Personal Lessons and Insights I’ve Had From Doing 500 Intuitive Readings

It’s time to compile a blog post with all the personal and psychic development lessons I’ve learned from doing 500+ readings.

I’ve not blogged about what I’ve learned personally from doing readings – the blog and the readings have been separate in that regard up until now.

I hope this article helps to demystify the psychic readings for you in case you’ve never had one. In this article, I will also mention some general insights that I hear often from peoples’ Spirit Guides.

Blog Articles

Firstly, I wanted to say that talking to clients’ Spirit Guides, Higher selves and reading the Akashic Records has really helped to inform my opinions and influence the information contained in many articles here on my blog.  For example, this blog post contains a message that I have heard many times over (and continue to hear) from many Spirit Guide teams about power and taking control of your life.

Law of Attraction Inaction

The spirit realm has advised some people to get real about the Law of Attraction too.

I loved the Secret when it came out and I loved Abraham-Hicks too (these are two well-known resources on the Law of Attraction in case you have not heard of them before).

However, it seems when people take in too much information like ‘visualizing cheques coming to you in the mail means you will see more money coming in’, their Higher self or guides feel it’s time to deliver the antidote. Although visualization is a powerful tool, personal power and taking action (as long as it’s congruent with your goals) are often more important than building the vision, since action is something that helps you to clarify your vision anyway, through trial and error.

How to Make Life Better

Doing several hundred psychic readings for people naturally gives you insight on how the spirit realm thinks we could improve our lives as human beings.

The Spirit Guides are all fairly consistent in the principles by which they give their core advice.  Obviously, not everyone is the same, and different people need different messages at different times. However, I do think 500 Spirit Guide teams aren’t so different from one another.  It’s like there are common values that the spirit realm gives advice based on. One of them is the need for balance in life.

Let’s say you booked a reading with me, but you don’t give me any specific questions and just want me to tune in.  Most of the time, the message your Spirit Guides will pass on (before they tell me about anything else) will be related to BALANCE.  Everyone is striving towards balance on their spiritual path and human path.  Part of the reason why balance is something to strive for is because obviously, it allows you to enjoy your life more.

The Spirit Guides will usually show me your chakra system to point out some glaring imbalance in the way you’re living your life (if there happens to be one – some people do have slight imbalances instead.) Some people are very diligent all their lives and neglect fun and play (the sacral chakra.)  Some people look like ‘lollipops’ in their energy field (they have massive upper chakras and small lower chakras) – which means that they like to escape into the etheric realms and their practical, physical, human life suffers as a result.  Some people have lots of intellectual capabilities and big third eye chakras but closed off heart chakras, which means that they bypass their emotions and instead use their intellect when making choices (so they can often lose touch with what their spirit wants and fail to connect with others).

Balance and the Chakra System

The chakra system is very helpful for diagnosing imbalances because it’s basically a new-age system for life balance. It’s very commonsense actually and it helps psychics and energy healers find out what area you’re neglecting and what you can do to make your life better.

Inevitably, the Spirit Guides don’t just diagnose an imbalance and then leave it at that. They often give practical suggestions for opening up chakras and bringing balance back to your life.

(Note: if you’re looking for something which can help you to diagnose imbalances in your own aura, you might be interested in my Chakra Meditation Kit.)

Patterns in Imbalances

The interesting thing about doing these readings is that there are certain archetypes and patterns for imbalances and so you learn to see a client’s imbalances very quickly.  People who have their strengths in a certain area often have a weakness and imbalance in a corresponding area. Although I don’t ever jump to conclusions in a reading, before I have all the information, it does get predictable sometimes when the same patterns come up over and over.

It seems the blueprint for life here on Earth is to keep a balance between the spiritual and the physical, and this comes out in the information that clients get in a reading.  Your soul usually thinks you’re here to have fun and enjoy the unique delights that Earth offers.  Earth is a somewhat bittersweet place to incarnate judging by the variety of experiences clients have.  It seems it’s both delightful and painful at times.  The guides usually advise delighting in the wonderful things and doing your best to get through the hard times.  And don’t judge what life sends you until it’s over – it is often a blessing in disguise (as hackneyed as that sounds!).

I believe that some people don’t truly learn to appreciate their life until after the poop has hit the fan. Other people have the special ability to see beauty even in horror and pain.  Although it’s much easier to see the beauty in hindsight – while you’re going through the horror, things can feel like too much to bear, and the last thing you want is some Spirit Guide asking you to see the beauty in the chaos or horror that is your particular crisis that you’re going through.  Luckily they don’t do that 🙂


The second most common area for review is life purpose and the life plan:

Are you off-track with where your spirit wants you to be?

What are your gifts?

Are you actually using them?

Your level of fulfillment corresponds directly to how much you are using your variety of gifts.  I look up 35 archetypes for gifts – most people have five or six altogether.  I haven’t read for anyone who has the exact same combination of gifts, so it’s like everyone is a perfectly unique snowflake in that sense.

Here are some messages that I get time and again for the purpose section of a reading:

  • You came here for a reason with the perfect combination of gifts that all work together nicely – use them.
  • Embrace variety in how you use your gifts.  Not everyone is meant to express all their gifts in one area like their career.
  • Some people sort out the career side of life early on and some people don’t really get going until later on.  It all depends on your personal life lessons and life path.

Predictions Can Sometimes Be Unhelpful

Another lesson the Spirit Guides have given me is that predictions can be particularly unhelpful to get.  These days I don’t predict the future.  I truly believe that 9 times out of 10 it is unhelpful to get a prediction because it detracts from your own ability to control outcomes and be in your power.

Personal Lessons I’ve Learned from Doing Readings

Here’s where I’ve grown in the last few years…

Learning to connect more with people

In the beginning, I so wanted to ‘get it right’.  I felt like I failed if someone didn’t agree with what I picked up.  Although the vast majority of people come away happy after a reading, these days I think my ego protests less if a client happens to deny or refute something I am certain is true (during a reading).  These days I connect more with the client and take things as they come.  I’ve learned that I’m just the messenger and interpreter of the information.  If the information is not exactly what the person wants or not as detailed as they’d like, I don’t beat myself up anymore. There is a degree of control that I’d like to have that I can’t get.

Not to take things personally

Being a professional psychic exposes you very much to the foibles and vagaries of human beings.  People occasionally come to psychics when they’re in crisis (although I always recommend you do the practical things first when you’re in a crisis, like seeing a financial advisor, or a doctor, or whatever expert you need to see.)

I’ve come to the conclusion that humans are generally very colourful and well, I don’t think I’ve ever read for a ‘normal’ person. Do you know anyone normal?!

Human beings can be fairly inconsistent and can do odd things too. But reading for people has taught me a lot about expecting less of myself and giving me (and everyone else I’ve ever read for) permission to be human – Just because someone’s a spirit as well as a human doesn’t mean they need to be as perfect as an angel.

The difficult ones

I’ve had difficult clients too.  There was the charming client who sent me monthly emails calling me a scam-artist because his life wasn’t any different one year after his reading.  That prompted the putting up of my notice on my readings page that I don’t change anyone’s life single-handedly in one hour (that is, unless they take the information and run with it).

There was also the woman who sent me a Facebook message and when I didn’t reply within 24 hours posted a very long ‘I knew you were a scammer/fraud/an evil bitch for not replying to me’ message on my personal Facebook wall.

After that, I realized how foolish it was to allow readers onto my personal Facebook as my family and friends were wondering why I was getting such abusive messages from people I didn’t know.

So apologies to all the people who have added me on Facebook.  I bet that you are a perfectly sane, lovely person but I’d rather not have to weed out the angry strangers so my policy is not to accept people I don’t know.  So instead I created a Facebook page for blog and personal updates – please join on there if you want to receive updates through Facebook.

Psychic Readings & Energy

I wouldn’t advise doing more than 3-4 readings per day.

I remember when I did my languages degree, I considered becoming an interpreter.  The interpreters are the ones sitting in a booth wearing a pair of headphones and speaking into a microphone at a conference such as the EU or UN.  I read that interpreters are paid a lot of money and don’t work that many hours because interpreting is very demanding.

A simultaneous interpreter has the unenviable task of quickly digesting what one person is saying before immediately translating it to the others. One of the skills interpreters must have is deciding quickly how to phrase things. They must think really quickly and on their feet.  And they must translate accurately.

To do a good, detailed psychic reading is sort of like working as an interpreter.  It is demanding to go up into the Spirit Realm, take what they are saying (which is like communicating on a whole other wave length) and then put it into words that make sense and accurately reflect what the Spirit Realm said – for a whole hour AND be on the wave length that the client communicates on, so that it’s understood. You’re doing lots of things at once. Sometimes Spirit is talking to you while you’re talking to the client. I still struggle to do both at once so often I tell the client to wait a second while I get the information.

For this reason, a good psychic reading takes skill and energy. Messages from the Spirit Realm don’t always come easy. For this reason, I strongly disagree with those people who feel that people who do spiritual work, like readings and healing, should do it for free.

So that concludes this post. I’m sure I have a lot more to learn in this area and I guess I will, over the course of the next 500 odd readings! I hope this has demystified the process of a psychic reading for you, if you’ve not had one before.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Gary

    Hi Anna,

    This is my first reply to you but I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I started doing readings on the computer as I felt compelled to try, the weird part about it all is that I was getting things right, after a while I had some bad thoughts creep in and so I stopped doing it.

    I’m not too sure about the bad energy, or whether my thoughts/ imagination just run on overtime but I have recently discovered I can read people through thier mobile phones (Cell phones)… I admit this is somewhat of a party trick and usually done in a relaxed social enviroment but so far I have have a 100% success rate… (I hope I’m not detracting from the contents of this particular blog)

    My problem is that I don’t hear any “Voices” or see any visions the thoughts just come to me like my head is a magnet sort of, and what I do read for my said subject is content that only they know, and seeing that they do already know the content, I fail to see the use in it other than a good party trick… (Useless Psychic abilty as a good friend would say)

    Yet I’m intrigued to learn more.

    Cheers G x

  2. Kate

    Anna, you are such a great writer, I love reading anything you have to say. Of course all you wrote in this article is like preaching to the choir for me. Especialy the part about how tiring readings are.

  3. Anna

    Kate – thanks!

    Gary – It sounds like you’ve got claircognizance. If you look on my articles list, under ‘psychic abilities’ you’ll find an article called ‘developing claircognizance’ – see if that article sounds like what’s happening for you.

    It may seem like useless psychic ability, but I think there is always a reason for everything. I sometimes pick up ‘useless’ things too, but it can serve as a confidence booster that you can do it and you do have some ability.


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