My New Home Has a Poltergeist!

Hi Anna,

I recently moved into a newly built house. No one has ever lived in this house before, and so I know that no-one has ever died here.

Yet I also believe we have a poltergeist — here are just a few reasons why:

  • My son’s toys go off in the middle of the night
  • Recently when I was looking after my baby at home (I’m a new mum), I left our living room very untidy to have lunch and came back to a completely tidied and clean room (I don’t understand how, as me and my very young child were the only ones at home)
  • The bookcase in my son’s room got tipped over when no-one was in there
  • Our dog appears to be scared and is barking at nothing
  • I was folding clothes up on our kitchen table, got distracted and when I came back into the room, three of the tops I had folded were laid out, next to one another on the table. I didn’t do that either!

I feel like I am going mad and I’m scared of whatever is doing this. My partner is a total skeptic but after what he’s seen, he is very rattled and now believes in ghosts, as well.

~ Claire

Hi Claire,

Before deciding on whether there is a poltergeist, I’d look at rational explanations first of all. You say you are a new mum. New mums can be so sleep-deprived that the mind can play tricks (e.g. you could have tidied the room but completely forgot because you were half asleep doing it.) Only you will know if that is a possibility. Have you ever been really distracted that you put something in a certain place and completely forgot about it, later? That’s happened to me several times. Once I put my laptop in a drawer and had no memory of having done so. I even convinced myself the house must have been burgled and my laptop had been taken.

If that’s not a possibility, could subsidence be a factor? When there’s subsidence in a building, things could come off walls or fall over.

Your dog’s behaviour could be attributed to the move, which is a big shift for you all.

If you reject these rational explanations, then it’s time to look at the paranormal ones.

It could be that you have a poltergeist (a poltergeist is a ghost that has been around long enough and amassed enough energy to actually move matter.) No one needs to have died in your house for you to have a poltergeist. They are simply earthbound spirits who have mastered the art of moving matter and affecting electrics. And poltergeists are not necessarily scary or evil, they are just spirits of the deceased who are stuck and lost.

There are a couple of ways to deal with such a spirit:

1. Burning Sage

A very common way to deal with a poltergeist is to burn sage in your home. This makes earthbound spirits and poltergeists flee, but unfortunately it does not stop them returning, especially if you do not put energetic protection in place to keep spirits out, so you could be wasting your time with this one.

2. Do a Property Clearing

A more effective, long term way of dealing with this situation is to do a property clearing. This involves ‘tuning in’ to a space to ascertain what the actual issue is with the property, energetically speaking. And then if you find there is an issue with a poltergeist, to help that spirit to move on to the other side, and then to set up energetic protection so that other lost spirits do not find their way into your home.

In my Energy Clearing for Spaces home study course, I teach people how to do exactly that, and it takes no skill or prior training. Anyone with some belief in the paranormal and a willingness to learn to dowse with a pendulum can manage it.

In addition, the course teaches you to identify and clear out 9 other types of negative energy that can affect a space.

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Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >



    My heart goes out to Claire, my parents & us 4 children lived in an old house in the country I ask Dad has any one died in this place he said no he knows the previous owners but my sister often saw unusual things in the home late one night she was going to the toilet which was outside when in the lounge room 2 misty type figures were on the lounge when they saw her they politely stood up & left another time she felt her hair being tugged very hard when there was no one to be seen our mum use to make her own spiritual (cannot spell the proper name ) boards & try & connect with the other side could this have something to do with the unexplained experiences my sister was having

  2. PauL Schofield

    Hi Anna, yes I agree with all you have said, and the wisdom of carefully checking out all possible physical explanations first (although in the case of house subsidence I think I might rather have the poltergeist, if friendly!).

    Whilst many, perhaps most, occurrences would be earthbound spirits, I am not certain whether they all are.

    I have had a number of occasions, in different places in the world, where there have been unexplainable noises and effects, and in one case a physical movement occured, accompanied by visual and audio effects.

    These effects, apparently, only occurred when I was there.

    So, they may have been directly caused by me (by my spirit body?), or I could be a catalyst for a pre-existing earth bound spirit to be able to manifest.

    I don’t know which of these two would be most likely, but it would possible to differentiate which one was the cause if a good medium were to be present at the same time, but this has never yet occurred, on these fairly rare occasions.

    I do know, however, that most times I know a second or two beforehand that it is going to happen, and that I know exactly what is going to happen, and then it does happen.
    I feel quite different as well, a feeling of an altered state, and a tingling throughout my body.

    At another time though, it takes me by surprise and I feel completey normal, although, as I said, I am told that it only happens when I am there.

    All these are for me, very rare occasions, only about 10 in my lifetime.

    For Claire’s case, which could be a spirit presence, possibly just someone trying to get attention or simply let you know they are there, it could be a relative or friend who passed on, or someone connected with the land or locality.

    These effects are far more common than people realise, it’s just that many people might not talk about it for fear of ridicule, and there aren’t so many who would listen or understand.

    I would go to a local spiritualist church and ask for the assistance of a good medium, who should be able to identify the source and assist in resolving the issue.
    They may offer this for free, or may simply ask for a small sum to cover any travel costs, or a small donation to the church.
    Many spiritualist churches are registered charities.

    I have attended several instances where I live, with a medium friend, on behalf of our local spiritualist church, and he has been able to resolve the situations, much to the relief of the people concerned.

    I wish you good luck Claire, and the thought that the events you are experiencing will, in the longer term, reap the benefits of furthering your understanding and enquiry into the realities of spirit, and may especially help your erstwhile totally sceptical partner!

  3. Ann

    How about installing a camera? Then you’ll see if things move by themselves, if someone else sneaks in, or if stress sometimes leads you to forget parts of your day.

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