Signs of an Overactive Solar Plexus Chakra (& How to Heal This Issue)

In this article I am going to go into the surprising signs that your solar plexus is overactive.

What does it mean for a chakra to be overactive?

Well, sometimes we can have too much energy in one or more chakras, and when this is the case, it means our energy is not balanced or distributed equally throughout our energy system. If one chakra is overactive, it’s usually the case that another will be underactive, and since the various chakras correspond to areas of our life, an imbalance can have negative consequences for a particular area of our lives. I’ll be going into that in more detail in this article.

In addition to covering the signs of an overactive solar plexus, I’ll also go into some common reasons for an overactive solar plexus chakra and then I’ll go into some tips for balancing the solar plexus.

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OK, before we get into the main part of this article, I just want to go over where the solar plexus is located, and what it represents.

overactive solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus is the third chakra in the chakra system, and it’s found just above the belly button.

The solar plexus is the centre of our ego, identity, confidence and sense of empowerment in life.

When the solar plexus is in balance, we feel confident. We respect ourselves and others. We are able to set boundaries, to let in what we do want, and to let go of what we don’t want. We are able to work towards our goals and we have the staying power to see projects through to the end.

The keywords of the solar plexus chakra are: empowerment, ownership, responsibility, identity, fortitude, courage, self-discipline and achievement.

Now let’s have a look at the two major signs that your solar plexus is overactive.

There are many behaviours which point to an overactive solar plexus, but all of them revolve around two themes: (1) control and (2) hostility.

1. You’re very uptight, and you try to control things too much

Control is the energy that is always present when the solar plexus is overactive.

People who have an overactive solar plexus usually feel a need to run the show. It’s often their way or the highway. They are too stubborn and they can be tricky to work with. Others tend to think of them as control freaks.

This sense of control manifests in a multitude of ways.

Those with an overactive solar plexus are really intense people. They can be domineering and overpowering.

They are also perfectionists. They cannot admit mistakes or reveal any kind of weakness, nor do they tolerate them in other people. They have an intense need to appear in control.

They do not tolerate vulnerability, so they find it hard to share anything vulnerable with people, and so they can sometimes give the impression of being superficial or like everything is always wonderful with them, even if it’s not true. This can lead to loneliness and isolation.

People who have this issue cannot stop, they’re always go go go, in life. They also have trouble receiving. They give to everyone around them, and they take too much responsibility for other peoples’ problems. They try to change others. They also often interfere in situations which are none of their business.

Projecting a successful image is usually very important to them, as is keeping up with the Joneses.

Now let’s go into the second sign your solar plexus chakra is overactive:

2. Aggression & hostility

People with an overactive solar plexus deep down do not feel good enough. (This is actually the #1 root cause of an overactive solar plexus.) And this sense of inadequacy can result in defensiveness. And you know what they say: the best form of defence is attack!

Therefore, people with an overactive solar plexus will criticise and judge other people a lot. There will always be a sense of one-upmanship; a need to puff oneself up and compare oneself to others.

People with an overactive solar plexus cannot handle criticism — even the constructive kind, and they will not respond well to it.

Next I am going to go into the most common reasons that a person has an overactive solar plexus.

The #1 reason for someone having an overactive solar plexus is that they do not feel good enough and they struggle with self-worth. When this is the case, a person will often over-compensate at the solar plexus, and this can result in controlling and hostile behaviour, in a bid to cover up one’s fragile ego.

Sometimes people do not feel good enough because they have been given this message, directly or indirectly by others. Bullying, abandonment and betrayals can cause people to believe this about themselves.

The second common reason for an overactive solar plexus is fear. Fear is at the root of both control and aggression (which are the hallmarks of an overactive solar plexus.) Fear often comes from encountering traumatic situations, and then telling ourselves that in the future, we need to avoid such situations, and we attempt to do that through control or hostility towards others.

So in summary: when we replay old traumas, these bring fear into our lives, and the way that we manage the fear is by over-compensating at the solar plexus.

Now let’s have a look at how we can heal an overactive solar plexus chakra:

An excellent way to heal the solar plexus is to work on issues of self-worth, because poor self-esteem is one of the root causes of an overactive solar plexus. (As mentioned, when our self image is poor, we over-compensate at the solar plexus.)

If you do not feel good enough, examine your beliefs about yourself. Go into therapy. Forgive yourself for past transgressions that may be affecting your self-esteem.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Realise that you do not have to be a perfect being. You are more loveable when you are imperfect.

If someone has given you the message that you are not good enough or that there is something wrong with you, it can be beneficial for your solar plexus to cut a cord to that person. This can help to bring the solar plexus back into balance.

If you’re interested in learning to cut energetic cords, check out my Intuitive Healing Program, which trains people in this powerful healing modality. Right now it is closed, but you can get on the wait list for when it opens later this year.

Another powerful way to balance the solar plexus is to heal unresolved traumas. As mentioned, fear is one of the major root causes of an overactive solar plexus, and fear comes from unresolved trauma, either from this lifetime or previous lifetimes.

Check out these two articles for more on healing present life trauma and healing past life trauma.

Finally, my Chakra Meditation Kit is a great way to cleanse and balance your entire chakra system, including your solar plexus. It gives many tips for balancing all your chakras, and a way to diagnose imbalances.

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