The Best Diet for Developing Psychic Abilities

“What is the best diet for developing psychic abilities?”

Here’s what people’s Spirit Guides had have to say about diet and psychic abilities, during readings:

Eliminating meat – especially red meat – will improve psychic abilities.  A predominantly plant-based diet helps you to become more open and sensitive to the spirit world.

Here’s why: meat dulls your senses and lowers your vibration.  First off, it takes more vital life force to digest meat.  Eating meat helps to ground the ‘mind’ energy (the energy of the upper chakras) and brings it down into the lower chakras (the root chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus). Your body is so busy processing the meat that it reduces your psychic sensitivity – after all, when you eat meat, it brings a lot of blood down to the digestive system and away from the areas associated with the upper chakras and intuition – like the brain, and some senses like hearing and sight.

Secondly, some believe that meat contains residues of the animal’s energy that was killed for its meat.  When you take in meat, you are taking in the energy of that animal too, including any fear and pain.

Eating the flesh of another animal will usually involve you having to desensitize yourself to the energy of the dead animal you’re consuming.  You have to desensitize yourself in order to not feel that negative energy.  But you end up desensitized, in the psychic sense too.

Why this is good for some people and bad for others

If you’re trying to develop psychic abilities but it’s not easy for you, it wouldn’t help you to consume meat because it will keep you in a desensitized state and slow down your development.

When you open up to spirit, you will often feel called to stop consuming red meat anyway.

When I did my Spirit Guides coaching course (it was a six week coaching course I did last year, which is now discontinued), I noticed that one week, there were several students who all individually decided to give up red meat.  They just felt like it was the right thing to do instinctively.  This makes sense, since eating more plant-based food helps to open up your psychic abilities.

But on the other hand, if you’re already a very psychic, sensitive and empathic person who needs more grounding, meat will give you that.  It forces you to desensitize yourself to the energy of the dead animal (because otherwise you’ll just feel bad) and it will dull your perception somewhat.  It will bring your energy down into the lower chakras and stop you from ‘spinning your wheels’ in the upper realms.  This can be good if you need more grounding and less escaping into the etheric realms.  Although depending on your views on this issue, eating meat might not be the most ethical way to ground yourself.

Experimenting with Diet

I currently eat a predominantly vegetarian diet, but I also eat fish several times a week, and I eat poultry and eggs.

The only thing I can’t stomach is red meat – beef and lamb. To me it would be like eating a fellow human.  I occasionally have bacon but I feel bad afterwards.

(Update Jan 2018: I now eat all kinds of animal foods, except dairy products, and have noticed no adverse effects on my intuitive ability.)

I’ve tried every kind of diet (from raw vegan to the standard junk-food diet) over the last several years and I’ve observed the impact it has on my sensitivity. Here are my personal observations on the impact various diets have on my psychic abilities:

Standard diet: (when I say a standard diet I mean one that is not particularly healthy.  This includes junk food, plenty of biscuits and cakes; lots of processed carbohydrates like white bread and of course, meat. This is the kind of diet I ate when I was younger.)

If you’re on this diet and you want to develop psychic abilities, you’ll often find yourself called to clean up your diet.  This is because a cleaner diet makes it easier for spirit to reach you.  A body that is full of processed junk food is not good for connecting with spirit. It will still be possible to connect with spirit, but it’ll use up more energy because you’re desensitized from all the junk.

When I was developing my psychic abilities about four years ago, I was eating red meat.  I switched over to a vegetarian diet from time to time, because I felt instinctively like I wanted to cut out meat.  However, whenever I relapsed back into eating meat, I’d get the same dream:

I’d be walking through a city in Spain, sightseeing, and I’d be with the same guy each time (who was my tour guide).  Instead of taking me to see monuments and buildings, he kept showing me various rotting carcasses of animals that were dotted around the streets like grotesque sculptures.

When I asked why he was showing me such disgusting things, he’d tell me: “this is what your body is like when you eat meat.”

Eating meat desensitizes our empathy and ability to pick up things, and it desensitizes us to suffering.  That’s why it’s not always helpful to eat meat if you want an ongoing relationship with spirit (Ie. your Spirit Guides and Higher self) and you’re the type of person who needs to actively create and nurture that relationship – as opposed to the sensitivity already being there.

The other extreme – Vegan and raw vegan diets:

A vegan diet will help to improve your connection to the spirit world quite quickly.  For me personally, a vegan diet (which means eating only plant-based food – no dairy products or eggs) is too un-grounding because I don’t need to improve my connection to spirit any further.

A raw vegan diet (Ie. a diet where you only eat raw fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables) will positively catapult you into the realm of psychic sensitivity.  I was raw vegan for two periods – one which lasted three weeks and one which lasted for a couple of weeks.  It heightened my sensitivity a great deal. The first period went well for one week but then I began to feel spacey and disoriented.  With the work I do (which keeps me even more attuned to the spirit realm than I would normally need to be), a raw diet and a vegan diet are too big a step in the direction of openness to spirit.

I have enough openness already and if anything, at the time I went raw vegan, I needed to tone down my empathy and sensitivity.  Raw veganism did the opposite of that.  Veganism didn’t help either.  For most people, raw veganism can be very unbalancing.  So, although I believe that veganism is the most ethical diet, I don’t believe it is helpful for very sensitive types.

For me, the compromise is vegetarianism with some fish (what some might call pescatarianism).  This is a diet that has some animal products, but is mostly plant-based.

But that’s just me.

I believe that it’s best to observe all your reactions to your food, when choosing a diet.  And weigh them up.  My heart says yes to a vegan diet, but my mind and my body say a big no.

In the end, the right diet for you depends on your current level of openness to spirit. If you’re not open to spirit already, then switching to a plant-based or raw diet will help you to get there. If you’re already sensitive, it can unbalance you, depending on your constitution.

(Incidentally, Ayurveda sheds a lot of light on the role of constitution when it comes to the best diet for maintaining balance, whether you’re developing your psychic abilities or not.)

If you’re interested in reading more about how to ground yourself, and the role of food, check out these two articles:

What do you find is the best diet for developing psychic abilities?  Have you tried vegetarianism, veganism or even raw veganism?  What impact did they have on your psychic sensitivity?

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  1. Peter

    Hi Anna,

    Very interesting article. Right now we seem to have almost the same diet 🙂 I’m mainly a vegetarian with some fish and sometimes small amounts of chicken.

    It’s unfortunate that when you eat fish you are not only eating an animal but you also get some mercury with it – that’s why governmental agencies have issued warnings about fish consumption for pregnant women and young children.

    A couple of times of the year I also eat lots of meat – afterwards I feel tired, but grounded.

    I’m still trying to change and adapt my diet. In February I went 100% vegetarian for the whole month – it wasn’t too difficult, but next time I have to get some more recipes as I often ate the same things!

    I think I have to eat rather regularly, otherwise I tend to feel dizzy. I don’t know if that has something to do with spiritual things, but it might be the case.

    My acupuncture doctor says it would not be a good idea for me to only eat raw food. I agree with her, but I might test that at a later time for myself, when I feel I’m really grounded.

    Have you also noticed that some food feels a bit “cold” and some food is “warm” – even if it is not cooked? I feel bananas are warmer than kiwifruits, for example.


  2. Adrianne

    Hi Anna, Great topic.

    I’ve been vegetarian for almost seven years. Currently, I eat a mostly vegan diet with some instances of cheese. I like to eat a majority of raw items and feel best when I have a lot of raw greens in my diet especially green juices.

    I became vegan pretty much immediately after reading the book Diet for a New America by John Robbins. I do feel like cutting out meat did correspond to increased awareness and spiritual connection for me. Lately though, for the first time since I began vegetarianism, I have been considering adding some fish for extra grounding. We’ll see.

    I’d also like to suggest that people who want to develop their intuition consider eliminating processed sugar and wheat for a while and notice the results. Especially sugar for me seems to skew the signal. I’ve found a lot of great recipes for deserts, etc. that don’t use sugar or wheat so I find it not too difficult an adaptation to make.

  3. Darla

    I agree, Anna! I’d consider myself a pescatarian too. When I was in the jungle my diet for two months was nearly exclusively vegan and one day I was sooo spacey. It was scary. I could see straight but I couldn’t register anything I was seeing. Does that make sense? I could walk around just find but I felt removed and above my body. When I tried to talk it felt like it feels when you talk into a microphone but can hear yourself through it while you’re talking– very hard to focus and concentrate on what you’re trying to say. No matter how long I laid down, napped or what kind of grounding exercises I did I couldn’t get grounded. It was really unsettling and I finally found a stash of cookies somewhere and ate a few of those and that brought me back down to Earth.

  4. Peter

    Oh yes, vata sounds a lot like me and the test said that I am a vata type 🙂

    I don’t know much about ayurveda. I would be an interesting topic to tap further into, but I already have hundreds of things I’m interested in… Sigh 😀

  5. Kate

    Great post Anna. I eat meat. I tend to get too ungrounded if I don’t. I’ve had periods on my life where I wasnt absorbing iron and meat was the fastest way to help me with that.

  6. Denise D

    I really enjoyed the article, Anna. I especially liked your story about the dream your guides sent you. Talk about hitting you over the head with the message! =) I have never liked meat, even when I was a child. I have now recently been feeling that dairy products are clogging me up. I am looking forward to trying out a dairy-free diet to see how it affects my psychic development.

  7. Anna

    Hi Peter,

    Oh interesting. I haven’t given much thought to the mercury issue much actually. I just found out that mercury accumulates in the fish over time, and some species are much more high in mercury than others. Luckily a lot of the fish I eat (like blue cod) contains low levels.

    That is a good point too about varying meals. The problem with my experiments was that I often had a limited repertoire of vegan and raw vegan meals. It takes time to build up a repertoire of meals that you like.

    I need to eat regularly too, and I think this is a grounding issue. I have read in various places that fasting and eating less is one way to open up the crown chakra, so going without meals would take energy out of the digestive system and the lower chakras.

    Do you know much about ayurveda? I wonder if you are a vata type like me. There are three main doshas in ayurveda – vata, pitta and kapha and most people have one that dominates. This is a bit of a generalization but people who are slim and have lots of energy in the mind often have a vata constitution. They also need to eat regularly to remain in balance and don’t do well on a raw food diet. You usually need to see an ayurvedic doctor to get an idea for which ones are dominant for you right now, but here is a quiz here on that website I mentioned that gives you a cursory idea:

  8. Anna

    Hi Darla,

    I have been like that too at times – especially when I doing the raw vegan experiment (I tried raw veganism mainly to see if it made any impact on my problem skin actually…) At the time I found exercising and the sauna very grounding. But sometimes all you need is a bit of grounding food to bring you back.

  9. Anna

    Thanks Kate. Yes, meat is a very grounding isn’t it. Actually I find that the kiwis eat a lot of meat. When I go out to eat at a restaurant they often have a lot of meat on the menu. I have thought it would be harder to be completely veggie here (and not eat fish). Often when you go out, the veggie dish is a fish one!

  10. Anna

    Hi Adrianne,

    Interesting. Are you still doing readings? If so, do you notice that you need more grounding on the days that you read for people?

    I agree with what you say about sugar. Sugar makes my mind go faster, a bit like coffee. I wonder if agave would have the same effect.

  11. Adrianne

    Anna, I find it helpful for me to eat a good amount of grounding foods whether I’m doing readings or not. I’ve always been pretty sensitive to food. When I’m not eating well, I can get pretty cranky and out of whack…

    My guides mostly try to steer me away from sugar and processed carbs and towards salads, green smoothies and green juices. Basically towards a more alkaline diet. I don’t always eat this way but have to admit that I feel most clear and happy when I do.

    So since I’m for the most part vegan, my grounding foods are: nuts, seeds, cooked or sprouted lentils, avocados, buckwheat groats and flour, quinoa, rice and coconut.

    Yes, agave is a major staple for me right now – definitely more mild effects than sugar. I also like to sweeten things with raisins, bananas, and sometimes stevia. I really recommend the deserts in Jenifer Cornbleet’s book Raw Food Made Easy for One or Two People – especially the key lime pie, raw chocolate pie and raw brownies are to live for!!

  12. Anna

    Hi Denise – I know! It was one of the more obvious messages that I’ve gotten in a dream 🙂

    Adrianne – I bought a book on raw desserts. I will check out that book too. I have had trouble getting some of the ingredients cause I live in a small town in NZ but moving to a city soon so will do some experimenting when I get hold of some of the more unusual ingredients.

  13. Adrianne

    Yes, the book I suggested uses more simple ingredients than most raw books I think. The brownie recipe is just raisins, walnuts, chocolate powder and a little salt and water. It’s really amazing how well those simple ingredients go together – the brownies only take about 10 mins. to make (just blend everything in a food processor) and come out much better than the traditional kind in my opinion 🙂 Really rich, moist and decadent!

    BTW, good luck with you move 🙂

  14. france

    Interesting article; I just decided about two weeks ago to stop eating meet for digestive reasons. I had no idea it would help otherwise; I guess it was a great time to run across this article.

    I actually came over to post off topic and to say to Anna also that I didn’t mean to be negative about the new site earlier its just the first thing I noticed was the less than cheery color scheme. At least in comparison to the other one. It’s all good though I appreciate you being around to help.

    As far as why I came by was to say that I use to dream in threes. I have an issue with certain spider/snakes and in my dream I would see them twice before I would freak out on the third time and wake up. Well once I told my friend about this situation suddenly I stopped dreaming that way. It happened for many many years before that time. She told me that I had a powerful gift that I needed to learn to use and manifest. Also that three was a very powerful spirit number.
    I wonder what your thoughts are on that topic? Thanks.

  15. sunny

    Anna, what is the effect of caffeine from coffee or from green tea on sensitivity? Is there a big difference between the two things?

  16. Anna

    Hi France – don’t worry, I know people have preferences! Here’s an article on recurring numbers:

    Sunny – not sure to be honest. I only know what effect caffeine has on me (it makes me go faster!) and that is not good for stillness or grounding. Obviously you need stillness for connecting to spirit. I think caffeine stimulates the upper chakras but in an unhelpful, sort of manic way. But that’s just what I’ve noticed for myself.

  17. Kimberly

    What a great article, Anna! I never thought about being a vegetarian this way before. I was a vegetarian for well over twelve years and a vegan for two. I did all my research and read up on proteins and vitamins, yet still lost too much weight. I’m very tiny to begin with and could not afford to lose even a pound. I could no longer keep the weight on being a vegetarian and had no choice but to introduce animal products back into my diet. I was a vegetarian not for health reasons, but because of my love for animals. Now I consider myself a vegetarian at heart, if there is such a thing. I *wish* I could survive on a plant-based diet alone. I don’t know how people fill up on nuts, grains and vegetables (more power to them). I wish I could do it. I TRY not to eat red meat, though. I can’t tolerate fish (don’t know if it’s the mercury), but eat some chicken. Pork is out, so is shellfish like lobster (it’s cruel the way they through them in the boiling pot). Lamb and baby animals are a definate no-no for me. Turkey on thanksgiving…my conscience won’t allow it either.

    But your article encouraged me to try and eat lots more vegetables and plant-based foods! Thanks for sharing…..

  18. Anna

    Hi Kimberley, I can relate to what you wrote here. I can’t fill up on nuts, grains and vegetables either, although I wish I could. Like you, I begin to lose weight when I stop eating fish. Plus like you, I am tiny to begin with! I think everyone is different in terms of their physiology and what they need…

  19. Paul

    Wow, great article. I’ve done vegetarian on several occasions. I don’t eat a lot of eggs or dairy, except for some cheese, but outside of that I would say that my version of Vegetarian is almost close to Vegan.

    However, during the times I went vegetarian I never did feel any more spiritually connected than when I wasn’t. I believe my biggest challenge though is that of pulling spiritual energy down into my lower chakras and manifesting in this world. I have no problem opening up to spiritual ideas for example, so maybe for me eating meat is a way of grounding that energy out?

  20. Tanya

    Hello Anna,
    Very nice article..I find since I changed my diet gradually but in a massive way last year from eating constant takeaways and pizzas to switching to greener less refined and processed homemade food my weight has plumetted,even though I still take fish and was vegetarian even before,the lack of yeast,additives,preservatives and starch has changed my emotional state completely.

    It’s still hard for me to be grounded as I feel lighter and cleaner, but Iam a lot more balanced,less agitated and anxious and can think more clearly than I ever have in my whole life..If somebody would’ve told me that just changing my food itself could have such a huge impact on my thoughts , emotions and my whole lifestyle ,I would’ve laughed but it really is true and I guess you have to experience it to really see the difference..the very reason Iam on this path of spiritual discovery and reading your articles is also very much related to the personality transformation I’ve experienced in the last year.

    Although sometimes I have to eat out or spoil myself with a sweet treat a little bit or I just end up getting really numb for a long time.Don’t know why that is.


  21. Amanda

    Hi, I’m just curious if you have experienced any difference when eating raw or cooked fish?

    Lately, my Crown and Third Eye have been getting a little dizzy when I consume raw fish vs cooked…

    Thanks so much!

  22. Wendy

    Great article. I was once advised by a psychic to give up all meat and dairy, but I kind of suspected that that was her personal philosophy rather than a personalised message coming through from my guides. I say that partly because I have always loved dairy foods and find them really calming and comforting. I then found out that I, like you, have a “Vata” dosha and dairy foods are recommended for Vata types. It’s so important to tune in to one’s own body and decide what to eat based on that, rather than be influenced by outside authority figures or the latest fashion in eating.

    • Anna

      Thanks Wendy.

      I agree. I also find that what I want to eat changes with the seasons and from year to year.

  23. AJ

    Hey Anna, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve gone from meat eater to vegan to raw vegan to paleo to vegan again and back to meat again. I’ve probably been vegan 12 times in the last 2 years. As much as I hate the idea that animals have to die to put meat on the table (and the process that goes into that), I have found that eating meat—for me anyways—has kept me the most grounded. Restrictive diets just aren’t practical. What I’m trying now is to just keep the sugar, caffeine, and alcohol to the minimum and eat what I feel I need.

  24. Annonymos

    Anna, if you become a vegan and your psychic abilities are enhanced,
    What would happen if you stopped being a vegan and started again after a few weeks and then stopped and started and stopped and the cycle repeats??

  25. AJ

    Hi Annonymos,

    Honestly, I don’t think it comes down to solely diet.

    For example, I’ve been doing readings for a little over a month and I was vegan when I started and I’m not a meat eater. I have actually found that my readings have gotten better since I started eating meat. I think it comes down to how it makes you feel. Some people have a very big problem with eating animal products and think there must be a punishment of some kind for committing this “sin”. Of course that will effect you.

    I think it would probably be better to be consistent in your eating habits rather than this back and forth thing.


  26. Paresh

    In reading more about vegan and vegetarian diets, I’ve learned that it significantly reduces our carbon footprint in another words, by eating a plant based diet (vegan) we are significantly reducing damage to the earth. Also the way we treat farm animals in farm factories is horrifically cruel and inhumane from what I’ve read. Read any of the works by Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Ornish, The China Study,etc. It’s not just about connecting to spirit. Yes animals eat other animals (not all animals eat other animals). Our teeth and intestines are like that of herbivores.

  27. Ryan

    Great article Anna! I have some sensitivity to feeling energy and sensing people, but don’t really consider myself psychic. I know that we all have abilities since we’re all spirits, but some are blind to their abilities.

    I’ve been vegetarian for 2.5 years and vegan for 1 year of that time. I know the temptation. of the lower spirits towards meat and animal products, but only because I fought those temptations. I changed for my wife, but remained for the animals and I will never go back because we always have a choice. I don’t fear missing vitamins or such because everything is available to us with our technology. It’s the easiest and time in history to be vegan. I noticed I became more spiritual and felt closer to God after my change. The feeling was amazing, especially at the 1 year mark. At that time I realized how addictive it was, I even got angry when my wife tried to open my eyes. I was like any alcohol or drug addict and I want people to realize, you don’t know until you change. We can’t judge our actions while we’re doing wrong, it just doesn’t happen that way. I’m not trying to judge anyone, because everyone has a beautiful spark of divinity and love within them. We all make mistakes, but sometimes we don’t realize it until we change something, I know I didn’t realize till change. Remember, change brings growth one way or another.

    The real reason anyone should change is for the animals, health is just an advantage but shouldn’t be the reason. Animals have all the same thoughts, desires, and emotions as we do, so it’s wrong of us to put them so far below us. This same mentality caused slavery and genocide among humans. They’re spiritual beings just like us and they desire to live and fight to survive. Peace can only exist when violence ceases to exist everywhere. I’m not speaking down to anyone, because I’ve been there and I’m thankful my wife helped me. I’m just trying to help also. The animals need people like us to protect them. People get upset with vegans and try to compare them with religious groups that are pushy, but they don’t understand the huge difference. People ask to have their rights respected, but what about the animals that don t have any right but to be murdered? They love life just as much as anyone else. If you don’t believe me search for animal sanctuaries on YouTube or rescued animals. Their love of life is reason to respect their life.

    Watch Earthlings at earthlings(dot)com an see what happens. I know I never thought things were terrible, but I didn’t look either. There are so many videos on YouTube about slaughter and animal cruelty, so there’s no reason for anyone to not know what goes on behind closed doors. There’s no humane slaughter and these words don’t belong together, its just a way for the companies to make people feel better about their choice. Like an alcoholic drinking beer instead of liquor and saying he’s cured of alcoholism. There isn’t any way to justify death if we have the choice to prevent it. We always have a choice and the choices we make will determine if our spirit will grow or not. It’s freewill.

    I understand about your vibrations and believe you, but you’re connected to a guide and so you have to keep the vibration at a satisfactory level to maintain. But I see another factor, because you shouldn’t limit your vibration to what works best now. How can we grow if we stay here. I think you should eat as low on the food chain as possible. If you lose some ability, then keep your faith strong and know that you will have balance. Do what’s right first and everything else will work out, just believe. Some things take time and remember this, when cleaning and purifying anything it will always get worse or more filthy before it gets clean. So purify your soul and resist any temptation to make it unclean. Sooner or later you’ll reach a much higher spiritual growth. Don’t have fear to change, we all do, but that’s our biggest weakness to our growth.

    I hope nobody takes what I said the wrong way, if you don’t agree at first then keep thinking about it throughout the day. Meditate on it. Examine it.

    I see some people talk about losing weight and feeling weak after changing diet. First your body will take some time getting used to the change, especially if your diet already lacks fiber. Transition, don’t jump. Don’t have any fear that you’ll die or ruin your body by being vegan. The most important thing to focus on is calories. Many vegans fail because they think a salad is a meal, but that’s only if served in a 5 gallon bucket lol. You need CALORIES and plants aren’t as calorie dense, but very nutrient dense, lots of vitamins compared to animal products. Read the calories per serving and this can be found online for any food. We need about 2,000 calories a day on average, but athletes and pregnant women obviously need much more. If your losing weight and you don t want to, then eat more calories and see how many calories you need for consistency. If you’re trying to gain weight eat more calories. Don’t worry so much about protein, because the only way to be protein deficient is not eating. Those starving children with the swollen belly, they’re protein deficient and I’ve never seen a vegan that looks like, ever! It’s good to mix foods throughout the day. Grains like rice when eaten with legumes like black beans provides a complete protein (contains all necessary amino acids). I learned from researching, but I’ll help anyone however I can. I don’t know everything, but it doesn’t stop me from learning more.

    Sorry for writing so much, but I feel this is very important for the animals. Dairy is worse than meat, anyone that doesn’t want to eat or kill a baby should not eat eggs or dairy. First cows are mammals and require to be pregnant to give milk. They’re forced to be pregnant their whole life and their calves are taken from them at birth. The mother screams like any other, for days. Female calve repeat the cycle and males are treated very cruelly and killed for veal. Chickens begin as chicks on an assembly line and the males aren’t needed so the get ground up alive for pet food and such. Female chicks are debeaked and put in cages with just enough room for each to lay as adults. Seeing these things just shows why people are so diseased and depressed. I believe we reap what we sow, true we aren’t the ones doing, but we’re the ones letting it happen and paying for the death of the animal. Does paying someone to do a crime make you any more innocent? As individuals we tend to think, we can be vegan, but how does that save them. The important thing is the first step, say I will not support this and they won’t receive my money.

    True you can have cruelty free eggs and milk from a trusted farmer, but what for? Why is it so hard to give up? Milk is for babies, but we commercialized it for adults too, does that mean it’s necessary? No. It’s from another species, as an adult does your mom’s breast milk sound tasty? So why milk from a mother cow? Eggs are unfertilised, meaning they won’t hatch a chick, but if so it’s part of a hen period. Guys react funny to eating a females menstrual fluids and egg, but that what chicken eggs are. Sure they do a great job marketing these things. It just goes to show how brainwashed we are by these companies.

    I could go on all day, because there’s so much information that is kept from us. I just want to say I’ve researched about spirits as a scientific and spiritual person. As an engineer I feel my need to wake science up to the invisible universe around us, so we can all become more enlightened. Quantum physics is getting closer everyday to understanding our energy and how we’re connected with the universe and everything in it. Some great books I’ve read are “The Spirits’ Book” by Allan Kardec and “A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands” by Franchezzo (spirit). The spirits book was written 150 years ago and Franchezzo’s story was more than 100 years ago. The Spirits Book gives the information we need to know to evaluate the questions in the book. Keep in mind the attitude of the spirit when Allan ask if we should eat animals and the fact that Allan asked more than once. It says in worlds higher than ours, we don’t have to take life to sustain life. To me it’s obvious this is what we should strive for, because planets grow vibrationally also. Franchezzo also said, in the second sphere above Earth, they eat foods like fruits and breads, but not like the material foods of Earth. He said, there’s no animal flesh or products, those are for the spirits lower in the Earth plane to fill their pleasure through people on Earth. I didn’t quote word for word, but he said it was a temptation caused by spirits that seek that pleasure. Just like alcohol and many other temptations. I know I was attacked by these same spirits and I didn’t realize until I stopped hanging out with them, meaning listening and giving them what they desire. They’re not evil, just obsessed with material pleasures.

    I hope I’ve helped some people make the compassionate decision. There’s many people willing to help you change. Go to vegan events and meet ups. Find out more. Dr. Michael Gregory is a nutritional researcher that can help you with food decisions, nutritionfacts(dot)org

    Best of luck to all of you on your spiritual journey and thanks again for posting this article!


  28. Susan Macaluso

    Hi Anna,
    I know this is an old thread but I went searching for articles on veganism and psychic abilities. Last Saturday I went to bed with purposeful intent to travel on behalf of one of my clients. I had already had a vision (those are beyond my control–it had happened before she even booked her appointment with me), but I wanted to find out more for her if I could…anyway, I did travel, and I found myself in a lower realm, and when I realized it I immediately asked to go to a much higher one. I was whisked there instantly. While there I asked around, again and again, but no one could give me any information on my client. I was taken to a room where a woman told me to my face I wasn’t getting anything more because I am not vegan. She said that I had to become vegan for that to happen. I looked directly at her and said, “Are you sh*tting me?!” Because I eat meat and I like it. She told me, “yes.” So I asked her how long it would take IF I decided to go vegan, and she said that it would take two years. I have consumed meat since the dream, but I am still considering what she told me. I feel like it is the “truth”…I’m just having a hard time with it. Thanks for the opportunity to share this. –Susan

  29. Aryd'ell

    It bothers me that there seems to be an attitude that neither fish nor fowl have feelings, only the animals with bodies similar to ours? Fish are caught in huge nets, then tossed alive into a hold, iced down, where they slowly die, crammed next to other fish all experiencing the same thing.
    I won’t even bother with commercial poultry ethics.
    Can we look at this from a higher perspective, and bless ALL the food we eat, instead of just ‘cramming it in’, even cookies? All of it came from Life, somewhere, including soil, water, air, sunshine. It all deserves our full attention and gratitude when being consumed for our well-being.
    That might take care of some of the lack of grounding folks feel, when going to a mostly vegetarian diet.
    We are mostly Vegetables, grain, seeds, fruits, nuts and water folks, with small amounts of locally raised chicken and eggs, plus some meat, maybe once or twice a month. We always bless our food, thank whatever living Soul gave their energy to us, that is now in the form of that food. We eat slowly, thankful for each bite. It is amazing how much less is needed, to maintain focus and wellness, when this is done.
    We do not eat fish; yes, the mercury accumulates more in the larger fish, but it also accumulates in your body. Mercury and a well-functioning brain do not go together. That might also explain some spaciness or forgetfulness. There are ways to chelate the mercury from your system. Even freshwater fish, due to the chemicals from power and paper factories, have mercury. The farm-raised do too, but also have the added GMOs, from the corn pellets they are fed.
    Whatever you choose to eat, whenever you need to eat, and that includes having to eat only what is available, sometimes, eat it with respect, with gratitude, and with aware mindfulness, that these give Life to you.

  30. Luna

    Hi there. I think you and a lot of other people might actually be onto something. I am dairy intolerant, so I don’t really drink or consume cow’s milk (I have been consuming the soft-served, water-based ice cream with sodium caseinate, but I’m planning on stopping.) and I have this weird thing sometimes where I can tell what time it is within a 5-10 minute or less scale, sometimes on the dot, before looking at a clock. I am very interested in developing my psychic ability and I might try veganuary. Only problem is that I’m also Gluten intolerant.

  31. Helen

    Being vegan is definitely the diet which would make you most spiritually in touch. There’s plenty of ways to ground yourself on a vegan diet. Any foods grown under the ground, potatoes, beets, all ground you. As well as nuts and plant proteins. I’m learning a lot about how to ground yourself in the root chakra to help you to raise yourself up spiritually to the higher chakras and not feel too sensitive. Wearing grounding crystals like hematite and black tourmaline also helps. Remember being “too sensitive” is not necessarily a bad thing. More so something to adjust to and there a plenty of ways to ground yourself to the earth without killing animals and eating them or drinking their milk which is made for their young. The whole industry is based on so much cruelty and would definitely desensitise you.


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