How to Heal Past Lives

I have always been fascinated by past lives and keen to explore my own.

In fact, I’d say my interest in past lives was the driving force that led to me becoming an intuitive and getting onto a path of healing.

About 12 years ago, I set up an appointment with my local hypnotherapist who specialized in taking people back to their past lives. Unfortunately, she was not able to regress me because the photocopying machine was malfunctioning outside her office door, emitting a loud “BEEP!” every several seconds.  In retrospect, it probably was not the right time for me to get a past life regression, but my fascination with past lives persisted.

A couple of years later, I got a psychic reading with a lady in a new-age shop in New Zealand, and when I asked about my past lives, she said, “the only thing I can tell you is Tuscany”. I was intrigued!

In 2007, I got another reading, this time an Akashic Record Reading, with the aim of finding out more about my past lives. Without me telling the intuitive anything about the last past life reading I had, she told me that I had had an incarnation in Tuscany working as a governess to a wealthy family. During that lifetime, I briefly had an affair with the man of the house, turned down a marriage proposal from his brother, and in the end, left the position and returned home to England.

I remember telling the Akashic Record reader about my interest in past lives. She said to me:

“We are usually interested in our past lives when there is something for us to heal there.”

In my experience as a past life regressionist and an Akashic Record reader, this is true – we are curious for a reason!

How Past Lives Affect Us

People often wonder how our past lives can actually impact on us – after all, when we get to the other side, doesn’t all the bad stuff fall away?

Yes, it does – up to a point.

Planet Earth is, of course, a place of both light and darkness, and so while we can have beautiful experiences here, we can also experience traumas, wounds and all sorts of challenges while incarnated.

And when we get back to the other side after a lifetime is over, this heavy negative energy fades away, but our past life traumas can be re-triggered when we incarnate again into the dense physical plane and come across similar situations. We can be haunted by the echoes of past events, and these echoes can affect us in all kinds of ways. They can give us fears that we might not otherwise have. They can impact on our self-worth and they can also limit our sense of what is possible.

For this reason, some of us can benefit from past life clearing and healing. And in this article, I am going to talk about the various ways we can heal past lives.

How to Heal Past Lives

Let’s have a look at the common ways to clear and heal past lives:

Past Life Readings & Clearings

Some intuitives offer a reading where you can clear the negative resonances of a past life from your Akashic Record, reducing its effect on you. I used to work in this way. I saw that it works well for some lifetimes – and they are usually the ones that are difficult but not overly traumatic.

To clear and heal the most impactful past life traumas, I instead recommend a past life regression session, (and preferably one that involves an element of psychodrama, which involves ‘acting out’ the past situations.)  In order to understand why psychodrama can be helpful, we need to consider how trauma occurs in the first place.

Past Lives & Trauma

Dr. Peter Levine is a renowned trauma and stress scholar who has researched the effects of stress on animals and it is his research that has shed a lot of light on why certain methods of healing traumas are so effective.

In his studies, he found that animals that exist their whole lives surrounded by predators show no signs of being traumatized (and this is thought to be because the fear produced by being under threat by a predator is expended during the ‘fight or flight’ process.) If the animal instead freezes (by playing dead) and subsequently survives, the stored fear energy is then used up after the event through shaking and trembling movements.

In this way, the fear energy is free to run through the animal and gets discharged.

Dr. Levine’s theory is that for humans who go through traumatic events (and especially those who freeze) the fear energy is not always discharged in the instinctive way that animals release their fear. Instead, it can get stored in the body and often creates havoc for the human nervous system, often through PTSD.

Essentially, the body still remembers what the mind may have forgotten – and this does not just apply to traumas that have occurred in this lifetime – many believe that these traumatic memories can be carried over from one lifetime to the next.

A large part of past life trauma healing is about releasing that stored energy from the body and because of this, working with the physical body (through methods such as psychodrama) is an effective gateway to healing.

To give an example, if you were raped and murdered in a past life, in a past life regression session, you may get to defend yourself and fight back. This can be an effective catalyst for releasing that repressed past life energy. And this is why I recommend past life regressions for the more traumatic lifetimes.

My lifetime in Tuscany was cleared for me through a past life reading & clearing (rather than in a past life regression), but I don’t believe the more traumatic lifetimes would have come up in such a reading. These are much better suited to a past life regression, and I believe the right lifetime will surface at the right time, based on the healing capacity of the method you are using at the time.

I like the type of regression therapy that is practised by students of the late Dr. Roger Woolger (You can find a directory of Dr Woolger’s graduates here.)

Exploratory Past Life Regressions

Be aware that some practitioners of past life regression will take you back to a lifetime but without an opportunity to heal it.

This method may be a good one for exploring positive lifetimes (where we can connect with our good memories and anchor those in our current experience.) But I don’t like this method much for going into the difficult lifetimes, as in some cases it may open portal ways in the subconscious to past life traumas, which can heighten their negative impact. So, it is best not to go back to a difficult lifetime unless you also have a chance to heal it.

I learned this first hand, when during my past life regression training I went back to a very traumatic lifetime which involved being raped and killing myself. We ran out of time during the training and stopped for the day without clearing it. I suffered a lot that night. The next morning, at the beginning of our training, the regressionist realized she had made a mistake by guiding me back to it without immediately healing and clearing it.

So if you book a session with a past life regressionist, I do recommend that you enquire as to whether clearing and healing past lives will be a feature of the session.

Please share any questions about, or resources for past life healing below.

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  1. Cristine H

    Thank you for this helpful article; was of course just talking about past lives (lessons & healing) with a friend of mine today. It is such an important point to focus on the healing work, thank you. I personally have also found it valuable to understand contracts I made in past lives that are impacting my current life in a negative way and need to be released…I guess this can be one & the same as healing! I have found value in understanding where some of my patterns of behavior in present life come from. I have been able to forgive myself in this life by gaining an understanding of why in a past life I had taken certain things on.

    On a separate note, I was saddened to read of Coletta Long’s passing…I had reached out to her several years ago, after having read an article she wrote in your newsletter on Healing Past Lives. She received my request so graciously and though she was no longer offering sessions at that time, she provided me with some ideas as well as some specific resources to assist in my spiritual development, and we had a very uplifting interchange.

  2. Nanette

    I found this very intriguing as I was told in a past life I was a madam and owned a brothel and was told my childhood of being sexually abused, and verbally was a result of a lesson not learned in that past life. I have also taken an Akashic records course where I was a black slave female who was sexually assaulted many times by the the white man of the house and was beaten and verbally abused. I still have not discovered how to clear these past lives, nor been able to heal from the abuse in this life. I look forward to reading and learning more from you.

  3. Sue S

    I hope to have some sessions in the future so this was really helpful.

    I’ve been exploring trauma therapy for some time through Peter Levine and David Bercelli’s work. David has a system called the Revolutionary Trauma Release Exercises, I think they’re called. His theory is that much of the trauma gets stored in our psoas muscles, which are the biggest or one of the biggest muscles in our body.

    His technique teaches a method of allowing those muscles to shake and displace the held-in tension and trauma. Whether this works across lives I don’t know, but it has been fascinating to watch my body run with this technique. Now I’m somewhat practiced in it its like my body takes over when I give it the signal and it will begin to shake in different areas, for different amounts of time. It shifts to different parts of my body too, as if it’s a choreographed reenactment of something I don’t consciously remember.

    I have an even greater respect for the wisdom of our bodies now.

  4. David

    An excellent article! I hope you continue to examine past lives and their effect on our present situations in future blog posts.

    Please send along some photos of sunny New Zealand upon your return. It will help those you left behind in the Northern Hemisphere cope with winter!

  5. David

    Hi Anna,

    Could you comment on what you think actually reincarnates. Some have had the experience that our higher Self feels almost outside of our “normal” physical self – what we identify with via the mind. Also in my case under regression some “past life” experiences felt not so much like memories but more like visions of another life possibly imagined or belonging to another “identity”.


  6. Elaine

    Thanks for your interesting articles Anna! They always seem so interesting and relevant to me.

  7. amber

    I do past life healing on myself. I don’t regress myself though. I use the past life group body as an access point and consciously channel via automatic writing past lives around certain relationships or issues I’m having problems with. Then after I read through the information I ask Arch Angel Micheal to remove the blocks from me and to put them into Source energy for transmutation. It’s traumatic doing this sometimes not because I’m feeling the feelings of harsh lifetimes but because of the information itself and how hard it is to come to terms with and process. But I’m on a very fast spiritual path so I’m used to trauma and processing things in a way most people aren’t and even I venture most spiritual people. I’ve learned to detach more and more from painful information so processing takes a few days at most generally if the information is especially hard to come to terms with.

  8. Anna

    Christine- thanks for sharing your experiences…Coletta was a lovely lady.

    David – you might be interested in the books Journey of souls and Destiny of souls…for an answer to your first question

    Re. your second question there is always the possibility that what you experience during a regression will not be a past life. People can experience the between lives state to give one common example. I sometimes wonder if we can tap into ancestral memories too

    Thanks everyone for your comments

  9. Zaria @ Past Life Regression Chicago

    Hello Anna,

    This is an excellent article because you mentioned something that not many people know concerning a past life regression session. If the therapist does not time it right, there is a big chance that the client will stop in the middle of a traumatic experience without being able to release the emotions and energy. It has happened to me on a personal level and not with a client because I attempted past life regression when I was tired. While being in the middle of the regression, I did not have the energy to continue, therefore I fell asleep. That was such a mistake because when I woke up, I was feeling emotionally and energetically clogged and confused.

    Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that during a therapy, the practitioner should not answer questions that potentially lead to a different problem than the one that should be solved. This is why it is wise to be an agreement between the therapist and the client to have a list of questions before the session. That can help a lot with time management and it can prevent from running out of time before the emotional blockage is solved.


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