Cord-Cutting – Client Experiences

The other day I got a testimonial from a client. It was the first client testimonial that I’ve had for the cord-cutting service I offer so it was great to get it.

You can read it on this page: cord-cutting testimonials.

I’ve done hundreds of cord-cutting sessions to date and I have to say that I’m very happy to find something is so effective and helpful to clients (and to myself).

Although clients usually get beneficial results from the session, people are sometimes understandably reluctant to send testimonials, simply because a cord-cutting session is so private (a bit like psychotherapy.)

So I wanted to create this space, to give those who have had a cord-cutting session a chance to talk in the comments section about this modality – how it changed things for them, the results of their session, what they’d say to other people who are thinking of getting a session, and how they feel about this modality. It can be anonymous too.

Please note, this is not about me and you don’t have to write an ode to my healing skills (the healing is mostly down to the Ascended Masters & Archangels that we call in at the beginning of a healing session.)

This is just a space for you to send any feedback on cord-cutting sessions, so future clients know what to expect and so that this modality can stop being the best-kept secret in the world of spiritual and emotional healing.

If you have had a relationship with an addict, have been abused in some way or had a very difficult relationship with one of your parents, cord-cutting can help heal that. It can also help to improve other relationships that haven’t been quite as painful or toxic.

As I said, cord-cutting has been a huge part of my healing journey. I’ve tried many healing modalities and cord-cutting is the one that has helped me most. And when I find something this helpful to so many people, including myself, I feel like a woman on a mission.

As one client (who has had multiple sessions) recently said to me “Wow. Skeptics are really missing out, aren’t they?” I agree.

Here’s Charlotte’s testimonial:

“Thank you so much for the cord-cutting session we had together. As you know, I had never had a reading or cord-cutting session before and although I was open-minded and hopeful the cord-cutting technique would benefit me, I never could have imagined the extent to which it would impact on my life. Since the session, my relationship with my mum completely changed for the better – I no longer look to her for approval or her opinion, and for the first time in my life, I have started to stand up to her when she treats me like a child.

As a result, we are developing a completely new relationship which is based on mutual respect and reflects the fact that we are both grown adults with our own views and opinions. It’s amazing to me that behaviours and feelings I had had my whole life simply disappeared immediately after we had the session. And the accuracy with which you were able to describe those behavioural patterns is astonishing…Thank you so much for enabling me to achieve something that I never thought would be possible.”

If you have any comments about your experiences with this healing modality, or want to leave a testimonial specifically from your sessions with me, please leave a reply below!

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  1. Lindsay

    I performed a cord cutting on myself recently with someone I really needed to move on from (a previous love). I could feel the shift and the power in cutting the cords over the 3 days following that cord cutting.

    It can – and does – work!

  2. Craig


    I can’t believe I forgot to leave you a testimonial, especially after having multiple sessions. I’ll give a brief one.

    I have had 4 sessions with Anna. She cut the cords to my mother, brother, father and my “first crush” (in that order). Of those sessions, the cords to my mother and brother were the strongest, so I am very grateful to have let the cords go.

    In these two particular cords, there was a significant amount of “shame” energy attached to them, and shame is the most self-destructive energy field possible (even worse than guilt). As a result, despite spiritual work that I do on my own time, there were certain self-worth issues that I could not tackle on my own.

    For instance, from the cord with my mother, there was paranoia that people are thinking negative things about me, regardless of how much evidence was the contrary. In other words, the shame significantly clouded my judgment. Now that some of the shame is no longer in my aura, I now realize that people like me quite a lot, which is a great feeling.

    I also refrained from expressing myself due to fear of (imaginary) consequences. When this energy left my aura, I felt like going around and arguing with people. I felt like Ari Gold from the TV show “Entourage.” I didn’t actually do that, but I could have because my throat chakra was much more clear and open.

    I could go on and on because I have a lot to report, but I will stop here for now. I can go into more detail upon request.

  3. Kate

    I totally have to agree with you, I have tried so many modalities and nothing moves you along like cord cutting. What I’ve found with myself and cutting cords is that when there was a painful relationship in my past I just feel indifference now. I dont feel dragged back into the old feelings. Also whatever I set my intention for in the session seems to come about in my life.

  4. Anna

    Lindsay – glad you are doing the cord cutting too!!

    Craig – thank you for taking the time to share your experiences, I knew you found the sessions helpful, but nice to hear more! It was a real pleasure working with you.

  5. Anna

    I got a testimonial from a client today who wanted to remain anonymous, I will share it here:

    I’ve been interested in spirituality for a while, and have received several readings from different people. It was only after working with Anna that I realized that getting a reading is only the step one. Step two is healing after receiving all that information. You can logically learn everything you need to know, but most of us do not know what to do with this information. Cord cutting modality does both steps in one session.

    After two cord cutting sessions with Anna, it was clear cord cutting is the modality I’ve been searching for. Cord cutting is the most effective and most efficient way to release negativity, and antagonistic patterns in your life. It does both – provide you with information within the cord, and heals you at the same time. It may take a few days, but it will leave you different, more self-confident, ready to take on days in a constructive way. It will change your life.

    There are a few healers out there that can cut cords, so why go with Anna? Because she is absolutely great at what she does, she’s kind and soothing to talk to, and her intuition and insights are spot on, every time! She also insists on you having an intention for each session – in this way you are leading your own healing.

    Our first session, Anna recommended I cut the cord to my sister. I was surprised as my sister and I have a great and loving relationship. Even though I was skeptical I decided to trust Anna’s guidance. Two months later, my sister was going through a health issue, which was very unusual as she has always been very healthy. After extensive testing she turned out to be ok. During the ordeal, however, she was a mess, and our family lived in distress and fear. I was the only one who was calm, realistic, and constructive, and for the first time in my life, I felt grown up in regards to my family. Being the youngest, I was always protected, and the one needing reassurance. This time around, my family came to me for support, and it felt very good. (Had Anna not cut the cord, I too would have been a wreck.)

    Second cord we cut contained so much negativity, that I felt 25 lbs lighter just having it cut. I am still feeling the aftereffects of it.

    I look forward to having many more sessions with Anna. I would recommend her to everyone – from those most enlightened to regular folks alike. – A.I.

  6. Kate D

    Hey Anna!

    I have a practical question about cord-cutting. Would it work for me with my students? I ask because one of the regular issues I have in my life is getting too emotionally involved with my freshman writing students. They are 18 and tend to be generally ungrateful and disrespectful, and it causes me a lot of anxiety that they will evaluate my poorly and such. The fear is somewhat irrational as I’ve been doing this for years and have received mostly positive marks, but I am also less patient and more strict than I used to be and students are growing increasingly disrespectful, I’ve noticed, and lazy.

    In any case, while I am working on a new career path anyway, I though it might benefit me to emotionally cord-cut with these kids, but I wasn’t sure if it’d work with a group, or if that cut would continue to apply to future classes as well. I thought it might since it’s really an emotional cord in me that needs cutting, not in them. Unless I’m misunderstanding. Would love your input! Thanks!

  7. Paul

    Hmmm… do you think this would work for nightmares?

    I don’t usually have nightmares but in the last week I had two nightmares that really scared the crap out of me to the point where after waking up I had to get out of bed and do something to take my mind off the dream before going back to bed.

    In both cases it involved a dark figure standing about 10 feet from me past a doorway and not coming towards me but just standing there staring at me. Couldn’t see its face but I know it was bad news.

    Or do you think a straight psychic reading would be better for this?

  8. mark

    Hi Anna,

    I opted to ask for your help at the beginning of this year and during a phone session you were aware among much else of a debilitating connection between myself and my mother who had coincidentally died a few months prior.
    I had always known what a huge figure my mother played in my own and in most other people’s lives. As no harm would come to my mother I agreed that you make a detachment which was apparently located above my ankle.
    I can sincerely say that this small but powerful act along with the incredible indications and guidance you gave in 3 or 4 hours has transformed my year if not my life. It has propelled me into a deeper exploration and acceptance of self. I feel energised, more confident, relaxed and am told I am so open to others. I have further issues to unravel, but they are now a challenge for me and not a handicap.

    I am so grateful. Anna, you are authentic, real and committed to helping others. It is too easy for the mind to dismiss your work as coincidental, superstitious or peripheral. i have changed because of your help and whoever in the ether sent me to you.eve
    I am only sorry it has taken until now to acknowledge your craft.

    I have no hesitation in going back to you when I need to clarify circumstances in my life. I am so glad you are around.
    Thanks a million times over

  9. Anna

    Hi there Paul, I don’t think this would work for nightmares, unless someone in particular comes to mind in connection with the nightmare?

    Mark – Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I am really glad you found the cord cutting helpful! It is lovely to hear how you’re getting on. Best wishes to you.

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