Cord-Cutting Sessions

with Shelly Ebeling

Do you have a relationship or situation (past or present) in your life that feels unresolved, challenging, stressful or even traumatic?

If so, you may benefit from a cord-cutting session!

Anna is not currently offering Cord-Cutting sessions herself, but these sessions are now offered by our resident Cord-Cutting Therapist, Shelly Ebeling.

Shelly was selected to join Anna’s team and work with our clients, because of her talent as a healer, professionalism and warm personality. Shelly is based in Hawaii, USA but works with clients all over the world. If you’d like to find out more about her background and her other sessions, please visit this page.

First of all, what is a negative cord?

When you have a significant relationship with someone, or an impactful experience involving another person, two connections are created between your aura and their aura.

The first connection is a positive one, containing any happy, easy, joyful soul lessons of your relationship. The second connection is a negative attachment, which contains all the difficult or heavy energies.

Through this second cord, negative energies flow between you and the other person, and can affect your auric field (and by extension, your emotional health). Cutting this negative cord helps you to limit how much influence the negative patterns of a relationship/encounter – past or present – have on you.

Cord-Cutting is not a temporary solution – it has a permanent effect on your energy field, to help you improve relationships, move on from relationships that have ended and remove any energies that don’t belong to you.

Here are some suggestions for relationships to bring to a Cord-Cutting session:

Your energy center of training

Those who have hurt you with violence or abuse of some form

Your energy center of training


Your energy center of training


Your energy center of training

Biological parents (if you are adopted)

Your energy center of training


Your energy center of training

Sexual partners involved in conceiving a child

Your energy center of training

Ex-lovers or ex-spouses

Your energy center of training

Childhood friends

Your energy center of training

Spiritual teachers, healers or therapists who influenced you negatively

Your energy center of training

Bullies from childhood

Your energy center of training

Difficult employers, employees, co-workers or clients

Your energy center of training

Relationships which ended badly

We particularly recommend cutting the cord to parents, especially if the relationship is/was challenging. Many of our clients also choose to cut the cord to a previous partner following a break-up, in order to gain closure on the relationship.

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Feedback from previous clients…

My clients all have amazing feedback from this cord cutting modality – feeling less triggered by people in their lives, having friendships completely shift in healthy ways and feeling less attached to old partners and relationships!

Before I started Anna’s Professional Intuitive Healing Program, I was struggling with trying to figure out why regular cord cuttings that I was doing for my clients weren’t working and why the cords were coming back. My clients never fully saw results.

I am a psychic medium, and before I learned this modality, during my readings, the guides were showing me cords that clients had that needed to be cut for difficult relationships in their lives. I had no idea how to handle that healing at the time, so I would just tell them to go look up cord cutting videos on YouTube.

When Anna’s course came out, it was absolutely perfect, divine timing for me and this program has been a game changer for me and my clients and I have seen huge effects from it on my clients.

I absolutely loved this course and received so much value from it!

Now I use this modality with my clients often and they feel so much relief from it.

Thank you Anna, I am so grateful!!

— Emily Logan,

“I came away at the end of the session with a profound sense of peace

I first met Shelly when she did an Akashic Records and Career Reading for me, something I recommend to anyone looking for more clarity and understanding of who they are and what they’re here to do. Most recently, I had an energetic cord cut with Shelly. She guided me through the entire process gently and with a wonderful understanding of all that was going on energetically in this session. I came away at the end of the session with a profound sense of peace and a deep understanding of why things were the way they were in this relationship and how to move forward from that point.

Shelly is truly amazing at holding space for the energy that is being worked with in that particular session, whether it relates to Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, Career Readings, Cord Cutting Sessions or any of the modalities she utilizes. I cannot recommend her highly enough – she is brilliant and magnificent in all the work she does!!!! In fact, she is so amazing, I have booked another Cord Cutting Session with her in the near future.”

— Deena Ashworth, Everett, WA

Shelly is a gifted intuitive; she was absolutely spot on with everything she picked up about the relationship between me and the person I was cutting cords with.

She is funny, compassionate, and honest. While I did feel some of the energetic shifts during the session, the validation alone (of my feelings, the other person’s, and how I’ve been affected by the relationship) was really helpful for me. Time will tell exactly how the energy in the relationship has shifted for me, but I plan on working with Shelly again in the future!

— Emily Box

I was looking to move beyond the dynamics of a couple broken relationships from my past, but I felt there was something still holding me back that I needed to put to rest.

I was lead to Shelly and she helped me greatly during my cord cutting sessions. I found our sessions very insightful.  After they were completed, I truly felt that I had finally moved beyond the old relationships I left behind. I had a sense of peace, completion, and ease that were missing before, and I know there is nothing left to stop me as I pursue my dreams! Thank you so much, Shelly! 

— Travis Ekodol

Several years ago, just as Ms. Shelly was at the beginning of her Cord Cutting career, I had the immense luck to receive a chance to work with her.

The cord that ended up being cut was the one with my Father. I’ll be honest. At first I was quite bewildered as to why his cord was the one chosen, especially above another cord that was higher in its toxicity level. However, as the years have unraveled, boy have I learned the reasons why! The cord cutting method that Shelly Ebeling performs, that Anna Sayce personally trained her in, is simply incredible. I witness the effects of my first cord cutting (so far) nearly every day. I do not know where I’d be as a person if we hadn’t released the cording between my Dad and I.

This journey of ‘cord cutting’ is such a complex and personal journey. Suffice to say, I have been granted an incredible ability to stand separate, a few feet away, metaphorically in my mind, when dealing with my Dad the past 3 years. That objectivity and emotional space has been a life-saver for me after the stuff that has occurred with him, especially health-wise the past few years. I am no longer a slave to everything he does, says, or feels towards me (since I’m an empath). It’s liberating and a truly amazing miracle. I see it, and I damn well believe it.

If you’re shopping for a cord cutting practitioner, I can’t recommend Ms. Shelly enough! I’ve done a lot of research on the different techniques implemented for cord cutting, and the methods taught by Anna Sayce, handed down directly to Ms. Shelly, are bar none the BEST in this field. Please do some research yourself, and you’ll quickly come to the same exact conclusion. She is worth the small investment. You’ll have years and years to experience the amazing results that will ripple from your session. I, for one, cannot wait to work with Ms. Shelly on my next few cord cutting sessions this year!

— Kacee Leigh Connolly, AstrologicallySound.Square.Site

“Shelly’s work is deep and effective

I was seeking some guidance with supporting my 13-year-old daughter. As most people know, the teenage years are challenging for parents. Ever since doing the cord cutting session with Shelly there have been huge shifts that have happened in our family. Shifts that I was hoping would happen but were not because of stuck patterns and resistance. Since the session the stuck patterns now have movement and light is shining into some of the shadow places. It was not immediate or shocking, instead it has been a gradual shift but nonetheless huge. I am very thankful for having found Shelly through a dear friend. The message I received at the end of our session was profound and very helpful. I appreciated Shelly’s professionalism and kindness. I can’t recommend her work enough.”

– Beth B,

“After the session, I was surprised to feel a change in my physical body.

I highly recommend a cord cutting session with Shelly. She is very professional and her warm and friendly personality immediately put me at ease. Although Shelly was facilitating the session, she let me know I had complete control. Everything was done with my permission.

I have been in and out of traditional therapy for years for PTSD and traumas in my life. I have also suffered with physical issues and pain. I knew I needed to release the negative energy. After the session, I was surprised to feel a change in my physical body. At first it was a soreness and then a lighter feeling with less pain. Within three days, I felt a shift in my emotions and personality. I was more calm and positive. I can’t wait to see what other positive changes are in store for me. I truly feel that this cord cutting session helped me to release strong negative patterns and to be my true self again. Thank you Shelly!

– Suzanne Flynn, Lords Valley, PA

“Right away I felt lighter

Several months ago I had a session with Shelly to cut the negative chords between my teenage son and I. Shelly was kind, funny and helps you feel comfortable even in emotional times of your session. Her ability to recognize the emotions (and in some cases the situations creating them) was incredible. Right away I felt lighter. Within days I could honestly tell a difference in our interactions. There are still moments of harsh words (as there can be with teenagers) but I am able to smile and just think “I love you” in my mind. In the end, there are way more hugs and smiles than anything else which I am for forever grateful.”

– Jen Rakas, Oswego, IL

“Shelly is the real deal.

I honestly doubted initially, as I’d had a cord cutting previously that was to no avail. However, two days after the session, I cried uncontrollably releasing the energy. I highly recommend her.”

– Melissa Gottschalk,

“The cord cutting experience I had with her was profound.

Shelly is the real thing. She hit the nail on the head and the results were fantastic. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I no longer awake with a feeling of dread. I just wake up. After 6 weeks the dread shows no sign of returning. It’s amazing and life-changing. She is qualified, compassionate, friendly and authentic. I will definitely be doing some more of this.

– Rita G, Issaquah, WA

“I felt at peace and I contonue to have that peace.

I had a cord cutting session with Shelly. She was excellent to work with and shortly after our session, I felt at peace and I continue to have that peace. I highly recommend working with Shelly!!

– C. Kilgore, Minneapolis, MN

“Shelly made me feel lighter almost instantly

I had a Cord Cutting Session with Shelly in January as I was finding it hard to move on from a past relationship. The session with Shelly made me feel lighter almost instantly and over the next few weeks, I noticed that I was back to my usual bubbly self and was not tied down by past experiences. Shelly is a wonderful person, and I trusted her to help me heal from the word go.”

– A.G., Aachen, Germany

Shelly is 100% a spiritual healer.

I am more a skeptical person and was unsure about cord cutting. To a tee Shelly explained so much about what was going on in my life and made me realize why things were happening the way they were. That helped me instantly take a breath and relax. Shelly is also extremely easy to talk to and she explained everything very well throughout our session. If you are in need for help with getting your emotional life back on track, definitely schedule a session with Shelly. She is one of a kind and I will be scheduling another session with her in the future!”

– Kristina Tucker


How many cords can be cut in one session?

We focus on one relationship per session, in order to explore the dynamics thoroughly. So, we do not cut more than one cord in a session.

I’m not sure who to cut a cord with, or even if I have a cord to the person I suspect?

Shelly can check at the beginning of a session to see whether you have a cord to the person you’re considering cutting the cord to, and she will make sure it is a cord worth cutting.

What kind of results can I expect from a Cord-Cutting session?

Results vary from one client to another, and also depending on the cord that you choose to cut. Some people get a lot out of this healing modality. We recommend that you start with cutting one cord to see how you like it and if you find it helpful.

Anna has extensive experience with this modality as a client, having had dozens of cords cut over the last several years and she has experienced a variety of results. Some of her Cord-Cutting sessions were incredibly impactful, many made a moderate impact, and she remembers that 2 of the sessions had no impact at all (Anna puts this down to her lack of readiness to resolve those particular two relationships). Something we ask all clients to do at the start of a session is to create an intention for what they would like to achieve through the session, and then look over that intention a couple of months later to see if it has come about (it usually does).

What is the lineage of the Cord-Cutting sessions/technique offered here?

Shelly has been personally trained and mentored by Anna, apprentice style, in this modality and we are really thrilled to have her offering these sessions to our clients!

Anna first learned how to cut cords for clients through her studies with the Soul Realignment program in 2007. She expanded on her skills through some mentoring sessions with a cord-cutting teacher who was originally trained by Joanna Lester. Anna has since adapted, expanded on and amalgamated the processes she has learned.

Anna has practised Cord-Cutting sessions with her clients for over ten years. If you’d like to find out more about this modality, here are some articles she has written about her experiences, both as a client and a practitioner:

You may also be interested to read the following article:

Please note the following terms:

Shelly will call you on your landline or Zoom. She is also able to call US and Canadian cell phones.

Payment is due before your session time. It is not possible to refund missed appointments.

Shelly will attempt to provide you with a recording of your session, however the fee paid is for the session itself – not the recording. (The recordings work about 95% of the time – occasionally the technology malfunctions and the recording is lost. If it is really important to you to have a record of what was said, you may wish to record the session yourself or take written notes).

In some situations, a Cord-Cutting session may not be appropriate, because there are certain types of energetic ‘clutter’ that occasionally need to be cleared from a client’s auric field before he/she can benefit from a Cord-Cutting session. This does not happen very often, but Shelly will let you know if this is the case for you at the beginning of the session, and clearly explain what she recommends you clear instead. You will be given the choice to proceed with a different type of healing session.

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