Psychic Troubleshooting – 4 Reasons You’re Not Getting The Guidance You Want

Below is an email I sent out to my Intuitive Awakening Course students this week. I felt inspired to post it here too as it might be useful for those who are in the habit of getting guidance from their spirit, angels or guides.

When You Don’t Get An Answer

We don’t always get the answers we want, when we tune in for guidance. But it doesn’t mean we suck at getting answers. There are perfectly good reasons for it (4 of them actually, which I’m going to talk about in this article.) It happens to me occasionally as well. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good you are at channeling guidance.

I thought it was important to talk about why this might happen, mainly because it’s not a nice feeling when you lose faith in your ability to channel the information you need.

You don’t need to lose faith, but you just need to wise up to what it might mean when there is a silence.

Now for a nice metaphor.

Intuition is like a lighthouse…

It can help to guide you in the right direction so that you’re not just floating around on the ocean going nowhere.

But sometimes the lighthouse gets switched off purposely.

Some people think that intuition is the tool that gets you whatever you want in life and you need to develop it so that you can have whatever you want.

That’s not always true.  Intuition guides you on YOUR unique path of what is right for you at this time. That means, what you need (+ sometimes what you want – BUT not always what you consciously want! – I discuss this in chapter eight of my Intuitive Awakening Course.)

Anyway back to why the ‘lighthouse’ purposely gets switched off at times.  Here are four reasons why that might happen:

1. The thing you want guidance on is not in alignment with your Higher self (i.e. it’s a dead end road)

Let’s say that you have just been laid off from your job.  You have two options in front of you.  The first one is to retrain in another career path. The second option is to get a job similar to the one you had before.  You choose to get another job that is similar to the one you were laid off from. It’s been a few weeks and you’re finding it difficult to get another job. You ask for divine help and guidance so you can find that job that is out there for you.

And you get none.  It’s like a closed door.

The reason for this could be because it’s not on your path to go back to the job you left. Maybe the job didn’t help you to grow – there was nothing more for you to learn on that path.  You would have stagnated even more.  Getting laid off did you a favour and was a door closing behind you, but you’re still knocking on that door, asking for it to be opened again. Obviously when you’re in that situation, it can be hard to realize this. But when you do ask for guidance and divine help, check that the thing you’re wanting is on your path and in alignment with your soul’s purpose (checking with a pendulum is one way to do this, but if you don’t have a pendulum, just sitting quietly and asking for an answer to this question can work too.)  If you’re feeling like what you’re trying to achieve is a real chore and that’s why you want guidance around it, could it be it’s just not on your path and maybe it’s time for something different?

Now onto the second reason why you may not be getting any answers.

2. You’re outsourcing your life to your Spirit Guides.

I have known people who go as far as to consult with their pendulum before they decide what to have for breakfast.  Should I have porridge or muesli today? 🙂

Seriously, though, a couple of years ago, after being in the habit of consulting with my Spirit Guides too often about mundane matters, I realized that sometimes it’s totally appropriate for us to figure things out as humans, both when it comes to our breakfast, and occasionally even for bigger things. It doesn’t always serve us to have the answers we want right now and it’s good to make room for that possibility so that we don’t get disappointed.  I think it’s also good to know when to ‘back off’ and stop searching for answers. That may be the case especially if we’re not getting any answers.

If you want guidance and you’re not getting any, you could ask spirit “Does it serve me to have the answer to this right now?”

Trust that spirit will alert you when there is something you really need to know!

Onto the next reason…

3. You forgot your role in making things happen

When you ask for guidance or answers, sometimes you can expect to be given things to do.  If you get ideas popping into your mind from nowhere, and you ignore them because you thought the answer might be simpler/easier, then you might have just ignored a big old pointer.

Spirit points to the path and you have to walk down it. This is why it’s important to heed the guidance you get, whether it’s guidance that you personally received, or that you got in a reading (providing it resonates with you, of course!) Obviously spirit doesn’t do the walking part for us (although it would be great if that were the case).  So if you’re not getting any answers, ask yourself if you’re ignoring the answers you have got because you’re not 100% willing or ready to take action on what you want?

Sometimes just realizing that you’ve been evading your role in making things happen, can spur you into action towards what you want, because you realize you already know what to do.

4. Your answer is right in front of your nose, but you don’t like it

Sometimes we want to know something, but we only want the answer we want.  For example, in the past, I have wanted to know if I was in the right relationship and the silence was deafening.  The evidence that I was in the wrong relationship was hitting me in the face (in my life) I just needed to acknowledge it.

Could it be you’re getting nothing because you already know the answer, but you’re not letting it in?

The message of this article is — when you’re not getting the answers you want, you don’t need to get disheartened, but it is a good idea to use your intuition to find out why, and then act accordingly!

I hope you found this post helpful in some way.

Leave me a reply if you have any comments or questions.

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  1. AarTiana

    This is a fantastic post Anna!! I shared on Twitter, Facebook, etc. via – and I added you to my blogroll! Excellent!

  2. Lisa at Practically Intuitive

    Anna, so much truth to this post! Kara (of Conduit of Joy) and I just did a podcast on something like this and it’s really a fascinating topic.

    You have a gift of sifting things down into manageable chunks. This is one of your best and very timely.

    Well done!

  3. Anna

    Hi AarTiana,

    Welcome! Thank you so much for sharing the article and for the mention on your blogroll!

  4. Catriona

    Thanks Anna, this is really helpful and answers a lot of questions I’ve been puzzling over lately! I feel encouraged now where I felt a bit discouraged before. Thank you!


  5. Angela Artemis

    Hi Anna,
    What a wonderfully comprehensive article you’ve written! You’re so right to point out that we need to take responsibility for what we want to create in our lives. So much of life is “showing up!” We can’t depend on our guides to the exclusion of ourselves to make decisions for us. If it’s meant to be it will flow – if not it will feel like pushing a boulder up hill. Thank you for sharing this most excellent wisdom with us Anna.

  6. Andrea


    Thank you for this article. It is great to be reminded of these things. I try to feel for the energy in the direction I appear to be going in, sometimes it feels good and draws me towards it and other times it just feels like there is nothing and I would be doing something that wasn’t good for me.

    Great article! 🙂

  7. Fellforit

    Good timing, Anna. I’ve received a lot of silence lately. Time to investigate why. I think it has a lot to do wtih me getting off my backside at this point. LOL

    Do you have any insight as to why we may receive *wrong* information at times? I can see if we get readings from others that those people may misinterpret things, but what if we get the information directly? I recently got a few wrong answers to yes or no questions and some possibly misleading information (if I’m interpreting it correctly). Could that be my subconscious wants seeping in?

  8. Anna

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for the compliment! I plan on having a listen to your and Kara’s podcast this weekend!

  9. Anna

    Hi Catriona,

    Oh good…really glad you found this useful and timely!

  10. Anna


    Thank you for your kind words! I have been pondering that question lately of what is meant to be – sometimes wonder if pushing the boulder up a hill results in getting what you want in a few cases (but takes much blood, sweat and tears.)

  11. Anna

    Andrea – thanks! Glad you liked the article.

  12. Anna

    Hi fellforit,

    Why we get wrong info is a big question.

    Here are some possibilities:

    1. As I said in this article, sometimes it doesn’t serve you to have a particular piece of information. If you insist that your Higher self tells you what you want to know, you may get fobbed off with misinformation. In order to protect against this if you are unsure about the message, a good question to ask is: “Does it serve me to have this information?” If you get a ‘yes’, the information should be good.

    2.If you don’t raise your vibration before you ask your question, and get into the alpha state, then it may be your subconscious that’s doing the talking, not a higher level source of guidance that has access to the bigger picture of your life. I have a whole section dedicated to the alpha state in my psychic awakening course because it’s one of the essential keys to getting good guidance. You can read more about the alpha state here:

    3.Sometimes we can get partial information unless we’re very thorough with our questioning. For example, if you ask, using a pendulum, “is this choice in alignment with my Higher self/soul’s path?’ – you might get a yes, but it could be that the choice is about 75% aligned with your path, with some pros and some cons. If the cons are rather severe, it can look like you were given wrong info. It wasn’t wrong info, it was just that you needed to be more thorough with your questioning so you could weight it up properly.

    When clients ask me about decision making, I assess the impact of their decision on various areas of their life, so they get a full and complete picture of where that decision will take them and whether it will strengthen them or weaken them, and in which areas.

    So, questioning is really important. You have to be quite strategic with your questions sometimes. For example, if you want a particular outcome, you need to ask “will this course of action lead to the outcome I want?” Don’t assume that a path that is in alignment with your soul is one that will bring you what you consciously want.

    Hope that helps. Maybe I should turn this into a blog post 😀

  13. Fellforit

    Thanks for your input, Anna. That makes a lot of sense. And I’d definitely be interested in a future blog post about it.

    In my case, after a few recent episodes, I think I have a trickster giving me false information or trying to scare me. I’ll do my psychic protection exercises each night and try not to give it any attention. Hopefully it will get bored and go away. LOL

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