Where Are You On Your Soul’s Journey?

Here is part two in a three part series of what I’ve learned so far about past lives.

During my studies in past life regression, I have asked myself the following question repeatedly: Why do some people feel drawn to exploring their past lives, and healing them, while others are not?

Here are the reasons for a soul feeling drawn to explore past life healing:

1. The soul has many earthly lifetimes that need healing

Some souls only have a few lifetimes here on earth, while others choose to incarnate here time after time.

Whether or not you incarnate here frequently depends on your soul’s group of origin – some soul groups definitely incarnate here more than others.

The soul groups that incarnate here frequently include the Blueprinters, Mintakans and Sirians, and these are the groups which often benefit from past life work.

Soul groups such as the Nihals, Mission Realmers and Arctureans, may not need past life work, as they either often incarnate here infrequently or only started to incarnate here very recently.

(If you’re interested in finding out your soul group, you might like to have an Akashic Record Reading done.)

Onto another reason why someone may benefit from past life healing work:

2. The soul is nearing the end of a karmic cycle/life lesson

Depending on how old our souls are, and how experienced we are in the incarnation game, we usually have several core life lessons that we’ve been working on in the past, to varying levels.

The central life lessons/themes that we explore here on earth are the ones that relate to the seven main chakras:

  • Survival (root chakra)
  • Abundance (sacral chakra)
  • Power (solar plexus chakra)
  • Love (heart chakra)
  • Courage (throat chakra)
  • Truth (third eye chakra)
  • Faith (crown chakra)

These central life lessons can often take many, many lifetimes to complete.

Within those central themes, there will be many other sub themes/life lessons, which take a few – several lifetimes to complete. For example, within the life lesson of love, we have the sub lessons of compassion, Divine Love, healing, self-love or unconditionality. Within the theme of power, we have sub themes such as dependence, self-determination, or surrender.

During any given lifetime, we usually choose one primary life lesson and several secondary life lessons.

The life lesson you choose affects the events that show up during the course of your lifetime. It also affects the family that you choose to be born into, and the relationships that you choose. The life lesson is like the thread that underlies your experiences in any given lifetime.

When we have explored a core theme (such as love or faith) a lot in the past, we usually have a strong chakra that relates to that theme. If you have explored many themes related to love, it will show in your strong heart chakra, which will be an asset in your life. Giving another example, those who have had many lifetimes with a strong spiritual/religious theme will often show up with a strong crown chakra (basically, a strong connection to Spirit/God.) This is true for many of my clients and students.

Past Lives and Healing

Within each central life lesson, old souls, in particular, will have accumulated traumatic experiences that need clearing.

For example, if you’re born into this lifetime with a small root chakra (as I was), then you will probably have many past life wounds relating to survival. Likewise, a soul who has a weak throat chakra may have past life wounds relating to fears of expressing oneself.

By clearing these soul wounds, it reduces the likelihood that we will need to encounter them in our next lifetime and aids our soul’s progress.

Are you nearing the end of a life lesson?

Right before we get to the end of exploring a core or sub theme, we often go through one or more ‘integration’ lifetimes, when we get serious about our past life healing work. The most prominent sign that this is happening could be when your primary life lesson is moderation or balance. This can also show in a person’s astrological chart.

(My colleague Jay Linden, professional astrologer and past life regressionist, recently explained that in astrological terms, people who are at the beginning of a life lesson/theme, usually start at one end, exploring one aspect of it, then they explore the opposite, and go back and forth for a while until they build a bridge between the two and the theme is mastered at a high level.)

Taking the example of power, to learn this lesson, one may have experienced abusing power (the universal archetype of the abuser) and being powerless (the universal archetype of the victim), and then we reach the stage where we learn about the middle path, essentially creating a bridge between the two opposites and coming to a place of balanced personal power.

Giving another example, in the life lesson of faith, a soul may, during one or more incarnations, have too much faith, then may not have enough in another lifetime. Through the opposites such as these, the soul learns about what it means to have faith in a balanced way.

The souls who are coming towards the end of a core or a sub life lesson in this way will usually be the people who can benefit from doing past life work.

Those who have had fewer lifetimes, or those who are in the middle of a theme or at the start of it, might not need this kind of healing as much.

So if you feel the pull towards doing past life healing, know that it will be your soul telling you something.

To those who are interested in exploring this type of healing further, I will be finishing my past life regression training within the next few months, and would love to work with you later on this year.

Further Reading/Exploration:

This was the second in a series of articles about past lives. You can read the first article in the series here and the third article here.

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  1. Laura

    Hi, Anna,

    I’m someone who has always innately believed in reincarnation and have just always accepted it as part of being. I don’t know much about studying it, however, and have never really read much about it.

    Now that I have kids (2), I am starting to think about it more consciously. I am particularly curious about reincarnation within the same family, as I have a strong feeling that this is normally how it happens.

    Do you have any input on this or have you experienced this?


  2. Douglas

    Anna will be offering past life regression sessions in the future, yay! Hope they will be available by skype for those of us nowhere near NZ!

  3. Shauna

    Hi Anna! I really love reading your articles and this one was especially intriguing. I recently had an Akashic Record Reading with one of your past students and learned that my should group of origin is “Parallel.” I was told that parallels have not been incarnating here on Earth for very long but I have been very interested in past life regression healing. I have been drawn to tying up loose ends in this life time and others. I have this inner feeling that many of the conflicts from this lifetime have ancient origins. I think my soul is just ready to heal from it all! I want to thank you for the work you do. This website has been a great resource for me and has helped me make a lot of sense of things!


  4. Davidya

    Thanks, Anna. I’d not framed it quite like this before. I had found it interesting how some advanced souls have no interest in the subject. But I’d have to say it’s a red flag if they’re reactive about it – that speaks more to resistance than balance.

    What initially compelled me to explore it was the odd circumstances of my life. Several things have since been completed and past awareness certainly contributed to that resolution.

    I’d also note that there is other ways of healing the old baggage than past-life awareness. It’s about resolving and balancing the energy as you described. Memory may not be the needed medicine. So you’re right – its not a healing everyone needs.

  5. Rae

    Hello Anna
    This article came at the perfect time for me! I have been noticing this rhythm in my practice. Many of my clients’ pasts lives show that they have been learning lessons at opposite ends of the spectrum, and more often than not, they are currently close to building that bridge. Thank you so much for posting.

    (Graduate of Anna’s Akashic Record Reading Program)

  6. L

    I’m thinking that it sometimes just comes down to…how cool does reincarnation sound? Although the reasons you listed for people getting drawn to reincarnation are certainly reasonable.

    But if there’s a process such as alchemy (psychological alchemy, I recently read a book On Becoming An Alchemist by Catherine MacCoun) that heals the same wounds in a different way, or if there’s a spiritual teaching or concept in some belief system that rather neglects reincarnation, then people would be drawn to the way of healing that they’re drawn to.

  7. Davidya

    Hi Laura
    Anna spoke of the larger groups. For what it’s worth I’ve noticed people often incarnate with a similar group of souls. They may end up coming together again repeatedly in different combinations of relationships. Many important relationships I’ve known before.

    But following the same blood line is rare, I think. I only know one person who knows of that – she was her own maternal grandmother in her last life. Old texts like the Yog Vasishtha illustrate how just about anything is possible though.

    In Ayurveda, they have a principle of the 6 bhavas or houses in each birth. Half are related to the blood line, the other half what the soul brings in. One key takeaway is that spiritual development is never lost but carries forward from lifetime to lifetime. We pick up where we left off.

  8. Anna

    Laura – When I am practising past life regression, I will be interested to see if this occurs very often (reincarnating within the same family.) I have heard from other regressionists that it doesn’t happen very often.

  9. Anna

    Hi Douglas, Yes, at this stage I do plan to offer them via Skype. Would love to work with you when I’m qualified!

  10. Anna

    Shauna – Glad you enjoy the website!

  11. Anna

    Hi Rae – interesting that you are attracting clients that in that stage as well!

  12. Laura

    Thank you for your responses! Clearly, I need to read some more on the subject – and you have given me some starting points. When I’ve tried to find information, I have noticed that it’s more limited than I expected.

    I am positive that my son is my grandfather. While I was pregnant with him, I felt my grandfather’s presence constantly – to the point where I felt comfortable talking to him. I just figured he was watching over me, as we had been close. But when my son was born, the moment I saw him I new it was my grandpa. He is almost four now and you would not believe the similarities that come up and the things he says. For example, the other day (and I have never mentioned any of this to him) he looked at me and said, “Next time I’ll be the grandpa and you’ll be the kid.” He says strange things like that out of the blue. They don’t seem to apply to what’s going on at the moment, but they do coincide to what I have been thinking to myself.

    Thanks again!


  13. Patricia

    Hi Anna:)
    Please share your experiences and knowledge of blue printers soul group. I am interested in their soul journey, common struggles and your advice given to the many of them that have been attracted to your business. It is very difficult to find information about them. Thank you!

  14. Faith

    Hi Anna – really enjoying your articles here.

    how do I know the difference between regular dream and a dream about past lives? I awoke in the night from having a dream unlike any sort of dream I have ever had before and I’m wondering if it was actually a memory from a past life. In my dream I was very familiar with the place and people around me but my waking self does not recognize the place or people that were around me or even the body I myself inhabited in my dream. The setting was clearly in the past and appeared to be in the American South before or about civil war times but that is just from interpreting clothes, language, etc from my dream, since as I said I do not actually recognize the place. Perhaps I should mention that I had a little whiskey late this evening before bed – I know food, drink, etc. can really affect our dreams.

    It really was a dream like I’ve never experienced. I’m used to journaling and interpreting my dreams so I’m very familiar, obviously, with what my normal dreams are like and this was completely out of the ordinary for me. I see the article you wrote on understanding whether a dream is foretelling the future but I couldn’t find one about past life dreaming.

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