Results of Intuitive Experiment #11

Well done to everyone who had a go at this experiment! (I’ve posted some tips for you at the end of this article.)

Here are the results:

The man in the picture is Sir Alan Sugar, a self-made British business mogul, who has an estimated fortune of £770m ($1.14 billion US). His former company Amstrad manufactured and sold home computers and hi-fi systems. He stood down as chairman and sold his interests in the company in 2007.



Alan Sugar was born in East London into a poor, working class, Jewish family. He was the baby of the family, having three much older siblings. In his autobiography, he said “I never experienced any feelings of closeness or caring from my parents.”

His childhood was filled with entrepreneurial activities such as selling home-made ginger beer and selling his father’s tailoring offcuts to the rag-and-bone man, along with a paper and milk round and a job at a greengrocer’s. It was also characterised by a sense of being excluded because of his family’s low socio-economic status.

For example, he was cast out of his group of friends as a teenager because, unlike them, he could not afford a fancy party following his bar-mitzvah. In addition, before he married his wife, Ann, she broke off their relationship at one point because her father thought she was dating ‘beneath her’ and pressured her to end it.

He started his company Amstrad the year he married his wife (1968), and one of his motivations in business was to prove to his new father-in-law that he was “good enough” for Ann. He started by selling car aerials and electrical goods out of the back of a van and the business grew from there, reaching its peak in the 1980s.

Personal Life

He has been married to his wife for 46 years and they have three children (two sons and a daughter.) They live in Essex, UK but also have residences in Florida and Spain.

His wife says that he was not an involved father and was so engrossed in his business he only saw his children on the weekends.

In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, aviation, and collects Rolls Royce and Bentley cars.

alan sugar2

Other Ventures

In addition to his entrepreneurial activities with Amstrad, Sugar bought the football club Tottenham Hotspur in 1991 and was chairman for 9 years. He had difficult, combative relationships with the players and managers, and the club did not achieve any major success during his time there. He retrospectively described the endeavour as “a waste of my life” and went on to describe footballers as, “…scum who are only interested in themselves and who would stab you in the back.”

Since 2005, he has been the star of the program ‘the Apprentice’, where contestants battle it out to win a job at one of his companies. His combative, belligerent personality is made the most of, as candidates are torn to pieces and then fired at the rate of one per week.

In a TV program in which his wife Ann was interviewed, she claims that he is a lot kinder and gentler in reality than he appears to be, and that she can’t stand to watch the Apprentice because his blustery, no-nonsense persona is exaggerated for the cameras.

An anti-bullying charity at one point raised concerns that the program may encourage bullying, as contestants are humiliated onscreen during the Apprentice for the entertainment of viewers.

Writing and Music

A lot of people for this experiment picked up on music. I cannot find any link to music. (If anyone finds anything about this please let me know.)

As for writing, he did release a 600 odd page long autobiography.


Lord Sugar is a supporter of the British Labour Party.


If his persona on the Apprentice is anything like his real-life approach to dealing with others, it could be described as ‘no-nonsense’ at best, and belligerent and egotistical at worst. He says that his biggest flaw is his temper, but on the other hand, his philanthropy efforts also show someone who is generous, and as mentioned above, the person who knows him best claims he is kind at heart.

It is clear that he values integrity and honesty, and has little tolerance for those who aren’t as straightforward or authentic as he is. For those who know about the energy centres of training/Archangelic realms of training, I feel that Sugar has the sixth realm of training and is motivated by truth, integrity and frankness. When the sixth energy centre is out of balance, it can manifest as too much bluntness and delivering doses of reality without consideration for feelings.

How Did You Do?

Well done to everyone who took part. Some people did well with this experiment. For those who didn’t get many hits, remember that it takes practice and/or a good technique to become really adept at reading others in this way, so don’t be discouraged if you weren’t accurate – it’s not a reflection of how you could develop your ability in the future.

A tip I often dish out is to start with the person’s character where possible. I feel that if you start there, it’s much easier to pick out objective facts about the person’s life from then onwards.

One of the most natural uses for your intuition is to know who people really are behind any masks or self-created images – not necessarily to know how many children someone has or what they do for a living. So, I personally find it best to start with the intuitive stuff (i.e. what you can intuit about who he is as a personality) and then look for the objective facts (the more ‘psychic’ stuff) if you want to.

Sources of Information:

Sorry to the Brits who wanted to do this experiment but already knew who he was – next time I’ll feature someone you’re unlikely to recognise!

Questions for Readers: Did You Learn Anything from This One?

Please leave a comment below!

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  1. Briawna Ellison


    It’s official, I told myself if I nailed this experiment I would buy your course. Thank you, it has been quite the journey for me in trying to identify my purpose in this. I am a flight attendant so you could imagine at 40,000 feet not being grounded in a metal tube with 149 souls, the constant energy I am picking up on. It exhausts me and I need to learn what to do. Thank you!!

  2. Anna

    Hi Briawna,

    Well done!!

    I would love to have you on the course but just a heads up that the Intuitive Awakening course is about increasing your sensitivity. Could be you primarily need something that teaches you to get the sensitivity under control?

  3. Debra S

    I have enjoyed this exercise very much.
    I have also realized that what seems very apparent to me
    is not necessarily that visible to others.

  4. anna

    Debra – glad you enjoyed this!

    Doris – that’s interesting. I wonder if he’s had a lot of past lives that have been about music but it didn’t get expressed as much this lifetime. We can develop gifts over many lifetimes.

  5. Janet C

    I love these exercises, and while I’d neglected to comment on the previous post with his pic, I did pick up that he was connected to showbiz/singing, brutally honest, but overall “good”. What I didn’t realise is that I had seen him before, having watched the UK Apprentice once or twice, but didn’t consciously recognise him. So, hmm, that was definitely interesting, and I’m not sure how much of it came from memory. The singing was out of the blue though.

  6. Pat May

    The trouble with TV progammes like The Apprentice is that they create a persona for someone and then pick out all the bits from the filming to go with that persona. I’ve seen Alan Sugar on lots of other programmes and he really isn’t the horrible bullying person who comes over in The Apprentice. He’s much more quietly spoken with a sense of humour and not at all like the character that has been created for him.

  7. Anna

    Janet – Glad you enjoy the experiments… Even if you remembered who he was on some level, it’s all good fun/practice

  8. Anna

    Hi Pat May – I guess he is a multifaceted person, like all of us, and it’s one side of him that gets expressed and amplified during the program…

  9. bilal

    o my god my predictions are 80% correct!

  10. Alissa

    I failed miserably but enjoyed the process 😉 thanks for offering this space for so many like minded individuals!

  11. Liz

    My reply didn’t post, :(, but I recall typing that this man seemed highly intelligent, not unkind, but pragmatic. He brooked no bs, and did not appreciate being insulted, ie, being engaged by someone not as serious as he is, or having his time wasted. Didn’t feel any music with him. He would engage with anyone who was thoughtful, intelligent, insightful.

  12. Liz

    Anna, I just love these exercises! I clap my hands with excitement when they come up in my email!!

  13. pam

    Hi, I just did this and I got he was married and with 3 kids. Ding-ding. I also got music. I picked up on convertible cars and the word “collaboration.” Pretty cool that I nailed the # of kids. And maybe in another life time there was a big music connection for him.

  14. Natalie

    The first thing I picked up was he was not to be trusted.

    I could not put it into words why, but I instantly got that all familiar ache in my gut.

    After reading all about him I can pin point my gut reaction

    I was picking up on his temper & harder side of his personality. It struck a cord too close to me with my past & what I’ve been through.

  15. LightRays

    Not sure if I picked something if he has issue with lung? Anyone know related to his health issue ?
    Few hit as intelligent, gentle, Europan. Will continue to practice.

  16. Joanna

    Eastern European

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