What Your Numerology Says About Your Spiritual Path

By Shar Jason.

Numerology is a fascinating way to gain insight into your life purpose, challenges you may face, your innate gifts and much more. Your life path (also known as your life purpose) number, not only gives you an indication as to what your purpose is in this life, it can also reveal insights about your spiritual path. Of course there is so much more to your numerology than just this one number, but it’s an awesome place to start if you want to uncover how your spiritual journey may play out.

Some life path numbers are more naturally psychic while some are natural healers. Some numbers are more inclined towards having innate spiritual wisdom or choosing a spiritual path over a more materialistic path. There are lots of clues hidden in your date of birth, but don’t write off a certain path just because the numbers don’t match. We can all develop our psychic and healing gifts, and all have the potential to become enlightened in this life. It may just come more easily to some numbers, than to others.

If you don’t already know your life path number, here is a really simple way to figure it out. Simply add all the numbers of your date of birth together just like below. It doesn’t matter if you put the month or day first for this process.

09/07/1979 = 0 + 9 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 42

Then reduce that number until you get to a single digit.

4 + 2 = 6

So for the date of birth above, the life path number would be six. If you add all the numbers in your date of birth and it comes to 11, 22, 33 or 44, then there is no need to reduce it down further. These are called master numbers and stay as a double digit.

The hard work is done, now all will be revealed! Here is how your life path number relates to your spiritual journey and the greatest challenges for each of those numbers:

Life Path 1

You are original, a pioneer, a leader, and are learning how to stand up for what you want in life and find your independence.

You are less inclined to learn from others and excel at experiencing things for yourself. This why you generally do very well with a meditation practice where you can learn to tune into your higher wisdom, finding your own spiritual path. If doing a course that someone else has designed, then it’s best if you to just take the little gems of information, and let the rest go. You will often put a new spin on what you’ve learnt and apply it in a unique way moving forward, such as life path one Hindu guru Nisargadatta Maharaj, who took the teachings he learnt to a new level.

The greatest challenge on your spiritual path is your insecurity. You may have trouble trusting yourself and your intuition. This can be particularly difficult with psychic development as trust plays a big part. You may think that you’ll never be as good as other people and this may stop you from even beginning on a spiritual path. Your challenge is to forge ahead regardless of your insecurities.

Life Path 2

You are sensitive, love to be in a relationship, and are creative and intuitive. You are learning how to use your sensitivity to help others, without becoming overwhelmed by it. I’ll cover this challenge a little more below!

Because you are highly sensitive you have natural psychic ability, and would also do really well as a healer as you are great at noticing subtle energies. Once you start on a spiritual path, there is no stopping you as you are a natural and your gentle and empathic nature is ideal for working in the spiritual industry, just like life path two motivational speaker Wayne Dyer.

Your empathy is a gift, but it’s also the greatest challenge on your spiritual path. There is at times a risk of you being overly empathic and picking up other people’s ‘baggage’ and losing track of your own development due to being emotionally overwhelmed. It is very important for you to learn about protecting your energy body and understanding as much as you can about what is means to be an empath and a highly sensitive person.

Life Path 3

You are charismatic, a great communicator, creative and fun to be around. You are learning how to feel and express your emotions in a healthy way.

You excel at learning psychic skills that you could take on stage or TV such as The Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry, or perhaps being a speaker or writer such as spiritual teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. You’re a natural show-person once you overcome any issues you may have relating to self-doubt.  You are great at talking and offering advice, so would do well as a counsellor, psychic, or coach. People want to listen to you, and once you’ve developed the necessary skills, you are very capable at helping others with a variety of spiritual modalities.

Your greatest challenge is allowing negative thought patterns to stop you from getting started, or letting them get in your way each time you try to take things to a new level. By understanding your shadow side and emotions as much as you can, you will find ways to work through doubt, depression and anxiety, to come out the other side as the expressive and uplifting person you truly are.

Life Path 4

You are dependable, compassionate, hardworking, and interested in stability. You are learning how to be consistent and steadily work toward your goals, without becoming rigid and stubborn.

Your number relates to the heart chakra so you excel at healing others with your hands or words. You are very committed and persistent when you have made up your mind, so if you choose a modality to work on, you will keep going until you’re great at it. This skill is beneficial if you’re going through a spiritual awakening, as you’re able to keep on going when others back down. A great example of a life path four who you may know is spiritual awakening teacher Eckhart Tolle. Any spiritual path that requires dedication, persistence and hard work, you will be able to master.

The challenge for a life path four is being too rigid and not being open-minded. Your ability to focus and work towards something is a great skill, but it can also be a disadvantage if you get too focused on one thing at the exclusion of other available options. Maybe try out a new course or teacher if you’ve been doing the same thing for a long time, as it may broaden your perspective.

Life Path 5

You are flexible, adaptable, adventurous and fun. You are learning how to break free of those rigid parts to your personality so you can go with the flow of life.

You do well trying out different spiritual modalities, and learning as much as you can from others, and then putting it all together to create your own special package, like life path five author Marianne Williamson. You are a high-energy person and at times can be a little impatient, so may do better with shorter spiritual courses where you can see a result more quickly. If a certain meditation or teacher isn’t working for you, then keep experimenting. The five life path number comes with it a busy mind, which can make it challenging for you to meditate. Persevering with meditation will change your life, and allow you to have some well deserved peace.

Your greatest challenge is distraction caused by other things going on in your life. Fives usually have a lot going on and as a result they at times put their spirituality aside for extended periods. To reduce the chance of being side tracked, try setting yourself small achievable goals you can follow so you don’t lose traction, such as always meditating for 10 minutes a day.

Life Path 6

You are loving, nurturing, responsible and intuitive. You are learning how to turn judgements, perfectionism and control, into love.

This number relates to the third eye chakra so you have natural psychic ability. You love to be of service to others, so the spiritual industry is a great choice for you. You are a hard worker and have great attention to detail, so would do well with a complex spiritual modality such as Astrology. The psychic development path is good for you, as it will teach you how to trust the universe/Spirit and let go of your urge to control things. Ultimately you are finding a way to use your gifts to provide love to others, such as life path six singer, John Lennon.

That urge to control things is the greatest challenge for a life path six. A lot of spiritual work involves letting go of control and this is something that can be a challenge for you. You’ll have to push past your natural instincts to allow yourself to have a fulfilling and enlightening spiritual journey. Try practices that help you release control, such as meditation or hypnotherapy.

Life Path 7

You are a deep thinker, spiritually wise, psychic, and a natural at learning and analysing. You are learning to overcome your sceptical side and trust in yourself (and others) and in spirituality overall.

You are a natural when it comes to psychic development, so once you start it will be hard to stop you. Many professional psychics and mediums are life path sevens. It is also the number of the spiritual seeker so many sevens dig deep into themselves and activate a spiritual awakening. Once you have chosen a spiritual path, you can dig deeper than most, unravelling deep spiritual truths, like life path seven author and speaker Deepak Chopra.

Your greatest challenge as a Life Path Seven is overcoming your sceptical side and trusting yourself and your intuition. Some sevens don’t ever get started on a spiritual path due to their sceptical nature, but once you’ve overcome that major hurdle you just need to keep learning to trust yourself. A friendly word of caution…Sometimes working through trust lessons exposes sevens to being mislead by others, so be rational when it comes to choosing spiritual guides.

Life Path 8

You are passionate, a natural leader, motivating, and interested in material success. You are learning lessons surrounding power and may have struggled with loss or unhealthy use of power.

You are brave and hard working so do well on the spiritual path, as you have the courage to keep moving forward when others may stop. Your tenacious nature means you don’t give up easily, so when harnessing your power in a healthy way you can become a spiritual leader and/or create a successful spirituality-based business, like life path eight author Dan Millman. Life will test you with issues surrounding ethics, and those tests will ultimately help you on your spiritual journey.

 Not getting started on a spiritual path is your greatest challenge. You are potentially too busy in the material world, or coming up against issues surrounding power. The balance between spirituality and power is a difficult one for an eight to navigate. You may be influenced by a spiritual teacher’s power, or you may try to exercise a power influence over others. While on your spiritual path, pay close attention to where the power lessons are playing out and try to take a step back and consider the potential impact of that scenario.

Life Path 9

You are a humanitarian, sensitive, compassionate and have natural spiritual wisdom. You are learning how to heal trauma and karmic patterns, without getting stuck in the past.

You have healing hands so excel at healing modalities such as Reiki or Pranic Healing. You also have access to a wealth of spiritual knowledge, once you allow yourself to open up spiritually. You may have experienced many life challenges, but they will help to move you towards a spiritual path. If you can embrace the challenges that arise once on “the path”, you may achieve a spiritual awakening and even teach in this area, like life path nine spiritual awakening teacher Adyashanti.

Your greatest challenge is not getting on the spiritual path because you’re overwhelmed by life’s challenges, particularly family dynamics and childhood issues. Once on the “the path” you seem to be the most tuned towards a spiritual awakening than any of the other life path numbers. It can almost seem that the ultimate life purpose for a life path nine, is to awaken.

Okay, now for the Master Numbers!

Life Path 11

You are psychic, love humanity, are creative, and a leader. You are learning how to overcome issues surrounding insecurity and ego, to find your authentic self.

You are excellent at psychic development because you’re naturally really good at it – as long as you get over your initial insecurities. You are similar to a life path one, but with one’s elements magnified! This means that your inner dialogue can really stop you from ever getting started. Anything with a creative edge to it, such as art therapy, would also work well for you. You can also heal with those hands, some of you without even doing a course! The sky is the limit for you on your spiritual path, as long as you can keep facing and moving past the parts of you that want to stop, as you progress. Life path 11 motivational speaker Tony Robbins is a great example of someone that uses all the gifts that come with this powerful number, to help humanity in an original way.

One of the greatest challenges for the 11 life path is constantly coming up against hurdles surrounding feelings of inadequacy. You also can struggle with your ego. We all have to face our ego over and over again whilst on the spiritual path, but your insecurity combined with your inner knowing that you are a leader, can create a strong ego that at times is hard for you to face. Remaining humble and keeping a beginner’s mind while on your spiritual path, will help you to overcome this aspect to yourself.

Life Path 22

You are ultra-sensitive, intuitive, caring, diplomatic and loving. You are learning to push past your comfort zone to create something that can help humanity or the planet in some way.

You are as sensitive as it comes which is great news if you’re delving into psychic development. You can feel things that others can’t, as you are highly tuned into your surroundings and others. This can also make you a fantastic healer so you do well studying Reiki, Acupuncture, or any other healing modality that requires high sensitivity and intuition. You excel at most spiritual courses but are less likely to work in an overly esoteric field, as you have a practicality to your nature.

 While you generally have no issue getting started on the spiritual path, your greatest challenge may be struggling to maintain momentum towards your greater purpose. You can be side tracked by relationship problems and/or taking on everyone else’s issues, and become a bit of an energetic dumping ground. You may feel like you’re not up to the challenge of doing anything special, so try and keep yourself small. You would do better in this life by gathering a team of people to assist you towards fulfilling your big mission. 

The sky is the limit for you if you can keep putting one foot in front of the other. Life path 22 author and speaker Stephen Covey is a great example of what is possible with this master number.

Life Path 33

You are creative, intuitive, emotional and loving. You are learning how to heal yourself and take responsibility for all your actions, so you can become a healing force in the world.

You have a natural healing presence and are motivational and nurturing. You have strong empath abilities and are most likely an emotional empath, as you are learning about all aspects of emotions in this life. You are a natural coach or counsellor due to your ability to communicate, and do well in the public eye, as it is an excellent way for you to express yourself. It doesn’t really matter if you choose psychic development, become a spiritual seeker, a healer, a yoga teacher, or whatever else you resonate towards. As long as you are finding a way to serve that is in alignment with your soul and are working on your personal healing path, you will find your heart expanding and people will be drawn to you.

As this number comes with a lot of life challenges, your challenge is getting lost in the physical world with addictive, self-destructive, or self-absorbed behaviours. You would benefit from healing repressed emotions and finding a way to express your emotions in a healthy way, so you can access your massive giving heart. Once you’ve found the best way you can serve, the sky is the limit as you are the ultimate visionary, like life path 33 spiritual teacher and author Jack Kornfield.

Life Path 44

You are a natural leader, hard working, motivated, compassionate and powerful. You are learning how to create stability in your life without getting influenced by power and materialism.

You are brave and don’t shy away from challenges, so if you come across a spiritual path you are very committed to it and work harder than any other number. This trait is very beneficial if you are a spiritual seeker searching for enlightenment, as it usually takes a lot of work, consistency, and patience to stay on “the path”. You have a huge heart and care about other people, but are much more likely to want to help humanity on a large scale, rather than providing a one on one service. You will probably be interested in making money along the way, and showing others on the spiritual path that there is money to be made.

 Your greatest challenge is potentially being so focused on making money or being in a position of power, that you forget about what is important – serving others and your own spiritual progress. You can create a more balanced lifestyle by finding a way to stay grounded through your success, such as being around family and doing charity work. Life path 44 is a rare number to have, so rare in fact, that there aren’t any examples of inspiring spiritual leaders that come to mind. If you know of any, please leave me a comment below.

So that’s a very brief run down of the life path numbers. There’s so much more to this topic, but I’ve given you a taste of their strengths and potential challenges. Despite some of those challenges being tricky, you have the power to overcome them, and remember that the more you can find out about yourself on a soul level, the more tools you can obtain to help support you on your journey.

What is your life path number and how has it connected with your spiritual journey? I’d love to know. Please leave me a comment below.

Shar Jason loves to connect with people all over the world on Skype, through readings, regressions, and intuitive coaching. She is passionate about helping people to find their life purpose and guiding them through a spiritual awakening with online talks and intuitive readings www.sharjason.com.

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  1. Ed Lawrence

    Hi Anna!

    It’s so Great, to hear that you’re doing well, and are settled in!

    Everything that I’ve done in the Past, has said my Spiritual Number is Far Different that what I received today. My NEW Number is 9; and looking back, the Numbers 3,6, & 9, have always played a HUGE part on my Path, my Truth!

    In fact, my Favorite Number is 27, and when I looked it up in the Old Jewish Book of Numbers, it stood for “A Natural Innate knowledge of Duality”. That RANG very true within me!

    Before, I always came back a ‘1’, but when going over the Numbers, 33, is WHERE I am at NOW! I’ve always been told, that I am very Empathic: (That I feel, know, and See & Sense things before they happen.), Warm, a Giver, Helper, someone people turn to, when things seem like they are falling down around them. Spirituality has ALWAYS been a part of my Path, I was told at the same time, that the 10 Commandments have ALWAYS been my Moral Compass, here on Earth! That blew me away, because they have, but I slip up on ONE, and I am working on NOT saying it anymore! See, even I tell the Truth, no matter how bad or hurtful it is to me.

    Could 33, just be a Higher Form of 9?

    Thank You so Much!

    Ed Lawrence
    Aberdeen, MD

  2. E. Smythe

    The birthdate totals 28. 2+8 = 10.
    Where would “10” be listed above?

  3. Shar Smith

    Hi Ed

    A 33 life path number is similar in many ways to a life path nine – particularly a 36/9, as they share the 3 and the 6 energy – so love to love, are sensitive, empathic, and have a focus on integrity. I find the big difference is the 33 path is challenged by learning about expressing emotions and may carry baggage from past lives to do with repression of emotions. Where as the 9 path is often more to do with overcoming karmic patterns to activate a spiritual awakening. Thanks for a great question.


  4. Shar Smith

    Hi E. Smythe

    Thanks for your question. With the 10, you just continue to reduce it down to a single digit, so you would be a life path one. Let me know if you have any questions about life path one.


  5. Ed Lawrence

    That’s why I asked, because this is the first one that would is different, than other Numbers that I’ve done before. I rather the ‘9’ anyways! Thank You.

  6. Ed Lawrence

    Thank You very Much Shar, you REALLY answered the question that I honestly had, because yours is Far more simpler, than the other’s that I’ve done in the Past! Also, what you state about the Numbers, make far more Sense!!! Yes, 3,6, & 9, for some reason, played a HUGE part of my Life Path thus Far. I am a Total Giver, and it’s hard for me to “take” a thing from anyone. I love to Teach those who are just learning, I am extremely Empathic, and I can’t even watch the News anymore. I’ve completely let go of my Past, I just embraced each issue, gave it Love, for the lesson it offered, and let it go. I look at my siblings, who haven’t done this at all, and it amazes me! There is a quote in the Bible, that follows this line: “How do you expect me to forgive, when it was YOU who couldn’t forgive!” I take it to mean to even forgive yourself also! That’s the hardest ONE to conquer!

    I “learned” that there are no Good or Bad things that happen to us, for they are ALL lessons we had to learn. When I fully understood that, it’s made life easier! I have all my friends, who will come to me, for support, and I’ve just learned, NOT to take on their Energy! I can now “Listen”, and mainly that’s what they want, someone to just LISTEN to them. No answers, just a sounding board, to get things off their chest.

    I NEVER had a Teacher or anything, the Things that I do know of, are Intuitive, and it blows me away at times! The things that I didn’t know, I have read SO much material, just to understand, and see where I fit in. I had an Author, who did a book of the Body Chakra’s & the Higher Ones, tell me at our Karmafest, “The Divine Realm, is YOUR teacher.” Being NEW, I didn’t understand what he meant, but I do NOW! I found a picture of me, that I’ve never seen, and I am about 18 Months old, and there is ALL this Light pouring into my Heart Area, and I found it, the Day After my Mom passed. I cried for DAYS! It gave me my Final Validation!

    Shar, again, Thank You for being SO wonderfully kind to Answer my question!!! Much Love & Light to you!


  7. Vicki

    I am a 22/4 and have been sending physical healing to others……from a distance…i.e. while talking to them on the phone, talking to them telepathically or communicating with their subconscious. I have been getting guidance about healing people in person and I’ve decided when I buy my house soon, I will design one room to be a “healing” room and have people visit me…..or I can visit them. Start out small, ask for help and ask for donations. The 22/4 description above fits me perfectly! I have been a dance teacher for many years and my students give me positive feedback that my classes make them happy and of course, they are getting physical exercise and mental exercise remembering choreography! Healing others in a different way. Thank you so much for your numerology information!

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