4 Signs Your Throat Chakra Is Overactive (& How to Fix It)

In this post, I’m going to go into 4 signs that your throat chakra is overactive, and also how this problem can be resolved.

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Before we get into this topic, let’s just take a quick look at how and where the throat chakra fits into the chakra system overall:

As you can see, the throat chakra is the fifth chakra in our chakra system, and it is located at the throat (not surprisingly!) 

The throat chakra governs self-expression — talking and writing, and also learning & listening.

When the throat chakra is healthy, we are able to express ourselves confidently, clearly and effectively. And we can assert ourselves verbally and verbalise our boundaries clearly. When the throat chakra is in a place of balance, we tend to choose our words carefully, because we understand that words can influence others, for better or worse. A balanced throat chakra also enables us to listen carefully to what others communicate.  

When the throat chakra is not in balance, it is either overactive or underactive, meaning that there is either too much, or not enough, energy running through it. In this article, I’m specifically going to cover what an overactive throat chakra looks like — so, how it manifests when there’s too much energy running through your throat chakra. 

Here are the signs that you have over-activity in your throat chakra:

1. You dominate conversations and talk too much

Someone with a healthy throat chakra is able to pay attention to what other people are saying, and also able to make space in conversation for the other person to express themselves. When your throat chakra is overactive, you tend to dominate conversations. Other people can’t get a word in edgewise. You may also be in the annoying habit of interrupting people so that they don’t actually get to finish what they’re saying.

Here are some more signs that your throat chakra is overactive (which revolve around this theme of saying too much):

  • You’re a gossip and a blabbermouth who can’t keep secrets
  • You tend to exaggerate and embellish the facts to make your stories or gossip more interesting
  • You complain constantly without considering the impact your complaining might have on others.

2. You ‘hold forth’

People who have an overactive throat chakra tend to give speeches about things that fascinate them, without noticing that they are boring the socks off other people.

An example of this would be someone who is obsessed with something quite specialised (like tropical fish, model trains, or archaeology) and who gives lectures about the intricacies of their favourite subject, without giving the other person a chance to speak or even end the conversation. We’ve all been that person at a party where someone is talking at us about something that doesn’t interest us in the slightest, but we can’t even get a chance to excuse ourselves from the conversation and end the torture. 

If you tend to talk at length about a favourite topic to anyone who’ll listen, and it hasn’t occurred to you whether other people are actually as interested in the topic as you are, your throat chakra may be overactive.

3. You say a lot of mean and judgmental things

When the throat chakra is in balance, we understand that our words have an impact on others. We know that our words have the power to raise people up or tear them down, and wherever possible, we try not to do the latter.

We are able to give firm and clear feedback, but we are not cruel with our words. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t care how your words land with people and you know you have a tendency to say rude and hurtful things, this is a sign of too much energy running through the throat chakra. 

If you’ve been known to name call, yell, and swear at people in the recent past, this is also a sign that your throat chakra may currently be overactive. 

Now onto the fourth sign…

4. You’re verbally aggressive

If you also use your words to dominate and brow-beat people (so, intimidating people with overbearing words and trying to inappropriately influence others with your words), this is also a sign your throat chakra is overactive. 

An example of this would be if you raise your voice when requesting something that does not require a raised voice, and creates an unpleasant experience for someone else. E.g. you get shouty when you are not happy with your order in a restaurant.

Another way that this can manifest is if you have a strong set of beliefs (i.e. religious or political beliefs) that others may not share, but you try to bring other people around to your point of view, or you get into debates that can turn combative, this is another sign your throat chakra is overactive.

If you identified with two or more of the four signs explained above, it’s probable that your throat chakra is overactive. 

Now, let’s look at a few reasons for an overactive throat chakra.

You have no outlet for your throat chakra energies 

The throat chakra energy can seem overactive when a person has no outlet for them.

Technically this is not over-activity, but it looks exactly like over-activity. It’s just a frustrated throat chakra.

Some people naturally have more throat chakra energy than others, and for those people it’s important that this energy finds expression, in their relationships, in their work or in hobbies. 

Such people need to share how they feel and what’s going on with them, with those close to them. They need expressive hobbies, such as dancing, singing or acting. They also need work that allows them to use their voice, such as teaching or sales (to give a couple of examples). 

If those throat-chakra-heavy people do not have close relationships where they can safely express themselves, or hobbies that are expressive, or work that allows them to use their voice, they’re going to suffer, and this looks like throat chakra over-activity, but it’s just pent up throat chakra energy that isn’t finding expression.

Sometimes this can turn into something chronic and ongoing, especially when a person has lacked companionship, nurturing, or a witness to their life, in a long term way. They’re lonely and it shows in how they express themselves. These are sometimes the people that hold forth at parties about their hobby horse.

Overactivity in the solar plexus

An overactive solar plexus can cause overactivity in the throat chakra, too. This is because an overactive solar plexus manifests as aggression and hostility, and this energy also often finds expression at the throat chakra. 

Fixing the overactivity at the solar plexus can often rein in the throat chakra, when it is overactive.

I wrote more about how to do this here.

Underactivity in the heart chakra

When the heart chakra is healthy, we communicate in a respectful way. When the heart chakra is underactive, we don’t care how our words affect people, and we can be mean, sarcastic and even verbally abusive. The heart chakra is supposed to temper and balance our throat chakra energy, with a sense of compassion, but this obviously doesn’t happen in those who have an underactive heart chakra.

Now let’s look at how we can balance an overactive throat chakra:

If you feel your solar plexus chakra is overactive, work on that first, because that can cause throat chakra over-activity.

The best way to balance the throat chakra (both when it is underactive and overactive) is to find a way to express yourself creatively, in a way that is fun and ideally a way that involves other people, too. This could be through dance, acting or singing (to give a few possibilities). Joining a choir would be ideal. 

Another way to balance the throat chakra would be to see a therapist. Getting an opportunity to talk about your life and your experiences (with someone who can be a witness and reflect back to you what you are saying) can be beneficial for an overactive throat chakra.

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