second longer. I wish you all the best.

    Interesting discussion about predictions. People do seem to have prophetic dreams. I do, but they are usually about small, insignificant things. A few years ago while awake and riding in a car with someone (so kind of just spacing out, really), I saw vividly and quickly in my mind, a teenage boy my son’s age getting accidentally hit in the face with a baseball bat. I texted my son who was 300 miles away at the time. Two weeks later to the day, it happened to him while warming up near the batting cages with his team. He was fine, thankfully. That was a very distinctive image I received in my mind, during a time I wasn’t really thinking about anything at all, and wasn’t worrying about anything.

    I’m trying to ‘practice’ my intuitive abilities but I find they don’t work unless I just let go and don’t try! (Flow?). Definitely catch-22.

  22. Marilee

    I just want to a thank you for sharing. I have the same new years goal. Letting go is one hard for me. But I need to learn to for my health. I watched stress(and cancer) destroy my mom. So this is a very important lesson. Living with uncertainty is tough but it’s creates strength I believe.
    My while life I’ve been able to tell others small feelings/premonitions for them, but I’ve never been able to predict anything for myself. I’ve realized in the last couple years it’s because I never let go and just let myself feel. I try to control everything and over worry about it too.
    Thank you for reminding me to let go. 🙂

  23. Susan S.

    As for the future, right now I recognize that I am in a waiting, resting, healing, type of pattern, and I’m very ok with that. I welcome whatever the future holds for me in the next year or two.

    I have a local teacher who will not do predictions for people. And she won’t teach doing predictive readings. She believes that the best way to predict your future is to create it yourself. What she will do, if a person isn’t sure which direction to go regarding something like a new job or jobs, is do a reading relating the person to each job separately to see how each job fits with the person.

    I have learned that whatever way my life takes me, there are always lessons in it for me to learn. Just different lessons down different paths.

  24. mary

    It is interesting about predictions and so on. I think it is like time travel…you travel back in time for past life so you could travel forward in time too. Yes I’ve gone to a reader who was very accurate on some things…that when they happened it astounded me. I’ve also had spontaneous clairvoyant experiences that I just ‘knew’ was going to happen and they happened…some of them the next day or two…another a couple of months later. I also have a lot of prophetic dreams too. Last year I decided to actually learn about intuition professionally and do readings now. There are differences I’ve noticed with readings…such as sometimes angelic messages are predictive or can be…I’ve noticed this myself. Akashic records are different and more about past lives or guidance for root causes. Then I’ve also noticed there are possibility prediction messages depending on what the person getting the reading decides to do.

  25. Lesley

    I agree with Nancy Kern: “I have often had “hits” that are future predictions, but I didn’t ask for them,they are just given to me. I don’t “do” anything with them, but smile with recognition when it happens.”

    One time my former high school algebra teacher asked us to pick a number between 1 and 100 and write it down. She then inserted a random equation on her calculator to use as the winning number.

    As I walked back to my desk in order to write my guess, I passed her and the answer filled me. I wrote it down…and got it right (14!). Everybody thought I’d cheated somehow or changed my answer at the last second. I could hardly believe it myself. Guessing a correct number between 1-100 isn’t too farfetched an idea; the difference was that it had come to me so clearly.

    The predictions I receive come as gifts from dreams or in-the-moment “hits” like the one I had in my algebra class. What I’ve always found unusual (and funny) is these predictions are rarely earth-shattering revelations. It can be just the face of a person who’s walking by or something a friend says.

  26. Karen

    I have had many accurate predictions from other gifted people, however, I always go into readings with the idea that I want to hear what I am meant to hear or meant to know – I don’t usually go in asking specific questions about the future. There have been several times when I have out-and-out though “no way that will happen” after receiving a prediction, and then it has! I have been told in the past that there was a boy child spirit around me and that he was waiting to be born and that he loved me very much…and I just had a grandson! That was a very happy prediction from several years ago that has just recently come true 🙂 and I felt that he recognized me the first time I held him. It was pretty amazing!

  27. Joey

    I realized I didn’t answer the question about uncertainty and surrendering your control.

    My answer to that is that it’s not what happens to you that matters but HOW you handle it. Anyone can live a happy life with no problems. And quite frankly it would get really boring living a fairy tale.

    Think of it as watching a movie, would you like to watch a story of a normal person just getting along with everyone and having lots of money and going to parties every day?

    No, that would get dull, we are meant to have some sort of hardship in this spiritual bootcamp called Earth.

    And truthfully I do sometimes get nervous about the future and wonder if I’m making the right decision. And sometimes I get frustrated when I don’t get my way. But ultimately, I learn from it and try to make the best of things.

    I know it’s easier said than done but looking back at my life I can definitely say it hasn’t been a boring life. I’d rather live a life of adventure than stale routine.

  28. Michelle

    I’ve tried to predict when reading my cards. I found out it doesn’t work that way for me. I only get the information I need to know for the present time. When I try the same prediction a second time, I get a similar reading but more to the point. This happened when I read for a friend, too. It was kind of like being yelled at to get the message across. Sometimes we need to be hit on the head so we can wake up and listen to what’s going on, don’t we? For me, it’s comforting not knowing about the future. I feel good about helping people to get a different viewpoint on a subject they need to hear or think about for the present time. Good subject for a post. Take care, all of you.

  29. Anna

    Thank you to all for your comments and input…

    Kate – are you doing a past life regression with a therapist or on your own? It sounded like you’re doing it alone. may be it would work better for you to do it with a therapist. Sometimes doing it on your own means you have to be both client and therapist at once and it’s not as easy as doing it with someone else.

    Renee – it depends on your definition of psychic. If by ‘psychic’ you mean someone who can consistently give accurate predictions, then that is not very common, but then again even the most gifted predictors will often get it wrong for reasons that are outside of their control. I wrote more about that here: https://annasayce.com/can-you-predict-my-future

  30. Wendy

    Anna, thanks for this. I totally agree with you about needing to examine our motives for wanting predictions.

    Without wanting to be overly dramatic, I was hooked by getting predictions in the past, and I can honestly say that it has ruined my life.

    I used to consult an astrologer every couple of years, and at the end of the astrological reading she would do a tarot reading for me. Every time, she saw wonderful things ahead of me – great success, including financial security, a happy marriage, travel etc.

    The problem was that she never once advised me as to how I could create this dream life; in fact, she advised me to do “nothing.” And I totally believed her, did nothing – and now I am stone broke, living in a little rented room and struggling to make ends meet. And am single! Not the life I dreamed of…

    I sometimes listen to the recordings I got from her, and I suspect that when she advised me not to take any action she was referring to something you hear quite often in spiritual circles, about surrendering control and letting go.

    But I still weep about how I trusted in those predictions and how I have dug myself into a real financial hole as a result. Talk about choice points! My problem is that I cannot see a way out of my situation. She never predicted that this would happen!

    So I do believe you are absolutely right, Anna, to be very cautious when it comes to predictions. Truth is, I sought out those predictions because I was so desperately lacking confidence about my ability to create what I wanted. I just wanted to know it would happen.

    And now I am caught in my own self-created nightmare. Hope this serves as a warning to others!

  31. Suki

    I have experienced many very precise predictions over the years, generally coming to me in the form of a dream heavily symbolized or immediate knowledge as I touch a person such as a handshake etc. –Most often my “impressions” are kept to myself if they are a vision of despair pertaining to the person or their loved ones. I have accurately “known” of the approaching death of 3 people, one of them was my own spouse who crossed over after an accident. I have many impressions that are inaccurate as well just like many of you do, so don’t get me wrong lol…but as far as ‘asking’ for prediction, I can honestly say that I don’t. I allow my guides to impress upon me what it is I need to know for someone or for myself, and that keeps my mind quite busy. I do ask for guidance, blessings and happiness for others and am happy to give uplifting messages or impressions..but I have a tendency to avoid asking for actual prediction of a particular concern. I know that I may open a door that should remain closed.

  32. Kate

    Wendy, Anna asked me to address your post. Sorry that you went through a hard time regards trusting predictions.

    Here’s my take on it, as someone who does read the future and what the real underlying issue is here, rather than it be just about predictions.

    This is about giving up your will for another’s. A psychics message isn’t something to live by, it’s advice, you don’t give up your will for someone else’s. You see what fits and reject the rest.

    I mean, do nothing is very much about law of attraction and law of attraction isn’t all of the picture. You always have to take action on what feels right in your heart. It’s not about sitting passive and doing nothing.

    She’s ill advised you or you’ve taken *do nothing* to mean literally do nothing. You still have to be heading in a direction you feel is best. It’s like yin and yang, sometimes we have to wait, and be still, and surrender, other times we have to take action and ground the energy and do something.

    But if you use your free will to just do nothing then often times you’re holding up the process, perhaps before you were taking action and heading in the right direction.

    I think there’s many lessons for you here. Often times people want to know the future because they are avoiding the present moment and not wanting to feel the pain and working through it.

    The general spiritual meaning of surrending is about surrendering of your ego, not surrendering taking action.

    There will perhaps have been times when you knew you shouldn’t have been spending the money on more psychic readings, but you overrode that voice because your fear was so great.

    I feel there are lots of learnings in there, rather than feeling it was just about being a victim of some psychic’s prediction.

    Hope that makes things clearer.


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