We Weren’t All Cleopatra: 3 Things I’ve Learned About Past Life Regression

As a student (and client) of past life regression, I find this discipline to be endlessly fascinating and a source of great learning.

This article is part one in a three-part series of what I’ve learned so far on my path:

We Weren’t all Cleopatra

My experience of having and doing past life regressions shows that most lifetimes are ordinary ones, and yet often extraordinary at the same time.

The age-old themes of love, loss, survival, injustice and hatred tend to be very prevalent during regressions.

My most recent practice client was a female in her 40s. During the regression she found she was a German soldier in WW1 who had a foot blown off in the trenches. She survived the war and met the love of her life, and lived happily ever after (notably, the male love of her life in that lifetime is her best female friend in this one!)

In another lifetime, the same client was an American woman born to a wealthy family in New York in the 1700s, who felt passionately about women’s suffrage and women’s working conditions. Her views were so inconvenient to her husband and social circle that her husband moved the family out to Ohio, where she became an alcoholic, and wrote articles on women’s rights that no-one got to read, and died hoping that her daughter would care about women’s suffrage and fight for it, too.

Usually, the past lives that we go into have traumatic aspects to them (and this is why they come up in the first place.)

My past lives have involved:

  • Being a prostitute in the Middle East around 1000 years ago and dying in childbirth, choosing a life of financial independence above everything else
  • Losing 3 grown-up sons in a fishing accident in Scandinavia, and dying of grief
  • Being a woman in Norway, having my beloved baby son taken away from me as payment by a powerful man who claimed that I owed him tax on the land I was living on
  • Being a petty criminal living in a city in Northern Germany during the Industrial Revolution, dying of starvation and illness at a young age
  • Being raped as a young woman in Roman times, giving birth to a baby that was promptly drowned by my father, committing suicide
  • Being a West African man who fights to defend the tribe during raids by Portuguese colonizers and slave merchants, and being taken as a slave

During a regression, your Higher self will often pick the lifetimes that are most harrowing and traumatic to explore, precisely because once they are cleared, it can make the most difference to your life.

Please leave a comment if you wish to share your stories or thoughts on this topic!

This was the first in a series of articles about past lives. You can read the next two articles in the series here and here.

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  1. Nick Sanders

    Hi Anna,
    I had a past life regression meditation during some spiritual training last year. I saw with total clarity that I was a japanese boy during the second world war who was killed during the atomic bomb drop on Nagasaki. Was a very traumatic experience for me.
    Blessings to you.

  2. Rebecca Walker

    It’s completely fascinating to me–I don’t think from the Higher Learning perspective that any life is “ordinary.” Someday I hope to explore a few of my Soul’s other experiences. Thank you for sharing yours.

  3. Joey

    Well, you can count me in as one of those that don’t need past life regressions; I only briefly looked at past life regressions just to learn more about the spiritual world and figure out if this is all real.

    One thing that surprises about my past life research is how it does affect who you are as person in your dislikes and likes.

    For example, I’ve never really liked anything to do with the military and interacting with military people has usually not been fun at all. I would never join the military at all even if I had no options; I’d rather live under a bridge than be in the military.

    So I went to a psychic and asked her some questions about past lives and all and she said I was a high-ranking military officer. That life was pretty short, I only lived to around my 40’s and did not have a wife nor any children and the point of the life was to learn to deal with anger.

    I was really surprised at that and it does explain my aversion to the military seeing as how I clearly had a real short and brutal life in the military.

    Then another interesting fact I got from one of my past lives was I used to be a monk and the psychic told me what I liked about that life was how in my job I knew what is expected of me and I also liked the silence.

    And as it turns out I do like being in jobs where I know what is expected of me; I don’t like reading minds and trying to guess what my manager wants. And even the liking silence is pretty accurate; I don’t like being with loud people and even though I’m deaf I actually like not wearing my hearing aids; I get annoyed with the background noises especially if I’m watching TV.

    This past life concept is really interesting and I’m looking forward to your next article!

  4. Dylan

    Anna, I share some common life experiences with you and the stuff you write about sure does hit home.

    Almost 2 years ago now, I died and came back. With this, my life has been turned completely upside down and most of the time I feel disoriented. It’s gotten better though.

    What I have been struggling with a lot are dreams and vivid memories of different lifetimes. I first thought they were that – just dreams until I opened up to the possibility of deja-vu and seeing my past lives as opposed to them being ‘just dreams.’

    I’ve had 1 regression done and several readings about my dreams. In my regression, I was a notable female painter in the 13th-14th century whose work, while appreciated by nobles, was never recognized because of her gender. In that lifetime, my father was murdered and my mother died of grief, blaming me because she felt like I abandoned her to pursue my painting.

    In this life, I constantly worry about leaving my mother. I did leave for a few years and I was wrought with guilt because she did in fact feel abandoned though she never said.

    Other common themes in my past lives include torture, rape and murder (me being the victim). I was a healer, medicine woman, oracle, high priestess, etc, which, because of this, I’m having certain ‘blocks’ accepting my ‘gifts’.

    The other prominently reoccurring theme in my past is losing my lover and being abandoned. I’ve been widowed many times. I’ve been left behind many times, by war, sickness, etc – and many times by a partner who is also a soul mate.

    I’ve been seeing a man in my dreams lately and I believe that he was my husband in my past lives. I remember his face – I can even draw it. I asked a gifted friend and she confirmed that he was, indeed, my husband.

    I have for so long in this life felt like I’ve lost someone and am looking for him/her. It didn’t make sense until I opened up to this possibility.

    The most recent revelation I had was during a reiki session. Prior to the healing, one of the healers noticed I was holding my shoulder. I complained about a sharp pain like I had been pierced through an arrow and I have memories of being in a battle in the 14th century.

    Well, during the Reiki session, my mind took me back to a lifetime when I was a young knight who fought for the name of his house. My shoulder was pierced by an arrow and shattered my bone. I was captured and held for 2 years.

    In that time, they captured my wife and child. They asked me to fight for her (my wife). Since my left shoulder was broken and pierced by an arrow, I could not – this was my fighting hand. I tried. There was also a problem with my right side because it was weak. I had an injury on my leg.

    I lost the sword fight and they raped my wife in front of me. At the end of it, they slit her throat. And killed my child.

    They kept me in a dungeon for 2 years until one day, one of the soldiers/ knights of the house came in and slit my throat. Before he did, I swore vengeance.

    And well, guess what? The person who killed me in that life is the person I have the most difficult relationship with in my office. I did not know why that even at our first meeting, she disliked me and we always have a power struggle where she tries to bully me and I am always on my guard around her. I saw the slitting of my throat happen and then everything went black and then I saw her face.

    That night, I had the WORST shoulder pain – it got worse. I meditated and kept repeating to let go and forgive – that my wife at that time and my child are fine. That they forgive me because I could not fight, that I should forgive my killer because he was doing what he deemed was right at the time – we both were protecting our kingdoms/ houses.

    Two weeks later (today is exactly two weeks later), I have no more shoulder pain. The feeling that I’d been pierced through and through by an arrow is gone. And the relationship with my past-life killer has gotten less hostile.

    I still have the ongoing theme of losing my love and it’s like my mind/ soul still looks for him. Not sure what I have to deal with in that but I do have this strange feeling that my love is close by. We have a weird connection. I haven’t met him yet but I know he is looking for me and we speak and argue with each other in my head. It’s funny because I don’t want to be in a relationship yet so I’m blocking him from finding me. And I Feel/ sense that he is getting frustrated and so I answer in my mind trying to pacify him. Sounds crazy to some, I know, but this is real. And this is my life…

  5. Anna

    Nick – wow. I can imagine that would be quite shocking to relive.

  6. Brianna

    Is there any way that I can do a past life regression at home or something? I know this much so far…

    As a natural born British person my family was very wealthy and I was sick so my father bought me some Topaz to heal me and due to unforeseen circumstances it killed me.

    This same scence as crazy as it sounds has happened to me in real life to its a modern day Deja Vu! But I need to find out more about this. Is there any way I can?

  7. Douglas

    Hi Anna, absolutely loving your work. I’m enjoying your psychic awareness course very much and am very interested in past lives.

    The first time I listened to your chakra meditation, at the end in my mind’s eye I saw a beautiful female face and felt totally loved and held. I have since found out she is my primary spirit guide – Ingrid – and that we have spent many past lives together.

    In the last one (1900s) we were brother and sister, she caught typhoid and passed it onto me; she then survived it and I didn’t. As a result, she carried a lot of guilt around her for the rest of her life. She then chose to be my primary spirit guide in this lifetime to care for me as much as she could. I’ve always wanted an older sister, and now I feel I have one 🙂

    You mentioned in a previous article that you are doing training and I hope you seriously consider offering sessions in this area in the future (you’ll be very popular)!

  8. Frances

    I love your website, Anna. It’s always so true and informative, and it always stays grounded (as opposed to others which can get weird and verge on conspiracy theories rather than spirituality).

    I only know about one of my past lives, which I’m quite sure is my only one (for various reasons I chose not to incarnate for a long time). I lived in Greece around the time of the Trojan War and was the sister of a prominent leader. My family in itself was pretty famous and well-off, but as a female and “just” the little sister, I didn’t receive much attention. When I was twelve years old, my cousin (the person I loved most) was killed in battle, and I went mad and was killed in an accident soon after. On a materialistic level, I didn’t accomplish much and my life was pretty ordinary, but spiritually I learned a lot. I’ve also had chest pains since I was a child (my cause of death was an arrow to the chest) and for a long time I was terrified of losing someone I loved. I also have a strong interest in Ancient Greece and learned the language for four years in school… my teacher said I had an uncanny ability for translating Homer!

  9. Davidya

    Great article, Anna. I’d add that the traumatic experiences are typically the strongest signal and thus the best doorway into the past. But there has to be a willingness to look. We’ve all done appalling things and quite remarkable things in our time.

    For me, I did not use regression techniques but rather was puzzling over some circumstances in my life. Why did I find myself in work so unsuited to me? Gradually over time, I started noticing strong impressions – dream-like but unlike usual dreams. Also unlike usual dreams they slowly grew clearer and stronger. At a certain point, there was a large enough impression that I realized it was a memory. The person felt different, yet there was some sense of commonality, a connection.

    As the door opened more, the pattern of the life was recalled and it dawned on me the connections – to my wife, 2nd child, and the work. My life came to make sense. As that was resolved, the need to have these experiences ended and things started to shift. I was basically pushed out of that work and into school and on into a very different life.

    Once the door was opened, I gradually came to remember more and more lives. Now it’s just an occasional thing. Someone I meet or something will trigger an old memory. Some of them go astonishingly far back when life was very different than now. I’ve gained a sense of the larger ebb and flow of my lives and the large cycles of time.

    All out of being bugged about my job. (laughs) And yeah, no one famous. Best I did was write an obscure book 3 lifetimes ago. 😉

  10. Davidya

    Hi Dylan
    The recurring theme of lost love – you may want to reframe it. In the east they call this the “wheel of karma”, an unresolved desire repeating a theme over and over again. What you may feel it is calling you to do is find the lost love again but I’d suggest you look a little deeper and see if you can trace back to the source, the original loss experience that you’re repeating. If you can resolve this – either by remembering in the past or releasing in the present, you can end that cycle at last.

    And then love can come into your life that will not always be lost. Real love never ends. 😉

  11. Dylan

    Hi David!

    Thanks for responding to me and for the advice.

    I’m on the fence about these ‘visions’ and ‘dreams’ – still figuring out what it is. But I agree with you – there is a need to go back to the original source and clear it out and I believe that past life regression therapy could be helpful.

    Apparently, what I am/ have been seeing stems from past lives, all of which I have loved and lost at different times. So, with all that considered, I couldn’t miss it – it was just right in my face. Now on to figuring out the next steps. 🙂

    After my last long term relationship I’ve sworn off dating until I can clear whatever needs to be cleared for healthier and happier relationships 🙂

    I like what you said “love can come into your life that will not always be lost” – because in this life, it’s happened, too.

    Thank you, David 🙂 – I’m going to look up info on the ‘wheel of karma’


  12. Kaitlin

    OK so I’m literally all over the place. During meditation I’ve been getting bits and pieces and so far this is what I made out of it I’ve always felt a weird connection to Cleopatra? Anything goes to, to the clothes she wore the way she acted the things she liked – they spark things in me, as if I already knew her at one point in my life. I literally thought that in a past life that I was her when I was younger. But now that I’ve gotten older I’ve realize that I’m not looking through a woman’s eyes I’m looking through a man’s eyes I think I was a male that she either loved or served her in some form but that was only one of my lives, but there’s another one I’m having trouble with, there the childhood memories of a life because they’re not mine! And the memories are very displaced any help would be wonderful!!!

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